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Still, getting the right kind of care, at the right time, is often a struggle for patients. My friend passed away from her illness, but her experience opened my eyes to the need to mesh the personal needs of the patient with more effective diagnostic and treatment solutions. I had always wanted to embark upon a financial career, but now I knew what type of entrepreneurship I wished to devote my life to -- biotechnology.

Early detection must become a vital component of the war on cancer. Improving screening as well as the quality of treatment, pharmaceuticals, and care are critical components of the emerging 21st century heath care paradigm. Finding a way to financially contain costs, dispense care in a comprehensive and ethical fashion, and creating an effective strategy of prevention will all become the focus of the business of medicine. By becoming part of this graduate program, I could build upon my current knowledge of the biological and technical dimensions of medicine, and inform these areas of interest with my experience in finance and business. Gaining a greater understanding of how to balance the ethical, humane side of medicine with the demands of a balanced bottom line is within my grasp, and utilizes all my fields of interest and expertise.

I have held the hand of a cancer patient, as well as held fast to the demands of a budget. In the words of Carl Sagan: "

Advances in medicine... have saved vastly more lives than have been lost in all the wars in history." I hope to make sure that the maximum numbers of individuals have exposure to the life-saving potential of medicine to heal as well as to make treatment more effective and affordable in the…

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