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2Ndgrade Weather Lesson Plan Weather A Second Grade
Words: 1590 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 153607
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2ndGrade/Weather Lesson Plan

Weather: A Second Grade Thematic Unit

The proposed thematic unit is designed for a general education classroom at the second grade level. The suggested time frame is three weeks, but the unit could be either shortened slightly or extended by adjusting the number of activities. eading activities include shared reading and self-selected reading from a variety of books provided by the teacher. The book selection should include multiple genres and multiple reading levels. A suggested list is included. Writing activities engage students in the five stages of the writing process. Students will create a weather journal that includes their writing and a reading log. Students may also include notes about weather observations.

Instructional Focus: Grade 2

Subject: Science


Literacy and Writing Standards for Pennsylvania

Met in this unit:

eading Informational Text: Students read, understand, and respond to informational text -- with emphasis on comprehension, making connections…


The teacher can select titles such as those suggested for a classroom library. The titles represent a mix of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Some of the titles may be selected for read-alouds. When selections are shared this way with the whole class, the teacher should preface the reading with a discussion about reading strategies (e.g., setting a purpose for reading, tips for figuring out unfamiliar words), genre, and/or style.

Adamson. T. (2011). How do you measure time? Bloomington, MN: Capstone.

Barrett, J., and Barrett, R. (1978). Cloudy with a chance of meatballs. New York: Atheneum.

Breen, K., and Friestad, M. (2008). The kids' book of weather forecasting. Danbury, CT: Ideals.

1st and 2nd Grade Observations
Words: 1549 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26216974
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Elementary School ESL Teacher

Befitting the United States of America's unique status as a cultural melting pot, the nation's educational system has learned to adapt its traditional method of English language instruction to suit students who primarily speak another language at home. The concept of English as Second Language (ESL) learners has emerged during the last few decades to recognize the need for teachers to customize their lesson plans, becoming more inclusive in terms of accessibility to ESL students. In light of the fact that ESL students are far more likely to absorb English during their earliest years, many school districts have elected to integrate ESL instruction within the 1st and 2nd grade levels, in the hope that this proverbial head start will enable the majority of ESL students to effectively utilize English in the educational setting. Recently, I was fortunate enough to have an opportunity to observe a 1st…

Adolescent Literacy Levels Reading and
Words: 1977 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 99128126
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Increased vocabulary levels leads to increases in reading comprehension. Students with higher levels of vocabulary can also express themselves in more unique and complex formats, essentially increasing their ability to comment on the reading material in a way that better correlates with their exact emotions or experiences associated with that reading material.

Writing summaries for reading material is another method of using writing exercises to increase literacy levels. Teachers should implement lessons were students write hierarchal summaries that help organize the structure of reading material in a shape that is more familiar and understandable to students (Meltzer, Cook, & Clark, 2011). Writing summaries force students to internalize the material and reassert it in a different way. This further engages them with the texts, as they are forced to put the material in their own words.

Thirdly, using student-generated content to expose weaknesses in understanding can play a key role. Having…


Guthrie, John T. (2001). Contexts for engagement and motivation in reading. Reading Online. 4(8). Retrieved September 21, 2012 from 

Guthrie, John T. (2012). Adolescent literacy: Issues, knowledge base, design principles, and challenges. Center on Instruction. Web. Retrieved September 21, 2012 from 

Melzter, Julie, Cook, Nancy, & Clark, Holly. (2011). Adolescent Literary Resources: Linking Research and Practice. Center for Resource Management. Brown University. Web. Retrieved September 20, 2012 from

Instructional Levels According to Burns
Words: 842 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1163473
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Lesson plans should closely follow the IEP goals.

Disabilities should be an essential part of any curriculum discussion because it can impact a student's ability to learn certain material. Dylexic students for instance will have a fundamentally harder time with reading comprehension and writing than other students. Therefore, their IEP will factor in their learning disability in order to allow them to reach their own goals in terms of education level and standards. Without such a criteria certain students will become frustrated and oftentimes underperform.

eading Levels

eading level refers to ability of students to read and comprehend instructional material. It is critical to understand that students' reading levels might be higher or lower than their grade level. A fifth grader might enjoy reading books with a 6.0 to 6.9 reading level, which would be appropriate for the average sixth grader.

By using assessments that indicate a student's reading level,…


Burns, M., VanDerHeyden, a., Jiban, C. (2007). Assessing the instructional level for mathematics: A comparison of methods. School Psychology Review. Retrieved June 20, 2007 at

Third Grade Science Instruction Plan the Florida
Words: 848 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4666823
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Third Grade Science Instruction Plan

The Florida state standards for science education and knowledge achievements in the third grade essentially consist of background knowledge in all of the major branches of scientist inquiry and knowledge -- earth science, physical sciences, and life sciences (FDE 2010). This includes fundamental knowledge regarding the nature of matter and an introduction of types of matter, an understanding of energy and a knowledge of different objects that emit energy in the forms of heat and light and the basics of the energy life cycle amongst organisms on earth (FDE 2010). There are also numerous specific learning objectives identified in each of these and other areas of scientific knowledge that are defined by the state as necessary; the following lesson description touches on several of these areas (FDE 2010).

Earth in Space and Time

One popular way of introducing earth as it exists in space is…


DOE. (2010). Third grade sciance standards. Department of Education. Accessed 30 November 2010. 

FDE. (2010). Grade level expectations. Florida Department of Education. Accessed 30 November 2010.

SSS. (1996). Sunshine State standards. Accessed 30 November 2010. 

TC. (2010). Solar system. Teacher's corner. Accessed 30 November 2010. v

Sixth Grade Reading Assessment Interest
Words: 1592 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72375540
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If anything, Jessica's apparent equating of reading speed as an indication of reading well undermines her comprehension more than technical difficulty.

Jessica understood the main idea, in general but possibility too literally: she retitled the story "What Comes Around Goes Around," and incorrectly attributed a direct cause-and- effect relationship to Leonard's charity and Riley's fate. Instead of characterizing events as an unfortunate but coincidental relationship between a genuine act of charity and an accident,

Jessica apparently assumed that Riley's misfortune might have been related to Leonard's revenge.

Summary Statement:

Jessica reads and comprehends well above her grade level. This is likely a function of her enjoyment of reading. Jessica clearly enjoys reading about subjects of interest but is comparatively easily frustrated by assigned reading outside her intrinsic interests. Jessica possesses good reading mechanics that enable her to deduce pronunciation and contextual meaning of unfamiliar words, but her ability to make…

Improving Lower-Level and Special Needs
Words: 6371 Length: 21 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 86289288
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" May (2003) emphasizes the need exists for greater technological sense and knowledge for all current and future students. Consequently, this need has led to incorporation of technology in classrooms settings, as technologies aim to increase students' intensity of wisdom, cooperation and text assessment. Today, literacy reading skills prove to be vital for both normal and special-needs students, as exposure to literacy encompasses more than books. In fact, the range of information is more fast and varied in accordance with contemporary technical improvements. A book review, using software programs such as Kidspiration and Timeliner, provides one pertinent illustration of incorporating technology in a classroom setting to better comprehend. Using software programs such as these could help students, in individual tasks or as they work in a group exercise, visualize their thoughts and opinions, as well as communicate them more effectively. (May, 2003)

To improve their reading skills of special-needs students,…


Anonymous. (2004). Teacher demographics (2004). Reading Today 21(5). Retrieved January 22, 2005, from eLibrary database.  

Ninth Grade Academy Program in
Words: 492 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 43003620
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The rationale for the chosen methodology is the opportunity for a comparative investigation of control and experimental populations operating in the exact same context. This reduces the risk of unwanted variables.


The quantitative methodology included 9th graders from 41 Georgia high schools. Using purposive sampling, the study selected participants that had common characteristics such as the traditional 9-12 structure. The primary instrument for measurement was the Governor's Office of Student Achievement-prepared Report Card which includes 7 categories of proficiency. An ANOVA data analysis was used to assess statistical differences between schools in the control and experimental groups based on these Report Cards.


Ultimately, this method did not yield evidence of any significant statistical difference in performances in either literature or algebra between students in the control and experimental groups, suggesting limited empirical value in the Ninth Grade Academy program.


A key limitation is the use of a…

Outreach Observations Tutoring First-Grade Children
Words: 643 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79057562
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This possibility has had a profound impact on the needs that I think the community -- especially these school children -- possesses. Being a tutor implies a certain type of behavior and activity; tutors instruct their students in academic areas and help them solve specific issues and/or problems one at a time. I think that what this particular segment of the community needs is more accurately described as a mentor. In addition to extra assistance with academic instruction and learning, the children I observed during my time as their tutor really need a regular influence in their life to help them build confidence and self-esteem along with helping them improve their skills. Becoming dejected about their perceived shortcomings will only make their problems worse, and the more discouraged they become about their reading the less likely they will be to progress even with the help of a tutor. Someone who…

Build Different Sentence Styles 7th Grade
Words: 2262 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 49763096
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8th Grade: Readers Cinema


The students will utilize and identify tone that is steady with the sentence type. (Content)

The students will identify words that are being mentioned. (Content)

The students will learn how to be thoughtful of others. (Process)

The objective of this task is to have the students complete a reader's cinema with the class in front of the camera that will film them using video. The video that will be used can be from a regular cell phone or it can be from some kind of a camcorder. Before this takes place, the students will have done no less than four run-throughs as a class performing on the characteristics of eloquence. We have completed workshops that help students recognize words that produce tone and natural breaks in sentences to make sentence flow. For instance, the teacher will have the students to circle particular words in their…

Eric Is a First-Grade Student Who Struggles
Words: 409 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33766656
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Eric is a first-grade student who struggles with reading, the sounds of letters and blending words from the different sounds and it was decided at an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting that he should have Assistive Technology (AT) to help him since these are such basic fundamental skills and he gets so frustrated when he can't do as well as his peers in this area. The IEP team decided to try recorded books which are available in a variety of formats: audiocassettes, CDs and MP3 downloads. At the 1st grade level, Eric can be provided with very simple reading material, where he can listen to the sounds of the printed words he sees in front of him. His teacher can then supplement this with normal reading on the same subject matter as the audio books. This will help Eric connect the letters on the paper with the sounds that he…


Dyal, A., Carpenter, L.B. And Wright, J.V. (n.d.). Assistive Technology: What Every School Leader

Should Know. Education, Vol. 129, No. 3. Retrieved from: 

Stanberry, K. And Raskind, M. (2011). Assistive Technology Tools: Reading. Great Schools, Inc.

Voluntary in School Free Reading Programs Elementary Level
Words: 4220 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74042195
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grain of sand, hold infinity in an hour, - lines I read in a book of poetry, lines that play at the back of my mind as I begin to lay the outlines if this thesis for a Master's degree.

I see the wonder in a child's eyes as he imagines a world unfolding in a grain of sand as I read a story to him; an hour reading in a class of children translates into infinity as the children in that class become readers themselves, changing the hours into infinity as they develop the habit of infinite reading.

Voluntary in-school free reading program - elementary level" is the subject of this thesis proposal, and the objective is to prove that voluntary in-school free reading programs result in positive effects on elementary students' attitudes toward reading.

Statement of the Problem

General Objective

To be able to identify the strengths and…


Durrell, Donald. D. Durrell Analysis of Reading Difficulty (New Edition).

Kottmeyer, William. Evaluation Handbook: Levels in English. Webster.

Kottmeyer, William. Guide for Remedial Reading. Webster Strang, Ruth, et. al. The Improvement of Reading. New York: Mc GrawHill.

Steiger, Ralph. New Directions in Reading. New York: Bantam Books.

Effects of Mathematics Instruction in English on ELL Second Grade Students
Words: 3174 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74903495
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Mathematics Instruction in English on ELL Second Grade Students

J. Elizabeth Estevez

Educ2205I-Content Research Seminar

Mathematics is a powerful tool for interpreting the world. Research has shown that for children to learn how to use mathematics to organize, understand, compare, and interpret their experiences, mathematics must be connected to their lives. Such connections help students to make sense of mathematics and view it as relevant. There has, however, been controversy with regard to children from non-English backgrounds and the best ways to get them to make those connections. Questions are raised regarding how to instruct these children who are referred to as English language learners (ELL's). Should they initially be taught in their native language with gradual exposure to English in language classes, or should they be immersed in English as early as possible. Based upon ideas presented in research studies and my own ideas as a former bilingual teacher,…

Green Chemistry Lesson Plan Grade
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Lab Report Paper #: 8833663
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New Vocabulary Terms to review: ethanol, corn stover, hydrolysis, cellulose, hemicellulose, carbohydrates, polysaccharide, starch, saccharide, glucose, enzyme, salivary amylase, cellulose, colorimeter, cuvette, concentration, absorbance, wavelength, nanometer, fermentation, renewable resource, non-renewable resource

National Standards Met:

Science Content Standards: 8-12

CONTENT STANAR A: Science as Inquiry As a result of activities in grades 8-12, all students should develop: 1) Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry, 2) Understandings about scientific inquiry

CONTENT STANAR B: Physical Science As a result of their activities in grades 8-12, all students should develop an understanding of: 1) Structure of atoms, 2) Structures and of properties in matter, 3) Chemical reactions

CONTENT STANAR C: Life Science- 1) understanding of the cell

CONTENT STANAR E: Science and Technology -As a result of their activities in grades 8-12, all students should develop: 1) Abilities of technological design, 2) Understandings about science and technology

CONTENT STANAR F: Science in Personal and…

Design for Degradation - Chemical products should be designed so that at the end of their function they break down into innocuous degradation products and do not persist in the environment.

Real-time analysis for Pollution Prevention - Analytical methodologies need to be further developed to allow for real-time, in-process monitoring and control prior to the formation of hazardous substances (The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, 2010).

Teacher Prep: This module focuses on the production of sugar (glucose and maltose) from cornstarch. The lesson is inquiry based, and is well set for inclusion into the curriculum for chemistry, biology (ecology), or basic physical science. The first lesson from this module relates glucose production from cornstarch to ethanol fuel production from corn stover. Another lesson uses a calculator-based colorimeter interface from the Vernier Company to quantify the hydrolysis of starch to sugar by salivary amylase. In this lesson saliva is added to a starch solution containing a couple of drops of iodine. Light initially doesn't pass through this solution. If the absorption decreases after the addition of the saliva, this means more light is passing through and the starch is being hydrolyzed (broken down into maltose and glucose). The third lesson again uses colorimetry but

Grade Equate to Being Well-Educated Does Matriculation
Words: 1355 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 10730589
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Does Matriculation Equate Being Well-Educated (NOTE: THIS CAN BE CHANGED) NOTE: MY BELIEF IS THAT A GOOD GADE O HIGH DEGEE DOES NOT NECESSAILY EQUATE BEING WELL-EDUCATED Draft approximately 1000-word (3-4-page) narrative essay response prompt: Use a personal narrative state views response assigned readings education.

This story begins at a time when Mark, Betty, Martin and I used to spend a lot of our free time together. We loved to engage in intellectual discussions where we debated for hours on certain topics that were the source of discussions for scholars. Mark began a discussion on education which took an interesting turn since it helped us see how grades relate to the education quality of individuals. One thing that we all accepted was that education plays a major role in providing individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, abilities and other competencies that are needed for them…


Close, D. (2009). Fair Grades. Teaching Philosophy, 32(4), 361-398.

Crede, M., Roch, S.G., & Kieszczynka, U.M. (2010). Class Attendance in College: A Meta-Analytic Review of the Relationship of Class Attendance with Grades and Student Characteristics. Review of Educational Research 80(2), 272-295.

Kohn, A. (2002). The Dangerous Myth of Grade Inflation. Chronicle of Higher Education, 49(11), B7-B9.

Level 5 Hierarchy Leader
Words: 1145 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67110547
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Hierarchy Leadership

Henry IV Part

There are many fears people have for the unknown. However, the confidence a leader has when facing unknown risks sets him apart. That is an aspect ichard Branson the Chief Executive Officer of the virgin group understands and takes to his advantage. He faces the risks coming his way with confidence as he drives his team towards the achievement of his company goals and objectives. For ichard Branson, there is always a positive end to every challenge faced, and that drives him courageously to face any difficulties. ichard Branson has managed setting up standards for a vast range of virgin logo. He has a vast empire, entertainment industries like Virgin records, telecommunications ventures like Virgin Mobile and airline business such as Virgin Atlantic Airways (Lambert, 2012). The major aim for ichard is self-achievement. This is a part of life; he has reached through several challenges.…


Branson, R. (2012). Richard Branson: Be a Leader - Not a Boss. BasinessDay, Retrieved from

Branson R. (2011). How Can I Empower Employees? Entrepreneur, Rehievedfrom ml article/2l7 880

Branson, R. (2011). Look Good in a Corporate Photo. Bloomberg Businessweek,

Collins, J. (2001). Level 5 Leadership: The Triumph of Humility and Fierce Resolve, Harvard Business Review, Retrieved from

Graded Approach to Quality Quality Assurance
Words: 1153 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83987236
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Quality Assurance: Graded Approach to Quality

A Graded Approach to Quality Assurance

Quality assurance (QA) is a term used to refer to the entire set of activities undertaken by a manufacturer to ensure that a product or service, at the very least, meets the expectations of customers (Webber & Wallace, 2012). Quality control (QC) is a component of QA -- it refers to the specific activities that are taken to ensure that a deliverable service or product meets the specific needs and requirements of the customer (Webber & Wallace, 2012). Checking calibrations, conducting tests and inspections, and checking drawings and calculations for errors are all part of quality control. QA, on the other hand, is broader -it includes QC, and starts way before the product is developed. Some of the activities that the manufacturer would conduct as part of QA include conducting requirement analyses to assess the appropriateness of the…


B&D Industries Inc. (2011). Quality Assurance. B & D. Industries Inc. Retrieved 13 February, 2015 from 

DOE. (2008). Office of Environmental Management and Energy Facilities Contractors Group: Quality Assurance Improvement Project Plan. The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). Retrieved 13 February, 2015 from 

EPA Quality System. (2014). Doing Business with EPA: Quality Specifications for Non-EPA Organizations. U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Retrieved 13 February, 2015 from 

Webber, L. & Wallace, M. (2011). Quality Control for Dummies. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

5th Grade Lesson Plan Diversity Differentiation
Words: 512 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13750709
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5th Grade Lesson Plan

Diversity / Differentiation for Exceptionalities:


Gifted students will be given the opportunity to write additional paragraphs based on subjects of their own choosing.


Students with limited English proficiency may have difficulty comprehending the text. They can participate in a small group discussion in which the text is read aloud to them, then discussed. The students can have more time to construct their paragraphs and may receive additional help from the classroom teacher, Title I teacher, or classroom paraprofessional, as these individuals are available.


Students with learning disabilities, emotional disabilities and Attention Deficit Disorder may become frustrated if they have difficulty comprehending the text and completing the assignment. The students can have extra time to complete their paragraphs. If they are required to complete all three paragraphs, they may need five-minute "brain breaks" after each one so they can return to the…

Omnivore's Dilemma Popham on Level
Words: 699 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92627856
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Allowing the students to "choose" the lesson, both empowers them and allows them a more engaging learning experience.

Part 3 -- Questioning - Ineffective questioning typically asks for a rote memorization paradigm, as opposed to a more robust use of higher-level questions designed to go beyond the text and make the issue relevant, personal, and interesting. Instead, look at the learning target and formulate questions that will continually guide the students towards discovering answers -- not the answer. Use nonverbal clues such as nodding, eye contact, moving around the classroom. Continually ask students "why," or follow up on another student's answer with, "Mary thought this, in your situation, what would you say?" In effect, if the teacher can take Bloom's taxonomy of learning, and simply superimpose that on every lesson (certainly not using every issue every time), but more of a method of moving to evaluation, analysis, and synthesis; the…

Multiple Levels of Analysis Models for Single-Level
Words: 1333 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92549835
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Multiple Levels of Analysis

Models for single-level and multi-level research

Multiple levels of analysis in organizational research:

Advantages and disadvantages to using this approach

Given today's increasingly complex organizational structures, equally nuanced levels of organizational research are required to ensure a full and comprehensive portrait of the environment. Different approaches have been created to deal with the need for organizational complexity. Two dominant approaches are that of multilevel and comparative approaches, both of which "present rather distinct traditions in organization studies, each with its own epistemological assumptions and associated methods" (Lacey & Fiss 2009: 3). Organizations can be compared with other organizations as a whole or they can be compared in terms of their different internal 'levels.' According to the multilevel approach organizations are made up of a series of interconnected individuals, dyads, groups, organizations, industries, markets, and other components based upon the belief that "to examine organizational phenomena is…


Kidwell, R.E., Mossholder, K.E., and Bennett, N. (1997) Cohesiveness and organizational citizenship behavior: a multilevel analysis using work groups and individuals. Journal of Management, 26.7: 775.

Klein, K. & Kozlowski, S. (2003). A multilevel approach to theory and research in organizations: Contextual, temporal, and emergent processes. Multilevel Theory, Research, and Methods in Organizations: Foundations, Extensions, and New Directions

Lacey, R, & Fiss, P. (2009). Comparative organizational analysis across multiple levels: A set theoretic approach. From Studying differences between organizations: Comparative approaches to organizational research. B. King, T. Felin, & D. Whetten. (Ed).

Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 26. Bingley, UK: Emerald/JA. Retrieved:

Improve a Grade What Would
Words: 378 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99988004
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It is possible to conceive of make or break situations regarding one's academic career -- if passing or failing a class could mean one's expulsion from school, or entry into a popular major. But a situation where one would do ANYTHING to improve one's grade? It seems inconceivable -- unless one reflects upon the hothouse environment created in some classes and many scholastic environments, where the atmosphere is so competitive, so driven, so focused upon entry into a prestigious medical, law, or even undergraduate institution, that nothing else, even dignity or self-respect, seems worthy of consideration.

But ultimately, one's self-esteem and sense of intelligence and self-respect would have to be very fragile to say, 'I would do anything to improve a grade in my class,' even something dishonest and in violation of my personal morality. One's sense of self would have to be entirely contingent upon a list of numbers…

Works Cited (2004) Job search engine. Retrieved on October 3, 2004 at

Teacher's Name John Dillon Grade 2nd Grade
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84643385
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Teacher's Name: John Dillon


2nd Grade



Lesson content:


Skills (Focus Areas)




Not observed

Lesson Introduction

Uses engaging and motivating introduction

States learning objectives to the students

Reviews content presented in previous classes


Clearly explains all key concepts with simple examples

Models skills and strategies to be used by students

Uses various teaching strategies

Asks various questions that engage in critical thinking

Asks questions to check comprehension

Gives appropriate feedback on students answers and activities x

Responds to students' questions x

Explains instructions clearly and briefly x

Presents accurate and up-to-date content x

Relates lesson content to students' lives x

Relates content to other subjects

Uses recent technology and resources x

Varies activities to match different students' levels x

14. Demonstrates enthusiasm for the class and the subject x

15. Enriches class through variety in activity types x

Classroom management

1. Provides a…

Lack of General Music in the Upper Grades
Words: 1465 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23886315
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Music in the Upper Grades

ye, ye Miss American Pie

As School Levies Run Dry, We're Paying to See the Day the Music Dies in U.S. Education

The quality of education for American students is a major concern for parents, educators, and politicians. New initiatives such as the No Child Left ehind act have been put into place by the ush administration in an attempt to satiate the nation's desire to believe children will come away from school with the experience and knowledge they will need to be successful in life and to improve the world. Unfortunately, policies such as this do not actually take the full needs of students into account. In fact, putting a high priority on standardized test scores has deprived many schools of the ability to provide a well-rounded and in-depth education because all resources such as time and money must go towards curriculum that matches…


Catterall, James S., Richard Chapleau, and John Iwanaga. "Involvement in the Arts and Human Development: General Involvement and Intensive Involvement in Music and Theater Arts." Los Angeles, CA: The Imagination Project at UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies, 1999.

DeBakery, Michael M.D. Baylor College of Music. Quote Michael E. DeBakey, M.D., Leading Heart Surgeon, Baylor College of Music.

Plato. "The Republic." The Internet Classics Archive. 360 BCE. 

Ratey, John J., MD. A User's Guide to the Brain. New York: Pantheon Books, 2001.

Education the Ninth Grade Language
Words: 928 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22361552
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Students who have low self-efficacy will be likely to give up easily, avoid challenging tasks, focus on their failings, and quickly lose confidence at the first sign of criticism (Cherry, 2013). Bandura's social cognitive theory and the concept of self-efficacy can be applied to this classroom with regard to the differences between genders. Clearly, boys had a high sense of self-efficacy vs. The girls, and the teacher did not recognize this fact. Again, refraining from offering feedback immediately after a verbal presentation might help the students with low self-efficacy address challenges in a safe way. As they build self-efficacy, learn to enjoy the art of failing gracefully, and see difficult tasks through to the end, the girls may increase their self-efficacy. The teacher can achieve this through gentle encouragement.

Self-regulated learning is related to social learning, motivation, and self-efficacy. In this classroom, the teacher already incorporates activities that will encourage…


Cherry, K. (2013). What is self-efficacy? Retrieved online:

Teaching BSN Program ADN Level a Graduate
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77326240
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teaching BSN program ADN level a graduate level nurse. Prepare online te

The topic for the online teaching session covered in this document is Evidence-Based Nursing: Transforming Clinical Practice. This is a prudent topic for individuals looking to pursue a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Nursing or an Associate Degree in Nursing, since in either case individuals will be looking to compete in a workplace environment that is increasingly looking to augment traditional techniques with evidence-based ones (Matthew and Aktan, 2014, p. 1). As the title of this topic suggests, evidence-based practices have the potential to actually revolutionize the way clinical practice is performed.

I would deliver the didactic content for this course in two different ways. The first would be via pre-recorded, online lectures. These lectures would be pre-recorded so that students could access them at their leisure (whether in the evening, daytime, or in the wee hours of…


Matthew, L., Aktan, N.M. (2014). Nursing Student Attitudes Towards Statistics. Journal of Nursing Education. 25: 1-5.

Wijenayake, E., Hookey, C. (2014). Establishing an improving group care in hospice: translating research into practice. BMJ Support Palliat Care. Retrieved from

Anarchy in the Tenth Grade by Greg Graffin
Words: 1496 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72554710
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Anarchy in the Tenth rade": A Retrospective Analysis of an Adolescent's Search for self

So much of an individual's later life is contingent upon his or her search for a coherent sense of self, as achieved in childhood and adolescence. The personal essay entitled "Anarchy in the 10th rade" by punk music legend reg raffin, as well as short stories such as Ernest Hemingway's "Indian Camp," and Sandra Cisneros' "Hips" all detail the phenomena of coming of age in young adolescence. The authors show how internal and external struggles to achieve a sense of identity, although common and even necessary to people of this age group, can be intensely painful. In his short story, Hemingway shows a young boy physically developing a sense of his manhood, in after seeing his father help an Indian woman give birth. Cisneros' narrator debates the intricacies of the female form from a female perspective,…

Graffin stresses in the essay that he has grown up, and to a certain extent emotionally moved on beyond his punk roots. He is no longer limited by his family's need to live in the environment of Los Angeles. He has traveled, partly as a result of completing his M.A. In Geology, to locals as diverse as Bolivia and Mexico. He no longer has to define his identity like an adolescent, through clothing and hair, although he has continued to live as a musician. His identity is found within the confines of his family, as he is now a father to a son and a daughter himself. His daughter's presence is a particular rebuke, he suggests, of how women were often viewed and treated within the context of the punk movement.

But punk, Graffin also states, transcends certain clothing and commercialized codes of behavior. Punk is an attitude, he states, that encourages individuals to question who and what they are. Punk is not simply a safety pin through the skin, or a t-shirt bearing a particular slogan, or even the music that defined the movement. It is the demand that one question the dominant paradigm of one's society.

Because he could not conform to this paradigm, of 1970's suburban adolescent Los Angeles, Graffin found punk, and it made his struggle and search for self more fruitful in intellectual and social as well as emotional terms.

Kinesthetic Learners Achievement Levels in Technology Rich
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Kinesthetic Learners Achievement Levels in Technology Rich Classrooms

Hypothesis With Operational Definitions

Computers and Kinesthetic Learning

Existing Research

The Challenge 2000 Multimedia Project

Collaborative Visualization (CoVis) Project

Apple Classroom of Tomorrow Project

American Culture in Context: Enrichment for Secondary Schools

SchoolNet / Rescol Report: The emerging contribution of online resources and tools to classroom learning and teaching

Lehrer HyperAuthor Study

The Highly Interactive Computing Environments (HI-CE) Group

Lego/Logo Project

Interactive technologies that are appealing to kinesthetic learning such as multimedia, hypermedia, and visualization in virtual learning environments hold great promise for enhancing the learning experience. A variety of research studies have produced results ranging from the ability of interactive computing not only to enhance the student's ability to absorb complex information, but also to fundamentally reshape the learning process.

Interactive computing holds exciting potential to create student-controlled learning environments in which students are more responsible for their own instruction. And,…


About learning and power. Retreived March 14, 2003 from Power Learning

Network Web Site:

Bracewell, R., Breuleux, A., Laferriere, T., Benoit, J., and Abdous, M.

1998). The emerging contribution of online resources and tools to classroom learning and teaching.

Raise Achievement Levels Raising Achievement
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Drama, music, and the arts and experiential science learning are fun ways to teach students while avoiding the sense that students are in 'summer school.'

Step 3: Establish mentors for 7th and 8th grades in the high school. Have high-achieving high school students who present strong and realistic role models come to the school, talk about their success, and provide academic and/or emotional support to older middle school students.

Step 4: Providing tutoring assistance on the high school level for standardized tests needed for graduation and the SATs would be valuable. Reinforce the connection between expanded life opportunities and success in school by getting local speakers to come to the school to lecture about their profession, to encourage students to avail themselves of tutoring services. Create internship programs for qualified juniors and seniors within the community. Making students want to succeed in school and come to school in the first…

Measurement Level Has a Basic Property and
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measurement level has a basic property and all the properties of the levels below. At the basic levels of measurement there are nominal levels of measurement where the assigned numerical value simply identifies an observation but there is no quantitative relationship in the data. A test using nominal levels of measurement could be one asking simple yes/no questions regarding whether a person experiences certain symptoms (Huck, 2012). The second level of measurement involves ordinal levels of measurement where the assigned numerical value identifies and establishes an order from highest to lowest, such as in a test of the severity of symptoms from low, to medium, to high (Huck, 2012). At these levels of measurement the researcher's ability to make inferences regarding the data is limited, because distance between points is not uniform. At the interval level of measurement the researcher assigns a numerical value to the observation that identifies the…

Executive Level Financial Report CFO
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In order to analyze the financial stability and health, several important liquidity and debt ratios are necessary. The current ratio, comparing the current assets to the current liabilities in a company, was 0.95 in 2007, decreasing gradually from 2004. It is generally recommended that this ratio is 1 or higher, however, 0.95 is a value close to that, giving a good reflection of the company's short-term financial viability. This is also important because any liquidity problems can then translate into bigger medium and long-term financial problems.

The financial leverage of the company, along with the debt to equity ratio, has, however, increased significantly from 2005 to 2007. In 2005, the financial leverage was 1.98 and the debt to equity ratio 0.40, while in 2007, the financial leverage was 2.91 and the debt to equity ratio 0.93. This shows that the company is starting to rely from on bank credits and…

Altria Group Overview Level of
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S. operations. "The joint venture, now known as MillerCoors is designed to create cost savings in the U.S., where SAB is the second biggest brewer and Molson the third behind Anheuser Busch" (Herman 2007). Thus, the SABMiller arm of Altria is also falling into line with the general acknowledgement for the need to cut costs in terms of business operations in the U.S. This is good news for Altria as well because it ensures that the product lines in which it still possesses an interest extend beyond the realm of tobacco are likely to cut costs and may improve their market showing in upcoming months. Given that beer is less expensive than many other alcoholic beverages, even during a recession it is more likely that people will consume beer than more expensive wine or spirits, and alcohol is more socially acceptable from a health standpoint than cigarette smoking in the…

Works Cited

About Altria overview."(2008). Altria Group. Retrieved 11 Aug 2008 at 

Corporate restructuring." Altria Group. Retrieved 11 Aug 2008 at 

Herman, Robin. (18 Jan 2007). "Reanalysis of cigarette content confirms tobacco companies have increased addictive nicotine 11% over recent seven-year period." Harvard School of Public Health. Retrieved 11 Aug 2008 at 

Our companies and their brands." (2008). Altria Group. Retrieved 11 Aug 2008 at

Junior High School Level Easy Understand Reviewing
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junior high school level easy understand reviewing journal article "East Africa's

Man has continually wondered about his original development -- how continents were formed and how humanity evolved. Studying a system of rifts that occurred in Africa can possibly give insight into this process. This theme is discussed in Wood and Guth's article, "East Africa's great rift valley: a complex rift system." The authors explain a number of different things about rifting such as what it is and how it occurs, and then relate it to the development of mankind and the formation of continents which are currently on or beneath the surface of the planet.


This article is structured fairly well, although it is not necessarily structured logically. Still, there are several headings that one can simply glance at to get an overview of the main points of the article. The article begins with…


Wood, J., Guth, A. (No date). East africa's great rift valley: a complex rift system. Retrieved from

Two Lesson Plans for 11th Grade
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Interdisciplinary Social Studies Lesson

Lesson 1: Women's ights Movement


This current lesson will satisfy the requirements set by the state in the standard, SS.S.11.02 Civics. Essentially, this introduces 11th grade students to the civic nature of democracy and the United States Government. The lesson will help students "outline and evaluate and analyze the origins and meaning of the principles, ideals and core democratic values expressed in the foundational documents of the United States (Ideals of United States Democracy)" (Teaching History, 2014). It is crucial within 11th grade to introduce students to the democratic process through examination of the nation's history. Students will be able to understand how laws are made and altered as they are needed based on a changing national population. The specific standard within this larger set that will be addressed is SS.O.11.02.01. Here, students will be able to "explain the reasons for amendments ratified since 1900…


Burns, K., & Barnes, P. (Director). (1999). Not for ourselves alone: The story of Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. [Documentary]. PBS Home Video.

Danzer, G.A., Klor da Alva, J.J., Krieger, L.S., Wilson, L.E., & Woloch, N. (2008). The Americans -- Teacher's edition -- New York edition. USA: McDougal Littell.

Hilburn, Jeremy & Wall. Steven D. (2011). Concept-based interdisciplinary teaching: Science and social studies teacher collaboration for the 21st century. North Carolina Middle School Association Journal, 26(1), 1-10.

Irey, Doug. (2013). Social studies teaching is interdisciplinary and connects students to the world around them. Teaching Philosophy. Web.

Ninth Grade Academy
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Ninth Grade Academy on Student Achievement

The title of the dissertation "The effects of a ninth grade academy on student achievement" leaves the reader somewhat unclear about the subject matter: what is meant by an 'academy?' Is it a specialized private school or merely a generalized institution of learning? Eventually, it becomes clear upon reading the text that ninth grade 'academies' are designed to ease the academic and social transition from middle to high school. These 'bridging' institutions deal with some of the problems that afflict students in high school, such as a notable decline in attendance and grades. The dissertation specifically focuses on the state of Georgia, which has struggled to meet required NCLB (No Child Left Behind) goals and uses such 'academies' to pinpoint the areas of education in which students often show notable deficits.

The study design was identified as an 'ex post facto causal comparative design'…


Pate, Lauren. (2010). The effects of a ninth grade academy on student achievement.

(Unpublished doctoral dissertation). Walden University.

Colonial Times for Third Grade
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Additionally, she found that interdisciplinary units proved monumentally successful in helping teach children; for an inclusive colonial times unit, the children could learn about colonial daily life through completion of temporal everyday chores, cooking meals of the day, and involving themselves in the day-to-day activities that affected colonial children. Additionally, through their own student projects, the children might learn to "initiate and manage complex projects" when they are creating student projects.

Like Gardner, Campbell stresses the role of assessments in helping children progress. She guides the development of assessments that are devised to allow students to show what they have learned. According to Campbell, with an accurate understanding of Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences, teachers, school administrators, and parents can better understand the learners in their midst. They can allow students to safely explore and learn in many ways, and they can help students direct their own learning. Adults can…

Resources, 25 South Regent St., Port Chester, NY 10573,. Producer of several videos on MI including, Howard Gardner, "How Are Kids Smart?" Jo Gusman, "MI and the Second Language Learner," and Thomas Armstrong, Multiple Intelligences: Discovering the Giftedness in All."

New City School, Celebrating Multiple Intelligences (5209 Waterman Ave., St. Louis, MO 63108).

Skylight Publications, 200 E. Wood St., Suite 250, Palatine, IL 60067 (div. Simon and Schuster). Publisher of many MI materials.

Waterhouse, S. The Power of eLearning: The Essential Guide for Teaching in the Digital Age. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Allyn & Bacon, 2004.

Wenger, McDermott, and Snyder, E., R., and W.M. Cultivating Communities of Practice. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School Press, 2002.

Field Grade Officers and Achievement of Organizational Results
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ILE L100

I was pretty enthusiastic when I returned to the 56th ACT having been ordered to assume responsibility as the deputy brigade commander (DCO). I felt proud and lucky. I had held the proud and shinny image of the 56th ACT in my head for the last two years. When I returned, there had been some significant changes. It has not been long since I returned, and with the division commander losing confidence in the ability of COL Timmons to be an effective commander of the brigade, I now command the 56th ACT. On my mind always was how I was going to restore the image of the 56th. I know it will be hard and challenging, but one thing I am sure of is that it can be done. I have had vast experience in the brigade. Drawing from this experience and the CGSOC L100'S themes - notably…


Aldweiri, Maj Bashar. (2012). n.d.  (accessed November 24, 2014).

Chandler, Diane J. "The Perfect Storm of Leaders' Unethical Behavior: A Conceptual Framework." International Journal of Leadership Studies, 2009.

Keltner, D., Langner, C.A., & Allison, M.L. (2006).Power and moral leadership. In D. Rhode (Ed.), Moral leadership: The theory and practice of power, judgment, and policy (pp. 177-194). San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass.

Lipman-Blumen, J. (2005). The allure of toxic leaders: Why we follow destructive bosses and corrupt politicians - and how we can survive them. Oxford, UK: Oxford University Press.

Health and Social Sciences Grade Course Health
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Health and Social Sciences

Grade Course

Health, Well Being and Social Care in UK

Sociological Perspective of Health and Well Being in UK

Psychological Perspective of Health and Well Being in UK

Psycho-Social Needs of Service Users in UK

Health and Social Sciences

This report casts light upon the various aspects of physical and mental health of people living in United Kingdom. The selected sample chosen for this study belongs to the settings of people who do not belong to UK from their old generations and they are spending the lives of homelessness there. In other words, the paper is about physical and mental health of people who belong to other areas of the world but are settled in UK for education of job purpose. Since they are outsiders, they do not have permanent place to live in, they make temporal arrangements depending upon their requirements. Their priorities are different…


BBC News, 2011. Archbishop calls for NHS bill to cover spiritual health. [Online] Available at: <  > [Accessed 07 Oct 2012]

Department of Health, 2012. Public Health, adult social care and the NHS. [online] Available at: <  > [Accessed 07 Oct 2012]

International Health Insurance, 2012. 3 Easy Steps to Health Insurance. [Online] Available at: <  / > [Accessed 07 Oct 2012]

Men's Health News, 2012. The Hardest Workout You're not Doing. [online] Available at: <  / > [Accessed 07 Oct 2012]

Organization Behavior Student Inserts Grade Course Here
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Organization Behavior

Student Inserts Grade Course Here


A customer is the most prestigious stakeholder of any business organization. The success or failure of its business is totally dependent on the consumption behavior and loyalty of its customers (Campbell, 2003). Therefore, making a long-term and strategic relationship with the customers must be among the top priorities of business organizations (Mithas, Krishnan, & Fornell, 2005). This relationship is managed through a process called as the Customer elationship Management -- a multi-faceted phenomenon and a business strategy used by organizations to manage their interactions with customers in an effective and well-organized way (Homburg, Wieseke, Bornemann, 2009).

It is essential for a business organization to have good relationships with its customers as they are the sole source of earning profits (Krasnikov, Jayachandran, & Kumar, 2009). Customer elationship Management involves managerial level efforts to attract new customers as well as…


Boulding, W., Staelin, R., Ehret, M., Johnston, W., J., 2005, A Customer Relationship Management Roadmap: What Is Known, Potential Pitfalls, and Where to Go? Journal of Marketing, Vol. 69, Issue 4, pp. 155-166

Campbell, A., J., 2003, creating customer knowledge competence: managing customer relationship management programs strategically, Industrial Marketing Management, Vol. 32, Issue 5, pp. 375-383

Gill, A., Flaschner, A., B., Shah, C., Bhutani, I., 2010, The Relations of Transformational Leadership and Empowerment with Employee Job Satisfaction: A Study among Indian Restaurant Employees, Business and Economics Journal, Vol. 2010, pp. 1-10.

Gustafsson, A., Johnson, M., D., Roos, I., 2005, The Effects of Customer Satisfaction, Relationship Commitment Dimensions, and Triggers on Customer Retention, Journal of Marketing, Vol. 69, issue 4, pp. 210-218.

Marcia Godwin Only Graded This Part of
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Marcia Godwin: Only graded this part of the prospectus.

This methodological chapter presents a discussion of the methodological considerations used in this study, which attempts to evaluate and explain the relationship between citizen participation and organizational accountability in Taiwanese central and local governments. This methodological chapter includes the following elements: purpose of the study, research model, research questions, hypotheses, research design, sample and population, instrumentation, data collection procedures, statistical analysis, and limitation of the study.

This study has two principal purposes. The first purpose of this study is to measure citizens' perceptions of the governments' responsiveness in operating emergency management in the Typhoon Morakot. Specifically, this researcher uses the operational accountability benchmarks as a model to investigate the level of organizational accountability in the Taiwanese central and local governments from six aspects: (1) fiscal transparency, (2) internal accountability, (3) public relations, (4) preparation for crisis, (5) decision making, and (6)…

School in Grades K-12 There Was Little
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school in grades K-12, there was little understanding of differences in learning styles. The classroom experience was teacher-directed. The teacher presented the content and students listened. We read and completed assignments as we were asked to do. We seldom had a choice about the tasks we completed for assessment purposes. I was fortunate that I grasped most content easily. I was a good reader. Sometimes I think that I learned during my early school years in spite of my education, rather than because of it.

In college and now at the graduate level, I have a much better awareness and understanding of learning style, particularly my own. Kember and Gow (1991), eid (1989) and Zubir (1988) (all cited in ambruruth and McCormick, 2001, p. 336) argue that student learning is often more likely to be a function of teaching and learning environments than inherent characteristics of the individual. I would…


Lewis, J.P., and Litchfield, B.C. (2011). Effects of self-regulated learning strategies on preservice teachers in an educational technology course. Education 132(2), pp. 455-464.

Rambruruth, P., and McCormick, J. (2001). Learning diversity in higher education: A

comparative study of Asian international and Australian students. Higher Education 42(3), pp. 333-350.

Licensure as a Special Education Teacher Pre-K to 9th Grade
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disappointments of educational reform in recent memory has been the failure of the mainstreaming of special-education pupils. his disappointment arose because the idea of mainstreaming held - at least for some educators and families, at least for a while, such a bright promise for so many children who were markedly different from their peers. For years such children had been denied access not only to the educational opportunities available to other students but also to the social interactions that are also such an important part of the school experience. Moreover, mainstreaming seemed to often an end to some of the worst of stigmatization that children with development difficulties had been made to suffer.

However, it was very soon apparent that the promises of mainstreaming - an appropriate education for all - were illusory. Children with developmental challenges were not being adequately served in classrooms in which there were too many…

This is, of course, not because special education children are not teachable in terms of academic skills but rather that, inhabiting a much smaller social world than their counterparts, they have fewer chances to learn essential citizenship lessons.

This paper suggests ways in which the special-education teacher can meet both of these challenges at once, providing children them with both the academic and social skills that are essential for each individual to have a successful - because rewarding - life.

Dennin, 2002, interview.

Evidence-Based Tools Review Matix Level
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Qualitative, meetings and seminars, then questions to ascertain efficacy.

Smallish, 65 in one hospital.

Survey and qualitative observation.

Clear and effective communication goals were met using positive educational interventions.

Longitudinal and sample size.

Good basic, lacks lengthy literature review. Data may be extrapolated, but further work needs to be done using larger, more diverse sample.

Melnyk, B.,

Evidence-based Practice: Step-by-Step Igniting a Spirit of Inquiry.


What is the effectiveness of an evidence-based practice format on collaborative inquiry.

Meta-Analysis and presentation of package.

None other than previous research.

Literature review and meta-analysis.

This is a presentation of a model approach suggested by an experienced nursing professor.

None for type of study.

Strong. Shows nurses how to use knowledge and skills to implement EBP consistently as part of the best practices of contemporary nursing care.

Nadzan, D. And Westergaard, F.

Pediatric Safety in the Emergency Department


What are the…

Customer Loyalty Affecting Customer Loyalty Customer Grade
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Customer Loyalty

Affecting Customer Loyalty

Customer Grade Course

This research study introduces a comprehensive conceptual framework of customer loyalty within the retail sector. It emphasizes on the perceived loyalty amongst fast moving consumer goods and attempts to explore the moderating effects of the various different factors that might influence them.

The researcher will begin by creating an understanding of the term "customer loyalty" and its significance importance in the retail sector. Additionally, the researcher shall also attempt to explore the purchase decisions made by the consumers and what really prompts them to be loyal to certain brands of product while simultaneously evaluating the importance of price, quality, brand or any other factor that might impact their loyalty status and purchase decision.

Finally, the research study will conclude by delineating the factors which impacts consumer loyalty at the same time trying to establish a means of measuring the impact of consumer…


Aaker, Kumar & Day, 1995, Marketing Research, 5th edition, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., United States

Assael, Henry., 1984, Consumer Behavior and Marketing Action, 2nd edition, Kent Publishing, USA

Buttle, Francis (2006, July 11), Does service failure influence customer loyalty? Available from  [May 19th 2011]

Dick, Alan S., 1994, Customer Loyalty: Towards an Integrated Conceptual Framework, Journal of Academy of Marketing Science

Analyzing Autism grades K 2nd in Ben Hill county
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Aggregate Strengths and Weaknesses

An all-inclusive, careful evaluation incorporating informal as well as formal methods is vital to adequately understanding and aiding autistic people. An evaluation of autistic persons must, in particular, offer information regarding how their development relates to that of their peers, in addition to information on the unique challenges, symptoms, and strengths displayed by autistic children (Durocher, n.d.).

The process of assessment directly facilitates the designing of a student IEP (Individual Education Program). IEPs denote written records detailing the services (including special education) to be offered to students with disabilities, for meeting their unique needs. They cover six key, mandatory elements:

An account of the disabled child's current functioning or performance level: The foremost step in IEP designing entails preparing an updated student profile which underlines the student's interests, style of learning, and current behavioural and academic abilities. The profile should also discuss the impact of disability…


Durocher, J. S. (n.d.). Assessment for the Purpose of Instructional Planning for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders. University of Miami, 29.

NJC. (2010). Comprehensive Assessment and Evaluation of Students with Learning Disabilities. Retrieved from LD Online:

Dichotomy of Grades for Substance Quality or for Money
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Business Model' of Educational Teaching

The Business Model of Education: High Monetary Compensation at the Expense of Quality Teaching

The commodification of goods and services offered in a capitalist society is apparent in today's American society, as more and more institutions try to increase monetary funds for the improvement of these goods and services offered. More often, institutions offering services to the people, which tends to commodify these services, and examples of these are access to educational materials, library access, and other services that used to be availed of free by the people.

The need to commodify access to 'supposedly-free' services such as educational materials and formal education is slowly being converted into goods being sold in the 'educational market.' This means that the higher the quality of material and service accepted/availed of, the greater fee one must pay to receive these services/materials.

This is the main thrust of Lynne…

Work Cited

Lerych, L. 2001. Meeting the Bottom Line in the College Biz. Academic Leadership Online Journal. Available at: ; print=true.

Gender Age Educational Level &
Words: 7940 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 12858550
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A significant amount of the early cross-sectional studies with the DI examined the developmental indexes of age and education (Rest, et al., 1999). Based on this prior research resulting in 5,714 participants, Rest (1979) reported that the typical DI score increases every time the level of education increases. In fact the author concluded that Moral judgment was more highly correlated to education than was age. As such, with prior research as a foundation involving large samples of adults, it is logical to anticipate that DI P scores will be drastically and completely linked to education.

In their study, Rest et al. (1997) studied moral judgment by comparing a composite sample of 992 students at different education levels. hese education levels included junior high, senior high, and college students in the United States and indicated that education is positively correlated with DI scores.

Additionally Bay (2001) conducted a study involving 45…

Taking from Maharishi Vedic Science, the Unified Field chart described above asserts that because pure consciousness, the home of all the Laws of Nature, is the most fundamental level of all material creation, including human psychology development, the integration of pure consciousness into all aspects of the individual should maintain the moral development. This phenomenon is confirmed in previous research studies on the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs. This section describes another chart, called a Richo Akshare chart, which provides further illumination of this phenomenon.

In Maharishi Vedic Science, Richo Akshare charts show how the essence of all the disciplines of modern science are located within the structure of the Richo Akshare verse of Rk Veda. Maharishi (1995) explains that the fundamental Laws of Nature comming from the self-interacting dynamics of consciousness are accountable for the whole material creation.

According to Maharishi (1997), the Richo Akshare verse explains that all knowledge exists in Transcendental Consciousness, the Unified Field of all the Laws of Nature, responsible for everything in the universe. Individuals who lack access to Transcendental Consciousness do not get support from the Laws of Nature. Those who can practice Transcendental Consciousness gain enlightenment and full supported by Nature Law.

Methods of Teaching English at the High School Level
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teachers assess only the final product of a student's writing work. The result of this is that students are left with the impression that writing is a one-time product that cannot improve beyond the first attempt. Teachers are faced with the dilemma that students deliver work with too much room for improvement. This makes adequate assessment, teaching and improvement strategies difficult. If writing in class is treated as a process with various stages, then improvements are easier, less overwhelming for the teacher and more understandable for students. The lesson will therefore focus on the point the chapter makes regarding writing as a process, and the fact that writing can be improved throughout every stage.


Students too often feel that writing exists only to complete a finish product. Teachers often encourage them in this view. The rationale of this lesson is then to focus students' attention on the fact that…

Law Enforcement Levels
Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59106282
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branches within the law enforcement field. All these branches have a range of jurisdictions but have a common purpose of enforcing laws that have been passed by legislatures and the protection of the American citizens and those who live within the American borders. There are different law enforcement agents everywhere and they are interested in what one does, the particular agents present depend on ones location and what they are doing. This paper will look at three law enforcement branches; local, state and federal law enforcement. It will look at what thee three entail and how they differ in terms of jurisdiction and authority.

At the local enforcement agencies, the commonplace and frequently experienced law enforcement agency are municipal police officers. These police officers represent villages, towns and cities. A striking difference between these local officers and those found within state and federal level is that they offer the first…


Law Teacher. (2014). Local, State and Federal Law Enforcement. Retrieved September 10, 2014 from 

Harkins, D. (2009). What are the Differences Between Federal, State and Local Law Enforcement. Retrieved September 10, 2014 from

US Government Should Limit the Level of Immigration
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Immigration to America

An Introduction and Claim

Over the years, the issue of immigration in America United States has raised complex demographic issues. Elements of population increase and cultural change on the native societies in the United States are evident characteristics of immigration. The social, political, and economic components of immigration cause controversies on issues of employment, settlement patterns, ethnicity, and economic benefits for non-immigrants. The government works on developing social mobility, reducing crime, and controlling voting behavior. This paper intends to outline the negative issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. The United States has fewer immigrants on per capita consideration comparable to half the OECD countries. Policies had developed before 1965 focused on establishing a working formula for limiting naturalization and immigration opportunities for persons without native claim.


The exceptional economic status of America makes it a haven for immigrants (David & Okazaki 887). However, globalization is fast…

Works Cited

David, Richards, and Okazaki Stephens. Activation and automaticity of colonial mentality. Journal of Applied Social Psychology, 40.4(2010), 850 -- 887. Print

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ADN vs BSN Entry-Level Nursing Education
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nursing profession is undergoing fundamental change as it relates to both internal and external regulation. Externally, new legislation such as the Affordable care act has created nearly 30 million newly insured Americas. This new demand for services, although lowering overall health care costs, presents challenges as it relates to the nursing profession. Nurses will now need expertise beyond prior requirements in order to serve this newly insured population. As such, it is my contention that new requirements eliminating the two-year nursing program will be a welcomed addition. In 2011, 60% of all N candidates in the U.S. were non-bachelor prepared. Over the next 10 to 15 years, 33% of these individuals will be retirement eligible (The U.S. nursing workforce, 2013). The future now presents an interesting opportunity to uplift the standard of care for society, while also helping improve the overall health care system. A baccalaureate degree requirement will be…


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Identifying Opportunities to Improve Revenues and Ridership Levels at WMATA
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Safety Concerns at Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and Implications for Ridership

The Metro network operated by the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) provides mass transportation for the nation's capital region for visitors, residents and especially members of the federal government workforce. Besides 118 miles of rail tracks and 91 stations (making it the nation's second-largest heavy rail transit system), the Metro also operates the fifth largest paratransit service and sixth largest bus network in the country today (Metro facts, 2016). Taken together, the Metro clearly represents a valuable transportation resource, but the WMATA has been plagued by several safety-related issues that have adversely affected ridership levels in recent years as discussed further below.

Problem Statement:

Metrorail ridership in the second half of 2015 dropped to levels not seen since 2004, overall weekday ridership was down six percent compared to FY2015 and weekend ridership was down twelve percent.…

2nd Grade Lesson Plans
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Summer Bucket List

Concept/topic: This lesson plan will focus on allowing students to design their wish list or "Summer Bucket list." It will allow for sharing by students reading aloud their Summer Bucket lists. It also promotes writing and reading as students will be asked to proofread what they wrote as well as think of fun ideas to add for their Summer Bucket list.

Lesson goals/objectives:

Objectives are to ask questions of how they would want the activities on their Summer Bucket lists to be performed, the reasons behind them, who they may want with them.

Practicing oral delivery of information from reading aloud in class.

Participation with their peers as they may ask and share with other students their own experiences and ideas when selected students read aloud.

d. Arizona State Standards (CCSS) (Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding…

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Lesson Plan Evaluation the Third Grade Language
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Lesson Plan Evaluation

The third grade language arts lesson plan uses Shel Silverstein's story The Giving Tree. It is expected that the lesson will be of high interest to the students because they are probably familiar with Silverstein's other works, Where the Sidewalk Ends and Light in the Attic.

The first activity is the pretend field trip. The teacher asks the students to close their eyes and picture a large open field. In order for this opening set to be effective, students should be prepared to be calm and fairly quiet. If possible, the lesson should be taught following a quiet activity such as independent reading or seatwork. The students will have an opportunity to get up and move around within this anticipatory set, but they could be overly active and a little silly if the teacher attempts to do the lesson immediately after a major transition. Additionally, for this…

Stress Levels of Young Children and Parental Conflict
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Devereux Early Childhood Assessment (DECA) program is used to assess young children, their caregivers, and the program environment. One of the areas highlighted in the checklist focuses on responsive caregiving as an avenue for parents and other caregivers to reflect on and change -- where needed -- the way they interact with their young charges (osas, et al., 2012). Moreover, considerable research has been conducted on the implementation of parenting and mental health models within the early childhood education setting (osas, et al., 2012). The proposed research would employ the DECA and a questionnaire constructed specifically for this study to identify children who may be at risk for stress related to parental arguments and household conflict.

Initial Topical Literature eview

Current research on the impact of arguments between parents that occur near sleeping babies indicates that the brain activity of infants is responsive to the tone and loudness of the…


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Purely Superficial Level Sarah K 's
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' Sometimes, if Lindsay's dad wanted some quality alone with his girlfriend, Lindsay was allowed to stay his apartment alone and order in whatever she wanted, watch whatever she wanted on TV, surf the Internet, and talk for as long as she desired on the phone.

Lindsay celebrated Hanukah with her dad and Christmas with her mom, so she got tons more presents than Sarah. She was going to have a Bat Mitzvah and a Sweet Sixteen -- Sarah and Lindsay were already planning these things. If Lindsay ever had a fight with her mom, Lindsay would say that she was going to hop on the train and go straight to Manhattan, and then her mom would cry and let her have her way. If she got in a fight with her dad (which was rare, because she only saw him two days a week during the school year) Lindsay…