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Hr Manager Essays (Examples)

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HR Services &Bull Identifies at Least 3
Words: 979 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44568986
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H Services

• Identifies at least 3 users of H services within an organization

The major consultants of H Services are the employers and within the company the management requires the services of the H not only for selection of the right employees but also to increase productivity and efficiency Inn view of the modern researches that have been conducted in the field it is found that occupation choice and performance are influenced by the personality factors and these in turn influence person-job fit. esearches showed that H managers have differences from the other type of managers and even from non-managerial H specialists. (Lounsbury; Steel; Gibson; Drost, 2008, p. 357)

The second category would be the worker or the employee who wish to either better hi career or arbitrate the working conditions. The human resource department also functions as the arbitrator where two of these parties are in dispute and…


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HR Task Performance Human Resources and HR
Words: 786 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54744710
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HR Task Performance

Human resources and HR managers contain enormous potential in their ability to align a larger corporate strategy into its own inner workings. Specifically, HR managers working within PM and leadership for elderly services can greatly affect the overall performance of the organization by identifying and completing tasks that support the overall mission. This role within human resources depends on the leader's ability to gather resources and disseminate them accordingly.

For example, HR managers in this case must develop, update and implement important policies. These polices must be standardized and put down in writing. Implementation of these plans must be done by actually performing the outlined policies and putting them into practice, otherwise the policy is useless and not worthwhile. Distinguishing between quantity and quality is also very important in this situation as the tendency for overkill is strong within the social services industry.

Dealing with money with…

HR Devolution an Analysis on How Devolution
Words: 1699 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25141847
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HR Devolution

An Analysis on how Devolution can Drive Evolution of the Industry

In the last few decades the globalization trend has worked to foster extensive changes how organizations operate. The rapid pace of the business world has created a scenario in which organizations are constantly evolving and organizational change is nearly a perpetual process. The role of technology has also been a contributing factor that has also had profound implications on organizations and how their human resources interact, collaborate, perform task, as well as impacted the organizational context in general. The level of competition has also steadily risen as firms constantly streamline processes and business functions. Organizations now must maintain a close eye on the external environment and adapt as needed to continue to satisfy consumer demands.

It is in this environment that a trend of devolution in the HR business function is predicted to drive the evolution of…

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HR Roles and Responsibilities in a Bid
Words: 592 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 13216911
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H oles and esponsibilities

In a bid to clearly understand the roles and responsibilities the H department plays in an organization, I had a rare privilege to interview the Human esource Manager of our organization, Fox Sports Network. He enumerated a number of these roles and responsibilities thus:

The human resources department serves myriad functions within an organization. Its major roles and responsibilities include ensuring that an organization complies with the labor laws. The department engages in hiring and training of employees and keeps an organization's records (Mooney, 2014). It is also involved in worker compensation, relational assistance, and handling of specific performance issues.

First forward to ensuring compliance with labor laws, it is the responsibility of the human resource department to ensure that all the organization's engagements with regard to hiring are in line with employment regulations. An organization has to comply with issues pertaining to number of breaks…

References List

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HR Internet Recruiting Organizations Need
Words: 2845 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 30787317
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The job board policies to attract perfectly qualified candidates may take a similar imagination and focused outlines that were used by bigger companies in marketing their products and services to promising customers. Some of the fundamental techniques using Internet adopted to reach promising candidates are: directed email promotions, buttons, banners, tiles, skyscrapers, etc. (a Telescopic View of Online ecruitment)

It is not only the use of Internet and its fame that has grown over the years but also its advanced techniques of tracking and profiling that are used by the websites. These techniques enable the recruiter to directly reach those perfectly qualified candidates. One of the techniques to develop a profile that attracts the suitable candidates is to study the top performers in your present organization, to understand how they spend their time online; these top performers may spend time on sites offering games, cartoons, weather details, up coming movies,…


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HR Compensation it Is Well Established That
Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44805198
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HR Compensation

It is well established that human resources personnel have a direct and forceful impact on the strategic success of any business or economic organization. Ulrich (1997) suggests that "the relationship between HR practices and business results is built on a rather simple premise: better deployment and use of HR practices should correlate with higher business results "(p.303). One tool HR managers have at their disposal is the use of compensation packages and their unique impact on the labor force. The purpose of this essay is to examine compensation packages, in both the monetary and non-monetary form, impact on attracting and maintain a desirable workforce and the possible influence on the overall effectiveness of the organization.

Casico (2010) discussed the aspect of compensation in terms of rewards. He suggested that compensation could be divided into two separate categories; either financial or non-financial rewards. Financial rewards are considered the monetary…

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HR Process the Well-Known Americans With Disabilities
Words: 989 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54115593
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H Process

The well-known Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the EEOC, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of labor outline the various provisions that are formatted to ensure the people with disability, the minority groups, and every caliber of Americans have equal access to the employment opportunities. The laws and provision are meant to ensure the people with disability live a normal and comfortable life, there is a reduce discrimination in term of color, race, country of origin, religion or sex. The EEOC for instance ensures that the rule of law is followed in employment and no single organization uses the neutral laws to disadvantage a given group or individual.

The ADA is mandated to ensure the Americans living with disability enjoy equal employment opportunities, equal rights to access and enjoy State and Local Government Activities, easy access to public transport, access and equal utilization of public accommodations, fair…


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HR International Corporate HR Function
Words: 1724 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75634959
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There are many "cross-cultural issues" associated with doing business with and managing expatriates (Brewster, Sparrow & Harris, p. 951). Companies have to consider the way expatriates would be managed if managed by the home or central company and if managed by the international company that governs the territory in which expatriates work (Brewster, Mayrhofer & Morley, 2004).

Working internationally can be the source of much conflict and confusion if not approached properly. However, H functions and challenges when working strategically with international companies, clients and expatriates can be mitigated and minimized if companies take the time they need to establish a proper framework and communications system when working internationally.


Brewster, C., Sparrow, P., & Harris, H. (2005 Jun) Human esource Management:

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hr hospital nyc policy
Words: 1910 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 22728213
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HR Managerial - Interview Questions

Mike K

NYC Health & Hospitals

Mike K. is a Russian immigrant and is the current head of HR at NYC Health & Hospitals (HHC) under the title of Chief of Staff of human capital. He has over 15 years' experience with this organization as he began his first entry level position in 2000. He first came to the country as a student and he attended City University of New York and was first hired by HHC in 2000 as a HR recruiter for the organization.

The HR Director role is responsible for maintain the human resources for the nation's largest public health care delivery system that includes a network of forty thousand employees in different hospitals, treatment centers, and related organizations that provide treatment to over 1.4 million people annually. The mission of the HHC is to:

Our promise to New Yorkers: Empower every…

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HR Data My Organization Arab Bank PLC
Words: 645 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 4496015
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H Data

MY Organization (AAB BANK PLC ) a H Director. They requested review organization's approach collecting, storing H data produce a summary position statement

Collection and storage of H data

easons why an organization needs to collect H data

H data is collected for strategy purposes. The organization's management needs to know the qualifications of its current workforce to enable them make better strategies, and if need be they hire qualified employees who can deliver on the organizations goals and plans. This data will also ensure that the organization has the right people to handle the jobs assigned. The H department will need to capture this data as a requirement from the Government. In particular large companies are required to collect and store employee information that should be provided upon request by law. In case of liabilities, the data collected can be used in defense of the company against…


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HR and Corporate Strategy the Work Entitled
Words: 2278 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47125170
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H and Corporate Strategy

The work entitled "Overcoming the Barriers to Strategic H Management: Old Issues. New Solutions" states that strategic H "is characterized by being forward-thinking, proactive and, most of all, creative...Strategic H is also about thinking about possibilities and connecting those possibilities in concrete ways to the business that you support." (ADP, 2007) This work intends to address organizational strategic H management as it relates to the: (1) sales; (2) marketing; (3) operations; and (4) finance departments of the organization.


The objectives stated by the VP of sales are the following: (1) Increase the number of field sales representatives (FS) from 20 to 30; (2) Increase gross sales by 8%; and (3) Create positions for four regional sales managers so that FSs do not report directly to the VP of sales.


The objectives stated by the VP of marketing are those as follows: (1) Develop marketing…


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HR Positions at Ford Company
Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 7700240
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Alignment of HM and Business Strategies

Strategy determines the specific direction and scope of a company. Any strategy is usually developed for the short-term or the long-term depending on what the organization seeks to achieve. Since it facilitates the realization of the set goals, the mission and the vision, the establishment of strategies must be aligned with the structural resources within a certain environment (Armstrong, & Baron, 2002). In most organizations, H is solely identified as an administrative function. It is worth mentioning that H has two primary roles in a company. These include administrative and strategic roles. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the H strategies of the Ford Company. In this case, the paper evaluates the company's business and Human esource strategies. Besides, the job positions and ways the company markets its products in relation to human capital is identified.

Aligning Strategy

The primary aim of…


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HR Management in the Small Business
Words: 1605 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 67488224
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Human esources Management is a vitally important part of the business world. Indeed, the ability to manage employees can mean the success or failure a firm. For the purposes of this discussion, we will explore human resources management as it relates to small business. Throughout this discussion, we will focus on Issues such as the changing global workforce, corporate culture, management issues, information technology, and workforce diversity.

Changing Global workforce

According to a journal article found in the Journal of Business Strategies explains that H management strategies must change to fit the changes in the global workforce (McWilliams et al. 2001). The article asserts that companies are focusing more on maintaining the competitive advantage in the global workforce (McWilliams et al. 2001). The article reports that companies are increasingly opening international offices and must learn how to manage human resources accordingly (McWilliams et al. 2001). The authors assert

One of…


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Case for HR as a Strategic Partner
Words: 2342 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63030937
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H as a Strategic Partner

Over the years in a lot of organizations Human esources -H are considered as a source of competitive edge. An increasing appreciation of the fact that unique competencies are got by way of greatly developed employee skills, unique organizational cultures, management processes and systems. It has been more and more acknowledged that competitive edge can be got by way of high quality personnel that facilitate organizations to compete on the basis of market responsiveness, quality of service and product, differentiated products and technological innovation. Strategic H Management can be defined as "connecting H with the strategic targets and objectives so as to improve the performance of business and develop organizational culture which promote innovation and flexibility." (Strategic Human esource Management)

Strategic H indicates accepting the H function as a strategic partner in devising of the strategies of the companies as also in the execution of…


"A guide to strategic human resource planning" Retrieved from Accessed on 21 January 2005

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Accessed on 21 January 2005

Role of HR in Strategic Management Planning
Words: 2213 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10781855
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H in Strategic Management


It was after the Korean War that an entirely new breed of college educated managers appeared on the scene and exuded a greater sense of responsibility that translated into a wave of consciousness for social well-being and social upheaval that swarmed through the second half of the 20th century (Losey 1998). Their influence markedly changed the thought of the American employee. But another group in the 60s and the 70s heightened the established interest in laborers welfare and feelings to the point of affecting all facets of business, including the growth of market research, communications and public relations. This second wave shifted focus from scientific management to the employer-employee relationship. The new gear led to the development of programs that increased wages and fringed benefits and the eliciting of worker ideas and initiative in recognizing the link organizational philosophy or policy to greater productivity (Losey).…


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Problems in HR
Words: 1333 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 91640319
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Working for the Federal Government requires something extra due to the nature of the enterprise. Collective agencies such as the Federal Government are much more strict about rules and regulations dealing with discrimination and equal opportunity. The purpose of this paper is to explain and describe the special circumstances for Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) when working with federal contractors and subcontractors. This paper will use case study information to demonstrate the practical aspects of this theme and to help provide an example for learning.

Compliance with federal EEO standards will be examined in this case using the perspective of an H manager of a large plastics company. The company has just received an offer to produce plastic parts for their customer, whose end user is the Federal Government. In order to accept this offer, it is necessary to review the company's human resources approach to ensure that it…

References The Rehabilitation Act. Viewed 4 May 2014. Retrieved from

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Analyzing HR Representative Interview
Words: 860 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Chapter Paper #: 87786522
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H epresentative Interview / Google: In an Interview with H epresentative

Conclusionand advice

H personnel usually work with current and, often, former employees, and lead them through the process and policies that guide their employment. epresentatives in H are not fixed to specific industries. Many employers maintain H offices. While some of these employers may have their own H representatives in-house, others prefer outsourcing H services. This report highlights the responses of the H representative from Google. The H representative is interviewed on their duties and responsibilities.

The Interview

What type of training did you receive in order to perform your job?

The training in my portfolio encompasses engaging in activities that enhance H for my current job. I went to Law school and have gone through several progressive courses and training in employment law. I have also conducted independent research regarding the issue of employment and the law. H…


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HR Hypothesis the General Field of Human
Words: 2806 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 822134
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H Hypothesis

The general field of human resources has become more and more difficult as well as more perilous. That is not just a simple generalized statement made for dramatic effect and just for the purpose of setting up the introduction of this paper. Indeed, there are some questions that can and should be posed by human resources professionals that do not have clear answers because of how complicated and how contradictory the field's body of work has become. The ethical implications and obligations pertaining to human resources have been made very muddled by contradicting laws and guidelines thus making real compliance beyond a reasonable doubt very hard to pull off.

The hypothesis that underlies this report comes down to one main statement, and that is as follows:

The different ethics, laws and vagueness that exists in both has made it possible to become completely and reliably compliant with the…


Bruoden, B.C. (1989). TAX FACTORS IN CHOOSING THE CORRECT CORPORATE STATUS. Journal Of Financial Planning, 2(2), 75.

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Managers on Camera
Words: 630 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 29137149
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Managers on Camera

In order to be able to decide whether or not the company is guilty of an "illegal wiretap," we must first analyze and see what the law says on this subject. As we have learnt from the last sentences of the case, the federal and state wiretap laws "block the secret interception of the transfer of a human voice." We have to read very carefully between the lines of this statement: they block the transfer of HUMAN VOICE, the laws say nothing about the transfer of image, of a human face, of human actions, that is, of nothing relating to video, but only to audio (the VOICE).

Hence, if we have another look at the case study, we will discover that the manager's office was endowed with a video camera with no audio pickup. Clearly, this is in no way against the federal or state laws, because…

HR Portfolio Project Human Resource
Words: 3313 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 87264248
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Essential Mental Functions: the new senior developers are expected to reveal fair behavior towards their colleagues, subalterns, supervisors and clients. Among the most important mental functions that need to be possessed are: the ability to discern between what is right and what is wrong and what is ethical and what is unethical; empathy and kindness; the ability to make and enforce decisions; a good and reliable memory; originality, creativity and a sense for innovation (extremely important within the it community); the ability and desire to engage in cognitive efforts; the ability to be reasonable and communicative; the ability to rely on his/her own power and skills to resolve a task or a problem (such as a conflict in the workplace); the function of being temperate

Essential Physical Functions: considering that the candidate possesses the necessary mental functions, the necessities regarding physical functions are less comprehensive. Given the rather sedentary nature…

HR Management EEOC Are Initials Referring to
Words: 1347 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59381215
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H Management


EEOC are initials referring to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. This is a federal agency mandated to eliminate discrimination founded on age, national origin, sex, disability, religion, color, race and all other terms and conditions used in employment. The commission is charged with investigating alleged investigations through different fields making a determination through guidance for collecting evidence. It attempts to reconcile in cases involving discrimination, which leads to the filing of lawsuits. The EEOC oversees the enforcement and compliance of all activities pertaining to equal opportunities of employment among applicants and federal employees. This includes discrimination directed at persons with disabilities (Van, 2010).

How it works

Most organizations are facing challenges of addressing situations of employment discrimination. EEOC is the new straightforward and fair process of filing cases of employment discrimination against organizations. This commission handles discrimination claims against employers, tax agencies and labor unions based on…


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HR Benchmarking Success in the
Words: 811 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 74182990
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Instead of stating four different goals, other economic sources point out a single goal that is to e achieved throughout four actions. As such, the unique goal of enchmarking is to increase the company's performance and it will e done through: "identifying organizations with est practices as partners; measuring and comparing a selected work process against partners; conducting interviews with the enchmark organization and adopting or adapting their est practices."


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HR Motivation Many HR Performance Issues Result
Words: 1388 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66200185
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H Motivation

Many H performance issues result underlying motivational problems external work environment finance. Describing a motivational problem hinders goal attainment. Briefly describe problem (,) Use theory motivation explain problem

H performance issues:

Motivational problems in the financial services industry

"Often an employee knows how to perform correctly, the process is good, and all resources are available, but for one reason or another, chooses not to do so, which normally means it is a motivational issue" (Clark 2010). In the past, during the era of scientific management, motivational issues were dealt with by rigorously governing employee movement in a very strict and controlled fashion. However, this can stifle employee creativity and enthusiasm for the task. The obvious motivator for most people to work is money. For example, in the financial services industry, money is a major motivator in terms of how salary and compensation is structured. The expectation of a…


Clark, Don. (2010). Motivation and performance. Big Dog Little Dog. Retrieved from: 

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HR Apple Based on the Information Given
Words: 1195 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67861200
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HR Apple

ased on the information given but in your own words, explain what approaches to recruiting might be best suited for Apple's talent acquisition.

efore any problem can be solved, it is important to gather all the resources available in order to best apply any given plan or idea. Understanding what resources are available to the human resources department at Apple Inc. will no doubt serve as a foundation of success if this step is accomplished thoroughly. The resource-based view of human resource management appears to be the best approach in this particular instance. Leadership has made it clear to the human resources department in this case that maintaining competitive advantage will be accomplished by in-sourcing more of the microchip technology and other technological processes within building Apple products. It is up to the human resource managers to now determine what resources can best be applied to this overall…


Brenner, L. (2011). "Innovating HR: Lessons from Apple." Recruiting Trends, July 2011. Retrieved from 

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Linkenin. "HR at Apple." Profiles of Human Management Resources website. Retrieved from

HR Case Analysis
Words: 2007 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10463689
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HR Case Analysis


This report is a combination review of the article "Verizon Communications, Inc.: Implementing a Human Resources Balanced Scorecard" and also a review of the process of balanced scorecard. Companies today can only get what they measure. hen it comes to Human Resources performance management, how can they be sure they are measuring the right things? Or, are the communicating the right information to the right people? There are new tools to help companies address issues such as these. The tools allow companies to align and support key processes and to translate strategy into operational objectives, measures, targets and initiatives. The report will try to identify and discuss the key issues and problems related to the cohesion between an organization's existing business strategy and its Human Resource Management strategy and practices. This will be done by analyzing how and why an organization creates business missions and strategies.…

Works Cited

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HR Case Analysis

HR Training in Most Firms
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Too often companies do not communicate the value they see in an employee. By offering training, the company is taking a vested interest in the employee's future. The absence of that feeling can cause employee dissatisfaction.

The Role of HR

There was a time when companies assumed that training and education were things the employee arrived with. Recently, as the importance of training and education to morale, retention and organizational achievement have become apparent, firms are realizing that they must take the initiative to provide training and education. This responsibility has fallen to the human resources department. This is because the programs are specifically geared towards the development of humans as a resource.

There are many different types of education and many different means for HR departments to deliver training and education opportunities for their workforce. Education can focus on particular skills that would allow the employee to fill a…

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HR Retention Finding and Keeping the Right
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HR Retention

Finding and keeping the right employees are major problems especially to big businesses today, but the biggest headaches appear to confront the retail, food service (Catlette 2000) and the high-technology industries. The National Restaurant Association alone approximated the turnover among fast-food workers at 300% or so fast that by the time one gets his or her order of French fries, the worker might have made a change in his or her career (Catlette). Some Florida companies were reported to have taken bold steps at fighting off a 2.8% unemployment rate among hospitality workers in an attempt at insuring that breakfasts were cooked and served, beds made and park sideways swept. Disney was said to have gone as far as Puerto Rico offering airline tickets and bonuses for a year's contract as maids or food service workers (Catlette).

The most businesses hire workers-based competence and experience but values, style…


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HR Program Staffing From Kenny
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Based on the benefits of the assessment center that have been discussed in the proposal, the proposal recommends that our organization should implement assessment center for hiring of senior level executive. In the contemporary business environment, senior level executives are the backbone of any organizations. Senior executive are the people making decision that middle and lower level employee will execute, and organizations that are able to maker right and effective decision will enjoy higher profitability in a business environment. The proposal has evaluated the assessment center, and it is revealed that assessment center is very effective for the selection of right candidate for senior level position. Thus, our organization should implement assessment center based on the benefits that our organization will derive from the exercise. By implementing the assessment centre, our organization will be able to boost its revenue and profitability in the next fiscal year.

Additionally, our organization will…


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HR Management Human Resource Management
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Other elements of a training program include on-the-job training, which is highly valuable in a manufacturing environment. During on-the-job training employees are able to acquire specific learning of tasks and integrate that learning into a particular job function. They are able to 'try things out' and learn as they go. on-the-job training allows ample opportunity for employees to practice the skills they are learning in the training program in a safe and encouraging environment.

A training program must not simply teach employees how to carry out a job function, it must also assess their knowledge acquisition after training and subsequent mastery of the subject or job that was taught during training. Continuing training is also a key aspect of any training and placement program.

A quality training program will be documented with regard to who attends and the exact material covered. From this list, plans for future training or continuing…


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HR Strategy Read Abstract Mountain Bank Strategies
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H Strategy

ead Abstract

Mountain Bank

Strategies to achieve a competitive advantage in the marketplace

Organizations thrive by providing a level of value or services for their customers that their competitors cannot. Mountain Bank currently has a strong retail banking business, but it wishes to expand its outreach into the more lucrative business banking sector. It wishes to expand into retail and corporate banking. To do so, it desires to better use its tellers to convince current private banking account holders to open up corporate accounts.

Tellers are the 'face' of Mountain Bank. They are a critical asset, because one of the main reasons consumers desire to use a bank beyond basic 'nuts and bolts' needs is the confident and concerned image presented by the teller. Of course, more and more banking is being done online today. However, many consumers are frustrated by this, and often it is when a…


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HR Gms Cgms A Case
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In addition to using this new department to create project assignments for otherwise idle personnel, this would become an essential path to preparing CGMS for competition in the long-term future. hile the company's eroding schedule of future projects suggests economic downturn, it also underscores the risk of working in the fossil fuel sector. ith future environmental and conservation concerns promising to impact mining operations such as those upon which CGMS depends, the company's newly minted R&D department would emphasize projects aimed at reducing the carbon footprint created by mining operations as well as investigating alternative fuel sources. Given the company's extensive resources and highly qualified personnel, it may have the opportunity to posture itself as a leader of future energy efficiency efforts. Ultimately, internal training and some measure of ERP-informed recruitment would be necessary to actualize this objective.

Finally, it is evidence that greater accountability is needed, if not to…

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HR Training Plan
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H Training Plan

Human resources management requires constant and persistent maintenance in order for success to thrive. Much like a garden needs tending, so do the skills of those professionals dedicated to enhancing the work experience through human resources management. The purpose of this essay is to describe the needs and processes of training. This essay will describe the process by taking the point-of-view of a member of a H department of a small retail company. Upper management has requested that a new employee customer service training class be created and conducted to improve upon the organization and establish more of a competitive advantage within the market. To do this, a needs assessment will first be described to address five ways in which a training program would expose any existing performance deficiencies. Next, the customer service training plan will be discussed and as how to best implement this change. Issues…


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HR Recruitment Dressed for Success
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Also, recruiting at college fairs for the Sales Associate job, especially fashion and business-related colleges would be a good source of candidates.


Advertising as an Equal Opportunity Employer is essential. One advantage of using the Internet for recruiting is that it does draw a more diverse range of applicants, and the advertisement can stress the desire of Dress for Success to recruit individuals with diverse backgrounds. Using professional associations of minority businesspersons to recruit the Sales Manager, or going to college with large minority populations to conduct recruitment drives for the Sales Associate would be an additional option.


The salaries for both positions, particularly the Sales Associate, seem quite low, given the requested levels of experience, although salary is often a 'starting point' for negotiations for managerial jobs. According to even the lowest-level Sales Manager the area can command $67, 415, and that is not taking into…

HR Decision Choosing a Call
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Though he is the nephew of Company X's president and there has already been some indication of pressure to hire him, Frank Swain was ranked as the bottom choice for this position due to his relative lack of experience (with only five years in the workforce, and that dealing with a staff half the size of Company X's call center), a complete dearth of performance records from his current employer, and the fact that he apparently earned his MBA immediately after earning his BA (given his age and the timeline described, this seems to be a reasonable conclusion), which means he would have potentially obtained less practical information from his education. Karen Wilson was ranked only slightly higher, and for the same reasons; her relatively low level of work experience both before earning her MBA and generally makes her a less ideal candidate for this position despite her knowledge of…

HR Leadership President of the
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S. Management and Training Team -- put through cross-cultural training, understanding Hindu and Indian history and society, social classes, some idioms, history of relationship with the West; Phase 2- Cross-cultural training of Indian team; American idioms, speech patterns, encourage viewing of American movies, sit-coms, reading of American popular magazines and newspapers, teach popular culture; Phase 3 -- Implementation of new system, continual training and monitoring, transition of some management roles to natives, continue classes in speech and loss of accent; Phase 4 -- Use center as springboard and example for new centers in other countries or additional centers in India; change out U.S. management team so more employees become cross-culturally aware. Promote from within, provide stateside opportunities for bright Indian employees (ai, 2007).

Figure 1 -- Four Stage Training and Implementation Plan:

What is, however, most important to remember when dealing with issues of international labor, foreign workers and investment,…


Davies, P. (2008). What's This India Business? Offshoring, Outsourcing and the Global Services Revolution. Nicholas Brealey Publications.

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Indian Team identified; begin language and cultural training, then move towards product development and ongoing training issues.

Functions and Responsibilities at Different Levels Interviews With Managers
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Interview with a Director

Every organization has several types of managers. A college setting, for instance, could contain a president, his deputy, school deans, associate deans, departmental chairs, and other administrators. A medical facility (privately-owned), on the other hand, could contain first-line supervisors, plant managers, standard compliance managers, marketing managers, financial controllers, and top executives such as the president, deputies, or a chief executive officer. For purposes of convenience, this text distinguishes three types of managers on the basis of their functional title, position, and organizational level, as shown in table

Table 1.1 Types of Managers

Organizational level


Functional Title

Top managers

(have managers as subordinates)



Vice-President, production

Vice-President, sales

Vice-President, H

Chief financial officer

Middle managers

(have managers as subordinates and report to top managers)

Managers or directors

Sales manager

Production manager

H manager

Finance manager

First-line managers

(have non-managers as subordinates; report to middle managers)…


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Global HR Management Human Resource
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Employee development and training is an alternate zone. In the IT business, training is not simply about recognizing training needs and giving the presupposed training, but anticipating and reckoning the necessities and advancing suitable training to equip employees so that they can handle the challenges.

Another serious challenge is the way businesses have the ability to fuse all the sub-systems in H and help them in accomplishing a definitive objective: extraordinary performance. Individuals must be groomed to get in tune with the performance culture. Making an environment that invigorates the formation of information and its sustenance all through the organization is an enormous challenge. However, investments in Human esource Information Systems (HIS) must create, maintain, and enhance a performance driven culture. The role shifts to that of a facilitator. H will include the entire organization in this process and go about as an advisor and facilitator. This is a H…


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Castle's Family Restaurant HR Assessment
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An HIS would enable Morgan to manage these operations for the business in a unified fashion. Since every restaurant is relatively similar in terms of its operations and H needs, all could operate using the same accounting approach to these business elements and all such functions could be unified using HIS.

A Human esource Information Systems (HIS) can track a variety of workplace needs, including (most critically for Castle's) the need for "complete integration with payroll and other company financial software and accounting systems" and management of records regarding employee attendance, hours and disciplinary information (Heathfield 2011). Critical functions such as employee's variable hours and the different seasonal needs of the restaurant regarding labor could be easily tabulated using an HIS. If all restaurants were equipped with the software, Morgan could manage such elements virtually from his office.

It should be noted that Morgan does not necessarily need every possible…


Heathfield, Susan. (2011). Human Resources Information System (HRIS).

Retrieved May 16, 2011 at

Changing Role of HR Management
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There are also an increasing number of opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to work together towards a common company goal. This brings with it a unique set of opportunities and challenges (Kosch, 2007).

Kosch (2007, p.1) for example mentions the benefits of an international camping program in the United States, where students from across the globe came to American campsites to work as advisers, cooks, housekeepers, and others. The main benefit was the diversity of cultures that enabled a mutual learning process with the result of mutual respect. The main challenge was however the fact that these workers were far from their known and trusted support systems, and cultural integration could prove difficult at first. However, in an increasing amount of workplaces, cultural diversity has become the norm rather than the exception. In such environments, H managers should therefore ensure that the various cultures integrate effectively to help the…


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Management Decisions and Core HR
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When all the needs or expectations of the stakeholders are met, the business will continue to thrive.

Core Human esource Functions

Involuntary turnover is rampant among employees of high talent. These employees form then crucial asset that determine the overall success of the organization. Involuntary turnover occurs due to issues such as frequent absences, premature termination of contracts, sexual harassment or by the mere fact that an employee becomes overqualified for a particular job. Supposing I were a top H manager in my firm I would hire people who are qualified to fill any vacant positions taking keen attention to exclude overqualified persons so as top avoid the occurrence of involuntary turnover in the future (Taylor, 2005).

Additionally, I would introduce strategies that seek to retain employees in the organization. One of the strategies would be to introduce teambuilding activities such as retreats and workshops. I would also ensure that…


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The Role of HR in Nursing
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Human esources


The demographics of the site chosen for this paper, NH Clinic, consist of a vast group of clinical professionals working at 21 different hospitals across the country. NH Clinic staffs nearly 500 outpatient ambulatory and physician practices as well. The Clinic supports more than 6,600 beds, employs over 15,000 nurses and is affiliated with nearly 14,000 physicians. Its total workforce consists of over 61,000 workers and NH Clinic is the biggest private employer in the state (NH eports and Facts, 2016).

The staff employed by NH Clinic is as diverse as the state's population itself, with a variety of persons of ethnicities and cultures employed throughout the ranks of the Clinic. It has men and women of a many different races, religions, beliefs and backgrounds in positions of management, throughout the administration, and up and down lower level chains as well. NH Clinic celebrates diversity in its…


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Strategic Elements of HR Management
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While emerging evidence, theory and practical demands are increasing the visibility and credibility of human capital as a key to organizational success, the measures used to articulate the impact of human resource management decisions remain misunderstood, unwanted by key constituents or even counter-productive." (1998) Stated as well by Boudreau is the fact that a body of research exists that is growing rapidly suggesting that "the key to competitive advantage lie with the organization's human resources. (Boudreau, 1998) p. 3 Widely suggested as an emerging key to the success of the organization is "intellectual capital." (Boudreau, 1998; p.3) This element is sated to not be: "...effectively reflected in standard accounting and the financial report, and the diminishing correlation between future financial performance and standard accounting measures of value seems to attest the importance of more intangible factors." (Boudreau, 1998; p.3) H measurement that is effective will be a system that is…

Resources Management System - Incorporating Human Capital Management Strategies for an Effective Workforce" states that effective HR strategy "requires the adoption of a comprehensive human capital management (HCM) strategy." (Oracle, nd) p.1 Oracle believes that effective workforce is built from development of "a cohesive HCM strategy that is tightly linked to your overall

What Are Corporate Managers Facing in Terms of Challenges
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Management Challenges -- Five Years from Now

hat are the great challenges ahead for a manager in a business environment over the next five years? This paper addressed those issues, using verifiably legitimate sources.

Challenges for management over the next five years

The Society for Human Resource Management created a survey that was conducted 2010 and 2012, and it was published in 2013 in Forbes. HR of course is the driver for hiring, training and retaining employees, and the HR department has a huge stake in management, hence, the importance of their research. The issue that received the most "yes" votes by HR managers was "Retaining and rewarding the best employees," and certainly that would be at the top of any business manager's list. In 2012, 59% of respondents rated this issue the most important issue and in 2010 51% rated it most important (Biro, 2012). The issue of "developing…

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Employment Analysis in HR Profession 2015
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Labor Market Analysis: H Professionals / Employment Analysis in H Profession 2015

Critical analysis of current labor market trends

Evaluation of the impact of external factors

Analysis of advertising, recruitment and selection methods

Professional standards and competences (including behaviors) for H Professionals

The place of interaction between employers and potential employees is termed as the labor market. Here, there is competition among employers to attract the most skilled individuals from the candidate pool, and among workers for acquiring the best jobs. The current U.S. labor market for human resource professionals is healthier, in economic terms, than it ever was since the Great 2007-09 ecession.

Critical analysis of current labor market trends

US unemployment rate in June was at a record low of 5.3% in this economic recovery and about half its October 2009 peak (10%). A strong average job growth rate of around 243,000 jobs a month was recorded last…


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Enhancing HR Management at Mitsubishi
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Mitsubishi Sexual Harassment Case Study

efacing an organization is substantial for aiding the aggregate process of organizational development. This measure is responsive, especially when an organization's labor is orientation is not properly oriented. In most scenarios, an organization will require the proper decision development, which will seek to mitigate responsive legislative protocols, and possibly challenging actions of human rights activity. It is as well good to note that most organizational human resource problems are between an employee and another employee. As a result, the top organization will naturally be inclined to harbor these cases that can be punitive the firm. This study proves that a de-facing strategy followed by a disparate treatment action can be applied to salvage the organization from a punitive legislative system. The study will appoint the Mitsubishi Sexual Harassment case, with close reference on stratagems that the organization could have applied to mitigate possible punitive actions…


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Mcmullan, J., & Rege, A. (2007). Cyberextortion at Online Gambling Sites: Criminal

Training Needs Analysis Practices for Managers A
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Training Needs Analysis Practices for Managers: A Study of Saudi Arabia Private Firms

Training needs analysis (TNA) is defined by Mabey and Salman (1995:158) as a "process of collecting data which allows an organization to identify and compare its actual level with its desired level of performance." The authors also indicate that this performance could be interpreted as meaning the competencies and attitude necessary for the staff to do the job effectively. Moreover, Armstrong (1996:536) states that "training needs assessment is partly concerned with finding the gap between what is happening and what should happen.. This is what has to be filled by training ." Figure (1.1) depicts this gap.


The training Gap











Source: Armstrong (1996)


What Happens When HR Fails in a Workplace
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Good Men to do Nothing

No doubt Ms. Dillman should have been more fully trained, both in the fabric shop and in the sheet metal shop. So the root issue here is that Dillman never did receive adequate training, and that is obvious before any consideration of a TNA (training needs analysis). However, when Mr. Pettipas erupted and launched his tirade, the union should have immediately stepped in to assist in this matter, and at that time it would have been entirely appropriate for a training needs analysis. So the answer to this question is yes, a training needs assessment would be appropriate for Dillman, because while the belligerent, chauvinistic Pettipas was "…to provide her with on-the-job training," he obviously didn't conduct that training very competently -- if at all. The right person to talk to would be the manager of the Human Relations (HR) department; in fact the HR…

Works Cited

All it Takes is for Good Men to do Nothing. (1994). Case Questions. Chapter Ten.

Retrieved November 19,2014.

Manager's Behavior Memo Management Behavior Imagine a
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Management Behavior Imagine a midlevel sales manager InterClean, Inc. -level managersunder responsibility. In response a merger place EnviroTech, instructed


InterClean Sales Managers

Overview of Manager's Behavior

With the upcoming merger after InterClean, Inc. acquired EnviroTech, the managers' role will be to ensure a smooth merger and their role during this merger is very important for its success. To ensure that the company meets its post-acquisition goals, the managers' abilities to manage the upcoming changes skillfully is required. Most managers are not aware of how their behavior affects the employees. The success of this merger and employee productivity is critical, and managers should know its success lies in the relationship between employee performance and leadership behavior Norgard & Skodvin, 2002.

Modeling the way is one of the methods to ensure employee productivity according to a study in employee effectiveness and leadership behavior. Therefore, to have productive employees,…


Larsson, R., & Finkelstein, S. (1999). Integrating Strategic, Organizational, and Human Resource Perspectives on Mergers and Acquisitions: A Case Survey of Synergy Realization. Organization Science, 10(1), 1-26.

Norgard, J.D., & Skodvin, O.-J. (2002). The Importance of Geography and Culture in Mergers: A Norwegian Institutional Case Study. Higher Education, 44(1), 73-90.

HR System Design
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H System Design

iordan Manufacturing: Determining the needs of the H system

iordan Manufacturing's success has been driven by the intelligence and resourcefulness of its employees. Constructing an effective H system to capitalize upon its human intelligence and resources is essential. iordan is a globally-based organization, which means that an integrated H system can be difficult to construct. Using IT to unify H best practices and philosophy can enable iordan to thrive and grow.

When determining the needs of the H system, the overall conception of how H is to relate to the rest of the organization must be considered. For example, one approach to fostering workplace commitment is a 'commitment-based' model which focuses on team-based activities. The stress in this model is upon "work design, rewards, and appraisal practices [that] signal the importance of shared/team activities" and using the H system "to share knowledge and distribute information" (Human…


Human resource systems and helping in organizations: A relational perspective. (2013). AOM.


Simple steps to selecting HR software. (2013). KPA. Retrieved:

HR Can Affect Organizational Culture
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Saleem, Z. (2009, Jan 5). Organizing Work and Managing Human esources. etrieved from:

Ulrich, D. And Brockbank, W. (2005, Jun 20). H's New Mandate: Be a Strategic Player. Working Knowledge Business Leaders. etrieved from:

Chapter 2: 1.) What steps can H professionals take to ensure that mergers and acquisitions are successful? How can H help during the integration process?

H's function in making mergers and acquisitions successful should focus on helping all personnel involved to work through the stress and adjust to the changes that these processes inevitably create. At the heart of this is communication (Gupta, 2010). H should ensure an open communication process between leaders and employees, as well as among employees from the different companies.

This is particularly important in the light of the fact that a merger means the conglomeration of two different sets of employees and essentially two different corporate cultures. H…


Klein, D. (2009, Jan 1). Five Strategies for Managing After Layoffs. LRP Publications. Retrieved from:

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HR Topics in Major Business
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In case this is not accomplished, once the crisis has passed, the employees will lash out, just like the Indian ones are doing now.

Quote #8: Amy Carr, ed Door Interactive co-founder: "ecruiting, in particular is a pure form of marketing. You're selling the company, qualifying people, and developing relationships." This statement was issued by Amy Car, a former marketing specialist who notes the interrelatedness between the two seemingly different business functions.

Quote #9: Michelle Conlin, Business Week editor: "That's why the next front in the Wellness Wars is not about you. It's about your husband, your wife, and your kids." In a world in which the sedentary life style and the fast food alimentation are making more and more victims, employers strive to motivate the employees to get in better shape and improve their life conditions. As these endeavors have mostly failed, employers now target the family members of…


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HR Planning Defining the Organization's Strategic Plan
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H planning: defining the organization's strategic plan, conducting an external scan of the environment; conducting an internal assessment of the organization's labor resources; forecasting future workforce demand, forecasting workforce supply, and then developing "programs, policies and practices to align workforce supply and demand" to achieve company objectives (Carroll 2009). Objectives must be realistic in nature, and reflect the most likely future employment scenario. In some instances, several different possible future scenarios may be forecasted, and contingency planning is wise for a variety of potential situations. Potential labor shortages and surpluses must be determined, and then a staffing plan can be developed, creating the optimal balance between core, permanent staff and flexible staff (temporary employees and independent contractors) (Heneman & Judd 2023).

Q3. Employee turnover in the service and hospitality industry is notoriously high, given that many workers simply take wait staff positions between acting jobs or to pay for their…


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HR System One of the
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(Kroon, 1995)

Once the plan has been created, you must begin training / development as soon as possible. This means, that HR personnel must begin to training the staff on the new policies and procedures that will be implemented. Under ideal circumstances, the HR department would want to begin training as soon as possible. This is because there will be a window, between the time frame that the merger is announced and when the actual deal occurs. The reason why is, various regulators as well as the shareholders will need time to: examine the merger, debate about it and vote on it. In most cases, these kinds of mergers can usually take a few months to occur. Given the circumstances surrounding the merger, what more than likely happen is this time table will be increased. This because the regulators will want We Will Hang Onto it Savings, to close the…


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HR Considerations and What HR
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Firstly, as entering the Indian market implies an ample recruitment process, Wal-Mart's HR department could use a recruiting metric encompassing the following indicators: the vacant period, the performance of the new hires, managers' satisfaction, the turnover rate for new employees, and the financial repercussions of inadequate hires (

Secondly, job satisfaction seems to be essential to Indian employees. Therefore, this can be measured with the help of a training and development metric comprising: learning opportunities (the percentage of those who are content with the learning opportunities in the organization), on-the-job learning possibilities (the percentage of the staff being satisfied with the on-the-job learning), the chance to use skills (the percentage of those employees who apply their knowledge and abilities), taking part in meaningful work (the percentage of those who consider that they are engaged in activities that effectively contribute to the organization's laudable performance) (elani, 2006).

For the two measurements…


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