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Human Resource Transformation: Motivating Employees

Human resource managers are always needed in the agenda of making employees work towards the attainment of the set objectives in an organization. Human resource managers have the sole responsibility for taking charge of the actions of employees and organizing them for what is needed. The human resource element is in this light seen as the gel that binds human activities within an organization. People demystify their roles as the leaders of the organization through this link. The major traditional position of the human resource managers is administrative. It links the actions of the employees and makes them act towards the objective set (Milkovich & Boudreau, 2011). The role of human resource managers has however been transforming from the traditional one to a more sophisticated one, where it involves being strategic in thinking and organizing employees. The strategic element of human resource management is the new approach to the profession. It has been realized that human resource managers have the ability to act as strategic orientates of good deeds.

The Principles Guiding Human Resource Managers

Their work is to manage the work of the rest of the employees and make them act within the expected room for living that lead to the success of the company. In this case, it is important to secure a good state of control over the rest of the employees. This way, the human resource managers have a systematic way of handling the employees, which will bring harmony to the leadership of the company. The best way here is to deliberate on how to micro-manage the employees and bring them to the right side...


The true role of the human resource managers is not only to control the people at work but also to induce their passion, commitment, and dedication to work (Noe, 2006).

It is important to ensure that these same employees are guided to believe on the best actions of human interactions and value the important aspects of work like time keeping. Besides, the need to self-train for work, the ability of the same people to orient themselves to the right path and live within the realms of humanity must be emphasized. The most important factor that links the human resource managers to their targeted end is the time dedication that is set for the optimization of results and making the junior employees act as required. The missing link in the pursuit to the best practices in management is the ability to act in such a manner that sees it fit to make life better with time. The employee expectations are oriented to bring their energies and focus to the necessary position, where they can be managed effectively (Fina, 2009).

Lessons learned from every management aspect in life show that human resource managers are interested in solving the problems that emerge from their workstation by building a good personal relationship with employees. The personal relationship that employees develop with their managers is inspired by the results of the work they do. Where they act within the right path, they will show the best part of the work that is ahead of them. In the modern day workplace, employees derive more motivation and the energy to serve from the human resource managers (Dessler, 2010). Those human resource managers who take their time to be in touch with the employees and make an effort to build the career in them have always come out clean and strong in their work. They can motivate and…

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