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Moses Essays (Examples)

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Tacitus Agricola and Germania
Words: 2710 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65590986
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Moses Hadas of Columbia University, in an introduction to the complete works of Tacitus originally written in 98 AD, sets the tone for this essay: "It is a temptation to which many have succumbed to look upon Germania as a sort of Utopia, a conscious idealization of a primitive or unspoiled people calculated to chasten and reform the decadent Romans. This view is justified in the degree that a strong moralizing strain runs through all Tacitus' work. It has been wittily remarked that no one in Tacitus is good except Agricola and the Germans. But the fact is that too many unlovely traits are reported of the Germans along with the idealization to justify making moral improvement the main end of the book." One cannot help but agree.

Even by contemporary, twentieth and post-twentieth century standards, Tacitus' paper on Germania and Cnaeus Julius Agricola would stand the test of rigorous…

Modernism in Faulkner and Wright
Words: 1194 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99188116
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Both short stories also contain an estrangement of place -- neither young man can seem to find a home in either the North or South. At the beginning Faulkner's tale, Samuel is utterly lost to the South. He does not sound like a Southerner to the census taker at the beginning of the tale, and his clothing suggests a Northern dandy. (Faulkner 351) Later, Samuel's grandmother Mollie's insists that her grandson has been sold into Egypt, like a Israelite slave from the Old Testament, as if the North were more of a place of bondage than the divided South. At "The Man ho as Almost a Man" the end of the sorry tale may seem to give the reader some higher hope, as it ends on a theme of flight from the South. The protagonist makes a decision to flee the area he has been bound to, as a result…

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Ot Analysis -- Numbers 15
Words: 1450 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 80877042
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According to Hebraic tradition, the chronological period in the book consists of the second month of the second year (measured from Exodus) to the beginning of the eleventh month of the fortieth year -- in all, roughly 39 years 9 months of wandering, with, of course, fewer in number at the end of the journey than at the beginning. Again, according to tradition, Moses was the author of all five books of the Torah, but stylistically, at least in both Hebrew and then Aramaic, the prose in Numbers is far dryer and more scholarly, leading most to believe that this particular section was derived from several priestly sources tentatively dated at 4th-6th century BC (Harris, 1985).

Since Numbers is divided into three parts, it is useful to provide an overview of the literative focus and consequences of each section:

Number's the eople of the Lord -- God ordered Moses to…

Preparations for crossing the River Jordan -- Moses disobeys God and is punished, as are the tribes for speaking against God and Moses, and a new census is taken to be used to organize the tribal units into their new home. The Israelites conquer the Midian population, and the land of the Jordan is divided among the tribes.

Numbers ends with a summary technique, common in ancient Middle Eastern writings, called a colophon. Their usage as both a literary and historical tool was not understood until recently, and their form is more of an oral legal tradition, designed to state the place and circumstance of each composition, thus also organizing the story for posterity (Friedman, 2005).

Part II -- Analysis of the text -- the story of Numbers is actually rather simplistic -- it is a recounting of transition, and, like Job, a psychological organization of the manner in which God, through Moses, tested the Israelites to see if they were worth of having their own land. There are repeated trials and tribulations suffered by the people if they either do not obey God or Moses, or simply move apart and try to accomplish their own sense of organizing the world (Spence and Excell, 2009).. The message is quite clear: "Obey God and you will be rewarded, it may take some time, but eventually it will happen. Doubt God, and you will be punished." Structurally, it is more chronological than thematic, symbols are used within the original language of place names, events, and even phrases "the land of milk and honey," likely meaning, for instance, fertile land that will support

Joshua After the Death of
Words: 831 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 27947448
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Even with God's help, it is a difficult task to enter another's country and take it over. Many times the Israelites would be met with much fierce resistance. Joshua's task was to ensure the strength of the Jewish people by confirming their faith. He was able to accomplish this by wielding a disciplined hand as well as organizing and sustaining them in battle(s). Joshua was the 'man with the plan' as evidenced by the battle of Ai and its king. He gathered up thirty thousand valiant warriors and sent them away at night to create an ambush against the city of Ai. "Ye shall lie in wait," (Joshua 8:4) he tells them and then proceeds to lead a frontal assault that seemingly fails. As all the men from Ai, and surrounding areas, chases after the fleeing Israelites, Joshua turns, raises his spear, and the men laying in ambush attack from…

Nicola Pisano and Claus Sluter
Words: 1478 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 45668013
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On the other hand, in Pisano's work, marble lends back to the figures on the pulpit some of its characteristics. This is probably most obvious in some of the virtue figures on the middle level, notably on the figure of Charity. The marble also gives out some of its majesty and monumentality, as can be seen in the case of the figure of Hercules, on the same level.

An important difference between the two works is given by the overall structure. Pisano's pulpit is supported by four slender Corinthian columns, which gives both an architectural perspective to the sculpture, as previously mentioned, as well as a certain slenderness, because the five columns support the structure above it (there is also a central supporting column, but similarly thin). There is, however, an interesting geometric communion between the two parts of the sculpture (columns and pulpit), with each of the points of…


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Jesus' Testimony to the Pharisees in John
Words: 1458 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80855054
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Jesus' Testimony to the Pharisees in John 8:58

The Gospel of John reveals a number of "I AM" assertions made by Jesus Christ. They are bold declarations through which Christ makes a powerful point, namely that he IS divine. However, the language that Jesus uses also conveys a message about the mystery of His Person. He uses words and formulas that are deeply meaningful for the Hebrews to whom He speaks. "I AM" after all is more than a mere subject followed by a predicate. It is the name of God as He called Himself when He spoke it to Moses in the Old Testament. Therefore when Jesus says to the Jews, "efore Abraham was, I AM" (John 8:58), he is deliberately equating Himself with the God of the Old Testament by using the language of that God.

At its most basic level, Jesus' "I AM" assertion in John 8:58…


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Long Island
Words: 1197 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69381099
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Verrazano-Narrows Bridge

Upon it's grand opening in 1964, Gay Talese of the New York Times had this to say about one of Robert Moses' most ambitious projects, the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge, "The sun shone, the sky was cloudless; bands played, cannons echoed up and down the harbor, flags waved, and thousands of motorists yesterday became part of the first -- and perhaps only-- blissful traffic jam on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge" (Talese). Aside from the humorous traffic jam comment, this picturesque account of the opening of the world's largest suspension bridge (for its time) seems very auspicious (MTA metro). That is to say, one gets a sense that this bridge was conceived and constructed without a glitch, without a sense of trepidation, and with the full support and cooperation of neighboring communities. However, a close examination of history and the facts suggest that although the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge serves the greater public good,…

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Historiography of the Bible
Words: 2776 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 73727102
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Old Testament books, Deuteronomy, Samuel and Kings, establishing a monarchy for Israel and Judah proved somewhat problematic. This was due both to the divinity of God and the inevitable humanity that would be part of a human king. Throughout the historical books of the Old Testament God repeatedly states that he is a jealous God, tolerating no others. Kingship then might be seen as an attempt to usurp the power of God, or indeed to detract from worshiping God as the nation's ultimate leader. Furthermore a monarchy is a pagan idea that has penetrated Israel from the foreign nations they have been in contact with through battle. This of course connects further negativity with the idea of a king for God's people. The demand of a king is thus in effect the rejection of God as ruler over Israel and Judah. An issue closely related to this is the problem…


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There are three discourses, stretching over Chapter 1:6-4:40, Chapters. 5-28, and Chapters 29-30). The concluding addendum comprises Chapters 31-34. This is the final words of Moses to his people before they enter Canaan. Traditionally the discourses are attributed to Moses, although some scholars believe that some portions of the book come from a later time.

The first discourse: Deuteronomy 1:6-4:40

NYC After WWII and California
Words: 1328 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11177934
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NYC and California post-WW2

Let us imagine what it would be like to immigrate to the United States in 1953. We are coming across the Atlantic from Europe, the ship would still be coming around the lower end of Long Island (better known as "Brooklyn") and Manhattan Island to arrive at Ellis Island. (Until 1954, Ellis Island was the standard arrival point for incoming immigrants.)

If we were extremely far-sighted we could see all the way up the East River, to the riboro Bridge, built by Robert Moses as part of his large-scale reshaping of New York City's roadways, intended to accommodate automobiles in the city. Since we're imagining this, let's also imagine we have x-ray vision, like Superman. If we could see below the water as we sailed up past Brooklyn, we would see underneath our ship the Brooklyn-Battery unnel, which had been completed in 1950. Again, this is…

The growth of Los Angeles is a 20th century phenomenon, according to U.S. Census data. In 1910 it is not even one of the top ten most populous cities in the U.S.A. In 1920, it is the tenth most populous city. In 1930, it has jumped to being the fifth largest city, and remains at fifth in 1940. In 1950 it is America's fourth largest city. In 1960, 1970 and 1980 it stands as the third largest city. Only in 1990 does it come in second place to NYC, where it has remained until the present day. It is no accident that these dates correspond with the rapid growth of Hollywood and the entertainment and mass communication industries in the 20th century. Los Angeles is a particularly good location for outdoor filming, though: it seldom rains (only a few days a year) and by and large the climate is warm, sunny, and pleasant (as Angelenos never stop reminding New Yorkers). It has the benefit of being essentially a desert climate, while still situated on the Pacific ocean which softens the harsher effects of a desert clime: this means that the air remains largely cloudless (although not smogless) while temperatures become chilly at night. Nonetheless, the susceptibility of Los Angeles to wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes indicates that there are some tradeoffs for having nice weather all the time.

But there is more to California than Hollywood: San Diego, the second most populous area in the state, has a large military and defense presence. San Jose and San Francisco are third and fourth in terms of size. San Francisco was a major shipping port throughout the 19th century, and the two cities remain the urban centers of the "Silicon Valley" high tech industries. The northern part of California is different in many ways from Los Angeles, however. The climate becomes more like the rainy misty Pacific northwest, and agriculture and timber become more important to the economy. Northern California is the world's largest producer of almonds; Southern California produces nuts of an altogether different sort.

Los Angeles and New York are similar in a way that is familiar to metropolitan areas that depended upon old methods of transportation: they are both situated on the coasts, and their locations afford natural harbors to some degree. NYC is better for shipping, due to the confluence of rivers flowing to the Atlantic, and the presence of large barrier islands protecting its harbors. But in both cases, urban expansion runs up against natural barriers: in the case of NYC, the city is built on islands, so expansion is limited by space. In California, expansion is limited by surrounding mountains, and also by the relative scarcity of water.

Judaism Religion Teachings and Festivals
Words: 1218 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 34976413
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Judaism Religion

Rabbinic Judaism is the main form of Judaism that has existed from the 6th Century to date. From this form of Judaism, three different forms of Judaism have been established which are conservative, Orthodox and reform.

Covenant -- Torahic teachings defines it as an agreement that the people had with God. An Arch of Covenant as highlighted in the books of Samuel and Kings symbolized the agreement between God and the people before heading to Canaan.

Halakhah defines the entire structure of the Jewish Laws as they are taught from the oral or the written Torah taught to the Jews. The 613 Mitzvot as taught in the Torah structure the greater body of the Halakhah.

Mitzvot denote the good deeds that the Jews are taught. They are 613 laws coupled with the rabbinic teachings are all meant guide the moral behavior among the Jews.

Gentile refers to a…

Prince - Machiavelli in Nicolo's
Words: 1288 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14043306
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It was not so different for Agathocles, who freed Sicily from Carthage (30). Of a humble beginning as a potter's son, Agathocles rose to be King of Syracuse because he was able to take the reins of power and to defend himself and his sphere of control (30). His win over Carthage demonstrated that Agathocles was a tactician, capable to assessing a defensive and offensive military strategy (30). Agathocles won his place in Syracuse, by confronting the opposing forces and winning over them with sheer force and strategic attack (30). He did not let loyalty, friendship, faith, or family stop him from winning the prize upon which he had set his mind on having; Syracuse (30). Machiavelli says that Agathocles cannot be judged a poor military tactician, but he was, like Hiero, was a ruthless and murderous leader (31).

With these backgrounds, Machiavelli still puts both of these men in…

Passover Theme an Analysis of
Words: 1846 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23219052
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The Jews, of course, were as antagonistic to hearing Stephen preach the life of Christ as they were to Christ Himself -- ho is the way of salvation, and hom they have rejected. Stephen's speech is fiery and full of love and fury -- love for Christ, fury for the Jews who rejected Him: "You stiff-necked people! Your hearts and ears are still uncircumcised." (Here Stephen as much as says, "You are not real Jews. Real Jews would have recognized their Redeemer.) "You are just like your ancestors: You always resist the Holy Spirit!" The reaction of the Jews is to stone Stephen to death. Stephen accepts his martyrdom and dies as Christ died, with a prayer for his persecutors -- and out of that prayer comes (through the mercy of God) the conversion of St. Paul.

In conclusion, "we may say that perseverance as a Christian is the only…

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Israeli Politics Separating Religion From
Words: 624 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94273644
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Most Israelis do not desire assimilation into a common whole, given that they hold the other components of their identity equally dear as their Jewish heritage and their Israeli citizenship. A Russian Jew may have more in common with fellow Russians than an Ethiopian Jew and an Israeli may be an atheist yet a member of a religious state.

Does an Israel national identity still exist, asks Yehoshua? He does not ask this question of the Palestinian nationals, who clearly see themselves as apart from Israeli society, both legally and in terms of how they profess their own citizenship and nationhood. However, even for Jews, Israel proposes an interesting question of what constitutes a nation. Israel gives refuge and citizenship to every Jew, no matter where he or she may hail from, but the state of Israel also has civic institutions that are limited to professed nationals, some of whom…

Sacred World of Slaves Based Upon the
Words: 1879 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32162356
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Sacred orld of Slaves

Based upon the reading of Sacred orld of Slaves explain 3 ways in which slaves used artistic expression (music, dance, narratives) to cope with being enslaved and move them in a direction of Liberation.

From slavery times, far more records about black spirituals have survived than for secular music, and the most common religious themes always involved freedom, an escape from bondage and Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt. Black slaves may have had the evangelical Protestant religion of their masters imposed on them for purposes on control, but they also appropriated it and made this religion their own -- and the black church was one of the very few institutions that they did control before recent times. In essence, black theology was always a version of liberation theology, compared to emphasis that white evangelicals placed on individual sin and personal salvation, and…


Charnas, Dan. "White America Discovers Rhythm and Blues."

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Islam and Christianity
Words: 2022 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83060640
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belief systems of Christians and Muslim, particularly in how they view angels. Both religions believe angels exist, and that they are an important part of their religious beliefs. They both believe angels can guide and support people here on Earth, and they are messengers of God or Allah. They also believe they can be vengeful and destructive, and angels play an important role in the stories of the Qur'an and the Bible. Angels are only one of the commonalities between these two religions, but they are an important link to two very diverse religions, and they show that many religions have core beliefs that link them together, whether they want to admit it or not.

Comparing Angels in Islam and Christianity

The purpose of this paper is to introduce, discuss, and analyze the topic of Islam and Christianity issues. Specifically it will compare and contrast the faith doctrine of angels…


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Creation Narrative Analysis of Genesis Myth or History or Myth and History
Words: 15782 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 9755140
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Creation Myth Analysis

Case Study of the History of iblical Creation Narratives

What Is Myth?

What Is History?




Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 Myth?

Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 History?

Is Genesis 1:1-2:4 oth Myth and History?

An Analysis of the iblical Creation Narrative of Genesis 1:1-25 and Egypt's Possible Influence on the Historical Record

God created the world in just six days, and rested on the seventh, but scholars have not rested at all over the millennia in their investigation of its account in the historical record, particularly Genesis 1:1-25. Given its importance to humankind, it is little wonder that so much attention has been devoted to how the universe was created and what place humanity has in this immense cosmos. Indeed, the creation of the universe and the origin of mankind are the subject of numerous myths around the world, with many sharing some distinct commonalities. According to S.G.F.…


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Pentateuch Consists of the First Five Books
Words: 1912 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3414040
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Pentateuch consists of the first five Books of the Bible. The Pentateuch is the same as what many people mean when they refer to the Torah, which is the first five books of the Tanakh. These books are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. In both Jewish and Christian tradition, Moses is considered the author of most of the Pentateuch and the belief is that God dictated the books to Moses (Fairfield, N.p.). However scholars generally agree that the books actually reflect compilations of earlier writings by various different authors. Taken together, the five books introduce the reader to God. They explain that God is the creator of the universe and everything in it, how the world has imperfections despite being a divine creation, God's unique relationship with man, and the beginnings of the special relationship between God and his chosen people (Fairfield, N.p.).

The Pentateuch begins with Genesis. Genesis…

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Slavery in the Bible in Modern Western
Words: 3008 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 54622671
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Slavery in the Bible

In modern estern countries, many Christians and Jews may wish to portray God as the comfortable deity of a middle-class consumer society like the United States, but the Bible demonstrates that nothing could be further from the truth. In the Bible, the God of history from the story of Cain and Abel, through Abraham, Joseph, Moses and the Prophets and of course the ministry of Jesus Christ in the New Testament. Repeatedly, God intervenes on the side of the poor, the weak, the lowly and the outcast, and against the rich and powerful. He has mercy on Joseph when his brothers sell him into slavery in Egypt and elevates him about all others. God takes the side of a young shepherd boy David against the thuggish giant Goliath and then against the evil and corrupt King Saul. ith Jesus, the constant messages is that God shows…


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Nelson on Christianity
Words: 1095 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34286554
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Nelson's Complete book of ible Maps and Charts, the authorship of the first 5 books of the bible is attributed to Moses. This is a common view held by modern, conservative Jews and Christians alike, and is the view, according to Nelson's "There was general agreement regarding Moses' authorship until the 18th century. In the modern period, however, it has often been asserted that behind the Pentateuch... are five separate documents, known as J, E, D, P, and R. that each stem from a variety of periods of Israel's history and which were pieced together late in the Old Testament era into what we know today as the Pentateuch. This theory is known as the Documentary Hypothesis" (p. 4)

While it may seem to be a small doctrinal issue to instigate a debate over the authorship which is widely recognized for its historical value, and the establishment of the foundations…


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Concept of God in Judaism and Christianity
Words: 14079 Length: 30 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81059360
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history medical studies have concluded that prayer helps to heal the sick. Many political meetings begin with a prayer and American currency has the words "In God We Trust" imprinted on its face. Around the world God is a powerful deity and one that has historically led entire societies to make decisions based on God's word. While God has been the single deity that leads and guides societies in their decisions both on an individual and collective basis there are many different concepts of what God is and entails. Two large worldwide faiths have many similarities and differences in God and its meaning. The faith of Christianity as well as the faith of Judaism both believe in a single God. The faiths are based in the word of that God and their followers respect and revere the God of their faith. While both faiths believe in a single God there…


J.S. Spong, "A New Christianity for a New World: Why Traditional Faith is Dying & How a New Faith is Being Born," HarperSanFrancisco, (2001), Pages 37 & 38.



Book Review: Concept of God as shepherd is Jewish paradigm

Egyptian Influence on Judaism and
Words: 3930 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 4363538
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. This was to lead to the inevitable interaction and cross -- cultural pollination between the cultures. Kline states that; " No wonder that such a large number of Egyptian loan words, phrases and intellectual ideas should be preserved in the Old Testament, along with a large number of idiomatic expressions, and two Egyptian units of measure" (Kline). However, while cultural interaction and the adoption of various phrases and words is not denied by most scholars, what is contested and debated is the extent to which this cultural interaction influenced and impacted the development of the religious foundations of both Judaism and Christianity.

4. How Egypt influenced customs and practices; fact vs. myth

There are numerous examples in the literature that refer to a more extensive cultural intersection and interaction with the Egyptian civilization. One can refer to the view that the name of the Divine Unity in this regard.…


Desborough W. Who Were the Israelites? May 17, 2010.


Bible Hebrews 3 7-17 Is a
Words: 956 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 70498701
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..hat in these last days spoken unto us by his whom also he made the worlds," thus arguing that Jesus' message is an expansion of the Old Covenant. (Ellingworth, 1993).

The Catholic interpretation of the Epistle to the Hebrews is that it is a firm announcement of the superiority of the New Testament revelations made by Jesus over the Old Testament revelations made by the lesser prophets. Further, the Epistle to the Hebrews successfully proves this point by comparing Jesus to the angels as mediators of the Old Covenant, Moses and Josue as founders of the Old Covenant, and by opposing the high priesthood of Christ. (Lane, 1985).

At its core, this passage is an extension of Pauline Christianity, or the version of Christianity advocated by the Apostle Paul and which survived as the dominant version of Christianity. First and foremost, as a part of the Pauline Christianity, this…


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Deuteronomy 7 1-11 the Fifth Book
Words: 4849 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 84337902
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This again stresses that God's love has nothing to do with Israel's attractiveness and everything to do with God's grace.

"Kept the oath" (v. 8). God's love is faithful. We should not be surprised that God chose Israel in its weakness. This is exactly what God did in Genesis 12:1-3. The promise of children and a land made to an old, childless couple seemed impossible. Yet they conceived, and the promise of land is about to be fulfilled for Israel now, on the verge of the Jordan, attesting to God's faithfulness.

"Covenant loyalty" (v. 9) is an excellent rendering of the hendiadys "the covenant and the loyalty." (Hendiadys consists of two nouns joined by "and," expressing a single idea.) The word for "loyalty" (hesed) is of the essence in covenantal situations, since it refers to the mutual commitments pledged by each of the parties. On the human side, it becomes…


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Berrigan, D. No Gods But One: Deuteronomy. Eerdmans, 2009.

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Concept of God in Judaism and Christianity
Words: 7257 Length: 26 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52966776
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Judaism and Christianity both have fairly common as well as totally contrasting religious concepts. In spite of the apparent differences and divisions it has to be understood that both these religions are like different streams of water merging in the ocean of god.

Christianity and Judaism are both religions of abrahamic origin. There are many similarities and differences between the two religions. Since Christianity originated from Judaism, it lends to the thought that both the religions are very closely related. However, in spite of their common origin, they differ considerably in some of the important issues while at the same time exhibit resemblance in many aspects. Even the monotheistic belief, which both these religions stand for, is quantified by entirely different perception of the attributes of godhead. Similarly, in the understanding of the messianic concept there is a significant contradiction giving us a hint of the vastly different nature of…


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How God Led the Israelites Into the Promised Land
Words: 786 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 32054475
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How does the general structure of Deuteronomy as a covenant help us to understand the message of the book? Identify the structural framework and discuss how it shapes the way we read and understand Deuteronomy.

The structure of Deuteronomy is based in large part on the thoughts and words of Moses. Jesus, Peter, and Paul attributed Deuteronomy 32:21 to Moses, although the author of the conclusion of the book is not known, according to Biblica. But the structure technically is the handing off of responsibility from Moses to Joshua, as the Israelites are about to cross the Jordan River into the "promised land." That's what this book of the Bible is all about.

The book structurally is set in the scene where the Jordan River flows into the Dead Sea; Moses and the Israelites are in the territory of Moab, and Moses is preparing to transfer the leadership to…

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Children's Literature to Dispel the
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In comparing a number of literary elements in one story, Smith and Wiese (2006) contend that at times, when attempting to transform an old story into a modern multicultural version, cultural meanings of the original story may be lost. In turn, the literature does not subject the reader to another culture. For instance, in the story about the fisherman, that Smith and Wiese access, the plot remains similar plot, however, significant changes transform the reported intent to make the story multicultural. Changes included the fisherman's daughter's stated name, being changed from one common to her culture to Maha. Instead of God, as written in the original version, the reference notes "Allah." Other changes Smith and Wiese point out include:

& #8230;The admonition to retrieve the fish or "be sorry" instead of the threatened curse, the reference to the golden shoe as a sandal instead of a clog;

the proposed…


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USDA Certified in Organic Beef on a
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USDA Certified in Organic Beef on a Family Owned anch

Becoming a certified organic farmer is an expensive and time-intensive process, and, accordingly, a significant decision for any small farmer. The problem is to understand the process by which a family owned ranch could become USDA certified for organic beef. What are the necessary steps and important factors to consider from beginning the process to marketing to retailers?

Understanding USDA Organic

The government-managed organic food certification program is USDA Organic. Within this certification system, organic food production follows guidelines laid out in the Organic Foods Production-Act of 1990 and amended according to Public Law 109-97, Nov. 10, 2005. These regulations take into consideration site-specific conditions "integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity." (USDA Agricultural Marketing Service, 2011) Included in OFPA are rules for farm planning, livestock handling, use of pesticides…


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Religion the Gospel of Matthew
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Religion the Gospel of Matthew

There are a number of similarities between Helmut Koester's article, The Gospel of Matthew: Jesus as the New Moses, and that of Marilyn Moses, also entitled The Gospel of Moses. Both of these works examine the reason and purpose that the book of Matthew was written, and explore the impact upon the immediate surrounding community of Christianity. However, in order to best summarize these works, it is necessary to do so individually, in order to gain the best understanding of these articles.

Koester's article primarily focuses on the book of Matthew's portrayal of Jesus as being directly descended from Abraham and aligned with traditional Israeli law. This is a particularly important aspect of the Koester's article (and the book of Matthew), because it verifies the fact that Jesus's teachings and works are directly in accordance with the Israeli tradition which preceded his existence, and which…

Jesus Jew or Christian the
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His followers claimed He had risen as He said He would, bodily appeared to them and then bodily ascended into Heaven, as Elijah prophesied. This experience emboldened them to come out of hiding and they gathered at the upper room of the Cenacle on the Day of the Pentecost. From then on, they openly preached the radical ethic taught by Jesus. The resurrection of Jesus is the origin of Christian worship and prayer and it directly links Jesus to God and Jesus has been called Lord, the Christ, the faithful and true witness. His followers who observed and advocated His teachings of the Good News were called Christians. Christianity was later founded and spread by the Roman soldier, Saul, who persecuted the Christians but was converted into an apostle by a direct encounter with Christ on Saul's way to Damascus. He was later renamed Paul.

Jesus as a Jew demanded…


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Reward System and Employee Needs Assessment
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eward System and Employee Needs Assessment

Employee values and expectations vary from individual to individual, though there are some universal values and expectations that might be generalized to employees across most industries. Among these more generalized expectations include the desire for good pay and benefits, job security and work life balance opportunities.

When developing a reward system it is vital that the organization incorporate these universal employee values and expectations into the reward system so that the outcome of the system is beneficial for the employees involved. It is also in the best interests of organizational planners to assess individual employee values and motivations in order to devise a reward and recognition program that focuses on independent employee needs rather than lumping all employees into the same category. These ideas and more are explored in greater detail below.

Good employee relations and subsequent reward systems are contingent on the ability…


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Deuteronomy Chapter 10 According to
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" Therefore, Spero says, there is the fifth requirement, calling the reader to keep the commandments and statutes. Spero explains: "where the reverence and love are weak, the actual observance of the commandments, with its evocation of the Presence of God, can strengthen these elemental emotions. Thus, the function of the practical commandments is both expressive and impressive" (p. 155).

The book of Deuteronomy, and specifically its tenth chapter, has multiple meanings and may be interpreted differently, depending on one's approach. But it is clear that the chapter speaks to us, to the community of faith today. Even in his secular interpretation, Nelson (2003) tried to link the book to values we consider important today (the system of checks and balances or democracy). But the book has a theological message, which is as relevant today as it was for Israelites thousands of years ago, as explained well by Tanner (2001).…


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America by John Debrizzi What
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He is not longer alienated from the sector of society that she represents. Their relationship bridges the gap and provides the fuel to take the country into a new direction.

However, things are not all rosy for the couple. They have to overcome the prejudices that each group, Mexican and African-American, has for each other as well as battling prejudice and stereotypes from whites.

To recap, the author has considered the novel America by John Debrizzi. hat makes this a bit more difficult to digest the novel's contents is that Debrizzi is a sociologist. To properly understand the novel, one must understand the social theory behind it. Therefore, the author first considered the theoretical implications, specifically Debrizzi's working out of Mills dichotomy between individual and society. In this, they considered how the Marxist dialectic and the alienation from the means of production apply. Finally, they considered the novel, particularly the…

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Divine Foreknowledge in the Old
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The fact that God seems to be taken surprise by human action, and the fact that the Lord can also change his mind in the last verse of the passage, Exodus 32: 14, suggests free will exists, or the ability of humanity to change the world through prayer, and the idea that not all of the future is already decided -- the 'maybe' exists in the form of humanity's to show free will to obey or disobey, and to beg for forgiveness.

In Numbers 14:11-23, God again seems taken by surprised by the sins of His children, in this case Moses' sister Miriam and his brother Aaron, who criticize Moses for marrying a Cu*****e woman. God punishes Miriam with leprosy, and Moses and Aaron beg God to heal their sister. God bargains with the men, refusing to heal her outright, but agrees to heal her after seven days, showing the…

Exegesis of Hebrews One of
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Unless the author's typological approach is appreciated, the interpreter may wrongly assume that the author is making literal statements about the salvation-historical significance of Christ.

The fact that Hebrews was originally written in Greek does not provide any substantial or definitive help in the search for author or audience. During the time period in which Hebrews had to be composed, Christians in Rome spoke Greece. In fact, Hellenism had much of Western Europe and the modern-day Middle East familiar with Greek. This familiarity would have been even more likely among educated groups, and is highly unlikely that uneducated people would have had the ability to read or write. While there was some early suggestion that Hebrews was originally written in a language other than Greek, it seems highly unlikely that that was the case:

That the Letter to the Hebrews was originally written in Greek is suggested by the fact…

Jews and Jewish Religion Judaism Is One
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Jews and Jewish eligion

Judaism is one of the revealed religions of the world and like Islam and Christianity; this religion also endorses the concept of monotheism. Being one of the oldest monotheist religions, Judaism has a long history but throughout this history, its basic beliefs, traditions, sacred texts and rituals have remained more or less the same.

Monotheism in Judaism

Like Christianity and Islam, Judaism is one of the most well-known monotheist religions. Monotheistic means believing in one God. Unlike some other religions like Hinduism and Buddhism, Jewish religion believes in the existence of one single God who is the source of all power in the world. In Torah, God says: "I am the first, and I am the last; and besides me there is no God." (Isaiah 44:6)

Jewish people tend to believe that there is one Supreme Being that controls the whole world and our destinies. Over…


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Analyzing the Experience of Humanities
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Qu'an simila to and diffeent fom the Holy Bible? Give examples fom each wok to illustate thei similaities and diffeences

The Qu'an is the holy book of Islam, the eligion established by Muhammad while the Holy Bible is the saced book of Chistianity. Thee ae a numbe of ways in which the Qu'an is simila as well as dissimila to the Holy Bible. Fo states, both of them consist of chonicles, teachings, poety, and epimanding. Seveal chonicles encompass the simila basic occasions and individuals. The Qu'an and the Bible both teach the ceation of the wold by a distinct almighty, all-knowing God who commands human beings to follow the moality set out fo them. Fist of foemost, one of the key simila doctine is that God, efeed to as Allah in the Qu'an, and Yahweh in the Bible, is the only ceato of all things in the univese and whose…

references to elements in the sacred books as he points out the time of Adam's creation. In particular, Pico mirrors upon the fact that God, being the creator and artist of the universe, made the decision to make this being that is dissimilar to the other beasts, and who, as they emanate from the womb of their mother, have only one distinctive role to fulfill in this world. Man, on the other hand, has been bequeathed grace, personality, and the ingenuity that comes straight out of his own Creator. This, in particular, is the free will to act in keeping with the directives of the heart, mind, and soul. Taking this into consideration, freedom is intrinsic and blessed by the Higher Power and it is an indication of God's distinctive love for humankind.

However, Pico is keen to point out that freedom is not an assurance of happiness. Free will implies setting one's own objectives and thereby acting and operating in their own accord. For this reason, with freedom comes about a great deal of far-reaching and significant responsibilities for the reason that at the end of the day, human beings set up their own destiny. The most significant thing is that all human beings have the similar right and freedom to be completely happy and have the sense of feeling blessed by their Maker. More so, with the understanding that there is good will and a comprehensive way to nurture the "being," self-determination and freedom will instigate miracles in every Tom, Dick, and Harry. For that reason, the free will bequeathed to us by God as a gift to all humankind can impel us to utilize our freedom for whatsoever we wish and desire. Nonetheless, it is most beneficial and fruitful to make the most of the gift of free will for our own benefit, to grow into better persons and to at no given point, be unable to summon up our inimitable status as children of the "great Artisan," which is God.

In accordance to Pico, a man is duty-bound to imitate the dignity and splendor of the angels by undertaking philosophy. More so, he asserts that a man, if he develops what is coherent and sensible, will disclose himself as a heavenly being. Furthermore, if he is intelligent, he will be an angel and the son of God. Pico proclaims that a philosopher is a living being of heaven and not of the earth. At the time when man exercises philosophy or moralizes, he climbs up the chain of being in the direction of the angels and close association with God. However, on the other hand, if he fails to exercise philosophy and use his intellect, he starts to vegetate. The foundation and basis of this dignity lay in Pico's proclamation that only human beings were capable of changing themselves by means of their own free will, while all other alternation in nature were resultant of some external force operating on whatever it is that is cause to experience change. Pico made the observation that from the past account, philosophies and bodies were constantly in change, which made the capacity of man for self-transformation as the sole constant.

Who When and What Pairs and Connections
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Fiorello Laguardia: obert Moses

Fiorello La Guardia took part in American politics. He was the New York Mayor, and then a Congress member from 1916 to 1918 and then from 1922-1930. obert Moses, a Town Planner, worked predominantly for the Metropolitan area of New York. Moses is known to be the Master Planner of the mid-1900s city of New York. He and Fiorello worked autonomously in the city area of New York from the 20s, throughout their careers. While Fiorello was the Mayor, obert was the highly admired planner of New York. Fiorello therefore worked with Moses to develop the infrastructure needs of New York.

In the 30's during the economic recession, there was a New Deal, which led Franklin oosevelt, the President of the U.S. to give 20% of all the urban infrastructure money to Fiorello, to develop the city. Fiorello then worked with obert, with the help of…


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a'sermon about the importance of the covenant
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The beauty of God’s covenant with us is that each and every day we have the opportunity to renew our faith and reinvigorate our lives through love. Participating in the sacraments is an act of true communion, for when we participate in the Eucharist we are engaging in a two-way dialogue with God. A covenant is a commitment, a bilateral agreement between God and each of you. Christ made it possible for us to cultivate this special relationship, for it is only through His sacrifice that it becomes possible for us to experience the power of the covenant in a direct way. When you participate in the Eucharist, try to remember its deeper meaning, to consider the importance and value of the covenant and what it means for the salvation of humanity.
The Eucharist is the direct extension of the new covenant between God and His people. Let us consider…

Anne Hutchinson as the Foundress
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The Widow and Miss Watson see nothing wrong with slavery in modern society, while Huck actually takes actions to end slavery by leading Jim to freedom and treating Jim like a human being.

6. "To be or not to be, that is the bare bodkin."

Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. Signet, 2002, p. 143.

The Shakespearean 'actors' Jim and Huck befriend are really charlatans, despite their pretence of learning. They cannot even quote William Shakespeare's Hamlet in his "To be or not to be" soliloquy correctly.

7. "He says anyone who doesn't understand the theorems of Euclid is an idiot."

McCourt, Frank. Angela's Ashes. New York: Scribner, 1999, p.151.

The references to Euclid show the disparity between what is taught in Frank's school by an ambitious teacher and the poverty and ignorance of the rest of the boy's life. It also shows the narrow-mindedness of the principal, who…

Beliefs Concepts and Elements of
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The Hasidic Jews are extremely pious and their numbers are small around the world. Each of these sects has relatively different views of their faith and values, but they all consider themselves bound as Jews beyond their specific beliefs.

It is also important to note that Jews have been some of the most persecuted and hated of religions of all times. They were thrown out of Babylon in their early history, they were consistently banned from European cities and countries, Hitler exterminated millions of them during the Holocaust, and when Israel was created in 1948, the Arab neighbors immediately attacked and tension continues in the region. Jews have maintained their beliefs despite all these setbacks, which points to the strength of their religion and beliefs.

In conclusion, Judaism is quite different from Christianity in its philosophy and beliefs, but that does not mean it is "wrong" or "bad." There are…


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Acqua Alta the Effect of
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Still there are those who hope that the billions of dollars, the energy, and the time that have been spent to protect Venice from high tides will resolve the water problems which Venice experiences every day, and that in the future there will still be a city to live in, and to visit for its beauty and worth (Lyss710, p. 1).


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Jesus in Looking to Find
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The Gospel of Luke, as has been mentioned here, is very similar to that of Mark in its narrative and in describing Jesus, the man. This is an element of the Gospels about which authors Nickle and Brown agree. There is, too, a strong belief that the Gospel of Luke was written by a "missionary colleague of the Apostle Paul (Nickle, 1980, p. 125)." The Book of Luke is the most extensive and detailed account of the life of the historical Jesus of any other book in the Bible. "hen this Gospel is joined by its companion volume, Acts and Apostles, they together make up about twenty-seven percent of the New Testament (Nickle, 1980, p. 125)." The most distinctive characteristic of the Book of Luke, is that it is sequenced with Acts and Apostles (Nickle, 1980). Luke is unique in that his book goes beyond the life of Jesus, into…

Works Cited 

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Christian Management the Book of Joshua Opens
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Christian Management

The book of Joshua opens with an anecdote of a pivotal moment in the evolution of the Jewish people. Moses is now dead, and the people need a new, strong, and holy leader. The son of Moses's aide Nun is chosen. His name is Joshua. God chooses Joshua as Moses's successor for a reason. The Lord recognizes in Joshua the ability to keep the commandments sacred, to keep the covenant with God sacred, and to also manage and lead the Israelites. The Lord tells Joshua, "Be strong and courageous, because you will lead these people to inherit the land I swore to their ancestors to give them," (Joshua 1:6). However, God does not simply appoint Joshua as the new leader of the Jewish people and let him fend for himself. God is with Joshua, and promises to guide him as long as he remains a servant of God.…


Holy Bible. New International Version.

McDonald, M. (2008). Joshua 1:9. Retrieved online:

Tracing a Jewish Theme Through Jewish History
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Jewish Monotheism

Historians of Judaism actually date the strong Jewish emphasis on monotheism somewhat later than expected within Jewish history. The archaeological discovery of idols and artifacts indicating cultic participation from the time of Israel's presence in Canaan has seemed to indicate a relative laxity in actual practice before the Babylonian captivity, while textual criticism seems agreed that most of the Torah's foregrounded statements of strong monotheism date from textual recensions during the Babylonian captivity, and thus substantially post-date both the J-writer and the E-writer of the Old Testament (Moberly 217). But the strong emphasis on monotheism which comprises the first commandment given by Yahweh to Moses is a defining feature of Judaism in prevailing polytheistic cultures where the Jews can define their religion in opposition, so to speak. I would like to examine three separate ways in which Jewish monotheism defined itself against a kind of prevailing cultural polytheism.…

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Historicity of the Characters and Events in Genesis
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Genesis is the first book of the Bible. It contains incredible stories of the creation of the universe, man's fall from grace, the story of Noah and the great flood, and the stories of the first generations of man. This book is perhaps one of the most controversial as well. The contents of the book are not as source of dispute. However, the interpretation of the content is a source of great scholarly debate for many reasons.

The first source of debate is exactly what type of work Genesis constitutes. Conservative Christians consider Genesis to be a history. Using this interpretation, events in Genesis happened exactly as written. Other more liberal interpretations consider Genesis to be something other than a historical account. There are many liberal viewpoints on how to categorize Genesis. Some believe that Genesis is an allegory, others a myth, and still others compare…

Works Cited

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World Mythology
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Mythology Through the Eyes of Joseph Campbell

This essay discusses a little part of world mythology as perceived through the eyes of Joseph Campbell. It also relates to his conceptualization of the myths associated with different geographical regions of the world. This uses 1 source in MLA form.

Long has existed the phenomenon of myths and religions. Mythology is defined as the study of myths, which is a strong belief that is associated with someone or ancient figures. If it is brought under proper observation its exact era from where it all started is difficult to find as even the existence of the first man on the universe has been associated with mythological happening. As there exist different explanations and myths with the existence of the world these explanations also tend to vary when concerning different geographical areas. There is a lot of text available even belonging to ancient times…


Leeming, David "Mythology: The Voyage of the Hero" 1981

Christianity the Roman Way Rome Exerted Tremendous
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Rome exerted tremendous pressure on its colonies to conform, and do things in the Roman Way. When in Rome, one does as the Romans do. The Via Romana is a road referring to the Roman way. Rome conquered Alexander's vast empire and then imposed the Imperium (the imperial right to rule) upon the world. Religio-Romana refers to the Roman religion of paganism and polytheism. Roman religion. Romans are to practice Rome's religion without changing it. The Roman practices will be executed as they have always been since the beginning of Roman civilizations. This includes worshipping the Roman emperor as god. The political connection between Rome's religion and the people impose the belief and practice: Roman religion is the truth. Mos Maiorum refers to the living traditions. People are to live their lives according to Roman traditions. This is the daily life of Romans extant in the…

The Story Line of the Pentateuch
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Waiting for the Land: The Story Line of the Pentateuch is a book by Arie C. Leder that was published in 2010. Primarily, the book aims at analyzing each part of the Pentateuch to identify the bigger picture. Through the book, Leder analyzes all parts of the five books and implements insights of different scholars yet maintaining an evangelical strategy. It can be identified that the author unravels the narrative power and incorporates a critical analysis of the Pentateuch's books. Leder uses the book to argue that the Pentateuch was a final cliff-hanger. He continues to affirm that its final editors were aware of the ultimate ending. However, they deny the reader the advantage of seeing it. The purpose of this paper is to provide a thorough book review of Waiting for the Land: The Story Line of the Pentateuch. In this case, the article offers a review of each…


Leder, A. C. (2010). Waiting for the land: The story line of the Pentateuch. Phillipsburg, NJ: P & R Pub.

Criminal Justice Within the Bible
Words: 1542 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Book Review Paper #: 87783105
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Criminals of the Bible written by Mark Jones in the year 2006. Criminals of the Bible examines and studies the subject matter of the different criminal acts committed by different persons in the Bible. These criminal acts in the book are considered as a measure against Mosaic Law, a law that was common for an extended period of time within which the Bible was written. In addition, Mark Jones, the author, takes into consideration peer studied assessments of criminal law theorists both in the 21st century and even before. The Bible is such an intriguing and interesting book. It consists of numerous stories from the creation story to the end of the world that can be fascinating and keep one enthralled with the different characters. The book offers a societal, legal and political context of the criminal acts that took place at that point in time (Jones and Johnstone, 2012).…


Cochran, R. F., VanDrunen, D. (2013). Law and the Bible: Justice, Mercy and Legal Institutions. USA: Intervarsity Press.

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