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Grade Equate to Being Well-Educated Does Matriculation
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Does Matriculation Equate Being Well-Educated (NOTE: THIS CAN BE CHANGED) NOTE: MY BELIEF IS THAT A GOOD GADE O HIGH DEGEE DOES NOT NECESSAILY EQUATE BEING WELL-EDUCATED Draft approximately 1000-word (3-4-page) narrative essay response prompt: Use a personal narrative state views response assigned readings education.

This story begins at a time when Mark, Betty, Martin and I used to spend a lot of our free time together. We loved to engage in intellectual discussions where we debated for hours on certain topics that were the source of discussions for scholars. Mark began a discussion on education which took an interesting turn since it helped us see how grades relate to the education quality of individuals. One thing that we all accepted was that education plays a major role in providing individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and other competencies that are needed for them…


Close, D. (2009). Fair Grades. Teaching Philosophy, 32(4), 361-398.

Crede, M., Roch, S.G., & Kieszczynka, U.M. (2010). Class Attendance in College: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Relationship of Class Attendance with Grades and Student Characteristics. Review of Educational Research 80(2), 272-295.

Kohn, A. (2002). The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation. Chronicle of Higher Education, 49(11), B7-B9.

Classic Tale of Inflation to Recession
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ussian Public Debt Downgrade

The ussian economy is heading into a deep recession: the projected average growth over the next three years has been estimated at 0.5%. The years of the ussian oil boom are fading fast and tensions continue to rise with the West, in light of ussian pugilistic actions in the Ukraine. Standard & Poor's has judged the ussian government's prospects for servicing the debt as continuing to narrow, with few options left for the central bank of ussia to employ: available mechanisms are scaffolding for the teetering ussian banking sector or propping up the ruble. Following the credit downgrade, the ruble fell 7% in after-hour trading to reach a new low of 68 rubles to the dollar.

In what appears to be a terrible and perfect storm, the ussian economic growth prospects are diminished, the flexibility of the monetary policy of the ussian Federation has weakened, and…


Kramer, A.E. (2015, January 26). S.&P. cuts Russian debt one notch to junk level. The New York Times.

Krugman, P. (2014, December 18). Notes on Russian debt. The New York Times.

Meola, A. (2015, February 23). Yandex N.V. (YNDX) stock falls today on Russia debt rating downgrade, possible Ukraine sanctions. Retrieved from 

Panin, A. (2105, January 12). Russian banks plead for interest rate cut as borrowing costs spiral. The Moscow Times. Retreived from

Public Policy Institute of California
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Discuss the asymmetric informational problem that arises in the case of hourly loan officers issuing loans. Propose at least two proposals to minimize these concerns.

One of the primary reasons that so many home loans were issued in recent years to individuals who were not sufficiently creditworthy to be able to make timely payments on those loans is that there was an ongoing condition of asymmetric information. The individuals seeking the loans had much more information than the loan officers; in many cases they knew that they could not reasonably meet the conditions of the loan.

The hourly loan officers in many cases could probably have been able to determine that the individual was unlikely to be able to service the loan. However, these hourly loan officers were being rewarded for making loans and they had no real personal investment in whether or not the loan conditions were honored. They…

4. There has been much discussion about grade inflation at schools and universities. Discuss and display graphically the impact of grade inflation and the loosening of educational standards. Make sure to discuss how this will affect the ability of education to be used as a signal of worker quality.

One of the reasons that many individuals are focused on getting the best possible education for themselves is that they believe it will lead to a better job for them -- not just because they will have better skills and increased knowledge but also because a sparkling transcript will impress potential employers and give them a leg up in the employment process.

This is a reasonable assumption on the part of students and future employees. However, an essential part of this assumption is that there is a stable and predictable relationship between a student's efforts and abilities and the grades that that individual receives. Both the stability and predictability of this relationship are being deteriorated by grade inflation, in which students have to work less hard and demonstrate lower skills to get the same grades that more talented students once got. The following graph ( ) demonstrates how badly grades and scholastic accomplishment have become unhinged:

For-Profit Education vs Non-Profit Education
Words: 17404 Length: 60 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 85288713
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NPSAS was the only study in 1996 that encompassed the people who enrolled in the for-profit institutions which is why not even the very basic criteria of the for-profit sector and its educational setup has been well-recognized (reneman, Pusser and Turner 2000; Chung, 2006).

The confirmation that the students who had some sort of shortcoming whether in the financial sector, minority aspect or admittance-timeline factor were the ones who mainly enrolled in the for-profit educational institution was made by Apling and Aleman in a study they conducted in 1990, and Lee and Merisotis in a study they conducted in the same year which were also then matched by Phipps et al. (2000) and JL Associates (2004).

Grubb was the only researcher who, in the year 1993, explored and assessed the influence and affect of the concept of the industrial market proceeds in relation to the non-profit institutions and education. He…


Altheide, D.L., & Johnson, J.M. (1994). Criteria for assessing interpretive validity in qualitative research. In N.K. Denzin & Y.S. Lincoln (Eds.), Handbook of qualitative research (pp. 485-99). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

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Barone, T.E. (1992). Beyond theory and method: A case of critical storytelling. Theory into Practice, 31(2), 142-146.

Practice Writing Students Are Being Constantly Judged
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Practice riting

Students are being constantly judged and analyzed based upon their academic achievements. The texts presented question the validity of assessment and question how and why students are limited in their ambitions. Emphasis is put on certain aspects of academia but others are overlooked entirely. There is a decided need for reevaluation of what should be expected of students and how they are judged by those in positions of authority over them.

Students who attend Ivy League schools are supposed to be somehow more intelligent or more capable than students who go to public schools (Easterbook). However, research indicates that the only thing that matters is that a student attends some college. People who go to college will generally earn more money than those that do not, but the type of school does not necessarily impact the income level of the person.

Research conducted by Catherine Rampell found that…

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Faulting the Case Against the Zero
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against the Zero' was published by Douglas Reeves in 2004, claiming that the inclusion of the zero on a 100-point scale was not only discouraging to students, but also mathematically inaccurate. Reeves found issue with the use of the zero to correspond to grade F. In the 100-point scale. He posited that the interval between the letter and numerical grades ought to be constant for a grading scale to be mathematically accurate. To this end, the four-point scale is rational and accurate since the one-point numerical increment between the numbers 4, 3, 2, 1 and 0, is proportionate to the increment between each letter grade on the corresponding A, B, C, D, and F. grade basis. On the other hand, the 100-point is scale is inaccurate given that the numerical interval is ten points between grades A, B, C, and D, with break points at 90, 80, 70, and 60,…

High School Students Are Taught That in
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high school, students are taught that in order to get into a good college, they have to work hard and get great grades. However, research that has been conducted recently shows that there is very little difference between schools like Harvard and the local public state colleges. Although the former is much more expensive than the latter, this research indicates that the education that students receive is actually not showing that the more expensive school is better. In fact, the research indicates that the education students get at Harvard or other ivy-league schools is worse than the education you get at the cheaper school.

One of the reasons for this is that there is such a thing in more expensive schools as grade inflation. That means that a student gets a grade for an assignment or test, but is not scored as harshly in expensive schools as they would get…

Improve Education in America Today
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But high schools have been reporting rising grade point averages. Regardless of whether grade inflation is to blame, or an ineffectuality on the part of standardized testing to adequately measure student achievement, this points to another difficulty of using either higher grades or higher test scores to measure student success and thus take into consideration 'teacher quality' and variables that play into assessing teacher quality when hiring new staff members or retaining existing staff members. (Daily Policy Digest, 2001)

If measuring student achievement is difficult, and thus coming to terms with an adequate assessment of teaching 'quality,' then how does one improve teacher quality. Perhaps, suggests educational researcher Victor Lavy, the real question is not the assessment of incoming teachers or outgoing students. Rather, administrators should ask the question, how to increase existing teacher's incentives to improve the quality of teaching, and once this is determined, make such incentive based-programs…

Works Cited

Darling-Hammond, L. (1 Jan 2000)."

Teacher Quality and Student Achievement: A Review of State Policy Evidence." Retrieved on 28 Apr 2005 at

Grades Rise While Test Scores Languish" (15 Aug 2001) Daily Policy 

Education Issues.

Diversity Issues in Schools That
Words: 3345 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74862249
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According to these authorities, "Workplace stressors often have detrimental effects on faculty job satisfaction and may lead to decisions to leave the institution or to leave higher education entirely. Although some degree of turnover is inevitable and perhaps desirable, high rates of faculty turnover can be costly to the reputation of an institution and to the quality of instruction" (p. 776). In many cases, the very faculty members that are adversely affected in this fashion are those the school district can least afford to lose, with a concomitant negative effect on those teachers who remain: "Too often the faculty who leave are those the institution would prefer to retain. Additional negative consequences of faculty turnover include costs for recruiting replacements, reduced integration within the academic department, disruption of course offerings, and diminished morale among those employees who remain in the organization" (Daly & Dee, p. 777).

In reality, the outcomes…


Aper, J.P. & Fry, J.E. (2003). Post-tenure review at graduate institutions in the United States: Recommendations and reality. Journal of Higher Education, 74(3), 241.

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Kaplan and Norton Propose What
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point out that between 2004 and 2009, Congress approved performance-based pay scales for the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense. (Perry, 2009) This shift came after Congress had previously abandoned such systems that operated from 1984 to 1991 as being ultimately ineffective. (Perry, 2009) as Perry goes on to point out, the link between pay incentive and the manifestation of desired behaviors is extremely convoluted. On the employee's side of the equation are considerations including employee age, sex, job satisfaction and pay expectations, and on the organization's side of the equation are factors including the fiscal health of the organization, how the performance review is undertaken, and organizational climate, among other factors. (Perry, 2009) Perry lists a number of conclusions indicating that, in the public sector at least, performance-based pay is not a reliable means of activating managerial goals:

"Performance-related pay often has failed to trigger expected…


Anderson, L.B. (2007). Professional Norms, Public Service Motivation, or/and Economic Incentives: What Motivates Public Employees? Presented at the European Group of Public Administration Annual Conference. Madrid, Spain: retrieved from .

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Colleges Shower Their Students With
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On the other hand, some wars resulted in massive uprisings, mass destruction of property, indiscriminate killings of people, uprooting of the power base, widespread lawlessness through revolutions like the French Revolution, the Chinese Revolution and the Russian Revolution and most recently the Iranian Revolution. These revolutions have had far reaching repercussions for the countries in which these revolutions erupted as well as for the entire regions and the world at large. French Revolution over-turned the centuries-old monarchy and brought in republic governments, which in turn changed in quick succession until the end of the Second World War. The period between the end of monarchy and the establishment of stable republic government in France is a witness to the loss of French colonies. The Chinese Revolution turned around the people from a capitalistic economic system to socialist economic system under a new political system of communism expounded by Marx. The Chinese…

Making a Cohesive Argument
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Logical Arguments

People often feel and think they are on solid ground when they make statements and assertions. Many people are wise enough to hedge and qualify their statements as their own opinion and/or something that some people believe. However, others are not quite so adept at remaining impartial and keeping a full perspective. The below statement reactions will reflect and describe the more common miscues that people can engage in. The reactions will follow the corresponding letter item in the textbook for each item. While people may be sure of themselves, it does not mean they are making a logical or reasonable point.

A is deceiving because while wealth is indeed a pursuit of many people, while it does tend to be hard and while many famous people have pursued it, it does not mean it is the goal and aim of everyone and the difficulty thereof is basically…

Economics Country Analysis
Words: 3685 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 10554050
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Economics - Country Analysis

Country Overview and Current Events (News)

Ethiopia, traditionally known as Abyssinia, is a landlocked Sub-Saharan country located at the Horn of Africa in East Africa, bordering Somalia, Kenya, Eritrea, Djibouti, Sudan, and the newly-created South Sudan. It covers approximately 1,126,829km2 of land; about the size of the state of Texas, and was, until the split of Sudan, the second-largest country in Africa. Being landlocked, Ethiopia largely relies on the port of Djibouti, to which it is connected by both rail and road. Economic elements such as this, together with the country's history, population, geography and economic performance have been explored in the subsequent sections of this text.

Population: the U.S. Census Bureau, in June 2013, estimated Ethiopia's population to be 93,877,025; a figure that makes the country the second-most populous in Africa, after Nigeria (orld Bank, Index Mundi). Ethiopia's population has been on a steady increase…

Works Cited

AFDB. "Inflation Dynamics in Selected East African Countries: Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda." AFDB Brief, 2012. Web. 18 March 2014 

This article analyses the trend in Ethiopia's inflation rates vis-a-vis those of other countries in the Sub-Saharan region and was a valuable source of regional statistics, which formed the main basis for comparison.

Broussar, Nzinga, and Tekleselassie Tsegay. "Youth Unemployment: Ethiopia; Country Study." International Growth Center, 2012. Web. 18 March 2014 

This article analyzes the trend in Ethiopia's employment patterns. It reinforced my arguments that unemployment is more prevalent in urban Ethiopia, and that the country's informal sector contributes more to GDP than the formal sector.

China Economics
Words: 693 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78722443
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2014) about China's inflation rate notes that the official consumer price index in the People's epublic of China is 2%, which is below the official government target of 3.5%. Furthermore, this CPI is at its lowest level in 13 months. The article then discusses some of the causes of this inflation rate, and the implications that it has both for China and other stakeholder economies.

Falling producer prices are leading to the deceleration of the inflation rate in China, and this is generally viewed as being favorable by Chinese leaders. There has been a need in China to push ahead with economic reforms, but this pushed had been constrained by the risk of rapid growth. The country also experienced its largest trade deficit in two years, after exports dropped 18% and imports increased 10.1%. The article noted that some of the data is skewed -- in particular export data --…


Butt, R. (2014).. China inflation slows to 13-month low. Reuters. Retrieved March 31, 2014 from 

Holland, T. (2014). Fears over a tail risk hard landing in China are growing. South China Morning Post. Retrieved March 31, 2014 from

Arundel Partners Is Taking Under
Words: 1637 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 92415483
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if, hypothetically speaking this number is 100 trees for each option, the cumulated value of both options is:

PV5 option 1 + PV5 option 2) * 100 = (21.6 + 20.78) * 100 = 4,237.9

PV10 option 1 + PV10 option 2) * 100 = (23.47 + 21.62) * 100 = 4,507.6

The comparison's results suggest that cutting the trees after 10 years maximizes the Mr. Smith's tree value. It also seems that the tree value is increasing in time and the growth rate is increasing in time, which implies that the more Mr. Smith can wait before cutting the trees the higher their value will be at the cutting moment.

Thinning the forest will lower their total value. However, the thinning will also relieve the cost burden. Assuming that Mr. Smith cuts half of the forest growing according to option 2, the total tree value in:

year will be…

Reference List

Ochoa, C.M. 2007. Valuation: From the Discounted Cash Flows (DCF) Approach to the Real Options Approach (ROA). GRUPO DE INVESTIGACI N. EN FINANZAS Y BANCA - EAFIT. 



Economics of Banking General Economic
Words: 737 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93021384
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e. no standardization) b) Diamonds: good medium of exchange

Peaches: perishable, differences in quality (i.e. no standardization) d) Grade a Honey: differences in quality (i.e. no standardization), difficult to transport e) Ice in a warm climate: perishable, difficult to store a. Over the long run, what is the primary determinant of the price level? Supply and demand, with price acting as an equilibrator b. Over the long run, what is the primary determinant of inflation?

The supply of money as compared to changes in productivity.

c. How is inflation related to the nominal interest rate?

Expectations of future inflation are one of the key factors in determining the nominal interest rate, the other being the 'core' interest rate, or the inflation-free level at which one is willing to lend money (which differs according to the issuer and associated risk premium).

4. Describe each of the following financial institutions. If it…

Bunyan Lumber in Order to Determine the
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33180708
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Bunyan Lumber

In order to determine the best time to harvest the timber, the data needs to be organized and calculations performed for each of the different potential start times. Sunk costs/decisions such as the decision to thin the trees now are not included in the calculation, because the decision of when to cut the trees does not affect the decision to thin the forest. The other information presented in the case is valid, including the tax rate. The latter is important because it is not necessarily going to be charged each year -- for example if the company posts a loss there will be no taxes.

When using net present value to make a decision such as this, the rule of thumb is that any project with a positive NPV is good, but that when the options are mutually exclusive then the option with the highest NPV should be…


Ross, S., Westerfield, R., Jaffe, J., & Jordan, B. (2011). Corporate Finance: Core Principles & Application (3rd ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill/Irwin

No author. (2011). Net present value -- NPV. Investopedia. Retrieved January 28, 2012 from

California Clinics to Estimate the
Words: 1006 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63534851
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All other factors being equal, an investor will seek to maximize return for equivalent risk levels. This means that the investor will choose the investment that offers the best risk-return ratio. It is believed that for the most part, investors tend towards risk aversion. Often, decisions are made under conditions of uncertainty, and in this situation they will use perceived risk as their guidepost rather than objective risk, as thought do not know the latter (ScienceDaily, 2010). Risk aversion is often assumed in financial modeling.

The most important thing about risk aversion, however, is that the degree of risk aversion is critical to setting the desired rates of return. The more risk averse an investor is, the higher the rate of return that will be demanded in order to undertake the investment. Thus, risk aversion is critical to the investment decision and to determining the rate of return that a…

Works Cited:

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Public Economy the Percentage of
Words: 970 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 12521585
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The government of Canada has outstanding debt of approximately $550 billion. To service the debt, it issues bonds. The government has also announced previously that it is committed to fighting inflation. Please explain clearly how government debt management policy can lend credibility to the government's fight against inflation. In doing so, provide a clear explanation of the key differences between indexed and nominal debt.

hen a government wishes to curb inflation, one of the most effective ways to use the monetary supply to do so is to sell securities, in short through the sale of government bonds. By selling government securities, the government takes money or liquid capital out of the economy, and makes it more attractive to save rather than to spend money. Also, selling government bonds can reduce government debt. Reducing government debt is an important goal for any administration because the higher the debt, the less that…

Works Cited

Alfaro, Laura & Fabio Kanczuk. "Nominal vs. Indexed Debt: A Quantitative Horse

Race." Harvard Business School. January 2006. 20 Oct 2007. 

U.S. Government Spending as a Percentage of GDP." Carried Away. Oct 2003. 20 Oct 2007.

Fund the Pictet Funds Euro
Words: 789 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 69765296
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However, such successes have been limited over the life of the fund. Examining the manager's comments and the comments in the annual report, it appears as though fund management is generally reactive to trends rather than proactive. The discussion centers on what happen in the economy and to the fund, rather than any discussion on what the fund is going to do to exploit opportunities.

The fund's heavy concentration in the French market has left it particularly vulnerable to shocks emanating from that market. For example, in the first quarter of 2007, the inflation index in France moved sharply lower, which was not anticipated by the fund managers. In the second quarter, the risk of a hike in VAT increased the volatility of French securities, in particular the short-range maturities. The result of this high level of exposure to the French market was that the fund suffered over this period…

Works Cited

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Pictet Funds (Lux) 2007 Annual Report, p.31, 199-200.

PF (Lux) EUR Inflation Linked Bonds Manager's Comment, October 2008

PF (Lux) EUR Inflation Linked Bonds Fact Sheet, October 2008.

Existence of an Individual Which
Words: 782 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11659629
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There were certain moments in my life which did not allow me to pursue my study programs as desired; yet it was precisely this set of obstacles which consisted a challenge for me and determined me ever more strongly to pursue my goal. Therefore, I am due to graduate in May 2008 with a presentation entitled "Have Central Banks and Private Agents Become Wiser?" conducted under the supervision of Dr. Dennis Novy who has also offered me considerable support in trying to address issues such as inflation, the role of central banks, and their relation with private agents. His precious advice has led me to follow lines of thought different from the ones already addressed by the literature and has opened new research directions I intend to analyze in my future studies.

Aside from the traditional academic environment created by the universities I attended, another important input represented the experience…

Greece economic problems analysis
Words: 1063 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92834408
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Economic Environment

The economic environment of Greece is that of a capitalist economy, but with significant public sector contribution – about 40% of total GDP is from government activity. This speaks more to the relatively small size of the Greek private sector than to excessive government ownership of industry. Tourism is one of the major drivers of the Greek economy, accounting for 18% of GDP (CIA World Factbook, 2017). Thus Greece would be characterized as a mixed economy with some government-owned entities. Greece is a member of the EU, but has also received several bailouts in recent years, and struggles with tax collection, and overall economic development. Tax evasion ranges between 6-9% of total GDP in Greece, which makes it a significant economic problem (Georgakopoulos, 2016).

Recent Macroeconomic Data

In recent years, Greece\'s economy has flatlined. The country has received several infusions of capital from other EU countries, but there…

Predatory Lending and the Subprime
Words: 6468 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 14582464
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nd we must take into consideration what would happen if, somewhere down the line, we encountered the very real possibility of changed financial circumstances.

The financial knots we're tying ourselves into now, as we scramble to purchase homes and wind up owning less of them, can have serious long-term ramifications. Because today's overall tighter finances often necessitate putting off major purchases, many adults don't buy their first home until they're well into their thirties or even forties.

s a result, those thirty-year mortgage payments follow us right into retirement, hanging around even as rising health care and tuition expenses for college-aged children begin to spike. s a result, we discover too late that the asset we gambled everything to acquire because it was going to see us through retirement is instead pushing that retirement further and further away. lready, an increasing number of seniors are borrowing against their homes, accumulating…

Adam Tanner, San Francisco Suburb Vallejo Files for Bankruptcy, REUTERS, May 23, 2008;

Fishbein & Woodall.

Michael M. Phillips, to Help Broke Homeowners, He's Taking the Law into His Own Hands, WALL ST. J., June 6, 2008, at A1.

Dividends of the Linear Technology
Words: 4207 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 34409229
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Therefore, 'on balance, much empirical evidence supports the view of dividends as a signaling device'. There have been reported instances when the management has deliberately reduced the expected worth of the dividend, considered to be a strategic decision aimed at the improvement of the financial flexibility and growth prospects on long-term scale.

However the managers of the company have practiced such options, where they have 'used dividend actions to convey useful information, keeping in view the fact that dividend changes may not be perfect signals'. It has been agreed the by economic and strategic advisory of the company that 'dividend increases may be ambiguous signals unless the market can distinguish between growing firms and disinvesting firms, i.e., those with a lack of investment opportunities', therefore the Linear Technology has ensure that there is no compromise over the reputation of the company.

Several interesting patterns have been identified which are widely…

Afghanistan Economy the Future of
Words: 3658 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24131430
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The majority of the population was left extremely poor, lacking food, clothing, housing and medical care. The economy virtually collapsed..." During this time, any formal financial sector was essentially nonexistent, basic infrastructure was lacking, and a severe drought from 2002-2001 further ravaged the economy (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime).

During this decade, violence and political instability had a tremendous impact on Afghanistan's economy. Inter-regional trade was greatly disrupted, and often brought to a virtual standstill by violent instability. However, the appearance of the Taliban regime saw improvements in inter-regional trade in areas controlled by the regime (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime)

In the last decade, the opium trade played an important role in Afghanistan's economy. In an economy where the monetary system was virtually destroyed by prolonged war, opium "became both the medium of exchange and the only form of saving" (United Nations Office on Drugs…


BBC News. Afghanistan's central banker invited home. Thursday, 6 December, 2001, 17:00 GMT. 05 November 2004. 

Coutsoukis, Photius. Countries of the World. 15 Years of World Facts from the U.S.A. CIA World Factbooks, the United Nations Statistical Office, the Library of Congress Country Studies and other sources. Afghanistan. 05 November 2004. 

CIA World Factbook. Afghanistan. 05 November 2004. 

CountryWatch. 2004. Afghanistan Economic Overview. 05 November 2004.

Contrarian Investment Strategies Over the
Words: 26080 Length: 73 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 63152795
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This is significant because it shows how some critics of contrarian investing will often point to the various instances of speculation and assume that it is contrarian investing. In some cases the psychology of consumers can become so extreme, that the definition of what is speculative expands greatly. As a result, using contrarian investing in conjunction with other indicators / tools can help prudent investors and traders, be able to identify when the market condition are becoming more extreme.

Contrarian Indicators and Tools

When using the different contrarian indicators / tools in conjunction with one another, you can begin to see how this strategy can be used, to effectively determine if the market conditions are overbought or oversold. There are number of different tools that can be utilized to indentify major changes that are occurring in the trend of a stock or the market averages. These would include: headlines…


"3M Historical Prices," Yahoo Finance, 

"3M Reports First Quarter Results," 3M,

"3M Reports Fourth Quarter and Full Year 2008 Results," 3M,

"American Depository Receipt." Investopedia,

Canadian Current Events Magazine Produced by Name
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Canadian Current Events Magazine

Prduced by NAME

Career Prspects

This article describes the grwing trend in the crprate wrld f eliminating perfrmance reviews, which many find t be ineffective and even cunterprductive. The article ntes that wrkers and managers alike ften feel that perfrmance reviews d nt measure what they are meant t measure, and that they fail t prvide

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Labr Market

Signs f imprvement in the labr market in the United States cntinue as the rate f peple applying fr unemplyment benefits hit its lwest number since May f 2008, accrding t recent numbers released by the U.S.

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Canada is a cuntry whse main exprts are hckey players and cld frnts. Our main imprts are baseball players and acid rain.…

other: 3% (2006 est.)

Unemployment rate: 8% (2010 est.)

country comparison to the world: 9

Presidents in My Opinion My
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George H.W. Bush

George Herbert Walker Bush, possibly the most underestimated president of recent times, is my choice for the fifth spot. It is perhaps understandable why Bush Sr. is often excluded from most people's list of "great" U.S. Presidents; unlike "activist" presidents such as Franklin oosevelt or his predecessor, onald eagan, Bush carried out his job in a low-key manner but did his job competently. This is precisely why I have chosen him as one of the top five presidents because a president's job, in the words of Bush Sr. himself, does not always involve, "high drama, and the sound of trumpets" (Quoted by ose, 1991, p. 307)

Bush Sr. became the President after having served the country in various positions such as the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations and to China, chair of the epublican National Committee, head of the CIA, and vice-president in the eagan administration…


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Efficient Company Management Places Important
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The unemployment rate is supposed to stay stable and be estimated as 5,2% in 2005, 5,1% in 2006 and stay the same in 2007, thus signaling that there will be no improvement in the employment situation in the country. As for the interest rate, the return on Treasure Bills with ten years to maturity is forecasted to be at the level of 4,7% in 2005, 5,3% in 2006 and 5,6% in 2007, thus to be growing. The housing starting is projected not to grow by the Mortgage Bakers' Association, and is forecasted at 1,958 millions units in 2005, 1,758 in 2006 and 1,730 in 2007. This forecast may be biased because of the wish to signal the tightening supply in the property market to the consumers and thus stimulate the demand for property which will lead to the increases in the real estate prices. This will give opportunity to the…


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Economic Forecast and Calendar, Marketwatch, at

Health Care Drivers for Increased
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United States















Virgin Islands














West Virginia
















All spending includes state and federal expenditures. Growth figures reflect increases in benefit payments and disproportionate share hospital payments; growth figures do not include administrative costs, accounting adjustments, or costs for the U.S. Territories.


Federal Fiscal Year: Unless otherwise noted, years preceded by "FY" on refer to the Federal Fiscal Year, which runs from October 1 through September 30.  for example, FY 2009 refers to the period from October 1, 2008 through September 30, 2009.


Urban Institute estimates based on data from CMS (Form 64) (as of 12/21/11).

From this entire chart, the entire increase in expenditure of…


Clark, Cheryl et al. "State Medicaid Eligibility and Care Delayed Because of Cost." New England Journal of Medicine, 368 (2013): 1263-1265. Print.

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Zongshen Case Study Management Report
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Zongshen +d

Innovations in strategic planning

Organizational analysis of Chinese industrial firm, Zhongqing Zongshen Automobile Industry Manufacturing Co., Ltd., offers much in terms of understanding the global powerhouse as an industrial economy of scale. If China's macro-economic position is one of increased export growth, then micro-analyses enable us to uncover the ingenuity and strategies behind the giant. Zongshen Motorcycle brand is one of the core subsidiaries of Zongshen Industrial Group, with consumer recognition in the capital market. The mission of the company is to improve the quality of life of human beings through innovation of clean, convenient and safe transportation tools (Zongshen, 2010).

In 2008, expansion of the two-wheeled motorcycle concern in its multi-scale strategic plan encouraged growth through: domestic sales, import and export agreements, and key & important component distribution. The integrated strategy resulted in substantial returns, with export sales at $100 million alone. The Company reports cumulative assets…


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PESTLE (2010). RapidBi.

Bond in General the Price I Would
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In general, the price I would pay for this bond will depend on the risk that the company has. My personal risk preference is that I am risk averse. I expect inflation to continue to be very low over the next year, but increasing slightly from current levels. The prevailing interest rates are low, which means I would expect the corporate bond rates to also be quite low. The company I have selected is Johnson & Johnson, and I do not believe that there is any default risk with this company. They are a large, stable company with a large cash position and stable earnings. They have a wide range of products, meaning they are well-diversified. In addition, that company has increased its earnings steadily over the past several years. They compete in a number of different industries as well. Thus, there is little risk that Johnson & Johnson…

Ed Problem the Costs of
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Should everyone go to college? "In my experience," wrote McArdle (2010) "the European system [under which college is free] produces, even more than the American one, large numbers of students who dawdle along towards a degree because being in school is very cheap, and preferable to working." In our modern culture, we have been led to believe that a college education is essential for career and financial success. While it is true that, on average, college graduates earn more over their lifetimes than individuals with high school diplomas only, there are careers in the trades that pay well -- auto mechanics, plumbing, and construction, to name just three. There are people who have become millionaires as entrepreneurs, putting good ideas and hard work together to make a great deal of money. Not everyone is a scholar. There are different types of intelligence and some of those types are not suited…


McArdle, Megan. "The High Cost of College. The Atlantic 9/23/10. Web. 14 Feb. 2011.

Retail the Global Economy Overall Is Mending
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The global economy overall is mending from the 2008 crisis. Many key metrics over the past 5 years have improved materially relative to the crisis years. The S&P 500, for instance, after reaching its low in 2009 has recovered more than 150%. The financial markets are now more stable through the enactment of various legislation including Dodd-Frank and Basel III. Even unemployment has rebounded steadily as consumers are more confident of their future prospects. These trends bode very well for the furniture retailing industry which was devastated by the financial crisis. As such, I believe many companies within this sector are poised for a strong and sustained recovery. Of the many companies and competitors within the sector, Ethan Allen Interiors, Inc. is best positioned for sustainable long-term growth (Gray, 1977).

To begin, the company is fortunate enough to have a strong economic tailwind behind it. The housing sector, which…


1) Gray, Channing. "Haute and cool: Fine Furnishings show branches out in 10th year with a bigger spread of classic and cutting-edge pieces." The Providence Journal (1977)

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Waterford Wedgwood Case Study Waterford
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As Sir Anthony O'eilly, Chairman of Waterford Wedgwood, noted in a recent speech that they are operating against a "backdrop of unprecedented broad-based economic uncertainty."

This economic uncertainty has had a global impact. From the high rates of business bankruptcies in the United States, to the financial collapse of one of the previously richest countries in the world -- Iceland, to the 11.2 million percent inflation rate of Zimbabwe, no corner of the globe is untouched by the massive liquidation cycle in which the global economy appears to be.

Consumer confidence has declined. Banks have lost faith in one another. Currencies around the world, such as the American dollar, weakened considerably.

And, despite Waterford Wedgwood's more than two hundred years of setting industry standards, the organization must now operate in an economic environment that appears to work directly against their primary products -- luxury lifestyle items.

Yet, despite these trying…


About the company. (2009). Retrieved June 9, 2009, from .

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Decline of Upward Economic and
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S. And that, as much as anything else, has allowed the U.S. To fall behind other nations in upward mobility of the population.

Foroohar also suggests that some European nations (such as Germany) responded better to the recent economic crisis than the U.S., such as by artificially preventing unemployment rates from rising by subsidizing companies to retain them through hard times. As a result, consumer spending did not drop of the way it has in the U.S., resulting in a cycle of decreasing demand and increasing unemployment predicted by traditional macroeconomic principles. Finally, Foroohar points to the more equitable and les complicated tax codes in European nations that omit corporate tax loopholes and reduce the pressures that have resulted in the loss of upward socioeconomic mobility in the U.S.

3. Conclusion

ana Foroohar's article highlights the manner in which recent trends in American society have demonstrated classic macroeconomic principles in…


Foroohar, R. "What Ever Happened to Upward Mobility?" Time, Vol. 178, No. 19 (2011):

Progress or Decline in America From 1960 to 1970
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America During the 1960's

The 1960's began well for America. President Kennedy appeared to have the social and economic aspects of the country under good control. After his assassination,

President Lyndon Baines Johnson took over and attempted to continue Kennedy's ideals. Policies such as the war on poverty as well as other implementations such as civil rights for all were to form part of Johnson's "Great Society." This appeared to improve things after the tragic death Kennedy. However, horrors such as the Vietnam ar and the subsequent economic crisis brought about a decline in the short-lived prosperity. Other elements such as violence resulting from resistance to new civil rights laws also contributed to decline where better administration may have resulted in progress. Below these elements are considered to arrive at a conclusion about the degree of progress and decline in America during this time.

The Great Society

Johnson's presidency began…

Works Cited

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Consequences of the Iraq War
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Under Saddam Hussein, Iraq experienced years of turmoil, resulting in a war with Iran, economic mismanagement, and U.N.-imposed sanctions. Now, after 4 years of occupation by the U.S., Iraq experiences extreme poverty, unemployment and has millions of homeless. The country's infrastructure is in ruins and U.S. plans for reconstruction of its schools, infrastructure and civic buildings have been mired in fraud, mismanagement and incompetence. Commentators expect the country to suffer from the effects the war for years to come.

On November 15, 2007, the House of Representatives passed a bill that provides $50 billion to fund the war in Iraq and attached a timetable for the withdrawal of troops by the end of 2008. The bill prevented the White House from using funds to construct permanent bases in Iraq or assert U.S. control over Iraq's oil. President ush vetoed the bill, while Republicans supported this move. Congressional Democrats countered that…


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U S Dollar Which Is Heavily
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As the result of this, government cannot raise interest rates and may need to halt interest rates where they are. While lower interest rates allow borrowing, higher interest rates may actually serve those better who have already invested in bonds and securities. But if U.S. cannot move interest rates around for fear of further halting economic activity then dollar is in constant danger of doing further down.

So the main question that arises here is this: whether a weak dollar is really bad for the economic health of the country? As easy as it may be to say yes, the answer is actually quite tricky. In more ways than one, a weak currency may actually serve larger trade interests of a country. When dollar is weak, it means more units of it can be bought for some other currency. This also means that U.S. products become cheaper for foreign buyers.…


Sterling Surges against the Dollar Whilst the FTSE Remains Strong," the Birmingham Post (England) 1 Jan. 2007: 24

Ici Bank A Growth Stock
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Financial Statements

One of the most significant factors in the decision to invest in ICICI Bank is to determine the affects of recent capital expenditure and the anticipated return for these investments. Entry into microfinancing represents a considerable amount to risk, due to the financial instability of the target market. The following chart highlights the most significant changes affecting the financial health of ICICI bank that result from expenditures associated with entry into the rural finance venture. It compares key indicators and explains the effects of ICICI's most recent changes to their banking strategy.

Income Statement for years 2003-2006 (in millions USD)

Total evenue

Cost of evenue

Gross Profit

Balance Sheet for years 2003-2006 (in millions USD)

Current Assets

Total Liabilities

Total Equity

Cash Flow for years 2003-2006 (in millions USD)

Net Income

Net Cash Flows Investing

Net Cash Flows Financing

Net Cash Flow

Data Source: (2007).

The income…


Das, K. (2006). India's ICICI Bank Targets 25 Million New Rural Customers. Innovations in Emerging Markets. Retrieved May 3, 2007 at .

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Macroeconomic Situation
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Macroeconomic Situation

Delivering a speech to the merican Bankers ssociation in tlanta on June 7, 2011, Federal reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke posited a pessimistic view of current macroeconomic conditions. "The U.S. economy is recovering from both the worst financial crisis and the most severe housing bust since the Great Depression, and it faces additional headwinds ranging from the effect of the Japanese disaster to global pressures in commodity prices" (Hilsenrath, J. June 7, 2011). In this context it is useful to analyze the current economic recovery to see which if any additional monetary or fiscal policy measures could speed the pace of recovery and continue its upward trajectory.

What is the Current Macroeconomic Situation in the U.S.

ccording to economists the "Great Recession" ended in the second quarter of 2009 (Isidore, C. September 20, 2010); from that point the economy has slowly climbed out of negative growth returning to a…

A third disturbing piece of news is the continuing high level of unemployment and slow level of job growth. In May job growth was an anemic 54,000 addition to payroll (Hilsenrath, J. June 7, 2011), "far below the roughly 200,000 needed each month to reduce the unemployment rate" (Bernard, S. & Arbel, T.N.D.). In step the unemployment rate in May increased from 8.89% to 9.1% (Hilsenrath, J. June 7, 2011).

Lastly, "the index of leading indicators fell in April, only the second decline since it began to rise in the spring of 2009" (Feldstein, M. June 7, 2011). This index which is comprised of eleven key economic data streams looks forward to forecast economic activity (New York University. N.D.). The fall in the index suggests that the economy could be in for a rough ride in the second half of 2011 and into 2012.

The question however, is why with both expansionary fiscal and monetary tools operating at full capacity over the last two years has the economy

PESTLE Analysis Macdonald's Step Analysis Technological Economic
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PESTLE analysis?

MacDonald's STEP analysis



In this paper, we explore the concept of STEP analysis by means of illustration. We perform an elaborate STEP analysis of McDonald's, the world's fast food giant. This is then followed by a recommendation on what actions McDonald's can do in order to take care of the issues that have been exposed via the STEPanalysis.

McDonald's is a food and beverage franchise that by 2001 boasted of close to 28,700 outlets spread in 120 nations Karen,2005). The company's food outlets are very popular among the youth. It offers an environment which is perceived to be safe for families as they can enjoy quality food at an affordable price in a clean environment. The food chain offers its client a familiar environment that is characterized by a McDonald's clown as well as stunning interior worldwide as pointed out by Debres (2005). The company has…


Aswathappa, A (2006): International Business: Tata McGraw-Hill: p, 226

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Daniels, K (2010). PESTLE analysis

Behavioral Changes Reducing the Effects
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hy the huge disparity in viewpoints when the science has been empirically established for twenty years or more? Journalist Bryan alsh references sociologists from Michigan State and Oklahoma State Universities (Riley Dunlap and Aaron McCright, respectively), who say there has been a "well-financed effort on the part of conservative groups and corporations to distort global-warming science" (alsh, 2011). In the book written by Dunlap and McCright (the Oxford Handbook of Climate Change and Society) they assert that global climate change science has been "assaulted" by fossil-fuel corporations, conservative think tanks" for over twenty years.

Hence, in conclusion, one way to spread the word to consumers and citizens is to battle back against the propaganda that seeks to deny the truth about climate change. In addition, very simple changes in lifestyles (using CFLs, taking the bus, hanging clothes out to dry, keeping the car tuned up, and sealing up leaks and…

Works Cited

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And Climate Change: Back to Basics. Retrieved March 8, 2012, from . (2010). Green Driving Tips. Retrieved March 9, 2012, from .

Micro Demo Some of the
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The consumer's indifference curve would be on a lower budget line against their preference but this would have effects of its own beyond individual consumers (below). On the other hand if we shifted the good on the X axis to "rent" and called that at its possible minimum to begin with (i.e. without substitute outside the model), then a cut in SNAP that decreased purchasing power for both goods would equal an absolute reduction of all consumption as demonstrated in figure 4, and both "corner solutions" of all one and zero of the other would change instead of remaining the same at X=0 for vegetables in Figure 2. Were these goods perfect complements, the indifference curves would in fact be fully squared instead of rough isoquants displayed here.

These effects would ripple out to producers and all along the retail value chain. What actually happens when food stamp benefits transfer?…

Policy Choices of the Future
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To increase effective demand, Keynesians believe the government must balance the economy with deficit and increase expenditure. However, the constant alternation between booms and recession is causing the booms to get shorter while the recessions become longer. This phenomenon is the result of empirical evidence that indicates that in the end, the interest rates decrease.

However, this situation creates a problem of capitalism as the rich increase their wealth while financial deficit worsens. Minsky adopted the perspective of Keynesians, hypothesized financial instability, as the finance and money that connects the present with the future, but the future is uncertain. Minsky finds the problem of financial stability is in financing. However, financial instability increases under contemporary capitalism, which increases economic crisis. This leads to the conclusion that to solve economic crisis, there is a need to reduce financing and take up investments in real economy.

This is in contrast to the…

Works Cited

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Riordan Japan Lord's Payer Riordan in Japan
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iordan Japan

Lord's Payer: iordan in Japan

Globalization has many different effects on the world, the nations within it, and the individual organizations and people that populate these nations. Many of the effects and challenges of globalization work in indirect ways, and these are the effects that are quite often areas of ethical concern when it comes to international business, however there are also many direct considerations that businesses must take into account when they are globalizing or engaging in any multinational/international endeavors. The day-to-day operations and the minute details of international business have immense legal and ethical implications that extend well beyond simply trying to conduct business in a way that benefits all organizations and nations involved. Careful consideration of even the most innocuous-seeming of business actions and transactions renders these complications strikingly clear.

Compensation for employees relocated to a foreign country is one of the issues that presents…


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U S Government and Ethical Issues of Outsourcing
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U.S. Government and ethical issues of outsourcing

Description of Ideas-5

Analysis of Concepts-6

Evaluation with easons-7

Possible Solutions-9

U.S Government and Ethical Issues of Outsourcing

USA is at present one of the fastest growing countries as a target for outsourcing. Of late outsourcing which was once the buzzword of corporate America has been looked down upon in recent years because of growing concerns of ethics involved in outsourcing the same. Majority lament the outsourcing of jobs to low-wage economies like Asia, Philippines and elsewhere. In a slowing economy with unemployment figures hovering around 10%, outsourcing jobs is viewed as extremely undesirable. However some experts are of the opinion that outsourcing per se is not bad as it helps business to lower costs to remain in business, particularly during periods of recession. When outsourcing permits a company to cut down on costs and make production at less cost, it augurs well…


Breslin, David A. (1999) "On the Ethics of Outsourcing" Program Manager; vol. 28, no. 6,

pp: 24-26.

Ching, Jacqueline. (2009) "Outsourcing U.S. Jobs"

The Rosen Publishing Group.

Distributive Justice and Accounting Practice Every Society
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Distributive Justice and Accounting Practice:

Every society has an economic framework governed by laws, policies, and institutions that contribute to distinctive distributions of economic incentives and burdens among the members of the society. The economic frameworks are usually brought by human political processes and they usually change across societies and within societies over time. Economic frameworks play an important role in the society because their structures significantly influence the economic distributions, which in turn affect people's lives. One of the most significant aspects of economic frameworks is accounting principles and practices that play a significant role in the effectiveness of these systems. From a wider political/economic view, understanding the function of accounting is crucial for understanding how a society's economic framework operates. Generally, accounting is entrenched in a capitalist, free-market, and economic system through promoting the values upon which the system is based.

Distributive Justice:

The topic of distributive justice…


"Federal Income Tax Brackets 2013." (n.d.). The 2013 Federal Tax Rates and Brackets.

Retrieved March 31, 2013, from 

Garrison, R.W. (1996, October 1). The Flat Tax: Simplicity Desimplified. Retrieved March 31,

2013, from

Country Evaluation
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Country Evaluation

Pakistan is the South Asian country and was established in 1947. It shares border with India, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Iran and China. It has a coastline spanning of 1,046 km with Arabian Sea. The country has highest peaks in the world that are K2 and Nanga Parbat of Karakorum and Pamir in the northern and western highlands of Pakistan. Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi provide the major by air gateways to Pakistan. India and Iran also provides the way to reach Pakistan by train.

There are several favorable characteristics that make Pakistan an ideal country for an international business. However, the country is facing imbalanced economic, societal and political conditions since independence due to which investors gets reluctant to invest in the country. This report reviews the favorable and unfavorable aspects of Pakistan for U.S. investors.

Investors need to consider various factors before making investment for an international business. First…


Dawn. (2012, May 27). Taxation and Foreign Investment. Retrieved July 23, 2012, from Dawn: 

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Apple expansion into Myanmar
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Global Economic Conditions

Apple operates in over 100 countries already, but there are still some markets available for the company. The one that has been chosen for the next international expansion in Myanmar. Apple already has a presence in most other Southeast Asian countries, but Myanmar has only recently become a democracy. It is a poor country, but relatively large, and is starting to see some strong economic growth. Foreign companies are starting to make their market entry. The trends for Myanmar are all quite recent. Five years ago there was little economic activity in the country, regular brownouts and a military junta. Today, there are signs of economic life. Moreover, where five years ago there was almost no broadband and it was prohibitively expensive, broadband in the country has been rolled out to most populated areas and is affordable.

Myanmar\'s economic story is mostly internal, but there is some…

Western Civ V The Philosophes
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) and towards the more practical needs for Aryan survival.

c. hy did a growing number of Germans support Hitler and the Nazi Party in the years leading up to his appointment as chancellor?

There are many arguments to this question, but one that surfaces more often than others focuses on economics and self-preservation. The German people were humiliated by the Treaty of Versailles -- their military and economic system had been stripped away, their debt unbearable, and their economy was being controlled by other countries. The ideas of National Socialism were attractive to many: unification of the German Volk, reestablishing the German lands as a country dedicated to certain ideals, focusing on ethnic and linguistic similarities, the overthrow of Versailles, the idea of German self-determination, lebensraum (room for Germans to live, grow and prosper), and an improvement over the crippling inflation and economic woes of the eimar Government, seen…

Works Cited

Burke, Edmund. Reflections on the Revolution in France. Primary Source

Documents, History 100.

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Tuition in Higher Education Higher
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The report also identified some important aspects that determined successful completion of higher education. It was found that among both borrowers and non-borrowers, working part-time or fulltime and/or delayed entry into college carried a significantly high risk for dropping out. The fact that almost all of the students who successfully completed higher education were enrolled in college right after high school, attended fulltime and did not work part time or full time implied that external distractions had a major negative impact on successful completion. Since borrowers are under financial burden they are more prone to take up part time jobs and therefore carry a greater risk for dropping out. Essentially, one of the main findings and recommendations of this report is to "Make college more affordable so as to reduce dependence on loan financing and student employment, especially for those with the greatest need." [Lawrence Gladiex, pg 16]

Loans cannot…


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Microeconomic Analysis Why Government Must
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If the minimum wage is raised, and all competing businesses with al-Mart raise their wages and thus the prices of their goods, al-Mart can be assured of a more level playing field, theoretically, even if it must raise the prices of its goods by a few cents. Scott himself said his company could not change its own wage structure without government assistance because of tough competition from competitors like K-Mart and Target. "Even slight overall adjustments to wages eliminate our thin profit margin...because we are so big, people forget that we have to compete." (Joyce, 2005, p. D5) Scott noted that al-Mart actually paid above the technical national minimum wage, and said he was thinking more of the customers of the store, rather than the store's employees. However, one might note that there is quite a great deal of overlap between the two, al-Mart employees and al-Mart shoppers. hich consumer…

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Merger a Continuation Please Adhere Directions Required
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Merger a continuation. Please adhere directions required information needed, ensure a good grade. Title: Expansion Merger This paper a continuation Assignment 1.

ISP industry: Expansion and merger

Government regulation

Because of the rapid expansion of the ISP (internet service provider) industry and the rapid expansion in general of telecommunications technology, there is a tendency towards under-regulation of these entities which exert such an influence over Internet consumer's lives. ecently, there was a firestorm of controversy to stop SOPA (the Stop Online Piracy Act), which would have taken down websites without a court order for the piratical content the sites unwittingly hosted. However, it was less controversial in 2006 when the FCC "let effective Net Neutrality protections expire in August 2006 as the result of a technical change in the way they address Internet governance" (Net neutrality, 2012, Common Cause). Free speech advocates should have been alarmed given that "today there…


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Politicization of Obesity
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Politicalization of Obesity -- Policy Analysis

One of the most prevalent health issues presently in the United States is that of childhood obesity. The goal of this work in writing is to analyze a specific health care policy issue, which specifically is that of obesity. This work will further propose nursing strategies to address the problem. This work will use two bills currently in Congress. Two pieces of legislation have been introduced to address the problem of childhood obesity are those of H.. 3144 and H.. 3092. This work in writing conducts a policy analysis of these two bills presently before the U.S. Congress.

Politicalization of Obesity -- Policy Analysis

One of the most prevalent health issues presently in the United States is that of childhood obesity. The goal of this work in writing is to analyze a specific health care policy issue, which specifically is that of obesity. This…


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Trade Act of 1974 on Euro Exchange
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Trade Act of 1974 on Euro exchange rates?

Free Trade has been a key agenda for the past three presidents. In an expanding global market, tariffs and trade policies are more important today than they have been in the past. More and more countries are forming alliances such as the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), the Asian Alliance, and the European Union (EU). These trade agreements are meant to level the playing for all countries, both industrialized and emerging countries.

President Bush's trade policy is aimed at helping to generate American jobs, open markets to American products, and provide economic growth. Sometimes massive increases in imports can have a devastating effect on U.S. industries. [This has been the case for the U.S. steel Industry and is the issue addressed in Section 203 (B) (1) of the Trade Act of 1974. Foreign steel makers have had the luxury of government…

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Homeland Security & Terrorism the
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S. faced during the Cold ar. And unlike in environmental and health issues, the debate on homeland security is one-sided, almost bi-partisan, both conservatives and liberals calling for gigantic security budget for homeland security and anti-terrorist activities. Friedman explains, "[b]oth parties see political reward in preaching danger. The massive U.S. national security establishment relies on a sense of threat to stay in business" ("The Terrible 'Ifs'" 38). The stakeholders financially benefitting from the colossal homeland security budget are allied with leaders of both political camps and thus are interested in perpetuating fear.

This is not, of course, to suggest that the Department of Homeland Security is unnecessary, or that there is no terrorist threat directed against the United States. The fact that terrorists were unable to strike at the United States in the American soil suggests that the law enforcement agencies have been successful in thwarting terrorist plots. It would…

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President Obama's Strategy Using the
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S. National Interests in the area of the bailout of the global economy and yet, in terms of his strategic objectives for the U.S. In Afghanistan it does appear that the President has followed the requirements of strategy as set out in the work of Yarger and Barber in the "U.S. Army War College Strategy Model" although the President does seem to have failed in terms of global economy bailout strategy.


Abbreviation: USG (U.S. Government)

H. Richard Yarger and George F. Barber, The U.S. Army War College Methodology for Determining Interests and Levels of Intensity, U.S. Army War College, Carlisle Barracks, Carlisle, PA, 1997. Adapted from Department of National Security and Strategy, Directive Course 2: "War, National Policy & Strategy" (Carlisle, PA: U.S. Army War College, 1997) 118-125.


H. Richard Yarger and George F. Barber, The U.S. Army War College Methodology for Determining Interests and Levels of Intensity,…

Political or Economic Globalization Between
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(Chandrasekhar and Ghosh, 2005)

Chandrasekhar and Ghosh state that the macroeconomic policy in China resulted in macroeconomic mechanisms that "differed substantially from those in predominantly market-driven economies. These differences relate to the availability of monetary or fiscal levers of the kind available in market economies, to the nature of the institutionally determined transmission mechanisms and to the outcomes of what appear to be similar policies. Only inasmuch as "economic reform" results in the generation of features characteristic of market driven economies in centrally planned systems, would the transition result in a gradual process of convergence in the nature of the policies, mechanisms and outcomes being addressed." (2005) It is related that despite the complete control of the Chinese government over the creation of money and fiscal policy "..., in the sense of using deficit financed expenditures to prime the economy, does not appear to have been a major thrust of…


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