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Economist's February 5 2009 Print
Words: 1114 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 35653393
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3. At its heart, this editorial promotes the underlying principles of free market capitalism. Trade is assumed to be a net generator of wealth by the authors; therefore the reduction of trade will result in a reduction of wealth. One of the key points they authors make is with regards to capital flows. Economic nationalism, they point out, will alter and in some cases diminish global capital flows to the detriment of the nationalists.

Global trade, they argue, needs leaders that strongly support its institutions and mechanisms. They advocate the completion of the Doha Round, and reduced trade sanctions. Such sanctions are the inevitable consequence of economic nationalism, and will reduce trade overall.

The issue of sovereignty also comes up in this piece. Each nation must deal with its own crisis, but to put sovereignty and local interests ahead of global economic development would be a mistake - sovereignty itself…

Works Cited

Editorial. (2009). The Return of Economic Nationalism. The Economist. Retrieved February 9, 2009 at

Fallacies Is Sugar Toxic One
Words: 721 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 88200576
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In the article, Taubes correlates the increase in sugar in the American diet with an increase in weight gain. In 1986, according to United States Department of Agriculture analysts, every American consumed on average 75 pounds of sugar. In the early 2000s, consumption had increased to more than 90 pounds per person per year (Taubes 3). However, Taubes neglects to note that consumption of total calories have also been increasing -- of all kinds of food, of fat as well as sugar. Physical activity has also been decreasing. Furthermore, while Taubes dismisses the additional negative effects of the addition of high-fructose corn syrup to foods and the burgeoning obesity epidemic, he also admits that the addition of HFCS to foods during the 1970s is correlated with an increase in the body mass index of Americans. In short, when statistics suit his argument -- increased sugar consumption in general as…

Works Cited

Taubes, Gary. "Is sugar toxic?" The New York Times. April 17, 2011. [May 3, 2011].

Freedom of the Press and
Words: 5379 Length: 17 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 31422897
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Authors Donald Lively and ussell Weaver describe Hustler Magazine as Falwell's "antagonist (p. 79)," no doubt representing for Falwell abuses of our Constitutional freedoms.

"In 1983, Hustler Magazine decided to parody Falwell using a Campari Liqueur advertisement. The actual Campari ads portrayed interviews with various celebrities about their 'first times.' Although the advertisement actually focused on the first time that the celebrities had sampled Campari, the ads portrayed the double entendre of the first time that the interviewees had engaged in sex. Hustler mimicked the Campari format and created a fictional interview with Falwell in which he stated that his 'first time' was during a drunken incestuous rendezvous with his mother in an outhouse (p. 79)."

The Oregon Commentator, May, 2007

There is probably no limit to the outrage that was felt by Falwell, and by his support base, both of which would have been offended, first, by using Falwell…


Block, H. (Artist) (1979). Spiritual Leader, Washington Post, Field Newspaper

Syndicate, April 8, 1979. Found online at Pop Art Machine, ..., retrieved March 1, 2010.

Chunovic, L. (2000). One Foot on the Floor: The Curious Evolution of Sex on Television

From I Love Lucy to South Park. University of Michigan Press, Ann Arbor, MI.

Bittman Mark Eating Food That's
Words: 896 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91996761
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In the case of Wal-Mart, Kellogg, and other companies that have introduced organic versions of processed foods, organic often seems more like a marketing technique, not a seal of health.

No matter how carefully I avoided using the word 'organic' when I spoke to groups of food enthusiasts about how to eat better, someone in the audience would inevitably ask, What if I can't afford to buy organic food? It seems to have become the magic cure-all, synonymous with eating well, healthfully, sanely, even ethically, he complains (Bittman 2009). Organic food has become synynonmous with health and a high price, and so health and high prices have become interrelated in the public's mind. Rather than enhance the public's desire to purchase healthy food, not being able to afford organic produce has become kind of an excuse -- 'I can't afford to buy organic, so why bother.'

Organic food is not…

"No matter how carefully I avoided using the word 'organic' when I spoke to groups of food enthusiasts about how to eat better, someone in the audience would inevitably ask, "What if I can't afford to buy organic food?" It seems to have become the magic cure-all, synonymous with eating well, healthfully, sanely, even ethically," he complains (Bittman 2009). Organic food has become synynonmous with health and a high price, and so health and high prices have become interrelated in the public's mind. Rather than enhance the public's desire to purchase healthy food, not being able to afford organic produce has become kind of an excuse -- 'I can't afford to buy organic, so why bother.'

Organic food is not inherently 'bad' -- but nor is it inherently, automatically good. "The truth is that most Americans eat so badly -- we get 7% of our calories from soft drinks, more than we do from vegetables; the top food group by caloric intake is 'sweets'; and one-third of nation's adults are now obese -- that the organic question is a secondary one. it's not unimportant, but it's not the primary issue in the way Americans eat," says Bittman (Bittman 2009). Calorie and energy balance is more important in the question of what is making Americans obese than whether the food individuals are eating is organic. Americans are eating too much, and eating too much processed food and sugar. Focusing on whether an apple is organic is a side issue. Americans each consume an average of nearly two pounds a day of animal products, and were we to switch to two pounds of organic, grass-fed beef; it is hard to believe that we would be any healthier, given such levels of overconsumption (Bittman 2009).

So eat unprocessed food -- but your spinach and potatoes don't have to be bought at Whole Foods, or be unnecessarily costly. These are the personal choices all of us should be making, not obsessing about an organic label. Additionally, for personal and organizational advocates of improving the American diet, shifting the stress from organic food to real food is important. People should not feel as if eating better requires them to 'break their banks.' Eating healthfully and in an environmentally sustainable way requires relying upon good common sense, not looking for a government seal.

Download Chamberlain Library the Articles Uploaded Upload
Words: 824 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68598852
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download Chamberlain Library) the articles uploaded, upload the articles required reading

This is for the "Telemonitoring…" article

The purpose of this research is to determine if it is advantageous to employ electronic home monitoring (EHM) for heart failure patients. Advantageous is determined by whether or not additional costs and hospital visits could be reduced with this technology, and if it could increase the length of time between hospital visits.

The research questions in this study were implicit and stated in the form of three hypotheses. The first questioned whether or not lower costs, emergency room and hospital visits could be achieved with EHM, the second was whether or not quality of life and caregiver mastery could improve while lowering rates of depressive symptoms, and the final one wondered whether or not, the combination of EHM, caregiver mastery and informal social support could decrease the risk of readmission to hospitals.


Goodbye to Another Unprincipled Democrat
Words: 880 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 12597607
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Millions of Americans were -- and still are -- without coverage. Fixating on abortion would have been like throwing a baby out with the bath water.

Second, the health care reform bill clearly allows for state insurers as well as private insurance companies to opt out of abortion coverage. Moreover, the essence of the health care reform bill is allowing all Americans to receive the coverage of their choice. That means that any person opposed to abortions can choose a health care plan that suits their needs. Stupak did not, as the editorial team suggests, vote for government-funded abortion. Stupak did vote for health care reform.

Another reason why the ashington Times editorial misses the mark is by slandering Stupak. There is simply no need to interject a personal attack into what is mainly a political issue. Instead, the editors of the ashington Times should use logic and not character…

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CBS. "Health Care Reform Bill Summary: A Look at What's in the Bill." April 2010. Retrieved April 11, 2010 from 

Washington Times editorial: " Goodbye to another unprincipled Democrat." April 9, 2010. Retrieved April 10, 2010 from

Hate Begets Hate New York Times Opinion Piece
Words: 892 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15486465
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By connecting the awarding of a peace prize with the concerns of a world in which terrorism has become a constant threat, Obama makes clear the exigency of his message when he says: "I do not bring with me today a definitive solution to the problems of war."

Nobel laureates are given few formal constraints in terms of their responses but Obama faced the more general constraints of trying to meet very high expectations and the conflicting expectations of the peoples of different nations. I believe that he did a good -- though not perfect -- job in meeting these differing expectations, and so crafted a speech that served as a fitting response to the occasion.

Whether or not one believes that Obama achieved the Aristotelian concept of ethos -- the ability to make a credible ethical appeal -- depends probably more on one's own politics than the speech itself.…

Spin and Rolling Stone What
Words: 883 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11992945
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Rolling Stone is looking for a slightly older, more affluent readership and ironically picks up more male readers than SPIN. As a DJ, this information is invaluable in seeing how the music reviews and editorial coverage impacts what people at concerns and events I work. Rolling Stone covers the more mainstream hip hop, house music, soul and on occasion, indie bands. SPIN is much bolder in their content and is more effective in attracting younger readers who want to be on the cutting edge of the music scene. Figure q: SPIN Network Demographic Analysis shows the results of analyzing the SPIN website using Quantcast.

Figure 1: SPIN Network Demographic Analysis (Quantcast)

Figure 2 shows the demographic analysis of the Rolling Stone, using their website as the basis of the analysis using Quantcast. As can be seen from the Analysis, Rolling Stone has a significantly larger audience and has a larger…

Works Cited

Ainsworth, Anthony Bailey. "A year in the Life of the African-American Male in Advertising: A Content Analysis." Journal of Advertising 35.1 (2006): 83-104.

Kolbe, Richard H., and Paul J. Albanese. "Man to Man: A Content Analysis of Sole-Male Images in Male-Audience Magazines." Journal of Advertising 25.4 (1996): 1-20.

Raab, David M. "New Metrics for Social Media." Information Management 21.6 (2011): 24.

Appendix a: Additional Statistics on Rolling Stone

Erroneous Thinking Behind Genetic Discrimination
Words: 914 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29290555
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Newspaper Opinion Editorial

With advances in genetic studies, Canadians can learn if they are at risk of developing devastating diseases -- and so can their insurance companies. Genetic discrimination is growing as an increasing number of people are opting for genetic tests, including people at risk of developing Huntington's disease, a degenerative brain disorder that cannot presently be cured or slowed. Children of parents with Huntington's disease have a 50% chance of developing the disorder, and genetic testing can narrow the probability ratio even further.

Genetic discrimination is unfair and the result of faulty, speculative thinking. Genetic discrimination is misleading also misleading as it is based on probability prediction, which can be absolutely incorrect. Genetic discrimination is defined as "the differential treatment of asymptomatic individuals or their relatives on the basis of their real or assumed genetic characteristics. Consider that for many individuals whose parents do have Huntington's disease, only…


Ethical Issues in Genetic Testing. (2008, June). Number 410. The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists [Web]. Retrieved 

Resources%20And%20Publications/Committee%20Opinios/Committee%20on%20Ethics/Ethical%20Issues%20in%20Genetic%20Testing.aspx News Staff (2009, June 9). Some Canadians suffering 'genetic discrimination.' Bell Media. Retrieved 

Lapman, E.V., Kozma, C. And Weiss, J. (1996, October 25). Science, 274. Genetic discrimination: Perspectives of consumers.

Borderline Leadership Discusses the Need for Policy
Words: 962 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27441322
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Borderline Leadership" discusses the need for policy change regarding immigration. The form of reasoning used in this article is solidly utilitarian. The author urges the White House to take solid steps toward creating "realistic and enforceable" legislation to curb illegal immigration, and the federal government should "tailor the law to economic reality." The concept of economic need is the underlying reason used by the editor to support his view on immigration policy. Furthermore, the author refers to immigrants several times as being "needed" to maintain the American economy. The greatest good for the greatest number, according to the author, would be to change immigration laws to allow for more migrant workers.

However, twice the author slips slightly from his or her strictly utilitarian perspective, as when he or she discusses the high school student illegal immigrants. Referring to a judge's "sensible step of blocking their deportation," the author suggests that…

Artforum Magazine Five-Year-Old Book About
Words: 1312 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50455460
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Allen also notes that interviews are often heavily edited, very likely to be true in the case of Artforum, where each interview hews to a standard of grammar and diction that may not be found in the speech of the interviewees.

Six people -- artists, writers -- who had known Coplans were invited to contribute to his obituary. Irving Blum's reminiscence aptly explains the editorial direction of the magazine during Coplans' tenure, and, by observation of the February 2005 issue, today as well. Blum notes that Coplans had a "bulletproof bull***** detector. He was astonishingly direct about every issue" (Banks, 2004). Blum notes that Coplans could both voice his feelings and explain why he did or did not like something, a feature of the writing in the magazine today. In addition, when the art public was giving some new ideas a lukewarm reception, and Coplans disagreed, he was not shy…


Allen, G. (2002, June 22) "Documents of 1960s art. (book review)"

Art Journal. Retrieved 18 February 2005 from Highbeam Research,  

Pulitzer Joseph Pulitzer and His
Words: 3734 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75282459
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His dedication and intelligence allowed him to eventually become not simply passable in his English speaking skills, but a lawyer, a U.S. Congressman, one of the best journalists of his era (and, according to some biographers, of any era), and an incredibly eloquent (if somewhat bombastic) speaker and letter writer -- not to mention one of the wealthiest men in the world, especially in the field of newspaper publishing (Brian; Seitz).

In 1878, not even fifteen years since his arrival in the country, Joseph Pulitzer bought his first newspaper company -- the St. Louis Dispatch. The paper was in disarray, but fate intervened in the form of the Evening Post and its owner, John Alvarez Dillon. The two papers were combined and began issuing a joint newspaper that very same day, with Pulitzer immediately taking over the editorial page, which he was quick to put to use then and after…

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Douglas, George. The Golden Age of the Newspaper. Westport, CT: Greenwood, 1999.

Silly Putty Claymation
Words: 402 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 89851427
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Can you determine the position and viewpoint of the artist based on the message and meaning of the cartoon? Explain.

While good political cartoonists will likely exploit any opportunity to convey a point of topical interest irrespective of their political affiliation, this editorial cartoon depicted in Figure 1 above suggests that the artist is a staunch Republican who views the president and his political party as being highly ineffective to the point of malfeasance. After all, the country's credit rating has been adversely affected, and this translates into higher interest rates for government borrowing in the future, adding further constraints to the country's economic recovery following the Great Recession of 2008. he political cartoonist in this case also makes it clear that the Republicans are well situated to take advantage of this ineffectiveness on the part of the Democratic leadership in general and the president in particular in the future.…

The "twist" in this comic is the apparent inability or unwillingness of the president to stay the course set by his party in the negotiations over the debt ceiling. In the end, the cartoonist makes it clear that the president caved and the Republican leadership prevailed, prompting the unenthusiastic "oops" response from the Democrats and the "spineless" characterization by the Republicans.

Can you determine the position and viewpoint of the artist based on the message and meaning of the cartoon? Explain.

While good political cartoonists will likely exploit any opportunity to convey a point of topical interest irrespective of their political affiliation, this editorial cartoon depicted in Figure 1 above suggests that the artist is a staunch Republican who views the president and his political party as being highly ineffective to the point of malfeasance. After all, the country's credit rating has been adversely affected, and this translates into higher interest rates for government borrowing in the future, adding further constraints to the country's economic recovery following the Great Recession of 2008. The political cartoonist in this case also makes it clear that the Republicans are well situated to take advantage of this ineffectiveness on the part of the Democratic leadership in general and the president in particular in the future. In the final analysis, this editorial cartoon portrays the sorry state of political affairs that exists at a certain point in time during this critical juncture in the country's history.

Internet Disagree Then a Response Bill Clinton
Words: 658 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69508065
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Internet disagree. Then, a response

Bill Clinton, it was, who once said that he smoked marijuana, but he didn't inhale. This famous assertion was made during his presidency of the United States, and helps to marginalize the effect of certain recreational drugs. If a person can become president of a country as powerful as the U.S. And smoke a little marijuana, then it should be noted that all illegal drugs are not as bad as others. This distinction between illegal drugs is of particular importance in the debate to test welfare users for drugs in certain states, where the penalty can have significant impacts upon the user's family, including the cutting of state funds for up to three years. When one pauses to consider the damage done to a person's family by curtailing their state funding for three years, it becomes clear that there should not be drug testing for…


No author. (2011, August 12). EDITORIAL: Kick Junkies Off Welfare. The Washington Times. Retrieved from

Inner Workings of a Fictitious
Words: 926 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68763895
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In the Paper, women are depicted in conflicting ways. Alicia Clark is an unfortunate caricature of a woman in power: her nasty attitude sends strong messages about women in positions of power. Clark is devoid of femininity, underscored by her dog fight with Hackett in the press room and her having followed Bernie hite into the men's washroom. However, her character could satirically suggest that women do not need to act like men to be well-respected. In fact, Martha Hackett and several other staff editors and reporters do suggest that women work on par with men in the world of journalism and do not need to act like Clark does.

The editorial decisions regarding the leading story about the wrongfully accused African-American youths relate to themes of race relations in America. Howard treats race sensitively. The black youths were framed for the killing of two white businessmen. Michael McDougal (Randy…

Works Cited

Howard, Ron. The Paper. 1994.

The Paper." Online at .

Technology- M-Commerce Research Plan Mobile Commerce M-Commerce
Words: 465 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 64752834
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Technology- M-Commerce

Research lan: Mobile Commerce (m-Commerce)

Outline of Research lan

The introduction of mobile commerce (or m-Commerce) demonstrates the invasiveness and interactivity of technologies today and the extension of the 'virtual self' through business transactions made through m-Commerce.

m-Commerce in the worldwide and national context

Characteristics of m-Commerce: Technical

As an information service

As an information technology

Applications of m-Commerce: Business and Social

Financial services


Retail shopping

Social Impact of m-Commerce technology in the U.S. And to the World

erceived benefits of m-Commerce

Risks and challenges associated with m-Commerce


Annotated Bibliography

Ngai, E. And Gunasekaran, A. (2007). "A review for mobile commerce research and applications." Decision Support Systems, Vol. 23, No. 3.

The authors provided an intensive review of current literature on the topic of m-Commerce, exploring the different concepts and dimensions in which it is associated as far as scholarly studies about it are concerned. Findings…

Provides a primer and detailed description of the advent of m-commerce, specifically focusing the discussion in the case of mobile banking (m-banking). As one kind of application of m-commerce, the article would be helpful in understanding the benefits, challenges and risks that accompany the use of m-commerce.

Tiwari, R. And S. Buse. (2007). The Mobile Commerce Prospects: A strategic analysis of opportunities in the banking sector. Hamburg: Hamburg University Press.

The book provides a comprehensive overview of m-commerce from the perspective of banking/financial services. It contains a detailed discussion of the technical, business and social dimensions of m-commerce, with suggestions for future directions in terms of policy-making (regulatory framework) and further research on its usage and receptivity as a new business technology.

Violence and Victims Journal Violence and Victims
Words: 2270 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65907596
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Violence and Victims

Journal: "Violence and Victims" by Springer Publishing Company

Violence and Victims is a social work journal that informs "clinical decisions, legal actions and public policy" (Springer Publishing, 2011). It is a peer-reviewed journal that includes subject matter on "theory, research, policy, and clinical practice in the area of interpersonal violence and victimization" across a myriad of professional disciplines to the likes of medicine, law, sociology, psychology and social work (Springer Publishing, 2011). Some important topics, issues and questions that are discussed include subjects like how to assess a violent offender, how to counsel victims of violence, among other topics.

The editors of this journal include a myriad of different doctors from all over the United States. The editor-in-chief is from the University of Washington of the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Institute, while others that are associate editors and on the editorial and advisory board are various individuals…


Lilly, Michelle M., Graham-Bermann, Sandra A., &, Initials. (2010). Intimate partner violence and ptsd: the moderating role of emotion-focused coping. Violence and Victims, 25(5), Retrieved from 

Springer Publishing, Initials. (2011). Violence and victims. Retrieved from

Scalia Memorandum on the Question
Words: 1262 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21679983
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This is a reasonable element of consideration to be pointed out, because many of the people holding public office and performing public service in the District of Columbia are lawyers, who have varying and extensive careers in law. By reason of this, they do reasonably come together and throughout the course of their legal education and careers become friends and, or, acquaintances. They are often, by virtue of their profession and by virtue of the affluence that often accompanies the rise to power, found to be in the same social circles in support of charity, or in the pursuit of continuing legal education, areas of interest, and, yes, recreationally too.

To abandon these relationships because one has been appointed to a particular office is an unreasonable request, and a practice that would actually cause the relationship to receive an unnecessarily amount of scrutiny. Nor is it any secret, as Justice…

So while the case study contains both elements that Justice Scalia cites as being elements for recusal, the recusal of both Justices Smith and Jones leaves intact the integrity of the intended majority in the decision making process.

The two elements, as Justice Scalia cited them, specifically and unquestionably apply to the case study as elements in support of recusal. The case study specifically meets not just the first, and probably more obscure of the two criteria, but specifically and wholly the second criteria because the action of appealing the NY Court of Appeals decision is in fact an action by, taken by, the incumbent whose relationship with both Justices meet the first element.

The conditions of the case study are much like those in the case in which Justice Scalia did in fact recuse himself. See Elk Grove Unified School District v. Newdow, 540 U.S. _ (cert. granted, Oct. 14, 2003) (p. 4).

Syringe in My Pepsi Can
Words: 2051 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 51386054
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Yet, the benefits of the technique above could have turned into disadvantages if the spokesperson lost his temper, didn't know what to answer or provided details that shouldn't have reached the media.

Fourthly, the corporation established non-stop toll-free numbers. These offered two major benefits: the softening of the corporate image (PepsiCo appeared as an entity open to dialogue and concerned about the safety of its consumers) and the permanent feedback provided by consumers. Yet, the main drawback is that some joking callers could use a false identity and report untrue events just to put the company on the wrong track and make it lose time. However, benefits are heavier than drawbacks, in this case.

Fifthly, the corporation used a slogan at the end of the crisis - "Pepsi is pleased to announce...nothing." This was a witty remark suggesting that the company remained the producer of the same qualitative beverage and…


1. Gordon, K.T. (2001). Under Fire - How a Small Business Can Handle a PR Problem. On the Internet at  July 6, 2007.

2. Richardson, K. (2006). Public Relations in a Crisis: How to Make the Web Work for You. On the Internet at: Retrieved July 6.

3. Internet Usage Statistics - the Big Picture (2007). On the Internet at: Retrieved July 6.

Auspices and With a Variety of Purposes
Words: 912 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97665591
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auspices and with a variety of purposes; this particular study described its secondary purpose as a method for describing decision making and the decision making process undertaken by patients with Heart Failure (HF). Even more importantly for this study was that the study's primary purpose was to determine and describe the process exhibited by the HF patient(s) care givers.

The specific question the study sought to answer was "How do caregivers of family members with HF make decisions" (p. 56).

The study was conducted using a "qualitative design" (p. 58). A qualitative design is normally conducted to gather data on perceptions, thoughts and beliefs concerning any number of subjects. This study was set up to determine the process of making decisions (regarding HF patients) by caregivers and why they made the decisions that they made. Since perceptions, beliefs and thoughts all play a significant role in medical treatment(s), the design…


PCVN; (2012) Progress in Cardiovascular Nursing, accessed on May 18, 2012 at

Cross Cultural Age of Globalization the Quickening
Words: 589 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51562225
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Cross Cultural Age of Globalization

The quickening pace of globalization continues to force varying cultures, their expectations, norms, value and practices together at a pace that is much faster than had been the case in the past. This presents a unique series of challenges for managers who must navigate the task of creating an agile enough organization to compete, yet still provide enough structure and stability for objectives to be attained. National political culture is a critically important foundation to guiding the definition of a globalization strategy in that it encompasses citizenship practices (Bird, Fang, 2009). The intent of this analysis is to critically evaluate if the concept of a theoretical framework is sufficient to support globalization strategies aligned to the nuances and specific considerations of a given region. Appraising the legitimacy of management strategies in the context of cross-cultural citizenship practices is central to this analysis (Chevrier, 2009).



Bird, A. & Fang, T. (2009) 'Editorial: cross cultural management in the age of globalization', International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 9 (2), pp. 139 -- 142, Sage Premier Database [Online]. DOI: 10.1177/1470595809335713 (Accessed: 21 December 2009).

Chevrier, S. (2009) 'Is national culture still relevant to management in a global context? The case of Switzerland', International Journal of Cross Cultural Management, 9 (2), pp. 169 -- 181, Sage Journals [Online]. DOI: 10.1177/1470595809335723 (Accessed: 23 December 2009).

Hofstede, G., & McCrae, R.R. (2004). Personality and culture revisited: Linking traits and dimensions of culture. Cross - Cultural Research, 38(1), 52-88.

19th Century African-American Newspapers Archives
Words: 2156 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15655947
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Voice of the Fugitive- an Alternate Nation for Afro-Americans

The African-American community in USA has faced many obstacles but through all its challenges, has withstood the test of time. It has faced severe discrimination in terms of treatment. The poem, 'Genuine Prize Song for Jenny Lind' is a piece that focuses on the depth of these discriminatory practices and establishes an absence of national belonging, where the African-Americans felt it was better to start living someplace else. This analysis on the poem argues that the poem was based on the 'absence of the sentiment of national belonging towards USA, and encourages the lack community to explore other places to settle in, predominantly Canada.'

Many African-Americans following the call for a united front, published papers and periodicals that were aimed at consolidating efforts for freedom from slavery. As Frederick Douglass famously said that if the path taken by the Whites to…


DeLombard, Jeanine Mary. "African-American Cultures of Print." Hall, David D. Cultures of Print. Boston: University of Massuchusetts, 1996. 360.

Gundaker, Grey. "Africans Americans, Print, and Practice." Gross, Robert A. And Mary Kelley. An Extensive Republic: Print, Culture, and Society in the New Nation, 1790-1840. North Carolina: UNC Press Books, 2010. 483-495.

The Voice of the Fugitive. 29 January 1851. 9 March 2012 .

Ethical Communication
Words: 2175 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 20242649
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Ethical Communication

The Definition of Ethics

In practically all areas of society ethical subjects are rapidly increasing. Professionals in the health field struggle with ethical questions in relation to abortion, transplants, birth control, informed consent, life-support systems, malpractice suits, patient privacy, human genetics, and high costs of insurance, as well as care on the whole. Ethical matters in relation to nuclear power accidents, oil spills, disposal of industrial waste, defense weaponry, lead and asbestos poisoning, acid rain, as well as ecological balance challenge those in technology, science, and industry. People in the political ground deal with ethical queries in relation to unemployment, homelessness, foreign policy decisions, Social Security, welfare reform, electioneering costs, law enforcement practices, Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) activities, racial and gender discrimination, immigration control, drugs, crime, and lobbying actions. The legal profession is blamed of unethical customs like engaging in doubtful plea-bargaining practices, motivating a harmful litigious spirit,…


Arnett R.C. (1992). Dialogic education: Conversation about ideas and between persons. Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press.

Berlo D.K. (1960). Dimensions for evaluating the acceptability of message sources. Public Opinion Quarterly, 33, 563-576.

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Converse E.J., Campbell D.T., Miller R.D. And Stokes L. (1960). Nonreactive measures in the social sciences. (2nd ed.). Boston: Houghton Mifflin.

Feed the World the Economist
Words: 3049 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4137780
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Native populations never had such concepts. That many nations are artificial creations incapable of food self-sufficiency undercuts the self-sufficiency argument. Nations around the world may need, at the very least, to organization into larger, more diverse blocs the way Europe has in order to have any hope of attaining food self-sufficiency.


Inefficient and illogical colonial-era boundaries are just one externality that is impacting the ability of the world to feed itself. Trade regulations are another. No matter the justification, trade barriers and tariffs reduce the efficiency of the global food trade. hen nations protect certain industries with these barriers, they fail to take advantage of comparative advantages. orse, such regulations stifle innovation. hen regulations are removed, innovation allows industries to find a new equilibrium. An example of this can be found with Canadian wine production. Prior to the U.S.-Canada Free Trade Act, the Canadian wine industry was subsidized heavily.…

Works Cited:

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Bello, W. (2008). How the World Bank, IMF and WTO destroyed African agriculture. Retrieved March 20, 2010 from

Forgotten Yet Essential Soladaras in
Words: 3477 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 31593768
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However, over the years, history book publishers have not followed suit and described the soladeras in a positive way. For instance, one of Casaola's most well-known photos is of a harried soldadera in a train station. The photograph's saturated colors make the scene deeply emotional and compelling, with a feeling of urgency and dynamic motion. The spontaneity of the picture and transparency of reality provide an historical accuracy and high degree of precision. Yet, the caption of one history book, for example, relates how many of the soldaderas were forced to ride on the rooftops of the trains, instead of inside the wagons. Many of the women died early deaths when the train sped through dangerous ravines and cliffs. This was anything but a supportive interpretation of the photograph and not why Casola took the photographs.

On the other hand, Casola's photographs, especially this one in the train station, did…


Coerver, Don M.. Suzanne B. Pasztor and Robert Buffington. Mexico: an encyclopedia of contemporary culture and history Santa Barber, CA: ABC-Clio.

Fuentes, Andres. "Battleground Women: Soldaderas and Female Soldiers in the Mexican Revolution." The Americas 51 no. 4 (1995): 525-553.

King, Benjamin. "Iconography and Stereotype: Visual Memory of the Soldaderas"  (Accessed May 3, 2010)

Macias, Anna. Against All Odds: The Feminist Movement in Mexico to 1940 Westport CT: Greenwood Press, 1982

Bardach's Eightfold Path Lays Out
Words: 960 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 83489032
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This model of writing, editing, and producing various types of texts requires that each significant point-of-view on an issue be represented fairly. Initially, this would seem to be an excellent policy: After all, the marketplace of ideas (as the Supreme Court has reminded us) is strengthened by adding more ideas, not by subtracting problematic ones.

However, when one moves from the abstract to the particular and concrete, the problems with such a strategy become immediately clear. To understand the depths of such a problem, one can consider the current political situation in Libya. A neutral point-of-view would require that a description of what has been happening in February in Libya include Muammar Gaddafi's assessment of what has been happening in the nation that he has ruled for over forty years.

That viewpoint has shifted to some extent from day-to-day, but in general the military leader has argued that Al-Qaeda, Israel,…

Takaki Racialization Questions on Race
Words: 1912 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 87380194
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This would result in a proliferation of German success and influence throughout the continent and an effective solidarity amongst German immigrants.

5) hat was the "wolf by the ears" quandary that Takai suggests late century American slaveholders found themselves to be in? hat were they afraid of? hat solutions to the problems created by slavery were possible considering the existing conditions and mentalities in American societies at the time?

The problem of slavery had become pressing, not just insofar as it represented a serious humanitarian crisis for the U.S. But even further, as it presented the U.S. And many of its citizens a serious threat to stability. Jefferson's comments, which sound derisive enough, were actually couched in the understanding that the slave class of the United States was justifiably angry, restless and therefore, dangerous to its master. Accordingly, Takaki reports that "As it is,' Jefferson cried out, 'we have the…

Works Cited:

Diner, H.R. (1983). Erin's Daughters in America: Irish Immigrant Women in the Nineteenth Century. The Johns Hopkins University Press.

Takaki, R. (2008). A Different Mirror: A History of Multicultural America. Back Bay Books.

Strategic Expertise I Am Looking
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To contribute to my professional experience, I have worked all over the globe within the scope of major retail organizations to help compile and execute successful marketing and brand imaging strategies. While working for VOGUE in New York in 2007 as an editorial intern, I helped select current fashion trends through exhaustive research and development. I also had the luxury of helping with the creative tasks of compiling the magazine content as well as assessing story ideas, researching, and copyediting. Much of my experience is also drawn from my time at Michael Kors in New York as a Public Relations Intern in 2006. There, I helped arrange looks for the Golden Globe Awards and photo shoots for high-end magazines, effectively representing the Michael Kors brand image. I also gained experience in managing press contact databases and client files, as well as tracking press coverage and assisting the process of press…

Continuing my education is essential for pursuing my professional goals. I wish to continue to work within marketing and brand management as I have in the past, but within the context of a more executive level. I aim to one day be in the position to make the crucial decisions regarding a company's marketing and branding strategy, rather than being the one to simply carry out a small piece of it, as I have in the past. The knowledge I will acquire through an Individualized program at Gallatin will help give me the tools necessary to survive in a competitive professional world and attain the high positions I look forward to.

While working at Gallatin, I can bank on my already long list of accomplishments and experiences to help enhance my studies. I was born in London, raised in Istanbul, and went to a boarding school in Switzerland; all which have contributed to my multi-cultural background and staunch independence only witnessed in an individual of great experience. To contribute to my professional experience, I have worked all over the globe within the scope of major retail organizations to help compile and execute successful marketing and brand imaging strategies. While working for VOGUE in New York in 2007 as an editorial intern, I helped select current fashion trends through exhaustive research and development. I also had the luxury of helping with the creative tasks of compiling the magazine content as well as assessing story ideas, researching, and copyediting. Much of my experience is also drawn from my time at Michael Kors in New York as a Public Relations Intern in 2006. There, I helped arrange looks for the Golden Globe Awards and photo shoots for high-end magazines, effectively representing the Michael Kors brand image. I also gained experience in managing press contact databases and client files, as well as tracking press coverage and assisting the process of press releases. At Gilan Jewelers in Istanbul, Turkey in 2005, I worked as a Merchandising Intern and gained great training in the field of customer relations as well as leasing with De Beers on Gilan's behalf. Also in 2005, I worked with Channel D. In Istanbul as an Assistant Journalist. Here, I helped translate news from English to Turkish and worked with the montage teams. I also gained great creative experience writing headlines and breaking news.

Studying within an Individualized program at Gallatin will only continue my professional and academic development to help get e that much closer to my goals. Having already amassed great experience within the context of an international arena, I can only imagine how my studies will improve my skills within the marketing world.

Letter to Editor as Someone
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How can we expect our children to learn how to think critically if we do not teach them about sex?

Cheers to The Dallas News for pointing out the woeful inconsistencies and shortcomings in Texan state education. The majority of Texas school districts "either teach an abstinence-only health curriculum or avoid talking about sex altogether" and the result? Texas has one of the highest rates of teen pregnancy in the nation. When evidence proves that our methods are not working, it is time to change them. Some teens are blessed with parents who make up for their state's lack of sex education programs. Unfortunately, many Texan teens remain ignorant at the behest of irresponsible parents. If withholding medical treatment for minors is against the law, then so too should withholding access to information about safe sex.

Finally, I would like to add that young people have a right to information:…

Healthcare Is One of the
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Starbucks has committed to provide healthcare coverage to employees who work at least 20 hours a week. This year, the cost will add up to over 200 million dollars for coverage of its over 80,000 employees. Schultz's perspective, differing from G is that the company's healthcare accounts for its very low employee turnover and high productivity. However, their generosity is even now bringing down their bottom line, Starbucks is attracting older workers who no doubt join the company for its healthcare benefits. As a result, Shultz notes that Starbuck's future healthcare costs will dramatically increase. Starbucks has seen that their insurance costs have had double digit increases in each of the past four years, and that this growth is completely "non-sustainable." Part of the reason that Starbucks is able to maintain its current healthcare policy is the relative newness of the company and its current lack of retirement healthcare costs.…

Moroni, R. (2005, August 29). Foreign Competition May Push U.S. Health Reform.

Grand Rapids Business Journal. 23 (36), p4-4, 1/3p. Retrieved September 21, 2006, from the EBSCO HOST Regional Business News database. (an 18097323).

Yip, P. (2005, October 18). General Motors health-care deal an example of changes over time. Dallas Morning News, the (TX). Retrieved September 21, 2006, from the EBSCO HOST Newspaper Source database. (an 2W62009610037).

Police Field Now or Within
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Subsequently, the primary focus of this editorial is to urge Police Magazine, individual law enforcement offices across the country, as well as law enforcement officers themselves, to implement these type of measures (which allowed for such a coordinated response from these disparate entities) across the country. The benefits of implementing programs such as the Metropolitan Medical Response System in cities and states throughout the U.S. would certainly be manifold, as it would dramatically assist in the work efforts of the aforementioned departments were they previously familiarized with working together in the face of adversity.

I do realize, of course, that the coordination of this type of municipal cooperation would require a substantial amount of training for the various employees involved, which would ideally be an addition to the training necessary for the respective jobs in these organizations. I am also aware that such organization would require a significant amount of…

Pursuant to the Proposed Community Transit Policy
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Pursuant to the proposed community transit policy entitled, "Bus Efficiency Policy (BEP)," dated, 11 June 2011, please permit me, a humble but concerned citizen of the Santa Clara Valley metropolitan area to illustrate several glaring deficiencies not considered and/or addressed in the BEP. Overall the BEP is a flimsy and ill-conceived proposal that reeks of bureaucratic wish-thinking and fails to factor in the most important variable when considering any changes and/or "improvements" in transit policy, in transit operations, in bus equipment, etc., cost! I am of course referring to the hard costs associated with expanding "park and ride" lots, the adoption of the fare box with change provider, and the purchase of new hybrid, eco-friendly, buses. The major problem with the BEP is that these suggestions all come without a real price tag attached. As a consumer, as a tax-paying citizen, I want to know this information before I sanction…

Works Cited

Reisman, Will. "State Bond Money to Fund Muni Fare Box Rehab Project." San

Francisco Examiner, 17 May 2008. Web. 12 June 2011.

"Showing average listing price for Santa Clara County ZIP codes.", 08 June

2011. Web. 12 June 2011

Sex Lies & Advertising Only
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As a result, ads for ethnicities such as blacks and Hispanics are limited to media designed to target only these audiences.

Steinem rues the advertiser's power over her magazine. She regrets the use of a feminist magazine to sell products that are bad for women, but explains the financial necessity for doing so. Cigarette and alcohol ads provide a disproportionate amount of advertising support and can't be forfeited without threatening the survival of the magazine. In fact, ads themselves begin to compete with content for space, changing the content to ad ration from 60/40 to 50/50. The following statement by Steinen reflects her degree of despair:

There is hardly a night when I don't wake up with sweaty palms and pounding heart, scared that we won't be able to pay the printer or the post office; scared most of all that closing our doors will hurt the women's movement." (Steinem,…


Steinem, Gloria. "Sex, Lies & Advertising." MS Magazine Jul./Aug. 1990. Available:  (Accessed 6 Jun 2005).

Carnival Culture Twitchell Has a
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And perhaps worst of all are books like Chicken Soup for the Soul, which are usually given as graduation gifts or gifts given to a person undergoing a difficult emotional crisis, again more like one would give a greeting card than a book full of information.

But Twitchell's other point, that the publishing industry must maintain a clear sense of high culture and guide rather than respond to America's tastes, is more controversial than his suggestion that the book world should re-focus its attention on reading rather than simply selling printed matter. Although some of the best sellers Twitchell despises, like works by Danielle Steel or Steven King, may be without merit one might ask -- has he ever read the cultural critiques found within the pages of a Calvin and Hobbes comic? Why speak of the quality of Salmon Rushdie in the same breath as Steel and King --…

Rising and Falling of Gasoline
Words: 1060 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24461431
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hen gasoline prices are low, as they were in July 2003, families spend an average of 4.6% of their median incomes on gasoline; but when prices spike, as they did in July 2008, households spend more like 11.5% on gasoline (Ma, 18).

So what can consumers do vis-a-vis shopping for groceries when gasoline prices take away significant portions of their disposable incomes? Firstly, on page 21 Ma explains that smart shoppers go to warehouse club centers and "supercenters" where prices are lower due to the mass volumes of products sold there. Yes, Ma admits, supercenters and warehouse clubs may be further away than local grocery stories, causing more gasoline to be used; but on the other hand, customers buy in bulk at those outlets, reducing "the number of shopping trips" necessary (21). Secondly, smart grocery shoppers turn to "private labels" on food products that are as a rule 20% to…

Works Cited

Courtemanche, Charles. "A Silver Lining? The Connection Between Gasoline Prices and Obesity." Economic Inquiry, 49.3 (2011): 935-957.

Kilian, Lutz. "Explaining Fluctuations in Gasoline Prices: A Joint Model of the Global Crude Oil

Market and the U.S. Retail Gasoline Market." The Energy Journal, 31.2 (2010): 87-111.

Ma, Yu, Ailawadi, Kusum L., Fauri, Dinesh K., and Grewal, Dhruv. "An Empirical Investigation

Social Evolution to Rapid Revolutionary Change and
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Social evolution to rapid revolutionary change and contemporary globalization dynamics: Emphasizing the an Analysis of Global Economics.

An article that recently appeared in The Korea Herald, "U.S. And Germany stress cooperation" details a visit to Germany by U.S. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner, who met with his German counterpart to discuss the financial crisis that has enveloped Europe as of late. The context for this meeting was important, as the European Union's currency, the Euro, has consistently been devalued in the past few years and several countries that are part of this alliance (17 altogether) are contemplating various measures in which the currency and the economic solidarity of the EU could be saved.

The crux of this article, which directly correlates to Hans-Werner Sinn's opinion editorial, "Why Berlin is Balking on Bailout" actually has less to do with the meeting between the two financial heads of the U.S. And Germany and…

Du Bois Is an Education in Itself
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Du Bois is an education in itself; the man is a giant of letters and his editorial positions were actually prophetic because by the Civil Rights Movement of the late 1950s and 1960s many Blacks were demanding the things that Du Bois demanded years before. Another purpose was to show that there were several approaches taken by Black leaders in terms of the advancement of African-Americans in a segregated, Jim Crow-toned society.

After reading the assignment I did not change my perspective on the differences in approaches by ashington and Du Bois because I already was aware that the two were quite far apart in philosophies. But by once again studying the juxtaposition between the two, my understanding of the problems of Black folks came into greater focus for me.

THREE: I did not encounter any difficulties in the writing or editing of the assignment, but I was not sure…

Works Cited

Biography. 2012. "Booker T. Washington Biography." Retrieved August 20, 2012, from .

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Washington, Booker T. 1901. Up From Slavery.

Fox News Please Revise Edit the Submitted Research
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Fox News

Please revise/edit the submitted research paper rough draft and add 4 additional pages of content.

The paper organization is as follows:

FULL literature review and an extended discussion of the actual findings, briefly compared to those previously predicted and indicated in rough draft.

In a stunningly short period of time, Fox News went from being the potentially disastrous offshoot of merica's "fourth network" to literally the most watched news network in the country (Nielsen, 2012; Sterling, 2004, p. 654). The network bills itself as "Fair and balanced," but there are times when this tagline seems less than an actual description of the network and more of a cruel joke. Regardless of one's political leanings, even a cursory glance at Fox News' products, whether on television or the Internet, suggests that contrary to its tagline, the network is anything but balanced. Instead, Fox News demonstrates a conservative bias, and…

A separate study comparing the reporting bias of CNN and The Fox News focused on the characterization and information reported about the Muslim Brotherhood, the leading political opposition group, during the Egyptian revolution and directly following Mubarak's resignation in January 2011 in Tahir Square (Glover, 2011). The research employed a content analysis of the television broadcast transcripts in order to understand the scope of the coverage and the discrepancies in reporting during the Egyptian crisis. (Glover, 2011) The analysis illuminated bias in both news channels, however, a higher frequency of exaggerated extremism was seen in reporting by the Fox News channel (Glover, 2011).

Research that analyzes the media coverage of the 2008 presidential primaries and election produced similar results, finding that Fox News appeared more willing "to cite outside polls [concerning a politician's approval rating] if they were damaging" to Democrats (Groeling, 2008, p. 655). This study was admittedly limited, as it only focused on each network's "flagship" show (which in the case of Fox News was determined to be Special Report), but it nevertheless bolsters the evidence of Fox News conservative bias, especially when taken in the context of other studies. Furthermore, this kind of content analysis is helpful when determining bias in the future, because it helps to demonstrate how bias can be revealed in more than just words; whereas the Iraq War study did find bias revealed through word choice, this later study found it the use of particular polls, demonstrating how media bias can course through nearly every facet of an organization without necessarily appearing blatant or intentional.

The studies mentioned above all looked to particular topics or issues in order to determine bias by looking for key words; thus, the Iraq War study examined words and phrases concerning the war, while the study of the presidential race examined the use of polls and how things were framed. Because this study is examining the network's bias in general, rather than its treatment of any given topic, it is necessary to examine its coverage of a number of different issues. Only then will one be able to convincingly argue that Fox News is indeed conservative, rather than strictly pro-war or pro-Republican. This is necessary because what makes media bias such as that demonstrated by Fox News so detrimental to society is the way that it allows news organizations to function as their

Political Science History
Words: 6252 Length: 23 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 80408978
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conservative intellectual movement, but also the role of William uckley and William Rusher in the blossoming of the youth conservative movement

Talk about structure of paper, who not strictly chronologically placed (ie hayek before the rest) - in this order for thematic purposes, to enhance the genuiness of the paper (branches of the movement brought up in order of importance to youth conservative revolt) For instance, Hayek had perhaps the greatest impact on the effects of the movement - uckley and Rusher. These individuals, their beliefs, their principles were extremely influential in better understanding the origins, history, and leaders of American conservatism.

Momentous events shape the psyche of an individual as the person matures. A child grows up in poverty vows to never be like his parents, and keeps this inner vow to become a millionaire. A young woman experiences sexual trauma as a teen, and chooses a career that…


George Nash, The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America Since 1945 . National review online The Origins of Conservatism George Mc Ginnis

Volume Library #2, p. 2146

Schneider, Cadres for Conservatism

McGinnis, National Review Online

Winter 200 Students From Waymarsh State College
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winter, 200 students from Waymarsh State College traveled to the state capitol building to protest against proposed cuts in funding for various state college programs. The other 12,000 Waymarsh students evidently weren't so concerned about their education; they either stayed on campus or left for winter break. Since the group who did not protest is far more numerous, it is more representative of the state's college students than the protesters. Therefore, the state legislature need not heed the appeals of the protesting students."

At first glance the above editorial comment seems like a reasonable observation. It is only when I took a second look that I discovered three points that proves it to be a false observation.

The first thing that makes this an unreasonable statement is the belief that the 12,000 who did not travel to the state capitol were in support of the proposed cuts. Anyone who studies…

Partisan News Outlets and Propaganda
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Trustworthy is something that can be trusted because it does not set out to deceive, lie, or manipulate. It is forthcoming, honest, and transparent. Trustworthiness is a quality that indicates openness and commitment to the truth.

News agency is something that brings to mind the propaganda forces of the State. While a news agency, in theory, is expected to be a source of information, most news agencies are promoting a specific take on information or presenting a one-sided perspective of a subject. Most news agencies are owned by umbrella corporations which control the manner in which information is published so as to create a narrative in society that fits the agenda of the umbrella corporation.

Give an example of a "trustworthy" news agency and explain your reasons for choosing it.

I cannot point to a single trustworthy news agency, though some provide more air time to independent reporters who want…

Services Is a Small Family-Owned
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To evaluate whether or not the blog is successful, the company should see an increase in the number of visitors with each post, and an associated increase in traffic to the main website of the company.

Financial Implications or equired Budget:

The financial implications for these marketing strategies are very cost effective. One of the most costly part of the strategy is likely to be the initial revamp of the company website, with hiring a seasoned web content writer, for the new SEO content creation. PPC advertising is very reasonable in price. In some instances, such as advertising via Facebook, the PPC amount is left up to the discretion of the advertiser, with a minimum of 1 cent per click. Currently, their suggested rate is between 47 cents and 69 cents per click. An additional cost to this advertising will be the design of the ads themselves. With Facebook, a…


Kharif, O. (17 May 2005). Web-based self-publishing explodes. Business Week. Retrieved January 5, 2009, from .

Rich, M. (27 Jan 2009). Self-publishers flourish as writers pay the tab. New York Times. Retrieved January 5, 2009, from .

Carpal Instability Is Any Mal-Alignment
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When using open reduction of dorsal displaced fractures of the radius to restore congruency and extra-articular anatomy, the authors recommended the use of their double-plating method. This method is reliable in providing stable internal fixation and in allowing early function. It is, however, and as earlier mentioned, a demanding technique, as ot requires careful; attention to detail.

Carter, P.. And PR Stuart. The Sauva-Kapankji Procedure for Post-Traumatic Disorders of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint. Journal of one and Joint Surgery: ritish Editorial Society of one and Joint Surgery, September 2000

Only one surgeon performed all the operations on a total of 37 patients for pain on the ulnar side of the wrist and decreased rotation of the forearm. The authors reported that most of the tested patients were better after the operation, although a significant number had some pain. Relief from pain could not be guaranteed and that residual pain associated…


Atkinson, Larry S. et al. Scapholunate Dissociation. American Family Physician: American Academy of Family Physicians, June 1994

Berdia, Sunjay and Shin, Alexander Y. Carpal Ligament Instability. Orthopedic Surgery. WebMD. eMedicine.Com, Inc., November 22, 2005.

Bozentka, David J. Scapholunate Instability. UPOJ. Vol 12, Spring 1999

Carter, P.B. And PR Stuart. The Sauva-Kapankji Procedure for Post-Traumatic Disorders of the Distal Radio-Ulnar Joint. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery: British Editorial Society of Bone and Joint Surgery, September 2000

Morality Ethics President Bush
Words: 3519 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90235317
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morality of the George Bush administration. The writer looks at classic texts to garner a sense of what political morality should be about and then holds the administration of Bush against the measurement to illustrate the lack of morality and the fact that it failed to promote the happiness of the United States people. In addition, the author explores the negative impact that was felt by other nations under the watchful lack of morality by the Bush administration.

According to the Two Treatises by Locke political power has no other purpose than for the greater good. He wrote that it was the right to make decisions and laws but that it was always and should only be for the greater good of the people that it served.

"Political power, then, I take to be a right of making laws, with penalties of death, and consequently all less penalties for the…


The Bush doctrine.(From The Editor)(Editorial)

Sojourners; 3/1/2005; Wallis, Jim


Wisconsin State Journal (Madison, WI); 3/20/2003

NYTS Internal Analysis
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New York Times

Leadership and Culture

The New York Times has a corporate culture based around a tradition of excellence. As the "newspaper of record," the New York Times has long been considered a leader in the industry, capable of setting trends and innovating. At the same time, the Times Company is also fairly conservative, because of its tradition of excellence. There is an expectation within the company of being the best. Integrity is held in utmost regard. These philosophies are incorporated in the company's "Rules of the Road," which include the usual components of integrity, creating shareholder value, good corporate citizenship as core values. Innovation and collaboration are among the traits in the rules of the road, in addition to customer service, respect, challenging oneself -- basic frameworks enshrined in strategy to various degrees (New York Times website, 2010).

Culture is not, however, specifically cultivated at the company as…

Works Cited:

New York Times Company website. Various pages. (2010). Retrieved March 24, 2010 from 

2009 New York Times Annual Report. Retrieved March 24, 2010 from 

Sherman, G. (2010). New York Times ready to charge online readers. New York Magazine. Retrieved March 24, 2010 from 

Wortham, J. (2010). Foursquare signs a deal with Zagat. New York Times. Retrieved March 24, 2010 from

Japanese WWII Both the Chicago
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The provision that persons cannot be deprived of liberty without due process of law takes precedence over the war powers." Both authors therefore agree that the American Constitution prohibits the unwarranted detention of citizens based on their ethnicity alone.

Only the Chicago Daily Tribune article uses the type of language befitting an editorial. For instance, the author uses terms like "prejudice" and "hysteria" to describe the issue. The Los Angeles Times article necessarily avoids strong language like this, and yet still manages to convince readers that the internment camps were legally and ethically wrong. The author achieves a subtle editorial commentary in the selection of quotations. For example, Justice Roberts is quoted as saying that W.R.A. centers are "euphemism for concentration camps" and along with other dissenting justices on the Supreme Court "denied there was any evidence that exclusion of the Japanese was a military measure." In the Chicago Daily…

Maine Reaction on the Night
Words: 767 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18017519
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"("Shameful Treachery") the paper then stated that they must "wait for the evidence before formally charging Spain with the shameful treachery, which all the world is ready to suspect her." ("Shameful Treachery") in the end the Journal advocated for a military response to what it believed was Spanish aggression, and stated that peace needed to be imposed on Cuba by American forces. The newspaper also recommended that the United States government immediately recognize the independence of Cuba and the American ship Vesuvius be recalled from duty with Spain.

hile one newspaper, the Times, called for calm and an understanding of the facts before acting, the Journal attempted to stoke the fires of war. The Times' investigation of the facts so far indicated that the government of Spain was unlikely to be responsible for the destruction of the Maine, and that it was most likely an accident. And while the Journal…

Works Cited

"Suspended Judgment': A Times Editorial on the Maine Disaster." Editorial.

New York Times 17 February 1898. Web. 10 June 2013. 

"Shameful Treachery': Hearst's Journal Blames Spain." Editorial. New York


Challenges Issues, and Trends in the Logistics and Transportation Field

The complexity of logistics in terms of the split channels, a higher variance in products and demand for customer focused solutions has been on the rise. There have been several trends that indicate that there are many challenges down the line as global trade becomes even more interactive and complex (Editorial Staff, 2013).


Studies point to the following trends.

Emergence of New Technology: Most companies have realized that there is need to make use of new technology. esearch shows that 60% of major companies plan to invest heavily in data analysis tools in the coming five-year period. The tools are meant to enhance a holistic handling and precise and proactive connection of data so as to boost control and planning outcomes (Editorial Staff, 2013).

A Structural Change Freight by Air to Freight by Sea:…


Ciemny, W., Closs, D. J., Costa, O., Davidson, J., Harrington, J., Lafrance, S., Law, A., Neel, W., Norek, C. D., Ravi, P., & Seiersen, N. (2005). Global Transportation Trends. Logistics Quarterly, Vol II, Issue 5, 1-29. Retrieved from

Editorial Staff. (2013, August 9). New Study Reveals Nine Key Trends of Global Logistics. Retrieved May 9, 2016, from Supply and Demand Chain Executive: 

Nevhagen, P. (2014, June 10). 5 global logistics trends. Retrieved May 10, 2016, from GreenCarrier:

Decision Sciences
Words: 1403 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15077045
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Decision Sciences

Decision-making is an important activity for top management in any enterprise. Strategic thinking is required for making useful decisions. For example, business executives plan strategies to access market share, to deal with employees, to react to competition and to decide on career growth. Decision Sciences is a discipline on its own that provides techniques and methods to take decisions in any practical situations. In this paper, a list of journals and websites that provides information on Decision Sciences is provided. This list is expected to be useful to top management. (America's Investment in the Future: Decision Sciences-How the Game Is being played)

Decision Sciences" is a quarterly, professional journal published by Decision Sciences Institute. This journal utilizes the current methods of mathematics and statistics along with computer technology and behavior science. This journal is read by business professionals and teaching professionals. From 2003, Blackwell Publishing is publishing this…


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African Studies and Multiculturalism an
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Social dissent and unrest should not be the result of multiculturalism, the authors point out, but nonetheless those are the social realities, in many instances, of the new global picture. There is now, like it or not, a "blurring of cultural borderlines," the authors report; and as a result, the notion of culture within the word "multiculturalism" no longer refers to habits and customs of a people in anthropological terms. Rather, "culture" in the term "multiculturalism" alludes to race, creed, sexual orientation, gender, and lifestyles of various and divers groups within the greater culture.

A very poignant quote is offered in the conclusion of the editorial, a quote which cries out to be read to those reporting on, studying and/or dealing with today's dramatic cultural changes in estern societies; it is a statement by Aijza Ahmad, who reflects the perspective of "the less-well-to-do colonial states," according to the editorial. "It…

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Strategy That Is Being Developed to Control
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strategy that is being developed to control the incidents of workplace accidents in the organizations. In addition to that, it also highlights the steps for the implementation of the proposed strategy. This paper also puts lights on the statement, 'Unions do not happen, they are caused by management' and discusses the role of management in the creation of unions.

Group Assignment 2: Case Analysis

Occupational health and safety is regarded as an important issue by all the employers, workers and organizations in any economy. A working environment that consists of good occupational health and safety conditions not only enhances the productivity of the workers but also boosts their morale. If the businesses employ good organizational health and safety policies and practices then they face less workplace accidents, increased rate of employee retention and an elevation in their good will and corporate image. This enables them to benefit from reduced costs…


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Affirmative Action in Higher Education
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Alamo of affirmative action, the University of Michigan. The contradictory stances of Bush and Powell on this issue are dealt with. So is the position of Gerald Ford who believes like the proponents of affirmative action that affirmative action procedures lead to diversity at the educational institutions and opportunities for the minorities that are seen as a must to be offered.

Affirmative Action in Michigan

Diversity and Achievement

Is affirmative action the victim of its own success? That is one conclusion to be drawn from Gratz v. Bollinger and Grutter v. Bollinger, two cases challenging affirmative-action policies at the University of Michigan. Affirmative action has always counterposed two basic aspects of the American notion of equal opportunity. Opponents argue that taking race or gender into account in hiring or university admissions is discrimination pure and simple. Proponents counter that taking such characteristics into account redresses a legacy of discrimination; in…


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Race Ethnicity Culture and Disparities in Health Care
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Dr. Leonard Egede published an editorial in the Journal of General Internal Medicine regarding various issues in health care i.e. race, ethnicity, culture, and disparities. The editorial was published on the premise that existing evidence shows that racial and ethnic minorities obtain lower quality of health care services as compared to non-minorities. This trend continues to exist despite the significant development in the diagnosis and treatment of numerous chronic diseases. The main focus of this editorial was to highlight the disparities in health care delivery due to racial, ethnic, and cultural factors. In this regard, the publisher focused on examining why patients from minorities experience greater mortality and morbidity from several chronic diseases unlike non-minorities despite the significant medical advances. The editorial focused on three studies that were published on the issue of race, ethnicity, and disparities in the delivery of health care services to various patient populations.

The first…

Kennedy Case Hurd Cruz and
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This hard line stance coming from these medical professionals reflects the fact that these drugs have yet to be fully tested as agents for reducing transfusion related reactions, and therefore, according to the authors of the editorial, should not be used until being further evaluated.

The Geiger and Howard article (2007) takes an entirely different stance on the issue. They feel that the pretransfusion use of acetaminophen and diphenhydramine has some basis in biology, if not in clinical studies. This comes from the fact that these drugs reduce fever and the propensity for allergic reactions in patients when taken for other ailments, and that these characteristics alone serve to justify their use as a prophylaxis for similar conditions related to transfusions (Geiger and Howard, 2007). The authors believe that the toxicity of these drugs however can be a negative aspect when administered to patients who are particularly ill, and who…

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Cam Assessing Reliability and Credibility
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The articles on the website do feature articles on classified subcategories of depression such as bipolarity, major depression, minor depression, and psychotic depression and information about drug treatments and side effects that are legitimately accepted by the medical community.

Side 9:

Compatibility example

A website should review CAM and conventional medicine in the same terms

Look for slanted advice [Image: Display picture of editorial on Depression website' UL:]

Speaker's Notes: The website does not claim that alternative treatments should be used to replace conventional medicine. One editorial written by Dr. Matthews (and it is clearly marked as an editorial opinion, not as fact) reads: "There has been tremendous progress made in the past years in understanding how the brain works. One of the outcomes of this research is that we now understand that depression may be due to the decreased activity of the serotenergic pathways in the brain. (This…


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