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Labor Relations Manager Interview Synopsis

Labor relations can be defined as the study of managing employees who are under the union. This division is normally found in the Human Resource area and mainly complies of the history of labor, the union involved, and contracts that have been signed. Labor regulations are normally regulated by law or sometimes traditions. Labor relations can be termed as the relation between workers and management on their working conditions. Some companies have managed to avoid the unions meaning they don't have a labor office. General Motors is a unionized company, and an interview with the labor relations was a success. The officer had a lot to say about the labor relations office.

In order for a company to maintain the excellence of life work for its members of staff, the organization should look into their grievances. This can enhance the work performance which would lead to increased productivity, and a good working environment. The complaints of the employees are connected to the agreement, work rule or guideline, policy or practice, well-being and safety rule, changing the traditional custom unilaterally, personal victimization, salaries, additional benefit, etc. In this scenario, the approach on the part of administration in their attempt to appreciate the problems of their members of staff and solve the issues cordially has better chances to maintain a tradition of high presentation. Managers must be well-informed about the significance of the complaint process and their position in maintaining positive relations with the union. Successful grievance managing is a vital part of refining good workers relations and administrating a fair, flourishing, and productive office. Constructive labor relations are two-way avenue both sides must give a little and try to work together. Relationship building is crucial to successful labor relations. A management team that uses authority might not succeed with union negotiations. This in turns ends up in court, and other than wasting of finances, a gap develops between management and staff. The working environment is also not coherent, and with tension in the offices, production goes down.

General Motors is a company that started in 1908, and it is the biggest truck and motor manufacturing company. It has its headquarters in Michigan and manufactures its tracks in 35 countries. This is a company that could be facing different legal issues. The labor relations officer's duties are checking out on the working conditions of the employees. This means that the officers should be comfortable with not only the pay they get but also the working environment. This company falls under the union and was facing many challenges. The employees felt that they were being under paid because the work was too much. They complained that the economy was going up by day and that the standards of living have increased immensely. Although this may be true, the company felt that the returns had not gone up to warrant the increase of salaries. Another area the officer felt was challenging was the hours worked by employees. In order for the company's revenues to go up, extra hours needed to be put in. Labor laws allowed forty hours, but the company felt they needed to add extra working hours. Also, the demand of the trucks was higher hence the need for overtime. General Motors labor relations officer said that the members of staff that they were being overworked. Unfair dismissal was an area that was facing challenges. Failure to perform calls for dismissal but the employees felt they were being dismissed without justice. They also complained of discrimination and favors. The top managers seemed to favor some individuals and giving promotions to the less credible staff. Asked about the highest volume of labor issues, the officer had this to say.

The work over load was very high. The employees felt that they were working too many hours. They said this had been going on and due to the completion outside they were afraid of losing the jobs. Joblessness has been on the increase, and so competition is tight. After the recession, many people lost their jobs, and they are still looking for employment. This puts the employees in a compromising situation because many people are awaiting their jobs. Employees felt that if they complained, they would be victimized which would have a negative impact on their evaluation report card. This would minimize any chance of their promotion in the company meaning their wages would remain low. The labor relations office had however been working hard to sort out this issue. As a matter of fact they had filed the complaint with the labor courts for action to be taken.

This issue of overload was high since most companies had an increased workforce so that they can cope with the increased demands. General motors' is a company has grown mightily due to globalization which has brought about the demand of cars. In the current world, a car is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. So, for the company to meet the demand, extra hours had to be put in. Labor management has however, been faced with issues because this is an office that is viewed as a beginning and end within the boundaries of labor laws. Most times the struggle ends up in court and this jeopardizes the work of the officer. The atmosphere created cannot allow an effective collaboration between the two parties. Labor management has been facing another major issue because of the declining members. The foreign direct investment, which has been brought about by globalization, has had a negative effect on the union. We have also had some legislative acts which outlawed massive strikes. There is the Taft-Hartley Act in America that even advocated for employers to suck striking workers. The government politics have also been a major determinant of the union's strength. Popularity of the unions has been on the decline especially after the great recession of 2009. This is because the union's power has gone down and it has no threats. The Labor offices have become very expensive to run, and they have taken big sums of money in loan form just to enable them maintain the offices. Majority of people have opted to stay out of the union maybe because of the inflation.

Labor office main work is to ensure that the contract signed between the employer and an employee is not breached. However, some these contacts will be breached especially in termination as long as the reason is not illegal. Promotions and demotions are given by the manager at their will too. Sometimes, we have minimum wage that is usually regulated by the government and the employer may not be allowed to pay below it. Nevertheless due to the desperate conditions which have been inflicted on the society by economy, people will take the low wages. The labor office also looks into the health conditions of the employees as well as their safety. The environments should not cause a health hazard to the working staff. They should be given protective masks where the air could be polluted. In construction working areas, the employees are issued with head gears and other armors to protect them from falling objects. The companies should also be able to insure their members of staff in case they fall ill in line of duty. The Labor office looks in to all this to ensure the employees safety.

Discrimination of either color or race is another area that the labor office looks in. Different companies have the tendencies of favoring those who can identify with them maybe in color or their ethnicity. We have had Arabs suffering because of their ethnicity. After the terrorists' attacks, majority of the non-Muslim companies avoid employing the Arabs. This is a type of discrimination and the labor office is able to fight for them.

Child labor was popular in the old days. This meant that anyone would be employed whether they had attained the adult age or not. The Labor office peruses the identification of the employees to make sure no children are in employment. Child labor is popular in industries, farming and mining. This is because the type of work is more manual hence require no academic papers. The children would refuse school either intentionally or forced by the parents to work for money. Labor office is against that and advocates for all children to go to school.

Nevertheless, the labor management office has the organization's interest at heart. With the motivation of the employees, production goes high. This means that the company's revenues will also go up. The working atmosphere is also enhanced, and the relationship between management and staff is well related. With job securities, the members of staff will last longer in the company and their developed skills will be good for the company. Employing new members of staff means giving induction lessons to them and by the time they fully develop their skills, the production will be down. The labor office has to make sure that they…

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