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Moral Dilemmas Essays (Examples)

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Moral Dilemma Harvey's Wife Suffers
Words: 318 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 53199414
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He is not depriving the pharmacist of his livelihood. He is not depriving another sick individual from having access to the same medication. Harvey only risks getting caught stealing and even if he were caught would be unlikely to spend any time in jail given the extenuating circumstances. Therefore, Harvey should steal the medication from a utilitarian perspective.

Although a duty-based system of ethics would propose that the immorality of stealing can never be justified, it is impossible to prove why Harvey should let his wife die instead. If Harvey did let his wife die, he would have committed a far more insipid act than if he stole.

Knowing that the medication will save his wife's life, Harvey commits a petty crime only. The act of stealing is clearly immoral. However, under the circumstances only an inhumane individual could censure him. Given the tremendous good that would come from Harvey's…

Moral Dilemma Anyone Who Know
Words: 709 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17561576
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Seeing how the Prime Directive should no longer apply, Picard was free to do whatever was necessary in order to save his crewman. However, the advanced technology employed by the aliens forced Picard to argue for the life of Wesley Crusher. His argument centers around the idea that this conflict is over whether or not moral universalism, or moral relativism would apply in the case of Wesley Crusher. Picard argues that the Federation does not interfere with other cultures because they believe that all cultures have equally value and the capacity for development. However, they are dealing with an alien race that is violating that principle. The aliens have decided that their moral universalism is correct for the Edo, and by extension, anyone who visits their planet. But Picard argues, correctly, that each culture must respect the rights of other cultures to develop in their own way. And the Prime…

Moral Dilemma Jane Thinks of
Words: 464 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61422484
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She paid good money for tuition and didn't take advantage of her opportunities to learn. She also lost out on increasing her self-esteem in a natural way by rising to meet challenges and doing her best. Instead of feeling proud, she felt guilty. If she confesses to her school, she will probably be kicked out and it will be on her record forever. She is not likely to do that. However, because she is going to be a teacher, herself, she can talk to her students about her experience honestly and have meaningful discussions in her classrooms. She can tell her students that if they get sick, they can call her, and she will make arrangements to postpone the deadline. Jane wishes now that she had got caught the first time she did it -- then, she never would have done it again. So, she can purchase TurnItIn, software designed…

Moral Dilemma of Abortion General
Words: 1726 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68634003
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Any objective set of moral criteria must include: (1) the obligation not to cause pain unnecessarily to another; (2) the consideration of fetal survivability; and (3) recognition that a fetus undoubtedly becomes a living person at some point prior to full-term birth. On the other hand, even with the benefit of modern medical technology, there may be no way of identifying precisely at what point of gestation those moral concerns first materialize. For that reason alone, definitions of the relevant stages of development (and their corresponding fetal capabilities) must err on the safe side so that any inaccuracy unnecessarily protects the moral rights of the fetus prematurely, rather than protecting the moral rights of the fetus too late.


A comprehensive analytical system designed to respect every conceivable moral concern arising in connection with abortion must also incorporate the autonomous rights of the mother, the comparative consequences to the fetus…

Moral Dilemma
Words: 578 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 84436712
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Moral and Medical Dilemma

As the progression of medical technology has expanded humanity's ability to heal one another directly -- through the process of organ transplants, blood transfusions, and bone marrow exchanges -- several ethical dilemmas have surfaced which impact physicians, patients, and politicians alike. An individual's voluntary decision to donate his or her organs in the event of an unexpected death, and the government's methods for devising an equitable system of distribution for blood and organ transplants are just a few of the increasingly rancorous debates to become associated with cutting-edge medical techniques. Today, with the concept of stem-cell research offering a vast array of seemingly miraculous medical advances, the moral discussion has shifted to cases like that experienced by the Whitaker family, which has been forced to confront an agonizing choice involving their seriously ill son Charlie. In the end, although the Whitakers were able to develop a…


Petersen, J. (2003, June 19). "Designer baby born to uk couple." Retrieved from

Moral Theory Case Study --
Words: 1236 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66505612
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Like Midgley, Bailey would expect the company to conduct its opeations and make the same decisions that would be equied in its native society. Moe impotantly, Bailey would likely also ague that the company has a moal duty to espond to the situation even if it wee the case that its native society ecognized no such moal obligation.

Both Bailey and Midgley would pobably equie the company to conside the natue of the hams caused by its poduct and to take easonable measues to pevent those hams completely iespective of any obligation o expectation in that egad by any society. Thei view would be that moality is a matte of objective pinciple and not subjective values and that allowing the types of hams descibed as a esult of pofit-making entepises is always immoal and always imposes a moal obligation, by objective pinciple, on the manufactue to take appopiate measues to…

references to standards of health and well-being (p. 261) to apply the UN principles to this case.

Application of Berlin's Moral Perspective

Berlin offers a perspective that is decidedly unhelpful to the prospect of recognizing objective moral principles. He suggests that wherever two individuals espouse diametrically opposite positions on an issue, it does not necessarily follow that the truth of one view means that the other is untrue (p. 266). Berlin seems to offer a complex justification for moral relativism, largely by focusing on the types of cases where (admittedly) a perfect solution is most difficult. However, he seems not to recognize that these can be regarded as exceptions to general principles that provide the morally preferable (if not necessarily perfect) solution. Therefore, Berlin might argue that nobody likes the idea of street children being harmed by their misuse of the company's product but that virtually any solution to that dilemma would impose harmful consequences on the company, such as by limiting its rights to conduct business manufacturing a legal product.


I would applaud the UN Declaration for its intention, disregard Benedict's, Bailey's, and Berlin's positions, and apply the arguments of Midgley. Certainly, the "perfect" solution may often be impossible, as it might very well be in this case, as pointed out by Berlin. However, it is possible (as demonstrated by the UN Declaration) to recognize and uphold objective moral principles that transcend the facts of any specific case considered in isolation. I would apply the same conceptual approach of the UN Declaration with respect to fundamental rights and freedoms and apply it to two other moral issues: First, that entities may not pursue or perpetuate activities in foreign societies that are expressly prohibited (or that trigger moral obligations reflected in law) in their nations. Second, that entities causing unnecessary harm to any human beings be held morally accountable for those harms and responsible for mitigating them, compensating victims, or, where appropriate, ceasing those activities altogether in light of the magnitude of the harms with which they are associated.

Moral Impermissibility of Abortion Albert
Words: 1428 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 45377802
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The pro-life arguments state that a fetus is in fact a real-life person in the making. Is true there's no supporting scientific evidence for the beginning of personhood, but what if an unborn child has a soul and can actually feel pain? Isn't then artificial abortion a crime? Just because we are not sure, we should take the most radical solution that we can and are allowed to by law?

This is the first solid argument to sustain the moral impermissibility of induced abortion. Because having an abortion equals the death of a life growing inside, as a natural result of unprotected sexual intercourse. It is therefore considered that the new life, the fetus, did not have a choice. And having an artificial abortion furthermore deprives him/her of the right to chose (whether to live or not). So, if it's about the right to chose and the freedom to decide…

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Moral and Emotional Responses to the Challenge
Words: 1030 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3639146
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Moral and Emotional Responses to the Challenge of Thrasymachus

Might makes right. So suggests the character of Thrasymachus in Plato's "Republic." In other words, justice and morality is merely defined by who is stronger. The proper role of morality in both reason and the emotions is dependant simply upon what one wants to do, at that point in time, and how one can best achieve one's objective. In politics, the strongest person defines what is just and moral, because the strongest person will always rule according to the real world laws of the political jungle. Socrates, of course, offers the opposing view, that only the wisest should rule, the philosopher kings of the ideal state, who put subjective emotion aside and rule purely by objective reason. While Thrasymachus suggests that 'the world,' that is the material existence around us (including our emotions) should be the ultimate proving-ground of any moral…

Morality and the Claims of
Words: 2428 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 83278473
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Moreover, caring for her mother, the other option, would surely: a) create a feeling of being "unfulfilled" which brings with it depression and resentfulness; b) leave her with nothing to look forward to but the dark day when her mother actually passes away; and c) realize after a short time that she is not "a Mother Teresa" and that her live would be diminished (Stuart, 25).

hat does Stuart believe is the right choice for Alice? Stuart asserts that the virtue that carries the most weight in this instance is having Alice care for her mother. Giving up her career for her mother would outweigh the "…virtues of perseverance, love of truth…and self-knowledge" should she decide to go forward with her dissertation (26).

hat Stuart also mentions -- and this is a prime reason for this writer to believe Alice should find a competent person to be a caregiver for…

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Moral Reflection and Discretion
Words: 644 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50353540
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Ethics & Morality

The author of this response is to be answering several questions as it relates to ethics and morality. There are three major questions that will be answered as part of this assignment. The first is to define and pontificate about what it means to engage in moral reflection. The second questions asks about moral conflicts that center on authority, interest and roles as it relates to moral and ethical dilemmas. Finally, the author of this report will apply Cooper's ethical decision-making model to ethical dilemmas in general. While some ethical and moral questions are quite tough to answer and navigate, there is usually a path forward with such moral quandaries.

The Cortland University website has a good definition and summary of ethical reflection. They generally define ethical reflection as a "means of helping students develop the cognitive side of character" (Cortland, 2015). Further, they say that ethical…


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Is Congress Engaging in Moral and Ethical Practices
Words: 479 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 81930456
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Moral Community: A group in America that is clearly being marginalized politically and socially is the community of undocumented immigrants. An estimated 11.1 million immigrants are living and working in the United States, and notwithstanding that the U.S. Senate and the executive branch have passed a bill allowing undocumented immigrants a path to citizenship, the Republicans resist supporting this legislation. Cultural relativism helps to understand why 11.1 million people are being denied the right to work towards citizenship. Cultural relativism: the beliefs of one culture (in this case, those immigrants that are not yet citizens) should also be understood by others (in this case conservatives don't relate to the cultural beliefs of immigrants and vice-versa). A conservative "moral argument" is that there are a limited amount of goods and jobs in the U.S. And immigrants take these away from citizens here legally, but cultural bias and racism also certainly play…

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Man for All Seasons Moral Dilemma
Words: 595 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 85838566
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Sir Thomas More's decision to refuse to sign the oath naming King Henry VIII the Supreme Head of the English Church

It is difficult to determine whether or not Thomas More was right in refusing to sign the oath declaring King Henry VIII as the Supreme Head of the English Church. When regarding matters from a perspective involving his allegiance to the Church, it would have been unlawful for him to perform this act. However, when regarding matters from a perspective involving reason, he should have accepted to sign the oath. More was right in refusing to sign the oath because he stood by his principles and demonstrated that a member of the Church needed to guide himself in accordance with these respective principles rather than to be influenced by the promise of material gains.

More's decision to refuse to sign the oath is likely to be considered by many…


Marius, R. (1999). Thomas More: A Biography. Harvard University Press.

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Moral and Ethical Dilemma in
Words: 3625 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 38553526
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At the same time, optimized care is mandated by the medical code of ethics. If older people are therefore sufficiently able to function independently, access to care should be available to them, because this is their preference, and professionals have an obligation to honor these preferences.

In the medical profession, there are no simple solutions to the discrepancy between the fiscal limitations of health care and the ethical obligations of professionals to their clients. The best ideal is to use specific codes of ethics in order to find an acceptable solution that satisfies both the drive to remain financially viable and the obligation to provide all clients with the optimal care.


As mentioned, above, the dilemma involves Mrs. DN, an elderly woman who suffered from a debilitating stroke that left her in a wheel chair. Because she was generally at home, she had the right to home care according…


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Moral Criticisms of the Market Moral Criticisms
Words: 891 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 5865326
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Moral Criticisms of the Market

Moral Criticisms Market This assignment requires read article Ken S. Ewert (found eading & Study folder). Note article, Ewert defending free market "Christian Socialists." He states position a rebuttal

Moral criticisms of the market: A critique of Ewert's analysis

It is interesting to read Ken S. Ewert's 1989 criticisms of 'Christian socialists' in light of current debates on other types of economic policies today. Ewert portrays Christian, leftist defenders of socialism as impervious to logic, in contrast to other former critics of capitalism, who grew more acclimated to capitalist principles in light of the failure of the Soviet Union Similar criticisms are made of 21st century religious fundamentalists, who stress the need for private enterprise to address societal problems 'on principle,' even when public regulation might be helpful and who try to define science, including science education, in religious terms rather than in terms of…


Ewert, Kenneth. (1989). Moral criticisms of the market. FEE. Retrieved:

Moral Legal Political and Practical
Words: 9721 Length: 22 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27501741
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The line of legitimacy, separating socially approvable use of force from violence, cannot be effectively drawn without an agreement on what constitutes the optimum amount of force necessary to maintain social order and to protect human rights against encroachment. A society subscribing to infinite morality which condemns all use of force as immoral is doomed no less than a society accepting the absolute pragmatism of tyrants. "

As Oleg Zinam proposes, these two extreme social attitudes to morality are equally unprofitable to the societies that adopt them. The attitude of absolute pragmatism can easily lead to the acceptance of political assassinations, as long as such acts may help the final political purpose. An example of absolute pragmatism can be the regime initiated by Hitler, who ordered the extermination of all Jews in an attempt to "purify" the human race by excluding anyone who did not fill in the Arian ideal.…

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Moral Analysis the Food and
Words: 2417 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73000088
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I have a clear written mandate that guides this decision. The other alternatives do not have the same clear, written mandate as the one that I made. hile a utilitarian approach may have yielded a different decision, in my position as a safeguard of public safety I am not obligated to undertake a utilitarian position unless I can do so without compromising my primary mandate. This is something I was able to do with generic drugs that I cannot do with biosimilars, even though it would be expedient for me to ignore the differences between the two products.

There are certainly those who would object with this decision. A utilitarian in particular would have a strong argument that total health outcomes depend not only on drug safety but on availability as well. I would argue, however, that this objection is invalid for a couple of reasons. The most important of…

Works Cited:

Van Arnum, P. (2010). Healthcare reform draws mixed reviews from pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries. Retrieved December 8, 2010 from

Ethical Dilemmas the Objective of This Study
Words: 793 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 41822470
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Ethical Dilemmas

The objective of this study is to review the work entitled "What Should We Mean 'Military Ethics?" And the work entitled "Strengthening Moral Competence: A Train the Trainer Course on Military Ethics."

Cook and Syse (2010)

The work of Cook and Syse (2010) entitled "What Should We Mean by Military Ethics?"states that when it comes to military ethics that there is a "great diversity of activities normally gathered under that rubric." (p.119) Military ethics is reported to be a "species of the genus 'professional ethics'. (Cook & Syse, 2010, p. 119) In other words, ethics is a service to professionals who are not actually ethics specialists but "who have to carry out the tasks entrusted to the profession as honorably and correctly as possible." (Cook & Syse, 2010, p.119) While philosophy on military ethics may be developed quite logically and be clear in conceptual terms and even debated…


Wortel, E and Bosch, J. (2011) Strengthening Moral Competence: A 'Train the Trainer' Course on Military Ethics. Journal of Military Ethics, Vol. 10, No. 1, 2011

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Resolving Ethical Dilemmas in Business
Words: 1484 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 75334977
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Business Ethics

An ethical dilemma is defined as a situation where "an agent has moral reasons for doing two different actions, but where doing both of those two actions in not possible" (McConnell, 2014). Businesses often find themselves in what they believe to be moral dilemmas, if only because of the way that they are framing the issue. In the first scenario, there is no ethical dilemma for James. He perceives that he could jeopardize his security, yet ethics hotlines are intended to be anonymous. Further, accounting fraud is a criminal activity, and the company stands to lose substantially if that fraud was discovered. James' fears are therefore irrational -- as in the Enron case once the fraud is discovered, James will lose his job anyway. His only choice to preserve his future is to utilize the hotline, or to otherwise report the irregularities.

In the second scenario, the company…


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Morals Ethics and Dilemmas
Words: 649 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52909527
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esolving Moral Dilemmas Philosophically

In actuality, all of the five ways of resolving moral dilemmas utilize some aspect of the philosophical method. The five ways include obtaining objective information, providing definition clarity, adopting a code, using examples and counterexamples, and analyzing arguments. However, when determining which of those five ways actually embodies the philosophical method, one can successfully posit that all of them do except for adopting a code. There is a degree of subjectivity in this way of resolving a moral dilemma that is much less concrete (and more mutable) than the other four.

Of those four, the one that best embodies the philosophical method is analyzing arguments. Analyzing arguments actually reflects the crux of the philosophical method, which is generally based on analysis and formulating arguments to help resolve a moral dilemma. In fact, one can argue that most aspects of the other three methods (not including adopting…


Zafrilla, P. (2016). Are dilemmas really useful for analyzing moral judgement?  Retrieved from

Ethical Dilemmas Group an Office Worker Had
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68311753
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Ethical Dilemmas


An office worker had a record of frequent absence. He used all his vacation and sick leave days and frequently requested additional leave without pay. His supervisor and co-workers expressed great frustration because his absenteeism caused bottlenecks in paperwork, created low morale in the office, and required others to do his work in addition to their own. On the other hand, he felt he was entitled to take his earned time and additional time off without pay. Was he right?

While the office worker has a legitimate reason to make use of his allotted vacation time, as this stipulation was likely agreed upon in his employment contract, choosing to request additional time off without pay presents a more complicated moral dilemma. In this case, the worker is technically entitled to take time off if he is not being compensated, but doing so necessarily affects his coworkers and…


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Ethical Dilemmas Surround Surrogacy and the Donation
Words: 1670 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 17607130
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ethical dilemmas surround surrogacy and the donation of egg and/or sperm? Because surrogates are paid, is this a practice that exploits the poor, such as surrogate mothers in ndia? Why or Why not?

Egg donation and surrogacy raises ethical dilemmas on all four basic principles of medical ethics: autonomy, justice, beneficence, and non-maleficence.

Autonomy -- .

Consent has to be given freely and with full volition of the surrogate mother. Yet, most times, intense pressure is involved aside from the fact that poor women in ndia may capitulate to the need for money and be taken in by the huge sums offered. The emotional and medical pressures are immense, but these women are often grossly misinformed about the situation that they are bound to undergo. Their poverty hampers them from making the clear, informed decisions that they would otherwise need to in order to undergo the procedure. Whilst most egg…

International Journal of Health Services, 20, 373 -- 392

What Are the Ethical Concerns Regarding Egg Donation? 

Perloe, M. (nd) Eight is Enough: Balancing the risks of advanced fertility treatment. Georgia Reproductive Specialists. )

Ethical Dilemmas The Main Ones Described Are
Words: 607 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97260361
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ethical dilemmas. The main ones described are the utilitarian, the deontologist, and the prudent pragmatic. Out of the above mentioned methods for solving and discussing ethical dilemmas prudent pragmatic appears to be the most effective and superior. This is due to composition of the prudent pragmatic method. The deontologist method calls for the analyst judging the situation to use abstract means instead of carefully weighing the merits of a particular case; they will instead focus on the ideals and values of an individual and allow those to influence their judgment. The utilitarian approach will call for the analyst in the case to value and prioritize the effect that the decision will have on the majority of the population in the case. This Chapter clearly presents the prudent pragmatic method as being superior in dealing with ethical dilemmas when being compared to the above mentioned methods. The author presents several convincing…


Bluhm, t. William. Heineman A. Robert (2010). Ethics and Public PolicyMethods and Cases (Chap. 12) New Jersey, Upper Saddle River: Pearson, Prentice Hall.

Jody Smith Application of the Moral MODEL& 8230
Words: 2443 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 21510385
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Jody Smith: Application of the Moral Model…

Applying Ethical Decision Making Model

"Jody Smith Case Study: Application of Thiroux's Moral Model"

The decision making model that will be applied in this work is the Moral Model (Thiroux 1977) and the case it will be applied to is the Jody Smith case. The reason this model was chosen is because the model lends itself best to a situation, such as Smith's where an impasse has been reached between the patients values and desires and that of family and the health care team. In this case the ethical dilemma is one clearly of informed consent as Smith has been excluded from conversations associated with her prognosis and care and this is contrary to her values and her identity. Without inclusion of this communication standard Smith has very little to go on regarding her prognosis and may be seeing her situation as insurmountable…


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Analyzing Ethical Dilemma AIDS and Needles Case
Words: 3082 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 95716426
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Ethical Dilemma: AIDS and Needles Case

Ethical dilemmas, also considered as moral dilemmas, are circumstances that require a decision to be made between two choices, a moral and an immoral act. According to ethical dilemmas' assumption, the chooser will follow the societal norms i.e. the procedures of law or religious teachings, while making his choice that is ethically impossible (Your Dictionary 1996-2016). Employees have to choose between the company's success, as they have strong pressures to perform and their personal attractions for an easy way out. Thus, as employees face many dilemmas throughout their career, the company should arrange for their training and should assist them in taking the right decision. (Mann n.d.) People can take ethical decisions only when they recognize an issue or situation as ethical, therefore developing this ethical issue awareness should be the first step in the direction of business ethics. (Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell 2011,…

Reference List

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Impact of Sex Power Alcohol and Money on Moral and Ethical Acts
Words: 2623 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66632414
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sex, power, alcohol and money on moral and ethical acts

Ethics, Sex, and Morality

Sex is still a subject that is a victim of human irrational treatment of an otherwise clear functional human phenomenon. Such incidents as homicide, and insanity gold and gems have also been subjected to such irrational treatment but, luckily, the mysteries around these have been dispelled over time. Sex has not been so lucky though as there is still a cloud of mystery and deliberate misrepresentation, perception and near-superstitious handling of the phenomenon. Sex is the most emotionally involving aspect of human existence. It is not a wonder then, that there is so much confusion directed at it. Lately, though, it seems that the wind of change is sweeping fast to affect people's view of sex. Some forces in operation around the subject of sex are clearly defined now. It is increasingly impossible to have a…


Dobrin, A. (2012, Jan). To Drink or Not to Drink: Is That a Moral Question? Retrieved from

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Concept Map of a nursing ethical dilemma
Words: 573 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31944652
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Concept Map
Ethical dilemma in nursing takes place when the experiences of the registered nurse are conflicting with personal values as well as beliefs and some element of patient care. One of the key moral dilemmas that a nurse can face while providing care is the treatment of a patient at the end of life. Towards the patient’s end of life, there is usually a problem as to which course of treatment ought to be rendered to the patient. The nurse is expected to provide palliative care with the main objective of relieving the suffering of the patients through the extensive examination and treatment of bodily, spiritual, as well as psychosomatic symptoms faced by patients. However, the nurse may face conflict from the family who necessitate aggressive patient care during this time rather than palliative care (Rome et al., 2011).
The illustration above is a concept map that delineates an…

ethics and morality of intellectual property rights
Words: 1678 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51019345
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Digital Rights

a) Sonderholm (2010) describes intellectual property rights as "a socio-economic tool that creates a temporary monopoly", specifically as a means to allow creators to earn profit, which in theory will incentivize more creation.
On the issue of digital rights management versus the public's right to fair use, there are several issues to unpack. First is that a person who creates intellectual property has no obligation to do anything with it. In fact, there are vast reservoirs of unpublished novels, unfilmed screenplays, photographs, drawings…a vast amount of the intellectual property that is created is never brought to the public at all, and still more would be if there were means to do so provided to the creator.

But should a creator decide to bring their work to the public sphere, they and only they should have the right to determine how that work is delivered to the public. It…

ethical dilemmas in tobacco marketing
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Business Ethics

Janet should not really have a moral dilemma here -- she already knows she can't take the job. The dilemma is presented in a couple of ways. The first is the argument that Janet needs employment, and this job can give her the employment that she needs, and she must weigh this against her own convictions. In fact, that is not quite accurate in terms of framing. First, there are strict laws regarding the marketing of tobacco products to youth. The FDA is tasked with developing and enforcing these laws, as of 2009 in the Tobacco Control Act (NIH, 2015), and that includes a minimum legal age of 18 for the purchase of tobacco products, and a variety of restrictions on the promotion of tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, to youth (NIH, 2015). If the company is marketing to 12-year-olds, then it is violating both the letter and…

Ethics and Morality Report on
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In "Crime's" conclusion, set at Ben's daughter's wedding, Ben, who is the film's true just and loving man, copes with inevitable blindness, dancing sightless with his daughter the bride, as self-important Judah justifies the "crime" he has committed -- albeit told to Stern at the wedding, in a folkloric way). Judah has literally gotten away with murder. It is bleak, grim and evil triumphs. It is Allen at his darkest and yet, as a film, "Crimes" succeeds. It is entertaining and thought-provoking, yet the audience ultimately identifies with a killer.

And here is where the aforementioned "mis-step" has relevance. Where he so clearly was successful in telling the "Crimes & Misdemeanors'" tale, Allen is less so in "Match." "Match's" Jonathan Rys-Myers' Chris, a social-climbing tennis instructor, is, right from the start, less sympathetic than Landau's Judah. Judah is a healer, he has saved sight, he has done some good; in…

Moral and Ethical Issues Brought About Japanese Cellphone
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cell phone technology in Japan. Specifically it will discuss the moral and ethical issues brought about by Japanese cell phones. In Japan, cell phones are as ubiquitous as they are in the United States. However, the ethics and morals of cell phone usage in Japan are very different from usage in the United States, largely because of moral and ethical issues of how the Japanese view cell phones and their usage.

In Japan, everyone from schoolchildren to the elderly carry cell phones. A group of writers note, "The Japanese term for mobile phone, keitai (roughly translated as 'something you carry with you'), evokes not technical capability or freedom of movement but intimacy and portability, defining a personal accessory that allows constant social connection" (Ito, et al., 2005). This very definition shows that the Japanese view cell phones differently than many other parts of the world, and because of this, they…


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Morality of Suicide and Active Euthanasia
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Medical Ethics

Assisted Suicide & Euthanasia

The dilemma in the case of John H. is the disagreement between the two specialists handling his case. Because of John's immediate condition (internal bleeding), the doctors disagree as to whether they should obey John's wishes from earlier or whether they should follow his immediate request for assistance. Perhaps the real dilemma is John's lack of specificity regarding his wishes. In the case that his condition continue to deteriorate at the present rate, he wants the do not resuscitate. Yet in the case of a spontaneous and unforeseen complication, he wants the former order suspended for immediate care. Whether or not the doctors decide to take immediate action on John H., it is still quite likely he will die from pancreatic cancer. Whether or not John is fully coherent at the time he makes his request for immediate emergency care is somewhat irrelevant because…

Morality in Law Enforcement
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corrections officer subcultural norms identified by Kelsey Kauffman and the 6 stressors identified by Elizabeth Grossi and Bruce Berg?

It just makes good sense that people who spend their time and lives together fighting crime and surviving dangerous working conditions will experience some type of significant bonding and that is what happened here. When enough people do something a certain way, it makes it seem acceptable -- witness the holocaust. Grossi and Berg make the point that this type of bonding is not only reasonably expected, it is a natural outcome of forcing mere humans to exert their authority over others. In truth, there are few alternatives available to the corrections officers described in this case study, and making the decision to thwart the mainstream practices may not be in anyone's best interests -- except Justice.

What are your views on the idea of an unwritten code of conduct governing…

Legislating Morality in America
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Legislating Morality

The ideas of Thomas Hobbes, the influential English philosopher who lived in the late 1500s to middle 1600s, are still considered important today. Hobbes is best remembered for his ideas on political philosophy. While Hobbes throughout his life championed the idea of absolutism for the sovereign he also is responsible for many of the fundamentals of Western political thought such as equality of men, individual rights, and the idea that all justifiable political power must be representative of the people (Edwards, 2002).

Hobbes also believed that human nature was such that people acted out of selfish-interests and if left to their own devices would do anything to get what they wanted or to acquire more power at the expense of others. Governments are then formed to shield people from their own selfishness; however he understood that even a King left unchecked would also act in a selfish manner…


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Fichte Separate Right From Morality and Is
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Fichte separate right from morality and is it a good thing? Should they be separated?

Fichte's Philosophy of ight and Ethics

Why does Fichte separate right from morality and is it a good thing? Should they be separated?

Moral and political anxieties animate Fichte's entire philosophy and his perceptions to these issues that are innovative and at times tied together. His responses to Kant's vital philosophy in 1790 was a retaliation to the Kantian moral perception and its outset of human self-esteem as embedded in freedom and the moral outlook of human beings as normal agents. Fichte's perception on Wissenschaftslehre principle was a far from the conceptions developed in 1974 by the philosophers of Foundations of the entire Wissenschaftslehre. Fichte's major works in the principle of right and morality are extensively covered in these two areas; Fichte's Foundation of Natural ight (Cambridge Texts in the History of Philosophy) And the…


"Fichte's Philosophy of Right and Ethics," forthcoming in Gunter Zoller (2007). The

Cambridge Companion to Fichte. New York: Cambridge University Press.

Professional Workplace Dilemma
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Professional/orkplace Dilemma

Before I embarked upon my study at the University of Phoenix, I found myself embroiled in a rather uncomfortable, albeit unspoken workplace conflict of professional ethics and personalities. A member of my office, who I will call a Ms. X, often used the workspace and place time to conduct her personal business. Frequently, my own nearby work was interrupted by her loud comments, as she discussed her various personal affairs and her out-of-work part time business dealings (she frequently sold products through the Internet, as well as worked in my place of employment, I gathered) and made it very clear, to me, as well as to other members of company staff that often her life outside the office took up a great deal of her paid work time.

As I was not her immediate supervisor, at first I thought this was none of my business. I tried to…

Work Cited

"Ethics Glossary." (2005) The Ethics Site. [11 Feb 2005]

Ethical Dilemma Two Individuals Both
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The foster parents showed their own moral character as well, by raising the child in a loving and safe environment.

End-Based Ethics- Also known as utilitarianism, end-based ethics has one deciding to do whatever provides the greatest good for the greatest number by predicting the consequences of different actions. If utilitarianism holds that the most ethical thing that can happen is the action that maximizes the happiness or good for society then actions have quantitative outcomes and the decisions that go into "the greatest good for the greatest number" are appropriate, even if that means reducing the rights or happiness of some (Troyer, 2003).

Using the utilitarian principle, who benefits from giving the child back to the original parents? We are not even sure that they benefit, not knowing the specifics, but we do know that the foster parents and the child are traumatized, and that the good works done…


Deverette, R. (2002). Introduction to Virtue Ethics. Washington, DC: Georgetown University Press.

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Euthyphro Dilemma Is Actually a
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If piety is capable of different definitions depending on which God's love is sought, that is not a definition of piety in principle; rather it is the same thing as saying that the definition of piety is determined by which God provides the definition.

Euthyphro's Third Definition of Piety

"Yes, I should say that what all the gods love is pious and holy, and the opposite which they all hate, impious."

While this last attempt by Euthyphro to define piety resolves the problem of different opinions of different Gods introduced by his second attempt, it raises two other fundamental problems that are the two main aspects or "horns" of Euthyphro's dilemma. First, if pious is merely whatever all the Gods consider pious, then piety is purely an arbitrary concept and not one capable of understanding in principle, but only through memorization of the will of the Gods. Had the Gods…

How Can a Business Organization Be Made Moral
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Business Organization Be Made Moral?

Ethical and Moral Issues

This work will operate under the assumption of being a staff member under one of Enron's Senior Vice Presidents during 1997, a year characterized by the first major accounting misrepresentation and/or financial manipulation uncovered. The misrepresentation and/or manipulation was the use of "market-to-market" accounting with the objective being the adjustment of the value recorded in company purchases for the purpose of covering up a shortfall in the expected earning of the energy trading division of the colossal amount of $180 billion, quiet a shortfall as compared to the earliest mis-accounting. This makes a further assumption that the senior vice president or the higher-up one is under supervision of had perchance heard something of this transaction and its accompanying facade and then stated quiet clearly in a staff meeting called for the express purpose of addressing the fact that if:

"This sort…

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Ethical Moral and Legal Leadership
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This is what leadership is all about since it demands followership (Fox & Marine Corps Association, 2011).

Anyone with the basics can learn how to become a leader. However, an entire leadership lot cannot be taught or learnt. This is primarily because leadership proves to be an apprentice trade. Leaders tend to learn about eighty percent of their craft on the actual job (Kets, & Engellau, 2008). Through watching and emulating other leaders, they learn leadership behaviors. They seek mentors, choose role models, and advice from other leaders on how to address the situation. Leaders improve their skills by seeking feedback and using it to benefit their subjects. The best leaders request for feedback from their subordinates, bosses, and peers. However, they adjust their behaviors to get the best results. From the competitive nature of the current globalized business environment, hard work is crucial for a leader to develop his/her…


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Deontological Ethics in Vocational Dilemmas
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This exposes another weakness of the deontological approach: it provides no guidance for determining which of two contradictory rules must be respected. If the supervisor respects the company rule prohibiting disclosing the information to the employee, he must violate the general moral rule prohibiting lying. Conversely, if the supervisor respects the general moral rule about lying, he must violate the company policy about non-disclosure.

In this particular scenario, the supervisor would have little help from deontological principles to decide which rule to follow and which rule to violate. Therefore, his only option might be to respond that he is simply not at liberty to respond to the question, although most of the time, that response would already suggest to the employee that the supervisor is aware that layoffs in the department are anticipated.

Other ethical systems are far preferable because they might allow the supervisor to decide what to do…


Rosenstand, N. (2008). The Moral of the Story: An Introduction to Ethics. New York:


Unethical Best Practices Ethics and Morality
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Unethical 'Best Practices'

Corporate Governance Case Study: Enron

Enron, the seventh-largest American corporation, collapsed in December 2001 in what most people refer to as the 'New Economy's first major failure'. Following its collapse, Congressional committees immediately embarked on inquiries to determine the cause(s) of its bankruptcy. Once investigations were complete, it was evident that the corporate governance mechanisms employed by the company had contributed to its downfall. The company employed the Anglo-American model of corporate governance, which places substantial emphasis on shareholder rights as opposed to stakeholder rights, and which, in addition, is management-dominated and has a unitary board structure with a single powerful leader. Driven by an urge to keep shareholders appeased by paying them more even when the company's resources were strained, Enron's managers employed off-balance sheet transactions with SPEs, and were able to hide huge amounts of debt that was often collaterized with the company's stock. The…


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Christian World View Ethical Dilemmas of Pornography
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Ethical Dilemmas: Pornography

Biblically, God requires Christians to please Him in everything they do. Whether it is in secret or overtly, in thoughts or behaviour, Christians have a duty to portray Christ-like behaviour every moment of their life (Hiles & Smith, n.d.). Nonetheless, compliance with biblical teachings is not always as easy as portrayed by the Bible. In the course of their Christian walk, Christians often encounter situations of dilemma. These are basically situations in which it is not exactly clear whether doing something is right or wrong. Such situations especially arise when the Bible does not offer a straightforward solution or when the act in question appears to harm no one. Pornography is one of the issues that may present a dilemma for a Christian. Does the Bible allow pornography? Is engaging in pornography morally right given that it does not harm others? This essay discusses the ethical dilemmas…

Workplace Dilemma the Experience Most of Us
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Workplace Dilemma

The Experience

Most of us have experienced a few common workplace dilemmas in our careers. I work for a Defense Contractor in the IT security field, and I state that my experience is no different. These dilemmas can range from personal value dilemmas to substantial dilemmas, such as legal issues. Most of these internal conflicts center on issues such as office gossip, negativity, or bullying. Ones that are more serious involve violence or sexual assault. In my experience, I have seen colleagues experience some of these dilemmas, and they have affected their careers very much. However, in this discussion I would like to focus on a specific dilemma that few speak about but that many think about daily: the boss who sabotages your career.

This dilemma simply means that even though a boss may not appear to be "out to get you," so to speak, he or she…

Puritan Dilemma
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Puritan Dilemma

Morgan, Edmund S. The Puritan Dilemma: The Story of John Winthrop. USA: Pearson

Education, 1999.

H]e which would have suer peace and joye in Christianitye, must not ayme at a condition retyred from the world and free from temptations, but to knowe that the life which is most exercised with tryalls and temptations is the sweetest, and will prove the safeste. For such tryalls as fall within compasse of our callinges, it is better to arme and withstande them than to avoide and shunne them.

John Winthrop)

What Mr. Morgan manages in this book is to show us that even 370 years ago, John Winthrop was already confronting many of what would be enduring themes and challenges of the American experiment. The struggle over how democratic America should be has been at the very core of our politics. Separationism would eventually lead to revolution and the split with…


Morgan, Edmund S. The Puritan Dilemma: The Story of John Winthrop. USA: Pearson

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Euthanasia an Ethical Dilemma Awaiting Full Review
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Collaborative Learning Community -- Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

Collaborative Learning Community: Analysis of an Ethical Dilemma

Euthanasia and related ethical implications

Euthanasia, referred to as "mercy killing" in common parlance, is the action of ending the life of an individual suffering from painful and extended injury or illness (Center for Health Ethics, 2011). Euthanasia implies that another individual, excluding the patient carries out an action with the intention of ending the patient's life, for instance, a lethal dose of medicine being injected into the patient. It might be voluntary if the patient approves of it, involuntary if the patient says no to it, or even non-voluntary if the patient is unable to approve of it. In euthanasia, an individual makes the means of death available in addition to acting as death's direct agent (American Nurses Association, 2013).

Euthanasia is the act of putting the life of a patient to…


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digital rights management ethical dilemmas
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Search Engines and Online Libraries

Content Creators

There are several people who might fall into the class of people who create intellectual property. First, there are creatives, for example writers, visual artists, or even project managers such as directors or the team who write code for software. All of these are actively involved in the creative process. When they are doing as employees or contractors of a company, then typically the rights flow to the company, as the financier of the project. But someone creating on their own should have full right to distribute as they please, whether or not this involves active digital rights management. There are examples of star acts that have sought to exert greater control over their work, using digital distribution models to bypass record companies. This is an example of a content creator exerting their natural control over how they distribute and control their work…

Professional Dilemma
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Lead Return Material Authorization Technician I am responsible for failure investigations of defective products. I must determine if, how and why particular products are failures according to specified quality standards, and prescribe remedies, if at all possible -- if not, then the manufacturer must engage in further modifications. This is a process requiring careful attention to detail and protocol, and thus, quite often, egos can become frayed when a particular product is found not to be up to standard.

What were ethical issues you experienced?

In one ethical conflict, my finding regarding a particular product was in dispute. I felt that it was still not up to standard, despite modifications, and that the entire product needed to be overhauled. It was alleged that I was biased because, although the product in question was very close to code regulations, I still found it to be faulty because the necessary modifications were…

Urban air pollution ethical dilemmas
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Urban air pollution is one of the biggest environmental concerns for my community. And not just my community; air quality has seriously deteriorated in many cities around the globe over the last 60 or so years. The increasingly poor urban air quality has been largely caused by industrialization. Vehicles exhaust has also contributed to the poor air quality. In most urban areas, air pollution is a mixture of gas-phase and particle pollutants. Air pollution has serious negative effects on the quality of life especially in terms of health. In my community, the pollution sometimes gets so bad that it is visible. In other cities and mega cities around the world industrial smog is so bad it affects visibility on the road (Liu et al., 2016).

Ethical Dilemmas Concerning Urban Air Pollution

Accidently making things worse

One of the ethical dilemmas is the fear that in dealing with certain sources of…

Toddler's Dilemma Part of the Evolution of
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Toddler's Dilemma

Part of the evolution of toddlerhood is the establishment of an independent identity for the child. Physically, the child becomes more independent and capable of physical exploration. The child can walk, crawl, jump, and inspect the world around him or her. However, in addition to this new freedom there is also new awareness of the need for attachment. The child will engage in hugging, clinging, and other behaviors which reflect the child's need for the parent (Liberman 1991: 6). The parent must simultaneously engage in 'letting go' behaviors (encouraging the child to explore) and protective behaviors (allowing the child to explore) (Liberman 1991:6-7).

The parent must allow for the child to experience the surrounding world in a safe fashion. The child is not yet able to cognitively evaluate threats in an accurate way. For example, a toddler may be afraid of the dark but not a stranger offering…


Liberman, A.F. (1991). Attachment and exploration: The toddler's dilemma. Zero to Three.

Biggest Ethical Dilemmas Faced by
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This is troubling, because if one of these two elements is taking place, it could cause the study to lose its accuracy. (Lofland, 2006)

What problems might you face with qualitative research?

There are several different problems that could be faced when conducting qualitative research the most notable would include: a limited sample size and the possibility of identify various anomalies as the underlying trend. This is problematic, because all qualitative research will involve selecting a certain sample and then corroborating it with other findings. In cases where, the sample size could be millions or billions of people, the results could be different from the views of the majority. This is because the population sample would normally focus, on a few hundred to tens of thousands of participants. This is a small portion of the population demographic, as their views could represent the minority. The fact that the sample was…


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Legislating Morality
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Legislating Morality

Something Learned

The desire to legislate morality is well established in American history. Our forefather's passed legislation to prohibit acts that they felt might induce people to behave in a socially unacceptable manner. The impetus to legislate morality comes from the tension created between an individual's personal liberty and the concern that this liberty may create a licentious quality that would be terrible.

Some laws are necessary for protecting the physical well-being of individuals and their property and the ordinary function of society, however, legislating morality often has unintended consequences. For example the passage of the Eighteenth Amendment in 1919 outlawed the possession and sale of alcohol. Nevertheless, the demand for liquor continued resulting in the criminalization of producers, suppliers and consumers. Police, courts and prisons were overwhelmed with new cases, organized crime increased in power, and corruption among law enforcement officials was extended. The amendment was repealed…

Works Cited

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Power and Moral Leadership Corporate Governance
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Corporate governance failure is a serious threat to the future existence of any organization. The high corporate failure rates witnessed in the first decade of the century brought to the limelight the concept of effective corporate governance, and the core principles of trust and integrity. This text examines Wal-Mart's corporate governance strategy to determine how the company restrains managerial power, and how it aligns the interests of managers and directors with those of the organization.

Corporate governance failure is a serious threat to the future existence of any organization. Following the stream of corporate failures witnessed in the first decade of the century, the investor base has become more aggressive about effective corporate governance based on the core values of trust and integrity. Today, a company's ability to conduct its profit-maximization goal within the ethical boundaries of integrity, honesty, fairness is widely regarded as a source of competitive advantage. Towards…


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Ethics and Moral Fiber Have Been Tested
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ethics and moral fiber have been tested. One of the more salient examples which comes to mind and which I believe is emblematic of my propensity for learning about and conducting business in contemporary society occurred when I was a junior in high school. I have played soccer on a select team ever since I was nine years old, and during that time I had the honor of playing with many of the same group of teammates. By the time we reached high school we had become friends, and had taken helped one another in a multitude of situations (both on and off the field) in overseas tournaments in Japan, Scandinavia, and the California State Cup.

My team had been fortunate to have the same group of coaches with us through the years, a fact which we readily believed attested to our advanced development as both soccer players and as…

Resolving Clinical Ethical Dilemma
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Ethical Dilemma- A Framework

Ethical Dilemma

Taking into account ethical concerns is one of the key components in providing healthcare in the therapeutic nurse-patient relationship (osenbaum, 1982). Nurses face ethical uncertainty, distress and conflict in their day-to-day work. When more than one ethical value applies to a particular case, and all of them recommend following a different course of action, then an ethical dilemma exists in such a case a nurse would be not be sure of which value takes precedence (College of Nurses of Ontario, 2009). This specific case involves a 6-year-old who is by law a minor and thus a physician must obtain informed consent from their legal guardian. However, the child's primary guardian is his non-biological mother who is citing her religious reason to refuse medical treatment, while the biological father who resides in another state wants the kid to be treated, a situation that leaves the…


American Counseling Association (2005). Code of Ethics. Alexandria, VA: Author. College of Nurses of Ontario (2009). PRACTICE Standard: ethics. Retrieved 16 September 2015 from

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Responding to Clinical and Ethical Dilemmas
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MSW college

Addressing internalized oppression as a presenting problem

Understanding and significance

The domain in which social workers practice and the outcomes achieved therein are hence-based essentially on the relationships forged and nurtured, irrespective of any interceding elements or theoretical methodology being followed. Social workers often face queries on ethical and moral grounds, specifically when faced with the power transactions that pervade within communities; that more often than not are in contrast to their own professional ethics. Mullaly (2002) explains this predicament lucidly- oppression, "is the subservience practiced on large groups by more powerful (economically, politically, culturally and socially) class as perceived by the public in general." (p.27). Work in the domain of emancipation of the oppressed class requires an understanding of the cause and effect of the manifestation on the societal as well as personal psyche. The philosophy of oppression and consequent oppression mostly revolve around, predominantly, feminism, radicalism,…


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Philosophy - Ethical Dilemma Weighing
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In the event you cannot honestly recommend him as an employee without lying to the new employer, you might consider explaining the truth of the situation to the new employer by telephone while providing your sister with a "file copy" of a the supposed letter addressed to the new employer on your letterhead, being sure to scribble something like "Here you go Sis...I don't feel right about this, but here's you copy of the letter" on it so that she cannot reuse the letter in her efforts to find her husband a job by lying to other prospective employers in your name.

Granted, it would be unfortunate to have to lie to your sister and to engage in subterfuge to keep peace in the family, but she is the cause of that situation, not you.

Given the choice between a lie that could very conceivably harm other people and a…