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Wellesley's Leadership Traits During the Maratha Battle

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Arthur Wellesley who is also known as the Duke of Wellington is considered to be one of Great Britain's greatest military leaders. Wellesley was a conservative and careful general who managed to inspire loyalty and discipline among his troops and he frequently won battles in the most difficult of circumstances. It is because of these characters that Wellesley managed to emerge victorious in many battles, but his major victory was against the Maratha forces at Assaye. It was quite known that the Duke of Wellington was a defensive general and he was well known due to his defensive strategies, but during the battle with the Maratha forces, he employed offensive strategies. This change of tact contributed immensely to his victory because no one expected him to be offensive and he managed to catch the enemies unawares (Harvey, 2008). Although he is viewed as a defensive general, it is said that…… [Read More]

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