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people join fraternities and sororities, and do others not?

You may be a fresher in college or a student who has got transfer. Certainly you have taken up the college to attain a degree. Also you may be in search of some work to perform with all the leisure time you possess when you just are not doing anything in the class. There are umpteen groups of particular interest situated in the campus. You can enroll in one of these to enhance your extracurricular activities or render something for a valuable cause. It is recurrently convenient to make a decision about which group of particular interest you want to enroll in. But we see that the chosen lot of college students challenges the viability of joining a brotherhood group or sisterhood campaign. Each and every person has their own cause to enroll in or turn down these sororities or fraternities. College students who pick up the brotherhood or sisterhood campaigns do it due to the reason that they have a unfilled requirement of social acceptance. The challengers of the idea of enrolling in brotherhood campaigns have a strong belief that it is the buck poured in for the reason of gathering a lot of friends. But it might be a valid reason that the college students who enroll in these groups have the urge for developing leadership skills, or promoting community service in their leisure hours.

There are umpteen Greek organizations situated on campuses that are consistently campaigning through banners and boosting themselves. Those who are not among the group have an inclination towards being irritated or taken in by this attitude. It has been of debate by the protestors that any particular person who enrolls in brotherhood campaigns or sisterhood campaigns is aloof and requires friends. It is not only that they require friends and support, but they have to pour in bucks for it, which turns the situation even more arduous. And as a peak to all these they are voluntarily sacrificing their values that have been cherished and this they do at the time of start to please others. They argue that some people enroll in brotherhood campaigns to have a nice get together. As per these people, it can be very strenuous looking out for a suitable hotspot to have a get together and have a meeting with people, particularly if you are a male. It is possible for the females to reach to any placed, but if one is a guy he needs to know people to reach these hotspots. And recurrently, people turn down enrolling just not due to the reason that they are in dearth of money, but they already possess enough preoccupation among school and counterparts they were able to create on their own. They have a feeling that they do not require to be a segment of a camp so as to create a friends circle and move well. There is also a strong feeling among them that being a part of such a cult would put them in a cheap position, such as occasions during the start of the camp. (College Students Join Greek Organizations for Social Acceptance)

And repeatedly there is a drawback which arises due to the money. A certain chunk of money has to be spent as a fee, and there exist certain subscriptions at the end of the year which need to be paid. Certainly there are many occasions of get together that are supported by the organizations of Greek origin to render something to the section, but the students who are opposed to Greek life are of the view that there are means to carry this out by avoiding any fees or existing as a part of a cult. People at some point want to be acknowledged, but they do not want to be pointed out in the glaring light. Same is the case for those who enroll in a Greek cult. They want to create a friends circle, so they enroll in a brotherhood campaign or a sisterhood campaign so they can be one among the lot. But just by taking up attire and bags with their cult's name just reveals that they want to be acknowledged, but still be one among the cult. Repeatedly some students think twice before enrolling in brotherhood campaigns or sisterhood campaign, due to the existence of an old replica. (College Students Join Greek Organizations for Social Acceptance)

They are of the thought that an individual has to envisage or perform a certain ritual to be one among the group. In the same context there is an idea prevalent that all brotherhood campaigns have fun and get together most of the time. There are a handful of students who have faith that enrolling in brotherhood campaigns or sisterhood campaigns are merely a requirement for people to one among some entity. They have a faith that people enroll in these cults due to the fact that there is a dearth of self-prestige or existence in the limelight and the whole feature of community service is just a stunt to make the cult legitimate. (Rush Hour) There are many replicas that go hand in hand with the attitude of the members. For instance, guy's just want to have a get together, and have booze, and enjoy physical relations, while girls are prominent and involve in illegitimate sex. It may be that people enroll in such a cult so as to suit the college image. Social acknowledgement is required in every nook and corner. Not a single person likes to be left without anything and be impotent. Even as people resort to different means to gain this acknowledgement, people who prefer to enroll in these brotherhood or sisterhood campaigns are in dearth of something in their lives, whether it be self-prestige or authentic friendships, is believed by those who refuse to join the fraternities. They possess a requirement to be a section of a group, even if they may require molding their ways and meeting the organization's requirement. (College Students Join Greek Organizations for Social Acceptance) So on this basis; a few students emerge who turn down joining the Greek cults.

Those people who turn down these brotherhood campaigns have a faith that your chief sincerity is inclined to be towards your sorority, and not towards your friend. This gives rise to some brotherhood members taking part in a strict pattern of silence bearing a close semblance to that of some police officials. While not every one carries out the bad actions, the others resort to being mute when it comes to those who engage in bad actions. Brotherhood attitude, in combination with the rape attitude, makes college vicinities dangerous waters to wade in for the women. They make a stress that in 1988, the Tampa Tribune made a report of a young girl who was raped at Florida State University by four brotherhood members. There was an allegation that they abandoned her in a nude position in the hallway of an adjacent fraternity house with the brotherhood campaign's communications penned on her thighs. Not a single member of the fraternity was willing to speak against the fellow mates. There was the woman who was allegedly raped and who remained wavering in and out of consciousness and her level of alcohol in blood landed her in a life-threatening situation. About approximately 150 members of the brotherhood campaigns remained mute; to a position that might have been imbibed by the code of the campaign.

Arising out of this, charges were left without being filed in this particular case. Those who are strong protestors of fraternity quote a 1998 analysis that "Gender on Campus" held as its focal point the gang rapes on American college campuses. It was revealed that fraternity men carried out around 70% of gang rapes on campus, although non-fraternity men constitute grounds only for around 10% of rapes on campus. The occasions of brotherhood campaigns often are comprehensive of the making use of women. Some members go to striptease gatherings as brotherhood occasions. After throwing pledges, brotherhood campaigns sometimes make exploitation of women to boost up their spirits. In certain occasions, brotherhood campaigns also have strip teasers that are brought to the brotherhood camps. Some of the brotherhood campaigns have the strippers transported to the last night of the Rush Week. (Fraternities can breed racism, sexism)

The chief reason why people think twice before enrolling in Greek Organizations is due to the fact they are afraid that they might land up being hazed. Although a particular feature, the norms upon which each and every Greek organization was based have a close semblance to each other, comprehensive of the pursuance of literacy betterment, better citizenship, the enhancement of leadership capabilities amidst its players, and the fellowship. These shared norms give the provisions and the basis for the Greek pattern. Particularly hazing preys upon this foundation, contrasting the very validity of these norms on which the Greek pattern was based.…

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