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Personalities Ever Wondered Why People Behave the

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Eve wondeed why people behave the way they do and why people act in one way while othes act in a diffeent way? Well we all know that people ae diffeent when it comes to thei physical and psychological aspects. In human pesonality the cental dimension is the tait of extavesion and that of intovesion. Vitually all the compehensive models of pesonality must include these two concepts extavesion and intovesion is typically temed as a single continuum. This insinuates that fo one to be on the high of one they necessaily have to be low on the othe. Theefoe one cannot have extemes of both at a go. Thee is also a diffeent pespective that suggests that each individual has both an extovet and intovet side with on dominating ove the othe. Regadless of the thee is always a fluctuation in peoples behavio at all times and even exteme…… [Read More]


Bennington, J.(2013).The science of what makes an introvert and an Extrovert. Retrieved October 19, 2013 from
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Personalities and Motivations My Friends Describe Me

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personalities and motivations. My friends describe me as a loving and caring, honest, generous, and peaceful person. I am motivated by a strong urge to not only help those in need, but also create a better world.

Loving and Caring

I hate to see others suffering. Whenever I am in a position to lend my assistance, I do so without reservations. I have a strong feeling that if each and every person did their best and played the role of a caring neighbor, a lot of suffering would be done away with for good. For instance, to many of us, $10 is loose change. However, to that beggar on the street, this 'pocket change' is enough cash for several meals. Mine is the desire to put a smile on other people's faces.


I also tend to value honesty. For this reason, I loathe deceit and dislike those people who…… [Read More]