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Evolution of Health Care Information Systems

Before 1990, the 80s brought in a new health era. The U.S. health care system turned out to be an organization that would grow continuously. Especially in the sector of health care information technology. The research shows that the development can be looked at as an effort to stereotype people's disjointed health care service. It is obvious that the health care information technology is no longer a choice but a need to be obedient with the mandated federal rules. Commander George W. Bush in 2004 enquired health care suppliers to tool Electronic Health Records (EHR) by 2014. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), and The Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act of 2010 likewise merged this enterprise by asking health care providers to be yielding with the new lawmaking. A lot of community-founded medical doctor practices previously unwilling to hold technology are understanding the remunerations of the health care information systems, for example electronic doctor order entry (CPOE), electronic medical records and other updated technology used in medical system. The reason of this document is to compare and contrast a modern health care organization with a health care organization of 20 years ago. Moreover, the essay will recognize at least two major events and technological benefits that swayed the current health care information system (HCIS) practices.

Description of Health Care Information Systems

Previous to arguing the evolution of HCIS in the last 20 years, it would be advantageous to have a simple accepting of the two key classes of the health care information systems. As said by Smith (2009)," A health care information system (HCIS) is looked at as being an arrangement of material (data), procedures, individuals, and information technology that interrelates to gather, administer, store, and offer as production the information wanted to upkeep the health care organization." Administrative...


A medical information system covers scientific or patient health-connected information used in identifying, watching, and the action of the patients (Versel, 2014). OACIS, EMR, and clinical decision support systems are few instances of the clinical information organization. A managerial information system holds financial or administrative data and is normally utilized in order to bring support the management purposes (Versel, 2014). The arrangements utilized by the billing, patient economic facilities, human resources and materials management, falls up under the secretarial information system.

The health care information system development and attractiveness curtailed from the presentation-based expense system. The advantages of Medicaid and Medicare to recompense health care benefactors for better patient results produced a request for health care information system that could gather the statistics from multiple resources in an appropriate way. The administrative information services were primarily applied to gather patient demographic and insurance information and assimilate into the billing structures.

Evolution of Health Care Information Systems in the Last Two Decades

All through the 1980s, systems were founded on deeply integrated architectural designs for collecting data on patients' demographics, insurance information, and for the billing purposes (King, 2010). The present health care information systems proposal more springy and regionalized outline. This system has progressed from the ordinary administrative jobs to stylish systems accomplished of handling clinical decision support systems, and archiving communication system, forward-thinking digitization of diagnostic images and optical character recognition (OCR), (hipaasurvivalguide, 2012). The customary utilization of Health Care Information Systems (HCIS) for data information has provided way to highlight on sharing data. Just like any added reasonable commercial professional industry, the doctor practices were unenthusiastic when it came to giving out patient information with other doctor practices. At the moment, the doctor practices are discovering new methods to exchange patient health information in an appropriate and protected manner so as to improve synchronization of patient care. Research shows that the application of electronic medical record systems stops the delays…

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