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Movie Critique The Pursuit of Happyness When

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Movie Critique: The Pursuit of Happyness

When it comes to film making, the subject of rags to riches tales have been one of the most common subject for many filmmakers. Most film viewers have watched a number of movies that revolve around a financially broken protagonist making it big. However, in the post Y2k era, it is a common perception among many that a movie has to be high on graphics, special effects and budget in order to make its mark on the audience. Low budget rags to rich tales are seldom able to leave a significant mark over the audience and enjoy little limelight at the box office.

The 2006 Will Smith starrer, 'The Pursuit of Happyness," is clearly not just another tale of how a man starts fro dire to economical circumstances and makes it big. The Pursuit of Happyness, despite of not being a high budget movie and any other noticeabke special effects, is utterly inspirational and high on emotional appeal. The genre of the movie is of a biographical drama, that is inspired from a true story of Chris Gardener, a man who struggled from ground zero to become an owner of an established brokerage company.…… [Read More]

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Movies and Methods Volume I

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Not only does Nichols provide a good context for the many paradoxes that can confront film studies with his insightful and thoughtful introduction, but he also shows how sharing approaches and methods can help to stimulate a lot of the best writing regarding film. In addition he shows many of the common problems that are seen and deals with the contradictions that appear. Like the first volume of the anthology, this second volume also provides smaller introductions so that each essay and piece of information can be more easily understood. It also allows a reader to peruse the book and find the pertinent piece of information that he or she needs at that point in time, which can be very valuable, especially for a novice to the film industry trying to find information quickly. Having the smaller introductions before each piece also help to showcase each item within the context of the larger film genre as a whole and help suggest various ways to link certain essays with other pieces of work in the anthology. These kinds of tie-ins are especially helpful to someone who is working to learn as much about the film industry as quickly as possible.

The…… [Read More]

Nichols, Bill (1976) Movies and Methods: Vol. I. University of California Press.

Nichols, Bill (1985) Movies and Methods: Vol. II. University of California Press.
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Movie Secrets and Lies There

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She eventually does however, and this particular episode merely shows the types of problems that families have with one another. It functions as a piece of foreshadowing since it occurs in the beginning of the film. While the aforementioned couple argues about whether or not the husband looks better with his glasses on or off, or why the wife has chosen to hide her crucifix because it is not expensive enough or gold, the viewer is merely given visual clues that the tension, arguments, and problems that have befallen this particular couple is one of the themes in the movie. The couple, therefore, functions as a microcosm of the couples and families in the film, and of the problems that plague them.

Not all of the portraits that Morris is shown taking at the beginning of the film are as argumentative as that of the aforementioned couple. However, the vast majority of them are a study in the differences between people and family members. At the 16:30 minute mark, the film depicts Morris taking a series of photographs. Nearly none of the subject depicted are congruous with their actions and their demeanors. Again, the viewer can consider this scene as…… [Read More]

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Movie Proposals These Would Be the Mission

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movie proposals. These would be the mission for the firm and its basic proposals, the company's "must" objectives, the company's "want" objectives and the estimated ROI for each of the for movies. This report will evaluate each of the movies as perceived by the four criteria previously mentioned and will subsequently make an overall evaluation and reason the best choice for the company.

The first movie, "My Life with Dalai Lama," perfectly complies with the main ideas of the company's mission. First of all, from a creative point-of-view, the idea to present the life of a personality through the eyes of a snake and through the eyes of other animals befriending him is new, interesting and creatively a positive aspect. Further more, to some degree it is also championing environmental concerns by presenting the role of animals in the life of a personality of 20th century history, bringing the animal regnum closer to human heart.

In terms of the "must" objectives, it covers the first two. Indeed, the project would obviously meet legal, safety and environmental standards, while at the same time compelling with the PG or lower advisory rating criterion: a life about the Dalai Lama is in no…… [Read More]