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Bible Verses

Selected Scriptural Passages

The following interpretations of passages from the Holy Bible are based on the scriptures as recorded in the New International Version (NIV).

Jeremiah 15:16

Jeremiah 15 finds the prophet pleading with the Lord on behalf of the children of Israel. God intends to bring carnage and punishment upon the Jews for failing to adopt the Hebrew law and to reform their lives. Jeremiah argues that this is not a fair punishment because he himself has so faithfully taken up God's Word. In this passage, Jeremiah contends that he has consumed the Word of God and carried out His will without wavering. This is intended to make a case against the destruction of the people of Israel, a case which is ultimately successful. As it applies to my experience, I take this to mean that I should speak out on behalf of just causes and lead by example as Jeremiah chose to.

Psalm 37: 3-5

Psalm 37, and in particular the three sections contained here, describes the promise of Christian faith. The passage essentially tells me that by walking in the way of God and by accepting his Word, I will be rewarded in this
...The most distinguishing feature of this passage is that it connects the promise of faith to a reward on Earth as opposed to on Heaven. Psalm 37 refers to a life of 'safe pasture' in which the 'desires of your heart' will be fulfilled in exchange for trusting, taking delight in and committing to the Lord.

Psalm 46-1

The broader Psalm 46 is identified by the New International Version as a song drawn from the Sons of Koran. The song praises God as a protector in times of trouble and strife. It tells of God's glory in defending the faithful from calamity and conflict. The first passage is a guiding statement for the remainder of the psalm, telling me that I must turn to God when I am faced by hardship or sadness in my everyday life. The passage promises that God will never leave my side, and most particularly not at the times when I need him the most.

Psalm 24:7

Psalm 24 is attributed to the authorship of King David, who was a prolific composer of psalms before his ascendance to rulership of the Jewish people. The 7th verse of Psalm 24 commands the 'heads' and 'gates' to open up for the Lord. Contextualized by the broader Psalm, we can see that David is speaking to the people of Israel, whom he commands to accept God into their hearts and their lives. The Psalm asserts that the Earth and everything in it is in possession of and was created by God. This means to me that if I wish to live in…

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