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Free Speech Essays (Examples)

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Speech of a Public Institution's Faculty Member
Words: 1498 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68813794
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speech of a public institution's faculty member to be protected under the Pickering/Connickline of cases, what criteria must be satisfied? Do these criteria suitably balance the interests of faculty members and the institution in the higher education context?

There are really two key principles that must be satisfied. The first is that the court determines whether the speech in question hinges on a matter of public concern. If it does, the court takes further criteria into consideration such as:

Whether the statement impairs discipline in school or harmony amongst superiors or amongst cookers.

Whether the statement has a negative impact on close working relationships

Whether the speech interferes with the way the operator usually conducts his business,

Yes, these criteria take the interests of faculty members and school into consideration.

Specifically, what was the fatal flaw in the instructor's speech? Was it the profanity itself? Or was it the belittling…

Speech to Support Mortgage for Independent Spanish
Words: 672 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84986396
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Speech to Support Mortgage for Independent Spanish Village

The focus of this study is to consider the scenario of making a choice in the use of inheritance money and specifically to gain a mortgage for an independent villa which will be a town or villa in realengo and to compose a speech to support this objective


It is my belief that gaining a mortgage for an independent villa is the most appropriate approach to investing of my inheritance money. For to do otherwise would be to render my inheritance under the control of another individual who will hold all power and decision-bearing capacity and who will not be as interested in the profitability or long-term success of the villa since they do not in reality hold ownership to the property. Under the system of feudalism which is a "social system of rights and duties based on land tenure and…


Stubbs, William (nd) A General Overview: Its Frankish Birth and English Development. Retrieved from:

Speech Saving for Retirement Speech
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 58103230
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The American Association of Retired persons found that pension plans' coverage is quite unstable, differing greatly based on ethnicity, age, pay grade, and education.

In addition, the AARP also found that social security benefits are becoming a problem in many countries, as the number of retired persons who receive benefits rise and the number of births fall.

As people who live in troubled economic times, some are not following government advice to save for retirement.

The United States Department of Labor advocates managing a retirement account with the same amount of attention and importance one would give a bank account.

Mr. C did not follow this advice, and his reliance on government and employer-based plans fell through.

He and his wife were both forced to work after retirement.

This cut into the traveling and relaxing plans that he had made.

Now, Mr. C cannot live the lifestyle that he always…

Artists Be Given Free Rein in the
Words: 640 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88857539
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artists be given free rein in the producing and displaying of works that are offensive, objectionable, or disparaging of certain people's beliefs and values? What responsibilities do artists have to their society? What responsibilities does the society have to its artists?

The job of artists is to hold up a mirror to society and comment on both the beauty and ugliness that exists in the real world. It is easy to showcase things that are beautiful. The museums of the world are full of pretty pictures which depict landscapes and lovely people in fancy dresses. However, there are also works of art in museums or galleries which are controversial, unsettling, and perhaps even downright ugly. Some works of art show things that most people do not want to see, such as material which is offensive, or objectionable, or even disparaging of the beliefs and values of others. Such works are…

Freedom Speech Guarantees Freedom Extend Disturbing Funeral
Words: 1275 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72756779
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Freedom speech guarantees freedom extend disturbing funeral (Armed Forces funerals) support claim, acknowledge claim opponent, find common ground .

There is presently much controversy regarding the concept of freedom of speech and the fact that people are often denied the right to speak when they want to express themselves. Even with this, there are a series of situations when one's right to express his or her position needs to be denied on the basis of common sense. It would surely be absurd to claim that freedom of speech should not be present in every setting regardless of circumstances. However, people should carefully analyze a situation and decide whether or not it would be right for them to speak in a particular environment. Freedom of speech is in some cases rendered ineffective because of a series of reasons that make it possible for individuals to understand that it is more important…

Works cited:

Brouwer, D.l C. And Hess, A. "Making Sense of 'God Hates Fags' and 'Thank God for 9/11': A Thematic Analysis of Milbloggers' Responses to Reverend Fred Phelps and the Westboro Baptist Church," Western Journal of Communication 71.1 (2007)

Conery, B. "Supreme Court upholds protests at military funerals as free speech," Retrieved February 12, 2012, from the Washington Times Website: 

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Courts and Protecting Speech
Words: 669 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 46698462
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Freedom of Speech

The Brandenburg Case

The central holding in the Brandenburg case is the debate about whether suppressing hate speech or speeches that have the potential to incite violence is, in fact, violates the guarantee to freedom of speech as given by the First Amendment of the U.S. constitution. In the case of Brandenburg, while the state of Ohio declared him to have incited potential violence through his speech that he made on TV and sentenced him to 1-10-year prison and a fine, the Supreme Court of the U.S. overturned the verdict and found Brandenburg not guilty and opined that the Ohio state had violated Brandenburg's right to free speech. The supreme court noted: "Freedoms of speech and press do not permit a State to forbid advocacy of the use of force or of law violation except where such advocacy is directed to inciting or producing imminent lawless action…

Do Campus Speech Codes Violate Student Rights
Words: 1178 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75872240
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campus speech codes violate student rights?

The freedom of expression is not for students alone. It is for all citizens and for students the rights and liberties that are available for all citizens apply in the same manner. In that context if the citizen has a right of speech and expression, it also implies that the citizen student also enjoys this right. Where the general laws abrogate the freedom of speech, making some kinds of speech and expression culpable, it is also applicable to the student. The question is if the academic institution passes rules that prohibit speeches and other form of expressions defined as 'hate speech', it has to be assumed that the 'hate speech' as defined inside the campus differs from the general legislation, or there is no general legislation that covers the 'hate speech 'and therefore being introduced in the campus make it unique to the student…

freedom of'speech and how it is necessary
Words: 356 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 96673565
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Colin Kaepernicks political activism and his symbolic taking the knee have sparked a fierce debate over the power, potential, and possible limitations on freedom of speech. According to an article in The Washington Post, survey after survey has shown that too many students at all levels including in college dont understand free speech and dont know that it is guaranteed by the First Amendment, (Strauss, 2017, p. 1). The reason why I am writing about freedom of speech in relation to the reaction to Kaepernick is that the First Amendment encompasses the fundamental rights and freedoms fundamental to democracy. The goal of the paper is to explain the facts of the case through the lens of both ethics and constitutional law. Ultimately, I want to demonstrate to the audience why a democracy cannot function without freedom of speech. I also want to show why protesting something symbolic like…

Speech Quality Testing
Words: 716 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 6696744
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Technology Speech Science

Speech Quality Tests: An Analysis and eview of the Literature

The speech measurement technology to be evaluated in this research is a speech quality test. According to the research, a speech quality test is "a routine procedure for examining one or more empirically restrictive quality features of perceived speech with the aim of making a quantitative statement on those features" (). Essentially, people are constantly using undirected speech in ordinary conversations in order to exchange information through spoken sentences. Yet, when speech becomes directed by some third party or director, the speaker's speech may end up being modified by these directions. Here, the research suggests that "by using specific directives, the experimenter can, in directed communications, adjust the influence of each quality feature" (). A speech quality test can ascertain how biased perception may end up being in the case of directed speech. There are four primary…


Springer Science Media. (2011). Speech Quality Measurement Methods. Web.,d.cGU 

Stan, A., Yamagishi, J., King, S., & Aylett, M. (2011). The Romanian speech synthesis (RSS) corpus: Building a high quality HMM-based speech synthesis system using a high sampling rate. Speech Communication, 53(3), 442-450.

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Free Labor the Majority of
Words: 1452 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75113645
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These newspapers continuously wrote that there is no essential conflict between labor class (referring to wage earners) and the capitalists and that each should not suspect the other in the development of America.

outhern slave society: An essential conflict with free labor social order

There were many distinctions in the Northern and outhern economic and social outlook of America. There were conflicting ideologies being pursued in these regions and the economic progress of Northern region was associated to the free enterprising class known as the middle class. The class thrived in the Northern region by investing in their own businesses, small and large. On the contrary, outhern society was based on slavery system. The Northerners demanded that the slavery of fugitives' slaves shall be abolished and free soil in the west was to be enforced. The essential elements that divided the Northerners and outherners were the matter of slavery. The…

Such deep was the issue of slavery that it broke down the part of Whigs during 1850s and led Republicans to replace them as a symbol of hope, prosperity, and economic progress. The main reason of elimination of Whigs from national scene was their persistence to support the slave system in south whereas its own leaders were not willing to support such oppressive practice while rest of Americas strived for economic progress. Such diverse and conflicting was the issue of slavery and the difference in Southern and Northern concepts of economic progress that 'The Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854' nearly destroyed two political parties, Whigs were totally eliminated from political scene and Democrats saw their party divided on sensational lines. W.C. Pennington quoted that the slavery impacted each and every aspect of economic and thus the social life of African-Americans. He said "the being of slavery, its, and its body, lives and moves in the chattel principle, the property principle, and the bill of sale principle" (Henretta, Edwards & Self, 358). The domestic slave trade was considered to be absolutely what Republicans essentially wanted to abolish in figurative sense as well. The Republicans held the view that "Free labor meant independence from wage earning with fixed salaries, if northern person is wage earning and dependent for whole life, he is no different from southern slave" (Foner, 15). Thus, the Republican viewed dependence of a northern on the wages for whole of his life as being equal to the status of a southern slave. This figurative explanation indicates that the southern way of life and economic conduct was fundamentally conflicting with that of Republican's notion of free labor and enterprise, let alone being inconsistent with Republican ideology.


The Republican concept of free labor, as described by Zachariah Chandler, meant "that a young man goes out for service, for labor by wages and earns enough money to start his own farm and becomes employer of labor." Thus, it was contradictory to the oppressive and conservative notions of labor held by the southern slave owners. The progress of American society, according the Republican perspective, lay in the enterprising and middle class men who strived for better economic prospects. The practices of slavery and such oppressive social and economic systems were opposed to the very concept of economic justice that was held by Northerners.

Speech by a Teacher Teachers in Public
Words: 1041 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73462439
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Speech by a Teacher

Teachers in public schools are not permitted to invoke specific Biblical theories, parables, or otherwise invoke the word of God -- either denominationally or generally -- in their classes. The constitutionally imposed rule -- separation of church and state -- is widely considered appropriate and important to the American democracy within the secular and legal community.

Moreover, the rules of public schools make it clear that it is psychologically, morally, constitutionally and socially unacceptable to stealthily (or otherwise) attempt to interject God's word or God's prophets' narrative into an educational setting.

But a competent, alert and effective Christian teacher today need not break those rules in the process of presenting information God would approve of. hy? That is because there are values that God has emphasized in the Holy Bible that can be presented to students without ever identifying them as having come from God Himself.…

Works Cited

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Speech Outline
Words: 791 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90700398
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Speech on Alcoholism and Addiction

Main Points: I. Alcoholism is an addiction, not a character flaw.

Treating alcoholism requires modern rehabilitation methods.

The "Twelve-Step" program advocated by Alcoholics Anonymous (AA)

represents an extremely effective route to recovery.

Central Idea: For centuries, society has viewed addiction to alcohol and other substances as a defect in one's moral fiber, rather than a medical affliction. Modern scientific exploration into the subject of addiction has revealed that alcoholism is actually the result of neurotransmitters in the brain becoming activated, chemical responses throughout the body, genetic influences, and even environmental factors. By revising the widespread belief that addiction to alcohol is one's own "fault," and recognizing the litany of variables which determine whether somebody will be prone to addictive tendencies, the stigma placed on alcoholism may eventually be lifted.


A. For as long as mankind been aware that the actions of an individual are…


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Speeches - Thomas Jefferson's Declaration
Words: 875 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96008302
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However, Jefferson's "Declaration of Independence" also amounted to a declaration of war. He was well aware that the British government would not simply let the colonists pull away from England and declare themselves their own country or countries. England made huge profits from the American colonies and were not about to just roll over and let them cut themselves free simply because they didn't like a few laws the Parliament had passed.

In contrast to this is King's speech. While he lists the inequalities involved with being Black in a White-dominated America, he called for people to come together. He said, "I have a dream that one day on the red hills of Georgia the sons of former slaves and the sons of former slave owners will be able to sit down together at a table of brotherhood." He knew it was a dream and not a reality, as did…

Free Is the Individual Will
Words: 1058 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75622099
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(Rothschild.) Numerous other instances have been reported by people who have been interrogated by agents simply because they have criticized the government, President Bush, or his "war" on terrorism.

All of this speaks to the new McCarthyism, where political dissent is being equaled to treason," stated Barry Steinhardt, associate director of the American Civil Liberties Union in ashington. He finds the anecdotal evidence deeply troubling. "It's a very frightening trend: that people are doing nothing more than expressing the very freedoms that we are fighting to preserve - and find themselves with the FBI at their door." (Steinhardt.)

Other reports of the new "un-American" activity of voicing an opinion that does not support the Bush Administration's activities have resulted in professional writers, including Pulitzer prizewinning cartoonist, Steve Benson, losing their jobs. This, in effect, takes away the individual's right to a free press because the presses, owned and controlled by…

Works Cited

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Historical Speech
Words: 987 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76040604
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For the first part of this exercise, I will dwell on Lou Gehrig's speech. The speech in question has featured prominently in quite a number of speech collections as a truly historical speech, alongside those given by the likes of Martin Luther King and Winston Churchill. Commonly referred to as the Iron Horse due to both his commitment and durability as far as baseball is concerned, Gehrig was at the prime age of 36 when he was struck by what has now come to be referred to as Lou Gehrig's disease. The disease effectively ended his long and illustrious career in baseball. This speech, which I will rewrite to convey the opposite message, was delivered by Gehrig during a ceremony held in his honor by his friends and team mates. Given his circumstances at the time, one would have expected the speech to be self-defeating and perhaps full of…


American Rhetoric (2013). Lou Gehrig: Farewell to Baseball Address. Retrieved from

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Union of Concerned Scientists (2011). Climate Hot Map: Global Warming Effects around the World -- Solutions to Global Warming. Retrieved from

Hypothetical Deliberative Speech Given by George W Bush
Words: 1093 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75226712
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Speech by President Bush

Prospective Deliberative Speech to the Republican National Convention in July, Directed on Television to the American Nation as a hole

Nods, smiles, acknowledges audience)

My fellow Americans, this November every one of you will be faced with a seemingly simple choice, but a choice that will affect this entire nation's future -- should you vote to change the current administration and vote democratic? Or should you vote Republican and stay the course this nation has followed over the past four years?

e have been through many difficult times together, you and I, my fellow Americans, over the course of my administration. Together, we have weathered a terrible attack on our nation's security, a devastating economic recession, and a just but sorry war against a brutal dictator. The war for our nation's security on all these fronts has yet to be won, but it will be won.…

Works Cited

BBC. (2004) Iraqi Q&A. 

This site explains the new interim government of Iraqi and the history of the United States' recent engagement with the nation

Chaddock, Gail Russell. (November 21, 2002). "Security Act to Pervade Daily Lives." The Christian Science Monitor. 

This news article provides an analysis of the new provisions of the Home Security Act and how they affect all Americans.

Clinton's Speech After Lewinsky's Scandal
Words: 4945 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 25316762
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Clinton's Lewinsky Speech

Presidential scandal speeches should be considered a unique form of discoursed that follow a common pattern and have similar elements. All of these may not be found in every single speech but most certainly will, including ichard Nixon's Second Watergate Speech (1973), onald eagan's Iran-Contra Speech (1987), and Bill Clinton's Monica Lewinsky Speech (1998). All the presidents used strong, direct and active voice when making these speeches, with Clinton seeming to be particularly prone to narcissism and use of the first-person singular. A standard feature of all such speeches is for the president to take responsibility for what went wrong, express regret, and then call on the country to move on so the government can return to dealing with the nation's 'real' business. Both Nixon and Clinton also had a strong tendency to blame their political enemies for their predicament, and with good reason, although in Nixon's…


Clinton, B. (1998). Monica Lewinsky Speech. 

Nixon, R. (1973). Second Watergate Speech.

Persuasion Features of Presidential Scandal Speeches
Words: 2997 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63115226
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Presidential Speech

The Presidents accused of scandals in the history of American politics have been known to make memorable apology speeches. Even though, the speech that the Presidents made were done by different people and in different times, marked similarities and patterns have been noted. The Lewinsky scandal was basically a political sex scandal that occurred in 1999. This scandal came out because the President was accused of having a sexual relationship with an intern in the White House, Monica Lewinsky. The Watergate scandal occurred in 1970 because five men were caught at the Democratic National Committee and further investigations led to President Nixon being found guilty of committing fraud. Another fraud that highlighted a President as the causative agent was the Iran Arms and Contra Aid Controversy. This scandal occurred when President Reagan was in the administration and the officials in charge were accused of selling arms to Iran…

Learning Impairment Lli Speech Perception
Words: 1688 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 54052790
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Thus, the deficit must be due to an "inefficient mapping of acoustic information into phonetic features at a central (postcochlear) conversion stage. Accordingly, these findings provide new routes by which researchers should examine and practitioners should diagnose and treat SLI (Ziegler,, 2005).

7. Conclusion

We live in a day and age of rapid technological development. In the area of cognition, our knowledge of how brain works and how language functions and is processed has seen rapid advancement in just the past three decades. Given the information that we have uncovered here, there is hope for a more rapid diagnosis and a more effective treatment of students with SLI's. With more understanding of the role of input and noise, perhaps, our teachers whom area affected greatly by his or her students' performance, would understand how to properly handle such students and provide a classroom environmentally set up so as to…


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Alexander Stephens Cornerstone Speech
Words: 904 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51489899
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Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens' "Cornerstone Speech"

The Civil War was by far the most costly war in terms of human life ever fought by the United States, and the events that precipitated this conflict on U.S. soil included the succession of seven Southern states by March 1861 to form the Confederate States of America. With President Jefferson Davis leading the way, his vice president, Alexander Stephens, delivered a speech in support of the Southern cause including assurances that the new constitution was an improvement on the old, and that commercial enterprises were free to engage in interstate and international commerce at their discretion. Citing concerns over Northern superiority in infrastructure that would make prosecuting the war challenging, the vice president also assured his audience that enormous investments had already been made throughout the South and that more would be made in the future. In sum, this speech was a…

Easily Identified in the Speeches
Words: 1406 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 55225121
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He personalizes the sense of power and youth with which the audience is leaving college, while universalizing the benefit they could bring to society as a whole:

We need help. Your help...Help... And you will make a huge impact on the life of the street, the town, the country, and our planet. If only one out of four of each one hundred of you choose to help on any given day, in any given cause - incredible things will happen in the world you live in." (Hanks 7).

Hanks therefore attempts to move his audience to action by emphasizing that the action they need to take is very small, but will have great benefits. He does this progressively, by infusing his speech with small to large images. The life of the street becomes the life of the planet with a single choice by a single person to do something helpful…


Hanks, Tom. "The Power of Four." Poughkeepsie, 22 May 2005. American Rhetoric. Ed. Michael E. Eidenmuller. 2006. 26 Sept. 2006.

Reeve, Christopher. "1996 Democratic National Convention Address." Chicago, 26 Aug. 1996. American Rhetoric. Ed. Michael E. Eidenmuller. 2006. 26 Sept. 2006

Lincoln's Speech Compared the Evolution of Lincoln's
Words: 1602 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 90316321
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Lincoln's Speech Compared

The Evolution of Lincoln's Thought in His Speeches

Abraham Lincoln is one of the most celebrated and popular Presidents in the history of the United States. Lincoln presided over the Presidency at a difficult time for the country, when the unity of the nation was at stake and the question of slavery deeply polarized the society into two. Lincoln was able to preserve the Union, but at a great cost which made him as controversial as he was popular. But it is uncontroversial among his contemporaries and the readers of his speeches today that the sixteenth President of the United States was a great orator, able to address a broad range of audience: rich and poor, literate and illiterate, freemen and slaves; and he possessed a rare skill of persuasion. Lincoln was able to address a divided nation with great care and measurement. He was reserved when…

Works Cited

All the references come from The Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, edited by Roy P. Basler, and is available online at (Accessed: February 19, 2011).

MLK Speech I have a Dream Rhetorical analysis
Words: 759 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22413661
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The famous speech by Martin King Luther Jr. “I Have a Dream” is deemed as one of the most captivating and moving speeches that were ever given by MKL Jr. in his lifetime. This speech was given to mark the epitome of the civil rights march at Lincoln memorial in Washington DC in 1963. The audient to whom MKL Jr. was giving the speech was a multitude of civil rights movement members from all over the USA, ordinary people, dignitaries and people from different racial backgrounds. The outstanding purpose of the speech was to further the position of the civil rights movement on the issue of racial discrimination and alienation of the black as well as the blatant breach of the human rights of the blacks that was taking place in the USA at that moment in history. It was also a speech meant to send a strong signal that…

Stephen Colbert's Speech to the
Words: 571 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55821235
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He futhe solidifies this point of humility and self-depecation of pesonal stoies showing how he has always admied the univesity and how he sees the students as exceptional.

Having cafted this platfom of tust and ensuing thee is a stong esonance with the audience, M. Colbet gets even moe daing and pokes self-depecating humo at Thomas Jeffeson's own unique behavio. Only afte building such a stong foundation of tust does the joking come acoss well.

He next goes fo the heat of the speech, bining out the most pofound, insightful sayings of Thomas Jeffeson. His comedic timing and insight make the unexpected aspects and intepetation of Thomas Jeffeson's most famous sayings both poignant and entetaining. He concludes the speech with a call fo the gaduates to make thei own way, as Thomas Jeffeson called on the nascent colonies to also do. These ae the most poweful moments of the speech…

references to modern culture and humor, freeing the audience for a pedantic, lecture-driven speech for one with meaning and energy.

Susan B Anthony's Speech Women's Right to Suffrage
Words: 835 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42539856
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Success: Susan B. Anthony's Speech

The 1870s went down in history as the decade when women's movements stood strongly against oppression, demanding that women be given the same rights as men. In 1873, Susan Anthony was arrested and later released on a $100 dollar fine, all because she had voted in the presidential election the previous year. This, in her mind, amounted to oppression, and was an injustice not only to her, but to all American women. She took her stand, stating that if African-Americans, who prior to 1865 were not considered U.S. citizens, could vote, then women who were citizens by every technical definition, had every right to vote. Antony's speech, 'omen's Right to Vote' successfully combines pathos, logos, and ethos, using both facts and personal testimony to create emotional resonance in her audience. Although this speech alone was not sufficient to grant women the right to vote, it…

Works Cited

Halsall, Paul. "Modern History Sourcebook: Susan B. Anthony: Women's Right to Vote." Fordham University, 1997. Web. 31 May 2014 

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Man Speech Well I Don't
Words: 379 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 160764
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Oh well, them's the breaks! I wonder if maybe I should start stalking the rehab centers, maybe I can meet a cool chick there too!

As many of you know, Shawn and Chrissie have finally managed to develop a healthy addiction -- to each other. When I first met Chrissie I could see that she and Shawn were made for each other. They have a similar philosophy of life. I think they've both traveled down some of the same roads and have a lot that they can relate about throughout the rest of their lives. They're so nice to each other sometimes that it makes me want to puke. I don't know if all of you know how Shawn proposed, but I'm warning you, if you thought Shawn was macho, your image of him will be completely shattered. Shawn is a romantic sap at heart, and I know that Chrissie…

Student Speech
Words: 1203 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16104644
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Good day, ladies and gentleman. I extend my deepest thanks to all of you for coming out to this occasion. Your presence here is an honor to all of us, and we're all happy to be able to share in our experiences with you. If there's one thing that this entire experience has shown me, it's the importance of hard work and dedication. If I've discovered anything, it's that hard work and dedication can truly help one transform oneself and one's life.

My Background

I've worked tremendously hard to earn my degree and I continue to work hard in order to better my life and the lives of the people closest to me -- my family friends and community. Ever since I was a child, I was no stranger to hard work, which is fortunate, as my life has been full of it. However, more than anything, I've learned…

Relate President Obama's Second Inauguration Speech to the Book
Words: 696 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 782530
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President Obama's "Second Inaugural Address:" Rhetorical analysis

Knowing one's audience is a critical component of giving a good speech. hen President Obama gave his second inaugural address, although he had been reelected by a significant majority, he knew he was still facing a divided country. To show his respect for patriotic values, he began his speech invoking both God and country yet in a manner that stressed the need for concrete government actions to deal with the nation and the world's problems. "For history tells us that while these truths may be self-evident, they've never been self-executing. That while freedom is a gift from God, it must be secured by his people here on earth."

Obama addressed his speech to the American public at large, but he also had a clear eye upon his Republican critics, in his use of specific phrases and themes. His first term began with a…

Works Cited

Obama, Barack. 'Second Inaugural Address." Full text available 9 Feb 2013:

Burke Conciliation Edmund Burke's Speech
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The author hopes to restore what he calls "the former unsuspecting confidence of the Colonies in the Mother Country, to give permanent satisfaction to your people." Teh term "unsuspecting confidence" reveals the colonial mentality. Burke even suggests that a conciliatory tone will trick the colonies into greater respect for the Crown. "The more they multiply, the more friends you will have, the more ardently they love liberty, the more perfect will be their obedience."

In the speech delivered to Parliament, Burke bases his rhetorical appeal on the prevailing philosophical themes in late 18th century Britain. Crown supporters like Burke had not yet fully embraced the tenets of popular rule and remained tied to a the monarchic model. Burke appeals to national pride in his parliamentary address, too, repeatedly referring to the "greatness" of the empire. The American colonies are portrayed by Burke as Crown subjects, so he does not antagonize…


Burke, E. (1775). Speech on conciliation with America. Retrieved April 14, 2007 at

Arthur Jensen S Speech in Lumet S Network
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Jensen's "The World is a Business" Speech from Network (1976)

The speech by Arthur Jensen in the 1976 film Network is given to an audience of one -- Mr. Howard Beale, network television news show host. It takes place in a large conference room, nicknamed "Valhalla" by Mr. Jensen. It lasts just over four minutes and its effect is profound in that it produces a radical transformation in the audience: Mr. Beale returns to his position as news show host and delivers, in turn, a speech to his own audience that essentially confirms the cynical viewpoint that Mr. Jensen has impressed upon him. Why is Jensen's speech so effective? As Leff and Sachs point out, it is not just "what was said" but "how it was said" that made it so persuasive. Thus, from a Neo-Aristotelian point-of-view, the parts of Jensen's speech add up to make a convincing whole. This…


Gottfried, H. (Producer), Lumet, S. (Director). (1976). Network. USA: MGM.

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Text. Western Journal of Speech Communication, 54: 252-273.

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Forensic Speech on the War on Terrorism
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The American public is misleaded concerning the war in Iraq.

Americans believe that the war is for freedom, 9-11, and the good of the Iraqi people.

Americans are misled.

What is the war really about?

The war is not about terrorism, freedom, WMD's or the "people."

The war is misguided and damaging.

Experts agree that the war is a bad idea.

Clarke and Leverett give opinions on why the war is a bad idea.

The Iraq war is compared to an insufficient dose of penicillin.

What's so wrong with attacking Iraq?

There are no WMD's, the main justification is gone.

One cannot clean one's kitchen by cleaning the living room.

So what's the big deal?

American citizens are not safer than before, and may be less safe.

Iraq, like American Muslims are perceived as fair targets, whether they deserve it or not.

Conclusion: Iraq is not the same as…


Fletcher, Douglas. (2004). Where are the WMD's? Reason Hit and Run. 27 March.

Discusses the role of WMD's in the war on Iraq.

Gillespie, Nick. (2002). You mean they're not the same thing? The Washington Post. Retrieved from Web site on March 31, 2004 d+%22wrong%22&hl=en&ie=UTF-8

Touches on the possible negative repercussions on the war on terrorism resulting from the Iraq war -- especially in the use of resources.

Solution to Bad Speech Is
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Parties -- through their platforms, through their leaders, through their policies -- offer simple answers. Don't know what to think about abortion/gay rights/climate change? No need to worry. Just vote straight ticket.

One can certainly see the appeal of subjugating one's own political ideology to party membership. or, if not precisely subjugating it, assuming that the party (whichever party) will simply take care of one. The paternal attitude between individual and party has a long history itself in American politics. And it is worth remembering that it is not all just smoke and mirrors. A poor, black, gay man is much, much more likely to be well served by the Democratic Party. That's a quick-and-easy answer that is almost always bound to be right.

But easy answers tend -- in American politics -- to lead to easier answers, and finally to answers that require no thinking at all. Indeed, there…

Leadership Award Speech Welcome to the 21st
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Award Speech

Welcome to the 21st Century, my friends. This is your century of reward and your day of awards. The Eagle Award, established in 2001, is organized and sponsored by Transcoast London Ltd. It aims to create, or rather -- to recognize -- the astounding role models and leaders like yourselves. As leaders you are important, for others may feel inspired by your achievements. The word "inspired" is an important one, because it is further defined as "in-spirited." What controls our lives are the meanings we associate with things in our lives, which are shaped by our own personal psychology, our world view, and the beliefs and values that we have created. You, as role models and leaders, have a unique spirit in you, and "inspiring" spirit, and that what makes you leaders is that this spirit touches others and gives that spirit to them. You have added…

1987 Quarterly Journal of Speech Maurice Charland
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1987 Quarterly Journal of Speech, Maurice Charland embraces Kenneth Burke's argument that "persuasion" should not necessarily be the "key term" as a theory of rhetoric. Rather, the key term in critiquing rhetoric should be "identification" (Charland, 1987, p. 133). Why is focusing on identification more valid than focusing on persuasion in the process of rhetorical themes? Charland insists that using persuasion as a driver for rhetoric "…implies the existence of an agent who is free to be persuaded," which is not always the case. Charland uses Quebec's quest for sovereignty as an example of why his assertion is valid. The White Paper that was created identifies the issues and the alleged oppression; in itself, it persuades through identification of salient issues.

In 1976, Quebec's political situation changed dramatically when voters gave control of the legislature to the Parti Quebecois (PQ), taking it away from the MSA; the PQ took 71…

Ape Speech Research Has Been
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Another theorist with a different view is Chomsky (1988). Chomsky sees the acquisition of language as a process of input-output, what he calls a Cartesian view of language acquisition and language structure. He states: "We have an organism of which we know nothing. We know, or we can discover, what kind of data is available to it, and the first question we must try to answer is: what kind of mental structure does the organism develop when that evidence is presented to it?" (Chomsky, 1988, p. 102). Once we find an answer to this question, we can ask what sorts of processes have intervened leading form the data available to the knowledge that resulted. Chomsky explains:

The input-output situation is this: a child who initially does not have knowledge of a language constructs for himself knowledge of a language on the basis of a certain amount of data; the input…


Aitchison, J. (1998). The articulate mammal: An introduction to psycholinguistics. London:Routledge.

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Brain circuitry involved in language reveals differences in man, non-human primates (2001, September 5). Science Daily. Retrieved December 12, 2006 at .

Martin Luther King Jr 's Iconic Speech I
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Martin Luther King Jr.'s iconic speech "I Have a Dream" in relation to some of the reactionary racism fuelled by Barack Obama's ascendancy to the White House. Many people believe that Obama's election to President of the United States was a fulfillment of King's infamous speech and it is not difficult to see that Obama's speech "A More Perfect Union" can easily be compared to King's speech as well. The two have quite a bit in common for important figures from different eras, and one of the things that they have in common is that racism is still alive and well in the United States. While King was faced by rampant public racism of his time, Obama has faced a new kind of racism that King was never subjected to -- Internet racism. In the months leading up to his being elected to President, the amount of threatening remarks on…


Netter, S. (2010). "Racism in Obama's America one year later." ABC World News.

Accessed on 15 April 2011: (2011). "Martin Luther King -- Biography." Retrieved on: 15 April 2011: 

Southern Poverty Law Center. (2008). "Racist attacks on Obama growing more heated."

Literary Analysis of Speech We're On Our Way Essay
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Essay Prompt
A literary critical analysis is not merely a summary of a literary work. Instead, it is an argument that expresses an interpretation, judgment, or critical evaluation of the work. This is accomplished by examining specific literary devices (symbols, themes, metaphors, tone, point of view, diction, structure, etc.), within the work. The purpose of a critical analysis is to demonstrate how these elements convey meaning. In your analysis, you will most likely discuss how certain literary techniques are used to convey specific ideas. You will discuss what a literary piece means and how it achieves its effect. To write critically, you must provide analysis of specific evidence from the text (words and phrases; avoid long quotes). The goal of this assignment is to give the audience an interpretation of the literature.

1. Introduction (explore the subject? of your analysis and end with a thesis statement).
2. Body Paragraphs…

Voluntary in School Free Reading Programs Elementary Level
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grain of sand, hold infinity in an hour, - lines I read in a book of poetry, lines that play at the back of my mind as I begin to lay the outlines if this thesis for a Master's degree.

I see the wonder in a child's eyes as he imagines a world unfolding in a grain of sand as I read a story to him; an hour reading in a class of children translates into infinity as the children in that class become readers themselves, changing the hours into infinity as they develop the habit of infinite reading.

Voluntary in-school free reading program - elementary level" is the subject of this thesis proposal, and the objective is to prove that voluntary in-school free reading programs result in positive effects on elementary students' attitudes toward reading.

Statement of the Problem

General Objective

To be able to identify the strengths and…


Durrell, Donald. D. Durrell Analysis of Reading Difficulty (New Edition).

Kottmeyer, William. Evaluation Handbook: Levels in English. Webster.

Kottmeyer, William. Guide for Remedial Reading. Webster Strang, Ruth, et. al. The Improvement of Reading. New York: Mc GrawHill.

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Americans Have Always Been Hesitant
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Kerr's management strategy on campus only emboldened the New Left.

In addition to the Free Speech movement, the New Left included other student organizations including Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), Congress on acial Equality (COE), and the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). The former focused on the antiwar efforts to end the Vietnam conflict, placing the students in direct conflict with many of America's most powerful institutions and organizations. Sit-ins, and other non-violent protest tactics were used to gain media coverage as well as to effect real change. The increasing awareness of how the War in Vietnam was proceeding caused the New Left to grow dramatically, providing a credible opposition to the Department of Defense. As Zinn points out, an increasingly large proportion of Americans ceased affiliating with either the Democratic or epublican parties, expressing opposition to the core institutions of government that led to injustices like those being…


Foner, E, 2011. Give Me Liberty! Norton.

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Internet Service Provider ISP Web Content Law
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Internet Service Provider (ISP) Web Content Law and Ethics

The objective of this work is to answer whether Internet service providers have a responsibility to regulate the content that is available on the World Wide Web? This work will additionally answer as to whether the presence and ease of availability of pornography to the general public a tribute to free speech and a reflection of social maturity or an example of the potential damage that unregulated markets and the hegemony of technology have reaped upon society?

The Internet is such that allows consumers, businesses, and industry, alike to "do many new things in unique and efficient ways." (Tekxam, nd) There are however, reported to be areas of both legal and ethical concern with regards to the responsibilities of Internet Service providers. Some of those areas include protection of intellectual property, fraud prevention, protection of freedom of expression, protection of privacy,…


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Turban E., et al. (2000) Electronic Commerce: A Managerial Perspective, Prentice Hall, 2000 in: Study Guide: Legal and Ethical Aspects of the Internet (nd) Tekxam. Retrieved from:

Taxes Direct Democracy and Federalism
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This is designed to help support individuals who are dealing with financial challenges. The problem is that select amounts of recipients will use as a way to live off of the government. (Wolf, 2005)

How might a socialist and a capitalist government differ in its treatment of the problem of unemployment?

Socialists want to see massive amounts of government spending to create new jobs, training programs and provide unemployment benefits. A capitalist is opposed to these kinds of programs and believes that charities / private enterprises can address these issues.

In your opinion, should the government have the responsibility of providing health care for every citizen? Why or why not?

Yes, the government should provide health care. The reason why is because prices are increasing exponentially and the number of uninsured is rising. These factors are a sign that there is very little competition inside the sector. To address these…


2012 Puerto Rico Statehood Amendment. (2012). Boards. Retrieved from: 

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Media and Other Individuals From
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In fact, when actual harm seems imminent, the government has more leeway to restrict the speech. Fighting words or words likely to result in harm to an individual fall into this category. The most notorious example is shouting "Fire" in a crowded theater. A more realistic example is the criminalization of terroristic threats.

) in an essay of at least two well-developed paragraphs, explain how laws related to capital punishment have changed since the early 1970s

At the beginning of the 1970s, capital punishment was legal throughout the United States, though execution rates varied tremendously by state. However, in 197, in the case of Furman v. Georgia, 408 U.S. 38 (197), the Supreme Court suspended capital punishment throughout the states. The Court found that capital punishment violated the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. However, it is important to realize that the violation did not come from the…

2) in an essay of at least two well-developed paragraphs, explain how laws related to capital punishment have changed since the early 1970s

At the beginning of the 1970s, capital punishment was legal throughout the United States, though execution rates varied tremendously by state. However, in 1972, in the case of Furman v. Georgia, 408 U.S. 238 (1972), the Supreme Court suspended capital punishment throughout the states. The Court found that capital punishment violated the Eighth Amendment's prohibition against cruel and unusual punishment. However, it is important to realize that the violation did not come from the actual executions, but from the way that the states carried out their capital punishment procedures. Therefore, beginning in 1976, many states retooled their capital punishment laws and, once again, began sentencing defendants to death.

Since 1976, the capital punishment statutes of many states sought to address the Court's concerns that capital punishment was arbitrary. Some states adopted mandatory capital punishment statutes for certain types of murder, though those were later found to be unconstitutional. Other states adopted bifurcated proceedings, where guilt and punishment were established in separate stages. To determine whether or not to impose the death penalty, juries were called upon to consider aggravating and mitigating factors. In 1977, the Court determined that the death penalty violated the Eighth Amendment if imposed for rape, setting the standard that only murder could be a capital offense in state tribunals, though treason, espionage, and certain military crimes may still be capital offenses. There have been various challenges to the means of execution, so that executions must be carried out in as painless and humane manner as possible. The rules surrounding executions remained fairly consistent from the late 1970s until the early 2000s. However, in the early 2000s, two cases placed major restrictions on capital punishment, which brought the United States more into alignment with international humanitarian standards. First, the Court prohibited the execution of mentally retarded individuals. Next, the Court prohibited the execution of those who were minors at the time of commission of the offense. While all of these changes have not eliminated the death penalty and have been based on the premise that state-sanctioned executions are not unconstitutional, they shown an increasing awareness of the human rights issues

Media the Issue Itself and
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One reporter for the New York Daily News rants, "Come on, let's be serious…if anything is clear, it is that the trip of the famous couple to Havana has exposed the travel ban as what it is: a senseless, anachronistic and anti-democratic policy, contrary to U.S. interests and values," (uiz, 2013).

What was done to resolve the controversy?

There has yet to be a clear resolution to the controversy, but the expression of symbolic free speech on the part of Beyonce and Jay-Z has deepened the discourse about the purpose and effectiveness of the Cuba embargo. The celebrity visit has caused new dialogue about Cuban-American relations and the meaning behind the ongoing travel ban Many Americans do not give much thought to the travel ban; but Cuban-Americans take the ban personally. Now that the Cold War is over, it does not seem to make much sense to have an embargo.…


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