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¶ … Products

Whole Plant-Based Protein: Whole Greens Hemp from http://ergogenicsnutrition.com/products/WholeGreensHemp/

This product does work: it is a protein formula containing protein-rich plant-based ingredients, relying upon hemp for a protein basis that is comparable to that found in the human body. The product essentially meets the needs of the human body by providing a natural supplement. This is an excellent way to give the body what it needs. Not only does hemp have proteins akin to those found in people, it also contains essential omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. Plus, hemp has a wealth of fiber, minerals and vitamins. The formula contains "all 20 amino acids used in the human body," a recipe that includes the 10 essential acids.

scoop, or 30g, equals one serving size. One serving size gives the user 120 calories, 15 grams of protein, 3 grams of fats (or 5% of the recommended daily value). There is zero cholesterol contained in the product. One serving does contain 8 grams of carbohydrates (3% of daily value), 2 grams of fiber (8% of daily value), zero sugar, 10 milligrams of sodium (1% of daily value), and 260 milligrams of potassium (7% of daily value).

The main organic ingredient is soluble hemp protein concentrate -- but users need not worry about receiving a psychedelic high because there is virtually no tetrahydrocannabinol in the product and usage of the product will not cause the user to register a false positive if he or she were to take a drug test.

This product is a USDA-approved organic product and is non-GMO verified. It is wheat, yeast and gluten free for anyone allergic to those elements. It contains no artificial flavors or sweeteners, helps to support muscle growth, boosts the diet.




Caffeine: Applied Nutriceuticals -- Caffeine


This product does work because all it aims to do is give the user a caffeine boost -- and since this product is a trimethylxanthine stimulant compound, it is sure to produce the intended effect. The main active ingredient is caffeine anhydrous and 1 serving (1 tablet) contains 200 milligrams of this ingredient. This is comparable roughly to one cup of strong coffee.

The user simply takes 1 tablet every 8 hours as needed (not to exceed more than 3 tablets per day. It is recommended that the user not take a tablet before going to bed by at least 5 hours.

A warning label comes with this product stating that it is intended for adults over the age of 18. This warning is a typical product label warning which signifies that this product should only be used maturely and responsibly.

The warning label also applies to pregnant women although this is another typical warning because there is no conclusive evidence to suggest that caffeine is dangerous for pregnant or nursing women.

Essentially, this product is simply a cup of coffee in a tablet. So if one…

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The beneficial aspects of this product can be found in the way it helps the user to produce energy and rapidly support muscle growth and stabilization. As the body goes through exercises, muscle tissue is destroyed and regenerated so this product helps to support that process by giving the body an extra boost of proteins needed for such regeneration.



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