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Life Skills

Words: 692 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 22872745

Coaching kids in sports has always been personally rewarding to me, and it has been helpful to be able to connect those experiences to more global issues and theories. The theoretical concepts related to the fields of sports management and coaching that I have learned in college include leadership and communication. Specifically, I have learned about different types of leadership and am especially interested in transformational leadership. I expected to learn about the different leadership styles, but not be able to transform my vision of how to apply these concepts to coaching. Now that I understand why transformational leaders can be successful, I feel more capable of helping others. Transformational leaders rely on intrinsic motivation, meaning they are able to communicate a vision. Their leadership is about more than just winning games or making money. Transformational leadership is about the big picture goals, including making the world a better place…… [Read More]

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Lesson 3 Journal Entry

Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59929217

Do you disagree with any of Pope's opinions or pronouncements in the Heroic Couplets or "An Essay on Man"?

Pope is critical of individuals who "cry, if man's unhappy, God's unjust," suggesting that the unhappiest people are people who blame God, rather than themselves for all of their troubles, or who curse God because their lives are imperfect. The need to accept life's imperfections while still working to enact positive changes within the limitations of humanity is a positive message still relevant for people today.

Based on what you have read of "The Rape of the Lock," what do you think the poem's theme or central message is? What or who are the objects of his satire? Does the epic, "The Rape of the Lock" apply in any way to society today? Identify two passages that could serve as satiric commentaries on people's behavior today. Your answer should discuss both…… [Read More]

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Lessons Learned

Words: 1722 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 55397599

Lessons Learned - Plagiarism, Proper Citations, Paraphrasing

A Masters Degree in Information Systems builds on the student's former education, gives the student new, specific tools for using, understanding and building hardware and software, and prepares the student for valuable work in perhaps the most important global system developed to date. In obtaining a Masters Degree in Information Systems, the student must learn state-of-the-art knowledge, with one phase building on the one before it, and enabling the student to keep learning throughout his/her life and keep developing new systems to keep up with demand. In obtaining this Degree, the student must learn to recognize and avoid plagiarism, use proper citations and properly paraphrase.



Plagiarism is using the thoughts and words of another as your own, without giving credit to the original author (Bouville, 2008). Plagiarism is currently a major problem in education and in business. In fact, though plagiarism…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Lesson Learned in International Business Ask Yourself

Words: 1022 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5291641

Lesson Learned in International Business

Ask yourself, what value added am I adding, producing above and beyond what was discussed in class?

The way that I am adding value above what is covered in class is through taking the ideas that were presented and using them in the real world on a practical basis. Too often, many business executives will become involved in transactions that will lead to conflicts of interest. In some cases, this is from the desire to lower costs (which will have an impact on a firm's labor practices). While at other times, these issues will take place because of changes in the company's business model. In every case, executives used these actions to engage in activities that will support their own self-interests. Moreover, they are ignoring the long-term impact of their actions on different stakeholders. (Abedelal, 2003) (Fung, 2006) (Kennedy, 2003) (Spar, 2002)

This is problematic,…… [Read More]


Abedelal, R. (2003). Bombardier. Harvard Business Review.

Fung, K. (2006). China's Renmninbi. Asia Case Research Center.

Kennedy, R. (2003). RR Donnelly. Harvard Business Review.

Spar, D. (2002). Hitting the Wall. Harvard Business Review.
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Lessons Module Week Explained Important Reasons Christians Study

Words: 484 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14516341

lessons module/Week explained important reasons Christians study secular literature. Choose lessons ag

I believe that there are a number of critical points of veracity elucidated within lesson three regarding the value of literature to Christians and to those who embrace Christianity. Actually, I have a number of strong convictions regarding literature in general; one of my mantras is that anything of true value in this world -- that which extends beyond the temporal -- is written down. One of the most eminent points of agreement that I found with this particular lesson revolves around the merit of the Bible. The Bible is certainly a work of literature and, when considered in its earliest form as part of the Dead Sea Scrolls, is one of the most enduring works of literature to be found.

There are a number of different arguments regarding the utilitarian aspect of this particular piece of literature.…… [Read More]

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Lesson One Training Counts

Words: 331 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52091832

Lesson One Training Counts

Lesson One -- Training Counts

California is one of the largest and wealthiest states in the nation, and so one might assume that it would provide the best possible education to its children. However, this is not the case -- nearly 15% of California teachers lack even the basic qualifications needed to educate their students. These teachers have not met the state's standards for content knowledge or teaching skills, and many of them have not even passed the state's basic skills test.

Studies show that underqualified and unprepared teachers leave their jobs at much higher rates than those who are fully qualified, many of them leaving within the first year. Also, when standing in front of a classroom, unprepared teachers are often surprised at the many things they still don't know, and even feel inadequate when it comes to meeting their students' needs. Naturally this can…… [Read More]

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Life in My Squantum Massachusetts

Words: 1518 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 437395

In the late winter as our root cellars begin to empty and the food begins to spoil our daily meals became quite meager but we live with the knowledge that matters will soon improve as the weather becomes warmer.

Our lives here are quite difficult. We are often cold and there is little to eat. We work extremely hard and what free time we do have we spend in pray being thankful for what we do have. We do, however, have our family and fellow congregation members and together we are free to honor our God in our own way. This has not always been the case and we are grateful for this opportunity. Our first days here were particularly difficult but things have improved as we have learned to adjust to the harsh weather conditions, improved our hunting skills, and gradually cleared the forests to build our farmlands. In…… [Read More]

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Lesson Plan Preparation You Need

Words: 495 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18632730

(Belkin, 2004) Students can still be kinesthetically involved, however -- for instance, asking a blind student how something feels or smells, senses that might be more developed in this child, can give him or her a sense of empowerment. Reading levels may be wide in a mixed classroom of special education and 'regular' students, and students with dyslexia can benefit from the use of talking books with animated voices. Even students with reading difficulties that are not formally diagnosable can grow more enthusiastic about reading by being encouraged to, for instance, cook a recipe that the pilgrims did in a history text, or to cut out pictures from the newspaper about a topic discussed in social studies class. Ultimately, curriculum objectives like students being able to read certain vocabulary cannot be forgotten, but if challenging vocabulary is reinforced throughout the day, and verbally, aurally, and spatially, as well as on…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Belkin, Lisa. (September 12, 2004) "The Lessons of Classroom 506." Magazine. New York Times.

Piaget, Jean. (1970) "Piaget's theory." In P. Mussen (ed) Handbook of child psychology, Vol.1. New York: Wiley, 1983.
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Lesson Plan with Understanding by Design Framework

Words: 1265 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Dissertation Paper #: 60075298

Lesson Plan Using Understanding by Design Framework

A creative approach is critical in embedding innovative problem solving, embedding opportunity for inquiry as well as enhancing critical thinking for deep discipline knowledge. When curriculum is to be coherent, and cohesive across multiple grades, the assessment protocols should establish the degree of success and integrate the curricular unit to enhance the desired learning outcomes. The UbD provides an effective framework that assists in addressing the aforementioned key issues. In the U.S. educational system, successful learning outcome requires an integration of meaningful assessment, and contents coupled with effective pedagogy. However, the ability to develop cohesive and coherent curriculum has become overwhelming to experienced school teachers, obviously, the issue creates a barrier to student's efficient learning. Thus, UbD (Understanding by Design) has been identified as the effective tool that overcomes these barriers by providing practical and concise guidance for both inexperienced and experienced teachers.…… [Read More]


Roth, D. (2007). Understanding by Design: A Framework for Effecting Curricular Development and Assessment. Cell Biology Education, 6(2), 95-97. doi:10.1187/cbe.07-03-0012.
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Lesson Plan Math Lesson Plan Grade Level

Words: 1453 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 76753128

Lesson Plan

MATH Lesson Plan

Grade Level:


Activity Name: Space and Math

Learning Domain

Classroom, Internet, Field trips

Children should know history of the space program and its impact on science, math, history, politics and technology.

Education Standards Addressed

Combination of history, civics and math

(Specify skills/information that will be learned.)

Teach about math in terms of things like speed, rotation speed, circumference, and so forth.

Materials Needed:



(Specific skill / concept being taught in lesson)

Applying math to space-related concepts


Units of measurement, dimensions and speeds. Examples would include diameter, perimeter, speed, velocity and so forth. Nothing too complicated…just the basics.

Other esources:

(e.g. Web, books, etc.)

Procedure/s: (List of steps in lesson delivery) Include as applicable and in order of delivery:

Examine and Talk, Demonstrate, Model, Plan, Guide, ecord, Describe, Explore, Acquire, Practice, etc.

Explains terms and concepts in terms of numbers and measurement…… [Read More]


Denler, H. (2014, January 28). Social Cognitive Theory. Retrieved February 24, 2015, from 

Mitton, T., & Parker, A. (1997). Roaring rockets. New York: Kingfisher.

Rabe, T. (1999). There's a no place like space!: All about our solar system. New York: Random House.

Wilson, L., & Frye, P. (1993). What's out there?: A book about space. New York: Grosset & Dunlap.
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Lessons Learned Benjamin Franklin Once Said That

Words: 666 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 88972842

Lessons Learned

Benjamin Franklin once said that, "An investment in knowledge pays the best interest." Nowhere is this statement truer than in the field of nursing where I feel that the lessons learned from this course will help sustain and enrich me in whatever field I am employed going forward. From learning about health promotion to trans-cultural nursing to nursing-focused medical ethics, these issues will influence how I practice clinically whatever type of nurse I become from a Certified Nurse Anesthetist to a Home Health Nurse to everything in-between.

As a nurse, family and friends as well as patients will inevitably look to me with their questions about health promotion. This concept focuses on maximizing wellness for one's entire life through specific strategies to promote health through nutrition, physical fitness, weight control and avoiding substance abuse. Furthermore, health promotion must also take into account cultural and environmental factors related to…… [Read More]


Benjamin M. And Curtis J. (1992). Ethics in Nursing. Oxford University Press, USA (3rd edition): New York, NY.

Taylor C., Lillis C., LeMone P. & Lynn P. (2010). Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Nursing Care. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins (7th edition): New York, NY.
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Lesson Pan Studying Current Events

Words: 619 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 33792955

Students will play different roles in the newscast -- one student may be the anchor, the other a business reporter, the other a human interest and editorial commentator.

Students with reading difficulties can still participate in this hands-on activity, even if they have difficulty with English, with concentrating for a long period of time, or with reading in general, but brighter and more engaged students can use the assignment as a way of responding creatively to the news.

Resources and materials: Students must have access to online or real-life newspapers. Before they break up into groups, a monitor should be present to show students an example of a nightly newscast, which they will be replicating. If the students' own newscasts are to be televised, this will require a camera as well.

Evaluation: one of the positive aspects of evaluating students in this activity is that criteria can vary based on…… [Read More]

Works Consulted

Hudgeons, Connie. "An approach to current events." Academy Curricular Exchange Columbia

Education Center Social Studies. Retrieved 24 Jul 2008 at
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Life Represents the Sum of

Words: 1470 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 625782

I have experienced the fairytale love story and girl or young woman can dream of. Yet I am now well aware of the fact that not everybody has this luxury and that many people in the world must struggle to find a proper source of income or they have to leave their families and go to far away countries to find a better life. After this course, I think that it is our duty to help these people, to be active and responsive to their needs.

As a result of my experience with the Vietnamese immigration issue I realized that in most cases foreigners tend to work more and better than the regular American. This is because we value or time and our efforts and because we can afford to do that. Others can't. Others must struggle to find food, to find shelter. And it is our duty to make…… [Read More]

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Lesson Plans & Literacy Components

Words: 1481 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 63461041

The quality of this lesson is consistent from the beginning to the end of the project.

Lesson Plan #3: Adding Fun Game

Aim of the Lesson:

In this lesson, the students learn to decode using a chart where certain letters have an assigned number value. The students must solve the mathematical problem by decoding the word.

Literacy Elements Incorporated:

This lesson incorporates the concept that letters have a certain value. This can be tied to phonics, as the students develop the concept that a letter has a certain sound. Students use literacy skills to decode math problems and create number sentences.

How, when why, where and for whom they were used:

This lesson is designed for 3rd graders. One of the key difficulties with this age group is that consistency with skills is varied. Some students are more proficient than others at this stage. This makes it difficult to integrate…… [Read More]


Bintz, W., Moore, S., Hayhurst, E., Rubin, J., & Sherry, T. (2006). Integrating Literacy, Math, and Science to Make Learning Come Alive. Middle School Journal. 37 (3), 30-37. ERIC ID EJ752859.

Literacy Matters (2007). Math. Retrieved December 16, 2007 at
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Lesson Plan Assessment it Is

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85809304

ability to write legibly and quickly. Therefore, this lesson's assessments are fair samples of the content.

By focusing interaction with the teacher on the "big picture" questions, the lesson plan emphasizes those questions, which are key to meeting the content standards. Since the content standards are the underlying rationale for the lessons, the teacher-student interaction emphasizes what matters most in the topic of study. For example, by having the teacher first give a short lecture on child labor and the efficiency movement, the students are primed to answer the question about how they would feel if they lived 125 years ago. This focuses their attention on the part of the lesson that most explicitly meets the content standards, which are what matters most.

Each of these types of assessments provides the opportunity for a student with a strength in a singular area to succeed in the class: auditory, oral, kinesthetic,…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Angelo, T.A., & Cross, K.P. (1993). Classroom Assessment Techniques: A Handbook for College Teachers. Jossey-Bass.


This lesson is part of a major unit in 10th grade covering the Industrial Revolution. The lesson may be used to engage students in the technology of industrialization, before they study the changing culture in the U.S. Using a model steam engine, students will learn about the industrialization in the U.S. Using this knowledge as a springboard, students can then explore contemporary notions of industrialization, technology, and culture.

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Gender in Poetry Literature Lesson Duration

Words: 1983 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 71176397

Gende in Poety / Liteatue Lesson

Lesson Duation


Rational: This is an intoduction to the gende issues which wee so pevalent in the Victoian ea, and a backdop to show why they still exist today and the ham they can inflict.

Syllabus Outcome: This pat of the lesson helps meet outcome 1, o the ability to intepet meanings and themes within texts. By using abstact thinking pocesses, the students will make connections between the texts pesented and show how they ae, o ae not elated. Accoding to the eseach, "A student esponds to and composes inceasingly sophisticated and sustained texts fo undestanding, intepetation, citical analysis and pleasue" (Boad of Studies fo NSW 2003 p 32).

Syllabus Content: This will help meet outcome 4, whee "a student selects and uses languages foms and featues, and stuctues of texts accoding to diffeent puposes, audiences and contexts, and descibes and explains thei…… [Read More]

references to at least two of the texts read

Less than three sentences per response and mentioning one or none of the texts read so far

Lesson 5

Strong use of creativity. The poem or short story breaks three or more of the gender stereotypes learned

Simply rewriting a previously published story or poem. Only two or less gender stereotypes were broken by the female character
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Hindu Life cycle Experience and Way of Life

Words: 1364 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15538514

The interviewed individual is an American female, Leela Smith, aged 53, who spent several years of her life in the Indian city of Kochi, Kerala as a homemaker, adopted an ayurvedic diet that was followed by her entire family, and home-schooled her youngest child. Further, she took training in Carnatic music, learned hatha yoga and Sanskrit, and adopted Kalaripayattu, Kerala's health system. In the year 2002, the whole family returned to the United States, and now resides in Oahu (Editors of Hinduism Today Magazine 2007).

The interviewee, Leela, claims it was in the year 1978 that she had her first taste of Hinduism at age fifteen, at a hatha yoga session held in her neighborhood in San Francisco, California. With time, she grew more interested in yoga, and took to reading about it and its great benefits to an individual's physical and mental wellbeing. She also decided to give up…… [Read More]

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People in Your Life That

Words: 741 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72185923

This would shape my thoughts and values by teaching me a sense of responsibility. At which point, it would affect my behavior, by teaching me to act more prudently, which would help me to always see the different viewpoints. As time went by, the ideas of focus that I was taught by him, would serve well in my educational career, as it would help me to do what is necessary to understand the material. In many ways, the overall levels of focus that we have are a key, to changing our perceptions about what is happening. Once you do this, is when the mind can be able to overcome its various limitations. This has helped me to overcome the different educational challenges, by look at the situation from another viewpoint.

These different events and the people surrounding them shaped who I would become as a person, by helping me to…… [Read More]


Blatner, A. (2006, September). Factors in Human Development. Blatner. Retrieved from 

Kail, R. (2010). The Study of Human Development. Human Development. (pg. 6). Belmont, CA: Wadsworth.
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Passions in Life Is Personal

Words: 339 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34436090

Passion for more knowledge and personal growth has created the strong and determined person that I am today. I am determined to make a positive impact in my life and the lives of others. I am also determined to learn as much as I possibly can, never forgetting that the learning process is one that will continue until I cease to exists on this earth. Recognizing that true passion in any aspect of ones life builds strength and determination that is indestructible. I have never taken no for an answer and will not start that process today. I create my destiny and the future is limitless, for only I can place limits on my abilities through self-doubt and negativity. With faith in my abilities and in me, all things…… [Read More]

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Life Skills Training Prevention Program That Revolves

Words: 1039 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 37961259

Life kills Training prevention program that revolves around material focusing on violence and the media, anger management, and conflict resolution skills. My idea for this program comes from Botvin et al. (2006) who empirically tested the efficacy of this program and found that it can be successfully used to not only prevent tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use but also to prevent violence and delinquency.

The Life kills Training (LT) is a program that was structured "to address several important cognitive, attitudinal, psychological, and social factors related to tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drug use and violence" (Bovine et al., p 404). People who use it are taught a variety of cognitive-behavioral skills that help them in terms of "problem-solving and decision-making, resisting media influences, managing stress and anxiety, communicating effectively, developing healthy personal relationships, and asserting one's rights "(ibid).

ocial scientists (e.g., Elliott, Huizinga, & Ageton, 1985; Hammond & Yung,…… [Read More]


Botvin GJ, Griffin, KW, & Nichols, TD (2006) Preventing Youth Violence and Delinquency through a Universal School-Based Prevention Approach, Prev Sci (2006) 7:403 -- 408

Biglan, A., & Cody, C. (2003). Preventing multiple problem behaviors in adolescence. In D. Romer (Ed.), Reducing adolescent risk: Toward an integrated approach (pp. 125 -- 131). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Elliott, D.S., Huizinga, D., & Menard, S. (1989). Multiple problem youth: Delinquency, substance use, and mental health problems. New York: Springer-Verlag.

Flay, B. (2002). Positive youth development requires comprehensive health promotion programs. American Journal of Health Behavior, 26, 407 -- 424.
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Lessons From the Great Depression William Watson

Words: 615 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 78040678

Lessons from the Great Depression, William Watson is comparing the current recession with the time frame between 1939 and 1940. This is when ritain and France had declared war on Germany after its invasion of Poland. However, no real hostilities took place between the two until Germany invaded France in May 1940. The time when there was little conflict that was occurring, fooled many people into thinking that the war and the subsequent events would not be as bad as feared. Once this occurred, it caused the public to have a sense of complacency about these events and the impact that they would have on the lives of ordinary people. (Watson, 2009, pp. 41 -- 44)

According to Watson, a similar situation is occurring with the recent financial crisis that has taken place. This was sparked initially by doomsday predictions that many in news media were making about: the bailouts…… [Read More]


Watson, W. (2008). Lessons from the Great Depression. Policy Options, 41 -- 44.
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Lessons Were Observed One of

Words: 1515 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78472936

There was a great deal of lively discussion about certain sentences, and students enjoyed spotting obviously outrageous, unsupported opinions presented as facts in some of the newspaper articles.


The lessons that used group activities seemed to generate the most student excitement and involvement. The written poetry lesson plan that encouraged the most student creativity and personal engagement seemed to be the most exciting for the students, and felt the least like 'forced activity.' It is important to generate a sense of joy when learning to read, or when learning to read like a more engaged and critical reader. Using group activities engaged students who might otherwise find reading boring or, and the use of poetry is a particularly expressive way to show students that the sound and creative use of words are fun and are used to express ideas and emotions.

orks Cited

Onomatopoeia." Lesson Plan. Proteacher. Retrieved 14…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Onomatopoeia." Lesson Plan. Proteacher. Retrieved 14 Dec 2007 at 

Reading Lesson Plans and Comprehension." (2007). The Teacher's Corner. Retrieved 14 Dec 2007 at 

Sniffy and Fluffy have an Adventure." (2007). TALK Activities. Retrieved 14 Dec 2007 at
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Lesson Plan for Gustav Klimt Art Class

Words: 6407 Length: 20 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 67881416

Gustav Klimt Lesson Plan

Central Focus

"Describe the central focus and purpose for the content you will teach in the learning segment".

Students will learn the art of Gustav Klimt, which will assist in creating the work of art that will resemble Klimt's style. Moreover, students will be introduced to the Gustav Klimt's artwork focusing on his love for cats. (Weidinger, 2007).Students will also learn their artistic style and utilize their patterns and shapes to fill up their works. Moreover, students will continue to build and develop the basic skill sets utilizing art tools such as paint, glue, scissors, and oil pastels. Students will also learn how to utilize the line variation, stylized form, symbol, color, and media variety with the ability to create their "Tree of Life". Moreover, the lesson plan will assist students to learn about cool and warm colors incorporating them into the artistic styles of Gustav…… [Read More]

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Lesson Plan

Words: 1676 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 77245309

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
Environmental Studies Level: Grades 6-8 Duration: 2 hours

Today, recycling is one of the most important topics in the environmental conservation agenda. From trash and dysfunctional electronic gadgets to plastic materials, wrappers, and packaging materials, we generate tons of waste every day. This waste increasingly poses a significant threat to the natural environment. For instance, oceans and other natural water bodies are now filled with substantial amounts of plastics, posing a threat to water life. Similarly, when deposited in landfills, our trash emits gases that are harmful to the environment. The gases harm the environment by destroying the ozone layer, consequently creating negative effects such as global warming. The situation is likely to get worse in the future given that the human population is growing at an unprecedented rate. Greater human population will mean more consumption, more creation of waste, and hence more harm to the environment.…… [Read More]

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Lessons Learned American Experience Vietnam War Assignment

Words: 713 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 30839120

lessons learned American experience Vietnam War. assignment deal

I actually consider myself to be a strategic thinker, more so than a tactical planner or a logistician. One of the chief ways in which I was able to arrive at this conclusion is by reflecting upon the different functions of these three positions. Additionally, an analysis of the various relationships between these positions helped me to conclude that I am by far more of a strategic planner than the other two positions.

There is somewhat of a hierarchical relationship between these three jobs. A strategic thinker is an individual who is focused on achieving certain objectives that have been denoted as valuable within a mission-driven organization such as the armed forces. The achievement of that particular strategy will require very specific actions or tactics, which are devised by tactical planner (No author, 2009). Finally, in order to actuate such tactics one…… [Read More]


Friedman, H.A. (No date). "Psyop of the strategic hamlet in Vietnam." Retrieved from 

Gainey, K.M. (2010). "Join Logistics Strategic Plan 2010-2014." Retrieved from 

No author (2009). "The difference between strategic and tactical planning." Retrieved from
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Lessons Senge Provides That Relates to Personal

Words: 660 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61606901

lessons Senge provides that relates to personal mastery is that the manager needs an understanding of the gap between vision and current reality as a tool for creative energy. What is important about this is that the vision needs to be clear, along with the recognition of reality as a current situation that can and must change. The tension between these two is then what causes the individual to use his or her creativity to make changes towards the vision. In terms of personal mastery, this means that a leader needs to recognize that no reality is static. Hence, such a leader, by mastering this understanding in his or her personal life, will also apply this to business.

As for mental models, Senge's main lesson suggests that learning skills are essential, particularly in terms of two broad classes: Skills of reflection and skills of inquiry. Both of these relate directly…… [Read More]

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Lesson That You Learned From

Words: 712 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82642372

The lesson is lear: that of self-giving out of love for the other. Hope takes the dream beyond hard times, past the darkness of war and the injusties of soiety.

Thuy's selfless demonstration of love is an inspiration for youths all around the world. Phil Shannon asserts that "Thuy's diaries have been a suess in Vietnam, espeially among young people who make up two-thirds of the population. Here was the human fae of war, seen through, as Franes Fitzgerald reords in her exellent introdution, "a brave, idealisti young woman, prone to self-doubt and vulnerabilities, a romanti in spite of her disipline." …[destined] to free her ountry and to find love, the dreams of a young woman for peae -- "the dream of mine and of thirty million Vietnamese." 2

Frederik Whitehurst, a Vietnam War veteran, ited by Mihael Sullivan reapitulates Thuy's vision of the invaluable nature of life as he…… [Read More]

cited in Michael Sullivan, "A Wartime Diary Touches Vietnamese," (2011),
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Lesson Learned Last Year Two

Words: 371 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 48994279

I tried to continue a separate friendships with both of them after they terminated their friendship until the friend who had refused to pay for the bike eventually betrayed my trust in another unrelated matter, ending our friendship too. My friendship with my other friend was never the same either, especially after I admitted that I agreed with his position over the motorcycle all along. In retrospect, it was a mistake to try to remain neutral in a situation where I had such a definite opinion of which person was right. The more honorable thing to do would have been to take the side of the friend with whom I agreed and attempt to moderate a resolution through my influence. I learned that it is inappropriate to remain neutral over an issue merely because it involves two friends. By doing so, I damaged my friendship with the friend who was…… [Read More]

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Lessons of 9 Things You

Words: 2058 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 21194444

And how can one predict what other people's reactions will be, anyway?

However, there are some problems with this book, notwithstanding. The first is the title: 9 Things You Simply Must Do to Succeed in Love and Life. Who is one loving -- is it God, one's partner, the world, and humanity -- or one's self? Of course, the more inclusive sense of love becomes apparent over the course of the book and the delineation of the nine 'things' or principles (why not call them principles rather than the vague sounding term 'things') but a more descriptive title would be helpful. Also, what is the meaning of success? Is success gaining material attributes and esteem, or is it more of a combination of a sense of moral purpose and satisfaction? Cloud's principles would suggest this is the case, but it is easy to see many of the principles being used…… [Read More]

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Life Was My Decision to Resist Against

Words: 691 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36405539

life was my decision to resist against the problem of laryngeal dyskenesia. This is an illness, which makes a person believe that he or she is not receiving enough oxygen, which in turn causes the person to hyperventilate. he/she started feeling as if his/her throat is closing. The situation becomes so painful that the victim cannot even speak. It is no doubt a nightmare to go through and those who have experienced it can only feel the pain that it gives. This problem usually occurs on the occasions when the victim is feeling nervous, upset, or frightened. I got infected with this disease in my freshman year of high school.

The experience of being a freshman in school was very disappointing for me. Although, I succeeded in getting admission to the school of my choice and was awarded full scholarship but my relationships with my peers proved to be a…… [Read More]

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Life Situation Can Create a

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The objective is to impede rumination. 3. In the third stage -- relapse prevention or rehabilitation -- Mr. Thomas will be encouraged to participate in activities (such as hobbies that he enjoys, listening to music, socializing, his work and so forth) and to move towards increased interest in his work, and other components of his life outside of his depressing domestic situation. The whole model would focus around prevention and intervention where prevention aims at reducing the individual's psychobiological vulnerability (via for instance reducing the stress facing Mr. Thomas by enlisting the aid, for instance, of his children and coworkers) whilst intervention seeks to strengthen that same vulnerability (via for instance cognitive-behavioral techniques or other depression-reducing interventions).

oemtiems, conflicts in commucantion occur inthis type sof stiaution when ethical condudresm are invoeld such as a perosn wishing to die whislt eveyroen else wants her to live on, or the gnawing unceratiny…… [Read More]


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Life-Changing the Event I Will Write About

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The event I will write about took place at a lake near our house. It was summer and I had finished middle school and was heading into high school in the fall. Before describing the incident at the lake, I should explain something about my middle school experiences, because they relate to the incident at the lake.

During middle school I had been shoved on occasion and verbally taunted by a couple bullies in the schoolyard a few times a week. In my 7th grade experience and in my 8th grade experience I had been part of a little group of friends that was the target of these bullies. We were physically threatened and verbally harassed once or twice a week. The students I was in a group with were creative kids, taking part in plays, writing and reciting poetry, and two of my friends were strong Christians and…… [Read More]

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Life With Apples Ca 1893-94 The Original

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Life with Apples," ca. 1893-94. The original work is an oil on canvas, hung in the J. Paul Getty Museum in California. Cezanne painted many still lifes, and many with apples, but this is one of his most interesting and detailed looks at common, everyday objects.

Paul Cezanne was born in 1839 in Aix-en-Provence, a small town about fifteen miles north of Marseilles. His family was prosperous, and the boy was well educated. He first studied law, but also began to take lessons at the Drawing Academy of Aix, and found he enjoyed art much more than the law. By 1861, his father allowed him to go to Paris to continue his art studies, and his career as an artist was born. Even his art teacher did not encourage his interest in supporting himself as an artist. He returned for a time to his hometown to work in his father's…… [Read More]


Cezanne, Paul. "Still Life with Apples. J. Paul Getty Museum. 2005. 15 Oct. 2005.


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Life That Have Made Me

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It was from Bob that I began to learn to think. These are a few of the lessons I learned from Bob. "Nothing too good or too bad lasts too long." Try not to get too up or too down. Be meticulous, "take care of the details and the rest will take care of itself." When making a decision to do something ask three questions, "is it logical, is it fair, and will it work." If it's not logical don't do it. If it's logical but it's not fair, don't do it. If it's logical and it's fair, but it won't work…don't do it. And "there are three things you can't get back, the spent arrow, the spoken word, and the lost opportunity."

I believe these three people are the reason I am here today. Though I arrive here with no idea of what awaits I realize that the opportunities…… [Read More]

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Life I Have Been a Go-getter I

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life I have been a go-getter. I graduated from high school at 16 because I was eager to begin my college education. Currently I am working on dual Bachelor degrees. One will be in Biochemistry and the other will be in Psychology. The same personality trait that has allowed me to graduate from high school early, pursue a dual degree program and many other accomplishments, is what will turn me into a service orientated and dedicated dentist.

One of the things I have pursued as a University of California, San Diego student, is my membership in the campus "For Los Angelitos" club. One of the things we did as a club was to travel to poverty stricken areas and provide lessons about oral hygiene. Equipped with small bags filled with oral care products, we traveled to Tijuana, Mexico where we provided oral care education to the children of the area.…… [Read More]

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Lesson Plan Math

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Teacher Candidate:

LESSON PREPARATION [before the lesson]

Mathematics, Grades 5-6

Concept: Complex and Multi-fuctional word Problems


Grade: 5-6

Whole class, small group, or individual? Class

State Standard [Virginia SOL or reading standard of your state]:

National Standard: Work flexibly with fractions, decimals, and percents to solve problems; Compare and order fractions; Use models, benchmarks and equivalent fors to judge fractions; develop understand of fractions as parts of unit wholes, and division of whole numbers.

Primary Objective: Students will use four basic mathematical functions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division) to solve multiple step, real world, word problems that require several steps for the solution involving fractions and decimals.

Classroom Diversity and Differentiated Instruction Adapted to learning issues based on pre-test; lesson is designed as culmination of unit on fractions and decimals. Differentiated instruction involves smaller groups, individual tutoring, and breaking problem down into steps prior to assigning. Advanced cognitive…… [Read More]

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Lessons From Littleton There Are

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And as to reportedly lax laws that make it reasonably easy to purchase a weapon at a gun show, Kleck asserts "...determined killers who plan their murders over a long period of time are the people least likely to be blocked from getting a gun by background checks." The perpetrators who are "most strongly motivated" and have long-range plans are also likely the "most motivated and able to evade the controls," he explains.

The bottom line for Kleck is that quick-fixes based on the emotion and passion stirred up by wall-to-wall coverage of a massacre are rarely, if ever, legitimate solutions. This is why he chose the title. In making his case as cogently and calmly as possible, he writes, "assessments of preventative measures based on a narrow focus on violent events that did occur" are "inherently misleading." The reason they are misleading is that they focus "only" on the…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Kleck, Gary. "There Are No Lessons to Be Learned from Littleton." Criminal Justice Ethics

18.1 (1999): Institute for Criminal Justice Ethics (Thompson Gale Database).
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Lessons to Be Learned From

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Overall, what Kleck is saying is that knee-jerk reactions that happen after the fact can, and in this case do, get falsely validated.

Second, Kleck uses solid data in the form of documented statistics to show that despite indications to the contrary on the part of the popular culture, it is a fact that gun violence has been decreasing steadily in recent years, those events of gun related violence that do occur rarely happen in schools, and also rarely involve multiple numbers of victims. Therefore, Kleck is saying that the assumption that there is a growing epidemic of mass gun murders on the part of young people against their own school populations is false.

Third, Kleck makes the point that laws passed in the aftermath of Littleton, meant to tighten control on guns, gun shows, and violent acts committed on school grounds do little to make a difference in any…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Kleck, Gary. "There Are No Lessons to Be Learned from Littleton." Criminal Justice Ethics 18.1 (1999): 2.

Gary Kleck
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Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara Tells the

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Lesson by Toni Cade Bambara tells the story of a college-educated woman who moves to the African-American neighborhood of the unnamed story-teller, her friend Sugar, and her friends and cousins. To the children it seems that Miss Moore puts on air, speaking "proper" English, always dressed as if she were going to church, and taking the children on educational field trips. The children resent it; school is out, and they want to spend the summer going to the movies or to the pool.

While Miss Moore organizes all kinds of outings for the children, Miss Moore herself is the lesson. She is the concrete example to the children that they can do well in school, they can go to college, and, by inference, that they can get a good-paying job. Miss Moore has enough money to not only pay her rent and provide for her necessities but to share experiences…… [Read More]

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Lesson Objectives

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lesson objective based on the CTE standard 8.0 Ethics and Legal Responsibilities selected. Discuss how your objective provides a more focused examination of the standard. Do you believe lesson objectives should be broadly defined to allow teachers to cover more content, or should they be focused on very specific student outcomes? Discuss reasons for your position on this.

Your response should be directly related to the prompt and contribute to the discussion with detail and evidence of higher-order thinking.

Lesson Objectives: The student will demonstrate an understanding of appropriate hand, oral, and respiratory hygiene; safe injections; and the methods of safely cleaning surfaces in a dental office, as recommended by the regulatory body of the CDC

Ideally, I believe that lesson objectives should be very focused in nature. By making guidelines overly broad, the most critical aspects of the lesson may easily be forgotten. I also believe that for a…… [Read More]

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Life That Things Have Seemed

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Though my specific interest is film, I would like to learn as much as I can about the different types of art and creation that go into making a movie. I would like to work with and learn from people from many different disciplines, because I believe that this type of exposure will make me better at what it is I want to do -- make films -- and will also make me a more well-rounded individual. I would also like to the opportunity to share my knowledge, and to see how the things I have learned and will learn about film are useful in other disciplines, as well.

What I enjoy most about the artistic world is the way many kinds of people with many different talents are necessary for one project. I would like the institution where I receive my education to reflect this collaborative and cooperative nature…… [Read More]

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Life I Had Seen Many People in

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life I had seen many people in great difficulties, but the idea of going out of my way and lending them a helping hand had never struck me. I was deeply moved by the concept of being more helpful to the people in need by the way my mother helped may Koreans at the time a typhoon had hit Northeast Korea. The way that my mother used to help many homeless Koreans has been an inspiration for me and since that time, I have learned that helping needy people is one of the best things that a person and in his life. Since the time I have graduated from school, I have seen that my mother has ben helping many needy people through local food stamp programs.

One thing that I find negative and able to be criticized is that helping people is a concept that is very well-known and…… [Read More]

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Lessons Learned

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Disasters of the Twentieth Century

Most of the great disasters of the twentieth century became truly "great" precisely because there were not appropriate levels of planning or mitigation processes in place, and the San Francisco Fire of 1906 was no exception. Caused by an earthquake that disrupted what mitigation components that were a part of the city -- rupturing water lines to make fighting the fires all but impossible, ad breaking the city's alarm system to make warnings less effective -- San Francisco was nearly leveled by the two concurrent and directly related disasters that struck (Popular Mechanics, 2012). A lack of planning in the city's design made the buildings susceptible to the earthquake and the fire, with densely packed wooden structures and man-made ground both exacerbating the problem immensely (Popular Mechanics, 2012). With the mitigation systems compromised from the outset, there was little to be done.

The Spanish Flu…… [Read More]


JFK Library. (2012). The Bay of Pigs. Accessed 1 May 2012. 

Popular Mechanics. (2012). The top 10 worst disasters of the last century. Accessed 1 May 2012.
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Lessons Learned From Barriers in Care

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barriers that emerged and are list in D3.

Access to readily accessible primary care resources. Time constraints and busy office hours is a barrier that hinders the overall patient experience. Serious issues can potentially arise when care is not given in an adequate manner. Namely, a customer can become irritable and frustrated, which makes care much more difficult. In rare instances, an illness can worsen while waiting for a primary care resources. This ultimately makes treatment much more costly and time consuming. As a result, valuable resources may be consumed for a problem that could have otherwise been prevented through proper staffing. This action plan will attempt to address this issue by providing adequate staffing during peak office hours. A common complaint is the inability to simply speak with the actual provider of services or primary care manager. To insure availability, at least two managers will be on duty at…… [Read More]

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Lesson of War

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Tim O' rien, Wilfred Owen & "Saving Private Ryan"

The theme of disillusionment in war as reflected in the works of Tim O'rien, Wilfred Owen, and the film "Saving Private Ryan"

More than being a mirror of everyday life, literature has also been a venue for expressing messages that are political in nature. This was evident in literary works that address humanity's experiences in different world wars soon after the 20th century had emerged. With the declaration of the first, then eventually the second, world wars, human, particularly American, society had also been involved in the Cold War. This long history of wars fought by the Americans may have shown the patriotism and courage of its people, but praise and glorification of the war was given in the midst of numerous criticisms from the civil society. Criticisms against war efforts were expressed by the civil society because they were the…… [Read More]


O'Brien, T. (1990). The Things They Carried. NY: Broadway Books.

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"Saving Private Ryan." Directed by Steven Spielberg.
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Life and Time of Jesus

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Although many modern Christians do not realize it, an understanding of Jesus' historical context is extremely helpful, perhaps even essential to true understanding of Christianity. After all, it is only once one understands the geographical, political, religious, and social environment of Jesus' time period that one can truly understand the impact of Jesus Christ. One of the reasons that a historical perspective is important is because many modern-day Christians are separated from their Jewish roots. However, one must always bear in mind that Jesus was not a Christian; Jesus was a Jew and his life and death had been foretold in Jewish prophecies for hundreds of years. In addition:

Jesus addressed his gospel- his message of God's imminent kingdom and of judgment, of God's fatherly providence, of repentance, holiness, and love- to his fellow countrymen. He preached only to Jews. Not a syllable shows that he detached this message…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Edersheim, Alfred. Sketches of Jewish Social Life. Grand Rapids, MI: Christian Classics

Ethereal Library, 2005. 15 Oct. 2006 .
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Life and Times of General George S Patton

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General George S. Patton:

General George Smith Patton who was born in November 11, 1885 is arguably one of the most sophisticated military men in history. General Patton is renowned for possessing pistols with handles made of ivory and for his immoderate manner. His success and popularity is attributed to his tendency to constantly strive in ensuring that his troops obtain training to the highest possible standard of excellence. As a result, his life is an example to many military men in the United States and across the globe because of his dedication and commitment to excellence. Patton's work and success in the military field can be traced back to his childhood when he decided that his main goal in life is to become a hero. Generally, Patton is one of the most brilliant soldiers in the United States who was inspiring, audacious, and unconventional. He is credited for leading…… [Read More]


Bio: True Story. "George Patton Biography." A+E Television Networks, LLC, September 21,


On This Day. "Patton's Career A Brilliant One." The New York Times Company, September 21,

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Life of Manuel Lacunza

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Manuel de Lacunza is one of the most significant figures in Church History. The purpose of this discussion is to examine the life of Manuel de Lacunza. e will also discuss the studies Manuel de Lacunza. Finally, we will explore the contributions that Lacunza made to the church through his theories.

The Life of Manuel de Lacunza

Manuel (Emanuel) de Lacunza was born in 1731 in Chile but spent much of his life living in exile in Italy. ("Church Heritage") Lacunza lived in Chile until he was 15 years old. He was then sent to Spain to become a Jesuit 1 Priest in the Catholic Church. By 1747 Lacunza had become a member of the Jesuit Priesthood and quickly became a prominent figure in the church.

Eventually he became a superintendent of the Noviciates and taught others in the traditions of the Jesuit order. (Gunther)

Lacunza lived in Spain for…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Lessons From the Memoirs of Solomon Northrup

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Film -- "12 Years a Slave"

Years a Slave is the true account of Solomon Northrup's life. A free African-American living in Saratoga Springs, New York, with his wife and two children, Solomon was kidnapped and sold into slavery as an escaped slave named Platt. Though Solomon tried to gain his freedom, he was thwarted and cruelly treated by members of America's slavery system. He also saw horrible cruelty inflicted on other African-American slaves and their various adjustments to it. Through the efforts of Solomon and abolitionists, he was finally freed and was compelled to write of his experience and become an abolitionist. The movie is often disturbing but its truthfulness about an actual person's experiences makes it worthwhile.


Mr. Solomon Northrup's Life


In 1841, Solomon Northrup is a free African-American living in Saratoga Springs, New York with his wife, Anne Hampton, and his two children, Alonzo and…… [Read More]

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Lessons in Theory Building

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Darwin's Theory Of Evolution

The construct of irreducible complexity is a pivotal aspect of genetic theory and of Darwinian theory. Irreducible complexity is a nexus of the older science of biology from which Darwin built his theory and modern genetic engineering. Darwin's words for irreducible complexity, most commonly associated with his argument about the construction of the eye, were "Organs of extreme perfection and complication," and Darwin further explicates,

"Reason tells me, that if numerous gradations from a simple and imperfect eye to one complex and perfect can be shown to exist, each grade being useful to its possessor, as is certainly the case; if further, the eye ever varies and the variations be inherited, as is likewise certainly the case and if such variations should be useful to any animal under changing conditions of life, then the difficulty of believing that a perfect and complex eye could be formed…… [Read More]

Works Cited

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Lesson Plans for Babies

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Teaching Children to Learn

Activity 1

Activity name: Color ecognition

Age group: 4-year-olds

(What should the child know or be able to do at the end of the activity? Why are you doing this activity?)The children should be able to complete this activity and know all of their colors.

Developmental domain addressed: (cognitive, physical, communication, social/emotional, adaptive -- include a short paragraph explaining how the activity focuses on the chosen domain)

Color recognition is a basic part of cognitive development. It requires basic analytic skills to interpret sensory images and associate a consistent word (the name of the color). Color association is a valuable skill to use throughout one's life and has certain didactic value as well. Utilizing finger painting as a mechanism for this process is akin to making that process fun and evocative of toys, which correlate to childhood cognitive development (Bradely, 1985, p. 11).

Environmental arrangement:

The…… [Read More]


Bradley, R.H. (1985). Social-cognitive development and toys. Topics in Early Childhood Special Education. 5(3), 11-29.

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Life Is Not Fair How

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One breath from God and things can shrivel up, one blast of God's rage and things burn -- unlike human anger, God has control over anything and everything because He is the creator (7). Like forest fire, God's wrath, in the eyes of humanity, is unstoppable and incomprehensible.

Finally, Job, after his initial and understandable sorrow and rage he enters into a kind of Zen-like state of acceptance of his fate, of the fact that as a human being, he cannot resist the nature of the world. God has created all things, unlike humans, who are simply God's creation (23). The world is full of bad as well as good. Job was not given good fortune in proportion to his goodness, although he was a good man, and so the reverse is also true. True, Job never neglected the poor, made the innocent suffer, or let the poor go hungry…… [Read More]

Works Cited

The Book of Job. Translated by Stephen Mitchell. New York: Harper Perennial, 1992.
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Lessons Learned From Katrina

Words: 1006 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61782584

Hurricane Andrew and Katrina, hurricanes are never a good thing and are always a logistical nightmare. However, those two hurricanes stand out among many others as the death and destruction they rendered was off the charts. Looters and the "strangers" mentioned in the assignment parameters tend to be common as the degenerates of society always take advantage of such calamities. However, some strangers are simply just looking for loved ones. However, people coming into the area other than trained and well-equipped emergency personnel are the last thing a hurricane zone needs. This and other questions will be addressed in this report. While any hurricane response strategy is going to be controlled chaos, there are some best practices that need to be employed.


One plan that needs to be implemented right off the top is a cordoning off of the worst areas, especially those that are impassable, so as to…… [Read More]


Dao, J. (2005, September 1). New Orleans Is Awaiting Deliverance. The New York

Times. Retrieved July 28, 2014, from 


Fussell, E. (2010, January 1). Race, socioeconomic status, and return migration to New
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Developing a Lesson for Children With Learning Disabilities

Words: 1604 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 36667199

Lesson for Children With Learning Disabilities

Developing a Lesson for Children with Learning Disabilities

Learning disability is a term misused severally. In essence, it applies to students who have different learning challenges. Most people associate learning disability to the development of a child, thus assuming that it is a short-term condition and disappears as the person matures. The accepted definition, provided by the National Adult Literacy and Learning Disability Center states that; learning disability is generic and refers to a composite group of disorders that become evident in the person; through observing that they have challenges in the acquisition and use of speaking, listening, reading, reasoning and execution of mathematical concepts, as well as, understanding social skills. As teachers process the learning procedure in class, they encounter various children with varied challenges, which constitute the learning disorders (Aster & Shalev, 2007). Thus, they have the obligation to accommodate those children…… [Read More]


Aster, M.G. v., M.D., & Shalev, R.S., M.D. (2007). Number development and developmental dyscalculia. Developmental Medicine and Child Neurology, 49(11), 868-73. Retrieved


Canizares, D.C., Crespo, V.R., & Alemany, E.G. (2012). Symbolic and non-symbolic number magnitude processing in children with developmental dyscalculia. The Spanish Journal

of Psychology, 15(3), 952-66. Retrieved from
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Design for a Lesson

Words: 2282 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 87497894

Lesson Plan Design: usiness/Corporate Ethics

This lesson plan will be designed to teach students traditional and conventional moral philosophies, standards and ethical convention in a corporate/business environment. As protocol students will be required to examine traditional moral and ethical standards as defined by philosophical and sociological standards.

The purpose of the lesson will be to teach students about the types of ethical considerations they might be faced with in a business or corporate environment. Students will be expected to have adequate knowledge of current events, and engage in discourse related to the morality of recent news events related to corporate ethics. The course will also require students to analyze their own experiences within corporate America where appropriate or the workplace and identify what gaps currently exist in the moral/ethical aspect of employment and asses how improvements made in this area might impact the workforce as a whole.

Students not having…… [Read More]


Adelgais, A., King, A., Staffieri, A. "Mutual Peer Tutoring: Effects of Structuring Tutorial Interaction to Scaffold Peer Learning." Journal of Educational Psychology, Vol. 90, 1998

Dunham, James H. "Principles of Ethics." Prentice-Hall: New York: 1929

IUB. "Collecting Student Feedback." {Online}. Available: 

Reigeluth, C. "Instructional Theories in Action: Lessons Illustrating Selected Theories and Models." Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, 1987
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Great Depression and the Lessons

Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 38959058

Lessons From the Great Depression

he great depression in the U.S.A. was occasioned by the crash in the stock market in October 1929 and led to great panic at the wall street, wiping out millions of investors, the consumer spending drastically dropped and hence drop in investments hence by 1933 around 15 million Americans were rendered jobless and close to half the banks in the nation closed. More citizens withdrew their money from the banks with fears that the banks could go under despite the repeated assurance by President Roosevelt that it was safe to keep their money in the banks than to keep it under the mattress. It is a period that left people with no options to satisfy their basic needs, yet on the flip side, it presented people with positive lessons and skills to adopt in order to survive through the tough economic times (Browder, Laura

,…… [Read More]

The effects of the depression were far reaching, however, there was a section of population that had an easier time as compared to other Americans. The Dakota population was a special exemption during the depression. McNicol Stock & Catherine, (1992)

note that apart from the crash at the stock market, the depression was further exacerbated by the bad weather that mutilated the agricultural sector just as the economic downturn took its worst turn. The people of Dakota however had a lucky spell of rainfall that meant they had a better harvest than the rest of the country. With this advantage over the rest of the U.S.A., Dakota combined it with the other skills and forged ahead with their economy as the rest of the country remained behind. It was a case of luck and skills combined for Dakota in the lessening of the effects of the drought, a lesson that the nation can learn on how to strengthen the parts of the economy that ach state has for the good of the entire U.S..

The great depression had various lessons as noted above for the current U.S. society in terms