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Marketing Strategies Essays (Examples)

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Marketing Strategy First of All
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The marketing strategies that will create positive relationships with the shareholders will certainly be in the growth strategies category. Following the discussion we have previously had for the customers category of stakeholders, a diversification strategy seems to be the most appropriate to encourage positive relationships with the shareholders.

Indeed, a diversification marketing strategy will encourage the shareholders to believe that the company is constantly willing to promote its own business model and its own particular products and services on the market. Additionally it will also sustain the idea that the company has a clear plan and strategy for the future, one that will support the company's profitability.

On the other hand, the company also has to promote innovation strategy of the leader/pioneer type. Such a strategy will determine the fact that the management's aim is towards supporting a leadership path into the future. Such marketing strategies will allow the shareholders…


1. Starbucks Corporation Corporate Social Responsibility / FISCAL 2006 ANNUAL REPORT. On the Internet at  retrieved on July 17, 2007

Marketing Strategy and Practice Marketing
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From the place or distribution standpoint, Cincom relies on a direct sales force for the majority of its sales. This translates into the sales force for Cincom visiting the companies who are interested in purchasing their solutions and providing conference room pilots or demos of their software. Cincom also concentrates on creating demos that match to the needs of their customers exactly, by first evaluating the process workflows and procedures that are most in need of improvement within a customers' business. Cincom will model a customers' entire business to provide insights into how their software can streamline the overall production process.

Finally on the promotional aspect of their marketing mix for CONTOL, Cincom relies primarily on customer references and a series of videos of customers sharing how the EP system has helped to streamline their overall operations. There is also a series of brochures and data sheets, and self-running demos…


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Marketing Strategy Doggie Day Care Launching a
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Marketing Strategy

Doggie Day Care

Launching a new doggy day care business in an upper-income area of the community requires a careful analysis of costs, pricing strategies, a clear strategy for pricing promotions and a well-defined series of profitability goals. The intent of this introduction is to evaluate the costs and pricing strategies of the proposed business.

Overall Cost Analysis

The most significant fixed costs for the doggie day care clinic include the following:

Lease for the facility

$2,000/month (for a facility with a dog run)


$100/month (anticipate heavy water usage)


$3,500/month (burdened cost w/insurance for two staff members with veterinary training)


$1,000/month (dog food, materials for care)

Monthly Insurance

$200/month (incudes liability)



With the assumption that 50 dogs being in day care initially this puts the breakeven point at $136 per dog, per month. With the goal of 100 dogs boarded per month being…


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Marketing Strategy Discuss the Conditions
Words: 1674 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81778112
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being specific. In addition, the use of advertising and sales promotion also is used on products that are quickly purchased yet have a high level of customer loyalty associated with them. All of these conditions would favor using an advertising and sales promotion driven approach over a personal selling one. Examples of products in this category include soft drinks, groceries of all types, and low-end consumer electronics that are purchased quickly based on brand loyalty over intensive analysis. In general, products that have lower margins and are highly commoditized are those that are sold through this approach. Personal selling on the other hand is very expensive as a sales strategy are often is used in situations where the sales cycles are longer as customers evaluate options more thoroughly, and where the products being sold are much higher in price. The greater the price of a product, the less commoditized it…


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Marketing Strategy Al and Desiree
Words: 879 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 36736472
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In this sense, one of the most important advantages offered by a small family business is the "the personal touch they can offer that bigger companies cannot" (Business eek, January 2005). This element is significant in this case. Desiree managed to develop at first a network of faithful customers by offering that love-made cheese by the road. Additionally, she offered high quality cheesed, processed manually, by herself, in her own kitchen at home, something a large industrial company could never offer.

On the other hand, a small family business has financial weaknesses, which generally manifest themselves at the beginning of the business. It is often the case that they have to guarantee their start-up credit with other assets and this provides extra pressure in the beginning. Along the way, the small family business still lacks important resources that larger companies may have and people may have a reticence to be…

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Marketing Strategy Plan Firm Chosen
Words: 2585 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72002294
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Those proposals included broadening its vital presence, and strong growth, in commercial markets and health imaging, refocusing research and development dollars; speeding investments in commercial markets; and taking over other companies and technologies to enlarge Kodak's portfolio of digital products and services.

On the force of its taking over Kodak Versamark and NexPress, Kodak's Graphic Communication Group is piling a portfolio of major variable-date printing equipment providers. Kodak's Digital and Film Imaging Systems business persists to prove its success in digital markets. In 2003, Kodak's share of the consumer digital camera market went up to No. 4 across the world, making the strong acceptance of the Kodak Easyshare range of cameras. Kodak the sole company coming in the Top 5 also ranks No. 2 in digital camera sales in America. Following just 8 months after entering the snapshot printer market in April 2003, Kodak claimed the top slot and persists…


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Marketing Strategy I Email Files Needed Complete
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Marketing Strategy

I email files needed complete essay.


The business is located on the junction of Yonge Street, and Sheppard Avenue housed in temperance house. In this location, the main offices for business information gathering, accounts, management and requisitions will be held. The stores and assembly point for the business will be on the far end of Yonge Street's intersection with Gerrard Street.

Business address: Endovile Tire Solutions Enterprise

Temperance House on Yonge Street

Web Address httpwww.e

Offices located in the premises: Customer Service; egional Manager; Accounts; Workshop and stores supervisor.


The reach out to the target markets sales personnel will be trained on the marketing agenda. The sales team will be trained on measures to introduce the company, its products and services. The personal selling will involve visits to potential customers' place of business and distribution of company fliers.


The training will target to…


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Marketing Nordstrom Marketing Strategy the
Words: 1466 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99151912
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They handled the situations in case the way they did in order to improve customer experience and increase their loyalty.

This behavior is supported by Nordstrom's management that encourages its employees to exceed their job requirements when assisting customers. From this point-of-view, there are numerous differences between Nordstrom and most of its competitors. For example, Sears is one of the department stores that do not seem to pay that much attention to the quality of customer service. Sears' merger with Kmart was supposed to improve customer experience, but the numerous complaints from customers reveal a different situation. Customers complain about the modifications made within the stores, which confuse them, and make it difficult for them to identify the products they are interested in. Also, customers complain about the fact that the staff at Sears is not able to properly assist them.

3. The retailing mix used the company ensures the…

Reference list:

1. Howard, T. (2005). Viral Advertising Spreads through Marketing Plans. USA Today. Retrieved February 23, 2001 from .

Marketing Strategy Planning and Execution
Words: 754 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 55326170
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Problem Statement

Monsanto continues to incrementally improve their level of authenticity and transparency with global consumers, yet trust will remain elusive for decades until their customers' success levels outweigh the social and ethical controversies the company has shown to be adept at creating for itself.

Three Strategic Alternatives

There are three strategic alternatives for the company to consider pursuing:

1. Completely re-order R&D to concentrate only on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and metrics of performance that align to 3rd world nations' need for affordable, healthy food. This would give the company exceptional levels of credibility that they have lacked in the past.

2. Re-define the CSR initiatives to also include monitoring of their impact on the environment. They need to be truly green if they claim to be. Make sustainability best practices a core part of the company and measure it with advanced Total Quality Management techniques.

3. Create a…

Marketing Strategy in E-Commerce
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Marketing Strategy in E-Commerce

When it comes to marketing, e-commerce is definitely the wave of the future. Gone are the days when companies need to market through newspapers and on billboards or sales flyers to get attention. Many companies still do these kinds of things, but they can couple that type of advertising work with other avenues of marketing in ways that will be beneficial to them and to their customers. The most significant issue with a marketing strategy in the e-commerce world is to gain a competitive advantage over other businesses (Porter, 1985). That has been true since companies started selling to customers, and has only become more significant in the digital age where companies focus on selling their wares to companies throughout the country and throughout the world. With the e-commerce opportunities that are available to companies today, it is not surprising that many of them are working…


Porter, M. Competitive advantage. New York: Free Press, 1985.

Urban, G.L. Digital marketing strategy -- Text and cases. New York: Pearson Prentice Hall, 2004.

Marketing Strategy Marketing Plan
Words: 1160 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 1787695
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Marketing Strategy: Travel Today

The focus of Travel Today is to grow its business extensively through i) differentiating its services from those offered by competitors and ii) nurturing clients by understanding and tending to their specific travel needs. e intend to market our brands and services extensively so that clients are aware not only of our existence, but also of our ability to address their specific travel needs and deliver value for their money. Having been in existence for over two decades, we enjoy a more established reputation than most of our competitors. A recent audit into the company's operations revealed that business has been slow for us because of our slow response to changes in technology. Our competitors have built on this inherent weakness to draw competitive advantage. For this reason, our marketing strategy will be focused on three core areas -- offering competitive and reasonable prices to our…

Word-of-Mouth Referrals: the organization intends to retain face-to-face referrals as a primary form of promotion for its brand. The organization will offer initiatives such as discount facilities to clients who successfully refer new clients to the organization. Owing to its heavy reliance on word-of-mouth advertising, the organization will be keen to ensure that it maintains high levels of customer satisfaction by staying at par with changing client needs. Word-of-mouth referrals will also be a crucial way of monitoring customer satisfaction (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012)

Personal Selling: this is a promotional strategy where the organization uses its sales force (its people) to meet physically with the consumer and promote the brand through their specialist knowledge, appearance and attitudes (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). We will make use of sales agents who will be sent regularly to conference facilities, business meetings, sporting events, and so on to solicit potential clients and obtain first-hand information on what they think of the organization's services in terms of meeting their travel needs. This, the organization reckons, will provide ample opportunities for obtaining first-hand insight on customer needs and expectations (Ferrell & Hartline, 2012). In cases where there is an opportunity of obtaining a large order, the organization's top management may go out personally to show the potential client just how much the organization values them.

Events: the organization will promote itself and its brand through expositions and trade shows both on the local and national fronts. This will create ample opportunities for us to not only make our brand known to potential clients, but also interact physically with clients

Marketing Strategy for a Real Business
Words: 2159 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 69729205
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Marketing Plan

Product / Service Concept

The multifunctional remote device is designed to enhance convenience of most functionalities for electrical/electronic equipments used by consumers. This product offering enables consumers to access and control different electronic devices and equipment through a single remote device. This will facilitate communication with different servers linked to the organization. The benefit of this product is that it will enhance the convergence of technology used within an organization. This is a user-friendly device purposed to increase the level of convenience for end-users. In addition, this will increase the level of consumer satisfaction. The introduction of this product offering offers a substitution to the use of different remotes for different electronic devices. For instance, within the hospitality industry, the multi-function remote device will facilitate different conveniences such as audio and video devices, room temperature controls, lighting, room printers, television, and even bed movements.

Product Mix



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Marketing Strategy the Problem in This Case
Words: 358 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24325630
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Marketing Strategy

The problem in this case study deals with the decisions that must be made by Kone's director, Mr. Hatala. Kone is a Finnish elevator company that has met some new problems within in its organization and industry. Due to some unforeseen and problematic economic factors that have impacted the construction business, Kone's main source of contracts, a new product was unveiled to help lift Kone from its low performance. The MonoSpace product was developed by Kone and new market opportunities were presented.

The main problem that revolves around this case therefore, is how to introduce the MonoSpace product in order to maximize the opportunity that is presented before Kone. Hatala must incorporate all of the factors that are included in launching a new and important product in order maintain or create competitive advantage and stay relevant within the industry and lead his company to a new plateau of…

Marketing Strategy the Key Drivers
Words: 2648 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 90933859
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These businesses represented potential revenue with a lower startup cost than expansions on the manufacturing side.

To this point, the strategy had been successful. Ford's development functions had improved in efficiency and profitability had increased. Cost savings in 2000 totalled $500 million, for a total of $3.7 billion over the previous three years. There was some strategic logic to the push into services, in terms of capturing downstream revenues. However, this initiative did not support the previous objectives.

n 2001, Ford fell into tougher times. Whether the service businesses could be viewed as a distraction that harmed Ford's focus on its core business is questionable, but certainly those businesses were not a major factor helping Ford through this period. The main successes that helped Ford in this period were sales in Europe, which generated significant improvements in both revenues and profit. n North America, it was again automobile manufacturing that…

I would also recommend that a greater emphasis be placed on predicting future trends. For most of the time period in the case, Ford's marketing was geared towards selling what the production units were making. At times, this strategy left Ford in a situation where they were reacting after the fact to shifts in the automotive industry's key drivers. Nasser started taking a more consumer-centric approach with the made-to-order idea, but the follow-through does not appear to have been strong. However, the idea has merit - if Tauruses and Explorers are on the downswing, it is best not to have lots full of them.

The environment in which Ford operates moves quickly. Key drivers like fuel prices and the strength of the global economy change more quickly than do Ford's production and marketing capabilities, as we saw in 2001, a year in which Ford recorded heavy losses despite the fact that it was realizing cost savings from the Globalisation 2000 plan. Ford needs to continue on the path towards reading customer needs in advance, so that they are not caught so far out of position when these shifts occur. There is no evidence that Ford had a plan, for example, in the event that fuel prices spiked. Indeed, they knew throughout the 1990s that the Taurus was slumping, but did not put a strong focus on this vehicle until well into the 2000s, after fuel prices had spiked.

The third main recommendation is that Ford should focus its marketing on the developing world. The competition in the developed world is intense. The market is both mature and lucrative. This fierce rivalry has lead to rounds of cost-cutting in order to maintain profitability in the face of declining market share. In this type of situation, marketers may not be limited in the tools they have at their disposal, but they will inherently be limited in their effectiveness. The easier money is to be made in growing markets. This can be seen in the multi-billion dollar figures that each of the global auto companies is plugging into the Chinese market, for example. Ford's $1 billion, however, is not enough. That sort of money will get them into the game, but will not allow them to win it. Ford needs to put a greater focus on key emerging markets in order to capture the easy market share that is there for the taking. As the North American market in particular has shown, once a market matures, there is little a firm like Ford can do to retain market share, much less gain new share. Securing a dominant position in emerging markets like India and China should be a marketing priority now.

Marketing Strategy Assessment of the
Words: 4165 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62473460
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There is also the need to concentrate on the interaction of these personal demographic factors as the foundation for group factors analysis.

Group Factors Analysis

The accumulated effects of the personal factors defined in the first section of this paper are put into relevance when the social factors are quantified and measured specifically relating to the retail home furnishings industry. One of the most commonly used is the VALS2 methodology (Piirto, 1996) which has its basis in the following set of metrics as shown in Figure 2, Lifestyle Orientation Definitions.

Table 2: Lifestyle Orientation Definitions

Source: (Piirto, 1996)




I am successful and deeply committed to work, family, and community.

A like predictability and consistency over risk.

My work affords me material rewards and prestige that shows success to my friends.

Strivers like to be trendy want to be stylish and admire people who are well-known for their…


Bennington, R. (2001) Furniture Marketing,

NY Fairchild Publications.

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Marketing Strategy Job Opening Letter
Words: 1065 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 69253959
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I am lucky in that my education and my professional experience have both been directly in line with my plans for future development and success, and I have managed to put an excellent portfolio of past work produced together. These external achievements, however, while representative and formative of certain internal qualities and skills, will not directly assist me in achieving more and greater results in the years ahead. For this, I will need to engage in a specific development plan that addresses me personal characteristics, desires, and situation in a manner that is proactive, optimistic, and objective and honest as is humanly possible.

There has been a tendency on my part to overestimate my available time and capabilities, not in terms of my knowledge and skills but in terms of my speed and efficiency. While I consider myself highly productive, at times I take on more than I can handle,…

Marketing Strategy for American International
Words: 1740 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 60224162
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Two approved bodies of insurance brokers exist in ong Kong: (1) the ong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers and (2) Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited. There are a stated 2,558 insurance agencies, 29,937 individual agents and 2.58 responsible officers as well as 14,064 registered technical representatives.

The OCI Annual Report of September 30, 2001 states in regards to reinsurers that "the gross premium of the pure reinsurers' business is K$1,530 million, a modest 3.2% increase, reversing the downward trend since 1996. The pure reinsurers attained an underwriting profit of K$72 million in 2000 after having suffered loss for the last 3 years. The top three active foreign reinsurers in ong Kong are Munich Re, Swiss Re, and General & Cologne Re." (Source: The OCI Annual Report 2001) In regards to 'captive insurers' it is related that the government "provides a suitable and favorable business environment for captive insurers. The regulatory…

HSBC Life (International) Ltd., and The Prudential Assurance Co. Ltd. (Source: The OCI Annual Report 2001)

In regards to Intermediaries in the insurance industry it is stated that the IARB provided statistics of November 30, 2001, shows that there were 396 insurance brokers in Hong Kong that were authorized in Hong Kong and that 2,937 individuals registered as chief executives/technical representatives of the authorized brokers. Two approved bodies of insurance brokers exist in Hong Kong: (1) the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers and (2) Professional Insurance Brokers Association Limited. There are a stated 2,558 insurance agencies, 29,937 individual agents and 2.58 responsible officers as well as 14,064 registered technical representatives.

The OCI Annual Report of September 30, 2001 states in regards to reinsurers that "the gross premium of the pure reinsurers' business is HK$1,530 million, a modest 3.2% increase, reversing the downward trend since 1996. The pure reinsurers attained an underwriting profit of HK$72 million in 2000 after having suffered loss for the last 3 years. The top three active foreign reinsurers in Hong Kong are Munich Re, Swiss Re, and General & Cologne Re." (Source: The OCI Annual Report 2001) In regards to 'captive insurers' it is related that the government "provides a suitable and favorable business environment for captive insurers. The regulatory concessions offered by government include reduced minimum capital and solvency margin requirements, exemption from the requirement for maintaining assets in Hong Kong to match local liabilities, and exemption from the requirement for valuing assets and liabilities in accordance with the statutory basis. A captive insurer is restricted to accepting insurance business from its own group of companies only. It is also not allowed to carry on statutory business (i.e., motor

Marketing Strategy Supporting Sections 1-8-3 0 Marketing Strategy
Words: 1034 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 2368833
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Marketing Strategy) supporting sections 1-8-3.0 Marketing Strategy 3.1 Mission 3.2 Marketing Objectives 3.3 Financial Objectives 3.4 Target Markets 3.

Grill Kabob's mission will be ensuring that each customer gets prompt, friendly, professional, and courteous service. Have a comfortable, well maintained, and clean premise for customers and staff. Providing fairly priced, healthy, well prepared, and nutritional meals. Treating all customers and staff with dignity and the respect they deserve. Thanking each customer, for giving Grill Kabob the opportunity to be of service to them. Maintaining these objectives Grill Kabob will be assured of capturing the market and allow the restaurant contribute to its community.

Marketing objectives

Marketing is an important tool for any business or organization, which wants to increase the awareness of its products or services states Smolianov and Aiyeku (2009)

. For successful marketing a company needs to have a set of objectives, Grill Kabob's marketing objectives are establishing…


Smolianov, P., & Aiyeku, J.F. (2009). Corporate Marketing Objectives and Evaluation Measures for Integrated Television Advertising and Sports Event Sponsorships. [Article]. Journal of Promotion Management, 15(1/2), 74-89. doi: 10.1080/10496490902901977

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Marketing Strategy I Finished Parta All Subject
Words: 1398 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44484253
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MAKETING STATEGY, I finished PartA, All subject requirment Marketing strategy assessment guidelines I upload. Please find source . include website, journal artical, news paper . 1100 words.

Marketing strategy

The Seorabol restaurant is a local restaurant with Korean features, serving a wide array of foods to various customer categories. ecently, the restaurant has been confronted with risks of decreased competitive position, as revealed in Part A, and the current project aims to propose two strategies on how the restaurant could address its limitations.

Expansion into the social media

Strategy introduction

An important problem at the Searabol (SB) restaurant is represented by the absence of well developed marketing campaigns. The restaurant is popular among its current customers, but its ability to attract new clients is restricted. In order to address this shortage, the proposed strategy is that of launching the restaurant into the social media. The opportunity of social media would…


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GLO BU Marketing Plans

Marketing trategy -- Glo Bus

ummary- Glo-Bus is a U.. based international digital-camera company with production operations in Taiwan. The industry is cyclical and highly competitive with a market growing 8-10% per annum and heavily price elastic due to volume and technological improvements in digital phone devices.

Target Customers- Digital camera customers are typically more sophisticated and technologically savvy than the general population. They research products thoroughly prior to purchase and fall within the Early Adapter or Early Majority segmentation model. Most are college educated (or equivalent) who are either professional photographers or highly skilled amateurs with household incomes in excess of $75,000.

Unique elling Proposition- Because of the heavy competition and price wars between mart Phones and other camera manufacturers, the UP for Glo-Bus is based on gleaning a competitive edge: "Glo-Bus -- Don't just shoot it -- experience it."

Pricing and Positioning- While Glo-Bus…

Sources Consulted

City University of New York. (2011). Marketing Planning, Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process. Retrieved from:

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HR Council. (2012). HR Planning. Retrieved from:

Marketing Strategy Following the Guidelines
Words: 1178 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5412670
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You got to be sure the path you have chosen pays you well. Market should be moderately big, not so small nor too big as it can make it difficult to score more than 50% share that you can have in it. Plus, competitors should be reasonably less (Luther, 2011). Another factor by Guiltinan and Paul (1994) depicts that the major portion of marketing budget is absorbed in advertisements. Managers should be capable of determining that the effectiveness of advertisements is adequate enough. Advertising managers should be very skilled and objective in their respective field. But at the same time memorable advertisements not all the time increase sales of a product. The author quotes the significant example of Pepsi that how in its "chill out" campaign gained popularity but could not make its sales comparable to Coke (Guiltinan and Paul, 1994).

Similarly, Paula expresses her views regarding competitive trends being…


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Luther (2011). The Marketing Plan: How to plan and implement it.

Marketing Strategy Are Market Driven
Words: 1550 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50331082
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The buzz is mainly employed for ensuring rise in the sales, which will correspondingly result in the higher profits. There have been different products including Trivial Pursuit, Cold Mountain, and Hotmail which were able to achieve the focus and attention in the market not through the medium of advertising, but solely through buzz (Margo, 2006). If the buzz is used in appropriate manner, it supports advertising of the product in efficient and effective manner. It has been observed that 'an advertisement will never enjoy the credibility of buzz, but it can get closer by simulating buzz through testimonial advertising, such an execution is challenging' (Peyton, 2002). The success of the buzz is relevant to the verification of its authenticity. The credible buzz have resulted in the promotion of the brands on different accounts, 'the testimonials were highly credible because they were customers, and not just customers, but customers that actually…


Margo Berman. Street-smart Advertising: How to Win the Battle of the Buzz. Rowman & Littlefield Publication. 2006. pp. 34-76.

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Marketing Strategy Problem - In 1-2 Pages
Words: 383 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 94129030
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Marketing Strategy Problem - In 1-2 pages, describe the Use course concepts in your explanation. For example, from the organization's perspective and the consumer's perspective, explain whether this problem is one of affect and cognition, behavior, environment, or a combination.

The company that is under consideration here is SABMiller Inc. The current situation with SabMiller Inc. is that the company has consolidated its efforts and has focused on a merger and acquisition strategy in order to capture the market and in order to develop its product line in accordance with local tastes.

However recently the situation is pointing to stagnancy in its growth as its Miller operations in America are not growing as expected by the management. Moreover the company is facing difficulties in developed country markets as these are already saturated. And at the same time it has not been able to make inroads into young markets such as…

Marketing Strategy of FedEx Examining
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For the first 2010/2011 fiscal quarter ending Aug 31, FedEx Freight generated revenue of $1.26 billion, up 28% from last year's $982 million, but made a loss of $16 million -- down from an income of $2 million a year ago (2010, FedEx).

FedEx Corp. reported gross revenue of $9.46 billion in the quarter, up 18% from $8.01 billion the previous year; operating income of $628 million, a 99% increase from $315 million last year; and net income of $380 million, a gain of 110% from $181 million in 2009/10 (2010, FedEx).

Financial Performance

On September 15, FedEx shares dropped by 3.4% on the news that profits in the quarter ending August 31 (the first quarter of fiscal 2011) had totaled $380 million. Although they had doubled relative to the immediately preceding quarter, this profit level was still seen as somewhat below market expectations (2010, Company Profiles).

According to Investor's…


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Marketing Strategy Direct Marketing Pricing Activities Strategy Project
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marketing strategy direct marketing pricing activities strategy/Project improved duration . Make grader identify sections revised, (e.g. Track Changes feature Word).


The creation and delivery of the organizational service is linked to a wide array of costs, all of which are incurred in the organizational processes and operations. The more pertinent of them include the following:

Costs with the commodities, including the usage of the personal laptop and other desktop features

Costs with the software applications required to complete the documentation projects

Costs with utilities, such as electricity, internet, telephone bills and so on Costs with marketing and the promotion of the writing services

Other costs, such as administrative, the traveling to the offices and other such expenditures.


The prices would be set with the use of two primary pricing strategies. On a first note, the penetration pricing strategy would be used and it would see that…


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Marketing Strategy a College Athletic Department I
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marketing strategy a college athletic department. I a couple pages discussing background research a typical college athletic program, a school marketing increasing communities involvement ticket sales.

Most universities have intermural athletic programs. However, there is a wide variation in terms of the funding, success, popularity and approaches between these programs, spanning from Division I powerhouses to relatively noncompetitive Division III schools. Regardless of the nature of the program or the school, athletic programs can be powerful marketing and publicity tools for academic institutions. Alumni donations often increase after a successful season, as do applications from more competitive students. Also, success tends to breed success in athletics: the more successful and highly-promoted the program, the more top athletes will be inclined to apply to the school -- the more top athletes are drawn to the school, the greater the likelihood of athletic success in the future.

For example, when Northern Iowa…

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Marketing Strategy of Mcdonald's the Message of
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marketing strategy of McDonald's

The message of healthy eating seems to have permeated our entire culture. The need to 'eat less and move more' is proclaimed everywhere in public service announcements. The White House has even instituted a campaign called 'Let's Move' to encourage healthy eating amongst young people. The obesity rate amongst young children is particularly worrisome, given that obese children are likely to grow into obese adults with chronic health problems. Yet the fast food chain McDonald's, which has long been criticized for its unhealthy food offerings, has been able to craft an effective marketing strategy that has enabled it to withstand its harshest cultural critics.

The first critical component of McDonald's marketing strategy is market segmentation. Although McDonald's products are popular all over the world, McDonald's is acutely conscious of the need to build a core audience and tailor its message to specific consumers. A key market…


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Marketing Strategy and Information Campaign for Flu Shots
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Addressing myths targeting the young is particularly important to stress online, given that is where anti-vaccine myths are often disseminated. The fact that the flu shot has minimal risks should also be addressed, to counteract the urban myths about its dangers. Online, links to useful 'myth-busting' sites about the flu and the spread of the flu can be provided.

Persuasive techniques

Various types of persuasive motivations should be emphasized, across all the types of media used in the campaign. Older individuals may be motivated to get vaccinated because of a fear for their more fragile health -- but also because they do not want to put their grandchildren at risk. Older people may also be motivated by a sense of civic purpose, so as not to spread the disease. So might healthcare workers and teachers, both of whom are in contact with high-risk members of the public on a frequent…


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Marketing Strategy Wall Street Journal
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Having these in mind, the appearance of this section might have been the main reasons for which new readers from the young generation have been convinced to become regular readers of the journal.

All in all, it can be inferred from the above-mentioned statements that Wall Street Journal has been drawn towards the same time as the business world; with one of the greatest histories in the periodicals' world, a great number of readers and an unimaginable prestige, the American Journal, later on adapted to the Asian and European tendencies as well, would remain a reference paper for the business world in the new century as well.


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The Wall Street journal, at;



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Marketing Strategy of Law Firm
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Law Firm Marketing Strategy

International marketing involves firms' marketing mix decisions across international boundaries. On the other hand, international marketing involves an operating marketing strategy to capture the markets across national boundaries. However, intense global competitions within the international business environment require firms to employ effective marketing strategies to capture international market shares. (Alansari). A clear and focused international marketing strategy requires firms to understand markets they are intending to target and operate. However, international marketing strategy for legal professionals in the Middle East needs building a strong brand loyalty that is difficult to challenge. (Doole, & Lowe).

Essentially, professional law service firms are built around senior attorneys who have built professional skills, and success of individual attorneys is built not only on the marketing strategy, the success depends on how attorneys market their career. Attorneys possessing a skill set in the international financial market practicing with international firms and…

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Marketing Strategy for a High Tech Company
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Live Client -- iBASEt Corporation

iBASEt Corporation was founded in 1986 by Amrik Singh Poonian, and is today a $30M software company with sales offices in Toulouse, France; Detroit, Michigan; St. Louis, Missouri and at headquarters in Foothill anch, California. The company currently has 360 employees worldwide with 70 developers in India, and the majority of employees in the United States (iBASEt, 2015). The company is a leader in the development, sales and service of manufacturing execution system (MES), maintenance, repair and overhaul (MO) and supplier quality assurance (SQA) (iBASEt, 2015). Despite being a very small firm by enterprise software standards, iBASEt has been able to attract and keep many of the world's most prestigious aerospace and defense firms including Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Parker Aerospace, the United Space Alliance, Astrium French Aerospace, Airbus, L3 Communications and many others (iBASEt, 2015). Despite the company being public, their relatively open approach to…


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Marketing Strategy Banner Health
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Healthcare Marketing

Marketing is essential for all health care companies, including Banner Health. This company is a non-profit provider based in Arizona with operations around the Southwest. In a competitive marketplace, all health care companies need to find ways to attract both payers and patients to their business. Payers are important because there are some payment models are based on whether a provider is in a given network or not. Being able to attract individual patients can also be quite useful, especially customers who are cash payers. An example of how important marketing is can be seen with the facility that Banner recently built in Boulder, CO. That community was already well-served with another provider (Armbrister, 20120. What this meant was that while Banner could expect some business based on the growth of the community, it should also have had a strategy to both win patients away from the existing…


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Factors Affecting Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Strategy

The house brand product in question here will be Archer Farms ice cream. Archer Farms is Target's house brand used for a number of different food products. For the sake of argument, we will assume that Archer Farms ice cream is quite good and Target thinks that there might be some merit to selling it beyond their own stores. The brand does not receive its own marketing at this point -- it has no website, for example, and its Facebook page is a community page not run by the company. There is no disassociation between Archer Farms and Target at this point. This paper will examine how this market strategy might be undertaken.


McNamara (2014) notes that involvement in the marketing context refers to "how much time, thought, energy and other resources people devote to the purchase process." Ice cream is a low involvement product based on…


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Coca Cola SWOT Analysis and Marketing Strategy
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Marketing Plan for Coca-Cola Drink

Current marketing situation

Coca-Cola is a carbonated drink that is manufactured by The Coca-Cola Company. The drink is aimed for the non-alcoholic beverage industry because it is a soft drink. Within the non-alcoholic beverage industry, there are soft and hot drinks. Hot drinks comprise of tea and coffee, while soft drinks contain flavor, sweetness, and carbonated or non-carbonated water. The industry is dominated by the soft drinks category and includes bottled water, sports drinks, ready to drink coffee, energy drink, juice, carbonates, and bottled water. In the United States, Coca-Cola is the most consumed non-alcoholic beverage. In order to cater for the health conscious consumers the company developed two drinks namely Coca-Cola Zero, and Diet Coca-Cola that are aimed for health conscious teens and adults respectively. With a global presence, the drink has continued to attract more and more consumers mainly because of its unique…


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Mochalicious Marketing Plan Marketing Strategy
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Also, it has to expend a huge amount on marketing and promotional efforts which significantly decreases its profit margins. The company has also restricted itself to the coffee product only -- adding more products can also help it gain a higher market share (Kurtz, MacKenzie, & Snow, 2010).

Competitor Analysis and Differentiation Strategy

Mochalicious Coffee directly competes with the small and large scale coffee and beverages brands like Starbucks, McDonald's, Dunkin Donuts, Barista, Seattle's, Au Bon Pain, Biggby Coffee, Caribou Coffee, Blue State Coffee, etc. These top coffee brands compete with each other on the basis of quality, taste, and pricing of their products. In order to compete with these competitors, Mochalicious Coffee has to charge a competitive price as well as maintain the top quality and taste of its coffee. It also makes every effort to differentiate its products from those of its competitors so that customers always prefer…


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Understanding of Islamic Marketing Strategy
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Islamic Maketing Stategy

As the population of Muslims is inceasing ove time, thee is also an inceased demand of the intoduction of Islamic pinciples in diffeent sectos. One of these sectos that have seen a geat deal of Islamization lately is the maketing secto. Muslims now want a maketing system that is in accodance with the laws of Shaiah. One of the most pojected examples of this is the intoduction of Islamic banking to povide altenate poducts and sevices to the Muslim customes. Many eseaches and studies have been caied out to see what the esponse of the Islamic maketing stategies has been ove the yeas. In this pape, we shall fist look at in detail what is actually meant by the Islamic maketing stategy and how the Islamic laws petaining to business diffe fom the conventional laws. We shall then look at how these stategies have been adopted by…

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Internet Marketing Strategy of Argos
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Internet Marketing Strategy of Argos

The purpose of this essay is to examine the Internet marketing strategy of Argos. Argos is a home retail group and market leader in retail sales of home and general merchandise. Argos reports that it is a "unique multi-channel retailer recognized for choice, value, and convenience." (Argos Website, 2011)

Argos and the Online Market: Size and Growth

Argos customer base is approximately 130 million and reports state that 26% of Argos sales are via the internet channel with approximately 4 million customers placing orders by phone or online. The Argos website is touted as the website visited the most among high street retail websites in the United Kingdom in 2008. (Argos, Website, paraphrased) Argos is environmental conscious and caters to customers with disabilities. Argos was named the 'Online Toy Retailer of the Year 2009' by the ritish Toys & Hobbies Association (THA). (Argos Website, 2011)…


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Toyota Marketing Strategy What Marketing Exactly Is
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Toyota Marketing Strategy

What marketing exactly is?

Marketing is a very unique set of activities which show a great and valuable impact on the entire organization. A company cannot sell its all products to a single customer or at a same market. There are numerous markets and they all are diverse according to their demand and buying requirements. That's why each company needs to identify its market segmentation, market segmentation procedure, pattern of segmentation, basis of segmenting consumers and business market. Many companies use to be target oriented and they develop a target-marketing. They first identify their segments, and then set targets for each segment. After this, they manufacture their products according to their targeted market (Armstrong & Kotler, 2003).

Three Important Steps of Target Marketing

Identify and profile distinct groups of buyers who might require separate products or market mixes is known as "market segmentation" (Sun, 2009).

Select one…


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Small-Business Marketing Strategy Small Business Derrick Fine
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Small-Business Marketing Strategy

Small business

Derrick Fine Foods were established in 2001 by Derrick John with the San Francisco store being the first, followed by New York branch and the Tennessee. DFF deals in various consumables hence has the bakery department, meats department, produce section, cheese and dairy section as well as wine section. This gives it a wide coverage in terms of the edibles that may be needed on a daily basis by the clients that visit their stores.

There are various reasons that informed the location of the three branches at the regions they are at. San Francisco was identified and preferred for the first store after a thorough needs assessment that was carried out by Derrick hence indicating that a gourmet store was needed in the region. The most important factor was the population of San Francisco which was 60,000 on average at the time and was…


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Culture and Marketing Strategy
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Culture and Marketing Strategy

About the print ad from

The print ad is about a certain brand of alcoholic drink that is endorsed by a professional athlete. The athlete takes a sip from a glass of whisky and begins walking. This in a way appears to suggest that consumers of this particular brand of whisky can cover long distances after taking this whiskey. Information pertaining to alcoholic content and how the brand is matured are not clearly visible on the ad. The only visible thing is the image of the person who has endorsed the brand making some strides.

Assumptions made by the authors of the ad

The authors of the ad try to make the ad to be more appealing to the motives and desires of the consumers. They give form to people's deep-lying desires. They assume that they will best arrest the consumer's attention by tugging consumer's…

References List

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Popular Culture. Upper Saddle River: Prentice Hall.

elements of marketing'strategy
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Segmentation is dividing customers according to "distinct characteristics, needs or behaviors.". This is distinct from targeting, which takes those segments and then seeks to determine how valuable each segment is to the business. So the targets are roughly the segments, put into order of attractiveness. Positioning is how the product's messaging will position the product for each segment. What this really means is finding the messaging that will appeal to each target market, based on its needs and behaviors, as identified during the segmentation process.

Dolan notes that there are several different common segmentation variables (p.12). There are demographic variables, such as age, income, education level, ethnicity and gender. It is important for marketers to know whether their product appeals to specific demographics or whether it has a broad-based appeal.

Another form of segmentation is geographic, wherein the location of the customer matters. Again, some companies are only operating…

Strategic Change and Marketing Strategy
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Considering they are purchased by a larger corporation which wishes to invest in newer and qualitatively superior technologies to manufacture better products, as the value of the product increases, so will its retail price. In a nutshell, there generally exists a direct connection between value and retail price, meaning that increased value generates increased price and vice versa, reduced value sells at reduced price.

3. Decisions and Actions Affecting the Marketing Manager

In order to ensure its overall success, each organization has to increase its efforts of integrating all features into the corporate culture and ways as to all lead to the achievement of the same formulated corporate goals. The marketing manager plays a vital role in aligning the strategies within his department to the overall objectives of the organization. The list of actions and decision that influence and challenge his actions is endless, including everything from market research to…


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Nike's Marketing Strategy Nike the
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Push Marketing Strategy and a
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How would you describe retailing? What are the four levels of service?

etailing is the act of selling a product or a service to the final end user for their own personal consumption and not for business use. The four levels of service include; Self- Service, Self-Selection, Limited Service and Full Service.

Why do intermediaries bother to sponsor their own brand? What is the role of private label brands in the market place?

The intermediaries sponsor their own brands in order to increase their sales volume and to increase their profits. The role of private label brands in the market is to build a customer base that identifies with a particular label as their chosen store over others in the provision of their supplies. Customers identify with the private label brands hence the decision to choose one store over another (Meera Mullick-Kanwar, 2001).

Describe wholesaling. Why do manufacturers not sell…


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