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To what extent do you agree that the revolution of the fashion industry has proven to be a beneficial one?


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The idea of a fashion revolution is that something disruptive happens in the fashion world.  We saw a fashion revolution after people rejected the commodities culture of the 1980s.  There was a fashion revolution at the turn of the 20th century, as women rejected the clothing of the Victorian era, rejected the corset, and embraced clothing that was more comfortable.  In fact, throughout history there have been many pivotal moments where fashion and costume has been revolutionized.  These moments have reflected other changes in culture, such as societal views towards women. 

There are a number of different movements that could be considered revolutionary in the modern industry and attempting to determine whether they are beneficial really depends on which movement.  For example, one modern trend has been to reject gender norms around clothing.  While this was a trend in the 1980s, it was limited to people outside of normative social groups.  Now the trend is permeating deeper into society and seems to reflect an overall trend towards rejecting gender norms.  While it may seem sudden to some people, you can see its beginnings in the fashion world when manscaping and a focus on bespoke elements became more acceptable. As a person who views gender norms in clothing as both arbitrary and unreasonable, this revolution is a beneficial one.  However, there are large groups of people that depend on gender norms for their identity, and they would probably argue that these changes threaten the very fabric of society.

However, there is a much-needed revolution in the fashion world.  Currently, many clothing manufacturers use what amounts to slave labor to create their goods.  This is true across price points and even high-dollar clothing is often manufactured under slave-like conditions.  The abuse of human rights to shave a few dollars off of the price of clothing must stop.  This would be a beneficial change, and some manufacturers are beginning to embrace it, but it is simply too isolated at this point in time.

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