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Academic Strategies for the Business Professional Two-digit Section #:

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Paragraph Writing

My mother has, and continues to have, an enormous impact in my life. My family has not had the smoothest of runs, but all through, mum has managed to demonstrate calmness, contentment, peace, integrity, empathy, perseverance, and compassion even in the face of enormous life challenges. She has always maintained an open mind, an open heart, humor, and joy even when she's going through the toughest of challenges; and even when it does not seem okay, she still wears a smile, and says 'it will be okay'. To her, this kind of attitude is the foundation of life, and she wishes that we take up the same, teaching by example, and hoping for possibilities even when there seems to be none. My peers love to describe me as daring, but what they actually mean is 'open-minded', and it is one of the greatest life skills I learnt from my mother. In the same spirit of open-mindedness, I can conclude that this far, numerous people have influenced me in numerous different ways, but the effect my mother has had on me outshines them all.

Paragraph #2:

Purpose: Developed Opinion

Online classes are becoming increasingly popular among the American populace. However, before one can subscribe to such an arrangement, they will need to weigh the advantages of the same, against the disadvantages. The key advantage of online classes is that they offer high levels of flexibility, allowing students access to assignments and class notes at any time they deem convenient, as long as they have a working internet connection. Moreover, since they do not require constant physical traveling, such arrangements have significant...


Accordingly, these cost advantages, coupled with the high flexibility make it possible for learners to take more classes than would be possible under the traditional arrangement. This implies that learners can not only work on multiple degrees concurrently, but also complete their programs within a shorter period. The disadvantages, on the other hand, include the lack of personal touch between the learner and their professor, and the fact that online classes may not be considered for financial aid. Well, clearly, the advantages of online arrangements surpass the disadvantages, implying that they are a feasible option, especially for working students.
Paragraph #3:

Purpose: Detailed Demonstration

Note-taking, reading comprehension and effective writing are some of the skills that are considered really crucial for academic excellence. It is always challenging, and almost impossible to remember specific and critical details from a lecture without proper notes. On another note, being able to comprehend and retain read information, as well as identify and appeal to the audience through writing also go a long way in helping one succeed in school. Towards this end, I have embarked on a number of strategies geared at improving my overall academic performance by strengthening each of the three areas above. Well, my reading comprehension skills have remained relatively poor despite the enormous attempts I always put in to ensure minimal disruptions and sufficient mental rest. I have since realized that the problem is that I focus too much on the reading process, and tend to forget that what one does before, and after the reading process, also determines how much information they are able to retain. In this regard, I will employ the SQ4R strategy, which basically involves surveying the reading material to get a general feel of what it is about; formulating possible questions to be answered by the article; carefully reading the article;…

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