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Infidelity Essays (Examples)

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Women Are More Faithful Than Men the
Words: 3905 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 43167192
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omen Are More Faithful Than Men

The libraries and bookstores are overloaded with published books about love and relationships, and television programs deal with those topics on a daily basis. One of the most frequently addressed topics in these books and programs is infidelity.

And while digging into the subject, as this paper does, it is apparent that when it comes to infidelity and cheating, men do it more than women. This paper does not try to delve very deeply into the why, but it provides solid scholarship on the data and the literature on the situations that exist in society, and in marriages, that tempt men to stray from their relationships. The substance of this paper is that women are more faithful than men. Young women considering marriage should engage in a patient and thorough investigation into the tendency of men to cheat, and be totally familiar with her…

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Fitzgerald's Novel the Great Gatsby
Words: 2283 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96037535
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Despite the fact that this caused her pain she kept seeing him because she needed his support. She is another character who wanted to overcome her social condition.

One might state that Jay lost Daisy because he went on with his life and his ambitions of acquiring an important social status and wealth. In the end he achieves what he wants, but he fails to be happy because he is not loved by the woman he desires. It is through all the possible means that the author demonstrates how richness and social status is nothing and how failed relationships and broken hearts destroy people's lives, regardless of the presence or the absence of the financial well-being. (Cummings)

The fact that the character's emotions are intertwined with their social aspirations makes the story even more complicated and contributes to its tragic ending. ( Daisy for example was not in love with…


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Souls Belated by Edith Wharton Wharton's Use
Words: 771 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50942087
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Souls Belated, by Edith Wharton [...] Wharton's use of infidelity/divorce and its social consequences in the work.


Edith Wharton's novels and short stories are often based on love, tragedy, or a combination of the two. Many critics noticed Wharton's use of infidelity and divorce in her works. One noted, "Divorce, to which she gave particular attention, can in her stories never be quite complete" (Van Doren 275).

In "Souls Belated," the reader learns the two main characters, Lydia and Gannett are "sorry to be alone" at the very beginning of the story, which sets the tone for their relationship, and the remainder of the tale, so it is no surprise when Lydia receives a divorce notice in the mail. "Divorce. There it stood, an impassable barrier, between her husband's name and hers" (Wharton). The surprise is she is not traveling with her husband, so her relationship with her…


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Ray Carver
Words: 674 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99866757
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aymond Carver's "Gazebo" to "what we talk about when we talk about love"

The entire theme is very much an existentialist one with both stories alluding to the meaninglessness of love, lust, alcoholism, boredom, and, running through it all, the futility of everything. Life equals death -- is perhaps even more than death, for whilst death denotes passivity and absence of negativity, life is full of these destructive elements of infidelity, despair, meaninglessness, and torpor.

In aymond Carver's "Gazebo," Duane and Holly, managers of a motel, are two aimless characters that, at one time, had higher dreams for their life. Duane, at least, is a college graduate, and from both Duane and Holly's action and speech, we get a clear impression that both feel cheated by their existence. They don't seem to do much. They receive free lodging and utilities and a small stipend. And both are hankering for more.…


Carver, R. What we talk about when we talk about love: stories. New York: Knopf, 1981.

Adult Couples Could Be True
Words: 1759 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76249885
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What is interesting to me is that the conservative Christian cry used to be stop watching porn on the internet, or that your kids would be pimped out on the internet by perverts. Now, social media has become the latest "sinful" activity.

Perhaps Rev. Miller should get on the phone to Sarah Palin, and counsel her about her kids' activity on Facebook. Bristol Palin found time from her "Dancing with the stars" practice to get on Facebook with her sister Willow to ride on a friend who had the chutzpah to say "Sarah Palin's Alaska is failing so hard right now." Willow's response was to call the poster a gay slur, and Bristol jumping in the fray to respondL "you're just running your mouth to talk sh•t." I give the Palin girls credit: the apples didn't fall from the tree. They attack just like their mother.

I wonder what the…

Criticism and Theory
Words: 2495 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 93769315
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Freudian and Jungian Dream Analysis:

Infidelity in "All the Little Loved Ones" by Dilys Rose

"All the Little Loved Ones" by Dilys Rose clearly functions as an introverted type of art form based upon its structure and presentation: it is a stream-of-consciousness narration whereby the mother of several small children talks about her life directly to the reader. Little happens in the short story on a physical level and the details she narrates are mundane. The primary plot point of the story is the narrator's contemplation of an affair with a man she has met in a park where she takes her children. The children enjoy the swings; she enjoys the outdoor freedom and the idea of something that liberates her from the chains of motherhood. Yet it is unclear whether this liberation is real or imagined: Rose suggests that it does not matter, and that this type of suburban…

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"C.G. Jung's theory of types." Transpersonal Science. [17 Nov 2013] 

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Weld C 2007 Christian Clients
Words: 1046 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 50358612
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Then, when the therapist is praying for the patient, they are changing their mental state of mind as well. This is significant, because it shows that when prayer is used during the process of obtaining mental health treatment, the patient would be more open to new ideas. At the same time, the therapist is more concerned about their patient's well being. Over the course of time, this improves the quality of treatment that is being provided; by helping the patient to be in the most resourceful state of mind and it is allowing the therapist to have more compassion. These two elements are necessary ingredients, in allowing the patient be able to help themselves, while having the trained mental health professional serving as a counselor / friend.


For a trained mental health professional, this article will provide a good foundation as to how prayer can be used, as a…


Weld, C. (2007). Christian Clients Preferences Regarding Prayers as a Counseling Intervention. Journal of Psychology and Theology, 35 (4), 328 -- 341.

Othello the Villain Iago Is
Words: 3576 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7142443
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Moreover, when Desdemona's handkerchief goes missing, and Othello approaches her about it, clearly thinking that she has given it to Cassio, Desdemona does not suspect that Emilia has taken the handkerchief from her.

Unfortunately for Desdemona, her trusting nature ends up being her fatal flaw. Othello becomes increasingly cruel to Desdemona throughout the course of the play. Although the audience is not aware of their entire romantic history, it appears that they have been involved in a platonic friendship for a substantial period of time, but only involved in an intimate relationship for a short period of time. The audience is certain that the marriage has been of a relatively short duration. However, despite the fact that there cannot be a long history of Othello treating Desdemona appropriately, Desdemona plays the role of obedient wife. At the end of the play, Othello orders Desdemona to stay in her bed. In…


Bradley, a.C. (1904). Shakespeare: Othello- Bradley on Othello. Retrieved April 11, 2009

from the Bard


Web site:

What Does Marriage Mean
Words: 556 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88609002
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Marriage and Marital Relationships according to Octavia Butler and Alejo Carpentier

Literature has functioned, over time, as the 'reflector' of the social realities that people experience in society. Works of literature chronicle, narrate, and illustrate to readers a particular social reality, as perceived and/or experienced by the writer. In literature, we as readers experience a subjective point-of-view of what life is like in a particular period or era. Indeed, literature allows society to appreciate and get to know the arduous, yet interesting, history of humanity.

In the works of Octavia Butler and Alejo Carpentier, readers witness the truth behind the assertion stated above: through Butler's "Kindred" and Carpentier's "The Lost Steps," the social issue of women subjugation or empowerment through marriage becomes the central theme. In this paper, a discussion is presented to show that both Butler's and Carpentier's portrayal of their female protagonists in their respective novels project the…

Anti-Miscegnation Statutes in the United States Anti-Miscegenation
Words: 1432 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24745332
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Anti-Miscegnation Statutes in the United States

Anti-Miscegenation Statutes in the United States

Previous to Loving v. Virginia, there were several cases on the subject of miscegenation. In Pace v. Alabama (1883), the Supreme Court made a ruling that the conviction of an Alabama couple for interracial sex, confirmed on the plea by the Alabama Supreme Court, did not disrupt the Fourteenth Amendment. Interracial marital sex was considered a felony, whereas adulterous sex ("infidelity or fornication") was just a misdemeanor. On plea, the United States Supreme Court made a ruling that the illegalization of interracial sex was not a defilement of the equal protection clause since whites and non-whites were penalized in equivalent amount for the wrongdoing of involving in interracial sex. The court did not see the need to sustain the constitutionality of the prohibition on interracial marriage that was likewise part of Alabama's anti-miscegenation law. After Pace v. Alabama,…

Counseling Why Do You Think the Preventative
Words: 623 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3208412
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Why do you think the preventative therapy approaches have not reduced the divorce rate?

There are several reasons for the overall ineffective nature of preventative therapies when attempting to decrease the divorce rate. Primarily there are the inherent biases that exist in a therapy session, such as hypothesis conformation bias where the interviewer may seek to elicit responses that confirm his or her hypothesis. There are also self-fulfilling prophecies that cause the client to alter thoughts or actions to align with the expectations of the interviewer. Many clients are also not as motivated as others and this may lead them to provide inaccurate or false responses. All of these issues may contribute to the therapy being less effective than it could be.

2.Describe one of the approaches to marriage/couple therapy discussed in chapter 8?

Integrative behavioral couple therapy consists of two separate phases: the evaluation/feedback stage and the active…

Jealousy Among Men and Women
Words: 2690 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23500412
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This implies that the jealousy trait is in fact not evolutionary, since it is not always the same reaction (DeSteno, et al., 2002).

In addition, DeSteno also found that, while women showed a slight tendency to rate emotional infidelity as worse than sexual infidelity, they did not differ from men on sexual infidelity ratings alone. When asked to rate the level of distress due to sexually infidelity, without comparing it to emotional infidelity, men and women rated the distress the same (DeSteno, et al., 2002). This implies that while women may be more distressed then men at emotional infidelity, there is no difference between the sexes in levels of distress for sexual infidelity alone.

In fact, even studies which purport to support the theory that men are more jealous than women show similar results to those of DeSteno. Buss and his colleagues' study in 1992 reported a difference in male…


Brehm, S.S. (1985). Intimate relationships. New York: Random House, Inc.

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John Cheever Is Perhaps One
Words: 2079 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29005888
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. . "

"I don't recall having sold the house," Ned said, "and the girls are at home."


In the narration Ned continues on his journey home. Once he is home it is revealed that his house is indeed empty and his wife and daughters are gone. This is just one example of the conflict that exist in this narration between was is reality and what is illusion.

In addition to this aspect of conflict in The Swimmer, there is also a great deal of conflict associated with Ned's ability to swim across the county. This conflict exist because Ned also drank strong alcoholic beverages throughout his journey. It would have been next to impossible for him to swim after he had consumed just a few of these drinks. This is an obvious conflict that would have hindered his journey but the author presents it as fact and not…

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Dating as Early as November
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28237380
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ince very little research has yet been done for the online community, the study will be simplified by discussing the aspects of fidelity in an online environment for the sake of direct outreach. The methodology of the study combines with the literature about human interaction to provide a new insight into the role of Internet-based interactions in the modern day. The fieldwork, careful analysis, and interaction with the surveyed users will allow for a greater understanding of this developing portal and the way it has come to intersect society.

Review of Literature

Danah Boyd is a doctoral candidate in the IM program at UC-Berkeley. Her goal is to understand the new anthropology of cyberculture, particularly through the presentation of the online self in its relation to the physical, bodied self. Her papers have been published by a variety of credible sources and presented at conferences internationally, including the 2005…

Since very little research has yet been done for the online community, the study will be simplified by discussing the aspects of fidelity in an online environment for the sake of direct outreach. The methodology of the study combines with the literature about human interaction to provide a new insight into the role of Internet-based interactions in the modern day. The fieldwork, careful analysis, and interaction with the surveyed users will allow for a greater understanding of this developing portal and the way it has come to intersect society.

Review of Literature

Danah Boyd is a doctoral candidate in the SIMS program at UC-Berkeley. Her goal is to understand the new anthropology of cyberculture, particularly through the presentation of the online self in its relation to the physical, bodied self. Her papers have been published by a variety of credible sources and presented at conferences internationally, including the 2005 Media Ecology Association Conference in New York, Proceedings of the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences in 2002, the University of Surrey's 2001 symposium entitled Sexualities, Medias, and Technologies: Theorizing Old and New Practicies, and the upcoming IEEE Symposium on Information Visualization. She has had editorials published in New Media and Society and Salon; the Express Mail-sponsered "Infotecture" exhibit at New York's Artists Space Gallery in 2002 showed her collaborative "Social Network Fragments" display, a social network visualization fueled by the connectivity between

2004 the Topic on the
Words: 2274 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1355584
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In order to encourage Linda to continue giving her account, Oprah defends Linda's right to make a choice. However, Oprah then shows an excerpt from a video diary that Linda has kept about when Fred is not at home and about the phone call from his mistress. After showing Linda the obvious anguish that she experiences when she does not know where Fred is, Oprah then confronts her, but in a gentle manner. Oprah simply asks Linda, "And life is good that way?" When Linda tries to use another disclaimer to push aside the concerns by explaining that Fred does not frequently leave the house anymore, Oprah has clearly reached her limit and asks for Dr. Saltz to come back into the discussion.

At this point, Dr. Saltz takes an interesting approach to Linda. She calls Linda the consummate victim. In doing so, Dr. Saltz may have appeared harsh, because…

Marital Intimacy Skills
Words: 3174 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 19809332
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Marital Intimacy Skills

This study examines marital intimacy skills and the impact that these skills have on the marriage in terms of marital failure or marital success. The work of Fincham, Stanley, and Beach (2006) entitled "Transformative Processes in Marriage: An Analysis of Emerging Trends" reports that it has been argued by Stanley (2007) that we "are in a new stage of marital research that reflects a growing momentum toward larger meanings and deeper motivations about relationships, including a focus on constructs that are decidedly more positive." (p.276) Good marriage is noted as that which makes the provision to spouses of "a sense of meaning in their lives" and it is suggested by Fincham, Stanley, and Beach (2006) that this momentum "has set the stage for examination of transformative, rather than merely incremental changes in relationships. (p.276)

What is Intimacy?

Linaman (2006) writes that intimacy is something that every individual…


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Intimacy in Marriage
Words: 4021 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 50436497
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marriage and intimacy, and the different ways in which men and women approach these subjects. Styles of love within marriage will be outlined to give way to a more extensive discussion of emotional skills, marital intimacy, marriage stressors, and skills for opening communication, vulnerability, and finally, dealing with infidelity.

Intimacy, as defined by Baumeister and Bushman (2007), is usually thought to be the foundation of all love relationships, and is a feeling of closeness and mutual concern for one another. obert Sternberg proposed the theory of love and its components in 1986, by using a triangle to map out the two different styles that people love each other (Baumeister, & Bushman, 2007). A relationship has three components: intimacy (a feeling of deep closeness), passion (intense attraction), and commitment (conscious decision to be together), according to Sternberg, relationship's are usually either high on intimacy and passion with low commitment, or high…


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Canebrake by Mohammed Mrabet Presents a Story
Words: 594 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95291208
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Canebrake," by Mohammed Mrabet presents a story of Tangier where a woman suffers the insult of being ignored by her drunken husband Kacem day in and day out as she stays cooped up in the house and slaves away cooking for him and his friend Stito. She was never allowed to go out to the hammam (Turkish bath) to bathe as she wished. It is the opinion of this author that she confronts him boldly with evidence of her infidelity with Stito and this causes him to sober up and pay attention to lovemaking with his wife. This is a covert tale of feminine boldness from the Maghreb (Mrabet 142-144).

In the story, the mortal sin of drinking is fought boldly with the visual evidence of Kacem friend Stito's infidelity. He had a bachelor and had no problems because he smoked only kif (a mild hashish blend). It kept his…


Mrabet, Mohammed. "The Canebrake." The Art of the Story: An International Anthology of Contemporary Short Stories . Ed. Daniel Halpern. 1st ed. New York: Viking Adult, 1999. 142-

144. Print.

Latin Women and Vocational Empowerment
Words: 5451 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 82623396
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y contrast, this was not found to be true for the Colombian couples. Instead, their level of relationship satisfaction was predicted by having a similar level of expressiveness between spouses, irrespective of whether the level was high, medium, or low (Ingoldsby, 1980). Likewise, Colombian women and men were determined to be are equally likely to say what they feel and to express themselves at the same level as North American males. In the United States, female spouses are typically significantly more expressive as a group than are their male counterparts (Ingoldsby, 1980).

In a significant recent paper, ailey (2006) focuses on biotechnological discoveries in birth control methods that offered women greater power to choose the timing of childbearing. This power may have translated into higher investments in education and increased labor force participation of women. In an excellent paper, among other things, Goldin (1995) focused on technological International Research Journal…


Aptekar, L. (1990). "How Ethnic Differences Within a Culture Influence Child

Rearing: The Case of Colombian Street Children." Journal of Comparative

Family Studies 21(1):67 -- 79.

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Marriages Fail Typically Studies Involving
Words: 955 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59355560
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The study examined three developmental models of marital stress and divorce -- the enduring dynamics model, the disillusionment model, and the emergent distress model. According to the enduring dynamics model, a couple's courtship experiences accurately predict what their marriage will be like (Huston 304). In this model, marriages show distress from the beginning and typically end quickly in divorce. Huston explains that spouses are less in love and more antagonistic toward each other than happily married couples. Additionally, they are usually quite young when they marry and come from unhappy family environments (317).

The disillusionment model suggests that couples enter a marriage happily, but subsequently the "mundane concerns prevail and the romance begins to fade, particularly when the spouses discover that their mate is not as affectionate and wonderful as they were during courtship" (Huston 305). Under this model, according to Huston, it is the movement away from the romantic…

Works Cited

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Joyce's Ulysses Claude Rawson Is Best Known
Words: 3586 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 63172347
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Joyce's Ulysses

Claude Rawson is best known as a scholar of Jonathan Swift and the eighteenth century, but Rawson's has also used the savage irony of Swift's modest proposal for a series of essays which consider Swift's invocation of cannibalism in light of a longer tradition (in Anglo-Irish relations) of imputing cannibalism literally to the native Irish as a way of demonizing their "savagery" or else to implying a metaphorical cannibalism to describe the British Imperial exploitation of those native Irish. Rawson reapproaches these Swiftian subjects in a more recent essay entitled "Killing the Poor: An Anglo-Irish Theme" which examines what Rawson calls the "velleities of extermination" in a text like Swift's "Modest Proposal" (Rawson, 300). Rawson examines how Swift's ironic solution of what to do with the poor of Ireland (eat them as food) undergoes, in various later iterations by Anglo-Irish writers including Shaw and ilde, transformation into a…

Works Cited

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Similarities and Differences Between African Americans and Hispanics
Words: 4693 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 80454661
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Hispanics and 40,375,000 African-Americans live in the United States and the respective percentages of these population groups are projected to continue to increase well into the foreseeable future. The purpose of this study was to provide descriptions of these two cultures and why they are of interest as well as a comparison of similarities and differences related to time orientation, communication, physical and mental health, group relationships, and perceptions and measures of intelligence between these two population groups. The study also presents a description of the theoretical framework that guided the analysis of both of these cultures as well as an explanation concerning how each culture influences human development, identity development, and personality development within it. An examination concerning how each culture influences the expression of emotion, the development of morality, gender, aggression, and marital fidelity and an explanation concerning potential biases that may influence the analysis of these cultures…


Brown, D. (2002, Winter). The role of work and cultural values in occupational choice, satisfaction, and success: A theoretical statement. Journal of Counseling and Development, 80(1), 48-51.

Buzi, R. S. & Weinman, M. L. (2010, Summer). Depression and risk behaviors among males attending family planning clinics. International Journal of Men's Health, 9(2), 91-93.

Carter-Parker, K., Edwards, K. A. & McCleary-Jones, V. (2012, Summer). Correlates of physical activity and the theory of planned behavior between African-American women who are physically active and those who are not. The ABNF Journal, 51-58.

Choi, K-H, Paul, J., Ayala, G., Boylan, R. & Gregorich, S. E. (2013, March 14). Experiences of discrimination and their impact on the mental health among African-American, Asian and Pacific Islander, and Latino men who have sex with men. American Journal of Public Health, 1-7.

Graduate 1967 Is One of
Words: 1130 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 47124328
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The second important theme in the movie is about extra-marital affairs. When we study closely we notice something odd. In this movie, Mr. obinson appears rather relaxed about the whole issue of his wife having an affair even though he temporarily gets upset. It is impossible to imagine that he didn't know about his wife's affairs and it is also impossible to think that this was the first ever time that she pursued another man for she clearly looked an expert in the area. She was confident of her ability to seduce a man and that doesn't come from a one-time affair. Hence it is strange that Mr. obinson would still choose to be with her despite her infidelity.

This is what brings us to a study which states that fidelity in older couples is not as serious an issue as it is at the beginning of a marriage. In…


Glass, SP, & Wright, TL (1992). Justifications for extramarital relationships: The association between attitudes, behaviors, and gender, Journal of Sex Research

Donna, Freydkin. Cougars slink their way into films, music and TV. USA Today

Perceptions of Presidents With Disabilities
Words: 5791 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 1358067
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He would sometimes be wheel chaired to the door through which he would enter to make a public appearance, but once at the door, his leg braces would be put on him, and he would rely on his son's arm for support and balance (43-48). Later, with his son's support, he was able to use a cane, and the extent of his disability was successfully downplayed by the force of his political platform and the attention he commanded with powerful words and the presentation of himself in a dignified way with strong posture (43-48).

"Deeply concerned that the image of a 'permanently crippled man' seeking to lead a crippled nation out of the Depression would be damaging to his campaign, oosevelt's aides every effort to portray the Democratic nominee as a man who had conquered polio and who could walk. As he traveled across the country, his leg braces, without…

Reference List

Bardes, Barbara A., Shelley, Mark C., Schmidt, Steffen W. (2008).

American Government and Politics Today: The Essentials,

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Species: Strangers on the Land,

Ghosts Henrik Ibsen's Ghosts as
Words: 939 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11218400
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Mr. Alving's many affairs on the other hand, including with their maid (resulting in Regina's birth), though not exactly condoned by society are not frowned upon as much as Mrs. Alving's leaving. This hypocrisy forms one of the central conflicts of the play, and is also one of the major sources of controversy.

Another issue that is raised in the play is inheritance. Mrs. Alving is building the orphanage at least in part so that no one, especially her son, can benefit from the fortune that her husband made. She considers everything that Mr. Alving ever touched to be corrupt, and therefore corruptive for others. She sent her son to live abroad so that he would not be exposed to his father's debauchery, but he seems to exhibit many of the same negative qualities that Mrs. Alving hated so much in her husband. The inheritance would have been yet one…

Marriage Work According to Commonly
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On one hand, parenthood is tremendously rewarding for people who make the decision to become parents the right way. On the other hand, even in the best case scenario, child-rearing is also one of the most difficult and stressful of life's experiences that a couple can share.

In many cases, young couples assume they will necessarily become parents simply because that is what is expected of them and because they are socialized to believe that everyone should become a parent. Consider how infrequently anyone ever asks couples (or single individuals, for that matter) if they're planning on becoming parents. Usually, it is more or less assumed that parenthood less a specific decision and more just an inevitable stage of life that everyone goes through (Bradshaw, 2002).

In fact, not everyone is necessarily cut out for parenthood but that is comparatively less often presented as a realistic option for healthy married…


Bradshaw, J. (2002) Creating Love: The Next Great Stage of Growth. New York:


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DeAngelis, B. (2001) Are You the One for Me? Knowing Who's Right & Avoiding Who's

Marriage the Institution of Marriage
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Moreover, whereas previous generations accepted the general assumption that parenthood is a necessary eventuality for all adults, many contemporary adults absolutely reject that presupposition. To a large extent, the assumption that procreation is a necessary goal of marriage originated in religious beliefs about biblical commandments to "be fruitful and multiply." The need for children to help support the family also factored heavily into the natural assumption toward having large families (Barash & Lipton, 2001).

As a result, many adults question the need for a lifetime commitment to another person, particularly since long-term sexual fidelity and happiness in marriage are apparently more the exception than the rule (Branden, 2003). Finally, many contemporary adults are reconsidering the entire concept of parenthood simply from the realization that not everyone is necessarily happier as a parent. In fact, a substantial percentage of parents admit that with the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, they might have…


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York Times (April 10, 2007)

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Henry Holt.

Father Figures in Latino Literature
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One can see many similarities between the two characters. However, there are also difference in their attitudes towards their future. Yunior sees the future as bleak, largely due to his father's actions and the effect that he knows it will have on the family. Annie sees her family as representative of her security in childhood.

Annie grows up in a proper world, where the father embodies the perfect father figure, according to the rules of Antiguan society. She has a close relationship with her father, unlike the absent father or Yunior. As both adolescents make preparations to go into their lives as adults, they go with very different attitudes, largely as a response to the fatherly figure in their lives. Both adolescents know that they have to leave the security of the home and in order to break the influences of their childhood, only one goes with anticipation and the…

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Romantic Poet a Midsummer's Night
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Oberon and Titania are thus not above the common desires and petty passions that motivate all mortals -- but they know the harms that their jealousies can do, even on a cosmological level, accept that infidelity is a part of life -- and when moved use more creative ways to wage war with the opposite sex. Titiana is jealous of Hippolyta, her most obvious human parallel, given that she has also enjoyed a relationship with Theseus, but she extracts no revenge -- she simply moves on, as Oberon can love a shepherdess, a young boy, and his queen. At their most profound and insightful, the ageless fairies seem to be able to accept that beings such as themselves will have multiple passions, even though they still have the feelings of a human-like creature. This is unlike the four adolescent lovers who literally fall to blows when they suspect infidelity,…

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. "A Midsummer Night's Dream." MIT Classics Page. December 11, 2008 midsummer/full.html

Biology - Evolution the Evolutionary
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However, the growth of our understanding of the degree to which human behavior is actually attributable directly to automatic processes contradicts that point-of-view.

As much as we may believe that we select our partners by virtue of their inner qualities and attributes that are more meaningful than superficial appearance, most of the characteristics to which we respond with potential romantic interest are dictated by automatic processes and quantifiable variables (Morris 2002) that are as predictable and unconscious as their counterparts throughout the rest of the animal kingdom.

raditionally, sociologists have pointed to the environmental influences of human culture and societal norms to explain the perceived value of physical beauty, often suggesting that variation in concepts of attractiveness among different cultures evidences that physical beauty is strictly an arbitrary subjective measure that is learned along with other fundamental elements of human social culture.

However, a long series of studies going back…

Traditionally, sociologists have pointed to the environmental influences of human culture and societal norms to explain the perceived value of physical beauty, often suggesting that variation in concepts of attractiveness among different cultures evidences that physical beauty is strictly an arbitrary subjective measure that is learned along with other fundamental elements of human social culture.

However, a long series of studies going back to 1981 (Bornstein, et al.) has revealed that even very young human infants actually recognize basic components of human attractiveness long before they could possibly have been influenced by social norms defining beauty. In those studies, infants were presented with images of adult strangers of previously determined attractiveness in terms of quantifiable measurements such as straight teeth, clear skin, and feature symmetry. In variants of those studies, composite images not corresponding to any actual person were substituted for images of actual adults. By comparing the amount of time that infants spent looking at each image, the researchers determined that, as expected, human infants stared at the images precisely in proportion to their attractiveness rank, in addition to smiling or gesturing more at the more attractive images.

The purpose of those experiments was not to deny the influence of

Morrison & Fitzgerald Comparing and
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Therefore we see through Nick's eyes the ways and lifestyle not only of Tom, Daisy, Jordan and others, but also the mysterious, nouveau riche Gatsby, wealthy from bootlegging and other criminal activities. hen Gatsby seduces Daisy, she, too, is drawn into his orbit, which later results in Myrtle's and Gatsby's deaths. hen Tom learns Daisy is involved with Gatsby, he becomes furious. Gatsby is later killed by the husband of Myrtle, who erroneously believes Gatsby struck and killed Myrtle while driving (this was not Gatsby, but Daisy).

Reflecting on the decadence all around him Nick decides to head back to the Midwest, realizing Gatsby's love for Daisy had been not only illicit, but corrupted from the start, by Gatsby's shady past. Moreover, as Nick reflects near the end of the novel, the soul of the American Dream itself is now dead, having been replaced by pursuit of money.

In both…

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Led Right Virtually Anyone Who Reads Shakespeare's
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Led Right

Virtually anyone who reads Shakespeare's tragedy Othello readily notices that despite his noble nature and good intentions, the title character of this work, Othello, is plagued by numerous faults which eventually lead to not only his own downfall, but also to that of his wife. Shakespeare portrays Othello as a good hearted man who is prone to fits of both anger and illness. However, his primary fault is his overall credulousness which, when combined with his previously mentioned faults, leaves him highly susceptible to the machinations of Iago -- one whose evil intentions a more discerning leader would have detected. It is due to Iago's intricate planning that Othello eventually believes that Desdemona is unfaithful to him, and kills her for that perceived transgression. However, all of Iago's cunningness would have gone for naught had Othello endeavored to be less gullible and trusting. Ultimately, it was this credulousness…

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. Othello, The Moore of Venice. MIT. 1993. Web.

Freud's Lens Application of Freud's
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hen it comes to Jim Jones, it is a fact that the declaration of the day of dooms 5th May, 1967 not a reality to any normal person. Jones followers were so much brainwashed to believe that Guyanese Jungle could be immune from nuclear war. Freud's believe that religions grow out of homicide are evident in Madhis movement (Hicks 64). Due to the factor that Sudan was under colonial rule, it is likely that the country experience killing and persecution of those who failed to obey the colonizers rule. This factor contributed eminently to the resign of the Madhi movement. The same is evident in Jim Jones followers. Initially majority of his followers were black and historically, most countries including United States of America were undergoing racialism. This factor made majority of the blacks join Jim Jones movement.

Freud's theory on religion explains that most people join religion because of…

Works Cited

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Sexual Issues Affecting a Couple
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Sexual Issues Affecting a Couple

Sexual dysfunctions as well as sexual recital matters are comparatively frequent tribulations in the common population. Sexual dysfunction can be brought about by numerous factors which might upshot from emotional as well as physical grounds. As per the view of Michetti, PM; Rossi, R; Bonanno, D; Tiesi, A and Simonelli, C, (2005), Sexual dysfunction may possibly crop up from emotional factors such as interpersonal or psychosomatic troubles. Interpersonal tribulations may well come up from conjugal or correlation troubles, or as of deficient in reliance as well as unwrap communication among partners. hile psychosomatic troubles tend to arose as an outcome of dejection, sexual fears, guiltiness, precedent sexual disturbance, and sexual disarrays among others.

Most of the individuals affected by Sexual dysfunction are those who have fretfulness disarrays. run of the mill anxiousness can perceptibly bring about erectile dysfunction mostly in men with no psychiatric troubles,…

Work Cited

Michetti, PM; Rossi, R; Bonanno, D; Tiesi, A; Simonelli, C (2005). "Male sexuality and regulation of emotions: a study on the association between alexithymia and erectile dysfunction (ED)." International Journal of Impotence Research 18 (2): 170 -- 4. doi:10.1038/sj.ijir.3901386. PMID 16151475

Saks BR, (2008). "Common issues in female sexual dysfunction." Psychiatric Times 25 (5).

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Moral Animal
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Darwin Comes of Age

o understand Robert Wright, it is first necessary to define evolutionary psychology, which is the foundation of Wright's theory. Evolutionary psychology contends that most, if not all, of human behavior can be understood by the interests of internal psychological mechanisms. hese internal mechanisms are adaptations, or products of natural selection that helped human ancestors survive and reproduce. Evolutionary psychology looks at the challenges early humans faced in their hunter-gatherer environments and the problem-solving they went through to meet those challenges. Based on these problem-solving adaptations, it then establishes the common roots of ancestral behavior and, especially related to Wright's book, how these common behavioral roots are observed and acted upon today. Human behavior, just like physical traits, has passed on from generation to the next. In their brains humans have specific knowledge that helps them adapt to the environment. he brain is subject to natural selection…

Though women today can better afford to economically take care of themselves, there is a throwback to the past. Even in the poorest societies, a father's social status translated into more advantages for the children. Although a modern woman can reflect on her wealth and independence and thus gauge her decisions accordingly, she still has to come to grips with the ingrained impulses from her early ancestral environment. In fact, women, says Wright, are not able to override their internal impulses. The tendency remains for them to place greater emphasis on a mate's financial prospects regardless of their income. As long as a society remains economically stratified, the challenge of reconciling lifelong monogamy with human nature will be significant.

This is despite the fact that most men are better off in a monogamous system and women are less better off. Wright gives the example of 2,000 people living in a monogamous society with each woman engaged to marry the man who shares her ranking. She'd like to marry a higher-ranking man, but they were taken by competitors. The men would like to marry up, too, but cannot for the same reason. If polygyny was legalized, at least one woman somewhat more desirable than average, with a rating of 400 for example, leaves male #400 and becomes a wife of a more successful lawyer, #40. Women thus become better off and most men worse off. Women have greater options; men have less. Polygyny would more evenly distribute the assets of men. However, monogamy gives men access to a supply of women that would otherwise be unattainable, even if it is only one. Monogamy is not a big plus for either side; it's a compromise for both men and women.

Wright, Robert. The Moral Animal. New York: Pantheon Books, 1994.

Shakespeare Play Othello
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Jealousy in Othello

Othello, by William Shakespeare, is a play demonstrating that we all have strengths and weaknesses and that while the best of us will focus on people's strengths, the worst of us will not only not weaknesses but use them in destructive ways. Throughout the play, the weakness of jealousy, directly or indirectly, brings the destruction and downfall of all the major characters, including not only Othello and his bride Desdemona, but Iago, his wife Emilia, Roderigo and Cassio.

Othello is particularly vulnerable because, being a Moor, he is somewhat an outsider (Weller, PAGE). He is accepted as a leader in society and as a great military man, but he is aware of his differences. He used them to charm those around him, wooing and winning the beautiful Desdemona and then defending her marriage to others, but the villain of the play, Iago, knows that it can be…


Carson, Ricks. 1997. "Shakespeare's Othello. Explicator:37.

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His Needs Her Needs Building an Affair-Proof Marriage
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Harley's book "His Needs, Her Needs: Building an Affair-Proof Marriage." In his book, Harley provides recommendations on how to prevent or recover from marital infidelity. However, this paper will reveal that the book is aloof on various related themes including the need to follow God's word, sin and Jesus' unique display of sacrificial, true love as depicted in the Bible.

The concept for the book occurred to Willard Harley after conducting a 13-week course about marriage at his church. The sound recordings of these classes became useful resources for Harley as he coached couples in his counseling exercise. Eventually, a transcript of the footage reached a publisher who was thrilled to print the book, which was first released in 1986.

Harley starts by posing the question how affair-proof the reader's marriage is. His assumption very early on is that affairs are begun because deep-seated needs are unmet. To help his…

Issues Surrounding the Early Days of the Women S Rights Movement
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National omen's Rights Convention of 1850 in orcester, Massachusetts, a convention dedicated to rallying important voices around the country for the cause of social reformation regarding the position of women. That the Convention took its name for the women's rights movement is indicative of the major compelling force behind that the new "idea" of womanhood had roused, not just among women but also among men of important social standing. omen were finding their voices and advocating social reform on a variety of levels -- a point reflected by the newspapers and commentators of the day -- and men were showing their support by joining in at the Convention and advocating for social change alongside their female "counterparts." Yet, not everyone viewed the Convention in the same light. This paper will show how the omen's Rights Convention served as a lightning rod of "controversy," indicating that midway through the 19th century…

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Profession to Women: Autobiographical Sketches by Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell. NY: Longman, Green, 1895. Web. U.S. Women's History Workshop. 7 October 2015.

"Grand Demonstration of Petticoatdom at Worcester -- The 'Woman's Rights'

Married Daphne Built a Highly
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The need to save face does not bring people to the bargaining table, the need to resolve a dispute or issue does (Fisher and Ury, 1991).

Positional bargaining does have advocates. In the case where the parties interests may interfere with their resolving the issues, positional bargaining may be preferred. Issues are deemed to be universal and party specific. Interests are party specific and will vary from case to case. In this matter, the interests include Richard's infidelity and the three ongoing businesses. It may be that in this case, positional bargaining is preferred as the interests will prove to polarizing for the parties to work together (Lax and Sebenius, 1991).

Strategies, Transitions And Progressions During The Mediation

Richard's First Response

Although this subsection is entitled Richard's response, it is really the response of his lawyer. The mediator meets with privately with Richard and his lawyer and explains that the…

Works Cited/Consulted

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and Heidi Burgess. Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado, Boulder.

Posted: January 2004

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Internet Sex Addiction Have We
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[how] such activities fit into an individual's sexual biography and impact relationships between sexual partners and peers" (p. 1099).

Participants will be invited to complete a brief online questionnaire that details their participation in OSAs, as well as their demographic information and the nature of their current relationships, including their relationship satisfaction, sexual satisfaction, and participation in extra-dyadic sexual relations (i.e. infidelity). In addition, participants will also complete a screening questionnaire to determine whether or not they meet a clinical cut off point to be considered addicted to Internet Sexuality or OSAs (Delmonico & Miller, 2003). The surveys will be delivered using a free online survey website, such as, and the sample will be drawn from a selection of students on campus through posting on social networking sites such as Facebook and using flyers posted around the campus. Due to the online nature of the survey, all data collected…


Cooper, a., Morahan-Martin, J., Mathy, R.M., & Maheu, M. (2002). Toward an Increased Understanding of User Demographics in Online Sexual Activities. Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, 28, 105-120.

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Iago Villainous Lifetime Achievement Award
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iii.37) to reassure Othello that he knows nothing about Desdemona and Cassio and what they might be doing behind closed doors. This scene allows us to see how manipulative Iago is and how he will say anything to get what he wants. He lies, he plants, seeds of doubt, and he uses Othello's jealousy as a weapon against him. It is important to note that Iago knows something about jealousy because he is jealous himself. It was his jealousy of Cassio's promotion that sparked his motives and he can turn the jealous screw tighter and tighter because he knows how it feels to burn with jealousy. e can call him an expert in the field with firsthand knowledge and, like most criminals, he chooses to use that knowledge for destruction rather than anything else.

Iago is malevolent because he is not just being cruel to rather innocent victims, he is…

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. Othello. Kenneth Muir, ed. New York: Penguin Books. 1968.

Characters in Search of an
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Pirandello's self-conscious use of the nature of theater and the way people play roles in the theater and in family life was considered revolutionary at the time. His title "Six Characters in Search of an Author" stressed the fact that the fourth wall between the audience and the actors was being broken down in the construct of the drama itself, not merely alluded to, as in a Shakespearean soliloquy or a 'play within a play device' and within a family at war traditional roles, like father/son, father/stepdaughter are broken down.

Yet as revolutionary as he may seem, Pirandello's difficult family dynamics always recalls ancient Greece and Shakespeare as much as modernism and postmodernism, as in its invocation of the Orestes cycle where there is deep hate and alienation woven within the traditional family structure, the complex family dynamic of Oedipus, and the child-parent tensions of Hamlet. In the "Orestes" trilogy,…

Works Cited

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Othello Iago's Soliloquies in Othello
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He does so to mask his true malicious intentions. Here he shows how his manipulation is actually paying off, "[...] He [Othello] holds me well; / the better my purpose shall work on him," (I.3.382). Iago shows his audience yet another motivation for his ensuing treachery in this passage as well. Earlier in the play, Iago spoke about his own jealousy towards Cassio when Othello choose him over Iago for the position Iago desperately wanted. Despite Othello's reasoning behind his decision, Iago's jealousy has obviously not subsided at this point in the play, "Cassio's a proper man. Let me see now: / to get his place, and to plume up my will / in double knavery-" (I.3.384-386). Iago reveals that he will commit double treachery, ruining both Cassio and Othello in his plot to frame Desdemona's betrayal with the innocent Cassio.

The last chunk of the passage is where Iago's…

Works Cited

Shakespeare, William. Othello. (Complete with exact pages and publication of the version of the First Folio which you used... The line numbers cited in the text do not need to be changed.)

Return by Stanley Kurtz Stanley
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The legal history of marriage demonstrates what should in any case be obvious, that traveling across country and finding out that you are no longer married is an entirely different matter than working up a will or taking a state bar exam. Imagine a married couple, where one spouse is hospitalized after a car accident in another state, losing visiting rights or the right to make medical decisions, because their marriage isn't recognized in that state.

And the legal history of Slavery demonstrated what was once thought obvious, that traveling across country and finding out that you are no longer the rightful owner of your slave as property was an entirely different matter than working up a will or taking a state bar exam. Imagine a lawful slave owner in his home state divested of his rightful property by another state, losing property rights or the right to trade his…


Kurtz, S. The Libertarian Question: Incest, Homosexuality and Adultery

National Review Online (April 30, 2003); Accessed September 19, 2007 at

Women After the Middle Ages
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It also widened her female audience much further than the small group of upper-class women with whom she was acquainted (ibid).

Overall, this work represented Lanyer as a complex writer who possessed significant artistic ambition and "who like other women of the age wrote not insincerely on devotional themes to sanction more controversial explorations of gender and social relations" (Miller 360).

In her work, Lanyer issued a call to political action by noting several Old Testament women who changed the course of ancient Jewish history through their bravery, humor and valor, and she recalled the favor Christ demonstrated to women in a variety of actions and by electing them as custodians of his salvational message (ibid 362). The story covered Christ's betrayal by male apostles, the arraignment before male authorities to whom Lanyer addressed complaints, and the account of Christ's procession to Calvary, the crucifixion and the drama of the…


Barish, Jonas. Ben Jonson. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall, 1963.

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De Vroom, Theresia. Female Heroism in Thomas Heywood's Tragic Farce of Adultery. NY: Palgrave, 2002.

American Quilt Film Report for
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God created man and woman, it can never be one without another, woman comes to complete man and vice versa. They are so different and when they come together they become complete. True love means feelings that spring from the bottom of the soul, and also means forgiveness for the other, and understanding each other's temptations and frailties, it has nothing to do with physical attraction.

According to one of the reviews on the IMD site "In a sense the Darwinian nature of the human animals depicted here is correct, and on that level director Jocelyn Moorehouse is having a good laugh on all of us. Her assertion is that what human really practice is "serial monogamy," an insight from evolutionary psychology increasingly accepted these days. Her answer to the vexing question, "Can men and women be friends?" is clearly no. From a woman's point-of-view -- and this film is…

Bibliography  retrieved on December 10, 2006  retrieved on December 10, 2006  retrieved on December 10, 2006

Ulysses Relationships in Ulysses to
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For the first several years of one's life, their mother and father are their world. These first relationships occur at a time when the tiny human is learning the basic of their environment and how to respond to it. A child learns much of their early actions by imitating the role models around them. The relationship that exists between a child and each of their parents will set the tone for how they deal with other relationships that they encounter throughout their life.

In Chapter One we discover that our hero has "issues" with his paternal and his maternal relationship. These relationships overshadow almost any other conflict in the story at this time. It is apparent through Stephen's interactions with Mulligan and Haines that he did not have a strong paternal figure to model. He reacts in a rather passive manner. One must remember that this chapter takes place in…

Works Cited

Joyce, James. Ulysses. Hans Walter Gabler (ed). Random House. June, 1986.

Falls Great Falls One Form
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The 1960's saw the rise of the feminist movement and the demand of equal rights for women. Suddenly women were faced with an array of new possibilities outside the traditional role of housewife and mother. Many women left the home to take jobs, get educations, and fulfill other dreams; and Jackie's mother was one of those. But the liberation of women from the traditional role of wife and mother meant harm to the traditional family unit, and sometimes that harm could be quite enormous. hile many women decided that a wife and mother could also have a job, get an education, etc., others decided that the family was too much of a burden for them.

It was Jack Russell who was forced to make the decision for his wife; she was no longer part of the family. hile she could not bring herself to make the final break and live…

Works Cited

Kittredge, William, and Allen Morris Jones. The Best of Montana's Short Fiction.

Guilford, CT: Lyons, 2004. Print.

High Fidelity Looking for Fidelity in Nick
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High Fidelity

Looking for fidelity in Nick Hornby's High Fidelity

Nick Hornby's Rob is a creature of hierarchy (note his power rankings which start off his confessional narrative), and being such he is more a man of medieval sensibilities than one might at first realize. Rob, is after all, a (not-so-young-anymore) man in modern day England, whose exploits seem to have little if anything to do with Thomistic scholasticism or feudal arrangements. But there is a connection -- and the connection might just as easily be made between everyman and that bygone age. In a sense, Rob is Hornby's Everyman, a child of the modern world, of revolution, pop music/culture, and innocent (though oftentimes selfish) longing. hat stands Rob apart, and elevates him, is his attachment to fidelity. On the literal sense, of course, fidelity refers to the sound quality of a specific recording (and Rob has many records); but…

Works Cited

Hornby, Nick. High Fidelity. New York, NY: Penguin, 1995.

Person Whom I Spoke to
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It was expected, for instance, that as soon as students marry, husbands and housework dominate schoolwork and college attendance may, and should even, be reduced. It was also expected that domestic infidelity at the hands of the husband and domestic abuse should be overlooked and forgiven by the wife. The rich girl who was physically abused by her husband and discovered his infidelity fled to her parents who promptly returned her to her husband reminding her of her marriage vows. The fact that she later left to live n the Bohemian quarters of new York with a Jewish family was seen as more sacrilegious in their eyes than the fact that she had fled an unfaithful and oppressive marriage. Divorce was scandalous. Living as a single woman and as a career woman was equally so.

This all came out in Barbara's story.

Barbara's reminisces also reminded me of the teacher's…


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Guinevere Depictions of Guinevere in
Words: 4674 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24662124
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The French tradition of the Arthurian legends, however, are far less overtly political in their approach to the tales and to Guinevere in particular, and though politics and loyalties are still important elements of these stories the aspects of romance, love, and sexuality are far more prominent. Beginning with the poet Chretien de Troyes, Guinevere began to take on a more active role that at once justifies the feminine and begins to suggest the degradation and un-holiness of the female body and intent. Though Man might still be the more active and potent partner, Woman can corrupt and influence Man, these tales suggest, and the character of Guinevere seems a brand new creation given her immensely increased prominence when compared to all known earlier forms of the legends (Fulton, 3).

Erec and Enide is the tale of one of Arthur's knights and the peasant maid he loves and marries, but…


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Richard Hughes A High Wind in Jamaica
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ichard Hughes: A High Wind in Jamaica

This story, the first novel by ichard Hughes, takes place in the 19th Century, and mixes the diverse subjects of humor, irony, satire, pirates, sexuality and children into a very interesting tale, with many sidebar stories tucked into the main theme.

The first part of the story has an eerily familiar ring and meteorological link with the December, 2004 tsunami-related disaster in Asia. In A High Wind, first there is an earthquake, then hurricane-force winds, followed by torrential rains (although no tidal wave) devastate the island and the British children who lived there are sent to England. However, on the way they are attacked by pirates and unwittingly kidnapped by those pirates. From there, the novel has a definite Lord of the Flies tone to it: the English children actually take over control of much of the activities on board, which is as…


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Sociobiology and Culture
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Traditionally, researchers in various fields of study have generally limited investigations to their area of expertise. Social scientists attend to prescribed areas such as memory, deviance, and microeconomics. In addition, natural scientists restrict their focal points to phenomena like DNA, gravity, and erosion. This practice of detached exploration, which initially proved productive, is gradually giving way to interdisciplinary endeavors as new and overwhelming evidence indicates that many domains are profoundly interconnected. Although some conventional sociologists steadfastly resist such infiltration, the field is not immune to this growing interdisciplinary movement.

Sociobiology, as the name indicates, is the synthesis of sociology and biology. It is the logical bridge 'between the natural sciences on the one side and social sciences and humanities on the other' (Wilson, 5). Stated differently, it applies the principles of biology to the study of social behavior in both human and non-human populations. More precisely, sociobiology employs evolutionary theories…


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Generation of Culture. New York: Oxford University Press, 1992.

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Gender Differences
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Man and Woman, Casual Sex and Jealousy:

Insight from the Field of Evolutionary Psychology

'Our modern skulls house a stone age mind."

Cosmides and Tooby, 1997

If questioned today, many people might agree with what seems to be an illogical coupling of statements: (1) A man is more likely than his female mate to feel comfortable about having casual sex with multiple partners, but (2) the same man is likely to feel jealous about his mate having sex with someone else. Yet, when the underlying causes for a male's apparently inconsistent behavior are explored from the perspective of evolutionary psychology, a logical explanation emerges.

Evolutionary psychology is a branch of study focused on the problems and stress factors that ancestors of humans faced, the "psychological mechanisms" that natural selection developed to address these problems and stresses, and the ways in which these ancient mechanisms work today (Crawford and Anderson, 1989,…


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Online Escort Services and Their
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, 2001). Based on the proliferation of the Internet and the near-ubiquity of personal computers in many affluent homes, these rates can reasonably be expected to have increased even further in subsequent years.

In fact, it would appear that the more people of both sexes are using the Internet for these purposes, the more ways they are finding to do so. In this regard, Green and her associates point out that, "The fact that one can access sexually related materials and interact with others anonymously on the Internet has opened the doors even wider. Using anonymous screen names, individuals can explore and express their sexual interests with little fear that friends, coworkers, or even spouses will discover their activities" (2001, p. 303). Furthermore, the individuals who participate in these encounters can do so with other anonymous individuals without the risks typically associated with face-to-face relationships; if an anonymous online relationship…


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Individual 20th 21st Century Angelina Jolie Obtain
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individual 20th 21st century. (Angelina Jolie) Obtain faculty approval selection prior beginning

Analyzing Angelina

There are several different facets of Angelina Jolie's life that make for a quite compelling probe into her psychological development. Jolie, one of the most well-known and bankable female actresses of the 21st century, has endured a variety of issues pertaining to aspects of her emotional and moral development that can be traced back to relationships, events, and occurrences in a life that has been filled with notoriety ever since her birth. An analysis of the most eminent of these factors reveals that the actress's hereditary influences appear to have mitigated those of her environment -- although both spheres of influence are quite prominent and represented by the culmination of her experiences. The effects of Jolie's family -- and in particular her relationship with her parents and her mother who was primarily responsible for raising her…


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Stoning of Soraya M Stoning Is Not
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Stoning of Soraya M

Stoning is not prescribed in the current version of the Koran. Islamic law (Sharia) requires that adulterers be put to death, since it was the example set by Muhammad. In practice, the women are executed far more often, since they are presumed to bear the burden of sexual responsibility. ape victims are sometimes convicted if they speak out. eporting a rape means a confession of adultery under Sharia law if four male witnesses cannot be found to confirm the victim's claim. Numerous examples of stoning adulterers under Islamic law persist, from the Islamist frontier of Somalia to the modern state of Iran. In 2010, the Taliban planted a couple having unauthorized sex in the ground and brutally pelted them with stones only a few days after they flogged a pregnant woman 200 times and then shot her in the head. In "condemning" the killings, the "moderate"…


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