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Brokeback Mountain Essays (Examples)

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Personality Each Question Only Requires
Words: 784 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 41486601
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In ode to be ethically sound it must be client-cented.

If a counselo entes into the theapeutic elationship with stess that s/he is not willing to addess accoding to thei own techniques, then even with the best of intentions towad the client it is not possible to be genuine. This does not mean that the counselo is not allowed to expeience the same stesses that his/he clients also expeience. It does meant that a counselo is equied to be honest fist and foemost with him/heself and if that is not possible then attempting honesty with one's clients becomes hypocitical and has an unspoken negative influence on the theapeutic elationship.

Pape #2 Discuss you views on the necessity of getting pesonal theapy duing counseling taining and, late on, as a pofessional counselo. Also, discuss the ethical implications of both tansfeence and countetansfeence. Discuss how you, as a counselo, will ethically handle…

references to the end of the page written. This is very informal. Most of these questions are personal opinions of the individual. Please just use your own belief. I don't have a strong view on any of this.

Capote the Recent Film Capote
Words: 2999 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79083346
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Capote was always clearly a film meant to appeal to a more educated and selective audience, and finding that audience is not as easy as for the major releases. Traditional methods of promotion and marketing are still widely used, but television has become the centerpiece of every campaign, with the advertising blitz in the week or so before a film opens being the determining factor in the success or failure of the effort. Much marketing effort today goes into developing ancillary markets and product tie-ins of various sorts, all to help recoup expenses and, if a film is very successful, to cash in to an even greater degree. Capote also advertised on television, but not with the sort of budget that would be available for a major studio release. Marketing a film like Capote on television would have been very difficult a few years ago when the primary outlet used…

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Los Angeles -- a City
Words: 2402 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43888960
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Moreover, population groups "…pull up roots and seemingly go out of their way to avoid one another…" throughout Southern California, Worster writes (242). An example of the concept of "pulling up roots" is the community of Watts, which in the 1960s, Worster continues, was "an almost entirely black populace" but by the mid-1990s is "predominately Mexican-American" (p. 243). And Little Tokyo, positioned just south of Los Angeles' City Hall, is now home to a "dwindling population of Japanese-Americans" who have scant interaction with the colonies of artists "who began reclaiming and inhabiting factory and loft buildings" in Little Tokyo. Armenians that once dominated the eastern fringes of Hollywood have "relocated to suburban Glendale" and South Koreans have "settled in the Mid-Wilshire district" which has caused the "displacement of a sizable community of Central Americans," Worster explains. This movement of cultures and ethnicities around the sprawling great Los Angeles region…


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Wedding Banquet
Words: 1023 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 85480751
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edding Banquet does not deliberately set out to be a "queer film" but rather uses homosexuality as a narrative device; the conflicts that arise from ei-Tung and Simon's homosexual relationship are mirrored in "Little Mao's" heterosexual relationship as both ei-Tung and "Little Mao" attempt to break from tradition and are engaged in a relationship with a white man. It is important to note that the marriage arrangement within the film is also a matter of convenience -- the marriage not only enables ei to get a green card, but also helps ei-Tung satisfy his parents' desire for him to marry and have children. The edding Banquet does not set out to depict the issues that may arise because of an individual's homosexuality, but rather depicts the conflicts that arise when an individual tries to placate others while sacrificing a part of themselves. In this comedy of errors, the main characters…

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The Impact of Queer as Folk on GLBTQ Acceptance
Words: 1935 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25085164
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Cultural Representations of GLBTQ Peoples and Communities in the Mainstream Media

Attitudes and laws in American society concerning the gay, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and queer (GLBTQ) communities have changed in substantive ways in recent years, and many observers credit the cultural representations of these communities in the mainstream media as contributing to this progress. Notwithstanding the progress to date, though, some observers suggest that the status of the GLBTQ communities today is still comparable to the status of women and blacks a half century ago and there is clearly a need for greater understanding of these alternative lifestyles communities by the general American public. To this end, this paper provides a review of the literature concerning current GLBTQ issues in American culture followed by a discussion concerning the manner in which interpretation of mainstream media content such as films, television shows, books, plays or events can provide fresh insights into…

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Military Finding Oneself in the
Words: 1272 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91927665
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That is why I became Treasurer of the ives Club, out of gratefulness for this extended family. I know many people of my generation struggle to find 'who they are' but the structure of the military offers a potent and compelling answer to that question. To serve means always to be at home amongst people who understand exactly what you are going through: "Home is the place where, when you have to go there, they have to take you in" (Frost 118-119).

Being in the military does not mean, contrary to conventional wisdom, that one must obey an unthinking policy of 'my country right or wrong.' The men and women in the military must obey because soldiers cannot afford to question every order and live, however, this does not make them unthinking automatons -- far from it. In fact, soldiers think more about the great questions of life and death,…

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Heteronormativity and Media Heteronormativity Refers
Words: 838 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49210543
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S. Armed Services member thanking the protagonist for helping the cause of closeted homosexuals who risk jeopardizing their professional careers by acknowledging their sexual orientation.

In the 14 years since that sitcom episode, social perspective about sexual orientation has improved in a general sense, but probably much more so in areas where it was already accepted than elsewhere. Because popular perceptions are so profoundly influenced by the multimedia portrayal of cultural trends, the fact that high profile celebrities like Rosie O'Donnell and (most recently) former NSynch band member Lance

Bass have publicly acknowledged their homosexuality. Since 1993, bisexual experimentation" (particularly for women) has become a fashionable trend, especially within the entertainment industry. Like anything else that is publicized about celebrities in American culture, this change has also led to emulation among the masses, especially on the two coasts where the entertainment industry is based.

Naturally, progress in the area of…

Jack and Ennis Two-19-Year-Old Were Gay and
Words: 647 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95084264
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Jack and Ennis, two-19-year-old were gay and involved in a mutually romantic relationship, although one is married with children whilst the other has an impetuous relationship with a woman. The relationship between the men is tempestuous and rocky with only fear of the local killing them due to their 'queer' identity' refraining them from living together. Jack, the more openly gay of the two, is indeed killed by a homophobic mob in 1980 for being "queer." The book is a celebration of two men and their love for each other, and their suffering and dying for this love.

They represent the possible difficulties of working with gay and/or lesbian clients. Actually, Jack and Ennis also present therapists with the additional challenge of working with clients who have undergone trauma, but since this is the lesser challenge of the first and the two combined are beyond the scope of this essay,…


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Film Analysis American Beauty Women's Sexuality Film
Words: 745 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 58314858
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Film Analysis: American Beauty

Women's Sexuality

Film Analysis: American Beauty

Film Analysis: American Beauty

American Beauty (1999) was written by Alan Ball, creator of the HBO series 6 Feet Under, and directed by Sam Mendes. American Beauty centers around the Burnham family, who, on the surface seems like a picture-perfect, white, upper-middle class, suburban family. The protagonist of the film is the father and husband of the Burnham family, Lester, who, fed up with the boredom and monotony of his life, has an interesting "mid-life" crisis, that includes a very active crush on his adolescent daughter's Lolita-type best friend.

The film follows the Burham family as each member (mother, father, and daughter) transition into new stages of their lives. Lester's transition is the most notable and spectacular. He loses his high paying job and begins working at a fast food restaurant. While working the drive-thru, he discovers that his seemingsly…


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