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What are some good titles for an essay on Harriet Tubman?


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Harriet Tubman has always been a great choice for an essay topic because her life story is dynamic, interesting, and incredibly inspiring.  Born into slavery, Tubman not only escaped, but also risked her own freedom returning to the South in order to help others escape from slavery using the Underground Railroad.  She deserves respect as one of the country’s leading freedom fighters, but it took decades for her story to be fully told.  A full-length movie describing her life was only released in 2020 and while most people recognize her as a former slave, they know little of her accomplishments.  Even today, many school children only hear about Tubman as part of Black History Month rather than when they are learning about other American freedom fighters.

Some ideas for a good title for an essay about Harriet Tubman include:

  1. Self-Liberation: One Woman’s Journey to Free Herself and Then Lead Others to Freedom
  2. The Moses of Her People: Why Harriet Tubman’s Work on the Underground Railroad Freed More than Those She Led to Freedom
  3. The Pistol Carrying Pacifist: Reconciling Tubman’s Commitment to Non-Violence with Her Willingness to Use Violence to Defend Herself or Others
  4. Harriet Tubman and John Brown: Friends Who Recognized Their Equality Before Society Did
  5. Anti-Antisocial: The Important Role of Subversion in Pursuing Social Justice, Viewed Through the Lens of Harriet Tubman
  6. The Power of Hope: The Role of the Underground Railroad and Its Conductors in Providing Hope to Millions of Enslaved Americans
  7. Songs or Maps: How Slaves Hid Directions to Freedom in Slave Songs
  8. Twelve Years Brave: An Examination of Harriet Tubman’s Preteen Efforts to End the Horrors of Slavery and the Lifelong Consequences She Would Face for Her Bravery
  9. From Araminta Ross to Harriet Tubman: How a Freedom Fighter Invented Herself
  10. Slave, Conductor, Spy, Nurse, and Suffragette: The Amazing Accomplishments of Harriet Tubman

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