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Ads Analysis for Presidential Candidates

Words: 1843 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 57664576

Campaign Advertisements

Ad Analysis for Presidential Candidates

Lyndon Baines Johnson

Link to chosen campaign ad:

The main ad I viewed for LBJ was the one entitled "Our President." It was a black and white ad of still photographs. The pictures were of Johnson sitting with a look of concentration and his head resting on one hand. The message in the background talked about what the president is to be and what the presidents have been. It is basically saying that Johnson is the current president and he matches the preceding ones in his concern, prudence, etc. The language of the ad is formal and biographical. There are no harsh or negative words and the tone is measured and consistent. At the end of the ad, two things are noticeable. The narrator asks that you "Vote for President Johnson on November third" and secondly he adds the catch phrase which…… [Read More]

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Eat Mor Chikin Campaign of

Words: 1213 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21108595

By positioning away from chicken restaurants, Chick-Fil -- a avoids direct comparisons with those restaurants but allows for direct comparison against burger joints.

In terms of strategic planning, the objectives of this ad campaign were most likely to raise awareness of Chick-Fil-a, to create interest in the brand and to improve both sales and market share. hen the outputs are concerned, the only reasonable conclusion is that the ads are successful. The ads stick in people's heads more than most fast food ads, and Chick-Fil -- a has become more successful since the campaign began. The campaign has been ongoing since the mid-1990s, indicating that the company's financial and market outcomes in that period have been positive, and that follow-up market research has indicated that the campaign has been part of that success.

Batra and Stayman (1990) note that when advertisements create positive moods, brand attitude change is facilitated. Every…… [Read More]

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Advertising Campaign Overview of Dyson products

Words: 1564 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38668244

Overview of the product, its brand category, and the niche that it is intended to fill

Headquartered in the UK, technology firm, Dyson, designs and makes vacuum cleaners, heaters, hand dryers, and bladeless fans. It has recently ventured into the hairdryer product category. The company’s most popular offering is its range of ‘bag- less’ vacuum cleaners. According to its trademark, Dyson vacuum cleaners never lose suction. Established in the year 1978 by inventor James Dyson, the inspiration for this corporation came to the entrepreneur when he pulled his vacuum cleaner apart and discovered that the cleaner’s bag was dust- clogged, resulting in the cleaner losing suction. Dyson used his newly- developed cyclone, designed for the purpose of separating air and paint through centrifugal force within a tower fan, and tried to separate dust present within the air by utilizing his cyclone within a vacuum cleaner. Following 5, 127 prototype tries,…… [Read More]

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Mormon TV Ads I Am a Mormon

Words: 609 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78801993

Mormon TV Ads

I Am a Mormon

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly referred to as the Mormon Church, has recently launched as series of advertisements in select American cities which highlight an individual member of the Church. Individual members are encouraged to create a video profile in order to be used as an advertisement for the Mormon Church and its members. The idea behind the campaign is to present the members of the Mormon Church as regular, ordinary Americans and not members of some strange religious cult. This seems to be a response to both the recent legal troubles of Mormon-offshoot organizations as well as the rise of Presidential candidate Mitt omney, who is a member of the Mormon Church.

One particular advertisement which has aired on television is the profile of pro-surfer Joy Monahan who provides a profile in which she describes herself as…… [Read More]


Goodwin, Liz. (11 Aug., 2010) "In the New TV Ads, Mormons Pitch Message to Middle

America." Yahoo News - Latest Mews & Headlines. Retrieved from

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Interview of 3 Children About Ads

Words: 1724 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79384397

Children's Ads

Children's television, like all programming, is inundated with advertisements. According to one study, "children between the ages of 6 and 14 watch about 25 hours of television per week and are exposed to as many as 20,000 commercials in a single year," (Moore and Lutz). Advertising aimed at children sells a wide range of products, from packaged foods to fast foods, from toys to movies. Animated characters, mascot animals, celebrities, and child actors all tout products for kids. In general, children react to the ads they see in similar ways that adults do: by subconsciously absorbing sensory data such as slogans or jingles and by associating certain emotional responses with certain products. However, children, especially young children, do not possess cognitive skills sufficient to fully understand the impact of advertising on their impulses. hen children approach puberty and adolescence, they are better able to critically examine advertising, but…… [Read More]

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Labour-Management Corporation Advertising Print Ad Infomercial Homecoming

Words: 2109 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40289313

Labour-Management Corporation


Print Ad


Homecoming Event


Highs and Lows



A New Innovation in Car Manufacturing Industry

In 1982, General Motors (GM) decided to counter the challenge of the Japanese car manufacturers who were continuously enjoying the lion's share in the U.S. market. The consumers had started loving and appreciating the small but high-class Japanese cars. Seeing this, General Motors aimed to change their strategies.

The story began when the General Motors produced The Chevrolet Vega as an answer to Japanese challenge in 1970. A number of problems were identified with this model. Later in 1975, they produced another small car, the Chevette which too had discouraging results. They then produced the Chevrolet Spectrum with Japanese assistance. This model was not up to the mark as well. These disappointing outcomes made people think that the General Motors do not have the capability to manufacture small and…… [Read More]


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Marketers Should Test Advertising or Not Ad-Pre-Testing

Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14574470

marketers should test advertising or not. Ad-pre-testing is a necessary, even vital part of the successful marketing campaign, because it allows marketing professionals to analyze and alter campaigns according to the public's reaction to the advertising, allowing marketers to avoid costly ad campaigns that do not get the results they thought they would.

Ad pre-testing provides a significant function for marketers, allowing them to assess and analyze the reaction to advertising before they commit to a large, costly campaign. The effectiveness of this procedure is illustrated by special software developed by advertising experts to help analyze and assess data from ad pre-testing. For example, OTX, a consumer research and consulting firm, has developed specific software called AdCEP (TM), which "achieves a balanced view of ad effectiveness by measuring multiple key criteria that line up with campaign objectives" (Harbeck 2009). This illustrates just how significant ad pre-testing is for successful advertising,…… [Read More]


Fuyan, Shen, 2002. Banner advertisement pricing, measurement, and pretesting practices: perspectives from interactive agencies. Journal of Advertising. pp. 1-12.

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Tyagi, C.L. And Kumar, Arun, 2007.Advertising management. New Delhi: Atlantic Publishers.
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Family Relations as Portrayed in Commercial Ads

Words: 3259 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10879807

Family Relations as Portrayed in Commercial Ads

Family relations are an important consideration in how companies interact with them. his is based on the knowledge that families form the nucleus of the society. As a result, ad developers have realized the necessity of addressing family relations in ad development. Commercial ad development with family consideration has a deep history relating back to the industrial revolution. Intuitive ads developed at the time focused inherently on the social attitudes (behavior and principles) as reflected on the reach of the ad to the society. In engineering the ad, different members of the family, are presented in their demographic role of a society or a family. his analysis will comprehensively analyze thirty-five ads, twenty-four commercial ads and eleven prints ads by examining the nature of family relationships in the society targeted by the each ad. he study will also analyze the dominant family types…… [Read More]

This print advertises the Kalbe Family initiative

The main context of the advert is a nuclear family matching in front

The dominant family is the nuclear family. The ad communicates on the essentiality of having protection covers for a family
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What Ads Say Without Using Words

Words: 1894 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47346993

childhood obesity advertising. First, there is the issue of why a young child is overweight. Of course, it can be bad habits and examples portrayed by the parents or guardians or it can be a health issue such as a gland or metabolism problem. Either way, the potential health problems for that child immediately and down the road are hard to miss. The other issue would be the bullying/social side of things. One can take one look at this girl and know that she will be bullied and made fun of for her weight. This picture of her and the implications thereof clearly focus on the former of the two points of analysis listed above rather than the latter. Some might say that the focus on the bullies and their negative actions. However, the root reason for the child being overweight is the cause of everything else and that needs…… [Read More]


Corcoran, D. (2013). New controversial ads combat teen pregnancy. WPTV. Retrieved 24 April

2016, from -


Creative Bloq. (2013). 10 controversial ad campaigns of 2013. Creative Bloq. Retrieved 24
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Keeping Cigarettes Away From Young People Through Media Campaigns

Words: 687 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 5135629

Public Health Achievements

hat factors accounted for the control of tobacco in the U.S. Currently, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention about 42.1 million Americans smoke cigarettes, which is about 18.1% of all adults (18 or over). About 20.5% of men smoke cigarettes and 15.8% of women smoke cigarettes (Liss, 2013).

the information environment -- mass media and counter-advertising. There is no doubt that media campaigns have a positive impact when it comes to anti-smoking campaigns. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that the first year of the federal government's national advertising campaign called "Tips from Former Smokers" "exceeded expectations; an estimated 1.6 million cigarette smokers attempted to stop smoking. Of those, about 100,000 actually succeeded in quitting, and that information came from a study published by the medical journal, The Lancet. Moreover, the campaign run by the CDC reportedly "inspired millions of nonsmokers to encourage…… [Read More]

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Media Campaigns Must be Expanded Nationally and in the States. Center for Disease

Controls. Retrieved April 12, 2014, from .
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Vw Ads Volkswagen Has Long

Words: 1120 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47713594


The new Volkswagen nternet advertising emphasizes this interactivity and is truly geared (pun intended) to those who are not only used to a rich format, but expect it. The website comes up, and users see the VW driving along a road with the background changing in animated form. In addition to being able to read standard specifications, users can actually "build" a car. For example, they can see what their new Beetle will look like in different colors, transmissions and interiors. They can also determine the price of the car based on the specific options presented. Then, one can sign up to take a joy ride at a nearby dealer.

Volkswagen's high interactivity online exemplifies its move toward marketing to a younger demographic. This same strategy is being used with the banner ads for the Jetta safety campaign. In conjunction with the "Safe Happens" campaign in television commercials, these…… [Read More]

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Controversial Ads and Their Roots

Words: 2341 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 28766276

Advertising Controversy and Assessment Overview

Stage 1 Controversial Advertising

Dolce Gabbana

The advertisement in this controversial case aimed to actually cause some sort of stir by having models pose in proactive poses. These marketing techniques are directed at young women aged 16- 35 and fashion conscious men who are seeking to say in step with the current fashions of the day. The advertisement in this case was very effective for several reasons. The first reason for its effectiveness is because the picture is very risque and promotes a challenge to sexual and violent taboos. This cutting edge style certainly appeals to a demographic that looks to set itself apart by pushing the social envelope using sex and violence as a tool to stir emotions. The scale of the controversy also depicts the success of the ad campaign and created a definite buzz amongst the fashion industry. This ad could be…… [Read More]


Alden, D. L., Steenkamp, J. B. E., & Batra, R. (1999). Brand positioning through advertising in Asia, North America, and Europe: The role of global consumer culture. The Journal of Marketing, 75-87.

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Image-Making -- Mcdonald's Ads Why

Words: 1941 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2574959

e see therefore that sensations and sensibilities work hand-in-hand as thought processes work together with the affective domain like partners in a dance. A balance or equilibrium is attained where the heart and mind intersect, where beneficial decisions are made, such as whether to satisfy a hunger that is necessary for living, or just a craving that can make one obese.

The sense of hunger like any living sensation is a biological calling for survival. hen one needs to energize, one has to fuel up with some supply of calories and for living things, it is called food. Here we see that what captures the senses, whether they are grounded on necessity or excess, is the first encompassing attracting element of any advertising campaign.

Until now McDonalds advertisements evoke the sense of fulfilling one's basic needs such as food that can be conveniently accessed and attained with ease because of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

The Editors of Publications International, Ltd. 8 Memorable Advertisement Campaigns.

Howstuffworks. 1998-2009.
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Campaigns and Super PACs

Words: 985 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44160299

.....political ads changed over the last 60 years? Please use examples from the 1960's, 1980's and 2000's to support your answer.

In the beginning when TV was first used in the United States by the public, political ads were scarce. In the 1940's and even through into the 1960's presidential candidates reached out to meet voters, shaking hands and holding town-hall debates. (Suggett) It was a commitment to vie for presidency. However, as time passed and the mid 1960's brought some changes, political candidates aimed to ramp things up.

There was a need to address the masses in a more convenient form and so Lyndon B. Johnson aired the "Daisy Girl" commercial, effectively becoming the most controversial political ad of the time, and one of the most memorable. (Fowler, et al.) From there, change came to political ads in the form of negative ads such as the 1980 presidential campaign…… [Read More]

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Campaign Finance Reform

Words: 591 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13153723

voters in the United States feel campaign finance reform is a necessity. They see candidates for elected offices being curried by special interest groups. Voters fear, with some justification, that money may corrupt a candidate who is elected using special interest money to finance the campaign, and not keep the voters' needs foremost. Politicians have acknowledged that they have until recently spent an inordinate amount of time phoning businesses, organizations such as labor groups, and individuals for donations. It seems obvious that people donate to the candidates they feel will help their personal political interests most strongly. Very recently it became known by the general public that Enron, a company which went bankrupt after participating in questionable energy deals that cost many taxpayers a great deal of money, donated to a number of political campaigns. Many voters suspected that they received special favors in return for that money.

The question…… [Read More]

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Campaign Finance Reform

Words: 2053 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22619292

American Anti-Corruption Act: The Tipping Point for American Citizens

The American Anti-Corruption Act:

A tipping point for American citizens

In the wake of increasing concerns about the undue influence of money and special interest groups in American politics, the anti-corruption advocacy group epresent.Us created a grassroots campaign in support of a law called the American Anti-Corruption Act. The Act is "a nine-point plan to crack down on lobbyists, strengthen the flimsy law intended to prevent super-PACs from coordinating with campaigns, and put a stop to undisclosed donations funneled through dark-money nonprofits" (Aronsen 2013). It should be noted that ironically, "epresent.Us is a project of United epublic, a campaign finance reform group that, like many of the outside spending organizations it takes aim at, is a 501(c)(4)" although it is bipartisan in its composition (Aronsen 2013). Its bipartisan membership includes "former Federal Elections Commission chair (and Stephen Colbert's 'personal lawyer') Trevor…… [Read More]


American Anti-Corruption Act. (2014). Official website.

Retrieved from: 

Aronsen, G. (2012). New group unveils its plan to get money out of politics. Mother Jones.

Retrieved from:
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Krispy Kreme Ads Company Overview

Words: 2419 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 56725815

Advertising for TITB is placed in high traffic, high consumer areas (subways, bus stops, etc.)


Why KK?

Taste, freshness, and thinking of the office?

KK looks better than competitors.


Something special as treat for oneself or office mates

Don't just purchase one.

Alleviates guilt and adds emotion to purchase


What do people think?

Encourages multiple purchases.

Allows for multiple opinions and feedback loop.

Critique and ecommendations

Krispy Kreme's advertising campaign of a combination of making it a dozen and thinking inside the box is in its early stages of roll out. However, in combination with the focus on low-cost social media and the play on two of the most successful advertising campaigns ever, one can rarely doubt that the new campaign will be successful. The two campaigns that are precursors to the TISB are Lays, Taco Bell and Apple Computer.

One of the most successful advertising campaigns…… [Read More]


Emerson, J. "Thinking Outside the Box and Apple Computer." 2007. December 2012. .

"Frito-Lay Corp. - Bet You Can't Eat Just One!" 2006. December 2012. .

MDG Marketing. "How Krispy Kreme is Embracing Hands-Off Approach." 2012. December 2012. .

Morrison, M. "Krispy Kreme's New CMO to Spend Less, Lean on Social Media." 2011. December 2012. .
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Anti-Drug Campaign for Teens the Campaign at

Words: 1266 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2051006

Anti-Drug Campaign for Teens

The Campaign

At present, marijuana is the most used drug and most frequently available in United States of America. The American youth takes serious dosages of marijuana. At least 60% of the adult population in United States of America was prone to marijuana in 2002. The statistics were prepared in the supervision of The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy. The website address is .

Social marketing campaigns as well as social awareness programs are imperative to raise and propagate awareness pertaining to excessive drug abuse in United States of America. But in this case, the social campaigners as well as social marketers are armed with effective programs and messages, but remain hesitant to reach the teen audience. It's a tad bit complicated. Wordsen and Slater (2004) concluded that creating targeted ads regarding marijuana and its abuse through PSA's tended to be less…… [Read More]


Eddy, M. (2003). War on Drugs: The National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign. CRS Report for Congress, Order Code RS21490

Teinowitz, I. (2003). "Drug Office to Yank Terror Ads in About-Face," Advertising Age, March 31, 2003, pp. 1, 89.

US Congress (2002). U.S. Congress, Senate Committee on Appropriations, Subcommittee on Treasury and General Government, Effectiveness of the National Youth Anti-Drug Media Campaign, special hearing, 107th Cong., 2nd sess., June 19, 2002 (Washington: GPO), p. 14.

Worden, J.K. & Slater, M.D. (2004). Theory and practice in the national youth anti-drug media campaign. Social Marketing Quarterly. 10 (2), 13-27.
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Obama Campaign Barak Obama Is

Words: 460 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 25404748

hile these respondents talking this poll did not live in the United States, this is an indicator of how Obama's worldwide perception.

Obama's site tells the typical political story. On the front page, there are two ads attacking John McCain and his policies. Perhaps the most disturbing fact about Obama's site is the way in which "issues" are listed. hile one can understand while civil rights would be popular for an African-American, it should not be at the top of the issues list when most of America is reeling from economic shock. The economy is fourth on this issues list and the answer to our economic crisis is to give Americans rebates, which means higher taxes for someone down the road. Any type of government assistance means raising taxes because, as we all know, the government is broke. A more productive website and plan would be to cut taxes and…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Cannon, Carl. How the World Sees Us." Reader's Digest Online. November 2008. Information Retrieved October 18, 2008. 

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Rutenberg, Jim. "Obama Nears Record for Spending on Ads." International Herald Tribune Online. October 18, 2008. Information Retrieved October 18, 2008.
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Teen Drinking Media Campaign a

Words: 4337 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 29506360

One of those alarming physical changes is that the younger a person is when they begin drinking, even at low levels the more likely they are to become alcoholics. This change even overrides a known genetic predisposition for alcoholism. (Butler, July 4, 2006) Time forward ads regarding adult failure could be developed at a later time but again such images and concerns do not seem to sway teens. Funding for such a campaign would likely come from national and local foundations that stress clean living, and possibly from litigation funds that have been secured for healthier youth programs.

Alcohol use may begin simply as an exciting experiment, or as a way for a teen to feel a part of his or her peer group, lowering the feeling of awkwardness that often comes with the territory. Yet teen drinking can become a social disaster, that brings on extreme grief and loss.…… [Read More]


"AH shoes the best pillow when your a drunk teen and can't get up!" April, 10 2005 

"American Academy of Pediatrics Survey of Teen Alcohol Consumption: Summary Findings,"

American Academy of Pediatrics, September 30, 1998.
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Negative Attack Ads Decrease Voter

Words: 1672 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39579668

Part II. Meta-Analysis: Critiquing hat You Have Done

Data thus far on negative campaigning has been mixed, with some research suggesting that it can be profoundly mobilizing to the party faithful of a generally dispirited American electorate (Jackson & Carsey 2006; Martin 2004), while other anecdotal studies suggest it can alienate the public. Polling individuals from a cross-section of elections allows for a wider array of demographic data, and reduces the possibility of independent variables affecting the results. For example, the area selected for the case study might have a generally low level of civic engagement, which could create low voter turnout that was correlated to a negative campaign by both candidates, but not caused by the candidate's advertisements. Examining different districts, with different kinds of hotly contested or lukewarm races, is more representational. However, a case study allows for greater specificity in conducting the research. The interviewers are able…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Do negative campaign ads work?" This Nation. 2005. 14 Jan 2008.

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Why Negative Campaigns Mobilize." Political Psychology. 25.4: 545-562. Aug 2004.
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Mcdonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign This Paper Is

Words: 12619 Length: 48 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 21725758

McDonald's Integrated Marketing Campaign

This paper is divided into two distinct sections. The first chapter is based on literature reviews of various scholarly works that are related to the topic of integrated marketing campaign that are also relevant to the McDonald marketing campaign that was created to celebrate the inherent democracy of the McDonald's brand. The first chapter is further divided into three parts; the first section mainly focus on advertising in general and then specifically into fast food advertising. The second section in literature review is based on new media as a marketing communication tool and lastly, in the same chapter different aspects of marketing campaign will also be analyzed. The second chapter is a personal reflection on the experience and lessons learnt by the student while preparing the dissertation.

Table of Content

CHAPTE ONE: Literature review


Section one:


Advertising theories

Types of advertising

1.2.1 Digital advertising…… [Read More]


Ben H., (2005): "4udible revolution," The Guardian,

Berry, R. (2006). Will the iPod kill the radio star? Profiling podcasting as radio. Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 12(2), 143.

Brownell, K.D., & Horgen, K.B. (2004); Food fight: The inside story of the food industry, America's obesity crisis, and what we can do about it. New York: McGraw-Hill.

Blanchard, O., (2008) Macroeconomics. Harlow: Pearson Education
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IMC Campaign Direct & Internet Direct Marketing

Words: 757 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 7209225

IMC Campaign (Direct & Internet)

Direct Marketing Campaign

The direct marketing portion of the campaign will provide personalized communications to customers. It will include direct sales, catalogs, email list purchases, direct mail, and telemarketing. The most traditional form of this is direct sales. Face-to-face sales will be key to engaging customers directly in stores through friendly and competent sales personnel. This will allow customers to have tangible interactions with the product and also associate the brand with a high level of customer service. It also provides an opportunity for customers to ask questions directly and receive a more intimate consultation in product selection.

Catalogs will be used to provide a more "portable" and adequate overview of all product offerings. Catalogs are also useful tools for tailoring product lines in direct accordance with customer preferences. Specific audiences who have shown a propensity to order via catalog will be the primary target…… [Read More]

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Political Ads the Four Phases of Political

Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14927605

Political Ads

The Four Phases of Political Advertising

The four phases of political advertising as described by Edwin Diamond and Stephen Bates can be described thus: first) the candidate introduces himself; second) the candidate's ads state an argument; third) the candidate attacks and belittles his opponent; fourth) the candidate promotes himself as a "visionary…a leader…one who has a vision of moving the country forward" (Module 7). The purposes of the four phase system of political advertising is to 1) showcase the candidate's abilities, 2) question the opponent's, and 3) respond to the opponent's questioning of him. This paper will look at four political ads and show how each represents a phase political advertising and fulfills at least one of the three purposes of a campaign ad.

Barack Obama's Superbowl Ad is an example of the first phase of political advertising. In this ad, Obama introduces himself through a series of…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Module 7: Assignment.

Barack Obama Superbowl Ad. 

Barack Obama Ad -- What If?
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Mass Media Campaign it Would

Words: 739 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88916515

The creation of green spaces would be a highly advantageous project as these spaces could be used as leisure spaces for adults and playgrounds for children.

The partnership between us and the local authorities could have numerous mutual advantages form this point-of-view as they would help promote the campaign while promoting the common initiative regarding the green spaces. Another initiative would be represented by the partnership with various gyms. As incentive they would offer various types of discounts for the targeted audience, as well as personalized classes within a wide range of activity types (from martial arts to pilates).

The products is represented by any type of physical activity. Indoor and outdoor sports are the focus of our campaign. The price of the product is to be adapted to the target audience. The target aged 25 to 32 is to be addressed with special price offers from the part of…… [Read More]


Marketing mix, the executive fast track, 5 April 2008. 

Marketing Mix, Value-Based Management, 5 April 2008. 

2007) Prevalence of regular physical activity among adults- United States, 2001 and 2005, MMWR weekly, /mmwr/preview/mmwrhtml/mm5646a1.htm?s_cid=mm5646a1_e

Promoting physical activity, a guide for community action, 5 April 2008.
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Honey Maids This is Wholesome Campaign

Words: 1267 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84883438

Honey Maid graham crackers are a childhood staple. However, the brand has been growing its consumer base by using an unusual approach. Its “This is Wholesome” campaign depicts a variety of nontraditional families enjoying its products in the form of s’mores, in milk, and with honey. The families include same-sex couples, a punk rock family with tattoos, an East Asian family, and others. The message conveys an expanded definition of the traditional American family and is clearly marketed to people who either view themselves as being a part of such families (either because of friends or relatives) or as strong supporters of expanding the definition of family.

The advertisement’s images, however, other than the fact that nontraditional families are used, are fairly heartwarming and gentle. They include children playing drums with their parents and a baby sucking on a bottle as well as the children making food with their parents.…… [Read More]

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Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels Article Analysis

Words: 2045 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18321242


The objective of this study is to review an article titled “An Audience of One: Behaviorally Targeted Ads as Implied Social Labels”  (Summers, et al. 2016 p 156). The authors argue that firms have relied on targeting to communicate effectively with a group of consumers. Targeting is the segmentation that involves selection from a smaller group of people based on defined variables.  A common type of segmentation variables that firms use includes demographic variables using the gender and ethnicity as well as psychographic variables that include lifestyle, personality and values.  However, an advanced in technology, and widespread of the internet has made a new form of targeting emerging. A behavioral targeting is referred as an internet-based marketing strategy using different elements that include browsing history and consumer purchase to assist in determining the type of adverts design and display. Typically, consumers are presented the digital adverts to reflect the…… [Read More]

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PR Campaign Boone Pickens Energy

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There have not been specific funding promises from the candidates for specific aspects of the Pickens Plan, either.

The final verdict on the Pickens Plan campaign will not be known for months, if not years. The new president will not take office until January, and will require time to formulate a cohesive strategy. In terms of the action plan, the strategy to mobilize the grassroots in order to put pressure on the government has not succeeded thus far. The grassroots will give the new president his mandate, and the supporters of the Pickens Plan will ultimately take a back seat to that.

In terms of action, the most effective part of this public relations campaign has been the direct contact between Pickens and the candidates. This may or may not have occurred without the grassroots, but it is reasonable to expect that it would have occurred due to Mr. Pickens'…… [Read More]

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Management of Change Campaign Internal

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The content language adopted for white collar workers will be a simple, plain one as the goal is for the message to be understood best and used by the employees in their interaction with the customers. In global communication campaigns, the language will be the same for white and blue collar workers and therefore a simple and plain one for everyone. In specific communications, the language can increase in complexity if the auditorium that needs to receive the message had a higher education level.

The content will take under consideration the cultural differences between the corporate headquarters country (e.g. UK) and the local offices (e.g. Korea) and adapt global campaigns to the local requirements. Additionally, the content will be designed to match company objectives and how these objectives can be understood by personnel. Therefore, a specialized team will be dedicated to understanding the personnel, the company values the personnel needs…… [Read More]

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Mass Media and Congressional Campaigns in US

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Mass Media and Congressional Campaigns in U..

This is a study on the mass media principles and how they are used in congressional campaigns in the U.. It has 12 sources.

In view of the strong economic-based relationship that exists between the congressional elections and the mass media, more rigid laws need to be established in addition to a screening process for each candidate through which they all have to pass in order to represent the American people.

The media plays an important role in contemporary political activity, as it is a key communicator. This communication is supposed to serve the needs of the people as a whole and bring information to them that would serve their interests. However, such media may be the tool of politicians, as they may manipulate certain important information about themselves in order to gain popularity. Ideally, it is the media that is used to…… [Read More]


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E-Mail Campaigns in Order to Manage a

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E-Mail Campaigns

In order to manage a successful e-mail campaign, a Webmaster's efforts must be organized, directed, and efficient. Accordingly, e-mail service providers such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, and Topica provide various tools that help Webmasters reach out to a large number of current and potential customers in an organized and directed fashion. For example, Constant Contact offers its customers a number of features for their e-mail campaigns, including, but not limited to, "anti-spam tests" to ensure its customer's e-mail does not get automatically sent to a subscriber's "junk mail" folder, and "Autoresponder" features, which allows the customer to automatically send "Welcome" or "Thank You" e-mails to its subscribers ("Constant Contact," n.d.). Such features allow the Webmaster to focus on other marketing initiatives without having to worry about maintaining the current customer base.

More importantly, however, is the fact that e-mail servers such as Constant Contact and others have programs…… [Read More]


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Promotional Campaigns Predictions From the

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Bestseller Bargains

Former bestsellers, now in paperback, discounts on hardcover.

For those who prefer having hardcover books.

Allows price of Hardback to be within range of trade or PB.

More for gifts of collectibles.

Friday Sale

Deep discounts at Amazon's outlet

All product categories

Deals dependent on close out, etc.

Designed to drive traffic to site on low e-commerce day.

Gift Cards

Gift cards sent or emailed to anyone, anywhere

Keeping fiscal shopping with Amazon even if one cannot decide on a particular gift.

Gift cards are extremely popular in the contemporary gift giving market.

Also can be used as part of a wedding or baby registry.

Gold Box

Timed deals in all merchandise, changes every 4 hours.

Up to 70% discounts on many items.

People who like to shop; ex. HSN and ShopNBC types.

Sometimes great bargains, but one must check regularly to find them.

Music Deals/


Offers…… [Read More]

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Quarterly. 98+.
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Community Healthcare Marketing Campaign

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Community Needs Assessment

Recent obsevations in the ti-county aea of ual Iowa have shown a distubing tend of a constant incease in women and young childen in the emegency depatments and sheltes. These women and young childen visits emegency depatments and sheltes with diffeent healthcae concens including undetected female cances, miscaiages, pediatic pediculosis, and symptoms of malnouishment. The county's health executive, Susan, has convened a meeting on behalf of the thee counties to discuss this distubing tend. The emegency sevices diecto noted that most of the women and childen visiting the emegency depatments have no addesses, which is an indicato of them being homeless. While the healthcae executives ecognize the need to addess the healthcae concens of this population, the county's healthcae system has limited esouces and schedule to even help 5% of this population. By the end of the meeting, the attendees agee that thee is need to involve…… [Read More]

reference: A Descriptive Evaluation of Billings, Montana Mothers. Journal of Management and Marketing Research, 1-22.

The Community Tool Box. (2016). Section 4: Segmenting the Market to Reach the Targeted Population. Retrieved from University of Kansas website:
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Mazda Is the Mazda Lorax Ad Good

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Is the Mazda Lorax ad good?

The Mazda CX- 5 SUV was advertised in 2012 with a tie-in to the Lorax movie. The advertisement promotes the SUV using Lorax themes. The Lorax is a Dr. Seuss book that is based around the concept of corporate greed creating environmental degradation, and the book has a strong environmentalist message. The ad seeks to improve the environmental perception of Mazda, loosely promoting the company's Skyactiv technology. This technology is not really explained other than it seeks to improve fuel efficiency without sacrificing performance. The CX -- 5/Lorax ad is not good, because it represents the concept of greenwashing. The cartoon Lorax character and its themes are used to present this vehicle as environmentally friendly, which is deceptive.

Greenwashing refers to the use of marketing techniques into to mislead customers into thinking that certain products or their production processes are environmentally friendly. Typically,…… [Read More]


Godelnik, Raz. "Lorax Tie-Ins Go Overboard: Is It Greenwashing?" Triple Pundit. Retrieved from . 2014.

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Advertising Ad Analysis Undifferentiated and

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..hile older children and adults understand the inherent bias of advertising, younger children do not, and therefore tend to interpret commercial claims and appeals as accurate and truthful information," said psychologist Dale Kunkel, Ph.D., Professor of Communication at the University of California at Santa Barbara and senior author of the task force's scientific report. (Kunkel,, 2004)

The Lego ads, when seen by younger children who "do not understand persuasive intent in advertising," might feel as if the balance of the world really does hang in their hands -- and an older child might be confused by the overlapping techniques of advertising, which blur the lines between advertising with a persuasive ulterior motive to encourage consumption, and entertainment in the form of cartoons. This confusion might be another reason for the greater efficacy of movie and product tie-ins with children's advertising."(Briesch, Bridges, & Kim, 2004) This fact is seconded by…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Decisions and Children's Product Categories." SMUCox. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at 

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Knowledge: The Effects of Accessibility and Cognitive Capacity on Perceptions of an Influence Agent." Journal of Consumer Research. Vol. 27. Pp.69-83. Retrieved 6 Dec 2006 at
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About My Own Social Media Marketing Campaign Plan

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Social Media Marketing

Importance of Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is now considered as one of the most important function of any business. Large companies and programs focus on improving their function of marketing on social sites and blogs like Face book, Twitter, Pinterest and so on. Since, there are examples of many big and small businesses that made huge benefits via social media marketing. Coca-Cola has about 35,000,000 fans and this number increases by 9,000 on average a day. Disney and Starbucks have also made great progress but they still need to make efforts to reach up to the level of Coca-Cola.

When developing a social media marketing strategy, a company first has to choose suitable sites for the business since all of the social sites do not work out. Therefore, the marketing team has to make an analysis and then devise a suitable plan. Once the sites…… [Read More]


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Coca Cola Australia Ads Soft

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(Conniptions886 2009). Again the ad stresses the outdoor beach culture among those who have the means and leisure to enjoy it.

Coca Cola ads have not seemed to change that much over time. They have sacrificed expressing multiculturalism, without popular exception to build a following for their target market. One comparison ad done by Pepsi and much more reflective of diversity, and especially the diversity of the urban culture is the ad affectionately known as "Chain reaction." In general Pepsi seems to have somewhat let go of the beach culture and decided to focus on the massive urban youth culture. This is not to say that Pepsi has become the label of multicultural expression, as they still clearly target the white youth audience:

(Youtube user DuncansTV2008)

The Pepsi chain reaction video is a great example of the change of focus of one brand to the urban culture of the youth…… [Read More]

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Affirmative Action in Hiring and Firing in the Ad Industry and or Ad Firms

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Affirmative Action in Hiring and Firing in the Ad Industry and/or Ad Firms

Advertising in the United States means a lot of money and as much as $2.1 million is spent on each advertisement during the Super Bowl advertisements lasting for 30 seconds. There is now a question as to whether the composition of workers within the industry, both in the creative sections and in the non-creative sections will affect the effectiveness of the advertising they create. It is true that today there are a lot more of black people being shown on the national television commercials. Whether they are being shown in suitable roles or not can be disputed, but they are certainly present in greater numbers. Today there are many commercials with black people on an increasing number of stations than at any previous time in history. There are of course not enough people being shown with other…… [Read More]


Advertisers avoid Black Media. Retrieved at Accessed on 11/09/2003

Bynum, Russell; Solutions to the lack of blacks in the advertising industry. Retrieved at . Accessed on 11/09/2003

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National Association of Black Owned Broadcasters, Spring Conference, 1996, pp 1-2
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VapeUSA Marketing Campaign through eCommerce

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The role of eCommerce in the success of Vapeusa, an eCommerce business that is B2B and B2C -- using a website to sell vaporizer products and accessories to consumers looking for an alternative way to smoke. The company uses Symantec safety and security for its sales and shows that all purchases and shipments are guaranteed by Norton Guarantee -- which is meant to give consumers peace of mind about doing business with this website. This is a way of separating itself from the other players in the field and of looking more professional and credible. It shows that it has the backing of a reputable company -- so this is one way it is using eCommerce to build its marketing. Another way is that the company uses big data on consumers to gather personal information about users' history on the Internet, what they like, how they shop, where they live,…… [Read More]

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Lipo Down Plan Outline of Marcom Campaign-

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Lipo Down Plan

Outline of MarCom Campaign- The epublic of Singapore is a SE Asian City State known for its strong commitment to education, modernization, and cleanliness. Over 5 million people live in Singapore, boasting the 3rd highest per capita income of almost $60,000 International dollars. The population is vital, median of 37 years old 87% home ownership and one of the highest mobile phone subscriber densities in the world (Key Demographic Indicators, 2012). All of this contributes to a large number of people who are modern, image conscious, tuned into the modern world of social networking, technologically adept, educated, and consistent with a population with disposable income. Body image is of the upmost importance to a large percentage of Singaporeans; both male and female, but particularly females. Lipo-Down is a natural supplement made from Japanese Wakame Seaweed with the purported benefits of burning fat cells 24/7. While sales of…… [Read More]

REFERENCES (2012). Social Media & Digital Marketing in Singapore.

Retrieved from: 

Key Demographic Indicators. (2012). Government of Singapore. Retrieved from:
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CBS Outdoor Displays Digital Ads

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External and Internal Environments

External & Internal Environments Business

CBS Outdoor Americas Inc. (NYSE: CBSO) leases ad space in the category known as Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising throughout the United States, Canada, and Latin America (oss Sorkin, 2014). CBS Outdoor went public in April 2014 and separated from CBS ?Corporation (NYSE: CBS.A and CBS), the broadcaster and owner of Showtime, as the final step following its initial public offering (IPO) (oss Sorkin, 2014). The shares of CBS Outdoor rose 18% since the IPO in March 2014 (oss Sorkin, 2014). CBS Outdoor offers a range of outdoor advertising options that are designed to target somewhat different markets: Billboards, bus and railroad media, mobile billboards, specialty advertising signs, sports media, street furniture, and walls (oss Sorkin, 2014). A specialty of CBS Outdoor is an extensive multi-media digital inventory in many of these markets, and highly sophisticated mobile interactive capabilities that extend to all…… [Read More]


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Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill Marketing Campaign

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Marketing the Bowflex Series 7 Treadmill

Series 7 of the Bowflex treadmills chain is certainly a new and intriguing investment opportunity for a person wanting to have access to a treadmill suited for their requirements. The product is equipped with a great deal of features contemporary workout enthusiasts are interested in and is thus likely to be welcomed with a significant amount of interest from these respective individuals. Even with this, marketing teams tasked with promoting it need to consider the wide range of customers and potential customers that the product might have and get actively involved in developing marketing processes that can help them achieve the company's goals.

hen considering treadmills in general, one has to first take into account one of the most basic functions they provide -- they make it possible for people to run in conditions that are much more comfortable in comparison to running outside.…… [Read More]

Works cited:

Darroch, J. "Why Marketing to Women Doesn't Work: Using Market Segmentation to Understand Consumer Needs." (Springer, 5 Jul 2014)
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The Usefulness of Ads in Product Promotion

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Advertising Is Effective in Stimulating Consumption

From print to radio to television commercials, advertising is defining the meaning of perfection.

In line with the Stuart Ewen's argument, advertising is dictating what to wear, what to eat and where to go.

How advertising relates to the area of "design, self, and society

Advertising contributes to the improvement of the society

Ads are inspiring and uplifting people, encouraging them to behave in ways that benefit them and others.

Advertising is brightening lives simply by being tasteful, entertaining and witty.

Most advertisements are instances of graphic design.

Here, graphic design refers to the process of visual problem solving and communication by using space, type, color, and image.

Advertisers use graphic designs such as branding, logos, posters, billboards, product packaging and website graphics.

For instance, an advertiser could use product packaging composed of artwork such as logo and pure design components like shapes, color…… [Read More]


Beard, F. K. (2007). Humor in the Advertising Business: Theory, Practice, and Wit. Lanham: Rowman & Littlefield.

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Weiss, J. W. (2014). Business Ethics: A Stakeholder and Issues Management Approach. New York: Cengage Learning
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2008 Campaign Frames

Words: 2319 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 98129143

Political Framing

In politics, it is advisable to apply a plethora of strategies all geared towards realizing triumph against the rivaling camp. The dominating camp and its rival camp apply various viscosities meant to injure the rivals politically. Most campaigns strategies often seek to trail the weaknesses of the rival and as a result, provide justifiable position to attack the opponents at all times. The frames seem a derivative of these stratagems. Political framing is instrumental since it aids the construction of a phenomenon that either favors the dominating camp or disfavors the opposing camp. This study will attempt to compare and contrast the equivalent frame and emphasis frame as applied in Lesbianism Gay and Bisexual (LGB) political topic. This study will construct vivid examples from past two U.S. general elections in relation to the topic. The section is segmented into two main sections. Sections one provide a background scenario…… [Read More]


Box-Steffensemeier, J.M., & Schier, S.E. (2013). The American Elections of 2012. New York:


Callaghan, K., & Schnell, F. (2013). Framing American Politics. Pittsburgh: University of Pittsburgh.

Ferraris, J.P. (2012). Obama 2012: For a Compassionate America. New York: Author House.
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GOP Primary Republican Primary Video Research Analysis

Words: 445 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88859585

GOP Primary

Republican Primary Video Research, Analysis & Critique

Covering a Period between March 6th and April 3rd, 2012

Researcher/writer will be analyzing the entire TV/video ad campaigns related to both Mitt Romney and Rick Santorum from 03/06/2012 thru 04/03/2012. In the research paper, compare and contrast the overall ad campaigns of each with regard to:

Type of ad: biographical? Issue? Attack?

Sponsor of the ad: candidate, political party, independent advocacy group (including SuperPacs). Any difference in the type of ads run by each?

What demographic group(s), if any, were the ads primarily aimed at and how effective was it at reaching each?

Press coverage of the ads -- "how extensive? helpful or harmful? iased? And if biased, in what direction?

The overall effectiveness of the ads: very? somewhat? not very? Why?

Candidate reaction to the ads -- "smart or not? Why?

NOTE: The paper should be an overview --…… [Read More]

Bibliography and In Text Citations

Page numbers o Paragraphs -- " This means use proper paragraph form. Indent the first line of a paragraph, etc.

Times New Roman Font - 12pt

Double Space with all margins set at 1
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Business Communications Final Analysis Report in Order

Words: 1530 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37499738

Business Communications Final Analysis Report

In order to apply the strategies and decisions formulated in the initial phases of the communication research, they are applied in the context of business communication, particularly in group decision-making processes. In the final analysis report, the case study on the Creative Media team conflict is discussed, addressing the prevalent issues that bring about miscommunication within the team.

The case study on the Creative Media team situation has the following specifics: Gap Jeans, Inc. is planning to launch a new advertising campaign for its new product, called the Gap Washed Jeans, which features a denim-wash (faded look) feature for women, which will be available in hipster and flared styles. Gap is looking for a creative ad agency that will conceptualize and produce the ad campaign, although specific information about the nature of the ad campaign is not yet formulated. Thus, the whole advertising and marketing…… [Read More]

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Coke Pepsi For Reference I 57

Words: 2036 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84778531

Coke Pepsi, . For reference, I 57 years male. Written Assignment: Analyzing Advertisements Essay - ough Draft Analyzing Advertisements Overview: Logical argumentation studied accepted forms argument.

The Soda Wars: Analyzing Messages in Advertising

The battle between two soda giants, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, has been raging for many years. Both products are hugely successful, with world-wide brands and a wide array of products beyond their titular sodas. Similarly, their advertising campaigns and the competition that ensues (especially during big advertising events like the Super Bowl) is legendary. Both have recently unveiled several new campaigns that are worthy of analysis. Pepsi launched the "efresh Project," aimed at encouraging civic participation and charitable endeavors. They also released a more conventional Superbowl commercial. Coke has a new campaign called "Stay Extraordinary" and also, naturally, created some one-off Super Bowl advertising. While Pepsi's charitable aims are admirable, Coke provides more compelling, innovative, and amusing content…… [Read More]


Coca-Cola. (2011, February 3). Border. YouTube. Retrieved March 20, 2011, from 

Coca-Cola. (2011, March 15). Stay Extraordinary. YouTube. Retrieved March 20, 2011,


Pepsi. (2011, March 09). Pepsi Refreshes Communities. YouTube. Retrieved March 20,
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Gay and Lesbian Advertising in the Last Decade

Words: 3536 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 64264053

advertising geared to the gay and lesbian communities. Specifically, it will discuss advertising in the context of gay and lesbian culture, and how particular ad campaigns are significant to the gay and lesbian communities. While society has become more accepting of the gay and lesbian lifestyle, there are still many aspects of culture and society that disapprove of the gay/lesbian experience. Traditionally, mainstream advertising has not courted gays and lesbians, but some advertisers have recognized the size and dimensions of the market, and are beginning to break down the barriers in advertising to gays and lesbians in mainstream markets. In the last decade, advertising has become more open, and the gay lifestyle has become more accepted. Advertisers will continue to create new markets to create new opportunities for business and industry, and the gay/lesbian market is still waiting to be fully tapped.

The gay and lesbian lifestyle has existed for…… [Read More]


Author not Available. "Mainstream/B2B Advertising Best Practices." 2004. 19 July 2004. 

Boyce, David B. "Coded Desire in 1920's Advertising." Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide 7.1 (2000): 26-30.

Buford, Howard. "Understanding Gay Consumers." Gay & Lesbian Review Worldwide 7.2 (2000): 26-28.

Burnett, John J. "Gays: Feelings about Advertising and Media Used." Journal of Advertising Research (2000): 75.
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Positive Publicity

Words: 570 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14503512

Global Comic Company (GCC) is a comic bookstore that publishes paperbacks and electronic comic resources. This bookstore is known throughout the world for their innovate use of technology for comic distribution. The company has just launched its newest use of technology, cell phone application. The cell phone users can download the GCC application, where they can get their comics directly to their phone. This feature is new in the comic sector and GCC is leading the way. This is a very exciting breakthrough for the organization. Customers can use their cell phone application to download cartoon clips, and electronic comic books to their cell phone. In this paper I will discuss a marketing strategy and public relation strategy that will help launch this new technology.

The first step in marketing this new product will be to understand the target population. Every company that sells a product has a target population,…… [Read More]


McDaniel, C. (2004). Market Research. United States: John Wiley & Sons.

Taylor et. al. (2010). Focus and diversity in information systems research: meeting the dual demands of a healthy applied discipline. MIS Quarterly. 34 (4) 647-668.
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Diffusion Process Briefly Describe the Individuals Who

Words: 998 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 56565515

diffusion process? Briefly describe the individuals who make up each grou

The first stage of a diffusion process is the awareness stage. In this stage the consumer becomes aware or informed about the existence of a new innovation. However this group of individuals is only know about the existence of the idea such as a brand name but do not know any further details about the product or the idea. The second stage is of interest where an individual shows interest in knowing more about the idea and how will it be useful to him. In the evaluation stage the customer applies the idea mentally to his situation and evaluates as to what degree is the idea or the product useful to him. In the trial stage, the individuals use the idea or the product but only for experimental purposes. If the individuals are satisfied after using the product in…… [Read More]


Burke, M.A., Fournier, G.M., & Prasad, K. (2007). The Diffusion of a Medical Innovation: Is Success in the Stars?. Southern Economic Journal, 73(3), 588+. Retrieved March 22, 2012, from Questia database: 

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Murray, C.E. (2009). Diffusion of Innovation Theory: A Bridge for the Research-Practice Gap in Counseling. Journal of Counseling and Development, 87(1), 108+. Retrieved March 22, 2012, from Questia database:
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Dockers Is a Levi Strauss Brand That

Words: 1086 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8871490

Dockers is a Levi Strauss brand that was initially launched in 1986. Throughout the 1990s Dockers rode a wave of success as business casual gained acceptance in the workplace, and khakis became the pants of choice in mens casual wear. Dockers was at the forefront of the business casual movement and its brand became synonymous with khakis. Such success spurred brand expansion; in 1998 Dockers launched a line of clothing for women, and eventually clothing for children. Over the next several years, the Dockers brand expanded internationally and entered other product categories, such as accessories and clothing beyond khaki pants.

With such expansion, though, came lack of focus as Dockers moved farther away from the early success of its original model. Karen iley-Grant, the current director of global consumer marketing for Dockers says that the brand "…went through a kind of midlife crisis, splintering the message and our advertising started…… [Read More]


Duffy, S. (2010). The Superbowl's biggest winners were also its biggest losers. Brand rants. February, 2010. Accessed July 8, 2010, from

Levi Strauss. (2010). 2009 annual report. Accessed July

9, 2010, from .

Marsh, A. (2009). How to market in a downturn.
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TV or Magazine

Words: 490 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 66305952

TV and Magazine Ads. There are five references used for this paper.

Americans see numerous advertisements on TV and in magazines, all aim at getting them to spend their money. It is interesting to look at five such ads and who their target audience is.

Household Items

The Libmen Company offers a wide array of products for cleaning the home. Their newest product is the Nitty Gritty Roller Mop which is targeted for the middle-class, homemaker.

The ad promises the product will "get to the nitty, gritty of cleaning a floor (Libmen)."

The company demonstrates this benefit by showing the consumer bristles on the mop, as well as the roller portion.

The consumer is shown the mop being used, further successfully illustrating the virtues of the product.

Health Aids

Odor Eaters has a product called Odor Eaters Plus. The product is aimed mainly at middle-class athletes or workers who may…… [Read More]

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Nike Television Advertisements as an Ordinary Girl

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Nike television advertisements, as an ordinary girl is transformed into an Olympic runner. Bombarding the airwaves during the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, the "You're faster than you think" campaign is an example of Nike's ability to produce engaging, effective television commercials. hile the ultimate success of these advertising campaigns can only be seen in the quarterly reports of the corporations, from a design and marketing standpoint, the Nike ad is eminently successful. The "You're faster than you think" campaign promotes brand awareness and creates a brand imprint in the consumer brain, but the commercials are also artistic, clever, and entertaining. However, Nike is a large Fortune-500 company with a substantial marketing and advertising budget. Smaller companies such as those listed in Inc. magazine work with a smaller budget and therefore generally produce less dramatic television commercial spots. Moreover, smaller companies cannot afford the prime time Olympics spots like Nike can.…… [Read More]

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Inc.500." .
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Programmatic Marketing Is as Some Will Say

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Programmatic marketing is as some will say the next best way to advertise. In digital marketing, new techniques are being developed to effectively and efficiently target a broader audience through online and the web. The amount of smartphone and tablet users are growing by the day which means companies and organizations need a more cost-effective and faster way to advertise to them. Any types of events can trigger programmatic marketing. Accordingly, it can also be deployed through the use of a set of rules applied by algorithms and software. Human skills are not needed to deploy the marketing aspect of this innovative technique, however human skills are still necessary for software and algorithm development as well as programmatic campaigns since the rules necessary to start the automated process require pre-planning beforehand and proven by marketers. This means that although human labor will be to some extent lessened, it still requires…… [Read More]

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Room I Came Up With

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In conjunction with these car ads, car insurance companies took advantage of this by advertising their services as well. Car insurance companies that I noticed advertising through billboards were Safeco, Progressive, and All State. Progressive provided a catchy and positive note to its ad by having the slogan, "Happy drivers make good drivers." From what I can recall in the All State ad, it mentioned something about safe driving, again with a catchy phrase: "Safe driving bonus for not driving like a paparazzi." These car insurance ads, particularly for Progressive and All State, tackle issues relevant to motorists, their target market: both chose to discuss driving behavior, using different ad 'treatments.' Progressive addressed reckless/irresponsible driving by focusing on the ideal driving behavior and its positive outcome, that is, drivers must have a happy temperament in order to be a good driver. All State, meanwhile, chose to go the opposite route…… [Read More]

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Direct to Consumer Advertising History of Drug

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Direct to Consumer Advertising











In order to provide the most efficient method of evaluation, the study will utilize existing stores of qualitative and quantitative data from reliable sources, such as U.S. Government statistical references, University studies, and the studies and publications of non-profit and consumer oriented organizations. Every attempt will be made to avoid sources of information sponsored by or directly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry.

Existing data regarding the history, levels, content and growth of direct-to-consumer advertising will be examined. In addition, the industry's composition prior to and after the proliferation of direct-to-consumer advertising will be examined, with regard to market share, type of substances sold, benefits of substances sold, and…… [Read More]

On January 9, 2002, Dr. Darlene Jody, Vice President of Medical Marketing for Bristol-Myers Squibb, issued a manufacturer's "Important Drug Warning Including Black Box Information." The Important Drug Warning advises healthcare practitioners that "cases of life-threatening hepatic failure have been reported in patients treated with SERZONE." The manufacturer's Warning indicates that numerous persons have or will suffer liver failure, death or transplantation. The manufacturer's Warning also indicates that the current estimate of the rate of liver failure associated with Serzone use is "about 3-4 times the estimated background rate of liver failure." A new Warning is being added to the Serzone prescribing information, advising that "patients should be advised to be alert for signs and symptoms of liver dysfunction (jaundice, anorexia, gastrointestinal complaints, malaise, etc.) and to report them to their doctor immediately if they occur." According to Warnings, Serzone should be promptly discontinued if signs or symptoms suggest liver failure.

Vioxx belongs to a class of drugs known as COX-2 inhibitors. When the drugs were introduced a few years ago, COX-2 inhibitors were thought to be safer and more effective than other drugs such as Aspirin and Ibuprofen. However, several studies have questioned the cardiovascular safety of Vioxx. Studies indicate that people taking Vioxx have four times the risk of a heart attack.

In May 2002, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) published a Talk Paper about new label warnings for the popular arthritis and pain drug know as Vioxx (rofecoxib). The new label warnings are based on the results of the Vioxx Gastrointestinal Outcomes Research (VIGOR). According to the FDA, recent studies demonstrate that Vioxx is associated with a higher rate of serious cardiovascular thromboembolic adverse events (such as heart attacks, angina pectoris, and peripheral vascular events). Based on the recent study, the FDA agreed with the Arthritis Advisory Committee recommendations February 8, 2001 that the label for Vioxx include gastrointestinal and cardiovascular warning information. Serious side effects attributed to Vioxx are heart attacks, seizures, strokes, or liver/kidney problems.
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Media Tares Test in the

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The ad also says that it is America's #1 weight loss patch. Says who? Just them. There does not appear to be any proof that backs up any of the claims that they make in regards to this product.

Advertising is an essential part of marketing. The intention of an ad campaign is to reach a lot in order to increase the demand for the products being endorsed. In this campaign the advertisers used Highlighting Features. The features of the product should be clearly stated. An advertisement campaign that talks on and on about a product without affirming its features will fail to do any good. A high-quality weight loss product campaign should start by discussing about that the weight loss product has been designed to help people lose weight fast, or lose weight safely or lose weight without regaining the lost weight. People who are troubled about losing weight…… [Read More]


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Fashion Market Segmentation in Clothing

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Marketing to children is always complex, because although children do the begging, moms and dads do the buying. Thus, the ad is carefully constructed to appeal to girls and to stimulate their persuasive abilities. The presence of the beloved and popular American Girl Dolls at the bottom of the ad adds to this appeal, as well as links to the doll-selling site. But ultimately, the ad really appeals to American girl's mothers who wish to create an idealized image of girlhood for their still innocent children. This is an image of American girlhood, that may never have existed but which many mothers would like to provide for their children. They mothers are, American Girl, hopes willing to pay richly for their children's images of spring innocence.

Despite the ad's placement on the international medium of the Internet and the expanding base of the company, the whiteness of the girls…… [Read More]

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