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Academic Writing Essays (Examples)

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Process of Writing an Academic
Words: 1016 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94821952
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Explanatory Process
Academic essay writing is one of the most important practices in the learning process for students. Academic writing basically refers to the writing a student has to complete for his/her high school, college or university courses. While academic writing assignments have different names, they have the same objective in the learning process. The main goal of academic essay writing is for the student to demonstrate what he/she understands and can think critically regarding the specific topic (Whitaker, p.2). In addition, academic writing provides a student with an avenue to develop his/her critical thinking skills, research skills, and ability to evaluate and organize information. This skills are important in the students learning and development and are applicable in the job market. This paper examines the process of writing an academic essay and explains how to enhance the process through application of suggestions from experts.
Process of Writing an Academic…

Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Two-Digit
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Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

Two-digit Section #:

nstructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 9 Dropbox.

Develop your own Career Action Plan based on information you have gained in this course. Consider information from course Readings, Assignments, career research, the informational interview, and the LASS assessment.

Career Action Plan:

Take some time to think seriously about where you would like to be in your future career and how you will get there. Once you have generated some ideas, complete the short-term and long-term information, and respond to all items listed below:

Short-Term Educational Goal (approximately 2 years or less):

Your short-term educational goal should be a goal that you can realistically accomplish in approximately 2 years or less. Focus on a goal that…

III. Your Weaknesses: What skills and/or experiences will you need to gain in order to ensure that you will achieve this goal? TIP: You might visit the O*Net Online ™ to see what kinds of skills are required in your career field. (minimum 5 complete sentences)

I need to learn more how to operate computers. Specifically, computers programmed with accounting software. This means I have to learn how to use programs that analyze, store, and record data. I need to learn how to code documents in accordance to a firm's procedures. I need to learn about compliance with federal and state regulations (, 2014).

IV. Your Plan: What are some of the obstacles or challenges you might encounter as you work towards achieving this goal (refer back to your weaknesses)? How will

Academic Progress Report Introduction Greatly Appreciate the
Words: 689 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70004503
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Academic Progress Report

Introduction greatly appreciate the financial support the Foundation has son generously offered to me; without it I would not be able to attend school or complete my degree. With this financial aid, I have been able to pursue my academic and career interests without being preoccupied with my finances. As I have a family, the financial aid is not only a boon, but it is absolutely necessary for my academic and professional development. The Foundation offered me a partial tuition grant for the past three years so that I could complete my Bachelor's Degree at ABC College. I am now entering my senior year at ABC and hope to continue receiving the financial aid that I need in order to receive a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Art. I will require one more semester's worth of tuition aid. Through the following progress report, I hope to convey to…

Academic Argument on Faculty Perceptions of Student Disengagement in Online Learning
Words: 1578 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 86894150
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Academic Argument on Faculty Perceptions of Student Disengagement in Online Learning

The emergence of technology has meant that today people are challenged every single day to accept something new in their lives on a regular basis. This is not to say that this is a bad thing, but the argument that can here is that are we really ready as a society to incorporate these new technological advancements in their day-to-day life? And it is exactly at this juncture that we face a critical issue.

hile there is no doubt that the mark of technology has been felt on every segment of our lives, no matter how trivial it may seem, the fact of the matter remains that there is currently a majority of people who are not equipped to handle this new intrusion in their lives. The reason for this can vary from the lack of acceptability to the…

Works Cited

A History of Online Learning. (n.d.). Retrieved from Online Education:

Kurubacak, G. (2002). Book Review: E-tivities; The Key to Achieve Online Learning by Gilly Salmon. Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education,, 4 (1).

Liyan Song, E.S. (2004). Improving Online learning: Student perceptions of useful and challenging characteristics. Internet and Higher Education, 7, 59-70.

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Academic Journal Entry I Feel as if
Words: 1016 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2676855
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Academic Journal Entry

I feel as if I acquired several valuable lessons from the first several chapters of the text. The following sections will illustrate some of the points that I felt that were the most relevant to me. One of the most influential sections came at the beginning and helped me to understand what a foundation for a human resource strategy might look like. It is important in my opinion, above all else, to be proactive in employee relationships so that you can foster an environment in which the human resource department can serve as a cornerstone of the organization rather than some distant alien force that only swoops in when there is a major problem.

Human Capital

First of all, I liked the notion of human capital and how it applies to an overall, most holistic approach to a Human Resource strategy. There seem to be two approaches…

Academic Profile of Home Schoolers a Case Study
Words: 16937 Length: 62 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 56680433
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Academic Profile of Home Schooling - a Case Study

Home Schooling vs. Traditional Educational Methods

Home Schooling Methodology

Focus of the Practicum


Area of Inquiry

Subject/Topic Areas

Home Schooling as an Alternative

Curricula and Materials Used for Home Schooling

The Success of Home Schooling

Evaluation Design

Conditions for Change



Legislative Information:

Maryland: A Legal Analysis

State Laws and Regulations - Maryland

Goulart and Travers vs. Calvert County

Home-schooled Kids Find Social Growth"

Home Schoolers in the Trenches"

Home School Academic Advantage Increases Over Time"

Home Schooling." ERIC Digest, Number 95.


The Academic Profile of Home Schoolers

Case Study

The focus of this applied dissertation proposal is to examine and analyze home school families' academic environment, the institutional materials they use, and to gain an understanding of their academic success.

Prince George's County Public School System is the nineteenth largest school system in the nation with a…


Monticello, IL.

Buchanan, Jim (1984). Home Instruction: A Growing Alternative to Public Schools. Monticello, IL.

Lande, Nancy (2000). Home school Open House: Interviews with 55 Home schooling Families. Bozeman, MT

Waring, Bill and Diane (1999). Emerald Books: A look back on what they learned along the way by veteran home schooling parents of varying approaches.

Academic Autobiography There Are Events
Words: 1562 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47415337
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The importance of a strong opening and closing, practicing, staying organized and focused and taking the stage with confidence are skills that I continue to apply in my class presentations.

At times my classes, especially the General Education classes, have been quite challenging. Having proven to myself that I have the intellectual capacity, discipline and drive to pass these classes, I am inspired and encouraged when presented with some of the challenges of life. A significant aspect of a college education is developing critical reasoning. It is not so much to memorize facts and figures, but to be able to penetrate ideas and concepts and extract their essence. Understanding the way mechanisms work is a sine-qua-non condition of gaining the ability to deconstruct ideas and theories and applying them to one's personal and professional life. It is through this kind of individualized approach, I believe, that higher education is particularly…

Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Two-Digit
Words: 848 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2680257
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Academic Strategies for the Business Professional

Two-digit Section #:

Instructions: Download this document to your computer before filling it out. Save using "Save As" and add your name to the front removing the phrase "YourName." All of the gray boxes below should be appropriately filled in and the document saved again before submitting to the Unit 6 Dropbox.

Paragraph Writing

My mother has, and continues to have, an enormous impact in my life. My family has not had the smoothest of runs, but all through, mum has managed to demonstrate calmness, contentment, peace, integrity, empathy, perseverance, and compassion even in the face of enormous life challenges. She has always maintained an open mind, an open heart, humor, and joy even when she's going through the toughest of challenges; and even when it does not seem okay, she still wears a smile, and says 'it will be okay'. To her, this…

Academic Assessment Strengths and Weaknesses
Words: 965 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31161439
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It is widely accepted in literature that this is a significant threat, as the education establishment is unable to control the conditions in which exams are taken (Cluskey et al. 2011; Yates and Beaudrie, 2009; Lanier, 2006). However, the potential for cheating does not necessarily mean it is occurring. The research by Yates and Beaudrie, (2009) compared the results achieved by students who were assessed within a proctored environment, and students who undertook non-proctor and assessment online. The results were interesting, comparing 406 traditional students, with 444 online students, the research indicated that there was no significant difference in the grades that were achieved, arguing that this does not substantiate the worries found in other literature that cheating is taking place. The assessment is utilized argued that online testing is a viable approach. However, it maybe argued that this conclusion has a significant flaw, as an underlying assumption is that…


Education, Vol. 23, No. 2, April 2009: pp. 1 -- 14

Cluskey, G.R. Jr.; Ehlen, Craig R; Raiborn, Mitchell H, (2011), Thwarting online exam cheating without proctor supervision, Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 4, 1-7.

Lanier, Mark M, (2006), Academic Integrity and Distance Learning, Journal of Criminal Justice Education, 17(2), 244-261

Yates, Ronald W; Beaudrie, Brian, (2009), the Impact of Online Assessment on Grades in Community College Distance Education Mathematics Courses, the American Journal of Distance Education, 23: 62 -- 70, 2009

Social Personal -- Obesity Academic Subject Health
Words: 686 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85732892
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Social: Personal -- Obesity Academic Subject: Health Possible academic topics: Is obesity a health epidemic? Has treatments obesity successful? How food environment affected obesity? Unit II Posted: Tuesday, November 20, 2012 hen engaging academic writing, determine purpose analyze audience academic writing, begin academic language, exhibits common features mentioned LBCH Chapter 10

Obesity -- one of the most horrible health epidemics today

There is presently much controversy regarding obesity and its current status, as while many prefer to believe that it is an isolated condition, others consider that it is a health epidemic. Society is generally inclined to neglect obesity and considers malnutrition to be much more important in comparison to it. More and more parts of the world are affected by the malady and it is gradually becoming obvious that the masses need to get actively involved in combating it using any means they have available. Many tend to believe…

Works cited:

Brody, Jane E., "Attacking the Obesity Epidemic by First Figuring Out Its Cause," NY Times Website: 

Neergaard, Lauran, "No end to U.S. obesity epidemic, forecast shows," Retrieved November 27, 2012, from the MSNBC Website:

Speak or Write Do You Own the
Words: 1058 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Discussion Chapter Paper #: 42477190
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speak or write, do you own the words that you have created? What about the thoughts that preceded those words?

What is originality?

In some sense, we are all 'original authors.' We compose our own ideas in our head and transmit them to the world in speech. Yet, on the other hand, it is just as easy to claim that because our words are the result of a series of subtle cultural influences, there is no 'original' thought. Even the greatest scientific innovations of earlier eras built upon the ideas of people who existed previously. Shakespeare borrowed most of his plots. The notion of someone who exists outside of culture is a fiction. Even the language we speak shapes and limits our conceptions of the world.

However, although originality may be a fiction, it is a necessary fiction. Without copyright laws, authors would have no incentive to create new ideas.…


"Common knowledge in academic writing." PK6. 26 Oct 2011. Available: [17 Jan 2013]

Hayes, Niall & Lucas D. Introna. "Cultural Values, Plagiarism and Fairness: When plagiarism gets in the way of learning. Centre for the Study of Technology and Organisation,

Lancaster University Management School. Available:  [17 Jan 2013]

Strong Writing Is One of
Words: 919 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71206932
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In the case of academic writing, evidence comes directly out of textbooks and other academic sources in the given topic of any particular paper. This evidence is used to prove or disprove a statement within the thesis. Evidence is extremely important in proving the argument. According to research, "The strength of your evidence, and your use of it, can make or break your argument," (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 2007). The type of evidence used within an academic paper depends highly on the subject matter being discussed in the paper itself.

In many cases, good writing will also address the counter argument, or the arguments that might possibly be made against the main argument of the paper. Counter arguments are usually addressed first, and are later discredited further on in the paper. The discrediting of counter arguments must be based concretely within the available evidence in the subject…


Bednar, James a. (2002). Tips for formal writing. Teaching. Retrieved March 12, 2010 from

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. (2007). Argument. Handouts and Links. Retrieved March 12, 2010 from

Successful College Writing Anne Lamott's
Words: 1276 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81236072
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This is helpful advice for college students who wish for their work to stand out from that of their peers, for by choosing descriptive words over the general, writers can discover stronger and more vibrant ways in which to present their ideas in a thoughtful and critical way.

Goldberg's essay touches on the vital importance of paying attention to the world around us as we seek to learn the names of everything that we encounter. This is a practical tool that Cheryl L. Dozier cites as an effective way to encourage students to make the connection between what they read in books and what they see in the world around them. In such a way, a greater appreciation of words is created, along with an educational foundation which encourages strong literacy skills. In her essay "Literacy Coaching: Engaging and Learning with Teachers," Dozier writes that "noticing and naming involves an…

Works Cited

Dozier, Cheryl L. "Literacy Coaching: Engaging and Learning with Teachers." Issues in Literacy 18 (2008): 11-19. Web. 15 Nov. 2011.

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Boston: Shambhala Publications, 2005. Print.

Lamott, Anne. "Shitty First Drafts." Bird by Bird: Some Instructions on Writing and Life. New York: Anchor Press, 1995. Print.

Management Written Communication An Essential
Words: 1472 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97616386
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Written communication in the workplace comes in many forms, the most commonly used is memos and proposals or special reports (Beck, 1999). One manner in which written communication can be used is to negotiate (Neale & Bazerman, 1991). Business employees and even managers should be well versed in written communications and have a strong grasp of the skills necessary to be familiar and proficient in writing in order to express well defined meaning and enhance business communications (Lyons, 2002).

Having good writing skills and abilities will also facilitate improved oral communications among employees. Those employees that are able to put their thoughts down on paper accurately and precisely are more likely to engage in oral communication that is directed and focused. Because of this one of the skills that might be considered for inclusion in the workshop might be translating written word into oral communications.

Employees who are participating in…


Beck, C. (1999). Managerial communication: Bridging theory and practice. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Prentice-Hall.

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Quarterly, 65(2):54

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Ethics of Academic
Words: 2411 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5056623
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brazenly 'sampled' from a book, the dictionary, and 'remixed' into a news story," writes Julian Sanchez in an annoyed response to court rulings on sampling in the music industry. His phrasing, however, perfectly encapsulates the real problems in defining and avoiding plagiarism. In the attempt to express my own personal understanding and interpretation of plagiarism, I quickly found that despite the most sincere attempt to develop such an interpretation was bound to failure. In a moment of sarcasm, I might express a fear of plagiarizing from the honor codes of universities across the nation if I were to merely parrot back the description of plagiarism which involves not only "using another writer's words without proper citation" (CACCAS) but also "using another writer's ideas without proper citation." (CACCAS), definitions which are used verbatim in student handbooks wherever English is spoken. The problem is more significant, however, than this flippancy might make…


Alberta U. "Why Students Plagiarize." Learning Services. University of Alberta. 2004. 

Budge, E.A. Wallis. "The Book of the Dead." New York: Gramercy Books, 1999.

CACCAS. "Academic Honesty: Cheating and Plagiarism." Academic Honestly. Faculty Resource On Grading. 2004.

Critical Art Ensemble. "Utopian Plagiarism, Hypertextuality, and Electronic Cultural Production." Critical Issues in Electronic Media. Penny, Simon, ed. New York: Suny Press, 1994, 105-118.

Improving the Writing Skills of Saudi Students
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24692724
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Improving the Writing Skills of Saudi Students in English-Speaking Colleges

Learning a foreign language and using it to enhance a traveling experience is one thing, but using a second language for studies in higher education is truly difficult. Those who are able to accomplish their academic goals in a language that is not their first language achieve something quite remarkable. The purpose of this study is to explore the differences in Saudi students writing in Arabic and English, to research the perceptions of Saudi students regarding their experiences studying abroad and any effects on their writing in English that they attribute to living in an English-speaking country.

While there are many different aspects of English language that make reading, speaking, and writing difficult for students whose first language is not English, one of the most troublesome is cohesion. This paper will explore the concept of cohesion as it impacts the…

Mapping and Writing Skills Remedial
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85062568
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There may also be expectations as to how the map is drawn such as a fill in the black approach (Miller et al., 2009). Whereas the open ended process does not place any limitations on the shape of the map or the terms that may be used, however, a small selection of trigger terms may be provided to assist the student (Miller et al., 2009). This approach allows the student to create the map in a manner that is conducive to their understanding of the knowledge of a concept (Miller et al., 2009).

Traditionally, concept maps have been paper and pencil tools, however, increasingly computer software has become available as an alternative to concept mapping. This approach allows for more creativity on the part of the student to design their map in a manner that is conducive to their learning style and compartmentalization of information (Miller et al., 2009).



Miller, K.J., Koury, K.A., Fitzgerald, G.E., Hollingsead, C., Mitchem, K.J., Hui-Hsien T. & Park, M.K. (2009). Concept mapping as a research tool to evaluate conceptual change related to instructional methods. Teacher Education & Special Education, 32(4), 365-378.

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Academic Simulation Describes Potential WMD Threat From
Words: 1672 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66039280
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Academic Simulation

Describes potential WMD threat from Andean eligious Fighters

Two-Step Operations Plan

Prevent the attack

Threat is nebulous

Threat is well organized

esponse to the attack

esponse follows the adage that no battle plan survives the first shot

esponse is predictable based on known lethality of agent

Threat is real and represents a legitimate threat to national security

Threat demands immediate and stepped-up response

Pursue step one more aggressively

Coordinate step two with local first responders in the interim


Office of Counterterrorism


Counter Terrorist Unit

Supervisor, Weapons of Mass Destruction


Identified Weapons of Mass Destruction Threat

Threat Description

Based on credible reports from local nationals, in-country and airborne surveillance, there is reason to believe that approximately one dozen fringe members of the Andean egional Freedom Fighters (AFF) have acquired a large quantity of sarin, which is classified as a weapon of mass…


Davis, L.E., Latourrette, T., Mosher, D.E., Davis, L.M. & Howell, D.R. (2003). Individual preparedness and response to chemical, radiological, nuclear, and biological terrorist attacks. Santa Monica, CA: Rand.

Hood, E. (2001, November). The Tokyo attacks in retrospect: Sarin leads to memory loss.

Environmental Health Perspectives, 109(11), 542.

McCarthy, D. (2001, Fall). Waging war. Forum for Applied Research and Public Policy, 16(3),

Academic Interests Personal Perspectives and
Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 30359190
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I am amused when I remember my first dance lesson, and the pressure I felt until then because I was practically afraid of interacting with people I did not know. Gradually I learnt that my fear had not been justified and I even became a very sociable person thanks to the fact that I entered the world of break dancing. Not only did I learn how to dance consequent to having become accustomed with this new style of living, but I have also learnt how motivation can be a great helper in any situation. In addition to constantly improving my dance techniques, I also began to get better grades and to become more interested in accumulating information.

It is very probable that break dancing has also gotten me to apply and to be accepted at the University of California San Diego's California State Summer School for Mathematics and Science (COSMOS).…

Academic Journals to Submit Manuscript
Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Journal Paper #: 21130948
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It aims to serve a wide range of fields, and show the application of philosophy to case studies as well as more esoteric subjects. For example, one of its most recent special editions was called "The art of the unseen: Three challenges for racial profiling," and focused upon the politics as well as the philosophy of race in law enforcement in the U.S. An article on "acial profiling and background injustice" explored the idea as to whether background injustice compounded the injustices of profiling an individual based on his or her race. This suggests it would be suitable for my proposed article, which details the ethical and practical concerns of 'revolving door' politics in the U.S., where objective decisions are compromised because of the close relationship between members of industry and government decision-makers. The journal is especially interested in profiling topics of current interest, and because of increased scrutiny about…


Bou-Habib, Paul. (2012). Racial Profiling and background injustice. The Journal of Ethics,

15, (1-2): 33-46. Retrieved:

Contents. (2012). Journal of Management. Retrieved:

Academic Articles Supplied Subject Website Articles 1
Words: 1281 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 65037830
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academic articles supplied subject website (Articles 1, 2-3).

There are myriad issues regarding the maintaining of professional boundaries and dual relationships for practitioners of natural medicine. Essentially, practitioners are attempting to establish and preserve a relationship with clients that falls between a pair of extremes, best summarized as "a continuum, ranging from disengagement (rigid, inflexible boundaries/guidelines) to enmeshment (flexibility to the point of diffuseness) with a large grey area in between that is notoriously ambiguous and dependent upon the counselor" (No author, 2010). Their charge, therefore, is to attempt to remain tractable while not becoming too much so. They must attempt to establish clear guidelines for their relationship in which professionalism is maintained. However, they must not do so at the expense of alienating the client -- which can certainly occur without a good deal of temperance on the part of the practitioner.

The way to achieving this degree of…


No author (2010). "The role of boundaries in counseling." The Australian Insitute of Professional Counselors. Retrieved from 

Nickel, M. (2004). "Professional boundaries: The dilemma of dual & multiple relationships in rural clinical practice." Counseling and Clinical Psychology Journal. 1 (1): 17-24.

Zur, O. (2004). To Cross or Not to Cross: Do boundaries in therapy protect or harm.

Psychotherapy Bulletin, 39 (3), 27-32.

Academic Tenure
Words: 1445 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 36490991
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Tenure -- Literature Review

Academic tenure is a system that many universities and colleges use to protect a senior academic's contractual right to a lifetime job unless terminated for just cause. It is typically reserved for academics who have made Assistant or Full Professor, and requires following a strict hierarchical rubric that demonstrates a strong record of published research, teaching, and administrative services. Most institutions allow for a certain period of time to establish this record; although there are a number of non-tenure track positions still available within the university system (Adjust Professor, Lecturer, Research Professor, etc.) (Amacher, 2004). The idea of academic tenure, at least in the United States, is primarily intended to guarantee the right to academic freedom, in that it protects the academic when they publish or dissent from prevailing or common opinion, or spend time and research on topics that may be politically unfashionable or controversial.…

Works Cited

Board of Regents of State Colleges v. Roth, 408 U.S. 564 (U.S. Supreme Court June 29, 1972).

Perry v. Sindermann, 408 U.S. 593 (U.S. Supreme June 29, 1972).

Percent of Teachers with Tenure. (2008, June). Retrieved March 2011, from Department of Education Statistics: 

Issues in Higher Education. (2011, January). Retrieved March 2011, from American Association of University Professors:

Academic Strategies Involved
Words: 1446 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16691562
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Instructional Strategy


The Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Specific Praise strategy is based on delivering positive reinforcement in the form of either verbal or written praise. It can help to foster desirable and appropriate relationships between students and instructors, and requires pedagogues to utilize a number of timely plaudits that are related to specific actions and academic behaviors for students. This strategy would be of immense benefit to Sam since he has a lengthy history of underachieving, and it would behoove him to gain attention in a classroom setting that is rewarding and for positive, on-task behaviors. Implementing this strategy with Sam would likely require utilizing a variation of types of praise with "other forms of behavior and reinforcement strategies" (Curran and the Iris Center, 2003, p. 6) since he is not used to approbation.

Criterion specific rewards serve as a preemptive means of "managing classroom behavior" ( Curran and the…


Curran, C and the Iris Center. (2003). Encouraging appropriate behavior. The Iris Center.

Academic Film Review of Django Unchained
Words: 1438 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Film Review Paper #: 94410968
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Django Unchained

As a screenwriter and filmmaker, Quentin Tarantino has long been considered the ultimate auteur. His style and content are uniquely his own and are marked by edgy, graphic content along with fast, memorable dialogue. There is a rapt attention paid to pop culture and popular slang that all of Tarantino's films bear, and of late his films have paid attention to dark historical events. Inglourious Basterds (2011) focused on World War II and the multiple forms of carnage that this event encompassed. Django Unchained marks yet another foray of Tarantino into one of America's blackest historical marks: slavery. Like Basterds, Tarantino puts his unique stamp on this dreary historical subject by couching it from a unique and meaningful perspective: he portrays the events of slavery with the imprint of a slave who becomes a type of bounty hunter, and kills white men. This is strongly evocative of the…


Denby, D. (2013, January 22). "Django Unchained": PUT-ON, REVENGE, AND THE AESTHETICS OF TRASH. Retrieved from 

Foster, G. (2004, May). Intersectionality, Worldwide and Other Pages. Retrieved from 

Tarantino, Q. (Director). (2012). Django Unchained [Motion Picture].

Writing Rubric Assessment for Teachers
Words: 687 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 42165894
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The rubric assessment I utilized came from Schrock (2014) -- her website which contains many different rubrics for a number of disciplines. I chose a writing assessment rubric that I could use with 4th grade students, focusing on writing with a topic sentence, using modifiers and having supporting sentences that flesh out the topic.

The reasons I made modifications to the rubric were based on the specific utility that I wanted to implement: here, I wanted to focus on writing a topic sentence with supporting sentences and modifiers instead of an entire research paper. I liked the way this rubric was set-up, however, and I was particularly drawn to it being a self-assessment rubric because I think it is important for students to see for themselves how they are going to be assessed in the future. If they are assessing themselves by the same type of rubric as the…


Gottlieb, M. (2006). Assessing English language learners: Bridges from language proficiency to academic achievement. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press.

Schrock, K. (2014). Assessment and Rubrics. Retrieved from 

Sireci, S., Faulkner-Bond, M. (2015). Promoting validity in the assessment of English learners. Review of Research in Education, 39(1): 215-252.

Student Mosad Monthly Stipend and Academic Plan
Words: 465 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Professional Writing Paper #: 58216169
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cademic Plan and Stipend

Before I begin with the purpose of my letter, I would first like to thank you and your entire organization for their time and generosity. Your organization has been instrumental in providing my son with a quality education that will set the foundation for his future. s we are all aware, the rising cost of education places a large financial burden on families around the world. The scholarship you have awarded my son, has in large part, alleviated this concern for me as a father. The benefits of your generosity are as difficult to enumerate as they are to put in words. Thank you so much.

However, some complications have arisen in regards to my son's scholarship that I believe, warrant your attention. First, my son's monthly stipend was withheld due to his inability to submit his graduation plan. My son however explained over the phone…

As a father, I am asking MSAD to stop withholding his monthly stipend as we have discussed the issue of the graduation plan over the phone with one of your representatives. MSAD has received a letter of acceptance from the business school. My son will also be getting his academic plan for his advisor indicating his graduation date of spring 2014.

In addition, I ask if the organization could support my son emotionally as he continues that difficult period in his life as a student and adult. Your support as an institution will be instrumental in allowing my son to graduate on time.

I again, don't want to make this letter accusatory in anyway whatsoever. I admire and thank MSAD for their help in this difficult period for my son. I just would like to help strength the relationship my son has with the organization in a manner that is beneficial for both parties involved. Thank you so much for your help.

Communication Academic and Professional Development
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Academic and Professional Development

A scholar-practitioner in clinical research administration is someone who can actively apply academic research to his or her mindful practice in the field and affect the lives of patients in a positive way and who can also use clinical knowledge, experience, and wisdom to inform his or her academic practice. In other words, he or she can enjoy 'the best of both worlds' and merge practice and theory. The practice of medicine is ultimately designed to help people in the real world, so there should always be a dialogue or permeable relationship between scholarship and research. The clinical research administrator embodies this ideal. I see this in my own work and also the work of others. One of the strengths of master's level research is that it enables a nurse to function both as a scholar and also to continue to work effectively in the field…

Psychosocial Academic Interventions for Children With ADHD
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Academic Outcomes of Children With ADHD

ADHD Literature eview

Improving the Academic Outcomes of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

Improving the Academic Outcomes of Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) (2014) Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a neurodevelopmental condition recognizable by attention deficits, hyperactivity, and impulsivity that manifest across multiple settings. The most recent version of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual (DSM-V) describes ADHD as consisting of inattention, and/or hyperactivity/impulsivity, severe enough to interfere with day-to-day functioning and development. Common symptoms of inattention include poor listening skills, frequent mistakes, disorganized, avoidance of mentally challenging tasks, distracted, and forgetful. Hyperactivity/impulsivity symptoms include fidgeting, inappropriate physical activity, excessive talking, interrupting others, and an inability to play quietly. Children suffering from ADHD would therefore have a difficult time succeeding academically.

If ADHD were rare this would not be a significant…


CDC. (2013). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Data & statistics. Retrieved from .

CDC. (2014). Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Symptoms and diagnosis. Retrieved from .

Dang, M.T., Warrington, D., Tung, T., Baker, D., & Pan, R.J. (2007). A school-based approach to early identification and management of students with ADHD. Journal of School Nursing, 23(1), 2-12.

DuPaul, G., & Power, T.J. (2008). Improving school outcomes for students with ADHD: Using the right strategies in the context of the right relationships. Journal of Attention Disorders, 11(5), 519-21.

Wanna Be Average Written by Mike Rose
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Wanna Be Average," written by Mike Rose. Although each of these writers has a very different writing style, both essays deal with similar issues about the educational experiences of young boys growing into men. Five main areas will be discussed: assimilation; the power of academic reading; identity crisis; self-awareness; and cultural conflict.


Blending into a new and different culture from the one you are accustomed to can be a challenging and frightening process for people of any age. For young people who are still in their formative years, it can be even more confusing and intimidating. They have not yet developed the coping skills that adults have, and they often do not understand the strange, exciting, and sometimes uncomfortable feelings they experience in the process. Writers of both of these essays go through experiences of assimilation in their childhood years. The experiences are similar in that they both are…

Psychic Phenomena Academic Journals Alvarado
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S. By offering an astonishing and heretical thesis. Hence, many believe in the notion of extra sensory perception (ESP). Evaluation: Time takes an objective view of society's perception of psychic phenomena. A thorough explanation as to why this unique ability is suppressed because of society's skepticism.

6. Shea, C. (2011). Fraud scandal fuels debate over practices of social psychology. Chronicle of Higher Education, 58(13), A1.

Summary: Article discusses the academic field of social psychology and examines how research practices within the discipline are being influenced by the news media and the use of fraudulent data in his reports, plus the manipulation of statistics. Evaluation: Convincingly, the author demonstrates the strong desire of some to capitalize on the psychic phenomena that compels them to falsify data.

Web Pages

7. Anders, R. (2009). Psychic phenomena. Retrieved from

Summary: The energy of matter and the energy behind matter, which religion calls the…

Narrative Writing This Type of Writing Makes
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Narrative writing

This type of writing makes the readers actually feel, see and hear what has been felt, seen and heard by the writer. This writing could describe anything such as a person, place or any other entity. The main purpose of the writer is to reveal its subject by careful selection of details. It is often seen that description involves a single personality or entity and how it changed its surroundings through its own actions or by other's actions on itself. The main aim is often to put the reader on the place of subject entity so that the reader could see the world from its perspective.

It is commonly seen that biographies and autobiographies involve the usage of descriptive/narrative writing by the authors. Many tend to give the world their own point-of-view on how they see the world so that the masses might agree with them in their…

Supportable Logical Textual Evidence Written Component Options
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supportable logical textual evidence written component options. You analyze primary texts relevant question principles close reading -- noting items word choice, similes, metaphors, connotations, .

"Beauty and the Beast:" Fairy tale vs. cinema

The story "Beauty and the Beast" is one of the most popular juvenile fairy tales of all time. It has also been a potent source of metaphor for many authors and filmmakers. One of the most famous written versions of the fairy tale for children is one authored by Jeanne-Marie Le Prince de Beaumont. Beaumont uses the story in a didactic fashion, both to illustrate the values of Beauty and the superior values of the countryside. hen Beauty's family is located in the city, her sisters adopt the shallow and superficial values of the city and refuse to associate with people of their own merchant class. Only after being humbled in the countryside does the youngest daughter…

Works Cited

La Belle et la Bete. Directed by Jean Cocteau. 1946

Ebert, Roger. Beauty and the Beast. Review. Chicago Sun Times. 26 Dec 1999. [4 Jul 2012] 

Le Prince de Beaumont, Jeanne-Marie. "Beauty and the Beast." From the Norton Anthology of Children's Literature. New York: Norton, 2005

Curriculum Books Have Been Written Since the
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curriculum books have been written since the turn of the [20th] century; each with a different version of what 'curriculum' means (Ackerman, 1988). I define classroom curriculum design as the sequencing and pacing of content along with the experiences students have with that content. My use of the qualifier classroom is important. By definition, I am considering those decisions regarding sequencing, pacing, and experiences that are the purview of the classroom teacher. Some aspects of curricular design are addressed at the school level if, in fact, a school has a guaranteed and viable curriculum. egardless of the direction provided by the school (or district), individual teachers still need to make decisions regarding curricular design at the classroom level given the unique characteristics of their students. Indeed, in a meta-analysis involving 22 studies, Anderson, (2003) found a strong relationship between a student's knowledge and experience with content and the type of…


Ackerman, P.L. (1988). Determinants of individual differences during skill acquisition: Cognitive abilities and information processing. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 117(3), 288-318.

Anderson, J. (2003). The architecture of cognition. Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press.

Anderson, J. (2009). Rules of the mind. Hillsdale, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Brooks, C. (2000). Knowledge management and the intelligence community. Defense Intelligence Journal, 9(1), 15-24.

Anderson, J.R., & Fincham, J.M. (2004). Acquisition of procedural Skills from Examples. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory and Cognition, 20(6), 1322-1340.

How a'specific'situation impacted your academic performance
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I am writing this appeal with the main purpose of explaining the circumstances that influenced my academic performance. At the outset, please consider the trying conditions under which I completed the academic work, rather than as an excuse for the dismal grades.

I had a very challenging time in the preceding semester, and as a result, my grades suffered. My mother, a sickle cell patient became very ill in the middle of the first semester, which sadly led to her demise. Whilst my mother was ill, I found it very difficult to find ample time to work. I was forced to take breaks and head home during the weekend, and during school days to make certain that my siblings were taken care of in terms of meals and clean clothing. I had to attend home routines and domestic tasks. These forced undertakings left me with little time for studying and…

Tenure in Academic Institutions Aper
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Fairweather (2002) advocates the well-rounded professor who is a master of both teaching and research. In his study, Fairweather (2002) found that the emphasis on research vs. teaching varies significantly based on the type of institution. Further, the researcher found that a very small number of faculty members were able to achieve both teaching and research excellence, and that being in the classroom positively affected both variables.

Miron, J.A. (2001, September 24). he economics of the enure System. Retrieved July

19, 2009, from Library of Economics and Liberty Web Site:

Discussing the modern controversy over the tenure system, Miron (2001) presents both sides, in addition an alternate view. He shows that critics of tenure see the practice as offering overcompensation for the amount of work performed by academics. Further, he writes that those who commend tenure suggest it allows for academic freedom. Arguing that the current arguments against tenure…

Tierney, W.G. (1997, January/February). Organizational Socialization in Higher

Education. Journal of Higher Education. 68.1, pp. 1-14.

Posing a new argument in the popular debate regarding socialization in higher education, Tierney (1997) makes several remarks that are of interest to one studying the effects of tenure. Pointing out that few faculty members know what exactly is expected of them, other than a general demand to produce, the author allows the reader to understand the nature of tenure better. Studying socialization, Tierney (1997) offers two views of socialization: the modernist and postmodernist. According to the modernist perspective, the goal of socialization is to learn culture. In the postmodern view, culture is more fluid, defined by each person in the culture, and socialization is the process by which one becomes a part of that culture. According to Tierney (1997) results interviews with academics support both views.

Education Is Academic Freedom a
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n fact, the Court distinguished between Pickering's rights as citizen and his rights as an employee of an institution. Subsequent related Supreme Court decisions have continued to distinguish between an employee's rights as a citizen vs. The member of an institution (243).

2. What requirements must be observed in the awarding of rank, tenure, and salaries?

"Wide discretion" is offered to public and private institutes of higher learning regarding the awarding of rank, tenure, and salaries (213). The Courts are "less likely to become involved in disputes concerning the substance of standards" than the way those standards are enforced (214). nstitutions are constrained by First and Fourteenth Amendment considerations and due process of law. Vagueness and overbreath decisions also impact an institution's decision for awarding (or denying) rank, tenure, and salaries: decisions must…

In public institutions, tenure and other issues related to employee or staff status are irrelevant because of equal protection guarantees embedded in the Bill of Rights. The First Amendment right to free expression may be constrained by institutional concerns such as possible impediments to the educational mission of the school. For example, in Pickering v. Board of Education (1968) the Supreme Court found in favor of the state institution when "maintaining an efficient educational system" is a priority (240). In fact, the Court distinguished between Pickering's rights as citizen and his rights as an employee of an institution. Subsequent related Supreme Court decisions have continued to distinguish between an employee's rights as a citizen vs. The member of an institution (243).

2. What requirements must be observed in the awarding of rank, tenure, and salaries?

"Wide discretion" is offered to public and private institutes of higher learning regarding the awarding of rank, tenure, and salaries (213). The Courts are "less likely to become involved in disputes concerning the substance of standards" than the way those standards are enforced (214). Institutions are constrained by First and Fourteenth Amendment considerations and due process of law. Vagueness and overbreath decisions also impact an institution's decision for awarding (or denying) rank, tenure, and salaries: decisions must be based on clear institutional guidelines.

Standards Academic Standards in Education
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Interestingly, this creation of "standards" began as a state effort, with each state creating its own standards for education, according to what was considered important for schools by citizens in each specific state. Challenges regarding consistency were therefore part and parcel of the standards issue to begin with. Later, a movement was established to create more common standards.

The historical ideal behind content standards is that they draw on relevant studies to determine and support the progressive development of conceptual understanding. In reality, however, there is only limited evidence to support the usefulness or even the need for standards.

Mathis (2010), for example, directly states that there is little evidence to support the notion that national academic standards in any way improve the quality of students produced by schools that follow these standards. According to the author, the focus on standards serve only to detract from other vital reforms faced…


Committee on Standards for K-12 Engineering Education (2010). Standards for K-12 Engineering Education? The National Academic Press.

Jones, J. (n.d.). The Standards Movement -- Past and Present. Retrieved from:

Mathis, W.J. (2010, Jul. 21). "Common Core" School Standards Roll On Without Supporting Evidence. National Education Policy Center. Retrieved from:

Relevance of Academic Knowledge to
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It needs to be well understood because just like knowledge, ingorance cannot be talked about without basing on some individual or group. It should therfore be negotiated soically because it is socially constructed. Ignorance is treated indiscriminately and unitary whereby terms like uncertainity, ambiguity and vagueness are considered synonymous by most writing on disaster.Turner together with several other writers in the fields of disasters and hazards refer to about three ignorance senses consisting of distortion which he also calls misinformation, incompleteness and irrelevance whereby relevant information is discounted and overlooked. In order to prevent disasters, there are various ways in information which would be need is classified. The things which are not known; what is known but not entirely appreciated; something which someone knows but does not present it collectively with other information in a timely manner when there will be realization of its significance and action of its message…


Auf der Heide, E. (1989). Disaster Response: Principles of Preparation and Coordination. St.

Louis: C.R. Mosely.

Britton, N. (1999). Whither the emergency manager?" International Journal of Mass

Emergencies and Disaster, 17(3), 223-36.

Book for Academic Audiences Has
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Each chapter provides sufficient entertainment material to draw the interest of lay people, while balancing this with a good amount of academic information for those who wish to study the country and its people. The narrative throughout the book is bound together well by starting each chapter with a narrative about Gloria or those who share her world. Another strong connecting factor is the quotation at the start of each chapter, which is relevant to the specific topic of the chapter as well as to the general ideas in the book as a whole. While these are excellent techniques, I think the structure of the chapters themselves could have been handled better by more consistently organizing the information in each.

One shortcoming of the book is the internal structure of each chapter, which can be haphazard in some cases, and also a lack of consistent focus on the laughter element.…

Athletics and Academics in the Current Economic
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Athletics and Academics

In the current economic climate of the United States, public institutions are finding themselves having to make harsher and harsher budget cuts. Teaching positions are minimized, class sizes are increased, and fees are rising to nearly unaffordable regions. The English Department at a certain university or high school may drop from twenty-five professors to a dozen or so. It is the harsh reality of living in an era of economic downturn. However, even as the college school would lose more and more financial assistance from the government, athletic programs at schools continue to expand and provide more and more incentives for prospective recruits. This is symptomatic of a flawed philosophy in college institutions: the ability to perform athletic skills has more importance than the ability to think. This perspective not only jades the graduating classes but teaches the wrong principles for when a student needs to learn…

Works Cited:

Larimore, David (2007). "Non-Economic Societal Impacts of Intercollegiate Athletics." The

Sport Journal. United States Sports Academy.

Meier, K.J., Eller, W.S., Marchbanks III, M.P., Robinson, S., Polinard, J.L., Wrinkle, R.D.

(2004). "A Lingering Question of Priorities: Athletic Budgets and Academic Performance Revisited. Review of Policy Research," 21(6), 799 -- 807. Retrieved from Academic Search Premier.

Five-Year Plan Academic Goals Following Is the
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Five-Year Plan

Academic goals

Following is the plan that I intend to pursue in coming five years of my academic life. A s currently I am enrolled in Bachelors academic program, I intend to accomplish Master's degree in coming three years. Prior to applying for the postgraduate program, I plan to take up a job in a medium sized organization so as to gain some professional experience. This will aid in the development of practical know how regarding the organizational management field. Having gained an experience of a year in a management firm, I shall complete my thesis work for the postgraduate degree. Having successfully accomplished postgraduate level of studies, I then plan to pursue doctors in organizational development. Concluding, I intend to achieve highest possible academic degree in the field of organizational management with specific focus on organizational development (OD).

Personal goals

My personal goals are in consistency with…





MGMT895: Research Continuation

Memory Thinking Intelligence Academic Intelligence
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This is in contrast to making an argument about who to vote for in the upcoming election campaign with a fellow student or the professor in a political science class, where one is more apt to use logic and reasoned discourse, rather than emotion to sway someone to one's position.

Thus, although the usual distinction between academic and everyday intelligence is that one is more dependant upon innate intelligence or ability, and the other more upon learned and acquired behaviors through custom, Sternberg may be wrong, and the main difference may be that everyday intelligence depends upon memory, emotions, kinesthetic or bodily intelligence, and simply upon differently acquired facts and skills than does academic intelligence. A professor of mathematics and a construction worker both depend upon past, acquired knowledge, just in different spheres, and make use of different skills -- one may use the mind more and the body less,…

En Speak Write Words Created What Thoughts
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en speak write, words created? What thoughts preceded words? These questions heart referencing citation

Cultural attitudes towards the notion of intellectual property vary by region. Throughout western civilization, for the most part, people do believe that certain words and expression are proprietorial. One can see this in the trademarking and licensing of certain names, terms, and other ideas associated with words. The notion may be slightly absurd, but people in western culture frequently believe that ideas and their wording can belong to either an individual or an organization, and that for people to utilize them they need to be monetarily compensated.

Of course, contemporary trends towards globalization and the ease of access facilitated by mobile devices, the internet, cloud computing, big data, and other technological advancements have certainly had an effect on this line of thought. People still seek to license and protect what they believe to be their rightful…


Bowden, D. (1996). "Coming to terms: plagiarism." English Journal. 85(4): 82-84.

D. Gotterbarn, K. Miller, J. Impagliazzo. (2006). "Plagiarism and scholarly publications: an ethical analysis." 36th Annual Conference on Frontiers in Education. 22-27.

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Elbow Peter Writing With Power
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The story was filled with factual accuracy, while fictional, and vividly rich with images and characters that she and her father could picture with accurate detail. Romano tells us how Mariana finished the story with a young member of the family holding a roughly cut, wooden pony, and how when she gently finished the tale as he was in tears

Villanueva, Victor. Bootstraps: From an American Academic of Color. Urbana, Ill: National Council of Teachers of English. 1993. Print. This book an unusual book: at one level it is autobiographical, detailing the life of an American of Puerto Rican extraction from his childhood in New York City to an academic post at a university. At another level, Villanueva ponders his experiences in light of the history of rhetoric, the English Only movement, current socio- and psycholinguistic theory, and the writings of Gramsci and Freire, among others.

Zinsser, K. William. On…

Quality of Rice's Academic Life
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Even in my current extracurricular activities, such as on my Varsity football team, sacrificing my need to be a 'star' and instead serve the common good is a necessity. Teaching the novice debaters is an integral part of my duties on my school's Lincoln-Douglas Debate team. I must help them see the world from competing perspectives, and to see issues in terms of grey, rather than stark black and white.

I am so thankful for the people in my life who have taught me this spirit of community: the people I met over the summer in Texas taught me what it means to be a good neighbor, the children and senior citizens I have befriended who have shown me that friendship knows no age or socioeconomic status. I have, despite the shortness of my life, tried to craft an open soul with few fences, with no barbed wire around my…

Improving Boys' Academics Improving the
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(p. 88) Boys and girls also respond differently to stress, threat and confrontation, as girls are more likely to shy away from confrontation while boys seem to at times be motivated by it. (p. 88-89) Lastly, one of the most important issues of gender differences that effect education is in relation to social interactive differences, boys feel less of a need to connect with others in a social way while girls are driven by friendships and social engagement. In school this fact effects relationships with teachers and others to such a degree that it challenges their ability to learn in the current system, yet this is not something that should be altered the system needs to be altered to meet this different need. (p. 84) (Lundy & Firebaugh, 2005, p. 233) one suggestion, easily implemented that will alter the dynamic of the success of boys in a situation where peer…


Abboud, S.K. & Kim, J.Y. (2005) Top of the Class: How Asian Parents Raise High Acheivers and How you can too. Berkley, CA: Berkley Trade.

Barnett, R. Rivers, C. (2005) Same Differences. New York: basic Books.


Connolly, P. (2004). Boys and Schooling in the Early Years. New York: RoutledgeFalmer.

Employment or Academic Resume to Report I
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employment or academic resume to report, I nevertheless appreciate the opportunity to tell you more about what I hope to accomplish while at NYU Stern and how I hope to contribute to the faculty and student body. My extracurricular interests and my core curricular interests will both reflect my passion for global business and the future of information systems. I appreciate the flexibility of the Stern MBA program, especially because I am used to being self-directed and independent in my academic and personal careers. In addition to the General Management curriculum I will like to specialize in Information Systems and am also considering meeting with academic advisors while at Stern to discuss whether or not a second area of specialization in either Finance or International Finance would be appropriate. My academic objectives parallel my career and personal goals, as I hope to work as a financial analyst or consultant for…

Dismissal I Am Writing to You Now
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dismissal, I am writing to you now to outline the personal reasons behind the decline in my academic progress during the past few months, and to request that you reconsider the decision to dismiss me, i.e., for you to consider to re-admit me to the organization, for me to resume my course of study.

Firstly, I would like to point out that I have previously had a good academic record, and that the present situation is one that I can turn around if only given the chance. I decided to undertake this course of study as something positive for my life, for my future, and were it not for the fact that recent events have forced the present behavior, I would be continuing along my normal path i.e., producing consistently good performances.

A few months ago, my best friend died. I have subsequently found it extremely difficult to cope with…

Social and Academic Culture at
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Learning should be a natural part of life, not seen as something confined to the classroom.

To improve my school, first and foremost, I would allow for periods of class discussion, so students would have the freedom to question what they have learned. I would have smaller classes, so students could have enough time to discuss the lesson in a meaningful fashion and engage in hands-on problem-solving activities in math and science. I would allow for more open-ended and creative assignments in my humanities and social science classes. I would make the arts, including music and drama, an integral part of the curriculum so students could enjoy the pure pleasure of learning and use their knowledge in the process of creation and self-discovery.

Introducing greater number of extracurricular activities at my current school is essential: sports are a passion of mine, but I would also like to write for a…

Music on Vocabulary Competence Writing Reading Comprehension
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Music on Vocabulary ompetence, Writing, Reading omprehension and Motivation in English Language Learning in High-School


The Effectiveness of Music on Vocabulary ompetence, Writing, Reading omprehension and Motivation in English Language Learning in High-School

Most English language learners in high schools show poor vocabulary competence. The main reason for this is the limited level of exposure to the language. It is generally understood and practically acknowledged that words form the basic unit of language structure. Therefore lack of sufficient vocabulary constrains students from effectively communicating and freely expressing their ideas.

Vocabulary competence is critical to developing reading comprehension skills. Lack of vocabulary development is detrimental to the development of metacognitive skill that is important in comprehending advanced texts. omprehension is a major component of development of vocabulary, reading to learn. Therefore, reading comprehension it is quite challenging for students lacking adequate knowledge of meaning of words.…

Chapter IV: Results and Evaluation

The main purpose of this study is to examine the effectiveness of using music on vocabulary competence, writing, reading comprehension and motivation in English Language Learning in High school students as a part of the learning process in the classroom. Many teachers of English as a second language as well as the learners consider vocabulary as a critical factor in learning the language. Therefore it is important to develop creative and interesting ways of teaching vocabulary in English class. A qualitative study was appropriate for the research for the reason that the objective was exploratory (Creswell, 1998). The significance that was recognized to the singularities of teaching was examined with hermeneutic methods (Creswell, 2002).

In order to give a reply to the answer of the three research questions, mean scores and standard deviations were computed for each of the two groups on each of the three dependent measures at the ending of study. All three of the dependent measures are considered to be the evaluation of the sight-reading, the evaluation of the playing abilit, and the

Successfully Navigate Throughout the Academic Processes of
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successfully navigate throughout the academic processes of today's educational system, it is very important to determine value within the sources of information that higher education needs and promotes. It is important to examine not only the information contained within articles, but their sense of argument and their direction should also be included in determining qualitative value and utility. The purpose of this essay is to examine a scholarly article to determine its value. In addition this exercise will be useful in sharpening observation skills and honing necessary skepticism that is necessary for any good scholar or scientist.

International marketing is a more recent study of knowledge then mathematics or chemistry. It can therefore be understood as a relatively new and fresh idea. It is important to keep this in mind when analyzing scholarly articles to add certain context and historical value to the evaluation process. The article I've chosen to…

Works Cited

De Mooij, Hofstede, G. Cross-Cultural Consumer Behavior: A Reviewof Research Findings.

Journal of International Marketing, 2011. Received from:

Authors Write History as Academic Historians Write
Words: 1285 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34561625
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authors write, "History as academic historians write it today would be almost unrecognizable to scholars working even fifty years ago, let alone in a past that is a century, two centuries - or twenty centuries - old" (Howell and Prevenier 119). The American Heritage Dictionary defines history as "a narrative of events; a chronological record of events, or the branch of knowledge that records and analyzes past events" (A.H.D. palm). How, then, can one align the definition of history with a statement such as the one cited above?

One way would be to understand that the methods used by historians, to events of the past, are as different as the historians themselves.

Howell and Prevenier explain that this interpretational framework may include Historicism, a process attributed to Leopold von Ranke, or Positivism, as defined by August Comte. A different approach to history is found in the teleological view "expounded by…

Works Cited

American Heritage SII palm dictionary used for definition of History. 2003 model.


Comte - Positivism. Fordham. Modern History Sourcebook: August Comte (1798-1857): A General View of Positivism. .

Howell, Martha and Walter Prevenier. From Reliable Sources: An Introduction to Historical Methods. New York: Cornell University Press.

Practice Writing Students Are Being Constantly Judged
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Practice riting

Students are being constantly judged and analyzed based upon their academic achievements. The texts presented question the validity of assessment and question how and why students are limited in their ambitions. Emphasis is put on certain aspects of academia but others are overlooked entirely. There is a decided need for reevaluation of what should be expected of students and how they are judged by those in positions of authority over them.

Students who attend Ivy League schools are supposed to be somehow more intelligent or more capable than students who go to public schools (Easterbook). However, research indicates that the only thing that matters is that a student attends some college. People who go to college will generally earn more money than those that do not, but the type of school does not necessarily impact the income level of the person.

Research conducted by Catherine Rampell found that…

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Integrative Learning in Academic Environments
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Hip rotation, base stability, and the efficient transfer of weight are the primary determinants of ball velocity, not arm strength.


That soft-tissue injuries should be immediately treated with ice, elevated, and compressed. The sooner first-aid is applied, the less the injury will swell and the less recovery time will be necessary, everything else being equal. Heat therapy in any form and anti-inflammatory drugs containing aspirin should be avoided for at least 48 hours because they increase bleeding and the corresponding swelling.

Community Service

That there are more members of my communities in need than I was aware and that I may take certain advantages in my life for granted because so many people do not have them.

Multicultural Club

That certain behaviors and attitudes that I previously associated with my culture are actually quite common to other cultures. They reflect the way cultural identity manifests itself in general rather…

Achieving Academic Excellence Wanting to Get a
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Achieving Academic Excellence

anting to get a good job is an important factor in my decision to embark upon a college education, although a college degree does not guarantee a student a 'good job' upon receipt of his or her diploma. This fact is manifested in the many recent college graduates who have prestigious degrees from top universities, who have had to move home with their parents because they cannot find work, or who are working in positions vastly below their level of capability. However, despite this fact, I am still persevering with my college education. Although college cannot guarantee me a high-paying job, I do believe that when I find work, the employment I secure will be more meaningful than what I could obtain, if I did not graduate from college. In short, I seek a career, rather than 'just a job.'

I would hate to have to go…

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Psychological Reactions to Writing Revisions
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present this article in a scholarly fashion, which lends credibility to the authors -- an issue that is extremely crucial considering their audience. hile Germano et al. cite nearly no evidence for their argument, Lehr's article is packed with research regarding not only how students see revision and the writing process, but also about how teachers can address the problem. The information is specific, pointing to certain grade levels, activities, etc.

A closer look at these two articles, then, reveals that they have more similarities than differences. In fact, the only major difference between the two is the audience and factual information contained in the articles. In addition, these differences are warranted given the articles' different purposes. Germano et al.' s article can almost be seen as an extension of Lehr's -- encouraging professionals to take the same advice that they give their students. In fact, it is expressly because…

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High School Improving the Writing
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The author takes a chance bringing a new form of writing to a middle school, a technique that is innovative but not commonplace, thus would give rise to much questioning, which may be an obstacle teacher's would face trying to implement this type of learning style. This learning approaches views all students as independent, thus in an environment where everything is "sterile" or "sterilized and standardized" this type of learning system may receive some objection. By and large however, once educators realize how significant the improvements are among students adopting this method, they are likely to become more compliant and willing to place more effort at implementing this type of program.

The baseline approach used by the researcher to measure improvement is the ability of students to write using their own thinking skills, so they can in theory, teach others about writing. This is difficult to do, because this learning…


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