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Fitness Essays (Examples)

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How Strength and Cardio Training Help the Body
Words: 1916 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75455813
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Sports Physiology How changes in activity level effect the body
Section 1: Starting Fitness and Training Rationale
Currently I would describe my starting fitness level as inadequate as compared to the median levels of fitness. As noted from the department of health and human services, “More than 80% of adults do not meet the guidelines for both aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities, and more than 80% of adolescents do not do enough aerobic physical activity to meet the guidelines for youth (U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 2010).” A healthy physical lifestyle leads to a more active and productive life. As a result, I have decided to under take a new fitness regiment to improvement my overall standard of life. In addition, I am looking to build more confidence in myself and my appearance.
My training plan will include workouts 3 times a week, with a combination of cardio and…

Gold's Gym This Report Is
Words: 1951 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44641040
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"Gold's is opening 100-plus new franchises a year, so deployment speed and flexibility are critical.(Citrix Systems, 2003)

Overview Global Nature of the industry

On a global scale, issues such as the Middle East crisis and the war in Iraq are all problems in the fitness industry. World oil prices and many unstable economies put consumers at a disadvantage as they try to make ends meet. But the industry on a global scale has gotten a boost out of Asia and other developing regions such as South America. "In the fast growing $12.2 billion health and fitness industry, Gold's Gym rules supreme. As the gym of preference for amateur and pro-athletes, the entertainment industry, and everyone else, Gold's has become the largest co-ed health club chain in the world, with nearly three million members in 43 states and 26 countries." (Citrix Systems, 2003)

The best news for the industry has been…


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PR Newswire (2004). "Gold's Gym International to Be Acquired by TRT Holdings; Brockway Moran & Partners Signs Definitive Agreement to Sell Most Recognized Name in Fitness." PR Newswire, 6/14/2004.

Physical Program for Firefighters
Words: 1831 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22714066
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Physical Program for Virginia Fire Fighters

The Need for a Physical Fitness Program for Virginia Fire Departments

Fire fighters hold a special place within American society. They help keep our urban and rural landscapes safe from blazes of all kinds. Yet, even in a much more rigid bureaucratic environment, many firefighters within certain departments like here in Virginia failed to meet the physical standard that would provide the utmost level of safety. Although the physical requirements for entering the fire department are strenuous, the state of Virginia lacks a mandatory physical fitness program for its fire fighters that would ensure a continuous level of physical fitness and thus the highest level of performance in the most dangerous situations.

Significance of the Problem: Lack of Available Physical Fitness Programs

To think of an unfit fire fighter is an extremely dangerous problem. Currently, there is only an entry physical exam test (Virginia…


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Business Management Case Study --
Words: 495 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 45936780
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Possible Problem with Current Strategies

The most obvious conceptual problem is that two of Nike's current goals seem to conflict. Namely, it's expressed intention to increase the integration of it products and product lines and its simultaneous intention to further differentiate its women's "fitness" product lines by specific fitness interest. In principle, both initiatives make sense: increasing overall integration builds brand loyalty and cross-over consumer interest. However, because Nike determined that women "don't do fitness" because they focus much more narrowly on particular fitness interests, the company decided to cater to that specificity by developing dedicated product lines for different women's fitness and women's fitness-related interests. At the operational level, achieving both of those objectives simultaneously might prove challenging.

Internal Problem Analysis

The principal problems faced by Nike had to do with the highly isolated and segmented nature of its many different business units. Generally, they operated on entirely different…

Organizational Culture Describe Understanding Company's Values Organizational
Words: 575 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17967717
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Organizational Culture

Describe understanding company's values

Organizational culture: XX Fitness

XX Fitness is committed to bringing fitness to serious fitness enthusiasts in a no-gimmick format. XX Fitness is a 'high end' training facility, because of its relatively high price point at $60 per/session, and its commitment to personalized service. It seeks out people willing to make a commitment to fitness, although it does train persons at all levels. Trainers who work for the company have extensive backgrounds in fitness and sport, and all are certified. Many, like myself, have degrees in exercise sciences.

Personal training, by definition, is a very individualistic profession, and one of the great strengths of the company is that the trainers, as well as being highly experienced, are very competitive and determined to succeed. This individualized nature is reflected in XX Fitness' attempt to pair every client with his or her 'perfect' match as a trainer.…

Marketing Processes Work by Applying Them to
Words: 1259 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80812928
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marketing processes work by applying them to a real case. This essay will examine the company 21st Century Fitness by evaluating and creating a marketing approach that fits this unique company's situation that is placed within the market.

21st Century Fitness is an organization based on Larry Nachman and his anti-aging exercise and diet techniques. Larry claims to be 75 years old and is the face and body of this organization and sells his body as proof of his methods.

According to the company's website the company's services are "the first re-thinking of a total fitness program for all ages and lifestyles. It is an awakening to a new dimension of fitness that incorporates the best of 20th century methods and fills in the gaps that have been long missing. It provides every detail of exercise and nutrition to answer a question that we have asked throughout the ages: How…


21st Century Fitness Website. Viewed 19 Oct 2013. Retrieved from 

21st Century Flyer. Provided by student.

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Students Attending a Ncoes Course Should Not
Words: 2593 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 58471030
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tudents attending a NCOE course should not have to take an APFT or weigh-In upon arrival -- these are unit level tasks that need to be completed before reporting

NCOE and physical fitness/weight control testing responsibilities

Unit level leaders have an inherent responsibility to maintain and manage oldiers physical fitness and weight control standards; therefore, we must hold these leaders accountable for the execution of these tasks.

The purpose of the NCO as established throughout its history from the very beginning was focus on leadership roles. As the history of the NCEO, the educational component of the NCO shows, academic instruction was a requirement of the program -- the NCEO was indeed established with that in mind, and it has been only recently that hands-n components have been added in order to bring the NCEO into line with the 21st century and as response to the 2001 terrorist scare.


Sources Combat Leadership

Department of the Army. (2007). 2007 U.S. Army Posture Statement. Washington, DC.

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Planning and Start-Up of a
Words: 3480 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 58062034
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The primary competitor for the new indoor softball and baseball facility would be the Suffolk County Police Athletic League, which is a long established and traditional facility. They offer a wide variety of sports, including baseball, softball, football or basketball. This particular facility is mostly focused on receiving adult and skilled members, which will join the club's team and participate to competitions. In other words, they are only limitedly interested in attracting and training inexperienced members, but they look for those individuals who would add value to their already existent team. Another major competitor would be the South Bay Battlecats, but they only admit members between the ages of 9 and 22, basically closing the door to baseball and softball to all those older than 22.

Then, there are some educational institutions, such as the Dowling College or the Stony Brook University, which offer baseball and/or softball training to their…


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Bun and Thigh Roller Www Bunthigh Com
Words: 881 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19825791
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A study from the Institute of Preventative Medicine in Copenhagen found that so-called apple-shaped woman with excess fat around their waists were likely to be less healthy than a curvaceous, pear-shaped woman whose fatty deposits were concentrated in the buttocks and thigh areas ("When it Comes to Stored Fat, Shape Matters," 2005, Daily News Central). From an aesthetic standpoint, toning exercises and machines like the Bun and Thigh oller are not useful -- the only thing that shrinks one's body is weight loss, and burning more calories than consuming more calories -- for which cardiovascular activity is better suited. No one can choose where their fat stores accumulate if they consume more calories than they burn.

Of course, strength training and flexibility are also important aspects of a fitness regime. But here the Bun and Thigh oller falls short as well. While a person who uses weights can add weight…


The Bun and Thigh Roller." (2007). Official Website. Retrieved 22 May 2007 at 

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Accounting CVP Analysis for Snap
Words: 610 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56411415
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It is known that the membership fee is $26. Using this, the variable cost per member can be calculated, as shown in table 2.

evenue per member (a)


Fixed costs per member (b)


Variable cost (a-b)


If the membership fee is $26 per member, the membership fee, less the fixed cost (at the break even point) will give the variable cost per member.

The information in tables 1 and 2 can be used to assess the number of membership the Snap Fitness will need to sell each month if they wish to make a profit of $10,000 per month. As seen above, it is the contribution per unit that will initially pay for the fixed costs and then the profit. To calculate the sales needed for a predetermined profit level, the required profit should be added to the fixed costs. That total may then be divided by…


Horngren, Charles T; Foster, George; Datar, Srikant M; Rajan, Madhav, (2008), Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis, Prentice Hall

Kinney, Michael R; Raiborn, Cecily a, (2012), Cost Accounting: Foundations and Evolutions, South-Western College Pub

Assuming no other fixed costs

Jack Presents a Number of
Words: 1260 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90014703
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On his weight training days, I would encourage Jack to "shake up" his typical walk by instead doing two or three sessions weekly on a recumbent bicycle. Given Jack's weight and age, a recumbent bike would minimize stress on his joints while adding variety to his aerobic routine. Finally, in older adults in particular, flexibility is key. I would focus on stretches that do not require bending over (to prevent falling), but would spend at least five to ten minutes per session working on stretches that Jack could also perform at home while seated. During each session, I would frequently ask how Jack was feeling to make sure he was not pushing too far past his limits. ith older adults, checking how hard they feel they are working on a scale of one to ten (perceived exertion) helps to prevent injury or worse.

Jack's nutritional strategy would be key to…

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"Physical Activity and Older Americans: Benefits and Strategies." Agency for Healthcare Research

Newsletter Dear Parents Why Is
Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13906256
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In terms of grading, students will not be evaluated on their ability to score goals, but how hard they try and their attendance. Student fitness levels will be assessed at the end of every semester. This assessment will involve a short run, sit-ups, push ups, a long jump, and chin ups. The results will not be to penalize the students, but to highlight what athletic skills the children need to work on in the future.

Some parents have expressed concern that children do not have enough time in the day to learn, let alone to run and play. It is our school's philosophy that a run or a rousing game of basketball helps children think better, once the children return to the classroom. Other parents have expressed concern about their children's weight, but it is not the school's place to specifically prescribe a weight-loss program for a young child, rather…

Works Cited

Pangrazi, Robert. (2005). Dynamic Physical Education for Elementary School Students.

14th Ed. New York: Pearson.

Program Design Project
Words: 3118 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 59976246
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Sport: Basketball

More sport and physiological testing has become increasingly common as the interaction between scientists and coaches (tanner & Gore, 2013). When it comes to popular sports that are watched al over the world, team games like basketball generally have a heightened game tempo, a tougher body game and a more acute variability in the techniques and methods used (Singh & Deol, 2012). "An increased performance level can only be achieved by working and training of all major components i.e. technique, coordination, tactics, physical fitness, physiological qualities and psychological qualities. Basketball is one of the most popular team-based sports played and watched throughout the world" (Singh & Deol, 2012). This puts the aspect of physiological testing as an extreme priority for a variety of reasons. "Physiological exercise testing is important in basketball to help identify potential talent but also to provide the players, trainers and coaching staff with some…


Bangsbo, J. (2006). Training and testing of the elite athlete.Copenhagen Muscle Research

Centre, 4(1), 1-9.

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Balancing Data Quantity and Quality
Words: 402 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70070130
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Quantity and Quality

Describe the strengths and limitations of the provided data collection instrument for gathering data you need to evaluate the fitness course in the scenario provided.

The strength of the data collection instrument suggested is that it can be uniformly applied. The students are enrolled in three weeks each of five different activities for a total of fifteen weeks each. The research study will be for a period of three years meaning that at least ten groups of students can be utilized in the research and the same questionnaire can be used in all ten groups of students. The limitation is that with any survey, the results will be dependent on the reports of the participants of the study. Given that it is both a pre- and post- questionnaire, researchers must believe in the self-report of the individuals participating which allows for a great deal of fallibility (McKenzie…

Works Cited

Laureate Education, Inc. (Executive Producer). (2012). Program evaluation and evaluation instruments. Baltimore, MD: Author.

McKenzie, J.F., Neiger, B.L., & Thackeray, R. (2013). Measurement, measures, measurement instruments, and sampling. Planning, Implementing, and Evaluating Health Promotion Programs (6th ed.). Pearson: San Francisco, CA.

Employment Law Before the Amusement
Words: 579 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93024916
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If this employee's testing policy is to be implemented, the company especially their HR Department must be strict with their rules. If the applicant fails in one of the requirements one should not accept the applicant. The amusement also needs to hire one Lifeguard Professional Trainer from all applicants. This trainer will be hired only during peak season to orient and to have further training for everybody who has passed the initial interview. The trainer will also be one of the evaluators of each applicant. The qualifications that a trainer must have are the following: 1. He must be a CPR Professional Rescuer; 2. He must be a First Aid Certified; 3 He is currently employed and has trained in a well-known amusement complex; 4. He must have a minimum of 10 years experience as a lifeguard; 5.He must be 30-40 years old.

All new employees who undergo training and…

Athletic Injuries
Words: 3570 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 68475215
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athletic coach I have garnered a wide variety of skills, as well as an extensive understanding of the standard practices and procedures an individual in the field of exercise science should possess. My past experiences have provided me with substantial knowledge of the principles involved in the prevention and care of athletic injuries. With the following, I hope to illustrate that my experiences and subsequent research have provided me with a broad awareness of typical athletic injuries and treatments as they apply to exercise science.

When a member of my dance squad sprained her ankle it became necessary for me to tape it as to provide additional support. I employed the traditional Gibney basket weave procedure. This consists of an interwoven network of stirrup strips "which cover the plantar surface of the hindfoot and extend proximally on both the medial and lateral aspects of the leg, and horseshoe strips, which…


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Complaints From Community Members the Fact That
Words: 1108 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 88268416
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Complaints From Community Members

The fact that Officer Daniels has received complaints filed by multiple different members of the community in a relatively short period of time would raise immediate concerns. Whereas an isolated complaint could be the result of a misunderstanding, an unfounded act of retribution by someone for appropriate police action initiated by the officer, or the result of a single bad momentary decision, the fact that there are multiple such complaints suggests it is more likely that Officer Daniels may not be performing his duties optimally. Moreover, the fact that the complaints involve three different types of unrelated conduct suggests that there might be a common underlying issue such as psychological fatigue, burnout, or unresolved psychological trauma, as opposed to a an issue of poor or insufficient training (Miller, 2007). As a police psychologist, I would approach the situation as a possible unconscious request for help by…


Lindsey, D. (2007). Police Fatigue: An Accident Waiting to Happen. FBI Law

Enforcement Bulletin, 76(8): 1-8.

Malmin, M. (2012). Changing Police Subculture. FBI Law

Enforcement Bulletin, 81(4):

John Is 30 Years of Age Has
Words: 376 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16584562
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John is 30 years of age, has a resting heart rate of 70 bpm, is 73 inches tall, weighs 200 pounds and has 18% body fat. He played sports in high school and college. He is in good health. Based on this information provide the following information:

Calculate John's BMI.

inches is 6 ft.1 inch. John is 26.4

Calculate John's BMR.

He can eat 1,921 calories per day

Calculate John's THR at 60% and 80% using the Karvonen formula.

maximum heart rate is: 190

Maximum training heart rate is: 164

Minimum training rate is: 138

Maximum heart rate is: 190

Maximum training heart rate is: 168

Minimum training rate is: 146

Discuss what methods of testing or evaluation you would use to assess John's current fitness level.

There are numerous tests that can be used.

ome of these categories are:

Cardiovascular Endurance -- which measures how well heart and lung…


Free Workout Plans for Sport Athletes

Current Trends in Classroom Management
Words: 586 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67339516
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Fitness Business Trends

Three current trends in classroom management

One recent trend in classroom management is a stress on defined goals and expectations. The popular classroom behavioral management program Wong's Pragmatic Theory "stresses that classroom procedures and rules are clarified at the very beginning of the school year. Teachers are to instruct students how to follow rules and procedures. The teacher prepares lessons about the rules and procedures so that he or she can thoroughly teach the kids about the classroom procedures and rules" (Miller 2013). This stress upon predictability is also commensurate with such philosophies as behavioral theory, which emphasizes how student behavior can be shaped and reformed through goal-setting. Students are given goals to strive for and then are rewarded for reaching those goals. For students with behavioral issues this can be useful given that it provides concrete, reward-based mechanisms for improvement. The need for greater adherence to…


Behavior management. Sage Publications. Retrieved from: 

Lynch, M. (2013). Future trends in K-12 classroom management. Education Week. Retrieved

Miller, K. Wong's Pragmatic Theory: Advantages over disadvantages. Retrieved from:

Military Readiness the Issue of
Words: 10587 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93817147
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In addition, the Marines have a much smaller force than the army.

On the other hand, the army cannot be as selective as the marines because it needs to maintain a much higher number of troops. The article explains that the army "needs 80,000 new soldiers this year and must find them in a populace that is in many ways less willing and less able to serve than earlier generations were (Mockenhaupt, 2007, pg.86)." The article explains that teenagers and young adults are overweight and less fit than any previous generation. In addition, this generation of young Americans eats more unhealthy foods, watches more television, and engages in less physical activity than previous generations. The article further asserts that this generation is "more individualistic and less inclined to join the military. And with the unemployment rate hovering near historic lows, they have other choices (Mockenhaupt, 2007, pg.86)."

Overall it is…


Anderson, P.M., & Butcher, K.F. (2006). Childhood Obesity: Trends and Potential Causes. The Future of Children, 16(1), 19+.

Body Mass Index.

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Daniels, S.R. (2006). The Consequences of Childhood Overweight and Obesity. The Future of Children, 16(1), 47+.

President Kennedy's Contribution to Physical
Words: 2615 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93760837
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RULES: locks should not be thrown across the line. Scores are recorded to the nearest tenth of a second.


OJECTIVE: To measure heart and lung endurance by fastest time to cover a one-mile distance. TESTING: On a safe, one-mile distance, students begin running on the count "Ready? Go!" Walking may be interpersed with running. However, the students should be encouraged to cover the distance in as short a time as possible. RULES: efore administering this test, students' health status should be reviewed. Students should be given ample instruction on pacing themselves and should be allowed to practice running this distance against time. Sufficient time should be allowed for warming up and cooling down before and after the test. Times are recorded in minutes and seconds.


OJECTIVE: To measure upper body strength and endurance by maximum number of pull-ups completed. TESTING: Student hangs from a horizontal…


"Fitness: the president's challenge. (children's fitness test for President's Challenge Award)." The Saturday Evening Post. 1990. Retrieved April 27, 2010 from HighBeam Research: 

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Career Path of Being an Entrepreneur in
Words: 2653 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 67058612
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career path of being an entrepreneur in the health and fitness industry. In pursuing my career in the field of health and fitness I aim to open a personal training studio that offers the clients personalized care and approach and helps them to stay fit and healthy along with alleviating the stress and pressures of day-to-day life.

As also discussed in detail in part one, my marketing objectives and business plan is quite clear, whereby during the first 12 months of my career I would like to start and own a fitness and training center offering various specialized health and fitness services to my clients. I would also provide my clients with value added services like physical therapy and rehabilitation services.

As far as the three-year approach is considered, after the three years of my business I see myself approaching new markets and expanding my clientele and business in various…


Active Marketing Group (2007). Health Club Industry Review. [report] Active Marketing Group.

Biz Plan Corner (2013). Sample Business Plan. [report] Miami: Biz Plan Corner. (2013). Sample Fitness Center Business Plan Free | Gym & Health Club Business Plan Example. [online] Retrieved from:  [Accessed: 27 Oct 2013]. (2013). Facts & Statistics - President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. [online] Retrieved from:  / [Accessed: 27 Oct 2013].

Parks Recreation and Tourism LA
Words: 1314 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91646631
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Apart from the low price penetration strategy, the company has also employed marketing strategies to make their products popular and ensure that the loyal clients remain loyal to the products (Tharrett & Peterson, 2008).

It is evident that the organization has succeeded in its operations. This is because the organization has remained profitable from 1984 when was first established. Over the years, it has been able to reach its revenue targets. The profits have enabled the company to expand and open other fitness clubs across the United States and Canada. It seems that the future for the company is bright since more people are now taking their health seriously hence enrolling to the various fitness centers for workouts (Bates, 2008).

The organization has numerous opportunities that it is yet to exploit. For instance, the company has only expanded within the United States and Canada. Since its products are tested and…


Bates, M. (2008). Health fitness management: A comprehensive resource for managing and operating programs and facilities. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics.

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CA: Healthy Learning.

Rigsby, P. (n.d.). The little black book of fitness business success.New York: Fitness consulting

Philosophy of Sports but IT's
Words: 2208 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46917024
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Even the much despised soccer is popular amongst American youths. Yet Americans cheer on their favorite individual stars in all of these sports, especially if the starts engage in charity efforts to justify their bloated salaries. The tension remains about what good sports do for both the individual or society, and Americans today are clearly using sports as a means of practical self-improvement like the Greeks as well as a means of collective identification like the English: "in the 1950's or 1960's, few people exercised; baseline fitness-consciousness was just above zero. Today, 20% of the U.S. population works out on a regular basis, while an additional 60%+ can be classified as...'Consciousness III' -- those persuaded of physical fitness, but who by their own admission, don't get enough exercise. As behavior lags enlightened attitudes, 4 out of 5 adult Americans are true believers in exercise and fitness." But the protests remain…

Works Cited

Ancient Olympic Events," Peruses Digital Library Project, Edited by Gregory R.

Crane, 2007, Tufts University, 29 May 2007, .

Dillon, Sam. "Schools Cut Back Subjects to Push Reading and Math." The New York

Times. 25 Mar 2006. 29 May 2007.

Business Plan The Plan Open a Gym
Words: 929 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Business Plan Paper #: 91941738
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Business Plan. The plan open a gym "Slim Gym." I Competitive Analysis written, a marketing section, I attached list questions answered part "Marketing Section Due Document." I attached a background project "Operations Slim Gym Document" document information complete Competitive Analysis.

Competitive Analysis

Describe your competition here! Include your SWOT analysis, show why you will be better than your competitors, and convince your investors of the same! Don't forget your "indirect" competitors: for example, grocery store direct competitors are other grocery stores; indirect competitors are restaurants, Schwan's home delivery trucks, and Omaha Steaks!

Questions you may address in your Competitive analysis:

Who are the key competitors?

What are their strengths and weaknesses?

What is their approximate market share?

How will you take share away from them?

How will they most likely try to stop you if you are successful?

How can you react to these competitors' actions?

Who are your indirect…

Nike Marketing Nike Free in
Words: 1353 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96636720
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Market Attractiveness:

The appeal of the Nike Free is precipitated by the growth of interest in the 'barefoot running' trend, the growing proclivity of individuals to wear sneakers for reasons of fashion, and the growing footwear market in Turkey.

Goals and Measurements:

The goal is to penetrate the Turkish market and will be measured according to the achievement of incrementally spaced sales goals. Projected sales expectations will be measured against real sales at the end of 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

Strategic Marketing Goals:

Strategic marketing goals include the targeting of young users, the establishment of an affiliation between the shoe and desirable health goals and a pairing of the shoe with an image of hip, dynamic fitness orientation.

Tactical Marketing Goals:

Tactical marketing goals will revolve on the promotion of medical evidence of the health benefits of 'barefoot running.'


ith a $20 million budget, Nike Free's…

Works Cited:

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Effects of Exercise on Pregnancy
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There are many positive effects of exercise during pregnancy. It can decrease the time it takes to get back into shape after giving birth. It may also decrease the amount of time spent in the hospital. In addition, it can increase Apgar scores and birth weight, as well as decrease discomfort during pregnancy. Women who exercise during pregnancy also find that they have less difficulty and length of labor. Research shows that exercise has many benefits for pregnant women.

However, as both exercise and pregnancy exert stresses on the body, the cumulative effects must be taken into consideration when analyzing the relationship between exercise and pregnancy. In general, research about this topic is sparse, and animal studies have presented conflicting findings. Chronic disorders such as diabetes, hypertension, and heart disease are the most obvious reasons to discourage persons at risk from intense rehabilitative exercising while pregnant. In addition, small…


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Applying Data Analysis to Quality
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The Improve dimension of the House of Quality will also provide employees and management with the critical feedback and information they need to continually increase their participation and results achieved. For the employee, the Improve dimension includes the attributes of having a customizable and measurable program. Using long-term teaching techniques including autonomy, mastery and purpose, trainers in the fitness center will be able to get more employees enrolled and continually working out compared to any other approach. Measuring how effective the program is will bring greater credibility and trust in the results, and the scorecards and benchmarks will continually fuel mastery of healthcare on the part of employees. The measurable aspects of the program are particularly important to the CEO and senior management, as they will want to calculate the eturn on Investment (OI) of this program in addition to the long-term trending on healthcare costs for Scott's overall. All…


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Advertising Wellness Clinics Health-Based Product
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Provided the counselors and instructors are charismatic, this might be the ideal way to generate initial 'buzz' about the center. Sending out free coupons for free sessions, and offering free 'teaser' yoga or Pilates classes in public venues (like on the Boardwalk during the summer or an in-store location like the mall) can generate publicity and interest. For fitness, marketing should be experiential as well as about selling a particular image.

Since a wellness center is marketing a service as well as a product, one extremely important, but often overlooked component of advertising is good training of the staff. Staff members must be friendly and helpful, and project the right type of 'image' for the center. Given the center's emphasis on personal self-improvement in its marketing strategy, staff members should embody the likely ideal of the target female consumer: they should be fit, knowledgeable, friendly and ready to answer the…

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Paradoxes of Evolutionary Biology in
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The purpose of this set of questions is to see whether they would engage in similar action even if they know that the other individual will not reciprocate given the reverse of their circumstances. All individuals will answer blindly, and we will anonomously collect all of the information.


There are many different results that are possible within this experiment. First, the expected result is that the majority of individuals will answer that they would act altruistically. However, they could act altruistically in some cases, as when they are giving change back to others, but selfishly when it comes to saving a drowning person and risking their own lives. Another scenario is that they could act selfishly when they are in the room by themselves, but when they are doing so in conjunction with someone else, they might be motivated by the visual sign of someone else to be altruistic.…

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Stretching Dynamic vs Static Stretching
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Static stretching could be used as part of a warm-up for training (Campbell 2007). Static stretching is thought to more directly enhance the athlete's flexibility in the long run, but it is less useful in acting as an aid towards immediate performance or increasing the body temperature of the athlete.

The age and fitness goals of the athlete will also determine what method of stretching should be selected or emphasized. "Adults ages 21 to 45 with tight hamstrings also get the best results from static stretching with 30-second stretch-hold positions. Researchers report that static stretching is two times more effective than dynamic range of motion (DROM) for this group of non-competitive athletes" (Campbell 2007). The slower pace of static stretching may help the athletes focus on their problem areas before engaging in exertion, and it is less important that these athletes quickly engage in an athletic bout, as they are…

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Science of Behavior Change NIH Common Fund
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Science of Behavior Change

NIH Common Fund Programs: The science of behavior change

The science of behavior change is a critical area of NIH research because of the degree to which lifestyle changes can improve human health. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, type II diabetes, and stroke have all been linked to negative health behaviors like smoking and drinking. Only if scientists can understand how to motivate people to change their behaviors can a more effective prescription for remedying these ailments be constructed for our nation. Two NIH studies currently being undertaken are one which investigates how "environmental and biological factors associated with poverty and stress that underlie abnormal impulsivity that accompanies addiction to substances and unhealthy behaviors" and one which assesses environmental factors that influence the propensity for adolescents to exercise " to identify individual differences in voluntary exercise behavior and inform new ways to change exercise behavior…