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Pioneer Social Workers Pioneers in
Words: 1293 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28517523
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Whitney M. Young Jr. was born in 1921 in Lincoln idge Kentucky and lived until 1971. Young is most notably remembered as a black American civil rights leader and administrator of social work, and was considered one of the most influential civil rights leaders in America during the 1960s. His career as a race relations expert began when Young served as a go-between for white officers and African-American enlisted men in a segregated U.S. Army company in Europe during World War II. Young obtained a Master of Arts degree in social work from the University of Minnesota, after which he worked for the Urban League and later became executive secretary at one of the organization's branches. He was named Dean of Atlanta university's School of Social Work when he was only 33, and later became executive director of the National Urban League. In this director position, Young secured training and…


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Kate Chopin Was Born in
Words: 357 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 76432946
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hile Chopin generally avoided women's right's movements and organizations because she thought their aims were "unrealistic," (Seyersted), she did adopt the theory that women deserved the same rights as men because they had the "same drives as man" (Seyersted). Chopin's husband died of swamp fever, leaving Chopin to run the household. She started living with her mother, who died shortly after she moved in. Chopin's doctor, Frederick Kolbenheyer, was a "man of broad learning and radical ideas" (Inge), urged Chopin to write. She lacked confidence and it "took several years of encouragement from her friends as well as a trip to Natchinoches Parish before Chopin began writing seriously" (Collar). Her first novel was published when she was 39 years old.

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Music Producers
Words: 3126 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77207209
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Music Producers

Biographical Introduction: Teo Macero

Producers work behind the scenes and are the unsung heroes of music. While some producers receive public notoriety like Brian Eno and George Martin; others like Teo Macero remain known mainly to music scholars and serious audiophiles. In 2008, when Macero died, The New York Times ran an obituary with the tagline: "Teo Macero, 82, ecord Producer," as if readers would need that crucial bit of vocational data. Indeed, Macero is best known for his work on Miles Davis's masterpieces Kind of Blue and Bitches Brew. He was also a composer, whose approach to music takes into account the big picture rather than attention to minute detail.

Macero was ahead of his time. He incorporated electronic effects and electronic media in ways that made Bitches Brew as momentous and groundbreaking an album as it is. The embrace of new technology is therefore a hallmark…


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Eugene O'Neill & Desire Under
Words: 1563 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 4187855
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It was a love-hate situation, and he would be madly kissing her and letting her stir his carnal urges one moment, and the next he would loudly protest and pull away. So from that standpoint, Eben was changed after the death of the baby. He was not changed in a truly intelligent heart-felt way, but in a kind of acceptance that this is how it is (the current cliche, "It is what it is," fits in here perfectly). For Eben, it feels good to have sex with her, and anyway, being hateful and spiteful of his father, this incestuous affair with his father's wife is another way to get back at him.

The bottom line is that even before they are both punished for the crime of murder (not the crime of incest) Eben's naivete in terms of relationships is disgustingly obvious; he returns to Abbie after having bolted away…

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Meno & Phaedo What it
Words: 2011 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99159345
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An excellent example of a key component in the sexual identity of a woman is the compulsion to get married which most women (particularly during Woolf's day) are bound to experience.

Orlando feels this sentiment as well, which the following quotation demonstrates. Everyone is mated except myself,' she mused, as she trailed disconsolately across the courtyard… I, 'am single, am mateless, am alone.' Such thoughts had never entered her head before. Now they bore her down unescapably (Orlando 1928).

It is noteworthy to mention that this passage precedes Orlando's relationship with Shel. Yet it is highly indicative of the sort of responsibility that most women feel -- that at some point in their lives they are obligated to get married to someone. The weight of these thoughts leads Orlando to feel "disconsolately" and "unescapably" burdened by them. This is one particular instance in which Woolf is actually demonstrating a similarity…


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Otto Dix A Portrait of
Words: 2213 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8575869
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). Indeed, when Dix exhibited Der Krieg in Berlin in 1924, he was criticized by the right wing press and eventually when Hitler came into power in 1933, Dix was fired based upon pressure from Hitler's government that contended that his paintings were antimilitary. According to Dix's dismissal letter from the Dresden Academy, his artwork "threatened to sap the will of the German people to defend themselves." To add insult to injury, Hitler's assault upon Dix did not end there. The Nazis also destroyed several of his paintings not long after he was dismissed from the Academy (Id.). Dix, however, did not let this injustice destroy his creative spirit. In 1933, he used oil and tempura on wood to paint The Seven Deadly Sins, an allegorical painting that represented Germany's political situation under Hitler. In this painting, Dix utilized the figure of the lazy Sloth because Dix blamed the German…

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Fundamental of Speech
Words: 1235 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21912006
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Mary Kay Ash: A Biography of a Woman with 'Skin-Deep Beauty'

Introductions to Mary Kay Ash, founder and chairman emeritus of Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc.

"If you think you can, you can. And if you think you can't, you're right." These lines are the guiding principles and philosophy of Mary Kay Ash as she managed her life as a mother, businesswoman, leader, and philantrophist.

Mary Kay Cosmetics Inc. is a company founded by Mary Kay Ash, a business venture that became successful because of her hard work and perseverance. Although its products promotes beauty and skin care products, things that often symbolize vanity among men and women alike, it will become evident, as you will later find out in this speech, that Mary Kay Inc.'s goals, objectives, and products are more than just a display of vanity, but is 'skin-deep.' Through the various programs (environmental, social, and human-empowerment) organized by…

Charlemagne by Roger Collins
Words: 1433 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74380688
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Roger Collins's 1998 biography of Charlemagne is both highly informative in terms of helping to understand the historical and political context in which Charlemagne came to power as well as - although this is true to a lesser extent simply because Collins spends less time on it - a treatise on the historiographical problems of medieval history. This examination of the way History in general and histories in particular are written is at least as interesting and as important of the particulars of Charlemagne's life that we come to learn about.

Collins asks us to think about history is a far more analytical and critical way than we are likely ever to have done before. Unless we have thought about it a great deal, we have probably always thought about history as being either more-or-less truthful or more-or-less mendacious. Under the former category we would put most of the kind…

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Charles Simic Told His Elderly
Words: 1431 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14259367
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I pulled over and called out to him, while being very conscious how ludicrous I sounded, did he by any chance know of a church where there was to be a poetry reading tonight?" The man did indeed tell Simic where the church was, indicating that poetry can serve as a means to uplift and communicate the universality of human experience. Social alienation and isolation that accompanies the immigrant experience can be mitigated by the shared connection within poetry.

Thus, Simic's inspiration derives not just from a disturbing childhood replete with wartime imagery and memories of a Nazi invasion. Simic's poetry places him squarely within the immigrant New orld -- a world that is categorically comprised by immigrants. As critics have pointed out, Simic's "disturbing…tragi-comic intensity that leaves the reader suspended between amusement and grief…derives equally from the rigors of daily living," (deNiord 77). "Solitude" is a perfect example of…

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Social Enterprise What Is Meant by the
Words: 2339 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9807950
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Social Enterprise

What is meant by the term 'social enterprise' and what do social enterprises contribute to society and the economies in which they operate?

The acceleration with which the world is changing day by day is continuous. A majority of organizations that have a motto of 'not-for-profit' are looking out for prospects with the help of which they can begin or widen their projects in order to get their missions fulfilled and offer the needy the earned profits. Thus, any organization or scheme that brings about the mentioned twofold objectives is considered a social enterprise. Social enterprises sell mission-related goods or services and by doing so they try to create a more impartial and fair environment through specific market-based strategies (Bornstein & Davis 2010).

In other words, a business is regarded as a social enterprise when the main objective is to cope up with the prevailing societal problems and…


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