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Life Changing Event That Shaped
Words: 582 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 62758042
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Still, getting the right kind of care, at the right time, is often a struggle for patients. My friend passed away from her illness, but her experience opened my eyes to the need to mesh the personal needs of the patient with more effective diagnostic and treatment solutions. I had always wanted to embark upon a financial career, but now I knew what type of entrepreneurship I wished to devote my life to -- biotechnology.

Early detection must become a vital component of the war on cancer. Improving screening as well as the quality of treatment, pharmaceuticals, and care are critical components of the emerging 21st century heath care paradigm. Finding a way to financially contain costs, dispense care in a comprehensive and ethical fashion, and creating an effective strategy of prevention will all become the focus of the business of medicine. By becoming part of this graduate program, I…

Life-Changing the Event I Will Write About
Words: 1248 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68506138
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The event I will write about took place at a lake near our house. It was summer and I had finished middle school and was heading into high school in the fall. Before describing the incident at the lake, I should explain something about my middle school experiences, because they relate to the incident at the lake.

During middle school I had been shoved on occasion and verbally taunted by a couple bullies in the schoolyard a few times a week. In my 7th grade experience and in my 8th grade experience I had been part of a little group of friends that was the target of these bullies. We were physically threatened and verbally harassed once or twice a week. The students I was in a group with were creative kids, taking part in plays, writing and reciting poetry, and two of my friends were strong Christians and…

Jewish Holy Day Rosh Hashanah Life-Cycle Events
Words: 1038 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82363200
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Jewish Holy Day: osh Hashanah

Life-cycle events do not hold back Jewish festivities. Just like all other religions, Judaism observes certain holidays and remembrance days as their holy days. The Jews plan their holy days with respect to the Jewish calendar, based on moon cycles where each month starts with the appearance of the new moon (Hammer, 2005). This is contrary to the secular calendar based on the revolutions of the earth around the sun. Jewish holidays fall on similar date each year with regard to Jewish calendar, but on dissimilar dates with respect to the secular calendar. In every year Jewish celebrate two high holidays which are osh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. This paper describes in detail osh Hashanah, how Jews celebrate it, and its significance to the Jews.

osh Hashanah is among the most significant holidays in the religion of Jewish, and it refers to the Jewish New…


Aaron, D. (2007). Inviting God in: Celebrating the soul-meaning of the Jewish holy days.

London: Shambhala Publications.

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Conadep in 1976 Life Changed Dramatically in
Words: 1047 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16804305
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In 1976, life changed dramatically in Argentina. On March 24, 1976, a military coup took place. In an attempt to wipe out all dissenting opinion, they began a campaign of terror where thousands of people literally disappeared. The testimonies of the survivors of torture and kidnapping are brutal to read. The methods used to torture them; including electrical prods and live burials left lasting scars, both physical and mental on these survivors. The patterns in these testimonies are all the same. The torturers were sadistic and brutal, and would stop at nothing to get the information they wanted. They tortured loved ones in front of their family members, they took whole families from their homes, and they killed thousands with no remorse.

The patterns are patterns of extreme violence, and the violence seems to stem from fear. They feared the recriminations of the left-wing dissidents, they feared their reaction…


Editors. "CONADEP." 2009. 17 Nov. 2009.


Realization of Change Balancing Allegiance
Words: 1063 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20749124
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This is my old bar. Everything about it, from the broken dartboard on the wall to the waitress with the cigarette voice who knows what I want to drink before I even open my mouth, is the same as I've ever known it to be. My buddies have only aged a year since I've last seen them. They're holding an impromptu party for my return. it's basically just a few beers and a discussion of old times. A few of them have changed jobs or gotten new girlfriends. Some have packed on a few extra pounds or grown a beard. Not that much has outwardly changed. it's no different than if I'd gone away to college or gotten a job transfer cross-country. I know that I'm just supposed to act like "long time no see."

I can't really talk about what I've been up to. No one wants to hear…

Works Cited

Rodriguez, Richard. Hunger of Memory: the Education of Richard Rodriguez: an Autobiography. New York: Dial, 2004.

Nation-Altering Event of the 1960S Specifically it
Words: 1708 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 82109357
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nation-altering event of the 1960s. Specifically it will discuss man's first walk on the moon by astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren, and how it stimulated the nation's growth, made an indelibly positive impression upon America's institutions, and if it/they provide sufficient substance to be incorporated into the future study of America during the 1960s.


One of the most important and nation altering events to occur in the 1960s was the Apollo astronaut program, specifically, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldren's successful walk on the moon on July 20, 1969.

On July 20, 1969, people around the world watched in awe as Neil Armstrong became the first human to walk on the moon. The event symbolized, as Armstrong laconically radioed to earth, a "giant leap for mankind." In fact, the achievement was so overwhelming that a few people refused to believe it actually occurred, claiming that it…


Byrnes, Mark E. Politics and Space: Image Making by NASA. Westport, CT: Praeger Publishers, 1994.

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Public Affairs. "V-2 Rocket." White Sands Missile Range. 2002. 22 March 2003.

Lives of Two Women Depicted in Separate
Words: 1602 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73122464
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lives of two women depicted in separate books. The writer explores the way they suffered as well the struggles they went through during their lives. The writer uses each book to show how much of a struggle life can be as one ages through their life. There were two sources used to complete this paper.

Authors of literature who want to become successful use their talents to show the reader a story. Many times the element that makes a book a classic is the fact that the human element become involved therefore the reader gets attached to the story and the characters that are in the story.

In the Time Of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez and Searching for Life: The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Disappeared Children of Argentina by ita Arditti the authors draw the readers in until they become attached to the ladies of…


The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Disappeared Children of Argentina by Rita Arditti.

In the Time of the Butterflies by Julia Alvarez.Plume; Reprint edition (August 1995)

The Grandmothers of the Plaza de Mayo and the Disappeared Children of Argentina by Rita Arditti.

Life Is Gerda Weissmann's Account
Words: 611 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 5653364
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One play especially gives her renewed hope in the possibility of liberation and she describes the experience as "greatest thing I have done in my life" (p. 142)?

Her meeting with Kurt Klein, a young American GI, was probably the most uplifting part of the book. The faith that had sustained her throughout the terrible ordeal was justified when she met this young man and fell in love. Soon after her liberation in 1945, she got married to Kurt and proved to the world that despite brutality and violence, it is faith and love that keep the world going on. It was definitely one of the most well written accounts of holocaust even though most people would find Diary of Anne Frank more emotionally stirring. The reason being that we all know that Anne Frank did not have the good luck of Gerda and thus while she was also full…


Klein, GW. All but my Life. Hill and Wang; Expanded edition (March 31, 1995)

Life Without the Internet the
Words: 1534 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55095836
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On an individual level, however, such safeguards can be interpreted as learning how to survive in a non-technological world. In other words, it is important that we ensure that a technologically run world does not end up creating a complacent and physiologically inept human society.

Human ingenuity has resulted in computer technology and the Internet creating untold opportunities for improving the quality of life. The same human ingenuity must also now ensure that the use of Information Technology and the Internet is responsibly done and placed in the right perspective.

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Life Science Current Event Report Current Events
Words: 1263 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69136107
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Life Science Current Event eport

Current Events on Cloning and Evolution

Topic and Date: The Ethics of Egg Manipulation (Evolution), August 27, 2009


The article "The Ethics of Egg Manipulation" published in Nature investigates the research challenges in reducing diseases that can be identified prior to egg fertilization. Scientists have questioned if it is necessary for humans to give birth to offspring that are at high risk for genetic diseases. Their hypothesis is: If we remove the bad parts of the DNA from one egg and replace it with good DNA from another egg and use the new egg for in vitro fertilization, can we reduce the number of babies born with disease (Anonymous, 2009)?

Current experiments have been performed on monkeys. The experiments have been successful and scientists believe the research is ready to move to humans, but many laws are in place to deter this type of…


Anonymous. (2009, August 27). The ethics of egg manipulation. Nature, 460(7259), 1057. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.

Anonymous. (2008, November 13). Clones of the dead. Nature, 456(7219), 144. Retrieved from ProQuest Database.

Life Course Interview Synthesizes Personal
Words: 1525 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 51634446
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The entire look and feel of Kunming was different because of the way factories were developed and houses were built. People had fewer options and opportunities.

In spite of the hardships that communism posed for Chan and her family, she remained strong. She never lost hope that one day she would start a new business. It was years before her dream came true, and it was not easy. The move to the United States was challenging because it made Chan feel "like a baby, starting again." She had no friends and only a few family members to help her. Gradually, though, she put together the financing for the business. She viewed it as a matter of personal pride but also as a way to leave something to her grandchildren. Chan illustrates how women can balance family and career and not succumb to the social pressures that suggest that business is…

Life Ethic the Consistent Ethic
Words: 1131 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 11404389
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Liberation Theology

Liberation theology, a movement within the social practices and doctrine of the Catholic Church that began in earnest in Latin America during the 1960s, is a method of interpreting Biblical exhortations and predictions in the modern world in a way that is directly and practically relevant in the day-to-day lives of people and societies throughout the world. The primary concepts of this brand of Catholic theology include viewing God as a liberator of humanity and the need for solidarity in sentiment and action with the poor and downtrodden of the world (Fahlbusch & Bromiley 1997, pp. 259). Simply put, liberation theology posits that God exists as a liberator for all of the people of the world, and that it is the job of the Church and its members to bring about this liberation of the world's population inasmuch as is possible through direct action assisting the poor and…


Consistent Life.prg. (2010). Accessed 19 May 2010. 

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Changes Within Criminal Justice Organization
Words: 1168 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 43777253
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Yet Arab-Americans are not necessarily hostile to the idea of greater community intervention, provided it is done to enhance community life, and not done to profile all Arab-American residents as terrorists. In fact, in the city of Chicago, there have been calls for greater police intervention in Arab-American communities by parents and local leaders, to reduce the threat of violent crime. Nizar Hasan, president of the Arab-American Police Association, believes Arab-American youth are increasingly falling into negative criminal behaviors. "It's getting worse…Some of these kids first try [drugs], get hooked, want more and look for ways to make money to support their habit, which means criminal activity" (Bohn & Schott 2009). However because Chicago, like many cities, does not track crime rates amongst Arab-Americans they are not labeled as 'minorities' -- "according to the U.S. Office of Management and Budget, persons from the Middle East and North Africa, like those…


Bohn, Lauren E. & Paul Schott. (2009, November 17). Blight of street crime creeping into Arab-

American community. Merrill reports. Northwestern University. Retrieved October 19,

2010 at

Elliott, Andrea. (2006, June 13). After 9/11 Arab-Americans fear police, study finds. New York

Life of European Peasants in
Words: 1233 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18518482
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... In general, the further East one got, the slower new techniques were to spread. Thus there were supply-side reasons for grain exports from preemancipation eastern Europe to stagnate at a level far below what was ecologically possible" (Pomeranz 258). hile there were distinct differences involved in these regions, there were some commonalities as well.

According to Dean, Hann, Overton and hittle (2004), there remains a paucity of studies concerning the role of women and early economic history based on a misperception that women either did not have a role in the wider economy or that women were affected by economic and social change in the same way as men. An early study that challenged these assumptions conducted of women's work in the seventeenth century divided production into three co-existing types:

Domestic industry." This type of work was done exclusively for the use of the family;

Family industry." This type…

Works Cited

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Change Is a Planned Process Change Everyone
Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52948426
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Change Is a Planned Process

Change, everyone believes, is the only certain element in this highly chaotic and uncertain world. However I believe that change is a highly systemic process, which doesn't take place as abruptly as it appears to. This might seem like a strange statement to some but when we delve deeper into the subject of change, we realize that like everything that is pre-destined and pre-determined, change is also a highly well planned phenomenon. Mahatma Gandhi once said that for change to occur, we must become that change. This is exactly what I mean by change being a planned process.

It is true that change appears to be as unplanned as it comes, our realities change within nanoseconds and our world might never be the same after a small incident that lasted about four minutes. But still I believe that for change to enter our lives it…

Life During the Ice Age
Words: 2912 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 77112256
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As they share a common bond in the underlying struggles and challenges that they are wrestling with. This is significant, because it shows how the ice age would force people to work together, to overcome the various weather related issues that are having an impact upon their lives. ("Paleolithic")

The use of various types of tools / technology would change the way humans would live their lives. This is because, the ice age would force everyone to utilize new survival techniques that were often not focused on. Prior to the ice age, most humans were considered to be hunter and gathers. This meant that they would often rely on killing various types of animals, as their way of providing food and clothing for themselves. At the same time, humans would often gather various fruits and berries to consume. Once the ice age began this would all change, as the total…


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Life Stage Review Excercise You
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: A-Level Coursework Paper #: 76362540
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Instead, the servant leaves the baby outside to let the Gods decide what will become of him. He is eventually given to the King of Corinth who was childless. Hitting adolescence, Oedipus also consults an oracle who tells him he will mate with his own mother and kill his father. In order to avoid this, Oedipus leaves Corinth, thinking he will protect his parents from the prophecy. On his way from Corinth to Thebes, Oedipus has an argument with a chariot driver regarding the right of way, a fight ensues, and Oedipus kills the other man. Oddly, the other driver was Laius, his real father, thus fulfilling part of the prophecy. Continuing his trip, Oedipus solves the infamous riddle of the Sphinx -- "What is the creature that walks on four legs in the morning, two legs at noon, and three in the evening?" Oedipus replies: "Man; crawling as an…

Life in College Throws Communication
Words: 1849 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98633921
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At the same time, a series of interrelated events occur between the communication partners over time and space.

The active sender is comprised of encoder / interpretation / decoder. The passive-recipient, on the other hand, constitutes decoder / interpreter / encoder. Similar to the Shannon & eaver theory, each encodes and decodes the message according to her own interpretation of content.

Ultimately, communication is made up of signs. It is we who invest it with meaning and who provide those signs (or symbols) with a referent. The person on the other end (the decoder) cannot always understand the referent, or, if of a different culture, may have no knowledge of that referent altogether. Language is also diachronic, meaning that is constantly in flux from situation to situation. Thinking of the gap in the middle as well as the attendant 'noise' and the fact that the recipient always changes helps us…

Works Cited

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Change Management in Healthcare Organizations
Words: 16366 Length: 42 Pages Document Type: Multiple Chapters Paper #: 93329389
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1.3. Summary of argument, Hypothesis

The role of leadership styles and their applicability to the success or failure of mergers, acquisitions and alliances is the focus of this research. Any leadership study, to be relevant, must also focus on the needs of those served by the organizations studies. That is why in the proposed Change Management Equilibrium Model have customer-driven processes at their center or core. The focus of the research to either validate or refute the model is based on consistency and collaboration as two factors that also serve to create greater levels of integration between the two or more healthcare providers merging or changing their organizational structures to better serve the market. This market orientation is what many public-ally-owned and operated healthcare providers struggle with, as often the source of funding becomes their "customer" or whom they serve (Brinkmann, O'Brien, 2010). Studies by AM esearch for example show…


Abbott, R., Ploubidis, G., Huppert, F., Kuh, D., & Croudace, T.. (2010). An Evaluation of the Precision of Measurement of Ryff's Psychological Well-Being Scales in a Population Sample. Social Indicators Research, 97(3), 357-373.

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Avolio, B.J., & Yammarino, F.J. (2002). Introduction to, and overview of, transformational and charismatic leadership. In B.J. Avolio & F.J. Yammarino (Eds.) Transformational and Charismatic Leadership, Volume 2, p. xvii -- xxiii. Boston: JAI Press.

Change May Be Difficult for
Words: 3691 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 24118546
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In that sense, Wilkoff (1995, as cited by Weick & Quinn, 1999) reports on her attempts to intervene between two companies that had fused together in an unsuccessful mergence. The actors of the various companies persistently disagreed due to cultural differences in mindset, whereupon the consultant, recognizing this, changed her strategy. he began meeting with each actor separately and explaining the other's performance from his or her particular cultural assumptions. In this way, once each had understood the other, could both meet together and the mergence actually become effective. In a similar way, says chein, can change be best implemented when the leader is willing and able to looking into, work with, and attempt to understand other cultural patterns. History is change. Change necessitates working with and understanding the heterogeneity of cultures that constitute the world. A leader who does this becomes flexible to the change dynamic and can best…


Bartunek JM. 1993. The multiple cognitions and conflicts associated with second order organizational change. In Social Psychology in Organizations: Advances in Theory and Research, ed. JK Murnighan, pp. 322. 49. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice Hall

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Life Course Crime Factors Determining
Words: 1853 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 79243872
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The argument here is highly theoretical, ultimately defining crime as unskilled and essentially unrestrained activity -- supporting their later conclusions in a Genera Theory of Crime (Gottfredson & Hirschil 1986). Even here, however, some points of continuity with other research can be found.

The authors ultimately maintain that criminal behavior arises out of a failure to meet the standards of normal behavior in society, and that the image of the "career criminal" is a misleading research concept as all who exhibit consistent criminal patterns are essentially incapable of maintaining the intellectual and conscious through-line of a "career" (Gottfredson & Hirschil 1986). Though other findings suggest that rehabilitation is more possible than these conclusions indicate, even a minor adjustment in Gottfredson & Hirschil's (1986) theory makes it compatible with these other findings: if learning can continue in adulthood, than the persistent "incapabilities" of career-oriented behavior can eventually be taught these capabilities.…


Gottfredson, M. & Hirschil, T. (1986). The true value of lambda would appear to be zero. Criminology 24(2), pp. 213-234.

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Change Management Online Multitasking Perhaps
Words: 11474 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46897960
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Over time, from one second to the next, human behavior constantly changes, contributing to the fact that human behavior, consequently human cognition, constitutes a dynamic process. (Thelen and Smith, 1994). Communication, also a continuous interactive process, serves as the overtime interaction between the human motivated information processing system and the communication message. (Geiger and Reeves, 1993; Lang, 2000; Rafaeli, 1988)

Media multitasking indicates a user will simultaneously experience exposure to content from various media. As an individual possesses only a limited number of cognitive resources, he/she will not be able to process information at the same level of efficiency as media single use. As a result, the continuing, shifting attention results in less effective retrieval of information, as well as, experiencing challenges retrieving, encoding and storing information.

Statement of Problem

Despite contradictory indications from communication and cognitive psychology, younger adults' fill their lives with multitasking around media, as well…

Changing Paradigm in International Policing
Words: 8998 Length: 33 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 87743756
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The lack of action over Rwanda should be the defining scandal of the presidency ill Clinton. Yet in the slew of articles on the Clinton years that followed Clinton's departure from power, there was barely a mention of the genocide."

The UN, pressured by the ritish and the U.S., and others, refused to use the word "genocide" during the event, or afterward when it issued its official statement of condemnation of the genocide in Rwanda.

Since that time, ill Clinton has said that Rwanda is one of his regrets of his presidency, but that he lacked the information to "fully grasp what was going on in Rwanda."

Reports to the UN and its member states, as reported by William Ferroggiaro (1995), online at, were based on reports via the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), said that there was a "probability" of certain individuals and groups being responsible for certain…


Anderson, D.L. The Columbia Guide to the Vietnam War. Columbia University Press, New York, 2002. p. 232.

Brahimi. L, Report of the Panel on United Nations Peace Operations (2000), found at /' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

Life After Execution -- Perspectives
Words: 3684 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 52465057
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Paradoxically, states with harsher criminal statutes and higher conviction rates tend to maintain fewer inmate developmental programs because high-volume prisons tend to be run on a for-profit basis that discourages "unnecessary" spending. The most cynical suggestion is that decreasing recidivism is against the financial interests of private prisons and (although to a lesser extent,) those of government-run prisons as well (Schmalleger, 2008).

Other aspects of many types of contemporary criminal trends may also significantly undermine any strategy of deterrence through awareness of strict prosecution and sentencing. In that regard, law enforcement authorities across the nation have catalogued volumes of information about criminal subcultures in general and of the street gang mentality in particular (Pinizzotto, Davis, & Miller, 2007). Urban street gangs in particular have given rise to a culture of remorseless violence and disregard for the consequences of even the most violent crime that largely precludes any real deterrent value…

Works Cited:

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Bantam Books.

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Changing World of American Women's
Words: 2900 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 14983619
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Even though many sought change, it took many decades for their reform to take hold and of course, like all change there were many set backs along the way. One popular writer of the time quipped that the women of New York City should be paid as street sweepers for each stroll they took. Reform of the era's fashions may have been hard to come by because dress reform was a dangerous topic. The Victorian era was a male dominated culture intent on maintaining the boundaries between the masculine and feminine genders.

The United States in the nineteenth century was a time when abandoning the accepted norms of fashion could provoke violence and ridicule. Even clothing for children was slow to change. Infants were almost habitually dressed in long night gowns and older children in both urban and rural families wore poorly fitted dress like clothes until they could work…

People and Events I Was 14 When
Words: 705 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 60410569
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People and Events

was 14 when my parents died in 1998. My younger brother and were left with no financial support. t was devastating and scary, as had to grow up really fast. learned that the ones you love the most can be gone in an instant. Being born, raised, and educated in a small town in ndia, had developed small town ideas. had to change the way thought about living and survival.

n order to survive, went on the road and worked as a part-time teacher seven hours a day to provide bread for myself and my younger brother. knew that life would never get any better without education. continued my education while worked. The days were long and hard trying to get my education and work to survive at the same time. This went on until 2002 when finished my Bachelors in Computer Science. continued teaching and working…

In January, 2008, my wife and I settled in the U.S.A. This brought about more learning experiences as the multitude of cultures that are in the U.S.A. taught me different things. It taught me more ways that needed to be communicated among the different cultures. The belief systems from each culture had different values that needed to be communicated in various ways, depending on the culture being dealt with at the particular time.

My life changed forever when my parents died. The way I had to learn to survive and still get my education taught a lot of independence. With my younger brother relying on me as well, I learned more about responsibility of caring for others. Meeting my wife had even more lessons as I learned more about relationships and the act of sharing life with someone else. I no longer had to take all the responsibility of life alone. My wife had become a lifelong partner to share the good and the bad, the struggles and the happy times. At 34, living in Seattle, WA and working for SAP America as a Technical Account Manager, life has become so much better. Because of education, I have the abilities to provide a greater degree of support for myself and a loved one, my wife.

All the hard work I had to experience when my parents died paid off with making life easier by learning to survive the tough times of working and attending school, as well as, the efforts of being responsible to support my brother while he worked for his own education. Having a wife to be a partner in life and a good paying job makes life easier as well enjoy the fruits of my labor together. I no longer have the stress of survival with my brother like we did when my parents died.

Stolen Lives Malika Wanted to
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One can imagine a film including dream sequences to illustrate the liberating and sustaining power of the life of the imagination for a young and resilient woman. Then, finally, like escaping from an old-time war film, the captive family dug a tunnel and escaped. They were recaptured but the world was at least alerted to their plight. Their publicized effort lead to improved circumstances in their captivity, although Malika still did not leave her nation freely until many years afterwards.

Malika's tale is a tale of a fall from Eden, followed by survival -- a narrative made for the movies, and Oufkir as a young girl did dream of becoming a movie star. The true, most unsavory aspects of her narrative, like the reality of living in a brutal Moroccan prison ridden with human rights violations might be too real, however, even for film. Also, the authoritarian regime that allowed…

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My Life
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Michael Jones and I was born on the 19th of March, 1998, in Hawthorne, California. I am currently eighteen years old and in my fourth year of college. My parents are Stephen Jones and Callie Jones. Our family comprises of my father, mother, brother and a sister. My brother's name is James Arnold Jones and my sister's name is Joanne Jones. I am grateful to have my siblings and both of my parents in my life alive and healthy. I do not have a great deal of memory about my early childhood, but my mom incessantly mentions that I was a very lively, inquisitive, and talkative child. I was curious about everything and kept asking questions all the time, even without having to wait for the correct answers in response. It is for this reason that I assume my parents bought me numerous books as well as novels from an…

Personal and Professional Change Over
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These authors add that with respect to this exemplary leadership quality, "Although a significant difference existed by gender, both men and women rated challenging the process as their least developed leadership skill" (p. 259). This also means that people must be willing to take personal and professional risks, including speaking up for what they believe in the workplace, but the cost-benefit analyses that are routinely used by winners can help establish the framework in which such pursuits are achievable.

Such intuitive decisions may be valuable in the workplace when someone's experience and intellect combine to produce consistently positive outcomes, but it is reasonable to suggest that many successful business leaders take their time in formulating decisions about many of the complex issues they encounter on a day-to-day basis, but in some cases, time is of the essence and what "seems more right" will have to do. People with fine-tuned senses…


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Human Resource Planning, 23(3), 12.

Financial Counseling Profile Tackling Mid-Life
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She is well-connected within the community and is confident that her business would be profitable within a year or two. She has a strong, charismatic personality and is also connected to Milwaukee's artistic community through her husband's architectural work restoring some of the city's beautiful historic buildings. She has a considerable portfolio, and occasionally sold stock photos or worked as a wedding photographer when she was in law school.

Laura realizes that in the current market, individuals and companies may be cutting back on "luxuries" like professional family and staff pictures. However, she has a range of expertise in architectural and interior photography as well as portrait and event photography. She is willing to diversify her skill set and pursue further education if necessary, although in her field an additional artistic degree would only be desirable for teaching or competing for gallery showings at a national level.

According to her…


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Transforming Scheduled Death Into Renewed Life One
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Transforming Scheduled Death Into Renewed Life

One of the harsh realities of living in an otherwise-free society is the fact that the United States incarcerates far more of its citizens than other leading industrialized nations, and it one of the few countries in the world that retains the death penalty on its books. hen capital offenders are executed, there exists the opportunity to turn this scheduled death into renewed through organ donations. At present, while an individual has the right to say whether their organs should be donated, death-row inmates are considered wards of the state and it is the position of this study that the state should have the corresponding right to harvest their organs as a means of execution in order to save and improve the quality of the lives of others. To determine whether the potential exists for such an approach, this study examines the relevant peer-reviewed…

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Academic Autobiography There Are Events
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The importance of a strong opening and closing, practicing, staying organized and focused and taking the stage with confidence are skills that I continue to apply in my class presentations.

At times my classes, especially the General Education classes, have been quite challenging. Having proven to myself that I have the intellectual capacity, discipline and drive to pass these classes, I am inspired and encouraged when presented with some of the challenges of life. A significant aspect of a college education is developing critical reasoning. It is not so much to memorize facts and figures, but to be able to penetrate ideas and concepts and extract their essence. Understanding the way mechanisms work is a sine-qua-non condition of gaining the ability to deconstruct ideas and theories and applying them to one's personal and professional life. It is through this kind of individualized approach, I believe, that higher education is particularly…

Change About the Criminal Justice
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(d) etribution serves towards a constructive purpose of -- as Braithwhite calls it -- 'restorative shame' rather than 'stigmatizing shame'

In 1988, John Braithwaite published "Crime, shame, and eintegration" where he introduced his idea of restorative shaming (Braithwaite, 1997). The conventional criminal justice stigmatizes the individual in that it not only makes him a pariah of society thereby making it harder to reform himself, but also crushes his esteem, causing others to deride and shun him, accordingly often making him react in a reinforcing manner. Seeing himself as 'offender' and finding it extremely difficult to readjust and gain acceptance in society, the offender may be compelled to return to crime as way of livelihood to support himself and as a way of gaining the prestige and status that he m ay need and that he may, otherwise, not gain.

estorative justice, on the other hand, helps offender atone for his…


Acorn, a. (2004). Compulsory compassion: a critique of restorative justice Vancouver: University of British Columbia Press

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Correctional Service of Canada. [Online] Retrieved from:

Changes in US Business Ethics Practices Since Sept 11 2001
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Business Ethics

Changes in U.S. Business Ethics Practices

Changes in U.S. Business Ethics Practices Since Sep 11, 2001

The incident of 9/11 made the world pass though many sad and undesirable changes. One of such changes is declining rate of ethical considerations in U.S. based commercial organization. The subject is important to explore as it is likely to affect the image of U.S. business organizations. Furthermore, it is also expected that U.S. literature upon management and business administration may fail to appeal the world as the practices are not aligned with it.

The paper explains the changes in lieu of unfortunate incident of 9/11 in USA and casts light upon the implication of ethical consideration presently enforced in U.S. based organizations.

Changes in U.S. Business Ethics Practices Since Sep 11, 2001

The incident of 9/11 was an unfortunate event for many nations of the worlds including Americans. The incident changed…


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Change One's Life They Happen and Our
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change one's life. They happen and our lives take different turns and take different roads. We deal with these issues as they come and try our best to cope with them the way we know how. There were two instances in my life that I consider very significant. These events involve me leaving my country of birth and also when I moved to the United States.

The first event of my life that I consider significant was when I had to leave my native country of Cuba and move to the country of Spain. The reasoning behind this was based on my father's political problems and personal views that were not in line with the country of Cuba's ideals and political views. This happened on December in the year of 1991. I was 8 years old at the time. This move was particularly a hard time for me because I…

Changing Perspectives Chance Meeting on
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We had to replace you with an alternate, you know. Oh, and we won State without you." The girl didn't wait for a reply, she just flounced back to her friends, who were laughing and giggling as they placed their coffee orders.

Amanda" acted like she hadn't heard any of the conversation, but as I watched; a tear slid slowly down her cheek and plopped onto the magazine she was reading. Silence seemed to fall over the entire coffee house as the girls took their coffees and left. It seemed like every eye was on the young girl with the stroller, watching for her reaction. I noticed an older couple in the corner eyeing her with anger or disgust. Dressed conservatively, they seemed to be angry with her for some reason. The woman leaned across the table, whispering something to the man, and they both picked up their newspapers and…


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Lives Jesus Mohammed Relation Respective Religion The
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lives Jesus Mohammed relation respective religion. The paper formatted APA guidelines, include research sources. Be complete steps paper: 1. Trace lives Jesus Mohammed historically.

Jesus and Mohammed

Standing as the two principal religions on the planet, Christianity and Islam are most recognized for the individuals who made it possible for them to exist. Jesus is the major figure in the world of Christianity while Mohamed is the central figure in the Islamic world. Given religion is presently one of the most debated topics, one of the best methods of understanding each of the two religious faiths would be to analyze the characters that stand at the base of each of them.

Although there is no exact evidence to demonstrate when Jesus was born, most sources point toward the belief that the act occurred somewhere before the death of King Herod the Great. There are a series of scholarly accounts meant…

Works cited:

Rausch, Thomas P. "Who is Jesus?: an introduction to Christolog." (Liturgical Press, 2003).

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Changing A Look at the
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He is one of the few artists that were recognized for his work while he was still living.

One of Michelangelo's most exquisite pieces is Pieta. In this sculpture, we can see how Michelangelo was moving away from the traditional form of sculpting. Creighton Gilbert notes that how Mary and Jesus are depicted in the statue is not typical of Michelangelo's day. Mary is seated with the dead Jesus in her lap and this image "first emerged as an abbreviation of the scene of Christ mourned" (160). Harold Keller maintains that the piece is filled with contrasts, horizontally and vertically. e also have the opposites of the clothed and the naked. The position of Jesus' body is different from most pietas of the day in that it is horizontal, producing a "step-like composition based on the sharp right able between the corpse and the upper body of the Madonna towering…

Works Cited

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Life I Can Cite an
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I would incorporate much in the way of nonverbal communication to entice the students to remain engaged while listening to what I had to say. I think the best method of deliverance would be the use of live communication followed up by literature the students would take with them. The use of media, including interviews with other students and their experiences with drug and alcohol abuse would be relevant and useful in this context.

Using the Yale attitude changing approach, I would establish credibility by approaching students as a peer and victim of abuse; the messages I provided would allow for two sides of the argument, meaning students could offer their own objections to what it is I had to say. The messages given would be of support rather than designed to persuade students directly, so I would take a peripheral route to persuasion. Using these methods and approaches will…


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Sociology Psychology

Changing Principles of War Technology
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He knew that war was taking a horrible toll and that his side was losing and was bound to be defeated inevitably.

He had the practical first-hand knowledge of combat to make the correct, wise decision that saved countless thousands of lives. Would the same be possible today? It is highly unlikely. War, today, is highly theoretical: blips on a computer screen rather than blood on a knife, or at least visible detonations from a low-flying bomber.

Today's "captains of war" are so disconnected from the destruction they cause, one cannot help but wonder if the entire nature and principles of war have not changed forever.

Of course, nuclear weaponry has done its part in the shift. Today, man has the power to destroy his own planet hundreds of times over; until a few decades ago, man had immense destructive power, but it was limited in geography. For instance, America…


Lind, William S. "The Changing Face of War: Into the Fourth Generation." Marine Corps Gazette. October 1989.

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Changing Nature of Warfare." National Intelligence Council Report: May 25, 2004.

Life Was My Decision to Resist Against
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life was my decision to resist against the problem of laryngeal dyskenesia. This is an illness, which makes a person believe that he or she is not receiving enough oxygen, which in turn causes the person to hyperventilate. he/she started feeling as if his/her throat is closing. The situation becomes so painful that the victim cannot even speak. It is no doubt a nightmare to go through and those who have experienced it can only feel the pain that it gives. This problem usually occurs on the occasions when the victim is feeling nervous, upset, or frightened. I got infected with this disease in my freshman year of high school.

The experience of being a freshman in school was very disappointing for me. Although, I succeeded in getting admission to the school of my choice and was awarded full scholarship but my relationships with my peers proved to be a…

Life of a Clergyman in Victorian Society
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life of a clergyman in Victorian society as presented in the novel Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. The paper explains how the society of those days perceived Church and focuses on the negative portrayal of clergymen by Austen.


Pride and prejudice is undoubtedly the most important work of Jane Austen and one, which presents Victorian society in its true light. The novel sheds light on the society of those days and shows how various characters evolved under restriction posed by societal rules and regulations. This is probably one reason why we find Austen's clergymen to be repressed figures who were more inclined to serve themselves than others. The negative portrayal of the life of a clergyman in Pride and prejudice is closely linked with the fact that Victorian society was a highly class conscious society where people of humble professions were not…


Pride and Prejudice: 

Anthony Trollope's views: Introduction to Pride and Prejudice:

Changing Psychological Contract Implications for HRM
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The Changing Employer-Employee Relationship and Implications on HRM

Organizations now operate in a rapidly changing world. Changes in consumer behavior, increased competitive pressure, technological advancements, as well as regulatory shifts in the last few decades have generally compelled organizations to adjust their strategies, objectives, policies, and actions in an attempt to enhance organizational efficiency and profitability (Freese, Schalk & Croon, 2011; Ulen, 2015; Abu-Doleh & Hammou, 2015). In fact, the ability to accommodate change has been marked as a vital ingredient of success in the constantly evolving operational environment (Wellin, 2007). Whereas its importance cannot be overemphasized, adapting to change has had a significant impact on the psychological contract, which essentially denotes the intangible employer-employee relationship, particularly exemplified by mutual expectations between the employer and the employee (Smissen, Schalk & Freese, 2013). The shifting psychological contract has consequently presented a significant challenge for organizations, specifically their human resource management (HRM)…

Changing World the Combined Effects
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In this era of high skepticism, the need to be real, transparent, open and honest has never been greater. Social networks are another aspect of this and while many feel a sense of Internet fame and delusions of popularity based just on their follower count on Twitter or friend count on Facebook, real influence is being able to do what you say you will, time after time, and delivering on the promise of trust to your friends. For social networks to function there has to a reciprocal nature of sharing information, status, who you are. But too many people in my opinion share the dull, boring banality of their lives by taking pictures of their lunch or dinner at a fancy restaurant, trying to evoke envy. This makes me unfollow and unfriend people because social networks should be about strengthening the bonds of trust, not attempting to play the popularity…

Life Long Learners One of
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Parts of the theory are individual but coherent. The microsystem is the smallest layer in the sense that it is closest to the child and contains all the structures of which the child has regular contact. It includes the relationships and structures that the child uses to define their surroundings (family, school, and neighborhood). The interactions in this layer are primary modifiers, but are continually impacted by other layers. The mesosystem is the rather amorphous way that Microsystems morph and interact with another -- connections between events and organizations. The exosystem is the larger social system in which the child does not directly interact but has a profound effect on the Microsystems (positive and negative effects, etc.). The macrosystem, or the outermost layer in the child's environment consists of laws, customs, values, and norms -- all of which the child is expected to assimilate prior to becoming part of that…


Bronfenbrenner, U. (1979). The Ecology of Human Development. Harvard University


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And Belief." Theory into Practice. 40 (4): 235-42.

Change Motivational Interviewing Rachel Seems to
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Rachel needs to be made aware of the small steps she needs to take to make big changes in her life, like becoming independent. Asking her why she did not avail herself of the internship program, why she does not seek to learn how to do more domestic duties in the hopes of being independent, and how she expects to function without transportation are all important questions to motivate her to take the next step towards her ultimate goal.

Three major goals for next session:

1. Learn how to perform one major life task (such as cooking a meal)

2. Learn to use public transportation

3. Go on one social event with a friend

orks Cited

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Retrieved May 3, 2009 at

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Life Planning Preparing One's Self
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, p. 842)

As our research shows, and as St. Leo's core values demonstrate, a great deal of Personal Development is required to face the difficult decisions that are implied by end-of-life planning. ith this personal development, growth and maturation comes an appreciation for the suffering of others in the wake of one's passing. The result is a concerted effort to ease this process. And as the article by Bunting-Perry (2006) finds, "the lifting of care burden opens a window for formal grieving. Family and friends comfort the bereaved person for a short period of time after the death." (Bunting-Perry, 106)

By showing a sense of the experience of others rather than simply of one's own fear in facing death, one also demonstrates a clear understanding of the Responsible Stewardship implicated by maintaining a living will. Particularly, Furrow et al. tell, "a number of devices have been developed to facilitate…

Works Cited:

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St. Leo University. (2012). Core Values.

Changes & Song Dynasty During
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This is the nature of the universe and the Book of Changes stresses the importance of understanding that there will be change so that one can be flexible and roll with the punches, essentially. Once one has the understanding that change is always going to occur, one can then cultivate the right attitude for dealing with the change. Another thing discussed in the Book of Changes is the notion that there is a persistent rule in the universe that will never change (though everything else is changing). The Book of Changes, therefore, was about inevitable change and a persistent rule.

Understanding yin and yang is fundamental for understanding feng shui as discussed in the Book of Changes. Though yin and yang are natural opposites, they still need each other in the natural world. That is to say that one can't exist with the other existing. Once yin and yang is…


Bruun, O. (2008). An introduction to feng shui. Cambridge University Press; 1st edition.

Lin, H. (2000). The art & science of feng shui. Llewellyn Publications.

Changing Musical Style of Bob
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He, therefore, continued experimenting with new musical style, and his 1964 album, Another Side of Bob Dylan hinted at the things to come. The album was categorized a "folk album" only because Dylan had not yet decided to go electric and continued to use an acoustic arrangement for his songs. As for the content of his songs on Another Side, they had already veered away from the political protest of folk. The album started with the light-hearted and personal "All I Really ant to do" and ended rather significantly with "It Ain't Me" -- Dylan pointedly saying adieu to his folk audience. The album's departure from folk traditions was a prelude to a more dramatic change in Dylan's musical style that was to be unveiled in the following year.

Dylan goes Electric

The year 1965 was the start of perhaps the most concentrated, magical, and impressive two-year period of creative…

Works Cited

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From the song it's All right Ma (I'm only Bleeding) from the album "Bringing it All Back home" (1965)

Changes Us This Is a
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" (Gluck 2). She is comforted by the presence of her brother, yet something is askew. She cannot shake the memory and that fact will become the purpose of this poem. The nagging question, "hy do I not forget?" (Gluck 10), brings us to the crux of the problem. The experience was bad but she survived. hile she knows she should be grateful, she must realize she will never forget and the experience robbed her of her innocence.

Daniel Morris points out how "Gretel in Darkness" is a poem of survival. The poem reflects upon a "profound psychological wound that at times mirrors survivor testimony" (100). Gretel returns from the "edge of personal destruction" (Morris 101) with a new identity "marred by traumatic memory" (101). She is different and she will never be the same again. Gluck explores the relationship between narrative and trauma in "order to allow the recovery…

Works Cited

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Database. Information Retrieved March 11, 2010.

Life That Things Have Seemed
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Though my specific interest is film, I would like to learn as much as I can about the different types of art and creation that go into making a movie. I would like to work with and learn from people from many different disciplines, because I believe that this type of exposure will make me better at what it is I want to do -- make films -- and will also make me a more well-rounded individual. I would also like to the opportunity to share my knowledge, and to see how the things I have learned and will learn about film are useful in other disciplines, as well.

What I enjoy most about the artistic world is the way many kinds of people with many different talents are necessary for one project. I would like the institution where I receive my education to reflect this collaborative and cooperative nature…

Life Have I Felt More
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Since then, I regained my confidence and participated proactively in my academic responsibilities and extracurricular opportunities. Part of my strength comes from my commitment to God, and I consider religion to be one of the most important influences in my life. I lead a bible study group and my choir section at Bethel Korean Church, performing in the annual Christmas and New Year's performances; I was elected

President of my high school Korean Club; and I lead marketing efforts as the marketing director in connection with the L.A. Korean Association's Korean festival. I have also captained several soccer teams, being voted MVP during a national tournament at the LA

Home Depot Center. While I certainly cherish all those experiences, they pale in comparison to the reward of having been able to perform volunteer work at the Irvine

Regional Hospital.

Through my church, I have also been fortunate enough to come…

Changing Political Situation in North
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Although the saber-rattling is currently at normal levels, there have been some highly disruptive events in recent years that have kept tensions high. For example, despite their vehement and repeated denials, most international observers agree and the results of international inspections indicate that in March 2010, North Korea fired on and sank the South Korean warship, Cheonan, with a corresponding loss of South Korean lives.

Just a few months later, North Korea fired artillery shells on nearby Yeonpyeong Island in November 2010, and in August 2011, North Korean officials seized assets at Mount Kumgang, a jointly operated tourist site with South Korea.

Despite continuing efforts by the international community to resolve this longstanding political and military stalemate, there have been some changes in the composition of the top political leadership in South Korea that may adversely affect these negotiations. In fact, South Korean President Lee Myung-bak and his inner circle…

Life Like at the Age
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" At this point she feels that she has lost everything she had. All the hopes and all the beliefs she possessed are destroyed to their very roots leaving the girl to start it all over again. The realization of her plans fails, the life choice she makes leaves her without any support. Exactly at this moment her values start "mutating," activating the girl's "defensive mechanism." Subconsciously she may even feel offended and disappointed with both of the man she loved for having left her on her own. She feels the unfairness of the occurring events and cannot find a reason to explain. These doubts transform her values in order to save her from getting hurt again.

A personal relationship stops being the source of love, care and being herself but a source of a possible future loss and pain. Her grief transforms into a powerful block whose main goal…

Life of Manuel Lacunza
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Manuel de Lacunza is one of the most significant figures in Church History. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the life of Manuel de Lacunza. e will also discuss the studies Manuel de Lacunza. Finally, we will explore the contributions that Lacunza made to the church through his theories.

The Life of Manuel de Lacunza

Manuel (Emanuel) de Lacunza was born in 1731 in Chile but spent much of his life living in exile in Italy. ("Church Heritage") Lacunza lived in Chile until he was 15 years old. He was then sent to Spain to become a Jesuit 1 Priest in the Catholic Church. By 1747 Lacunza had become a member of the Jesuit Priesthood and quickly became a prominent figure in the church.

Eventually he became a superintendent of the Noviciates and taught others in the traditions of the Jesuit order. (Gunther)

Lacunza lived in Spain for…

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Events of the 20th Century
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20th Century

The twentieth century had been tumultuous, particularly during the former half, the world witnessing two major world wars, many revolutions and nationalist struggles, each holding a significant bearing on the other. The major events being discussed are -- Chinese Revolution, Russian Revolution, India's independence, World War I and Treaty of Versailles and World War II. Though the events do not chronologically fall in order, each spanning over a few too many years, the developments and undercurrents of one has greatly influenced the other.

Chinese Revolution

Revolution in China began in 1911 with the National Party of China -- Kuo Min Tang -- playing the major role initially. The prime motive of Revolution was to solve the political and economic problems that plagued the Chinese society during the turn of the century --feudalism and semi-feudal patterns of relations in agricultural production, introducing agrarian reforms with modern methods of production,…


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Life of Jack Kevorkian Jack
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The aging brochure states, "Older workers, however, are more dependable, have lower turnover rates, have fewer absences and accidents, show better judgment, and are as productive as younger workers" (Schmall and Pratt, 1996, p. 8). His most productive time in promoting his cause came in his 60s and 70s, and he is still doing it at nearly 81 years of age, illustrating that older workers and older people in general, still have plenty of capabilities to work hard for what they believe in.

Exercise Awareness

This exercise helps the student become more aware of the great gift of growing old and learning from your experiences. Dr. Kevorkian did not begin his work with PAS until well into his career, another indication of older adults being able to change, and his dedication to his cause is inspiring and educational at the same time. At age 80, he still travels the country…


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Life of Jared Loughner Criminology
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remain ingrained in the hearts of the people of Arizona. On this day, Jared Lee Loughner, a 22-year-old, attempted to kill Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and he opened fire in a supermarket parking lot in Tucson, shooting and severely injuring 14 people, including Giffords, his target, and killing six people. While the incident sparked outrage and condemnation from different parts of the country, there have been numerous other cases where young American citizens carry out mass shootings. According to Siegel (2012), such incidences have prompted criminologists to devote their careers to understanding both the good and bad side of human nature in order to find out the motives that trigger people like Loughner to commit atrocities like the one in Tucson and why they behave the way they do. Where exactly should blame be apportioned -- societal or individual factors?

In the aftermath of mass murders, a look into the childhood,…


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Events in Terrify No More
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Terrify No More

The book Terrify no More by Haugen and Hunter concerns the efforts of the International Justice Mission to rescue 37 young girls who have been taken from their homes outside Phnom Pehn to become sex slaves. The mission of the IJM manifested in four basic components: providing immediate relief for the victims, holding perpetrators accountable, providing aftercare for victims, and preventing the crime from occurring again, as well as strengthening the community. While the IJM has succeeded in these components on the micro-level, the nature of the crime and the systems that allow this crime to perpetuate is such that these four components can necessarily only be partially fulfilled.

The first component, which is immediate relief for the victims of the abuse is the most easily fulfilled, in the form of providing the young victims of the abuse with a comfortable setting in which to begin rebuilding…