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Research and Service Design (Interdisciplinary and Collaboration)

a) Describe your group research and how it was developed.

Our group examined the potential for revitalizing areas in the dilapidated metropolitan areas surrounding and within Detroit, Michigan. We developed various ideas that were geared to repurposing structures and materials found within them. It is common for abandoned structures to contain valuable raw materials, though much effort will be necessary to dismantle and refurbish these materials. However, given the fact that whole tracks of abandoned building can be purchased for little to nothing, there is opportunity to profit for such endeavors.

b) How does your group research relate and support the research by other groups in the class?

All of the research prepared by both groups was geared toward sustainable development. Though the routes to achieving this varied slightly, the main underlying theme occurred on exactly the same path. This fact is exemplary of the broader efforts that are needed to make sustainable development a reality for the whole of humanity. For example, there isn't a single path or task that must be performed in order to be sustainable. Instead, to achieve true sustainability all efforts from all members of society must be directed toward activities that allow humanity to live in harmony with the natural capital that the Earth provides.

c) How was your research informed by the other research groups in the class?

The research performed by the other group was conducted with an extremely similar emphasis. Both groups addressed the possibilities of recycling raw materials for use in pre-fab manufactured structures. The other group provided a robust financial analysis that provided insight into the financial feasibility of such a project; including possible estimates of employment opportunities as well as securing federal government funding.

d) How does your research relate to the topic of sustainability as presented in the class?

There are two separate relationships that are appropriate to address in regards to this question. The first is that the raw materials in this proposal are sourced in an entirely sustainable manner. The production costs are extremely low when using recycled materials. Most of the expense will be incurred with labor and under the circumstances that is actually beneficial to the local economy. However, even more importantly, there is no need to manufacture new materials for this project and strip the planet of its natural resources. Additionally, it also saves energy which would of otherwise been used in manufacturing and thus contributing to greenhouse gas emissions. Another important aspect is that the recycled materials are being utilized in energy efficient pre-fab structures that can further reduce energy requirements well into the future.


e) Detroit administration liked our approach to addressing a number of issues…

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