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Can you help me find a title and outline for an essay on pornography?


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Pornography is a controversial topic.  Discussions of pornography incorporate issues of free speech, morality, women’s rights, sexual violence, domestic violence, and misogyny.  Many people believe that images of pornography are harmful and degrading, even if the pornography is not violent. However, the issues are not as clear-cut as they seem at first glance. Many people believe that pornography has some positive benefits that go beyond any thrills it offers. 

Here are some essay titles and topics to explore: 

  1. Does Porn Cause Rape? 
  2. Pornography and Erectile Dysfunction
  3. Socially Active Smut 
  4. Erotica and Pornography: Same Thing, Different Name, or Two Different Things? 
  5. Sexy or Sad: How Social Views of Pornography Can Shape Your Views of Sex
  6. Freedom of Smut: The First Amendment Implications of Trying to Outlaw Porn
  7. Child Pornography and the Law: Should “Victimless” Representations of Child Pornography Be Legal? 
  8. Pornography and Passion: Can Porn Be a Healthy Enhancement to Your Sex Life?
  9. Fidelity and Porn: Is Viewing Sexually Explicit Images Cheating? 
  10. Do Men and Women Respond Differently to Pornography? 

An example essay outline for a paper about pornography and rape would be: 

I. Introduction

A. Studies show self-reports of likelihood to rape increase after viewing pornography

B. Rapists have blamed pornography for their actions

C. Thesis Statement: While anecdotal and research evidence show some support for the idea that pornography can lead to an increased desire to commit sexual violence, there is a lack of support for the idea that pornography actually leads to rape. 

II. Studies about rape and pornography

A. Study 1

B. Study 2

C. Study 3

III. Self-reports

A. Ted Bundy

B. Jeffrey Dahmer

C. Andrei Chikatilo

IV. Conclusion

A. Restate Thesis

B. Studies

C. Self-Reports

D. Call to Action: While much research has concentrated on convicted violent offenders who commit stranger rapes, it is clear that we need more research on the impact of pornography on “date” rape perpetrators. 

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