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Immigration at Different Times

Immigration in early 1800's and today

Immigration has not been ever so easier for people residing across the globe. People have to obey the immigration policies made by countries. This study would give sound coverage to all issues faced by people in northern cities in the early 1800s era. Hence, issues with immigration in past would be compared with current issues to immigration. Millions of immigrants expiated to northern cities to find quality living standards. Northern cities reserve a very important place on the entire continent for providing opportunities to people. The ratio of immigrants from United Kingdom was found little higher than other countries. Northern cities have become so diverse. This was probably the reason besides huge influx of immigrants in northern cities.

Immigration a huge issue northern cities early 1800s

Huge influx of immigrants had started moving to get settled in northern cities. Economic trends were rapidly transforming from agricultural economy to industrial economy. Northern cities d got little higher fame for manufacturing functions to begin with. Civil war had affected industrialization by accelerating production of war supplies and coal mining. Civil war left its effects on northern societies; United State of America became the largest industrialized country, production of consumer goods had been increased, huge influx of immigrants started arriving in northern cities to pursue for jobs. Eventually, northern area had become the highest place for steel production, retail centers, and oil refinement. Immigrants were uneducated and had few skills (Tolnay, 121-189). People were finding jobs in rail road, construction, and factory without much effort. Chicago rapidly became the main hub point for railroads, banking and financial center, meat and meat packing centers. Growth of the city was an issue for administration. Resources were not that enough to lift the burden of expiators having low skills.

Industrialization principally works in such cities with adequate supply of natural resources and labor. There is not any method available yet that can help resources to be transferred in cities. Northern cities were supposedly with adequate resources to support the life of immigrants. Natural resources that had been transported to northern cities were oil, coal, cotton, wool, and grains. Civil war brought significant changes in the means of transportation. Before it was, people used to take their luggage on barges, but later on railroads replaced that barge. Modernization in city transportation is for speedily moving workers to work and from the work. Henceforth, labor residences are planned to build up a little far from central city areas. This is for better managing conglomerate of crowd. In early 1800s, American seemed reluctant to allow immigrants for two main reasons; immigrants brought new religious, they filled many jobs in the society. Hereby, Americans take immigration as a threat to them. In that era, immigrants started dwelling six families in a house. African-Americans had a few…

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