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Green Energy Essays (Examples)

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Green Household
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Energy Conservation

The concept of energy conservation has been a priority for many governments of late and even organizations and pressure groups have been formed to compel rogue governments and industries to join in the urge to conservation of energy and in effect of the ecosystem. One of the main ways of energy conservation is the use of non-fossil sources of energy which is commonly the practice. The reduction of the need of electrical and heat energy is one of the fundamental ways that could be used to conserve the environment and minimize the human footprints on the environment.

The ensuring reduction in the need for external energy, the first step is to have an insulated house with double walls and insulation material between the two walls also know as vacuum insulation panels and windows that are wide enough for regulation of temperature. The ventilation valves should be located high…

Green Home Building Industry SWOT
Words: 1120 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 98512349
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..the stimulus plan calls for laying 3,000 miles of new transmission lines -- considered crucial for moving wind and solar power to different corners of the country" (LaMonica 2008). This sets a shining example for the nation for the need to make current and future structures environmentally sustainable.

Even if prices of fossil fuels decline, there are also other pressures that increase public awareness about the need for green housing -- finite timber resources, increasing overpopulation, and also the expansion of the densely populated developing world in China and India will make green building a continued priority on an international level.

The sad rise of asthma due to mold and other allergies contained in sick buildings may make a green building that can reduce mold, mildew and other build-up a necessity rather than a debatable luxury for many home owners in the future.

The current administration is working to bring…

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Green Building Laws Green Building and Green
Words: 6463 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 44046216
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Green Building Laws

Green Building and Green etrofitting

The department of Federal Environmental Executive defines green building like this: Elevating the competence by which the built structures consume energy, equipment and water along with decreasing the adverse effects on health of human beings including the surroundings by improved structure, maintenance, procedure, operation, choice of a better site and elimination of waste. The subsequent section explains the current guiding principles for retrofitting and green building (Columbia University, 2005).

Established Green Building Guidelines

The aim of United States Green Building Council (USGBC) is to improve the infrastructure and quality of work while constructing buildings which are environment friendly, lucrative, hale and hearty to work and live in (Columbia University, 2005). LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) given by USGBC is usually thought to be the finest power in green building (Brown et al., 2002).

LEED was established by USGBC in 1999…


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Green Marketing Over the Last
Words: 3752 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 77115823
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She also mentions the huge energy giant British Petroleum (BP) came up with some honest and effective marketing in its green promotions. And while it is laudable for an oil company to invest in green technologies, BP did it with "appropriate humility that admits its own guilt while setting the stage for conversion to alternative energy sources" (Ottman, 2002). Meantime she says to Exxon, "ake Up!" because Exxon was at that time running "green-themed" ads that spoke to the need to "find more oil."

In still another green marketing-themed article from Ottman, she writes in the publication in Business that while the George . Bush Administration "abdicates responsibility for a strong response to slowing down" global climate change, Bush's lack of leadership on the issue opened a "unique window of opportunity for America's advertisers and marketers" (Ottman, 2002). That advice to advertisers and marketers is this: using the same effective…

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Green Construction
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Green building, a term also known as green construction or sustainable building refers to a structure and the use of processes that are environmentally responsible and also efficient when it comes to resources throughout the life cycle of the building process; from siting to the design, construction, the operation, its maintenance, renovations that are made and demolition. Therefore a green building design involves the finding of a balance between building a home and the sustainable environment. It requires a lot of cooperation of the design team, engineers, architects and the client throughout the stages of the project. The practice of green building has expanded and complements the classical building concerns of utility, economy, comfort and durability. Sustainable development refers to the ability of achieving a continuing economy prosperity while at the same time protecting the natural systems within the planet and providing a high quality of life for people (Katz,…


Patsalides, L. (2011). How Building Green Got Its start. Retrieved October 16, 2014 from 

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Green Chemistry Lesson Plan Grade
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Lab Report Paper #: 8833663
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New Vocabulary Terms to review: ethanol, corn stover, hydrolysis, cellulose, hemicellulose, carbohydrates, polysaccharide, starch, saccharide, glucose, enzyme, salivary amylase, cellulose, colorimeter, cuvette, concentration, absorbance, wavelength, nanometer, fermentation, renewable resource, non-renewable resource

National Standards Met:

Science Content Standards: 8-12

CONTENT STANAR A: Science as Inquiry As a result of activities in grades 8-12, all students should develop: 1) Abilities necessary to do scientific inquiry, 2) Understandings about scientific inquiry

CONTENT STANAR B: Physical Science As a result of their activities in grades 8-12, all students should develop an understanding of: 1) Structure of atoms, 2) Structures and of properties in matter, 3) Chemical reactions

CONTENT STANAR C: Life Science- 1) understanding of the cell

CONTENT STANAR E: Science and Technology -As a result of their activities in grades 8-12, all students should develop: 1) Abilities of technological design, 2) Understandings about science and technology

CONTENT STANAR F: Science in Personal and…

Design for Degradation - Chemical products should be designed so that at the end of their function they break down into innocuous degradation products and do not persist in the environment.

Real-time analysis for Pollution Prevention - Analytical methodologies need to be further developed to allow for real-time, in-process monitoring and control prior to the formation of hazardous substances (The Twelve Principles of Green Chemistry, 2010).

Teacher Prep: This module focuses on the production of sugar (glucose and maltose) from cornstarch. The lesson is inquiry based, and is well set for inclusion into the curriculum for chemistry, biology (ecology), or basic physical science. The first lesson from this module relates glucose production from cornstarch to ethanol fuel production from corn stover. Another lesson uses a calculator-based colorimeter interface from the Vernier Company to quantify the hydrolysis of starch to sugar by salivary amylase. In this lesson saliva is added to a starch solution containing a couple of drops of iodine. Light initially doesn't pass through this solution. If the absorption decreases after the addition of the saliva, this means more light is passing through and the starch is being hydrolyzed (broken down into maltose and glucose). The third lesson again uses colorimetry but

Green Business - Townsend Townsend
Words: 2025 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 37576027
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Use energy sound furniture; find ways to share resources when possible.

The copy-machine is a deadly waster -- try to publish as much as possible electronically (memos, presentations, etc.).

Chapter 7 -- Greening Your Products and Services- This is the face, and the crux, of the green company. Changes in philosophy and policy will help the environment internally, but to really "go green," the company must product a green or eco-friendly product. Within this, it is important to examine the product life-cycle at every step and green accordingly. Similarly, the supply chain needs to be green -- it does not work to have green practices but purchase materials made with toxins or in countries that use non-sustainable products or labor. It is, therefore, possible that some companies may face a very tough decision in discontinuing some of its products, and developing new ones, depending on the eco-audit process. In some…

Green Construction the Current Trend
Words: 536 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 62410703
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The use of renewable materials is excellent when possible as it ensures that the environmental costs of building the house will be paid off in months instead of decades (BEST 2009). The use of reclaimed materials is even better, however, as there is absolutely no additional environmental involved in using, for instance, a century-old dance floor as the hardwood covering in a new living room. eclaimed resources can be difficult to locate, but are often worth the price in addition to the environmental savings (BEST 2009).

Technological innovations also allow for much greater efficiency. Inert-gas windows and better insulation materials and techniques can improve the envelope of a house, drastically reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool a home or building (ADPS 2009). Heating and cooling units themselves have also greatly improved in efficiency in recent years, with additional improvements still ongoing (BEST 2009).

The best ways…


ADPSR. (2009). Architects/Designers/Planners for Social Responsibility. Accessed 2 October 2009.

BEST. (2009). Building Environmental Science & Technology. Accessed 2 October 2009.

Green Housing Green Home-Building Businesses
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A professional auditor can use a variety of techniques and equipment to determine the energy efficiency of your home. Thorough audits often use equipment such as blower doors, which measure the extent of leaks in the building envelope, and infrared cameras, which reveal hard-to-detect areas of air infiltration and missing insulation" (Home energy audits, 2009, EPA).


Following up with satisfied customers (and unsatisfied customers) also enables better quality control and helps the builder more effectively target what aspects of the business require improvements. Submitting questionnaires asking the customer about his or her satisfaction regarding the process of buying the home, followed by similar surveys a year after living in the home can provide 'testimonials' about the pleasure and value accorded by green living. Posting such real testimonials on websites and other literature can show that real people in the real world enjoy living green.

There should also be follow-up…

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Green Value Green Home Building
Words: 569 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81252869
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Additionally, The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit organization that provides certification for officially 'green' structures. The Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Energy provide information about Energy Star products in their website, including a list of products that can go into the refurbishment or construction of a greener home, such as energy-efficient windows.

The role of the Internet and any global alliances in green home building

The U.S. Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency both advocate the use of green improvements, as well as building materials on their websites. The orld Green Building Council is an international organization that provides links to green builders and organizations around the world with a commitment to sustainability.

On a more practical level, using the Internet can be an effective tool to segment a target market for green structures, either on the web page of a real estate agency, or…

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Green Is the New Green Blog Update on Energy Savings
Words: 342 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 25267987
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Green Is the New Green

Here at Adobe, we're proud to win the Platinum Certification Award from the U.S. Green Building Council for our work in energy savings and greening up the company. We're also proud we were the first office building in the world that the Council awarded this distinction. What helps us keep on reducing, reusing, and recycling every day are the efforts of you, our employees, who are always the first to create new ideas and methods to save energy and make our company even more green. Our platinum status was based on "sustainability; water efficiency; energy efficiency and atmospheric quality; use of materials and resources; indoor environmental quality; and innovations in upgrades, operations and maintenance." Now, we want to take those elements to a higher level, with your help.

In the past, we have "reduced electricity use by 35%, natural gas use by 41%, domestic water…

Energy Conservation Mitigation Strategies and
Words: 2216 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 27204905
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Ecological Preservation at the Hart of Dynamic Boca de Iguanas Development (2008) St. Michael Strategies (SMS) Press Release. online available at

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Green Roofing the Concept of
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 5787745
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Materials must be durable in order to withstand the test of time and costly replacements which further pollute the environment with waste, (Chiras 2008). In general, manufacturers try to present a variety of usable green materials which are produced with the least amount of energy possible. When thinking of the energy needed to create a product, one must take into account that of extracting raw materials, processing, and transportation of the finished product to the building site, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). Recycled materials are also highly favored in the construction of green roofing. Such recycled materials include newsprint, sawdust, cement, recycled rubber, and agricultural fibers, (Snell & Callahan 2005).

A climbing trend in green roofing building is the use of soil and vegetation planted on top of a membrane which waterproofs the lower levels beneath, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). his soil then serves as a barrier between the elements, along…

There are several national guidelines set by a variety of public and government agencies on green roofing procedures and materials. It is advised by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) to use previously cut building materials, including a pre-manufactured floor and roof framing package. All waste materials coming out of a green building site must be recycled off site, which includes lumber, drywall, and old asphalt roofing singles, (NAHB 2008). At least 50% of the construction waste must be relocated to a recycling facility. Green builders are also rewarded for including a "24-inch on-center framing roof systems," (NAHB 2008). This then allows for the greatest maximization of roof space. Roof sheeting material must take into account natural distortion though deflection. The roof overhang of the region working on must also be taken into consideration during a green roof construction.

All materials used within green roofing constructions must take great measures to minimize moisture intrusion, (NAHB 2008). Green roofing using soil relies on a complex system of drains and irrigation flows in order to direct run off water where it is needed, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). Materials must be durable in order to withstand the test of time and costly replacements which further pollute the environment with waste, (Chiras 2008). In general, manufacturers try to present a variety of usable green materials which are produced with the least amount of energy possible. When thinking of the energy needed to create a product, one must take into account that of extracting raw materials, processing, and transportation of the finished product to the building site, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). Recycled materials are also highly favored in the construction of green roofing. Such recycled materials include newsprint, sawdust, cement, recycled rubber, and agricultural fibers, (Snell & Callahan 2005).

A climbing trend in green roofing building is the use of soil and vegetation planted on top of a membrane which waterproofs the lower levels beneath, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). This soil then serves as a barrier between the elements, along with providing a whole different space for gardens and also provides a brilliant attack on the problem of storm water management, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). Other layers of the roof include root barriers, drainage, and irrigation systems. These soil-based roofs of vegetation also help reduce sewage loads, absorb air pollution and CO2, along with help insulating the residence to reduce outside noise entering into the context of the home. Especially seen in buildings utilizing soil roofs, there is a natural increase in the weight of the roof to the overall building below it. This soil-based system adds an extra 80-150 lbs per square foot onto the previous load of the building itself, (Environmental Protection Agency 2008). One can still use lumber in

Green Marketing as Consumers Become
Words: 2279 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 32120141
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An additional negative aspect can occur when a seemingly green product really isn't, in the long run.

As an example, one of the most successful 'green' vehicles is the Toyota Prius. The hybrid Prius has become the status symbol for all of those wishing to flaunt their environmental conscience. However, the vehicle isn't nearly as eco-friendly as the Green Marketing campaigns lead consumers to believe. The nickel metal hydride battery the Prius uses is the primary culprit. The nickel is mined in Sudbury, Ontario, smelted nearby, shipped to ales to be refined, then sent to China to be processed into nickel foam. From there, it goes to Japan to become a battery, before it's placed into a car and shipped to its final destination, like the U.S. The global transportation of the manufacture of the battery uses a lot of fossil fuel. Goodwin cites CN Marketing as noting the combined…

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Green Roofs Living Walls Green
Words: 1216 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 38082359
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However incentives such as cleaner air, less pollution in areas where there is little greenery, natural beauty, and a healthy food source are attractive blogs Kevin Songer on 'Living Green oofs (2010).

What are "Living Walls"

Living Walls are similar to Green oofs providing benefits of insulation, natural beauty, longevity, and recycling advantages according to ELT Living Walls an article that avidly supports environmentally friendly living (2010). Plants can also be grown on the walls of homes. Many countries have already adopted this eco-friendly solution in countries such as Tanzania, and Nova Scotia, for example, where there are extremely hot and cold temperatures comments Chicago Green oofs (2011). Combining 'Green oofs' with 'Living Walls', a YouTube video demonstration presentation by showing how panels can be added to the home (YouTube, 2011).

Economic Advantages

So far the case for "Green oofs and Living Walls" has incorporated the societal, historical, and cultural…

References (2011). Chicago green roofs. Retrieved November 27, 2011 from 

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Green Potential of RFID Projects
Words: 1597 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 60504395
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Even the section of partnerships is only cursory, another surprise considering that "most of the case studies in this article refer to green FID projects involving not only private companies by also public organizations" (p. 44) Instead of discussing some of the particular partnerships, or which more most (or least) successful, Bose and Yan simply state generalizations which once again do little to illuminate the reality of implementing green FID projects. For example, while the authors claim that "the number and kind of a project's partnerships indicate the resources it requires for completion as well as its scope" and that "the resources acquired through partnerships can tackle large environmental problems that single organizations can't solve," they never bother to actually state what any of these partnerships were, or what specific environmental problems were solved.

While Indranil Bose and Shipeng Yan's article "The Green Potential of FID Projects: A Case-Based…


Bose, I., & Yan, S. (2011). The green potential of RFID projects: a case- based analysis. IT Pro,

January/February, 41-47.

Green Housing Building a Green
Words: 531 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50650735
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So is knowledge of various, and often changing government regulations regarding the financing, construction, and architectural design of green homes.

A green home professional should be well-versed in different types of environmental science, and know what critical aspects of a home should have priority for 'greening.' It is necessary to make the homes affordable within the target demographic and genuinely environmentally efficient. A background in the government's specific stipulations as to what constitutes a green product regarding home improvements is important, as well as the technical aspects of energy efficient windows, landscaping, heating and cooling systems, and so forth that may be added to a new, existing, or rebuilt home.

Some real estate background would be necessary, to understand what makes a home aesthetically attractive to a buyer, when designing the homes and developing a market strategy. Knowledge of Internet marketing and other new venues to reach a wide demographic,…

Green Economy
Words: 1120 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 8308644
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Green Economy

Solomon and Krishna (2011) discuss what they see as a coming transition to sustainable energy sources. Hydrocarbons are a finite energy source away from which human society will have to transition. They note that historical energy transitions take over a century or more to enact, and are stimulated by resource scarcity and the attendant problems thereof. In their study, they use academic discussions of prior research on different energy transitions, first from wood to fossil fuels, and then they provide case evidence from individual countries that have transitioned away from fossil fuels.

In their study, they seek to provide lessons for researchers and practitioners alike with respect to how these lessons can be applied to our current need to transition away from fossil fuels. The authors mostly focus on these recent examples, and but this does not strengthen their argument. They use some primary source data, but the…


Alexander, S. (2014). Post-growth economics: A paradigm shift in progress. Post Carbon Pathways: Working Paper Series 2/14.

Brand, U. (2012). Green economy -- the next oxymoron? GAIA 21/1.

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Newell, P. & Mulvaney, D. (2013). The political economy of the just transition. The Geographic Journal. Vol. 179 (2)

Green Building Value of Green
Words: 628 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 99449193
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Building new green homes and making existing unsold homes green is the core of such a strategy, as applied to the housing market today. Green building can refer to a wide range of industry practices, spanning from simply installing energy-efficient windows, doors, and light bulbs to reduce environmental wastage and enhance customer value to more radical ideas like solar power, or constructing entire apartment units that require the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products. hile adding value through 'greening' a building can be added at any stage of the building's lifecycle, "from design and construction, to renovation and deconstruction. However, the most significant benefits can be obtained if the design and construction team takes an integrated approach from the earliest stages of a building project" (hy build green, 2009, EPA).

Customers, worried about the long-term health of the U.S. economy and the planet, can see their self-interest and the interest of…

Works Cited

Kotelnikov, Vadim. (2009). Value innovation. 1000 ventures. Retrieved March 27, 2009


New residential sales in February 2009. (2009). U.S. Department of housing and Urban

Development (HUD). Retrieved March 27, 2009

Green Building and Sustainable Design
Words: 343 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 62932553
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The Durst Organization "wants to turn the Big Apple into a Green Apple," ("The Durst Organization Company Profile"). An urban real estate development and management company, the Durst organization is turning a profit. The company "develops, owns, and manages commercial real estate in midtown Manhattan," ("The Durst Organization Company Profile").

Hines is a real estate development, investment, and management firm that is also profiting by becoming green. The firm boasts significantly higher compound annual returns vs. its competitors, and helps raise equity to assist organizations with their green building and sustainable design goals ("Investment Performance"). NCI Building Systems, the Durst Organization, and Hines exemplify the profitability and performance of the green building industry in multiple sectors.


The Durst Organization Company Profile." Yahoo! Finance. etrieved Mar 6, 2009 at

Investment Performance." HINES. etrieved Mar 6, 2009 at

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The Durst Organization Company Profile." Yahoo! Finance. Retrieved Mar 6, 2009 at 

Investment Performance." HINES. Retrieved Mar 6, 2009 at 

NCI. "Welcome to NCI Group." Retrieved Mar 6, 2009 at

Green Purchasing Individual Corporations and
Words: 2030 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79916203
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These agents must sustain profitably and prove, economically and logistically why innovative "green" supply chains are realistically more effective than the status quo of historical procurement. Continuing education in both formal and informal fashions must be developed to increase the efficacy of the procurement agent, with regard to "green" purchasing. Changing both large and small organization patterns for procurement can eventually trickle down to even the most uncaring consumers, of which there is a dwindling number. Sroufe, provides a list of environmental performance indicators which have become increasingly important and recognizable issues in today's production society.

2006, p.15) ii) the business reasons for "greener purchasing"

There are literally hundreds of reasons for the development of sustainable business practices, not the least of which is ensuring the long-term existence of the business and production needs.

Among those that are most important are the following:

Sustainable production: Purchasing "green" enhances sustainable production…

World Energy Prospects 2050
Words: 3640 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77272743
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Ultra Long-Term Perspectives World Energy

Energy is a very important part of our lives and the world that we live in today. It has always been important since the time that the humans used to do all their work by themselves to the times when they started using animals and even today when we make use of the energy sources around us to produce energy such as electricity.

Today our main source of energy are the fossils fuels that won't last forever as, they take millions of years to form and very little time to get used as a source of energy. One of the very important concerns of today's time is the speed with which we are consuming these fossil fuels and how it will be very difficult for us to keep up with the increased demand which is expected to double by 2050 as the population is expected…


European Renewable Energy Council EREC. (2010). Re-thinking 2050 - A 100% renewable energy vision of EU. Retrieved from

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Moves in Energy Prices Are
Words: 944 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 98402716
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("Fossil Fuels and Minerals," n.d., 173 -- 215)

The impact of wind farms on the natural landscape is troubling. This is because some communities think that the sight of large fields is destroying the scenery. Evidence of this can be seen in Martha's Vineyard. What happened is many residents began to oppose these kinds of projects out of concerns about how this will impact their views. This led to animosity about where to place wind farms. As a result, proponents argue that establishing these fields in different locations will be challenging. This is when the project will face increased delays and higher costs. ("Fossil Fuels and Minerals," n.d., 173 -- 215)

Advantages of Wind Power

Despite the claims of opponents, the reality is that the use of wind power is a viable resource. A good example of this can be seen with Denmark (who produces 20% of their total energy…

Reference Page

Fossil Fuels and Minnerals. (n.d.).

Renewable and Nuclear Energy. (n.d.).

Deal, W. (2010). Wind power: An emerging energy source. Technology & Engineering Teacher, 70 (1), 9-15.

Cost Effectiveness of Renewable Sources of Energy
Words: 1669 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 23673700
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enewable Energy

Global energy and climate objectives have contributed to the increased development and use of renewable sources of energy that focus on lessening the environment impact of generating energy. The conventional sources of energy have contributed to significant environmental impacts, especially climate change. The environmental impacts that are brought by emission of greenhouse gases from conventional energy sources are endangering the world's ecosystems and human life. As a result, renewable energy sources are considered as suitable alternatives to help lessen environmental impacts while meeting energy needs. There are various renewable energy sources that are regarded as suitable alternatives to conventional sources including solar, wind, and electric energy. Even though these sources have minimal environmental impacts compared to conventional sources of energy, they are not cost-effective yet.

Solar, Electric and Wind Energy

Wind energy has been considered as one of the cheaper energy generation methods unlike conventional sources of energy…


Barbaric, M. & Loncar, D. (2016). Energy Management Strategies for Combined Heat and Electric Power Micro-grid. Thermal Science, 20(4), 1091-1103.

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The Case Against Nuclear Energy
Words: 2175 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 26378205
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Nuclear Energy

The modern world has been characterized with several environmental issues in the recent past including natural resource depletion, climate change, pollution, and overpopulation. However, climate change has attracted significant attention because of increased environmental impact of industrialization and globalization. Climate change is largely attributable to the current energy sources, which continue to affect the environment. As a result, the search for a suitable energy source with little to no environmental effect has become a major issue for policymakers, governments, and environmentalists. Despite conventional views that nuclear power is unsuitable, recent studies and statistics have considered it a clean energy source. This has contributed to arguments and counter-arguments on whether nuclear energy is clean and safe for the environment. Despite having little to no emission of dangerous gases, nuclear energy is unsustainable when considered from an economic and social perspective.

The Case for Nuclear Energy

In the past few…


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How Technology Can Reduce Energy Usage
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Technology Saving Environment

The author of this response has been asked to write an argumentative essay that centers on whether human technology can save the world when it comes to things like climate change. The question is not an easy one to answer. There are those that say that even if the data set known to humankind is not complete, this cannot persuade us not to act because we should not wait until it is too late. There are others that suggest that the planet will impose its will on humankind no matter what humans do or do not do and the presence or use of technology will not change that. However, most people fall somewhere in the middle or perhaps even believe that the way to save the planet is already known and just needs to be implemented. hile it sounds good to suggest that humans can plot the…

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Green With Information Technology There Has Been
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Green with Information Technology

There has been a corresponding growth in innovations in information technology and the recognition that companies of all sizes and types must reduce their impact on their environment by adopting so-called green practices. For micro-businesses with just one or a few employees, this may mean something as simple as recycling aluminum cans and paper, but for larger enterprises, going green may mean the investment of significant amounts of resources up front with the expectation that the payback on these investments will be worthwhile, both in terms of energy savings as well as through an improved corporate image. To determine how companies can benefit from going green today, this paper provides a review of the relevant literature to provide a definition of going green with information technology, an analysis of the impact of going green with information technology on the environment, and a discussion concerning the pros…


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Green Marketing Analysis
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Organic Milk Green Marketing Observation and Portfolio Analysis

Consumers' interests in purchasing organic products should be carefully treated by producers, by retailers, and by marketers that develop strategies intended to increase consumption in these areas. Organic milk is an important market segment characterized by a sensitive product that requires producers to meet high standards regarding their production process. Green marketing strategies are intended to emphasize environment friendly practices, and not to deceive customers and mislead them into thinking such products address high eco-friendly standards when in fact they do not. This analysis focuses on organic milk and on whether or not it is efficiently green marketed by retailers.


The analysis of market trends reveals customers' increased interest in purchasing and using organic products. The advantages of organics rely on their apparent influence on individuals' health, although a study developed by British scientists did not find significant improvement produced by…

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Green Roofs Ability to Provide
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Potential to reduce community resistance to new developments (Green 2005)

The potential to save on energy costs is of high significance due to the rise in temperatures experienced by the vast majority of conventional roofs during the summer seasons. Conventional roofing can reach as high as 150 degrees under the hot summer sun, this causes "cooling and electrical needs jump dramatically, which increases costs and power usage" (Building, 2007, p. 32).

Installing a green vegetation system on an existing structure reduces the cost to heat or cool the building. This is only one of many direct benefits to the company(s) or individuals paying the energy bill.

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Green The Science - Literature
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Aristotelian influence predominated together with the wisdom and learning of other ancient writers, while the former was often used as a framework for intellectual debates which readily expanded both philosophy and other areas of knowledge (Grant 127-131). The European university system was established alongside monasteries as centres for the propagation of knowledge. Scholars like Robert Grosseteste, Albertus Magnus, and Roger Bacon wrote about natural science to a growing audience. While Christianity did not recede as a dogmatic cultural system, it was not entirely determinative. Scholars could explore natural phenomena with an openness to past views, although often the learning acquired was purely rational rather than experimental, and was fused with a biblical worldview. In other words, the renaissance of the twelfth century played an integral part in transmitting scientific methodology within a predominantly religious environment that required thinkers to harmonise science with religion.

Other significant achievements took place in less…

Green Plants and Employee Outcomes
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Executive Summary

In 2016, E brought a world class office space to Boston that features natural light, sweeping urban views, reclaimed timber, rooftop PV solar and green roof plantings. The E Boston headquarter building design is consistent with corporate commitments to sustainability and environmental impact. However, it is essential to consider innovative approaches to continue to improve the space for all employees.

Studies document that green plants improve indoor air quality, decrease levels of particulate matter, manage acoustics and increase general wellbeing (Lohr, 2010). According to Terappin (2012), natural design elements including plants have measurable effects on employee health and productivity. The cost of employee absenteeism, staff retention and reduced productivity due to mental stress and fatigue should be should be considered by corporations when designing green office spaces (Terrapin 2012). I will present research to support why E should invest in green plants as well as a feasible plan…

Energy Consumption for Coed Darcy Site
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Coed Darcy

The urban village is being constructed on brownfield land that was formerly being used by an oil refinery that was called the Llandarcy Oil efinery that was owned by BP. This oil refinery was constructed between the years 1918 and 1922 and it has been labeled as the first crude oil refinery in the country. Since there were some economic changes, the site was closed in the year 1997 (Brownfield renewal in Wales and South West egion, 2007).

Planned Outputs of the Urban Village

According to the plan that has been prepared for Coed Darcy, the community will comprise of 4,000 homes along with employment space, community facilities as well as open space that covered an area of 1,300 acres. The estimate of the development of this community is about 1.2 billion pounds. Moreover, four new schools have also been planned for this community. These schools include 2…


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Green Accounting
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business environment, organizations are required to adhere to the environmental regulations in order to comply with the federal and state laws. One of the strategies that an organization can employ to be environmental friendly is to integrate an environmental accounting in the conventional accounting system. An environmental accounting is a subset of accounting that incorporates the environmental information to determine the costs reduction that an organization can enjoy by integrating the environmental accounting in the organizational traditional accounting system.

Objective of this paper is to discuss the benefits that our organization can derive from practicing an environmental accounting system.

Benefits of Eliminate Unnecessary Cost

Several unnecessary costs cam make an organization to increase the cost of operations. The unnecessary costs include environmental fines, costs to remediate or clean up the contaminated facilities, and waste management costs. Since our organization is a chemical manufacturing company, we are bound to incur these…


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Energy vs Conservation
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Strip Mining Project

Strip mining has long attracted the attention that "fracking" is now due to the proven or at least theoretical environmental impacts and issues that can or definitely arise when the practice is engaged in. Not unlike similar industries like timber, anything that destroys or alters wetlands/marshes, anything that leads to increase erosion and so forth is hotly contested and debated. Even basic things like irrigation of crops can raise a proverbial stink if the water is denied to people or states that happen to be downstream and they feel they need/deserve it so as to provide drinking water, their own crop irrigation or other environmental concerns. While strip mining, especially that which relates to energy like lignite and lithium, is here to stay and largely cannot be stopped, the real and tangible impacts it can and does have need to be taken seriously before the lignite-harvesting project…


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Hydrogen Fuel Cells in Green Engineering
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Fuel Cells in Green Engineering

The energy tomorrow is beginning to be available today. Fuel cells, which just a very few years ago were a pipe dream, are becoming g a reality, and they are used in areas ranging from space exploration to toy motivation (Joy). The promise of the fuel cell can be seen in the fact that they use the most abundant source of energy on the planet, Hydrogen atoms (Birch). They are also being seen as the energy savior because they emit a common, non-toxic waste which can also be utilized as a saving grace around the globe, water (Joy; Patturaja). A fuel that uses the most abundant element on the planet and emits clean, pure water does seem like science fiction, but there are already being used with it as a motive force.

The space shuttle has always been powered by hydrogen fuel cells (Joy). Although…

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Globalization and Energy Demands in
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S. pp). For more than ten years, Chinese officials have stated that production from Chinese firms investing overseas is more secure than imports purchased on the international market (U.S. pp). In order to secure more reliable access, Chinese firms are being directed to invest in projects in the Caspian region, Russia, the Middle East and South America (U.S. pp).

The National Intelligence Council's report also states that Europe's energy needs will probably not grow to the same extent as those of the developing world, partly because of Europe's expected lower economic growth and more efficient use of energy (U.S. pp). Europe's increasing preference for natural gas, combined with depleting reserves in the North Sea, will provide an added boost to political efforts that are already under way to strengthen ties with Russia and North Africa, since gas requires a higher level of political commitment by both sides in designing and…

Work Cited

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Case Against Nuclear Energy
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Downside of Nuclear Energy:

Energy production has been a major issue that has attracted huge concerns in the recent past because of the negative environmental impacts associated with generating energy through burning of fossil fuels. A growing interest in nuclear power has significantly increases during this period as it is considered as a real solution to energy security and means of dealing with climate change. Actually, there have been concerns on whether nuclear power is the solution or answer to a warming planet or it is dangerous and expensive to meet the future energy needs of the modern society. hile some people have argued in support of the use of nuclear energy as a solution to these problems, others have opposed such attempts. These varying opinions have been based on arguments and counter-arguments that demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of nuclear energy.

Increased Attention on Nuclear Power:

As previously mentioned,…

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Alternate Energy in Daily Life Imagine That
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Alternate Energy in Daily Life

Imagine that you could travel in time, much like Doc Brown and Marty McFly in the movie Back to the Future. uppose you traveled back to 1955 with the Doc and Marty and asked a resident of 1955 what the year 2011 would be like. Would he predict hybrid cars, or flying cars? Would he believe that the United tates has a moon base -- or that is has no moon program at all? Would he believe that kids carry cell phones but that the only commercial viable robot is the Roomba vacuum? omeone living in 1955 would probably predict a future much different from the one we are actually living today. When you consider how life in the future was depicted in movies, TV programs, and books in the middle of the 20th century, it easy to see that our predictions about the future…

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View Renewables Obligation Helping UK Transforming Energy Landscape
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enewable Energy

The primary sources of energy in the UK comes in the form of oil and gas reserves from the North Sea and coal. These sources are expected to continue to be dominant until at least 2020, although it should be noted that the annual output from the North Sea is now on the decline (UK Parliament, 2010). As a result, the government has embarked on a strategy to reshape the energy dynamic of the nation. The objective of the program is to establish renewables as the largest source of energy in the UK by 2020.

Nuclear power has been downplayed in the UK energy landscape. A lull in new capacity existed until 2007, so no new capacity is expected to replace decommissioned nuclear power plants until at least 2017, meaning that renewables development is critical to reshaping the UK energy landscape (Ibid). Wind is the crucial form of…


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Community Sources of Energy
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Community's Source of Energy

An Examination of Energy Sources in the Willows Community of Gilbert, Arizona

The community of Willows is located in the city of Gilbert, Arizona. It is an HOA community of single family homes, with a number of amenities included. As with any community, it has power usage needs that have to be considered. Before the community was built, the issue of how to get power to the area and how much power might be used by the residents there was considered. Then, the community was built and the houses were sold. That raised the amount of power that was needed in Gilbert, which is a growing city with a strong population base and many things for residents to enjoy. The power needs of any community are important, because residents want to be assured that they have enough of what they need to power their homes (Aitken,…


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Macroeconomics My Energy Use Varied Depending on
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My energy use varied depending on the day. In general, heating oil is used, so this will increase on days that are cooler or wetter. Electrical reflects appliance usage for the most part. There is a baseline of electrical usage for things like lights, coffee maker and other daily essentials. Electricity usage spikes on laundry day in particular. There is a small solar component to the heating, providing heat for a couple of rooms. Auto gas reflects car usage, which fluctuates. There is a commuting baseline for five out of seven days, and so non-commuting days can see lower gasoline usage.

The local energy company uses primarily coal as its power source, but also makes use of a small percentage of nuclear power as well. The utility posts this information on its website. The different power sources are all outlined, so consumers can effectively understand the source of the…


EDF (2011). California's global warming solutions act. Environmental Defense Fund. Retrieved October 31, 2011 from

Invention Energy Is the Basis of Industrial
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Energy is the basis of industrial civilization and modern society. There is little doubt that without energy, modern life would cease to exist. Over the last two hundred years, human beings have relied heavily on fossil fuels for their energy needs. Fossil fuels, however, are non-renewable and in limited supply and if we continue to use the earth's fossil fuel resources at the present rate, we would soon run out of the earth's fuel reserves. Moreover, burning of fossil fuels contributes to air pollution, acid rain, and global warming that could ultimately make life unsustainable on our planet. ith several promising alternate energy sources such as 'geothermal,' 'nuclear,' 'wind' and 'solar' power having proved either too expensive, too dangerous or impractical, the need for a new invention that provides an alternate fuel was never more urgent as it is today. The invention that I have in mind is the…

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Since nuclear energy is derived from uranium -- a finite resource -- it is a non-renewable resource

Kimberly Patch (2002). "Sunlight turns water to fuel" Technology Research News

Exxon Mobil the Global Energy
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These unwavering expectations provide the foundation for our commitments to those with whom we interact: " (JLP, 2005).

Financial Goals

ExxonMobil does not explicitly state its financial goals. This is proprietary information that is not published. However, ExxonMobil does suggest that it intends to keep up with global demand. ExxonMobil is focused on long-term growth, rather than short-term gains. One could expect the financial goals of the company to include a plan for long-term steady growth that keeps pace with global demand.

Financial Analysis

Exxon Mobil is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock ticker XOM. XOM ended the day on January 28, 2008 with a closing price of 85.08. It is expected that this price will climb to 101.00 within one year (Yahoo Finance, 2008). It is a high volume stock, in terms of the number of trades. It has a healthy 6.92 Earnings Per Share…


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Sustainable Energy for Low Carbon House in Grand Parade Brighton
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Sustainable Energy for Low Carbon House in Grand Parade righton

The focus of this study is the energy profile of a house identical to the house constructed in Grand Parade righton which is an energy efficient house constructed from waste materials. The climate will be considered as well as the standards and best practices in the construction industry.


righton is reported to have an Oceanic climate much as does the majority of southern ritain with the summer months affected by sea breezes lowering the temperature by five degrees as compared to inland. Snow is common in the winter in righton. The following table shows the monthly average high temperature in righton throughout the year.

Monthly Average High Temperature in righton

]Climate data for righton















Average high "C ("F)









An Introductory Guide to Best Practice in Construction (2012) Construction Excellence in the Southeast. Retrieved from: 

What is BREEAM? (2012) BREEAM. Retrieved from: 

Code for a Sustainable Environment (2012) BREEAM. Retrieved from: 

Sustainability and BREEAM (2012) BREEAM. Retrieved from:

The Transition to Renewable Energy
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Who is Leading the International Clean Energy Race?

The race for clean energy is already underway, but some countries are in vanguard while others remain heavily reliant on fossil fuels. Unfortunately, even the winners of the clean energy race fail to realize the full range of benefits that can accrue to renewable energy sources as long as other countries continue to rely on fossil fuels for their energy needs. To determine the facts about what is happening today and likely outcomes for the future, this paper reviews the relevant literature to describe how developing countries can reach 100% renewable energy as well as some of the more severe challenges that are involved in providing clean energy in developing regions of the world. In addition, a discussion concerning whether the goal of achieving clean energy access for all humanity by 2030 is achievable or not is followed by an analysis of…

Doind a Research Project Pay Green I
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doind a research project pay green?

I collected an articles .

In order to be able to comprehend how being green pays off, one must concentrate on the relationship between employing environmental attitudes and economic performance at a company level. Being green is especially important in the present and there is a wide range of domains that people have addressed when concerning the concept. "Some studies have shown that students who go to green schools have higher test scores, get sick less often and are healthier and happier" (Boys' Life 12). This makes it possible for someone to understand that profits associated with being green do not only involve financial aspects, as they are also likely to reflect positively on individuals when regarding matters from a series of other perspectives.

hile this concept is surely important, people should not only focus on profits when trying to devise strategies of being…

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Marketing Home Energy Inspections to
Words: 1080 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 58230767
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TerraLogos could capitalize on partnerships with organizations such as local realtors. If the company's name appeared on real estate agency websites, this could enable TerraLogos to target new home buyers who wanted to improve the energy efficiency of their new homes. This would be effective because new home buyers might be likely to note the name of the company, even while they are still searching home listings. Also, new home buyers often contract numerous repairs and modifications on a new home, to bring it into livable condition to their family.

The value of 'greener' buildings and the savings generated by green buildings has even been acknowledged by home insurance companies. According to a 2008 MSNBC story: "Two major insurers are launching 'green' insurance programs that will let homeowners reconstruct their property with more environmentally friendly building materials, appliances and landscaping, even if it costs more than the replacement value stated…

Works Cited

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Insurers paying to rebuild greener homes." Jan 8, 2008.

31 Jul 2008.

Landlord Green Mandating Green Retrograding Among Income
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Landlord Green

Mandating Green Retrograding Among Income Property Owners

The movement for improved environmental sustainability starts with individual property owners. However, property ownership remains one of the most significant and determinant socioeconomic dividing lines in American society. The result is a clear socioeconomic dividing line where sustainability and conservation are concerned. In spite of the critical importance of adapting our consumption habits, lifestyle orientation and energy usage to meet changing needs, many Americans lack the basic ownership rights to participate in some key initiatives. Central among them is the impetus for Green building practices. As the research and discussion presented hereafter with show, this is an impetus to which most home-renters are unable to respond. As the research will note, the need to account for the significant population of Americans who rent when imposing regulatory policies effecting green building standards is today a central element of any plan to reduce…

Unfortunately, substantial evidence persists to suggest that these programs do not go far enough to address the renter/owner conundrum. Many tax incentive options are available only to property owners in their primary dwelling. Though some owners may see breaks on insurance of income properties for certain upgrades there is no significant program that aides property owners in upgrading income properties for energy efficiency. The owner of the property has a conflict of interest in that their desire is to have the home occupied, with the least possible out of pocket expense for the property. Therefore installing energy efficient appliances is often far from the top of the priority list, as the cost of running appliances falls on the occupier (Gardner & Stern, 2008).

Additionally, the value of properties from which owners collect rent is often viewed as profitable in the short-term. This differs from the property owner with intent to maintain, improve and eventually resell a property for profit. In today's particularly anemic housing market, collecting a monthly rent check stands as a much sturdier priority than such interests as either environmental sustainability or cost-controls for the long-term posterity of the structure. The result is a reluctance on the part of many property owners to install additional insulation, to replace older windows with high efficiency windows, to purchase weather-resistant doors and to upgrade older, energy-consuming appliances and temperature-control units. While this may improve property value in the long-term and raise eventual resale or even rental value, if the intention is lacking in the immediate future to make such a sale or a change in lessees, any such changes would cost more in the short-term and would therefore be unattractive to many income property owners. Moreover, these types of big ticket efficiency upgrades are very unlikely to be performed by a renter, who will be unlikely to see significant long-term financial gain from this type of overall improvement to the owner's property.

This dynamic helps point to the critical importance of providing meaningful financial incentives for the income property owner to make the types of changes and upgrades cited here above. First, some consideration should be given to existing programs designed to bring about change for property owners. Tax incentive programs carry merit but are neither substantial or widespread enough to stimulate the type of change called for here. According to the text by Moreno (2011) "income tax credits for going green are available in 22 states. Michigan has a refundable credit for

Corporate Social Responsibility and Green Marketing
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CS and Green Marketing

Green Marketing and Corporate Social esponsibility

This essay examines green marketing and corporate social responsibility practices. In particular, the paper examines the practice of greenwashing, and discusses companies' willingness to exploit green marketing for competitive advantage. The essay also reviews the legitimate use of green marketing as a means of promoting responsible environmental stewardship.

Green marketing involves the promotion of products that are marketed as being environmentally safe or beneficial. The practice had its beginnings in Europe in the early 1980s when certain products were found to be harmful to the earth's atmosphere. As a result, new types of products were created, called green products, which were less damaging to the environment. The green product movement grew quickly in the United States and has continued growing steadily ever since (Green Marketing, 2011).

Also known as sustainable marketing, environmental marketing, and ecological marketing, green marketing consists of…

Reference List

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Avoiding Green Marketing Myopia in
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What Will it Take to Make the Public Go Green

First, whatever we do, the steps the authors have outlined here must be a part of it. In addition, it is very clear that consumers -- you and I -- are wary and cynical about any and all commercial messages touting just about anything, let alone something that involves sacrifices on our part.

uzz" and "prove it" are the keywords for a large portion of the public to accept this effort.

The authors suggest that word-of-mouth, or buzz, is the most credible means of purveying a message that the public will buy into, especially when they are trying to comprehend complex, product innovations. Hearing it from a trustworthy friend works. And in our internet age, buzz includes "word-of-mouse," as the authors cleverly put it. Email, websites, search engines, blogs, databases, product rating sites, etc. can be utilized to create, sustain,…


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Avoiding Green Marketing

Shades of Green This Project
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This also means that the prices must be reasonable. The resort also has an opportunity to make substantial revenue from this asset because it is open to the general public.

Entertainment- entertainment also has the capacity to generate revenue for the resort. The resort has banquet facilities that can accommodate bands and other types of entertainment. These banquet facilities were added on as part of the restoration of the resort and have proven to be a valuable revenue generating asset.

Gift Shop/Souvenir Items- ecause the resort is located so close to Disney land and designed to accommodate families the resort sells souvenirs and other products in its gift shop. Therefore the gift shop is a revenue generating asset. Once again the resort has to be careful to sell the memorabilia and other items at a discounted price because these items are available throughout the city.

Rentals/services-there are several things that…


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Profit Pools in the Green
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It isn't one size fits all anymore, either, thanks to modern computer-design methods that let architects vary the prefab houses the way Lego blocks can be moved around. More than that, though, architects think the new avant-garde looks can win over upscale buyers craving a touch of high design for their abodes" (Jeffrey & Keats 2004). Modular homes are both unique and inexpensive -- a perfect option for new home buyers wishing to keep costs down in an uncertain market yet to amp up the beauty of their structures. They are also good options for seniors, with downsized 'empty nest' dreams who want less home to support, but do not wish to go into a senior community.

Profit pools exist at every juncture of the home industry, from green and customized construction, to improvements and modifications, even to demolitions -- the debris from gutted structures can be recycled to create…

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Beyond Greening Strategies for a Sustainable World Green Marketing Legend Myth
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Green Marketing: Legend, Myth, Farce or Prophesy?

This article reviews the popularity of many businesses embracing the concept of "green marketing" as it became popular in the early 1990s after being in existence since the 1970s as a way to move toward sustainability. By the mid-1990s; however, the response from consumers did not live up to earlier market research projects and some major opted to discontinue their green brands of certain products. This has led to the disillusionment of consumers and the slowdown in the amount of new "green" products that have been introduced into the market since the 1990s.This raises the question of whether "green marketing" has failed or is it a concept that the world was not ready for to begin with (p. 357).


The authors examine how the green marketing theory has been practiced in the 15 years using the methodology used in King's 1985 article,…

Business Plan for Green Tongues Summer 2011
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Business Plan for Green Tongues

Summer 2011

Company Information

Environmental and Industry Analysis

Products or Services

Marketing esearch and Evaluation

Manufacturing and Operations Plan

Management Team


Critical isks and Assumptions

Benefits to the Community

Exit Strategy

Financial Plan

Green Tongues is an advertising company that provides environmentally friendly advertising solutions to all those companies that value their environment and want to give back to the society in which they exist. Green Tongues envisions itself to be the premier advertising company in the near future in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region as consumers and businesses in this region are slowly beginning to realize the importance of environmental conservation. The six member states that comprise the GCC (i.e., Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates) are shown to be well situated to take advantage of their political and economic clout in ways that promote environmentally…


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Purchase of Green Products
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Environmental Concern on the Purchase of Green Products: An Empirical Study of German etailers


The verification of the conceptual framework and hypotheses was done using questionnaire survey. Primary data was gathered from a sample population of 270 respondents who were residents in Germany and who had had bought electronic goods before. One of the major industries dedicated to decreasing their impact on the environment is the "consumer electronics" industry. The industry has applied several green initiatives that focus on the environmental issues in manufacturing, clean delivery systems, energy efficiency and design.

The survey was done in 2016 between the months of August and September. esearchers collected the data and the interviewees were approached directly and they guaranteed that there was no scale interference to lower the possibility of influenced or biased answers.

The demographic composition of the survey's respondents was as follows:





86 (31.9%)



Ahmad A, & Thyagaraj K. S, (2015), Consumer's Intention to Purchase Green Brands: The Roles of Environmental Concern, Environmental Knowledge and Self Expressive Benefits. Curr World Environ., 10(3). doi :10.12944/CWE.10.3.18

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Goodman Some Properties Like Being Green Figure
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Goodman, some properties (like being green) figure in good inductive reasoning, and other properties (like being grue) do not. In our terms: some properties are projectable and other properties are non-projectable. Explain precisely what he means by this (you will want to explain what he means by 'inductive reasoning', and give some examples of projectable and non-projectable properties.) In general, what makes some properties projectable and others not?

Philosophers have spent much time and energy debating back and forth ideas of induction and deduction. One of the most famous thinkers who have done so is Goodman who has drawn up his "new riddle of induction" that starts off by challenging Hume's proposition.

Hume set the following challenge to our cognition. We are apt to conclude that A follows B. And is deduced from B. As a matter of fact to the fact that we consistently see cause-and-effect happening on an…

Sustanable Energy and the Future
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Future of Energy: Guiding Decisions ith Evidence

In order to reduce the negative environmental impacts of an ever growing human population and increasing demands for energy as technological advances continue, individual countries, states, cities and even households have the opportunity to shift their energy sources to those that are renewable. However, not all locations are equally amenable to any particular form of energy. This analysis will look at personal consumption of energy of the course of a normal routine and attempt to determine the major sources of energy use that are present in my life. It was found that heating and cooling and transportation were among the leading items that contributed to my total energy consumption. There are various ways in which these energy consumption sources could be minimized to create a better conservation of energy strategy in my normal routine.

Energy Consumption

The world is facing environmental crises from…

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