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Health and Fitness Survey

Hour Fitness, a global leader in fitness, is committed to making fitness accessible and affordable to people of all fitness levels. The company is the largest privately owned fitness chain in the world, with clubs in the United States, Europe and Asia. In the United States, 24-Hour Fitness and its Q. Sports Clubs division are the industry leaders in fitness. In Asia clubs operate as California Fitness. In Europe clubs operate as S.A.T.S. Sports Clubs. In Norway, Sweden and Denmark, clubs operates as Form and Fitness.

Convenient locations, the latest equipment, affordable prices, knowledgeable staff and outstanding service, as well as facilities that are open up to 24 hours a day, seven days a week, are all factors that have contributed to the company's tremendous growth and success.

For this project, Steve Gordon, Personal Training Director of 24-Hour Fitness, Northern California Division, was interviewed on November 2, 2002.

The purpose of this project is to heighten awareness about the goals, organizational structure, policies and procedures of 24-Hour Fitness. Through a personal interview with a 24-Hour Fitness representative, this paper will reveal the company's strengths and weaknesses; its organizational climate; its management theories; environmental concerns; and social responsibilities.


Organizational culture simply refers to the personality of the organization. The interviewee, Steve Gordon, was questioned about 24 Fitness's arrangement of furniture, things they are proud of, what members wear, and more in an effort to lean more about the organization's personality.

The most important requirement for employees of 24-Hour...


Usually employees start at the bottom and stay with the organization. This organization promotes from within and highly values seniority, as it strives to retain employees.

24-Hour Fitness has positioned itself as the brand that enables clients to integrate fitness into their lives affordably and conveniently. The organization and its employees use the motto "live better," which acknowledges the brand values of accessibility and the encouragement to adopt fitness at any point of physical health.

With 439 clubs in 11 countries, 24-Hour Fitness is a dominant player in the fitness category. The company has built a strong reputation as an innovative fitness supplier of state-of-the-art fitness programming and equipment. However, the company does have weaknesses. Like many other companies in the fitness industry, it is wrought with high turnover from both clients and employees.

Customers obviously represent potential uncertainty to 24-Hour Fitness. Their tastes can change; they can become dissatisfied with the organization's product or service; or they can be lured by other fitness companies.

Since the organizations environment changes frequently, it is best described as a dynamic environment. If change is minimal, we call it a stable one. 24-Hour Fitness is constantly faced with new competitors, constant promotions by current competitors, and more. Its environmental concerns are stable, as there is little activity by pressure groups to influence the organization. In addition, the steadily increasing demand for health and fitness provide stabilization for the company.


Hofsted identified four cultural dimensions: power distance, individualism and collectivism, quantity vs. quality of life, and uncertainty avoidance. 24-Hour Fitness views and practices each of these dimensions in various ways.

Power Distance: Power distance describes the extent to which employees accept that superiors have…

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