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Health Care Reform

The objective of this study is to review the state of health care in two U.S. states and to compare and contrast what the websites reveal about health insurance in each state and to report what conclusion can be drawn. This study will additionally compare and contrast the general health statistics of the population in the state as well as the state's health ranking and to compare and contrast the influence of health care reform on professional nursing practice in both states.

The two states chosen for comparison and contrast in this study are the states of Alabama and Colorado. Alabama is reported to have the health ranking of number forty (40) among U.S. states while Colorado's health ranking is reported to be number nineteen (19) among U.S. states.


It is reported that nearly nine out of every 10 Alabama residents have some type of Health Insurance plan, stated to be "a good percentage when compared to the rest of the country." (, 2014, p. 1) It is additionally reported that public funding for health care is high as is the number of employees offering Health Insurance coverage to employees. It is reported that "almost 6 out of every 10 employers offer Health Benefits to employees." (, 2014, p. 1) Health Care in Alabama is reported to be "highly accessible" and additionally it is stated that "Federally Qualified Health Centers are available" however, these health care centers "serve a relatively low number of people under the 200% Federal Poverty Level." ( p. 1) Alabama was reported to be ranked at number forty-five (45) in 2007 so the system in Alabama has realized some improvement. The health status in Alabama is reported to be higher than it was in years previous reported to be due to "Health funding, and the easy access and availability of Health Insurance plans, with almost 87% of its residents covered by Health Insurance plan. Alabama is more likely to continue improving Health-wise, as long as there aren't any drastic changes." ((, 2014, p. 1) Stated as one of the primary areas that needs work for Alabama's Health system is preventive Health. It is reported that Alabama "has a great Health Care that it's ready to be used if needed, but needs to work with its residents on achieving a Healthy Lifestyle that prevents Health to deteriorate with time." ((, 2014, p. 1) In terms of what Alabama can expect for the years to come, it is reported that Alabama works hard to keep its Health Care System" available to as many residents as possible, and it's very likely this is a trend that will continue in future times." ((, 2014, p. 1) Specifically reported as Health Highlights for Alabama include the following:

(1) Alabama has managed to increase the percentage of residents with Health Insurance coverage within the past two years, even when the trend goes in the opposite way. In this state, the rate of uninsured residents has lowered 13.6% in the past 15 years. It went down 1.3% in 2007 alone.

(2) Alabama takes pride in having one of the countries' highest public Health funding per capita ($94 per person). This is a state that works very hard in reinstating its Health status, and studies show that residents feel healthiness may improve over time.

(3) Alabama has some of the best access to Health, since its geographical disparity is the lowest in the nation. ((, 2014, p. 1)

It is reported that approximately 82% of infants in the State of Alabama "are given complete immunizations. This percentage is very high, and takes into consideration that although there is a moderate percentage of children living in poverty conditions, this state tries to make sure they have the basic Health needs covered." ((, 2014, p. 1) Health weaknesses stated for the State of Alabama include that premature death is one of the biggest Health Challenges in the state. It is reported that "with 10,261 years lost per 100,000 residents in Alabama, this state's rate of premature deaths is one of the highest in the Country." ((, 2014, p. 1) Stated as a link and likely cause to the major health obstacle is something that is also a health…

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