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Reimbursement Issues in Healthcare

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Third-Party Payment Systems:
a) Healthcare System Reimbursement: Evaluate third-party payer models for the impacts they present on healthcare system reimbursement.
Third-party payer models currently have a tremendous impact on the healthcare reimbursement system. The most considerable of these is the diverse forms in which they cause reimbursement to manifest. The vast majority of patients involved in the healthcare system utilize third-party payer models in the form of healthcare insurance. Insurance companies are the predominant means of reimbursing healthcare organizations for the services they provide, the equipment they use, and the staff they employee. In a sense these insurance companies are reimbursed by the premiums they exact from their patients. These two aspects of reimbursement make this concept multidimensional, which is the main effect of third-party payer models on healthcare system reimbursement.
b) Reporting Requirements: Analyze the reporting guidelines of third-party payer payment systems.
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