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Why Do Some People Join Fraternities and Sororities and Do Others
Words: 5266 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5741651
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people join fraternities and sororities, and do others not?

You may be a fresher in college or a student who has got transfer. Certainly you have taken up the college to attain a degree. Also you may be in search of some work to perform with all the leisure time you possess when you just are not doing anything in the class. There are umpteen groups of particular interest situated in the campus. You can enroll in one of these to enhance your extracurricular activities or render something for a valuable cause. It is recurrently convenient to make a decision about which group of particular interest you want to enroll in. But we see that the chosen lot of college students challenges the viability of joining a brotherhood group or sisterhood campaign. Each and every person has their own cause to enroll in or turn down these sororities or fraternities.…


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Faludi Violent Effects of Disassociation
Words: 1938 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71896931
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What is key about both of these quotations is the loss of identity that is endemic to both of them. The cadets who have survived the fourth-class system and who inflict ritualistic violence in the form of hazing on others have lost something of their true "selves," something that was stripped away to lead them to believe that they could rightfully engage in this sort of behavior to inflict pain upon others. Therefore, the cadets who are guilty of said violence are perpetuating it because they have lost their own identities through disassociation -- in much the same way that Seth lost most of the moments of his life to this same phenomenon.

In conclusion, several of Stout's ideas about disassociation both apply to and help explain the tradition of obedience in the violent, misogynistic rituals that take place at the Citadel. The similarities between the effects of disassociation and…

Sacramento Basin the Project Is
Words: 2629 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46188822
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The Delta is also a habitat for many species of fish, birds, mammals, and plants, and it supports agricultural and recreational activities while also being the focal point for water distribution throughout the State.

The development of the Delta as it exists today started in late 1850 when the Swamp and Overflow Land Act transferred ownership of all swamp and overflow land, including Delta marshes, from the federal government to the State of California. In 1861, the State Legislature created the Board of Swamp and Overflowed Land Commissioners to manage reclamation projects, and in 1866, the authority of the Board was transferred to county boards of supervisors. The Delta now covers 738,000 acres interlaced with hundreds of miles of waterways, with much of the land below sea level, relying on more than 1,000 miles of levees for protection against flooding. 20

White sturgeon is one of the most spectacular native…


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FAO. 1991. 58p.

2. DeMaster, Douglas P., Fowler, Charles W., Perry, Simona L. And Richlen,

Michael F. Predation and Competition: The Impact of Fisheries on Marine-Mammal

Rich Are Actually Sinners This
Words: 1477 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10141100
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According to Harvard's student handbook, people who conduct the hazing practice will be held responsible for what happens even though it happens to a lot of people, which indicates it id a standard process (Preventing Hazing at Harvard).

People will argue that others want to be victims of hazing because it is apart of the educational culture and most individuals had been through it (the Hazing eader). Furthermore, some believe that it is no big deal until someone becomes seriously injured or found dead especially when they can buy their way out of trouble, which makes them sinners.


Throughout history, rich people have proven that they are sinners because they tried to stop others' religious beliefs. For example, Hitler was a powerful and rich man who created the Holocaust because he did not want people to be different from him. It is unfortunate that people are often mistreated for…


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Grasping Reality with Both Hands: Brad DeLong's Semi-Daily Journal.

Forest Fire Management Systems and
Words: 17324 Length: 63 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50516012
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It was then important to see the degree at which technology and training played a role in combating each fire.

1.2.4.ationale of the Study

What is that can be gained from this study? The reasoning behind such a study is born out of a need to provide better training for fire fighters so that fire management systems will improve and reduce the amount of loss due to the fire. By studying such a topic, one can gain the knowledge of how to better train fire fighters and how to make his or her job safer in the process. This in turn, results in reduced losses due to the fire. This also results in higher service ratings for the fire department and an increase in morale for the community.

1.3.Definition of Terms


The Underlying Causes of Fire.

It has already become a general knowledge that the majority of forest and…


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Calabri, G. (1982). Recent evolution and prospects for the Mediterranean region, Forest Fire prevention and control. Proceedings of an International seminar.

Titan Chemistry Science Daily Website
Words: 590 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 22713352
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The temperatures on Saturn, which average in the range of -99 F. To -290 F, or -73 C. To -179 C, mean that ethynyl's highly reactive status is necessary to perform the chemical process that results in the creation of triacetylene and the polyynes that serve as ultraviolet radiation shields and appear as haze from a distance (About that, 2009, Scientific Blogging). Saturn is otherwise too cold to have the heat to propel chemical reactions, in the absence of reactive molecules like ethynyl.

The modeling techniques used by the scientists to reproduce this process involved crossed molecular beam machines to "collide supersonic gaseous beams of ethynyl and diacetylene molecules," and a mass spectrometer measurement of the reaction (About that, 2009, Scientific Blogging). Analysis confirmed that the results of the collision yielded triacetylene, plus a single hydrogen atom. Later computations also confirmed the spectrometer's analysis of the distribution of electrons in…

Works Cited

About that triacetylene in Titan's atmosphere. (2009, September 27). Scientific Blogging

Retrieved October 6, 2009 

Chemistry of Titan's hazy atmosphere unraveled. (2009, October 4). Science Daily. Retrieved October 6, 2009

Why Parents Should Be Liable for Their Children's Bullying
Words: 1597 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18289711
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According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, between one-quarter and one-third of all American school children report being bullied in some fashion, with the highest prevalence of bullying occurring during the middle school years (Facts about bullying 2). It is inappropriate to classify every type of aggressive encounter between youths as bullying because young people are undergoing a profoundly transformative period in their lives when experimentation, peer pressure and the search for individual identity assume truly enormous significance. When some types of unwanted aggressive behaviors persist, however, they conform to the definition of bullying provided by the U.S. Department of Education and Centers for Disease Control (Facts about bullying 3) and many of these behaviors are crimes. A growing body of evidence confirms that bullying can have a wide range of adverse effects on both the perpetrator as well as the victim that can extend well into…

Fraternities and Sororities
Words: 723 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 23602483
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Fraternity and Sorority


Fraternities generally refer to any social organization that works for some specific causes. However Fraternities and sororities together refer to college or university-based organizations that provide its members with a sense of belonging and a common purpose. Fraternities were created in college to create a band of brothers. Its main purpose was to unite college students and create a more harmonious environment on the campus. Today, fraternities are usually mixed-gender but they were originally meant for men alone. The female version of these social organizations was called a sorority which came much later but is as effective as any college fraternity. Some fraternities are as old as the country itself like Phi Beta Kappan which was formed in 1776.

Fraternities and sororities are usually referred to as Greek societies and joining them is casually termed as going Greek. There are many studies currently underway…


Greek Life" Accessed March 24th 2005: 

Fraternities and Sororities" Accessed March 24th, 2005:

Pervasive Philosophies Behind Many Postmodern Forms of
Words: 1603 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10438146
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pervasive philosophies behind many postmodern forms of art and literature is the idea that human identities are defined more by their social circumstances than by any universal truths. The human is not a self-sufficient entity, but is built through social conventions. This notion reveals itself in the transitional postmodern works by Samuel Beckett and Vladimir Nabokov -- specifically, in Lolita and aiting for Godot. Humbert is continually attempting to reconcile his life as a suave intellectual with his hidden life as a pedophilic rapist. One way in which he does this is to call himself a "therapist"; which is an acceptable label for one of his faces, but also identifies him more subtly as "the rapist." This duel nature reflects the social limitations imposed upon his freedom, and the consequences they have for both his identity and his actions. Vladimir and Estragon encounter a different aspect of this philosophy: they…

Works Cited:

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Movie Do the Right Thing
Words: 980 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41178350
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Right Thing

The first scene of Spike Lee's Do the Right Thing presents Senor Love Daddy (Samuel L. Jackson) in his element as morning radio host. Shot in one long take, the scene begins with an extreme close-up (ECU) of an alarm clock bearing the time 8 AM, a large silver radio microphone, and Senor Love Daddy's mustached mouth; he is obviously an African-American male. In addition to the ringing alarm clock, his cry of "Waaaake up!" alludes to the potential of the film to awaken increased racial consciousness. The camera gradually zooms out to reveal more of his face. Senor Love Daddy wears dark sunglasses in which a reflection mimics a pair of eyes. Later, his word play cleverly coincides with the unique shot of his eyes, as he says, "I'z only play the platters that matter..."

In the background, soul music plays softly so that it does not…

Transitions in How to Breathe
Words: 684 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 40157314
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Without the experience and wisdom of understanding the complications of life and fallibility of human beings, Ben and Ella for instance are mired in a place in which they have only one way of understanding their world -- returning to the comfort of antagonism.

The loss of a mother comes to us again in "What We Save." In this case, Helena is juxtaposed between understanding what is really happening to her sick mother, while at the same time dealing with her burgeoning adolescence and the rather unsavory advances of the young sons of her mother's own, ironically, childhood boyfriend. Again, Helena initially "sees" the world through a rather childlike haze of hierarchical events: mothers take care of children, not the reverse; people are nice to one another, not implolite and rutting around like an animal. Helena simply cannot understand what makes the boys act this way -- and her own…

Gays in the Military The
Words: 1735 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 78966616
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hile not as sexy and "politically correct" as a direct confrontation of homophobia in the military, the author thinks that a pragmatic, gradual expansion of the "don't ask, don't tell" policy is in order. It is probably the best way to preserve the lives of gay servicemen and to protect and expand their rights.

orks Cited:

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Biblio and Tannen. 1966. 416.


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Yiddish Songs About Immigration to
Words: 1581 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Annotated Bibliography Paper #: 73718270
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Singer, Barry. "In Yiddish Music, a Reurn o Roos of Tormen and Joy." New York

Times (Augus 16, 1998): 32.

In his aricle, Barry Singer noes he changes Yiddish music underwen as Jews emigraed from Europe o America, and compares he evolving naure of Yiddish folk songs during he nineeenh and wenieh cenuries o more recen developmens in Yiddish music. This aricle is useful because i allows one o race an unbroken line from he earlies Yiddish songs regarding immigraion o America o musical developmens occurring oday, even if whaever was disincly Yiddish abou hese rends seemed o have been los or covered over when Yiddish musicians became he creaors of American popular culure in he 1940s and 50s.

Warnke, Nina. "Immigran Popular Culure as Conesed Sphere: Yiddish Music Halls,

he Yiddish Press, and he Processes of Americanizaion, 1900-1910." Theare

Journal 48, no. 3 (1996): 321-335.

This essay looks a…

the Yiddish Press, and the Processes of Americanization, 1900-1910." Theatre

Journal 48, no. 3 (1996): 321-335.

This essay looks at the Yiddish music hall as a special place of cultural mixing during the early twentieth century, and acts as a companion piece to the Heskes' essay about Yiddish music as social history. Instead of focusing on the music itself, Warnke's essay looks at the contested space of the Yiddish music hall, where the identity of Jewish immigrants was being established by proxy, on the stage through plays and musicals. This resulted in competing Jewish actors' unions and rival critics assailing those music halls deemed "illegitimate." Warnke argues that over a couple decades, however, these distinctions become blurred as the ongoing debate itself becomes absorbed into the Yiddish-American identity and ultimately expressed again through music. This essay is useful because it gives details regarding the history of Yiddish music halls themselves as well as provides an analysis of the changes going on in Yiddish music itself during the same time period.

Power of Imagery Explored in
Words: 3415 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75384847
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This poem is a favorite of mine because it reminds me to slow down and appreciate everything. It does not take long nor does it take much to renew and revive and that is exactly what the poet wishes to communicate.

In Joy Harjo's "Remember," the poet uses imagery and personification to convey points of importance. Because the poet is encouraging someone to remember, she pulls images from experience that will be familiar. She begins by telling the reader to "Remember the sky" (Harjo 1) and to "know each of the star stories" (2). In addition, it is important to know the moon. The poet wants to use images the reader already knows and identifies with in order to stress the importance of connecting with the earth. The importance of remembering one's parents is also important because we are all connected. She tells the reader to remember the "earth whose…

Works Cited

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edited by Edgar V. Roberts and Henry E. Jacobs. Upper Saddle River, NJ:

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Hermeneutical Interpretation of Matthew 22 34-38
Words: 1757 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 75178529
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Time and time again, Jesus emphasizes humility as a necessary ingredient of not merely living a life that God wishes His people to live, but also as a means of better understanding the scriptures with which the same spirit and intentions of the authors originally mirrored that of humility. With this said, the briefest interpretation of this passage is that the lawyer is asking Jesus which is the greatest commandment, to try to trick Him into stating something inaccurate. But Jesus uses this as an opportunity to make a point about what the very commandments mean and 'why' they were written in the first place; which is to convey the message of God's love for His people and His wish that His people love one another.

In short, the hermeneutical interpretation of Matthew's 22nd chapter, in the verses 34 to 38, is to employ the same standards as any good…

Horizontal Violence in Nursing Horizontal
Words: 651 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87744625
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ffective mentoring entails regular meetings to actively discuss roles, revisit issues and cultivate role modeling. The mentor typically supports and enhances a mentee's personal and career development. He or she must also be consistently available, have faith that the protege is on the right track, and have awareness of the larger issues relevant in the health care environment. This combination of skill, confidence and communicative ability is not common among nurses, which is part of the reason that healthy mentoring relationships do not always flower in the health care environment. However, the robust desire to help fellow nurses is the most important variable, and the primary reason most mentor relationships develop and prosper.

Four questions worth exploring in conjunction with a literature review include the following. How do administrators develop effective mentorship programs in health care institutions? How does the presence of mentors correlate to job burnout? What are the…

Escobio, M. (2005). Giving Back: Nurses and Mentoring. Retrieved from

Kuhl, L. (2005). Closing the Revolving Door: A Look at Mentoring. Journal of Illinois

Nursing, vol 102 (2), 9.

Indian Camp and The Garden
Words: 2729 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 35052430
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The scene is full of hope and joy, and the use of light helps to illuminate this mood.

Once Laura crosses the road, the scene is described quite differently. At first it is "smoky and dark," however Laura does manage to see in some of the cottages flickers of light in the shadows. These flickers of light represent flickers of hope, but they are far less luminous than those which were presented during the garden party.

"The Indian Camp" also makes use of light and dark imagery as a means of signifying elements of the initiation process. Nick and his father start off their journey in the dark of night, which signifies the lack of knowledge that surrounds Nick, and his blindness to the events that are about to take place in the shanty in the Indian camp. Like Laura's experience in the village, Nick too is able to see…

Works Cited

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Rodanthe Tragedy and Renewal in
Words: 1340 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 95336803
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As the novel veers toward Paul's efforts to reconcile with his son, inspired as he has been by his chance-meeting with Adrienne, the novel takes on different proportions. For Paul and Adrienne, meeting one another would not just serve as a way to move into a new phase of life, but it would also become a catalyst to their respective dealings with the past. For Adrienne, this would come in the form of her consultations with her daughter and for Paul it would come in the initiation of a meaningful relationship with his son in adult life.

The novel makes metaphorical reference to this intercession of the past and a renewed hope through the house in Rodanthe. The beach bungalow carries its own sense of a bright history, a faded middle age and an internal promise of refreshing affirmation, even in Adrienne's own observation. Here, the author describes "with the…

Works Cited:

Sparks, N. (2002). Nights in Rodanthe. Warner Vision Books.

The Psychological Profile of Jeffery
Words: 1012 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92677337
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It was also at
this period in his life that the alleged acts of molestation which may have
occurred during his childhood began to manifest in psychosexual
According to Odom, "in an interview Jeffrey once stated, 'it started
at the age of 14 or 15. I started having excessive fantasies of violence
intermingled with sex and it just got worse and worse. I didn't know how to
tell anyone, so I didn't. I just kept it all inside.'" (Odom, 1) Indeed,
the Odom article contends that Dahmer's drinking became a coping mechanism
but that his control over his violent sexual fantasies was dashed apart in
1978. Perhaps by no coincidence, the year that he graduated from high
school and his parents got divorced would be the same in which he committed
his first murder. Indications are also that Dahmer was exposed to violence
between his parents during the dissolution…

Works Cited:

Associated Press (AP). (1995). DAhmer's Brain Kept For Research. BNet.
Online at 

Montaldo, C. (2008). Profile of Serial Killer Jeffrey Dahmer. About
Crime/Punishment. Online at

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in
Words: 1671 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 20268537
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" (Mattaini and McGuire, 2006)

Results reported on the Olweus program for Scandinavia are as follows:

(1) impressive: reductions of 50% or more in bullying problems, with reductions increasing over time -- at least for 2 years;

(2) reductions in other forms of antisocial behavior; and reported improvements in school climate. Several replications support the utility of the approach (U.S. Surgeon General, 2001 in: Mattaini and McGuire, 2006).

Summary and Conclusion

The Olweus program is cited in the literature as being the only bullying prevention and intervention program that has produced empirical results and that has been replicated in studies. Furthermore, the Olweus program is the only bullying prevention program that has received recognition as a national model and a lueprint Violence Prevention Program by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Olweus program follows federal requirements in its involvement of all actors…


Boyle, D.J. (2005) Youth Bullying: Incidence, Impact and Interventions. Journal of the New Jersey Psychological Association, 55(3), 22-24. Online available at:

Lead & Manage My School: Exploring the Nature and Prevention of Bullying (2009) Federal Criteria for Identifying Effective Programs. U.S. Department of Education. Online available at: 

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Exploring the Nature and Prevention of Bullying (2009) Day 3 -- Bullying Prevention Strategies. Leading & Manage My School. U.S. Department of Education. Online available at:

Online Persona Undermines a Resume
Words: 332 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 17098369
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However, Finder mentions that this type of searching on the Internet via Facebook and MySpace is in reality not that widespread, due to the fact that most potential employers and college/university company recruiters consider it to be unethical or somewhat underhanded. Nonetheless, Finder makes it clear that all those seeking employment must review their information on these types of social networks and remove photographs and text that might be viewed as inappropriate by potential employers. One way of doing this is to use settings on sites like Facebook and MySpace that limit access to certain pages and information and to be very vigilant concerning what is posted and who has access to it. Overall, Alan Finder offers some very logical advice which all potential employees and students should carefully consider before posting personal information on the Internet.


Finder, Alan. "For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Resume." New York…


Finder, Alan. "For Some, Online Persona Undermines a Resume." New York Times. 2006.

Internet. Accessed September 23, 2009 from 


Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs and Organized
Words: 1745 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 63224498
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S. And maintain approximately as many members (both domestically and abroad) as the Hell's Angels. Their criminal activities are more focused on the manufacturing, distribution, and sales of cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamines. The banditos use "puppet" or minor affiliate clubs who are not themselves Banditos but operate with the Banditos' authority and conduct some the parent club's criminal activities on their behalf.


In the modern era, widespread crackdowns and joint operations initiated by state and federal law enforcement authorities and legislative tools such as the federal acketeer Influenced and Corruption Organizations (ICO) Act have greatly reduced the influence of the Italian Mafia/LCN in American society but organized crime still persists, even if on a much smaller scale than half a century ago. However, whereas the power and reach of LCN has been greatly reduced, a significant influx of newer criminal enterprises has filled much of the gap vacated in…


Henslin, J. (2002). Essentials of Sociology: A Down-to-Earth Approach. Boston: Allyn & Bacon.

Macionis, J. (2003). Sociology. New Jersey: Prentice Hall.

Pinizzotto, a., Davis, E., and Miller, C. "Street Gang Mentality: A Mosaic of Remorseless Violence and Relentless Loyalty." FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin,

September 2007: 1-7.

Freemasons Contributions to Today's Society
Words: 6522 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94133902
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In addition, both governments and churches began to grow suspicious of the group, probably because of the "organization's secrecy and liberal religious beliefs" (Watson, 2009). As a result, Portugal and France banned Freemasonry; in fact, it was a capital offense to be a Freemason in Portugal (Watson, 2009). Moreover, "Pope Clement XII forbade Catholics from becoming Freemasons on penalty of excommunication" (Watson, 2009). Feeling pressure in Europe, many Freemasons decided to flee the Old World and travel to the European colonies scattered throughout the world, most notably, America.

Influence on America

Anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of the Freemasons and American history understands that, whatever resistance the Freemasons met with in Europe was not to be found in America. The Freemasons set up lodges in Boston and Philadelphia, and some of the founding fathers, including Benjamin Franklin and George Washington. More importantly, the Freemasons are reported to have played…


Crowe, F. (2003). Things a Freemason should know. Whitefish, MT: Kessinger Publishing.

Decker, E. (Unknown). Masonic rituals for the Blue Lodge. Retrieved April 14, 2009 from Saints Alive in Jesus.

Web site: 

How it began. (1998). Retrieved April 13, 2009 from Grand Lodge a.F. & a.M. Of North

Bradshaw v Rallings the College
Words: 354 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 24481203
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2. The outcome of the case may have differed if the picnic had occurred in a different location. It is not the location that is necessarily important, but who was providing the alcohol at the party. This would be more certain if the college's handbook did not mention an alcohol policy; the presence of an alcohol policy helps establish a duty. However, because college handbooks generally mention an alcohol policy, the fact that something occurs on campus or at an official campus-related location, such as a fraternity house, implies that it occurs under the college's supervision, thereby subjecting the university to liability. Some colleges have severed all ties with fraternity/sorority organizations, thereby eliminating liability for things such as hazing. This process is legally and educationally advisable, because colleges can exercise only limited real control over fraternities and sororities, so that they take on almost unfettered liability with the fraternity system.

Ichiro Out of Lockup but
Words: 1426 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 61310492
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The impossibility of his situation is made poignant through characters like Eto Minato, a soldier who said "Yes" to service in the U.S. Armed Forces; Bull, another veteran of II; and Taro, Ichiro's own brother. The fact of Ichiro receiving bitter verbal and physical assaults on his body and his identity indicates an important point in Okada's book: these individuals have whole-heartedly accepted the twisted social standards established by the dominant Caucasian society.

If your cultural brethren, other Japanese-Americans you own age, have bought into the racism of the white society, and have begun to practice that hatefulness and bigotry, there is nowhere to hide and no shelter is available. Again, it's impossible now for Ichiro to obtain membership in any particular society. His mother is of no help to his crisis because she is a fanatic Japanese patriot, clinging to the pathetic notion that the Japanese had won the…

Works Cited

Okada, John. No-No Boy. San Francisco: Combined Asian-American Resources Project,

Camus France WWII France Under
Words: 1600 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 34790877
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Throughout his play, collective devastation is met with personal suffering. It is only when this becomes a shared suffering that it can become a collective way to redemption. The divides of a war now over would give way to this shared experience for all peoples of France, charged with the responsibility of rebuilding.

Indeed, this speaks much to the futility of war itself, as spoke by Camus when he resolves that "all a man could win in the conflict between plague and life was knowledge and memories" (Camus, 262). The viewpoint expressed here is in informed by the severity of orld ar II and the unprecedented global experience of attempting to be removed from this trauma. In the resolution instigative of this discussion, we can see that Camus holds on to some sense that man is inherently more a good creature than a bad one, and that he is to…

Works Cited

Camus, Albert. The Plague. 1947. NY: McGraw Hill, 1965.

Danger of Authority Explored in
Words: 986 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 73396853
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Lupack points out that conventional male and female roles are "comically reversed" (Lupack 96), emphasizing the "underlying principle of ironic contrast and the reason for the novel's universal appeal... madness is sanity and sanity is madness" (96). In addition, we come to grasp the notion that the patents are more "sane" (96) than their caretakers are but they only become aware of this after they check themselves into the asylum. Lupack observes, "The Combine's order is actually chaos, and the random natural elements of the world outside provide the only real meaning and order in life" (96). hile life appears to be orderly, it is actually empty. In Brave New orld, the irony exists in the premise of what defines happiness. The Savage touches on it briefly when he realizes that without pain, there can be no real, measurable pleasure. In a sense, everything is equal and while this may…

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Clean Air Act of 1990
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Emissions from a new car purchased today are 90% less polluting than a new vehicle purchased in 1970. The Act has been reformed to include a provision that in 2004, all new passenger vehicles, including SUVs, minivans, vans and pick-up trucks, must meet even more stringent tailpipe emission standards. "This marks the first time that light-duty trucks, including SUVs, pickups, and minivans are subject to the same national pollution standards as cars." A common criticism of the Act was that because it had different standards for larger vehicles, a critical component of vehicle-related pollution was being ignored.


One of EPA's earliest accomplishments was the elimination of lead from gasoline. The use of lead-based gasoline had effects beyond that of air quality. "Elevated levels of lead can damage organs and the brain and nervous system, and affect the heart and blood. Adverse health effects range from behavior disorders and anemia…

Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest
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The fog is actually generated by two painful experiences in Chief's past: first, the fog in his mind is a recurrence of the brain treatments ordered by Nurse Ratched, and secondly, the fog is a direct reference to the actual fog machine of World War II operated by military intelligence in order to obscure what was occurring on the airfield (Lupack 70) as Chief recalls: "Whenever intelligence figured there might be a bombing attack, or if the generals had something secret they wanted to pull -- out of sight, hid so good that even the spies on the base couldn't see what went on -- they fogged the field" (Kesey 116).

Generally speaking, the themes of a particular novel cannot be fully understood outside the social context of the plot. This also largely applies to "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest" whose plot is set in the 1950s which also…


Kesey, Ken. One flew over the Cuckoo's Nest. Penguin Classics, 2003.

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Cinema Verite and Direct Cinema
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The outcome of all of this was a rock concert which -- aside from the actual happenstance of performances -- was heavily controlled by the interest of the filmmaker. Though various aspects of the concert-attendance experience indicate that great care was paid to the appeal of the event itself, there is an explicit self-consciousness on the part of the subject as to the grander intention of the captured film to eulogize the touring band.

And with that purposeful modus operandi in mind, we may take note that the apparent distance between Direct Cinema and Cinema Verite really only serves academic purposes. From the perspective of the filmmaker or the documentarian, there is room both for a realistic portrayal of its subject and for the selection of an angle or impression. Given that the subject is a single concert event, wherein which the musical performances are the purpose of the document,…

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Desert Solitaire Wildland Recreation as
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In many ways, the Vietnam ar represented the height of Cold ar tensions in much the same way that the decade was giving way to an inevitable breaking point in environmental negligence. Though the years which would follow would see a gradual intensification of environmental protection laws, these have by and large been nullified by the impact of that for which Abbey offers the most criticism. ith both Vietnam and the destruction of many of America's richest points of flora and fauna diversity being the products of our ongoing 'evolution' toward technological, industrial and commercial advance, Abbey is persuasive in drawing a sympathetic mistrust of modernity from the reader. Ultimately, it produces a sense of loss for ildland Recreation opportunities while simultaneously reinforcing the primal importance of such experiences.

In this way, Desert Solitaire stands in 20th century environmental history as a guide to alternative living. hile he is unflinching…

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Threat China Poses to the
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Of course, the 2007 pet food scandal is also a result of this same lack of regulation and inspection in China. Pet food manufactured here in the United States and in Canada contained melamine, an ingredient used in the manufacture of plastic dinnerware, but also a key ingredient in many fertilizers. It sickened thousands of dogs and cats, and hundreds died as a result of eating the tainted pet food. This incident helped bring the dangers of Chinese imported food and other products into focus, and made it much more real for many Americans. As a result, many people are becoming more vigilant about Chinese products, and some Congressmen have called for bans on all Chinese foods that are not inspected, but that has not occurred.

Clearly, this poses a danger to American consumers, and it is one reason that Chinese imports are the biggest threat to America.

However, Chinese…


Comerford, Michael Sean. "Red Scare Fear Grows over the Quality, Inspection and Sheer Volume of Imports from China." Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL), 15 July 2007, 1.

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Environmental Policies and Problems in
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" (2007) Recommendations of this report include those as follows:

China should learn from the successes and failure of the U.S. And other developed countries in reducing the influence of energy use on air quality;

Continued dialogue and information exchange among U.S. And Chinese scientists and policy-makers should be promoted through professional organization, government support programs, and the National Academies in both countries to promote joint development of energy and pollution control strategies." (Committee on Energy Futures and Air Pollution in Urban China and the United State, Policy and Global Affairs, 2007)

Other findings of this report include the fact that "an important lesson learned is that air pollution damage imposes major economic costs, through premature mortality, increased sickness and lost productivity, as well as in decreased crops yields and economic impacts." (Committee on Energy Futures and Air Pollution in Urban China and the United State, Policy and Global Affairs,…


Energy Futures and Urban Air Pollution: Challenges for China and the United States (2007) Development, Security, and Cooperation (DSC) Committee on Energy Futures and Air Pollution in Urban China and the United States - Development, Security and Corporation: Policy and Global Affairs. National Academy of Engineering and National Research Council of the National Academies and the Chinese Academy of Engineering Chinese Academy of Sciences. Online Pre-publication Release available at 

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Wang, Alex (nd) The Downside of Growth: Law, Policy and China's Environmental Crisis. Perspectives Vol. 2 No. 2. Online available at

Drug Laws Changes in Drug
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Therefore, a closer look at what is needed is in order.

Needed Changes, Stakeholders and Barriers to Change

The decades that followed ockefeller and Felony Offender made it clear that these laws were in dire need of change for a variety of reasons. Perhaps most importantly among the reasons for a need for change was the fact that many of those in need of recovery from drug addiction were instead being locked away in prison, burdening the justice system, breaking up families and torturing people with a definite disease. On the other side of the argument, however, barriers to change in these policies was led by staunch conservatives who, not realizing the many facets of drug addiction, were too fast to dismiss addicts as criminals who were only getting what some felt they deserved ( In reality, however, there are effective solutions to the debate.

Effective Solutions to the Debate…


Current Developments in the Rockefeller Drug Laws. Retrieved November 30, 2007 from the World Wide Web:

The Rockefeller Drug Laws. Retrieved November 30, 2007 from the World Wide Web: 

Drug Laws

Divinity Please Tell Me the
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Meditation allows us to be aware of our mental states and encourage the emotions in positive directions. But first we must understand that we are often unaware of what we are thinking and feeling. So meditation is a tool that allows us to get to know ourselves more deeply.

From this self-awareness or self-knowledge we can start to persuade the awareness towards kindness. This will give a sense of meaning to our lives -- spiritual wealth and fulfillment from which compassionate action can springs forth. Gradually we encourage a positive cycle, where psychological states of clarity and compassion lead to positive actions in the world, which comes back around to kindle more positive mental states. The term "vicious circle" is all too familiar to many of us. Here is the same principle in its polar form -- a compassionate circle.

Meditation is an uncomplicated way to witness at our mental…

Film a Few Good Men
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Jessup shows contempt for the entire process from the time he arrives in the court, fully in keeping with his messianic belief in his own superiority and his role in protecting the country at all costs. He has no respect for the defense attorneys, as might be expected, but also none for the prosecutor or the judges in the court. His ethical standards are based entirely on a vision of himself as arbiter of all right and wrong, and he believes he did nothing wrong because he believes he can do no wrong. Jus because he saw a need, any decision he makes is necessarily right. He also does not recognize any higher authority, which is what a court certainly is, and when he is forced to admit his own actions, he still sees himself as right and those who have forced him to tell the truth as the real…


Thomason (2005). Ethics in Crime and Justice. Provided. No publication data.

Smashed Oral Report Koren Zalickas'
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Drinking lowers inhibitions, makes you feel better about yourself, makes you do things you don't really want to do. All of her drinking eventually ended up with this shy girl, too shy to even look herself in a mirror naked, blacking out after one night of drinking. She woke up, unsure of where she was and if she had sex for the first time. To this day, Koren can't remember her first kiss.

Order a drink with Koren today and she'll order some water or a soda. She's given up drinking, and written a memoir at the age of twenty-four. Already, she's forgotten a lifetime of memories, thanks to using alcohol as a social and emotional crutch. She doesn't blame her parents. Her father, she says, knew how to fix her computer but didn't know how to fix his daughter's sense of neediness, and although her parents grounded her after…

Works Cited

Zalickas, Koren. Smashed: Story of a Drunken Girlhood. New York: Viking Adult, 2005.

Handout: Questions to Ask Yourself

Is alcohol causing a problem in my life?

Have your family or friends ever complained about your drinking?

Entrepreneurship Feasibility Analysis Report
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Marketing Analysis

Key Conclusions





oday, the Gold Coast is a thriving tourist city located in an advantageous geographic position that can be reasonably expected to contribute to its future growth. herefore, identifying opportunities to provide value-added services to existing successful businesses in this region represents a valuable and timely enterprise for entrepreneurs seeking a niche in this multicultural market. his study examines the feasibility of forging a long-term partnership with a Middle Eastern-themed restaurant by providing belly dancer, karaoke, and home delivery services for this and other similarly situated restaurants in the future based on this business model. he principals have extensive experience in the provision or the coordination of the provision of these services as well as a comprehensive knowledge of the targeted geographic market. Salient factors that should be taken into account, primary research in the form of a structured interview with the restaurant…

The results of a 1996 marketing survey for Robina Shopping Town in Surfers Paradise found that on a given day, there is an average of 83,000 tourists on the Gold Coast (approximately one quarter of the population of 340,000 residents); in 1996 tourists spent $A1.37 billion on the Gold Coast, whereas residents spent $A1.86 billion (Holmes, 2001, p. 189).

There is widespread agreement among patrons of Middle East-themed establishments that belly dancers and hookahs enhance the venue (Peterson, 2008).

Although the major source of international tourists to the Gold Coast remains Japan, a growing number of tourists from the Middle East are visiting the region as well (Jafari, 2000).In fact, the Gold Coast is the third-most popular destination in Australia, following only the major cities of Sydney and Melbourne (Jafari, 2000).

Joining a Fraternity
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Joining a Fraternity: What's the Draw?

The lure of the fraternity is one that remains a prominent aspect in the lives of many college students within the United States and on an international level. Each semester, young men flock to fraternities within their respective campuses, enduring long initiation processes and even hazing in some instances, and throughout it all, the question remains: what exactly is the draw? In beginning to understand the appeal of fraternity life within the college environment, one must first understand the basic elements that such an existence throughout one's college career can garner both socially and academically. In understanding this basis, along with the sense of brotherhood fostered within these fraternity communities, one can better understand the appeal of such an inclusion that keeps young men coming back for more on a yearly basis.

The Appeal

Upon arriving at college one's freshman year, the only thing…


Dailey, P. (2011). The fraternity leader: the complete guide to improving your chapter.

New York, NY: Create Space. Print.

Kohlman, M. And Murnen, S. (2007). Athletic participation, fraternity membership and sexual aggression among college men: a meta-analytic review. Sex Roles, 57.1-2: pp. 145-158. Web. Retrieved from: ProQuest Database. Accessed on 8 December 2011.

Joining A Fraternity

Cat a Friend Went to
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Nor do these media usually include the depth of context that allows readers to pick up such nonverbal cues from more traditional literature or visual media. The result is a kind of control mark by which we can measure the level of CAT that takes place face-to-face. While phone texting seems to be developing its own accommodation markers through the numerous abbreviations and emoticons that emerge ongoing, my own informal research group at least agrees that an email from a professor to "come see me in my office about your paper" does not encourage convergence even with a perfect grade point average, although there is no literal suggestion of divergence either.

This informal control benchmark indicates how complex forms of accommodation can become. When we hear a speaker with a regional dialect we cannot automatically tell if they are affecting an accent on purpose, or for example if they grew…

Education Is a Basic Need and a
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Education is a basic need and a fundamental right of every human being regardless of what background or class he belongs to. An important nurturing ground for any child is his primary educational institute. This is a place where a child is groomed and prepared into a confident human being in order to face the world practically in future. However, for many young children this very place becomes a source of damaging their confidence and esteem and pushing them towards isolation by subjecting them towards constant physical and/or verbal abuse. This paper highlights such forms of bullying that is prevalent in schools not only in Canada, but in many parts around the world. The paper evaluates the actions that could and that could not be classified as an act of bullying. Furthermore, the paper also evaluates the causes and effects of bullying. Finally, the paper discusses the ways in which…


Education, and that too, a quality education is a right of every human being regardless of gender, race, cast, color, creed or socio economic background. Education plays an important role in the grooming, upbringing, nurturing and mental nourishment of a person. Good education does not only guarantee good living, but also builds one's confidence and esteem. Unfortunately, the double standards and inequality in the provision of education has led to a lot of social problems. These inequalities lead to serious social gaps, and in many cases, the ones who are not among the privileged lot, face social discrimination and are treated as inferiors. There are various forms of inequality in the education system that exists. These include inequality in terms of class and economical background, racial and religious discrimination and discrimination on account of one's mental or physical abilities. The victims of these double standards usually fail to get into the same institution as their superior and privileged counter parts. However, even if they somehow manage to make into those superior institutions, they many a times are subjected to severe discrimination, both intentional, and unintentional, which makes them feel alienated and leads to their isolation. These issues, in turn have serious psychological impact on the victim (Pivik, McComas & Laflamme, 2002). Many a times, this discrimination takes an extreme form and as a result, offends and abuses the victim. This is referred to as bullying.

Bullying is one of the most common, and at the same time,

NCLB a Great Idea Gone Astray No
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A Great Idea Gone Astray

No one who cares about the future of our nation can dispute that education is important. And no one should dispute the fact that each child has as a birthright a good education that will allow each child to find a path through life that is meaningful and productive. But how to provide, implement, sustain, and assess such an educational system has proven to be extremely difficult. In part, of course, this difficulty arises from the fact that different individuals, communities, and generations have often very different ideas about what constitutes a sound education. Should public schools seek to educate citizens or train workers? Instill creativity or a work ethic? Urge conformity or individuality? And, even when schools and their stakeholders can determine exactly what it is that they are trying to do, how are they going to be able to assess whether or…


Arts education. Retrieved from 

No Child Left Behind Leaves Unintended Consequences. (2011). Retreived from

Range Theory Nursing If Accepts Premise Grand
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range theory nursing. If accepts premise grand theories nursing longer, implications nursing education, practice, research? Question 2: due 11/29/11 There controversy nursing direction development nursing knowledge .

There is an emphasis at present on the development and use of mid-range theory in nursing. If one accepts the premise that grand theories of nursing are no longer necessary, what are the implications for nursing education, practice, and research?

Nursing theories can be classified in many different ways, but one of the most common methods is to group them into grand and middle range theories. A grand theory "provides a conceptual framework under which the key concepts and principles of the discipline can be identified," while, in contrast, a "middle range theory is more precise and only analyzes a particular situation with a limited number of variables" (Nursing theories: An overview, 2011, Nursing Theories). Mid-range theories of nursing do not attempt to…


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Odyssey and O' Brother in the Course
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Odyssey and O' Brother

In the course of human history, one of the interesting things about past literature is the way the heroic appears again and again. In fact, this appearance becomes an archetype in that we see very similar themes in literature, religion, mythology, and culture. This is perhaps because as humans we have the need to explain and explore the unknown, but also because we tend to psychologically need a guide through the complexities of life. The idea of the hero as a role model for behavior, in fact, is so tied to human culture that one need only look at popular culture -- television and motion pictures for certain, to epitomize the need for particular story themes to remain popular. Whatever the genre -- science fiction, fantasy, western, war, even politics -- the classic nature of human values become clear when one continues to see the character…


Cline, J. (2008). American Myth Today. University of Virginia. Retrieved from: 

Homer. (n.d.) The Odyssey. Persesus Project. Retrieved from:

Men Fought in the Civil
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What a careful examination of such sources has revealed, according to the author, is that there were strong ideological reasons for the contesting of the Civil War, that were inherently mixed with a social identity that relied upon the approval of one's peer groups. "Yet for Civil War soldiers, the group cohesion and peer pressure that were powerful factors in combat motivation were not unrelated to the complex mixture of patriotism, ideology, concept of duty, honor and manhood, and community or peer pressure that prompted them to enlist in the first place" (McPherson 1997, 13). The ideologies that both sides embraced, therefore, were notions of patriotism (even for the Confederacy, which considered itself its own nation at the time of the belligerence), honor, and duty as a man. Interestingly enough this viewpoint is considerably at variance with that of the traditional opinion of the motivation for the combatants in the…


McPherson, James. 1997. For Cause and Comrades: Why Men Fought in the Civil War. New York: Oxford University Press.

Samurai Spirit Their Obligation Loyalty
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Spirit of the Samurai

I suppose I became a modern Samurai through the experience of my father's death. My father belonged to the old school of Samurai philosophy -- a way of life that I despised for one reason - he committed ritual suicide known to the Samurai as Seppuku, or Hara-kiri. I remember the day that he died. It was cold and very early in the morning when he came to me and told me about the ways of the Samurai. He told me about honor and a life dedicated towards a morality of perfection; a way of life that had the highest moral goals in attempting to achieve a perfect state of being and living. He also told me at length about the ancient Samurai who valued the warrior's aggression as much as kindness and compassion. I was a bit confused by his lecture. After all, I had…


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Matrasko C. BUSHIDO, WARRIOR CODE OF CONDUCT:the Samurai. Retrieved November 21, 2004 from Aikidp World. Web site:,%20the%20Samurai.htm

Way of the Spiritual Warrior. Retrieved November 21, 2004. Web site:

Free Will and Deviant Behavior
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The novel vividly illustrates this event, stated as follows:

The scorching blade slashed at my eyelashes and stabbed at my stinging eyes. That's when everything began to reel. The sea carried up a thick, fiery breath. It seemed to me as if the sky split open from one end to the other to rain down fire. My whole being tensed and I squeezed my hand around the revolver. The trigger gave; I felt the smooth underside of the butt; and there, in that noise, sharp and deafening at the same time, is where I tall started. I shook off the sweat and sun. I knew that I had shattered the harmony of the day, the exceptional silence of a beach where I'd been happy. Then I fired four more times at the motionless body where the bullets lodged without leaving a trace. And it was like knocking four quick times…


Bree, B. (Ed.). (1972). Camus. NJ: Rutgers UP.

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Steichen Edward Steichen -- His
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(Steichen and Sandburg, 2002) Although the paintings from this period are less well remembered by posterity than his photographs they are still striking in their design and were formative in his conceptualization of himself as an artist and his later arrangement of his photographic subjects. ("Steichen as Painter," National Gallery of Art, 2005)

For instance, like the revelation of a painting, 'true' Swanson emerges in her photograph more vividly through the haze of lace than would a perfect shot of the young actress' beauty, just as the true "George ashington Bridge, 1931's" expanse of loneliness and cold, steely beauty illuminated in the darkness of that photograph speaks deeply about what the surface represents about modern city life, as well as what it looks like to an outsider's eyes. This iconic quality of his photographic work has also caused Steichen to be called an early albeit unintentional pioneer of what was…

Works Cited

Flatiron NYC on a Rainy Night." Photograph by Edward Steichen. 1924. Image available online at 

George Washington Bridge: 1931." Photograph by Edward Steichen. 1931. Image available online at

Rock Decided to Meet Lucas
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Miami was where it all happened. I dated then. I guess you could say I had a life. Back then, if I were to be living under any rock, it had to be a very beautiful one, such as limestone, the kind of limestone that grew in small crevices on the road leading up to my grandfather's home on the island. I felt then that Prince Charming would come, eventually and when he did he wasn't going anywhere. After all, I am amazing; he must just not have received the memo quite yet. All of this was in the past and the time was now. I had been through enough doubt and feeling that I was some creature living under a rock. I was going to meet him and this situation would be resolved. Tonight was my coming out from under the rock.

Lucas. His name is Lucas Walker. We…

Culture Lyons Kevin Cease and
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As a result, what could be a solid expose on how cultural art forms have been misappropriated becomes a spurious, although interesting piece. Intellectual property and the laws surrounding it are indeed direct products of the Western European culture in which we live. Therefore, it is only natural that the laws of such a society would reflect its cultural ideals. Moreover, Coombo fails to account for how it would be possible to protect collective cultural expressions, many of which are universal symbols such as those from nature. Coombo also fails to offer any clear examples of how artistic forms have been misappropriated from the "ritual contexts" she refers to. The Crazy Horse example is a clear-cut and understandable example to support Coombo's argument, and the article would be strengthened had the author offered more. The article can serve as a good springboard for sociological research studies and investigations into means…

Sister Imelda Edna O' Brien's
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406). The narrator wants to know all about Sister Imelda, especially after they become special friends, more so than the usual teacher and student. As she asks her one day, "Sister, did you ever ride a motorbicycle [sic]?"...

Sister, did you ever wear seamless stockings?"... Sister, what's your favorite film star -- male?" (p. 415). To the narrator, Sister Imelda is fascinating, yet not quite real. Yet, as the narrator also begins to realize at times, through the haze of her schoolgirl infatuation with Sister Imelda, the nun is really just an ordinary human being:

Yes, she had ridden a motorbicycle [sic], and she had worn silk stockings, but they were seamed. She liked bananas best, and if she had a wish it would be to go home for a few hours to see her parents and brother. (p. 415)

And when Sister Imelda's only brother dies later on, in…

Legalization of Marijuana IT's Not
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" In fact, the hite House admits that "a direct cause and effect relationship between marijuana use and subsequent use of other drugs is hard to prove." At the same time, the hite House tries to convince readers that adults who were early marijuana users were more likely to have used cocaine, heroine, and other drugs. Both websites offer a balanced viewpoint on the gateway drug issue, but the MPP makes a more convincing argument.

The hite House publication called "hat Americans Need to Know About Marijuana" is available in PDF format, either as a full file or in sections. The PDF format is convenient for people who wish to save the document to their hard drive and read it at a later date, and is also easy on the eyes. However, there are drawbacks to PDF files, such as the lack of hypertext and the amount of memory usage…

Works Cited

Marijuana Policy Project website at .

What Americans Need to Know About Marijuana." 2003. Online at .

Degradation Ceremonies
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Degradation Ceremonies: How degradation ceremonies are used as a means of social control

Degradation ceremonies are a not-so subtle means of formal and informal social controls in a variety of institutional as well as informal contexts. The ceremonies suggest to the initiates involved that they must behave in such a fashion or else they will be socially ostracized. Degradation ceremonies need not be formal social or religious rituals -- for example, the House Un-American Activities anti-communist witch hunts could be seen as a form of degradation ceremony, even for those who were not legally charged with a crime or imprisoned. The mere threat of tainting of the supposedly offending individual with the label of communist, if he or she did not 'name names' could condemn the accused person in the eyes of the public, and degrade the accused person's name and reputation in the formalized context of the ceremony or…

1947 Film Possessed 1947 by
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The setting then shifts to ashington, D.C., where a younger Louise is in love with an unmarried construction engineer, David (Van Heflin). David, however, finds Louise overbearing and does not return her love, which only makes her want David even more, to the point of obsession. An obsession or a quest (e.g., Sam Spade's quest for the Maltese falcon; the young reporter's quest to find "Rosebud" in Citizen Kane, is also a frequent film noir element, although in general, within film noir films, the main character's quest is more mysterious than Louise's overt, obsessive quest for David's love.

Film noir often also contains plot coincidences, or odd confluences of events (e.g., Kane just happens to meet Susan Alexander on a dreary night when his marriage has just come apart). Such a coincidence within Possessed takes place when David happens to turn up at the home of Louise's employer, a wealthy…

Water, e.g., lakes, swimming pools, puddles, reservoirs, steamy showers, etc., especially when tied to mysterious or ominous circumstances or events, is another common element often used within film noir. Roman Polanski's Chinatown (1974), a later film noir classic, for example, features swimming pools; mysterious trickles of water; a reservoir, etc., all of them tied to the nefarious activities of the film's villain. In Possessed, Pauline, also a villain of sorts (Louise's tormenter) drowns herself.

Film noir often frequently contains a "femme fatale," such as the female main characters in The Maltese Falcon; The Big Sleep; and Chinatown. The femme fatale is a beautiful and seductive woman. She seldom actually kills anyone, although she may be involved in a plot to kill someone, or may otherwise contribute toward another person's (usually a man's) death. In Possessed, Louise's character is an odd a twist on the "femme fatale" stereotype, in that she is, quite literally, the person fatal to David, when she shoots and kills David in the end.

All in all, Curtis Bernhardt's film Possessed (1947) is neither a pure woman's film nor a pure example of film noir, but instead contains elements of each. If it is a woman's film, a woman's film, it is a twisted and ironic example of that, since its main female character is not one with which female (or any) viewers can identify, and her circumstances are atypical of most women's. However, the film does possess elements of unrequited love; of a woman alone facing difficulties, and of a love triangle: all typical elements of women's films. Possessed contains some, but not all key elements of film noir; including images of darkness; shadows, or haze; stark lighting; unusual camera angles; stark, washed-out appearances, and the element of water in connection with death.

Jazz Biography
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Miles Davis

One cannot think of Jazz without thinking of Miles Davis. Davis is widely regarded as one of the foremost jazz trumpeters. However, it would be a mistake to believe that Davis' influence on the world of jazz was limited to his abilities as a trumpeter. Davis was recognized as a composer, a bandleader, and a keyboard player. In addition, Davis helped develop improvisational playing techniques, which incorporated modes. Finally, "Davis had an uncanny ability of always selecting great sidemen for his recording sessions. These recordings are full of original and creative sensitivity and are outstanding examples of jazz recordings made at that time." (The Official Miles Davis Website, 2001).

If Davis' mother had her way, jazz music today would be dramatically different. Davis was born to Miles Henry Davis, a dentist, and Cleota Davis. Cleota Davis was a blues pianist, but she kept that fact hidden from her…


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Criminology Examples Policeman's Working Personality
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This fear is intensified in the close quarters of prisons. Also, as noted in "Police Control of Juveniles" of Donald J. Black and Albert J. Reiss, Jr. both groups use techniques of fear and intimidation to deal with such a hostile environment. The police use their authority to intimidate prisoners or potential convicts on the street, while convicts use their potential menace and the real or threatened use of violence to assert authority against one another.

The process of "prisonization" and "policization" thus both involve the entry of the individual into a unique subculture, different from those ordinary persons inhabit. Like all human beings, there is a desire for survival, group approval, and esteem, all of which are met, according to the dictates of prison life, by obeying the rules of the social hierarchy. Prisoners are continually watched and monitored for deviant behavior, and these prisoners watch the police to…

Stanley Tookie Williams' Gang Prevention
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Risk factors are often found in clusters and their cumulative effect may lead to a greater probability that youth will become involved in crime (Garbarino, 1999). As a result then, there are not one or two factors that could cause someone to join a gang, but rather a collection of factors (Garbarino). It is possible then, by eliminating even one factor among the cluster, that programs could reduce gang involvement.

According to Esbensen (2000), many major cities have introduced gang prevention programs throughout the United States over the past 60 years. Community groups, social workers, and law enforcement personnel manage the different prevention programs in a variety of formats. he national government has also addressed the seriousness of gangs; President George W. Bush has proposed that funding be used for a three-year project to help keep youth out of gangs. First Lady Laura Bush will lead the new effort, Helping…

The approaches to gang prevention for youth have been developed using a wide variety of methods. Individual counseling can be used for behavior modification to decrease aggression, impulsiveness, and inflexible behaviors (Lipsey, M.W., Wilson, D.B. And Cothern, L. 2000). Family involvement using counseling and providing parental training techniques such as modeling, role-playing instruction, and story-reading have been found to be effective (Seitz and Apfel, 1994). School-based programs are offered across the country, which often follow a rigid curriculum over varying amounts of time. Community-based organizations provide a variety of programs using supervised mentors (McGill, Mihalic, and Grotpeter, 1998) and curriculum designed to teach social skills and problem solving techniques (Wong, Catalano, Hawkins, and Chappell 1996).

Utilizing incarcerated or former gang members can also provide a powerful means to reach out to youth. The Gang Violence Reduction Program of East Los Angeles draws on former gang members to influence and prevent youth gang involvement, which was also reported to be successful (National Youth Gang Suppression and Intervention, 1994).

Types of Prevention

Victor Hugo Romantic Writings of Victor Hugo
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Victor Hugo

Romantic ritings of Victor Hugo

The romantic period was partly in reaction to the impact that the industrial revolution had on the psyches of artists of all stripes. The move toward an industrial culture had moved many people from the pastoral scenes of the country into the grungy hearts of the cities. Many of the people worked in the factories six days a week for many hours a day, or they worked in mines and other industries to support the industry in the cities. The response from the artistic community was to remind the public of two things. They wanted people to remember where they came from and they wanted to help people see the true emotion of life.

One of the most influential writers of the period was a young Frenchman who was known for his poetry early in his career (Halsall x), but who gained international…

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