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Marketing Strategy Essays (Examples)

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Marketing Strategies for Hotel Business
Words: 3452 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 80383355
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When deciding upon marketing strategies to be used for a hotel business in order to attract new clients, a hotel must identify that which sets it apart from other competing hotels. The essence of any successful marketing campaign is the ability to differentiate oneself. Trout and Rivkin (2006) state that a company must “differentiate or die” (p. 2), meaning that if a business cannot do something to distinguish itself from the next nearest competitor it will never succeed—precisely because it has not been able to show consumers that it is offering something uniquely special. Thus, for a hotel, it is critical that it consider the things that define it and make it uniquely attractive. Whether it is setting, dining, history, environment, proximity, attractions, luxury, style, class, or some other feature, the hotel business’s first priority is to identify its strengths. If it finds that it cannot offer anything new…

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Luxury Auto Marketing in China
Words: 5440 Length: 18 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 27464233
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Executive Summary
There is a shift in the Chinese luxury car market, and BMW is building a plant to take advantage of it. The top three luxury automakers – by far – are Audi, BMW and Mercedes. They each are very similar to one another, and have similar market shares in China as well. Early adopters in China were the newly-rich, making their first luxury car purchase as a status symbol. This is shifting, and to win greater market share BMW will need to win existing customers to buy a second or third BMW. The problem is that a) their marketing strategy in the country isn't built around that objective and b) Chinese consumers have very low brand loyalty compared with those in other nations. This report will outline the unique characteristics of the Chinese market, and make recommendations for how BMW can target the new segment – current customers…

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The Blue Ocean Strategy in Marketing
Words: 3594 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27826462
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Question 1
The philosophy of marketing—or wisdom of marketing—that is personal to me is based on my sense of what marketing is meant to do: the objective is to connect with the consumer and make a product or service appeal to that consumer so that he or she wishes to consume it.
The biggest element of marketing philosophy for me is Imagination. Imagination is the most vital tool in marketing because this is what allows the marketer to connect with the consumer—in the consumer’s own imagination, where a little seed of desire can be planted (very much like in the film Inception by Nolan (2010), where ideas are seeded into a person’s mind while they sleep). The marketer also has to be able to make the ideas that are marketed stand out so that they can penetrate more deeply into the consumer’s consciousness—and that requires the art of differentiating, of…

Pillars of Marketing Theory
Words: 2053 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17156533
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Chapter 19: Service Dominant Logic
This paper examines chapter 19 of the book “Marketing Theory” by Michael J Baker and Michael Saren. Within chapter 19 a host of relevant terms are discussed and compared. This paper seeks to shed illumination on the intricacies of markets within an already complex society. First the good-dominant worldview is discussed and what is means as a foundational perspective of the world and of economic systems. This paper compares that perspective to one founded more exclusively in Service. The differences between these two perspectives is discussed at length, as are some of the related terms such as firm-centricity, actors, producers, exchange and value. This paper examines how value can be co-created and how a “simple” economic exchange can actually be an example of two parties transcending their roles and co-creating value in a new way.
The introduction discusses how Vargo and Lusch published…

ethical dilemma and analysis
Words: 1221 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Case Study Paper #: 62762606
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The PediaBoost case involves a conflicting set of values: the need for Susan’s firm to develop new sources of growth and the ethical obligation both Susan and her company have towards its stakeholders. The firm has additional legal issues to consider in this case, given the potentially adverse personal and public health outcomes of using PediaBoost as a weight loss or “detoxification” program. As with most other dietary supplements, PediaBoost exists in an ethical grey area, in which the consumer is expected to take personal responsibility for making purchasing choices. It is important to note that the cursory web search Susan conducted yielded no conclusive evidence whatsoever that PediaBoost is harmful or even that it has been proven to diminish the effectiveness of the flu shot. The studies she found were unpublished and had yet to be subjected to the rigorous peer review process. Before she jumps to conclusions…

Gentile, M.C. (2010). Product safety and (preemptive) recalls. Giving Voice to Values.

Marketing Strategies Competing in Today's Economy Demands
Words: 1142 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36410647
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Marketing Strategies

Competing in today's economy, demands that a business find ways to break out a commodity status to meet customer needs more than competing firms do. A sound marketing strategy requires effective planning; this helps a business to capitalize the opportunities present in the market and leverage their strengths. Service businesses and firms encounter a number of unique cost considerations that need to be addressed when formulating service pricing strategy. Service pricing is not often finalized until after provision of the service; hence the consumer faces a lot of price uncertainty. Product line pricing tends to be more complicated. The opportunity for illegal pricing is greater in services than in goods.

The overall profitability of a business can be assed by examining change and firm or business profitability. An enterprise gross margin can be used to measure the contribution of the enterprise to a business. The sum of business…


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Marketing Strategies the American Snack Chip Manufacturing
Words: 926 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 86421355
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Marketing Strategies

The American Snack Chip Manufacturing Corporation ("American Snack") has the mission of delivering the world from hunger, one chip at a time. The company will produce flavored snacks from its home in Queens. The company was founded by two women and some inherited commercial-grade equipment.

The branding strategy must be tied to the business model, it must be consistent and it must connect emotionally with the customer. The brand, American Snacks, is a statement of intent. Americans connect to all things American, and foreign markets understand that no country produces a wider variety -- and higher quality -- of snacks. The brand will be associated with classic snack products. Pricing will be premium to match the premium positioning of American Snacks. ith this premium pricing, the brand will be able to capture healthy margins not only in foreign markets, but also in the domestic market through premium retail…

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Marketing Strategies and Decision Making
Words: 858 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 33737587
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"Serving small rather than large customers or densely rather than sparsely situated customers are other examples in which the best way to configure marketing, order processing, logistics, and after-sale service activities to meet the similar needs of distinct groups will often differ" (Porter, 1996, p.67).

But choosing a unique position, however, is not enough to guarantee a sustainable advantage. A competitor can reposition itself to match a superior performer by copycatting, like J.P. Penny did with Sears, or straddle customer segments in its marketing strategy" to match the benefits of a successful position while maintaining its existing position" like a luxury line offering a value line (such as Continental Airlines offering 'Continental Lite' (Porter, 1996, p.67). But there are always trade-offs, as straddling can create inconsistencies in image or reputation, dilute finite resources like labor and capital, and also from limits on internal coordination and control (Porter, 1996, p.67).


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Marketing Strategies for a New
Words: 2877 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 60238694
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Price primary decision to be made when considering price dynamics is given by the pricing strategy the company must opt for. They must also consider seasonal pricing, discount pricing and price flexibility.

Pricing strategy: immediately after launch, the manufacturer will implement a penetration pricing strategy aimed at forming and consolidating a loyal customer base; this strategy will also ensure and easy penetration of the market and will attract the attention of the market. With the completion of the promotional strategies, Lex Corporation will implement a variable pricing strategy, meaning that the retail price to the end consumer will be given by the cost incurred during the production and distribution of the fridge; a change in these costs (commodities, technologies, labor force) will be reflected in the retail price

Seasonal pricing: a clear season when fridge sales increase or decrease has not been clearly identified; therefore, no seasonal strategies will be…


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Marketing Strategies it Is Likely
Words: 663 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97907250
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For niche markets, the customer base is smaller than for general markets. It is therefore necessary to ensure customer satisfaction at all times. Because interior decoration is a very subjective field, it is necessary for the company representative or business person to always ensure that he or she understands the customer's needs and wants exactly to ensure ultimate satisfaction.

In terms of competition oriented strategies, an interior decorator should ensure the quality of his or her products are superior and innovative in order to remain at the top of this competitive field. Further strategies can include the radical nature of the designs and decorating patterns themselves, or indeed building distinctive capabilities to give an advantage over competitors.

4.) a market challenger in a mature market would need to focus on customer oriented strategies. The main reason for this is the fact that mature markets have generally settled in an accepted…


Kotelnikov, Vadim. Your Competitive Strategies. 2007.

Marketing Strategies Planning Implementation &
Words: 3342 Length: 11 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 95689371
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Kodak decided to implement this initiative after conducting market research on the costs of printing at home. According to a study by InfoTrends, the greatest obstacle to printing at home is the cost of ink and supplies (Kodak, 2007). Another printer from the new line, the Kodak EasyShare 5300 offers a 3-inch color LCD display that enables photo viewing and cropping directly from the printer, with a memory card slot that provides an additional quick and simple way to print digital pictures without a PC. Other printers in the new line consist of printers geared toward home-office users. In this way Kodak maintained competitive with other photo companies offering the same products. Kodak's main marketing strategy is that the company is producing a less-expensive product with few frills that still fits its customers' needs. This allows Kodak to create a cheaper product that consumers love but competitors don't want to…


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Marketing Strategies the Seamless Customer
Words: 610 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 96662310
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Physical architecture refers to the physical make-up of information resources such as computer hardware and software, files, screens, reports, forms, and so on. The physical aspect of information relates to how logical components will be implemented. The logical aspect refers to components of data and processing. An example of physical architecture can be demonstrated via the example of the payroll. Initially, the payroll was managed in manual format, then with time clocks, and finally electronically, via mainframes, minis and PC's. As such, physical architecture changes often and with increasing speed as time passes. The logical aspect relates to the nature of the business itself and changes only with the business.

A startup refers to a business that is in its earliest development stages. It therefore is not yet showing any growth in terms of profits or turnover. Indeed, having just started, the startup owner is more than likely still in…

Marketing Strategies of Toyota Motor
Words: 1455 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15385034
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When it comes to the younger consumer Toyota moved to establish an air of secrecy around the Scion both designed and priced to attract the younger consumer. With ads that as:

Pssst... have you heard about Scion (Scion bbX concept (" Toyota created an air of mystery which attracts young adults in any area of life (Scion bbX concept (

Toyota also began holding parties, providing music and using other elements that are attractive to young adults to market its products in the U.S.(Scion bbX concept (


When it came time to market the Toyota Company in China, Toyota originally decided to move toward the marketing strategies it had been using in Japan. This decision may have been based in the fact that China and Japan are both Asian markets, however, the culture of China is moving much closer to the American culture than the Japanese culture, which…


Castillo, Cathy (2006) Comparative strategies in marketing 

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Tags: Demio, Japan, Mazda Motor Corp, Sales, Sales Force Management, Sales Strategy

Research by David Montgomery

Marketing Strategies for Coca-Cola the Key to
Words: 2245 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34030013
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Marketing Strategies for Coca-Cola

The key to the success of any consumer product is an effective marketing strategy. In order to develop such a strategy, it is necessary to carefully examine consumer needs and behavior in relation to the product and adapt marketing techniques to target and address these needs. As one of the top beverage manufacturers, Coca Cola must focus on ways to continually meet the beverage needs of a diverse marketplace that demands variety and choice in products.

Several factors have recently affected sales of Coca-Cola products, included various international economic crises as well as anti-American sentiments abroad that fuelled boycotts ("New formula Coke," Economist, 2001). Also, an increasingly health conscious consumer has caused sales of non-carbonated beverages, such as bottled water and juices to sky-rocket, which necessitated some regrouping for Coca-Cola ("New additions and reformulations," Beverage Industry, 2003). The enormous purchasing power of overseas consumer markets also…


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Marketing Strategies of Coke and Pepsi in Thailand and UK
Words: 6169 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26226042
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marketing strategies of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in Thailand and UK

Coca-Cola and Pepsi, rated among the top companies in the world share a common fact - for several years, both these companies have been successfully selling a simple product made of water and sugar to almost all countries. This would have been impossible unless the companies were able to create sustained excitement over their products and brands among the people and its employees. (Davis and Dunn, 2002)

This study is of interest because both are extra-ordinary companies in terms of brand penetration in even the toughest markets such as China and the middle-eastern countries. Coca-Cola is the world's number brand and Pepsi is also among the top brand names in the world. In 2000, Coca-Cola's sales surpassed one billion units per day and it had 239 products, selling across 200 countries. Coca-Cola and Pepsi are seen as arch rivals by…


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Marketing Strategies and Plans Understanding
Words: 1832 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 19299435
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They represent estimations regarding key factors that influence the company's activity. It is recommended that the marketing plan takes into consideration a small number of hypotheses that refer to critical aspects.

The objectives of the marketing plan reflect the company's mission and general objectives. They are formulated in a concise manner, in quantitative or qualitative terms. It is recommended that each objective is established in accordance with the SWOT analysis.

Marketing strategies are a very important component of the plan. Strategies indicate courses of action. They refer to each element of the marketing mix: product, price, distribution, and promotion.

The marketing program allows describing the tactics used by the company in order to attain its objectives and to apply its strategies. The program presents actions that will be performed by the company, employees involved, deadlines, and costs.

The budget is established in accordance with the marketing program. Allocating financial resources…

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Marketing Strategies Borders Crossfit
Words: 1200 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32891088
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Porter's 5 Forces

One of the most volatile and unstable industries is that of the grocery industry. There are many substitute goods and the product is perishable. ivalries are high because of the availability of substitute goods, the ease of transfer of consumption habits, challenges in the supply chain, and rival new entrants. Whole Foods is an excellent example of a company which has had to carefully hold onto its niche marketing strategy of offering organic and specialty goods, versus solely competing on price. The threat of new entrants is high given that customers can choose to purchase organic goods at Wal-Mart and Target, not just Whole Foods, as well as patronize their local farm stands. Substitute products are plentiful not just in the form of other grocery products but also in the form of buying prepared foods from healthier chains like Chipotle. Competitive rivalry is more intense than ever…


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