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What Marshall does to bolster his argument that Global Warming is a
sham is quote from scientists and experts in the field who are doubters;
for example, Dr. Boris Winterhaiter, a professor of marine geology in
Australia, claims that Al Gore's movie is full of "circumstantial
arguments." And those arguments, Winterhaiter is quoted as saying, "are so
weak that they are pathetic. It is simply incredible that they, and his
film, are commanding public attention," the professor asserts. When glacier
walls break, that is a "normally occurring phenomenon" which is caused by
the "advance of the glacier" (according to Winterhaiter).
Going back to his original theory presented at the outset of his
article, Marshall asks, if a majority of scientific opinion shows that
Global Warming is caused by the sun, they how will reducing carbon
emissions possibly be of any help? And moreover, Marshall continues, "How
does driving cars cause climate change on Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto,
Neptune and Triton?" He asks, "Can Al Gore please fill me in on this."
Noel Gibeson is the President, CEO, and print and radio commentator
for the Mount Vernon Institute, a conservative "think tank." He writes in
the Free Market News Network (FMNN) that Gore's movie is based on "...a
political agenda rather than good science."[4] If the government listened
to what Gore is suggesting in his movie and his speeches, Gibeson writes,
it would create "even more regulations" which will "hinder business" and
increase the costs of doing business. Everything would cost more and that
would hurt consumers, the poor and elderly and also result in plants
closings, job layoffs, and in the big picture the "Left" (liberals) don't
understand "basic economics," he insists.
Al Gore had many opportunities - during his tour to promote his book
and during the preparation to accept the Nobel Prize he received - to
debate "real climatologists" about the causes of global warming, Gibeson
says. "He refused each one," Gibeson goes on, because he was afraid to
debate "anyone who knew something about the topic that he did not already
agree with." His "faulty science" would have been challenged during any
debate, according to Gibeson, and his facts would have been challenged to
the point of his personal and public embarrassment. "Facts were never part
of his equation."
And furthermore, Gibeson continues, the United Nations' research
reports are in and therefore the public is being told "there is no need for
any further discussion," which is a socialist-collectivist mentality" that
is untruthful. While attacking Al Gore's contentions about global warming,
Gibeson does also say that person energy use is something that citizens
should take responsibility for. He disagrees though with the idea that
government should mandate reduction of person carbon footprints; "After
all, we have free will, we live on the same planet," and so citizens should
take steps to protect the environment along with "our own economic
interests." But he warns that steps should be taken to prevent the
"Left's...plan to tax all of us with an environmental tax...And they must
be stopped."
Finally, the American Policy Center (APC) has published a white paper
report headed "There is No Global Warming."[5] Contrary to reports of
global warming, the APC contends, scientific research - through "U.S.
Government satellite and balloon measurements" - shows that the temperature
of the atmosphere is "actually cooling - very slightly - .037 degrees
Celsius." In a little different approach to the issue - not always
attacking Al Gore and the United Nations - the APC uses its own information
to point out that there is no global warming crisis.
For example, changes in the temperature in the atmosphere "are
natural," the APC reports. And the recent severe weather can be attributed
to a "natural phenomenon" that occurs every few years called "El Nino." El
Nino causes the temperature of the ocean to rise because of trade winds
reversing their natural flow, APC says. But what about the melting of the
polar ice cap? "Well, yes it is," the report continues. And the polar ice
cap has been melting "for about a million years or so" because the world is
now experiencing the end of an ice age. And one day, humans will be able to
take "tropical vacations at the North Pole - and it will be perfectly
natural," APC's report explains.
There are two kinds of scientists, the report puts forward. One kind
of scientist researcher looks at facts and "makes their judgments based on
what they know." This particular kind of scientist shares data with other
scientists, and reaches the same conclusions. This is called "peer
reviewing" and it is the "only true science," the APC continues.
And then there are those "...who yearn for a certain outcome" and go
about finding the data to back up their wishes. These scientists "create
the needed data" to arrive at a pre-determined agenda, the report accuses.
Most often this group of scientists are "greatly dependent on grants
supplied by those with a specific political agenda" and those funding
sources usually "demand desired outcomes for their money."
The APC report attacks NASA; many NASA have "fallen into this trap" of
taking money from funding sources that have a political agenda that is
often a "green agenda.' Instead of concentrating on space travel and
research of the cosmos, NASA, APC insists, has justified "shuttle trips
through the use of earth-directed environmental research." The report cites
a 1992 shuttle flight during which a team of three NASA scientists was
studying atmospheric conditions over North America to try to learn if the
Ozone layer was in trouble of thinning out to dangerous levels.
Most scientists are careful not to jump to conclusions; but these
scientists were "green zealots" and even though they weren't positive of
what they found, they "rushed to the microphone, with all the drama of a
Hollywood movie, and announced in hushed tones that NASA had discovered an
Ozone hole over North America." This resulted in a ban on Freon, which the
APC writers (not identified in the publication) content was premature. And
a couple months later, NASA admitted that "further research had shown that
there was no such damage" to the Ozone level over North America.
The point that the APC materials put forward in this document is that
a more careful strategy of research needs to be put in place without the
emotional baggage of flawed science. The report also alludes to the fact
that a "Gallup Poll of eminent North American climatologists shoed that 83
percent of them debunked the global warming theory."
Conclusion: The materials presented in this paper clearly show that
there is no consensus among writers and scientists as to the validity of
the claims of Global Warming. Whether one chooses to believe the assertions
in this paper, or assertions made by scientists who worked with the UN on
the IPCC report, is an entirely personal choice. But what really matters is
that citizens should be informed about all sides of the issue before buying
into any one particular position.
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