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Frog Leap John Williams Re
Words: 1178 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 57470510
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We must stand on the quality of our wine, especially considering that green wineries are a dime a dozen in northern California. We make pretty good wine, so we are in decent shape there. We have a good distribution business, and that is definitely an asset. This isn't much to work with, honestly, and there are a lot of wineries that do the same things we do better than we do them.

Domestic/Global Risks

The wine market is becoming globalized, and that has invited competition from all over the world, and they all want into California, which is one of the biggest markets in the world. This is bringing about a glut of cheap, decent wine into the market at a time when Napa real estate is pricey and our wines expensive as a result. Economically, we have a price sensitive market and our sales as a result can be…

Open Form Frog Artists and Writers Utilize
Words: 1188 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28198572
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Open Form Frog

Artists and writers utilize all manner of devices to attract their readers' attentions. Vladimir Nabokov, in his tome "Pale Fire," framed a novel in the form of a poem and its associated criticism. Nabokov publically stated that he attempted absolute mediocrity in writing the poem "Pale Fire," but this only showcases the unerring genius in the remainder of the work -- and as some critics would have it, genius in the poem itself despite Nabokov's own disclaimer. Thomas Pynchon, in his epic "Gravity's Rainbow," used all manner of attention-getting including various songs that the reader automatically sets to music in her head.

In the anonymous poem, "hat a wonderful bird the frog are," the author uses several attention-attracting styles in the six line poem to set the work apart in the reader's mind. Primarily, the poet uses open form style as defined by Michael Meyer, but she…

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Twain's Use of Irony in The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Words: 794 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86534246
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Notorious Jumping Frog

Mark Twain's iconic story "The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County" is one of the most entertaining and interesting examples of a tall tale. Twain uses the tools of literature expertly, weaving human and irony into the narrative with his usual style and flair.

The narrator is obviously from the east, an educated person, and Simon heeler, the man being interviewed by the narrator, is from the wild west. Right away there are two cultures interacting, and in effect the two cultures are in conflict, which is traditional between eastern and western values at this point in the settling of the United States. The frontier is an unknown concept to genteel, civilized persons from the east so there is a juxtaposition and a conflict of cultures set up at the beginning, making irony and humor a likely outcome with Twain.

The potential for irony is there. Irony…

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Calaveras County as Many an
Words: 1074 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 6315591
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However, as Baender demonstrates, it has to be too much of a fluke to have such "sophisticated" (192) humor. That is, telling the story tongue-in-cheek as such as serious anecdote. Twain, himself, reflected on using this device in "How to tell a story," when he said that the "humorous story is told gravely." And that the teller should "conceal the fact that he even dimly suspects...there is something funny." Even before he wrote the story he said about Coon's delivery: "He was a dull person, and ignorant; he had no gift as a story-teller, and no invention...he was entirely serious, for he was dealing with what to him were austere facts...he saw no humor in his tale..." (Baender 194)

Twain gives hints about his feelings of this seriousness by stating in his first draft of the story: "...the spectacle of a man drifting serenely along through such a queer…


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Turi Mckinley and Jason Severs
Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88292575
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He applies that perspective to every stage of the design process as he works with clients. Severs (2011) claims that "the needs of users, businesses, manufacturers, suppliers, environment" are all integral to the design experience.

In fact, Severs found that working with his young daughter provided insight into the design process, informing a human-centered approach. His daughter's reactions to produces, processes, activities, and services show how design directly impacts behavior and perceptions. Severs claims that his daughter's own drawings and designs have affected his view, showing that design experts can learn a lot from children. As examples, Severs showed 3D modeling and other examples of how design affects our reactions to things.

Both McKinley and Severs focused on how design is a major part of our everyday lives. The products we use are often designed poorly, reflecting an approach that is not centered on the needs of the end user.…


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Chitrid Fungus Chytrid Fungus and
Words: 740 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17718604
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aising awareness about the presence of the disease amongst amphibian owners is essential, so they do not dispose of unwanted pets and infect wild populations. It is also essential that hikers and casual outdoor observers do not move frogs from one area to another, for fear of spreading the illness. Signs of the sickness in the frogs include discolored, peeling, or rough skin; lethargy, and lack of appetite. However, people should be aware that many frogs initially show no sign of the illness. Additionally, campers and hikers should "clean and dry all equipment and wet or muddy footwear before and between visiting frog sites. This may include cleaning the tires of your vehicle before visiting known high-risk sites where threatened frog species may live" (Frog, 2008, DECC). Zoos should also be made aware of the need to carefully monitor their amphibians, particularly because captive populations can be treated for the…


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Facilitating Organizational Change in Organizations Change Is
Words: 3610 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 99157494
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Facilitating Organizational Change

Change in Organizations

Change is often resisted at both the individual and organizational levels despite the potential for positive outcomes. The reasons for this are varied and the process of identifying them can be difficult. obbins and Judge (2010) note that most organizations have developed practices and procedures over an extended period and being based on behaviors to which employees are strongly committed are by and large stable. In order for an organization to keep up in an ever evolving world it must learn and change accordingly. This paper examines the characteristics of a learning organization, barriers to change, and some of the elements that must be present in order to bring about organizational change.

Characteristics of a Learning Organization

A "big picture" organizational point-of-view, a supportive organizational culture and a common understanding and agreement of organizational goals are elements necessary for the creation and maintenance of…


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Good Man Is Hartd to
Words: 1970 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44557825
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Both have in their own way gone against the norm. When Babli, embittered by the men in her life, and after losing hope of ever having the man she loves decides to have a baby alone, she breaks her fathers will. For in a traditional Hindu family the girl accepts the match set up by the father, but here, we read how she chooses her mate, loses him and then goes against her own values to have a child. it's the ultimate rebellion from the conventional ways and undermines the very conception of hindu family values as understood by the traditional Indians, and hence creates a conflict of conventional and modern ways and starts the debate of whether second and third generation immigrants will ever completely follow their own cultures as set forth by their parents.

5. The Gold-Legged Frog by Khamsing Srinawk

Passage: "You sure are lucky,' the words…

Wordless Books it Is Easy
Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41566316
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There are not many children's books that are published without words. This is in part due to the emphasis on learning how to read and write in the first couple years of school. This is unfortunate, since wordless books are excellent tools for helping children develop the basics of language while introducing them to underlying story structures and stretching their imaginations.

The book a boy, a dog, a frog and a friend by Mercer Mayer is an excellent example. This short but powerful book says it all in illustrations with the characters' actions, body language and expressions. There is just enough structure to the story, so that children do not get frustrated by having too much latitude in plot, but just enough flexibility that allows them to be somewhat creative in their descriptions of the illustrations. They can answer questions, such as "How does he feel?" (emotions) or "Why do…


Mayer, Mercer. A boy, a dog, a frog and a friend. New York, Penguin, 1978.

Forests in Children's Literature
Words: 2112 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85717414
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Forests in Children's Lit

The Dark Forest of Fairy Tales

Fairy tales are rightly seen by many authors and critics from Jung to runo ettelheim as repositories for archetypes and for vital social messages. Additionally, they must be seen as a literary genre by themselves, and elements which may be seen archetypically must also be taken in terms of their literary function. In this light, one can study the role of the forest in fairy tales both as a reference to the archetype of the dark forest and as a social reference to the land outside civilization, and simultaneously be aware of the way in which the forest operates as a literary device to isolate the characters quickly from their familiar world by placing them into another realm. The ways in which forests seem to function in fairy tales to isolate the characters ranges from the very physical to the…


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Jim Henson -- Career and Influence Jim
Words: 2026 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 61206579
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Jim Henson -- Career and Influence

Jim Henson is one of the most famous originators of children's entertainment in history; at the same time, he remains one of the most underrated and under-appreciated artists (Collins, 1998; Eide & Abrams, 2005). That is largely because he is primarily regarded as an entertainer when, in fact, he actually contributed much more than merely entertainment to the world. On one hand, his recognition as the creator of The Muppets and Fraggle ock have endeared him to generations of children and parents for the joy and humor he contributed to children's entertainment; on the other hand, it is ironic that the tremendous success of his genre may have obscured his more substantial contributions to child development and welfare precisely because of the success of his entertainment media and initiatives (Collins, 1998; Eide & Abrams, 2005).

In fact, Jim Henson was as much as educator,…


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Calcium Neuro the Role of
Words: 545 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67501431
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It had been hypothesized that the release of four calcium ions is necessary for the release of one acetylcholine packet (which is necessary for the neuromuscular communication taking place at the neuromuscular junction), and thus that calcium has a cooperative impact on neuromuscular transmissions (Dodge & ahamimoff, 1967). Specifically, these researchers noted a logarithmic scale that described the relationship between calcium ion concentration and the level of neuromuscular activity taking place during a given activation cycle that suggests the fourth power of calcium concentration is equal to action at the junction (Dodge & ahamimoff, 1967).

Later research into the same basic phenomenon has yielded still greater understanding of the mechanism by which calcium achieves its purposed ends in neuromuscular transmission. Augustine and Charlton (1986) have shown that the cooperative aspect of calcium's involvement in neuromuscular transmission likely does not take place at the presynaptic areas of transmission, but rather that…


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UK Decline How Many Times
Words: 4091 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87364145
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Carrabine, Lee and South 193)

Industrial/Infrastructural Decline

As has been said before, the UK no longer makes anything, builds anything or sells anything tangible. The decline in industrial production has resulted in an overall decline in employment of industrial workers, who have not been aided by a failing system to transition to other work.

Some would say that the changes occurring in the UK, at this time with the increased importance of service industry work and intelligence rather than physical labor employment is a natural byproduct of globalization and an evolutionary product of the next phase as a "developed" nation.

They evidence this by observing that all developed nations are leaning in this direction. Yet, the transition has not and will not be easy, whether it is normal or not, a point which remains to be proven.


ith the education system in the UK in serious need of reform…

Works Cited PM.qst?a=o&d=5000677576' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Biological Diversity of Today
Words: 929 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 65561239
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Biodiversity Defined

Biodiversity is a term which refers to the amount and degree of diversity found within living biology. Biodiversity is likely best measured as the sum total of the number of existent creatures, systems, and variety of creatures found within the world at large (National Geographic, 2016). In order to best understand the significance of this statement, it is necessary to codify biodiversity into three different varieties. There are ecosystems, species, and genes which comprise all of the variety found within the notion of biodiversity (National Wildlife Federation, 2016). Therefore, all that is needed to determine biodiversity is to simply add the number of each ecosystem, species, and gene variation found.

The importance and benefits of biodiversity

Biodiversity is important because of the way that different living systems found within it interact with one another. Oftentimes there is a degree of dependence between those systems. It is worth noting…

Annie Dillard's The Giant Water
Words: 847 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49986337
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The frog's fear is rendered into physical action. This gives 'respect' to the frog, as Dillard does not describe the frog's feelings, which she cannot really know, as she just is observing the creature. Her metaphors are clearly in the language of a human being and the vocabulary reference of a human being. A frog would not describe himself like "a deflating football" or "a pricked balloon."

Dillard, still not sure of what is happening: "watched the taut, glistening skin on his shoulders ruck, and rumple, and fall." Ruck and rumple uses alliteration to create a sense of hard, consonant violence. The frog's fear and its physical effect upon the frog affect the interior life of the observer. Her similes begin to take on an ugliness, as the frog's skin "lay in floating folds like bright scum on top of the water," evoking both filth and the frog's natural…

Reptiles and Amphibians as Sources
Words: 893 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14910306
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Even if giant salamanders may feed more individuals, they too are not sustainable sources of food because of their scarcity. However, turtles may not pose such sustainability or scarcity issues, and turtle soup has been popular throughout the ages. The popularity of turtle meat in Cajun cuisine, combined with the hardiness of turtles might make turtle meat a likely candidate for more widespread consumption: "Turtle soup is a great delicacy in Louisiana. The flavor of the turtle meat is both delicate and intense; there are supposedly seven distinct flavors of meat within the turtle (Turtle Soup, 2010, Gumbo). The fact that turtles are larger and have a wider variety of culinary applications than frogs makes them potentially superior as a food source. However, turtles raised in captivity have also been implicated in environmental problems: "turtles regularly escape or are purposely set free into the wild. They establish populations and damage…


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California upholds ban on importation of nonnative frogs and turtles for food. (2010, June 10).

Basin Spadefoot the Common Named
Words: 3667 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29715331
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These calls are done in a rapid series of low-pitched throaty notes (Great1 pp).

A study titled, "A Comparative Analysis of Plasticity in Larval Development in Three Species of Spadefoot Toads," reported by David Reznick in the June 01, 2000 issue of Ecology, evaluated four salient features of the ilbur and Collins (1973) model for amphibian metamorphosis (Reznick pp) H.M. ilbur and J.P. Collins offered an evolutionary explanation for the labile nature of amphibian metamorphosis (Reznick pp). Their model has provided the most important framework for interpreting phenotypic plasticity in age and size at metamorphosis (Reznick pp). This model is attractive due to its simplicity, and the fact that it focuses on selection at the larval life stage, is time invariant, and ignores complex relationships between larvae and their predators (Reznick pp).

Reznick study performed an experiment on three species of spadefoot toads derived from environments that differ in their…

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Psedacris Regilla
Words: 432 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82019563
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Pseudacris Regilla

The Pseudacris (or Hyla) Regilla is more commonly known as the Pacific Tree Frog. It is quite small, between three quarters to two inches in length. Its coloration varies greatly, and may be brown, green, red, gray, black, or some mixture of these colors.

A dark eye strip differentiates the Pacific Tree from other frogs. Ventral coloration is cream colored with yellow or white on the hindquarters. Adult males have a dark gray or black throat. Tadpoles are dark above and light colored below. Their eyes are laterally positioned and protrude beyond the margin of the head when viewed from above. The Pacific Tree Frog's cartilage located between its fingers provides maneuverability for climbing. Its limbs are slender in proportion to the rest of its body and its hind feet are webbed. Interestingly, female Pacific Tree Frogs are larger than male ones.

The Pacific Tree Frog breeds in…

Alexander Volta and the First
Words: 2141 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37260511
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It was used by Michael Faraday in the 1800s in his experiments on electromagnetism. Other inventors improved on the battery's original design and these improvements produced telegraphs and doorbells. Napoleon onaparte was so impressed with the invention that he recommended honors for Volta, including making him a count in 1810 (CIRL, Rubin, Scratch, Corrosion Doctors).

From this first and crude battery evolved electrochemistry, electromagnetism, and modern applications of electricity (CIRL, 2011; Rubin, 2011; Scratch, 2011; Corrosion Doctors, 2011). Even the defeated principles of Galvani on animal electricity served as the initiative to the development of electrophysiology and modern biology. From Volta's name came the unit of electromotive force, called volt, while from Galvani's name was coined the galvanometer, the instrument for detecting and measuring small electric currents (CIRL, Rubin, Scratch, Corrosion Doctors).

Significance and Influence during the Industrial Revolution

It is when power is cut off that ancient means of…


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Animal Imagery in Lafontaine and
Words: 3070 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 17902811
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The Heifer, the Goat, and the Sheep, in Company ith the Lion illustrates the absolute power of the feudal lord (the lion) over the peasantry (the goat and sheep). This fable may be referring to the division of taxes and possessions, or it may be a direct reference to the hunting rights of feudal lords. The feudal lord (lion) declares that a stag killed by the goat is his, by the right of the strong.

Again, as the bravest, the third must be mine.

To touch but the fourth whoso makes a sign,

I'll choke him to death

In the space of a breath!" (Shapiro, p. 9).

This attitude represents the attitudes of the wealthy towards the peasantry. They would rather see them dead than share even a small portion of their wealth with them. This fable is where the phrase "a lions' share" originates (Shapiro, p. 9). A similar…

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Lessons Were Observed One of
Words: 1515 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78472936
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There was a great deal of lively discussion about certain sentences, and students enjoyed spotting obviously outrageous, unsupported opinions presented as facts in some of the newspaper articles.


The lessons that used group activities seemed to generate the most student excitement and involvement. The written poetry lesson plan that encouraged the most student creativity and personal engagement seemed to be the most exciting for the students, and felt the least like 'forced activity.' It is important to generate a sense of joy when learning to read, or when learning to read like a more engaged and critical reader. Using group activities engaged students who might otherwise find reading boring or, and the use of poetry is a particularly expressive way to show students that the sound and creative use of words are fun and are used to express ideas and emotions.

orks Cited

Onomatopoeia." Lesson Plan. Proteacher. Retrieved 14…

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Business Law - 6 Case
Words: 1743 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 8453886
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com" from an Internet host in Maryland to a host in New York.

The New York host turned out to be merely an intermediary of a Canada-based company (Tucows). Tucows eventually turned over the domain name to the Alabama authorities upon their request. Thereafter, Novak appealed the decision in the Alabama case successfully and then filed an action against Tucows for illegally depriving him of his property by conversion. Tucows' defense to the action relied on a clause in their contract with Novak that specified a Canadian forum to resolve any disputes but Novak argued that an automatic process of "clicking through" a contract could not hold him to a forum selection clause that was not negotiated specifically.

Legal Issue:

Is a party to a contract held to a forum selection clause when that clause was not subject to a negotiation?


The process of "clicking through" is commonly accepted…

Group Processes the Four-Way Chat
Words: 656 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 76403187
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Felt never would agree

This level of disagreement was never reached, although there was some debate as to what constituted private and public traits and societal rules, for instance, in determining whether the different group's traits of dominance or subservience counted as societal rules.

Lack of clarity about group remark

There was some difficulty in defining what constituted a sociocultural rule, versus a personality characteristic. It was clear amongst all group members that the frogs were in the middle and subservient to mammals, and that the fish were prey, but just how this worked out in the society in terms of rules and laws was open to debate.

Lack of clarity about own message

Because I did not really emerge as a dominating and defining group force, in terms of the beginnings of the discussion that set the terms for the society, I did not feel that I was misunderstood,…

Environmental Effects on Species Habitat in Southern California Mountains
Words: 3519 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92191166
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Environmental Effects on Species Habitats in the Southern California Mountains

Southern California is not for everybody. "Some people view the climate and laid-back lifestyle with longing. Others perceive the area, and its inhabitants, as a little too far over the edge" (Hutchings 2001:4D-Z). hile the region may not appeal to all types of humans, it does attract a wide range of species who make their home in the mountainous areas of Southern California. In fact, Southern California is dotted with several mountain ranges, including the San Gabriel, San Bernardino, San Jacinto, San Bruno, Santa Rosa, Cuyamaca, the Palomar Mountains and even the Chocolate Mountains (Havert, Gray, Adams & Gray 1996). One of the most biodiverse and well-studied of these ranges is San Gabriel (ake 1996). This paper will provide an overview of the ecosystems in these mountain ranges in general with an emphasis on the San Gabriel mountain range in…

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Osmoregulation Endocrines Osmoregulation Is the Process by
Words: 2423 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75085230
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Endocrines Osmoregulation

Osmoregulation is the process, by which the body adjusts to a change in an environment of different water volume and amount of solutes in a cells and body fluid of organisms including vertebrates. Vertebrates are animals, which have a backbone, and can be warm either blooded or cold blooded. The body of such organisms adjusts in order to maintain the body balance both inside and outside their bodies in mild and harsh environments ranging from seawater, fresh water, and terrestrial habitats to very hostile environments. Endocrine glands found in such organisms play a major role in constant and persistent regulation of body balance, which secretes hormones directly into the blood whenever the body witnesses any environmental change (Bentley 45).

Endocrine glands present in vertebrates play a major role in controlling the level of water and salt in vertebrate's bodies. Hormones produced in vertebrates play a major role…


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Atrazine Banned in Europe Atrazine
Words: 2570 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78388114
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And for good reason: it's still one of the most effective, affordable and trusted products in agriculture today.


The company points out that this herbicide is 'safe' and that it is essential for increased crop production at a time of critical demand in the United States and the world. Syngenta also refers to the fact that in 2006 the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency "…re-registered atrazine in 2006, based on the overwhelming evidence of safety from nearly 6,000 studies" (Syngenta).

While the main reason for the EU ban on this product was the indication of contaminated drinking water supplies, Syngenta denies this claim. It supports this view by referring to a 2008 study in which 122 Community Water Systems monitored in 10 states were monitored. This study found that the federal standards set for Atrazine were not exceeded in any of the states.

One should however bear in mind that…


Ackerman F. ( 2007)the Economics of Atrazin. Retrieved from 

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A Field of Nightmares Updated: Atrazine, Corn, and Frogs. Retrieved from 

Atrazine. Retrieved from

Magnolia Paul Thomas Anderson's 1999 Film Magnolia
Words: 1297 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63537309
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Paul Thomas Anderson's 1999 film Magnolia depicts a complex web of interlocking events, people, and relationships. The three-hour masterpiece proves that long cinematic journeys need not be tedious, tiresome, products of an overly ambitious producer. The movie is a delightful, rambling, and decidedly human production. The cast combines an array of famous and not-so-famous actors who all deliver star performances. However, its scriptural and cinematographic elements: strong character development, mood, and symbolism, are what makes Magnolia stand out. The movie depicts nearly a dozen different characters whose lives either already are or will become intertwined by chance or coincidence. Chance and coincidence are focal points of Magnolia, as are family ties and especially the father-child relationship. Many of the characters eventually heal troubled ties with dad by the end, thereby reaching another level of self-fulfillment and self-realization as well. Forgiveness and coming to terms with the truths of the…

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David Gilhooly the Ceramist the Art of
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David Gilhooly the Ceramist

The art of using ceramics for sculpturing is traced many years back. In the early days ceramics were used in conjunction with the art of pottery. Ancient people used the art to mould their artificial gods. As things and traditional technology advanced, people started using ceramics to mould other relevant objects of use in their day-to-day life. It is under this progressive notion that major artists in the moulding and pottery began rising up.

David's early and artistic life

David James Gilhooly is amongst such artists. He was born around 1943 in California, where he undertook his scholarly work. Throughout his pursuit in education, David developed an interest in making things out of his own designs and materials. He was among the initial students at the Davis Ceramics Department. As early as 1948, he began collecting wares such as telephones, stamps and coins. Around the same…

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It is common knowledge that the human body consists of about 65% water. People cannot live any longer than five days without H20. Individuals of all ages love to sail the oceans, swim in the sea and soar under or speed across the waves. It comes as no surprise, then, that some part of the human psyche remembers millions and millions of years ago before animals came on shore. What is still questionable is how or why these animals made the move from water to land. The journal articles discussed below give some of the latest findings on this topic.

Early in the Devonian Era, close to 400 million years ago, all the continents were grouped closely together and surrounded by the seas. The climate ranged from dry weather to torrential rains as some tropical areas do today. Even flowers had not yet evolved on land, let alone vertebrates.…

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Caldecott Award Winners
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Caldecott Medal

Each year, the Association for Library Service to Children (ALSC) awards the renowned Caldecott Medal to one artist. The organization is a division of the American Library Association, and this artist has created what they deem to be the most distinguished American picture book for children. hile only one children's book can be selected to receive the award each year, several others are still eligible to be runners-up, receiving an award now know as the Caldecott Honor. The committee that chooses these books is comprised of 15 members. The collective members of the ALSC select eight of these members. The other seven, including the committee's chairperson, are selected by the president of the ALSC.

This committee is faced with some rather selective criteria in their process of choosing a worthy artist for the Caldecott Medal. In order to be eligible for the award, the book must be published…

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Application of a Pedagogic Model to the Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students
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Pedagogic Model for Teaching of Technology to Special Education Students

Almost thirty years ago, the American federal government passed an act mandating the availability of a free and appropriate public education for all handicapped children. In 1990, this act was updated and reformed as the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, which itself was reformed in 1997. At each step, the goal was to make education more equitable and more accessible to those with special educational needs. During the last presidential term, the "No Child Left Behind" Act attempted to assure that individuals with disabilities were increasingly mainstreamed and assured of high educational results. All of these legislative mandates were aimed at insuring that children with disabilities were not defrauded of the public education which has become the birthright of all American children. The latest reforms to IDEA, for example, provided sweeping reforms which not only expanded the classification of special…

Magnetism Our Understanding Being Science
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On Earth gravity is the force that sticks you to the floor and not magnesium We'd notice Earth's magnetism much extra if its gravity weren't so very strong.


Magnesium has a good number of reasons that makes it interesting talking of for instance the invention of electricity and many more. A number of doctors during the time of Queen Elizabeth I of England that is late 16th century were interested in magnetism. They contemplated that magnets might have healing powers for the human body this led to William Gilbert invention of a lightweight tool called a versorium that looked like a compass but didn't use a magnetized needle. The pointer was reasonable and would spin in reaction to manetic attraction even if there wasn't enough force to lift a light object. these days we use a modern version of the versorium so called the electroscope to study atomic particles.…


Lee, E.W.: Magnetism, An Introductory Survey, Dover Publications Inc. (1970)

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ISBN 0471477419

Ethical Treatment of Animals the
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The main concern in virtue ethics becomes about a person's moral character. When people choose to develop their moral character, better virtues will be created, and thus there will be more people acting in virtuous ways in all aspects of their lives -- and this includes how they treat all animals.

One example to be considered when thinking about how a person with a strong sense of virtue might behave is to counter it with how a person with a strong sense of duty might behave. From a duty sense, if one were a livestock farmer, he or she might believe that his or her duty lies in what is best for the people because, after all, the job is about raising livestock for slaughter, which will then become food for people. Therefore, the first duty would be to humans and the second duty to animals (Panaman 20008) (which may…


Garner, R. (2005). Animal ethics. Cambridge: Polity.

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1st edition.

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Special Education Experiences More Inclusive
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" And following that experience the class can discuss what acid rain does to the ecosystem and the teacher can show a video of a forest devastated by acid rain, or just photos of depleted forests and dead fish floating on a stream or lake (waters that have been polluted by acid rain).

About this time, students are asked: "here does the acid rain come from?" Let them guess, and talk about it. Then the teacher shows photos of smokestacks belching out clouds of brown sooty looking pollution and explain that once in the atmosphere, the pollutants (they don't need to know the science of precisely what chemicals bond with condensation but they could certainly relate to dirty polluted particles joining with raindrops) return to earth as acid rain. And as an additional part of this curriculum, students should be shown the various products that are produced in the factories…

Works Cited

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Primary & Middle Years Educator, 6(2), five pages.

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Biology Ecology the Global Ecological Problem
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While imported species can be controlled to a degree by Governmental regulation, unintentional imports are a different matter. Garth mentions the example of the brown tree snake that stowed away on ships and military equipment during World War II. During this time, obviously, there was not as much awareness of the invasive species problem as there is today. Basically therefore the current era is faced with a problem unintentionally created decades ago.

Another case of unintentional transport that I found particularly interesting in the article is the movement from port to port of ballast water. Ships take on water for balancing purposes. The water is transported to the destination port and discarded. The cycle is repeated from port to port. The aquatic life in this ballast water is then also transported between the ports. As a solution to this, one of the suggestions mentioned in the article is that ships…


McGrath, Susan. (2005, March). "Attack of the Alien Invaders." National Geographic

Global Warming the Issue of
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This is true regardless of your belief on this particular issue.

In the last work to be discussed in this document "Global arming and Ozone Layer Depletion: STS Issues for Social Studies Classrooms" there is a cry, by educators to come to terms with the facts about global warming and get a sense of how to teach these facts to educators and students. The information being given to educators is depressing, as one student educator stated and figuring out a way to teach the issues is difficult. ithout the development of a greater understanding of the "butterfly effect" of technology there will likely not be a more responsible humankind.

If the global warming trend continues, the results could be depressing indeed: melting polar ice along with thermal expansion of the oceans could raise the sea level, flooding coastal cities, and many agricultural landscapes could dry out, becoming deserts. And yet,…

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Managing Organizational Change it Is Reasonable to
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Managing Organizational Change

It is reasonable to suggest that companies of all types and sizes have integrated information technology systems of some sort to help them manage their businesses and achieve a competitive advantage in recent years. Because computer systems tend to become obsolete rapidly as Moore's Law continues to hold true, many companies have accumulated a mish-mash of various computer types and capabilities that may not operate efficiently in a networked environment. When these legacy systems are replaced by a standardized array of compatible computers, the transition may introduce a number of challenges and obstacles that can adversely affect the company's ability to remain agile and responsive to internal and external customer needs. To determine how the transition from an older legacy system to an improved set of computers can be achieved in an efficient fashion, the key stakeholders who are involved in the process, and the potential lessons…


Johnson, J. & Andrews, M. (2003, July). New markets, old technology: a strategic mismatch.

Risk Management, 50(7), 48.

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Creation of a Lesson Plan
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lesson plan, which deals with aspects like value of play activities and developmental implementations in a chosen teacher-directed classroom task. Tailoring of lessons to meet individual student's needs in keeping with developmentally-suitable practices will also be addressed.

Grade Level: 5th

Art, Language Arts, Science


Activity Name: Word Play Fun/Teacher-Directed

Learning Domain/Educational Standards

Grade 5:

110.15.b English Language Arts & eading Knowledge & Skills (Word Play Fun ... Not Your Ordinary Literary Masterpiece, n.d.)

Comprehension/eading of Sensory Language/Literary Text.

Students grasp, arrive at conclusions, and make deductions regarding the way in which sensory language of an author constructs imagery in texts by offering textual evidence to substantiate understanding. They are required to recognize the application of metaphors and similes, by the author, for creating imagery.

Writing/Writing Process.

Students make use of writing elements (conception, outlining, revision, proofreading, and publishing) for composing text.

16) Writing/Literary Texts.

Students compose literary texts for…


Adkins, M. (n.d.). ESL Teachers Board, English as a second language, ESL job overseas, ESL teachers, free ESL materials, free list of international ESL schools. Learn English free. Assistive Technology Tools for ESL Students. Retrieved October 8, 2015, from 

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Toxic Chemicals Amount of Toxic
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Chlorine is present in many types of PVC plastic.

Bisphenol -- A - this chemical is associated with polycarbonate plastic, which is often used in baby bottles and the lining of plastic food containers. It can lead to hyperactivity in children and it can weaken their ability to learn, as well.

Lead is present in a large percentage of toys, as studies indicate. A consumer group that tests children's toys and other products says, "Lead was detected in 18% (119) of the 669 products we tested. The current federal toy recall standard used for lead material in substrates is 300 ppm. This standard applies only to children's toys - not to any other consumer products. Three percent (17) of products tested had levels above the 300 ppm" (Editors, 2010). They include a list of toys and other children's products with high levels of lead and other chemicals on their Web…


Boulard, G. (2008, October/November). Taking on toys: States are charging ahead with new regulations on children's products even as the president takes action and industry cries foul. State Legislatures, 34, 30+.

Editors (2010). findings. Retrieved 21 Aug. 2010 from the Web site: .

The Subject of Death to
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A deep and horrifying malaise hangs over
the images described here. To be sure, it seems that there is something
more than just the changing of the seasons which affects the speaker and
which afflicts his perspective so dramatically. He tells that "Then one
hot day when fields were rank / ith cowdung in the grass the angry frogs /
Invaded the flax-dam; I ducked through hedges / To a coarse croaking that I
had not heard / Before." (Heaney, 1)
This is a moment of ominous dread. The optimistic cycle where death
had given way to life in the first stanza-a decidedly naturalist embrace of
the wonder that is life-is now described as a threatening and mysterious
force somewhat beyond the comprehension or experience of the young speaker.
The language becomes decidedly more aggressive and far bleaker, describing
'gross-bellied frogs,' with a 'slap and plop' like 'obscene threats.' He…

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University Gazette.

Jean Franco's Argument Jean Franco
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Tell Them Not to Kill Me!" is a story about revenge. An old man pleads to his own son, Justino, to intervene on his behalf, and try to save his life. Another son, colonel, has come back and orders the old man to be shot - years ago during a drought he had killed the colonel's father: "There he was, slumped down at the foot of the post. His son Justino had come and his son Justino had gone and had returned and now was coming again." (Rulfo: 289). Fear is the main feeling driving the old man; he begs for his life and struggles to survive in every way he can think of. His fear of dying is opposed to the colonel's coldness and decisiveness as he does not change his mind despite the old man's begging and crying. n the case of this story, machismo is not the…

In this world there seems to be no room for compassion or forgiveness. Neither the colonel nor the old man can truly hear what the other one is saying because the conclusion that Rulfo wants to convey is that man is lonely and isolated. In this sense, there is an almost Biblical feel to this story in which human nature struggles to reassert itself through the old man's desire to live, and his pathetic anxiety to convince the colonel that he has already paid for his sins by living the life of a "leper." Mexican society as described by Rulfo especially in this story is dominated by the idea of revenge, and does not feature forgiveness. Instead, this society is based on the concept of "eye for an eye," and the colonel is not moved by human suffering, but by vengeance and hatred..

Rulfo, Juan. "Macario." The Burning Plain: and other Stories. University of Texas Press, 1971. 2-9.

Rulfo, Juan. "Tell them not to kill me!." The Burning Plain: and other Stories. University of Texas Press, 1971. 83-105.

Monterey Bay the Environment Has
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This entity follows the California Clean Air Act and the Federal Clean Air Act so that it is responsible for air monitoring, permitting, enforcement, long-range air quality planning, regulatory development, and education and public information activities with regard to air pollution.

A more recent concern has developed as the first cruise ship to enter Monterey ay since 1966 caused environmental groups to demand increased protection for marine sanctuaries and to increase regulation of the cruise ship industry. The water around Monterey ay has also been affected by sewage spills at local beaches, leading to viral and bacterial contamination. In 2000, four Monterey County beaches were closed because of sewage spills, and twenty-five warning advisories were issued. In 2001, there was one beach closure and eleven advisories. It has also been found that there is inadequate storm pipe maintenance in cities on the Monterey peninsula.

The California Ground Squirrel is a…


Burde, John H. And George a. Feldhamer. Mammals of the National Parks. Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2005.

Environmental Impact Analysis." San Benito County 2005 RTP EIR (2005).

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History of the Resurrection Tradition
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History Resurrection

The History of Resurrection Tradition

According to Merriam-ebster dictionary, the word 'resurrection' stands for "the state of one risen from the dead." Generally, resurrection refers to restoration to life of the person who is clinically dead.

Concept of resurrection has been in existence in one form or the other since the very birth of the first human being in this planet. Over the centuries, different religions and mythological schools of thought have defined and taken the tradition of resurrection in different ways; therefore, it is always hard to find any commonly agreed fact about it.

For further clarification, it will be necessary to point out that resurrection stands apart from the concepts of 'immortality of soul' and 'resuscitation' as it involves the rebirth of both body and soul (Harrington).

It will not be wrong to say that the tradition of resurrection is closely associated with the philosophy of…

Work Cited

Harrington, D., J. Jesus: A Historical Portrait. Cincinnati, OH: St. Anthony Messenger Press, 2007. 9 October 2011

Keathley, J.H."The Resurrection of Jesus Christ."09 October 2011 < >.

People From History That Impacted the World
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People From History That Impacted the World in a Positive Way

Three People from History

Three People from History who impacted the World in a Positive Way

Ross Granville Harrison (1807 -- 1959)

Ross Granville Harrison was an American zoologist. He is known for his discovery of a method of growing cells outside of the body. In his famous experiment carried out in 1906 he placed a piece of a frog's embryonic nerve tissue into a drop of frog lymphatic fluid, and saw that the nerve tissue did not die, but rather continued to grow. (Ross Granville Harrison) The method that Harrison developed from this experiment was to form the foundation of the tissue culture technique used in modern medicine and in medical research. This technique has become an extremely important part of contemporary medical research as it allows for "…the study of isolated living cells in a controlled environment."…


Alexander Fleming (1881-1955). Web. 18 Nov. 2010.

Beale, Norman, and Elaine Beale. "Evidence-based Medicine in the Eighteenth Century: the Ingen Housz-jenner Correspondence Revisited." Medical History 49.1 (2005): 79+. Questia. Web. 18 Nov. 2010.

Edward Jenner (1749-1823). Web. 18 Nov. 2010.

Against Cloning
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against human cloning. The writer explores both sides of the issue and comes down against its use or possibility of its use. There were four sources used to complete this paper.

Over the past few decades, medical advances have made life better than ever before. People are living longer, their health is better and their quality of life is above any previous standard. Today, people can be cured of illnesses that used to mean death while at the same time practicing preventative medicine that will provide them with a longer life. Advances in the medical field have provided many benefits to human life but the question becomes, how much is too much? The ability to clone humans and human parts is just on the horizon. Steps have been taken to push it through the FDA regulations and the public is being told the ability is just around the corner. Cloning,…


Bono steps into stem cell debate with anti-cloning bill

Gannett News Service; 4/28/2005; DOUG ABRAHMS

Gannett News Service


Dangers of Advertising Alcohol
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Dangers of Alcohol Advertising

A growing body of literature shows that alcohol advertising is an important factor related to alcohol consumption among youth. Research has now established that alcohol advertisements target youth, result in increased alcohol consumption and add to morbidity and mortality. America's youth are overwhelmed with mass media messages. Today's youth is bombarded by not only apparent advertising but also hidden messages. The fact that the entertainment industry presents alcohol as a glamorization also does not help reduce underage usage. Let's face it, the message is everywhere. The fact that the alcohol industry specifically targets this demographic with enticing fruity and soda-based concoction is appalling. Today the average teen spends too much time exposing themselves to such media instead of other activities such as sports and music. Before graduating high school, students will spend about 18,000 hours in front of the television -- more time than they will…

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Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation and the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University. "Substance Abuse and Risky Behavior: Attitudes and Practices Among Adolescents and Young Adults." Survey Snapshot 5 July 2005.


Largemouth Bass the Waterways in
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There are many other types of bass, but this fish has a remarkable color which distinguishes it from the other fish. When the fish is raised in commercial and sport fisheries, they have to get a supply of clean water. Like many other types of invertebrates, amphibians and fish, these fishes are also susceptible to pollutants in soil and chemicals in the system. This is a vulnerability of the system, and the loss of any species will in turn affect other species which depend on them. In certain states like Iowa, there is a lot of runoff from the farms containing a lot of chemical fertilizers or manure. These lead to a large population of algae. This will increase the supply of oxygen in the water during day, but will cut down the supply at night, and kill fish like these to die. Yet the system corrects its own difficulties…


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Systems Thinking Is a Way
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They must never become complacent and assume that they have considered all factors and can now relax, or they can slip into the "boiling frog" phenomenon: circumstances may turn so gradually negative that they do not notice the changes until they have large problems instead of small ones to solve (Beckford, 2002).


Just as the example of the soldiers at the bridge faced with a battle situation for which they had no previous experience, business leaders must expect the unexpected. If they create a culture of lifelong learning within their businesses, their staff and employees will always be open to looking at old facts in new ways, ready to find forward-thinking solutions. uch a company philosophy and structure can keep even the oldest company packed with fresh ideas and innovative solutions to the new problems they face.

Annotated Bibliography

Barker, Randolph T., and Camarata, Martin R. 1998. "The Role…

Swanson and Torrco discuss how the Human Resources Department must not only support but play an active part in a company's overall business strategy. Because of this they must be an integral part in any kind of systems thinking. The authors give multiple examples, such as the type of traning given to employees as well as their efforts to maintain the quality of employees' work. How such HR goals are achieved will have a profound effect on company culture and must be part of the company's overall plan.

Vogelsang-Coombs, Vera. 1997. "Governance Education: Helping City Councils Learn." Public Administration Review, Vol. 57.

This article tightly focuses on how one group can become dysfunctional -- city councils. The authors suggest ways city councils can learn to function more effectively. While it remains to be seen if city councils, as a group, would put in the time and effort to use systems thinking to improve their functioning, and whether dynamics within the group would or would not thwart such attempts, the article has a good discussion on "groupthink," a group phenomenon that blinds the group to lurking risks and dangers.

Role and Functions of Law in Business
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ole and Functions of Law in Business and Society

The relevance of law and order in both business and society cannot be overstated. In this text, I address both the functions as well as the role of law in business and society. In so doing, I will also state the primary role played by law in my present job industry.

In basic terms, law permeates almost every facet of our daily lives. To properly highlight the role law plays in business and society, there is a need to first define the term law. It is important to note from the onset that law as a term does not have an assigned definition. In that regard, scholars and legal experts have over time attempted to define law by floating various definitions of the same. One of those who have attempted to define law is William Blackstone. According to Mann and oberts…


Mann, R. & Roberts, B.S. (2012). Essentials of Business Law and the Legal Environment (11th ed.). Mason, OH: Cengage Learning

Melvin, S.P. (2011). The legal environment of business: A managerial approach: Theory to Practice. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin.

Man's Ability to Treat Humans Like Animals
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Man's Ability To Treat Humans Like Animals

It is a vivid fact that the feelings of cruelty, discrimination and racial distribution are embedded well in to human nature since its very inception. This world depicts several cases where humans treat other humans like animals and ignore their right of living peacefully and according to their own will. This article highlights the work of several writers who have depicted the different ways in which humans have been treated brutally by other humans. Majority of the cases deal with racial discrimination and poverty-based cruelty issues encountered by humans. The article presents an in depth analysis of the works of seven different writers and how their works represent the ill treatment encountered by the human race.

Charles Chestnutt's "Po Sandy" and its Linkage to Human Cruelty

"Po' Sandy" written by Charles Chestnutt is basically the story of Sandy, who is made the slave…

Works Cited

Chestnutt, Charles. Charles W. Chesnutt: Stories, Novels, and Essays, USA: Library of America,


Esposito, Scott, "The Changeling by Kenzaburo Oe," Los Angeles Times,468, 7 March 2010.

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Rhythmic Activities Facilitate Shared Leadership and Team
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Rhythmic Activities

Facilitate Shared Leadership and Team Flow?

Management literature is rife with advice on how to engage teams of workers in their tasks, how to get teams to cooperate, and how to build cultural identity as a company. Historically, humans have used group rhythmic tasks to solidify affiliation in religious, cultural, and military settings (iltermuth & Heath, 2009). Traditional team-building approaches have focused largely on the content or style rather than the form of team-building exercises (Midura & Glover, 2005), but new research in the shared leadership model of team dynamics suggests that formal elements that promote cognitive fluency - or "flow" - between team members produce more innovative results and heighten trust within a team (Makowski & Breman, 2008). Research on fluency shows that it is a key element in building rapport and effective shared leadership (Hooker & Czikszentmihalyi, 2003; iltermuth & Heath, 2009). This research probes the…

Works Cited

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Makowski, M. & Breman, P. (2008) Team Flow - The magic of collaboration. In Grant, K. (Ed.) Fourth European conference on management, leadership, and governance. November 27-28, 2008, Reading, UK.

Personhood and Gender
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Personhood & Gender

The scope, definition, depth and breadth of gender has evolved greatly over the years and centuries. Rather than get muddled down in the cavalcade of resources and opinions that focus on the definitions of personhood and gender in a more modern context, one instead should focus on the word of anthropologists in scholarly journals as they show and describe some stunning and revealing observations. This report in particular will focus on two such studies and the revelations that are present within them and what they looked at.

The first major study looked at for this research looked at a people called the Igbo. The Igbo-Ukwu were present in modern-day Nigeria circa the 11th century A.D. In other words, they lived in the area almost exactly a millennia ago. The findings that are analyzed in this study were found in four different sites over the last fifty years…

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Intrinsically Photosensitive Retinal Ganglion Cell Recent Studies
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Intrinsically Photosensitive etinal Ganglion Cell

ecent studies on biological anatomy of the eye discovered an additional photoreceptor within the mammalian eye. The cells discovered mediate the primary non-image visual activities with the vision system. The functioning of these cells aids in various significant processes including the regulation of the papillary reflex activity in response to light, as well as, the circadian photo entrainment. These cells, called the intrinsically photosensitive retinal ganglion cells respond to more than the absolute light. The ipGCs have a unique feature of activity, as they differ from the usual photoreceptor cells of cones and rods. The rods and cones mediate on the vision of images by signaling the contrasts in light after adaptation. Interestingly, the ipGCs also do adapt to light contrast. The cells show sensitivity to flash of light, as is the case with other photoreceptors. The factor of action of the intrinsically photosensitive ganglion…


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Children's Literature
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Children's literature aimed at young children poses a unique challenge for an individual attempting to analyze a work of fiction. Normally, the student of fiction can quote from the text with a reasonable expectation that the attitude of the text can be conveyed to the reader of the essay. Simply by reading the selected, quoted passage the reader of the essay ought to get a sense of the book. However, when discussing a picture book, conveying the tone of a work becomes more difficult because the illustrations and the words are inexorably linked. Often, to a very young or pre-literate child reading the book, the pictures are even more important than the words.

The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales (featuring "Little Red Running Shorts" as one of its tales) was written by Jon Sciezka and illustrated by Lance Smith. It is an interesting example of this phenomenon…

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Spend a Day With a Person
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Tom Robbins was on a family tip; a fiend of mine lent me his copy of Half Asleep in Fog Pajamas and the title intigued me. I had head of Tom Robbins befoe on seveal occasions, and the comments usually anged fom paise to pue gushing. Neve did I hea anything negative about the Seattle-based autho, so I gabbed the papeback and dug in. It took a good fifty pages fo me to get used to his style of witing, which defies conventions and genes. Sot of a combination of smut and high liteatue, Tom's tone neve fails to titillate the poetic senses. His witing is filled with metaphos and meanings that lay behind wacky plots. In fact, most of his novels seem to employ plot as a seconday measue, to povide a vehicle fo the pimay pupose of having fun with wods.

On seveal occasions since eading Half Asleep…

references, both subtle and overt, to such matters. His characters walk in a world filled with magic. But politics and history also play an important role in Robbins books; perhaps Tom and I could discuss such sensitive issues as the crisis in the Middle East and his view on the "war on terrorism." I'm sure Tom would open my mind more on these subjects, as well as many others. Hopefully after a full day spent with Robbins, perhaps culminating in a shared bottle of wine or two, the two of us could remain in contact, at least until his next novel comes out.

Children's Literature
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Children's literature can provide rich pictorials that appeal equally to adults as to children. David Wiesner is one author-illustrator that can be singled out for his talents at reeling in grown-ups. Some of his picture books are exactly that; containing few or no words, they feel more like surreal comic strips than children's literature. Wiesner's artwork, usually done in watercolor or colored pencil, is at once striking and subtle. The subject matter often seems eerie until the end of the story, which finishes on an upbeat note. Books like Sector 7, Tuesday, Hurricane, and The Three Pigs, all written and illustrated by David Wiesner, convey his mood and tone with pictures alone. Any accompanying text is ancillary to the illustrations and causes the reader to wonder whether the publisher demanded that some words be inserted for convention's sake (especially in Hurricane). Wiesner's illustrations tell the tale far better than any…

Children's Literature Author
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David iesner's Body Of ork In Children's Literature

This is an essay discussing children's author and illustrator David iesner's body of work as a whole. Four books, Tuesday, Free Fall, June 29,1999, and The Three Pigs are examined for plots, settings, themes, characters, and style. Specific references to individual texts are included. Four sources used. MLA.

David iesner

David iesner has been delighting children and adults as well since his first publication, "The Loathsome Dragon." He became known as a picture book artist with the publication of "Free Fall," a wordless book. He has since become the winner of the Caldecott Medal and is considered one of today's most accomplished authors and illustrators of children's books. There is always an element of logic behind his fantasies. Moreover his illustrations are unique and visually appealing. Although he has authored several story books, including a his own version of "The Three Pigs,"…

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Units 1 5 Science Assignment
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roll the can, does it wobble back and forth as it slows down?

What kind of sound does the can make when you slowly turn it upside down and right side up again?

My hypothesis is that the can is a can of fruit. Some of the answers given were that the can has solids packed in liquid, at least from the sound the can makes when shaken. It is a regular can shape, cylindrical so things like tuna or canned vegetables are out because they would be shaped differently. A can of beans has fairly gelatinous liquid so the sound made would be more muffled and vegetables tend to be packed tightly with little water in it. Fruit however, has a lot of liquid with some fruit packed in it and serial numbers on both ends. Also canned fruit is more common than other things and the can was…


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Hawthorne vs Poe Story Comparison
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Nathaniel Hawthorne and Edgar Allen Poe may be counted among the leading American writers to have defined contemporary literature. These personalities significantly elevated short story standards, banking of every literary element in order for strengthening their styles. However, the two utilized these tools rather differently. On the one hand, Hawthorne delved into and discovered human nature’s realities, while, on the other, Poe examined the hearts of people by critiquing their thinking, values, and actions. Both were able to emerge successful when it came to the exploration of short story details, employing words for developing a vibrant world for their readers. Via the genres of gothic and romance fiction, Poe and Hawthorne have effectively widened the horizons of readers, replacing unexciting, old stories with intriguing ones that deal with an enigmatic human reality as well as the inevitable realities underlying human nature.

The novels and short tales of fiction teem with…