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Athlete Dying Young by Alfred

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Dying a premature death may earn him the admiration of his neighbors, but a fully lived life depends on how many lives one has touched instead of the number of medals one has accumulated or the number of victories one has won in his lifetime.

The poet's attitude towards death connotes that it seems better to die young and having lived a glorious life than to die old but see other people transcend one's victories and fame. He has a rather cynical view on death for his poem connotes that the people who died young appear to be lucky. In real life, one has to accept or acknowledge the fact that there will come a day when a person will be born who will be far better than you - smarter, faster, etc.


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Drama Athlete Who Uses Performance

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Besides the fact that they are dangerous they taint the game as a whole. In the game of baseball the elusive home runs record that was chased for a very long time was a big deal, and when it was finally broken there was a lot of excitement that surrounded the game. But after hearing about all of the steroid and performance enhancing drug use that was going on during that time, it makes one question the entire validity of the record all together. If the record was not achieved without the use of drugs or steroids then it shouldn't be counted and thus not the real records that stands. It is highly unfair to those who set the record in the first place, drug free.


Court Documents Show Barry Bonds Tested Positive for 3 Types of Steroids. (2009). Retrieved

June 23, 2009, from Web site:,2933,487633,00.html

O'Keefe, Michael. (2007). Barry Bond's ex-mistress details stars steroid use, temper. Retrieved June 23, 2009, from MyDailyNews Web site:… [Read More]

Court Documents Show Barry Bonds Tested Positive for 3 Types of Steroids. (2009). Retrieved

June 23, 2009, from Web site:
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Creatine or Glutamine as a Dietary Supplement

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Dietary Supplement for Athletes or Bodybuilding

Creatine is a dietary supplement that has been popular for more than thirty years amongst athletes and bodybuilders (Feldman 1999: 45). Its alleged benefits include enhancing muscle-building and recovery. The use of dietary supplements, particularly amongst adolescents and young adult athletes has increased in popularity and may even be endorsed by coaches and parents. Creatine is not recommended for young athletes because of questions about the long-term safety of its use, but pressures to 'be the best' have increased as the margin between first-class and second-class athletes grows ever more razor-thin (Dunn et al. 2001).One study found that "62% of adolescent athletes believed supplements improve performance, with 50% consuming dietary supplements" (Dunn et al. 2001). In another study of attitudes of young athletes Dunn (et al. 2001) found widespread acceptance of the use of creatine and belief in its benefits, even amongst athletes who did not use other ergogenic aids.

Use of creatine is even more common in the elite ranks of athletes. Amongst NCAA athletes, according to LaBotz & Smith (1999) "forty-eight percent of men reported having used creatine as compared with 4% of women. With two exceptions, all men's teams had at…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
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J Strength Cond Res, 21:100-104.
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Sporting Activities or Gender Perspective Annotated Bibliography

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Sporting Activities or Gender Perspective

Annotated Bibliography

McKinney, Scott. "Student-Athletes Bring Billions, But What Are They Getting?"

Mississippi Business Journal 22.37 (2000): 25. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 20 June

This article focuses on college athletes in relation to their contribution in bringing billions. According to the article, college athletes are crucial to the generation of billions within sporting fields through their talents and efforts. This research paper aims to outline benefits of participation in sporting activities by college athletes. It is clear from the article that student athletes enjoy free scholarships, accommodation, meals, and other associated benefits for their participation or skills in different games or leagues. The article is relevant to the research because it offers clear reason why student athletes do not obtain salaries for their talents or participation in the sporting activities. The article is reliable and valid since it constructs its arguments from extensive research. The article is instrumental to researchers doing further studies on the topic (college athletes).

Sack, Allen. "Should college athletes be paid?" Christian Science Monitor 07 Mar. 2008: 9.

MasterFILE Premier. Web. 20 June 2012.

This article offers clear debate on whether college athletes should get salaries for their efforts and skills in…… [Read More]

McKinney, Scott. "Student-Athletes Bring Billions, But What Are They Getting?" Mississippi

Business Journal 22.37 (2000): 25. MasterFILE Premier. Web. 20 June 2012.
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Inverted U Hypothesis

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It has been established that competitive state-anxiety normally follows a certain pattern of one-sided feelings of anxiety as well as inadequacy that combines with increased arousal of automatic nervous system (Fazey, 2008). Accordingly, the theory of Inverted U. hypothesis was formulated to explain this aspect, and it is widely applied in sports psychology. Inverted U. hypothesis a theory that suggest that there is a relative amount of anxiety and arousal that triggers one to perform higher- extremely little arousal or anxiety and too much arousal or anxiety will lead to poorer performance. This present paper briefly discusses the Inverted U. hypothesis in sports psychology.


Until presently, the traditional Inverted theory had been the key model employed by sports psychologists to explain the arousal-performance relationship. Nevertheless, various sport psychology researchers have criticized this relationship, and the modern trend is a change towards a higher multidimensional perspective of arousal-anxiety and its impacts on performance (Fazey, 2008).

The inverted U. hypothesis is applied in sports which suggest that performance enhances as levels of arousal rise to a peak point, beyond which it reduces. In other words, this implies that minimal excitement and stress related to performing in public or…… [Read More]

Fazey, J. (2008). The inverted-U hypothesis: a catastrophe for sport psychology? Leeds, British Association of Sports Sciences.

Pascuzzi, D.L. (2005). The effects of anxiety on gross motor performance a test of the inverted-U hypothesis. Thesis (M.S.) -- Western Illinois University, 1975.
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Autonomy Supportive Coaching Style

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Psychology of Sport Exercise

Conroy, D.E., and Coatsworth, J.D. (2007). Assessing autonomy-supportive coaching strategies in youth sport. Psychology of Sport Exercise, 8(50, 671-684.

Summary of Research Findings: Grounded in the application of self-determination theory to sports, this non-experimental study examines a component of motivational climate commonly referred to as autonomy support. The study was designed to examine whether youth engaged in organized sports could differentiate between the strategies used by their coaches to support the young athletes' autonomy.

The participants in the study consisted of 99 girls and 66 boys (N = 165) between the ages of seven and 18 years. Specifically, data was collected at three points during the six weeks the participants were engaged in a recreational summer swimming league. Measures were taken at the end of weeks 1 and 5 of perceived coaching behavior, and at week 1 and 6 for psychological need satisfaction.

The research instrumentation included the psychometric properties of the Autonomy-Supportive Coaching Questionnaire (ASCQ), the Perceptions of Coaches' Interpersonal Behavior Questionnaire (PCIBQ), and the Basic Need Satisfaction in Relationship Scale (BNSRS), as each pertained to the perceptions of young athletes experiencing two forms of autonomy-supportive coaching. The responses obtained for the ASCQ were reduced…… [Read More]

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Cardiovascular Alterations Sudden Death of

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Therefore, it is very crucial for all the nurses examining the athletes to carefully differentiate the murmurs of the behaviors of athletes and recommend if it is safe for them to continue sports behaviour.

Discussion 2: Anaphylactic Shock

Anaphylaxis shock is a very dangerous and life threatening allergy reaction that needs right, quick and aggressive treatment on time. Due to lack of recognition, the exact evidence of this condition is difficult to know. There are also no laboratory markers or any particular tests that can be used in the emergency to diagnose this situation.

According to the Canadian Pediatric Surveillance Program it is "a severe allergic reaction to any stimulus, having sudden onset and generally lasting less than 24 hours, involving one or more body systems and producing one or more symptoms such as hives, flushing, itching, angioedema, stridor, wheezing, shortness of breath, vomiting, diarrhea or shock" (Simons, Chad and Gold, 2002, p.109).

Age and genetics are the two factors that have affect on the treatment of the patient. If a child suffering from multisystem physiologic progression like breathing problem, skin rash, hives, flushing or swelling of lips, is brought to the emergency, then he should be immediately given epinephrine…… [Read More]

Bille, K., Figueiras, D., Schamasch, P., Kappenberger, L., Brenner, J., Meijboom, J and Meijboom J. (2006). 'Sudden cardiac death in athletes: the Lausanne Recommendations'.

Eur Journal Cardiovascular Rehabilitation. 2006 Dec; 13(6):859-75.
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Washing and Use of Testosterone The Action

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Washing and Use of Testosterone:

The Action of Hand Soap Bacteria:

Hand washing is an important practice for body hygiene because of its seeming effectiveness in preventing the transmission of bacteria. Actually, it is believed that hand washing helps to lessen the risk of bacterial infection through removing and destroying bacterial cells. Generally, the use of hand soap while complying with the good washing practices help an individual to destroy bacteria in the hands, which in turn decreases the spread of diseases or illnesses. The need to wash hands using hand soap is attributed to the accumulation of bacteria on the surface of a person's hands because of numerous opportunities brought by day-to-day activities. For instance, a person encounters bacteria every time he/she touches another individual, touches raw meat, and handles money. The bacteria can get into the individual's hands and under his/her fingernails and spread if he/she touches any other part of the body before washing his/her hands.

One of the major ways that has traditionally been used to destroy such bacteria is washing hands with water only. This is primarily because running warm water over a person's hands loosens the bacteria, removes them, and sends them down the…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Angkadjaja, S. (2012). What Makes Antibacterial Soap Antibacterial? Retrieved from Illumin

University of Southern California website: 
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Ephedrine Abuse the Use of

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However, these studies did not separate the effects of ephedrine from that of caffeine and so more intense research is awaited in this direction. [Robert a] it is to be noted that caffeine and ephedrine work synergistically which could be dangerous in patients with pre-existing cardiac or blood pressure abnormalities. Caffeine affects the adenosine-mediated dilation of blood vessels by antagonizing its receptors. The resulting increased availability of free adenosine monophosphate furthers the activity of ephedrine and catecholamine stimulation resulting in reduced cardiac refractory periods and increased cardiac output and consequently elevated blood pressure. [Charles N. Krome]

It is necessary to look into the inherent risks associated with the use of ephedrine. Ephedrine has a very high percentage of adverse reactions compared to all other herbal supplements. As reported by Bent et al. (2003), ephedrine alone accounts for around 64% of all adverse medical reactions due to herbal products. This in view of the fact that ephedrine products constitute only 1% of the total herbal market is a shocking and revealing statistic. [Robert a] Haller and Benowitz reviewed 140 adverse cases of ephedrine usage and submitted them to the FDA between 1996 and 1999. These cases clearly indicate that ephedrine usage…… [Read More]

Daniel Ari Kapner, 'Infofacts Resources: Ephedra and Energy Drinks on College Campuses," Accessed 26th April 2008, Available at,

Michael P. Schaefer, Jay Smith, Diane L. Dahm and Matthew C. Sorenson, 'Ephedra Use in a Select group of Adolescent Athletes'. Journal of Sports Science and Medicine (2006) 5, 407-414, available at 
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MLB Players MLB Baseball Players

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Reasons for MLB Players

Furthermore, MLB owners have enjoyed high double-digit return-on-investment for many years. By showing teenagers that steroids are not the cool nor healthy way to become more physical fit, they finally have the opportunity to show the world that they are not all Montgomery Burns (Saving the Puerto Rican League).

If most people believe that the way to get ahead is to work hard, then most people will work hard, and more wealth will be created. On the other hand, if people believe that wealthy people should not have to work, then people will attempt to gain wealth without working, leading to a zero-sum economy. If most people expect public officials to be honest, then dishonest officials will be identified and punished" (Reforming Our Beliefs Concerning Health Care).


From there, MLB baseball players participate to prevent teenage athletes' steroid use because they want to present a healthier environment without drug use. This would actually prevent teenagers from using steroids to become more physically fit (Politics). Teenagers usually follow the images of celebrities and because of the MLB players want to take advantage of that.


Steroid Use in Teen Athletes. http://www.***.ca/lib/essay/69_4.html

Saving the Puerto Rican League.…… [Read More]

Steroid Use in Teen Athletes. http://www.***.ca/lib/essay/69_4.html

Saving the Puerto Rican League. 
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Brand Management Nike Brand Management Nike's Progression

Words: 850 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16782407

Brand Management

Nike Brand Management

Nike's progression from selling tennis shoes out of the back of founder and CEO Phil Knight's car to one of the most respected and known brands globally initially began with naming the company after the Greek Goddess of victory. Transitioning from being Bleu Ribbon Sports to Nike also led to the company going public and gaining the necessary funds to finance growth and expansion. It was after these significant events that Nike initiated the strategy of having celebrity spokespersons with Steve Prefontaine, Olympic distance runner from Oregon, and Ilie Natase, world-known Romanian tennis player the first that the company signed (Pillot, 2005). Nike quickly progressed in their strategies of relying on celebrity endorsers, creating entire product lines around Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and other superstars in professional sports. Nike moved quickly from selling footwear to accessories and then on to creating products for entire sports categories. This portfolio-based approach to managing their branding strategy has given Nike greater flexibility in defining which celebrity athletes they will rely on at specific stages of their product lifecycles (Collins, 2003). It has also given them a greater level of autonomy in how they manage the financial…… [Read More]

Anana, E., & Nique, W. (2010). Perception-based analysis: An innovative approach for brand positioning assessment. Journal of Database Marketing & Customer Strategy Management, 17(1), 6-18.

Collins, D. (2003). The branding of management knowledge: Rethinking management "fads." Journal of Organizational Change Management, 16(2), 186-204.
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Drug Testing in High School

Words: 1700 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 57471040

Drug-testing in schools has been shown to reduce the use of drugs as well as reduce other negative activities and occurrences known to be associated with drug use among students. There are critical components of a drug testing program and this study has related those components and the appropriateness of their use in a school drug testing program.


Yamaguchi, Ryoko; Johnston, Lloyd D. And O'Malley, Patrick M. (2003) Relationships Between Student Illicit Drug Use and School Drug-Testing Policies. J. Sch Health, 2003;73(4): 159-164.

Judy Kreamer, Gary M. Fields, Ph.D., et al., titled "The Overlooked Cause of Children Being Left Behind: Drug Use Compromising Academic Success," published by Educating Voices, Inc., 2008

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, National Survey on Drug Use and Health, "Academic Performance and Substance Use among Students Aged 12 to 17: 2002, 2003, and 2004." The NSDUH Report, Issue 18, May 2006

Student Drug Testing Coalition (2008) Reports and Resources. Online available at

Klauke, Amy and Hadderman, Margaret (1990) Drug Testing. ERIC Digest Series Number…… [Read More]

Yamaguchi, Ryoko; Johnston, Lloyd D. And O'Malley, Patrick M. (2003) Relationships Between Student Illicit Drug Use and School Drug-Testing Policies. J. Sch Health, 2003;73(4): 159-164.

Judy Kreamer, Gary M. Fields, Ph.D., et al., titled "The Overlooked Cause of Children Being Left Behind: Drug Use Compromising Academic Success," published by Educating Voices, Inc., 2008
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English Topic Steroid I Specific Details Topic

Words: 2834 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40751721

english topic Steroid. I specific details topic Steroid Use Sports. steroid ? famous types steroid sport function type. good bad effective steroid athletes steroid ? steroid affect short-term long-term.

Steroids: are they a necessary evil?

Society traditionally encouraged people to experience progress in any field that they possibly could and this made it difficult for some to keep up with the fact that the world was constantly changing. In their struggle to keep up and even to be recognized for their contributions, some individuals have turned to using controversial methods. Athletes are provided with difficult choices as they feel the need to satisfy the needs of their fans. Society is indirectly responsible for the fact that some athletes use steroids because of the pressure that it puts on their shoulders. Many athletes today use steroids at the expense of their own health because they know that this is one of the most effective methods to achieve success in an environment where cheating is not necessarily something immoral.

The twentieth century saw significant evolution when concerning the world of sports, as athletes were concentrating on doing everything in their power in order to break previously set records. With some being unable…… [Read More]

Works Cited:
Dilingham, Michael, "Steroids, Sports and the Ethics of Winning," Retrieved December 4, 2011, from the Santa Clara University Website:

Dodgshon, Robert, The Age of the Clans: The Highlands from Somerled to the Clearances (Edinburgh: Birlinn, 2002)
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Do Proteins Help the Body as Related to Sports Exercise and Nutrition

Words: 3010 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90075003

Proteins are often called the building blocks of life. In fact, the very word "protein" implies their importance in the body: it is a Greek word meaning "first place." Approximately fifty percent of the dry weight in animal cells is comprised of protein (Campbell 71). They play a roll in almost everything the body does and "are used for support, storage, transport of other substances, signaling from one part of the organism to another, movement, and defense against foreign substances." (Campbell 71). Proteins are essential to the proper functioning of every organism known to man.

The human genetic code holds the instructions for the making of over ten thousand different types of proteins; all with specific purposes. Additionally, "Proteins are the most structurally sophisticated molecules known." (Campbell 71). In comparison to other molecules, proteins are enormous and come in nearly every shape imaginable. However, despite their variety and size, proteins are simply polymers made up of only twenty different amino acids. What makes one protein different from another has to do with the ordering of these amino acids and the shapes that they form. "By varying the numbers of different amino acids and their sequences, the body creates proteins of…… [Read More]

1. Berning, Jacqueline R. And Suzanne Nelson Steen. Nutrition for Sport and Exercise. Gaithersburg: Aspen Publications, 1998.

2. Campbell, Neil A. And Jane B. Reece. Biology: Sixth Edition. New York: Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data, 2002.
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Glory Road Movie the Story

Words: 3828 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43260559

Even though Glory Road took place in the American South, its themes
are prevalent throughout sports and through many different time periods.
Current literature touches on many of the themes of the movie. A recent
study of college students by Harrison and Lawrence looks at the perception
regarding what seems to be the now dominating role of blacks in American
sports today (Harrison & Lawrence, 2004). While this seems to contradict
the theme of Glory Road, as Glory Road is about a lack of opportunities for
black athletes, the article depicts racial overtones within sports that
helps to show that racial issues have been and still are predominant in
sports. Harrison and Lawrence consider the success of black's in sports
and the public perception. Glory Road also looks at the perception of
black athletes, which in the context of America in 1966, considers blacks
to be good athletes, but not as smart as whites. This is consistent with
the themes of whiteness, white privilege, stereotyping of athletes, and
racism. Even though Haskin's took his team to the title, 30 years later,
according to Harrison and Lawrence "notions of Black athletic superiority
and intellectual inferiority permeate the minds of... American citizens"…… [Read More]

Alley, T. R. (2000). Peer Attitudes Towards Adolescent Participants in Male-
and Female Oriented Sports. Adolescence Summer2005, 40, 273-281.

Douglass, D. D. (2005). Venus, Serena, and the Women's Tennis Association:
When and Where "Race" Enters. Sociology of Sport Journal, 22, 256-282.
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Athletic Training Whether to Win Marathons or

Words: 2909 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85890629

Athletic Training

Whether to win marathons or to make it to the state football championships, all athletes need some form of training. Lately, increased focus has been placed on the specific importance of weight, or strength, training for the overall conditioning of a casual or professional athlete. The terms "weight training" and "strength training" are technically different, but often the two terms are often used interchangeably. Typically, weight training implies the use of materials such as barbells, dumbbells, and specialized machines, whereas strength training also employs isometric or callisthenic exercises like push-ups and sit-ups. An athletic conditioning regime will generally incorporate aspects of both weight and strength training and therefore the terms can be easily used interchangeably. Much physiological research has focused on the efficacy of weight training on the performance and physical conditioning of athletes. Weight training programs can be tailor-made for an individual depending on his or her goals, and the sports he or she plays. Today, most coaches and athletic trainers will advise some type of strength training for their clients. Strength and weight training, when applied properly, go a long way toward improving the well-being, specific strength, endurance, power, and performance of any athlete and therefore…… [Read More]

Barwis, Mike, Director of Strength and Conditioning, West Virginia University, Personal Interview, 15, June, 2005.

Bauer, G. (1996). B.F.S. isn't (a) H.I.T. Coach and Athletic Director, 65(8), 70-73.
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Athletic Injuries

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athletic coach I have garnered a wide variety of skills, as well as an extensive understanding of the standard practices and procedures an individual in the field of exercise science should possess. My past experiences have provided me with substantial knowledge of the principles involved in the prevention and care of athletic injuries. With the following, I hope to illustrate that my experiences and subsequent research have provided me with a broad awareness of typical athletic injuries and treatments as they apply to exercise science.

When a member of my dance squad sprained her ankle it became necessary for me to tape it as to provide additional support. I employed the traditional Gibney basket weave procedure. This consists of an interwoven network of stirrup strips "which cover the plantar surface of the hindfoot and extend proximally on both the medial and lateral aspects of the leg, and horseshoe strips, which are applied perpendicular to the stirrup strips on the hindfoot." (Journal of Athletic Training 2002). Although I recognized that this could not be a permanent solution, it did provide her with a slight amount of external support for her ankle. I advised her avoid testing its limits so it could…… [Read More]