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Never Let Me Go Essays (Examples)

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2003 I Went on a
Words: 698 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 32588322
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I was touched by the dedication of the eldest brother to feed his siblings and by the way he ate last only after caring for them, and only if there was any food left after they ate. To me, it was depressing just to see; for them, it was their daily life. I gladly gave them two hundreds taka (about 3 dollars).

Even that experienced paled in comparison to what I saw in the homes of the poor. Millions of people in Bangladesh can't afford anything resembling what we here would consider a "house" by any stretch of the imagination. They live in huts made from straw and scraps of wood; there are no floors inside either, just the hard ground with a roof on top. Still, it is a place that provides a sanctuary from the filthy streets. Naturally, these huts are all blown away and flooded during the…

I Once Came Across a Proverb Regarding
Words: 1343 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56271281
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I once came across a proverb regarding life which stuck in my head more than the usual mix of sayings and advice one might encounter in his or her time. The proverb read ?Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.? I will always remember that saying not only for the fact that I have it written down for safe keeping, but also because I found it at the time I needed it most during my collegiate career. What appeared to be most dire situation during college turned out to probably be the most significant event during my college days. Although it is difficult to pinpoint the exact event which I consider to be the most significant, I can say for sure that it was the culmination of a collection events which I consider to be most significant to my development as a student.…

School I Wake Up to
Words: 1630 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 39117995
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He says that the busy roads are clear, even though the roads near our house are still thick with snow. My mother says she will have to go to work tomorrow, and that school will probably be open -- if they call a half-day, father will stay home with me. It is getting dark, so I have one last request -- I want to take some snow inside -- "but won't it melt" says my mother. I want to put it in the freezer, so I have snow all year 'round. My father says that some people eat snow with sugar and maple syrup, but my mother says that is not sanitary, but I can keep the snow in a plastic bag, provided I do not eat it.

We sit down to dinner, a hearty dinner of potatoes and meatloaf, and for the first time meatloaf tastes good. For dessert…

Endure I Am Fascinated With
Words: 1650 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 63746645
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Children ran through the arcade unsupervised, waving prizes and tickets, begging quarters, and watching older children and teenagers who were experts at the games they tried to play. The noise was full of deafening pleasure.

But today, the walls of Hollywood Connection are filled with calm, country music. What was once the Mecca of children is now a Tractor Supply store. Just as the first group of young adults that made it famous was beginning to grow out of Hollywood Connection, it closed its doors, claiming a loss of funds from those who would sneak in. Seven years later, I had the chance to enter the building that had sat abandoned for all those years -- a local company had obtained it for three nights in order to create a haunted house, thereby raising funds. When I entered, the first thing I saw was the carpet -- not faded, still…

Carer and Donation Mean in
Words: 2965 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56093196
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His most famous work is his Utopia, a book in which he created his version of a perfect society and gave his name to such conceptions ever after as "utopias." The word is of Greek origin, a play on the Greek word eutopos, meaning "good place." In the book, More describes a pagan and communist city-state in which the institutions and policies are governed entirely by reason. The order and dignity of the state in this book contrasted sharply with the reality of statecraft in Christian Europe at the time, a region divided by self-interest and greed for power and riches. The book was also an expression of More's form of Humanism (Maynard 41). The term can also have broader application as a reference to any plans of government or schemes for social improvement which present the possibilities of a good society.

The society depicted in Never Let Me Go…

Works Cited

Ishiguro, Kazuo. Never Let Me Go. New York: Vintage Books, 2005.

Maynard, Theodore. Humanist as Hero: The Life of Sir Thomas More. New York: Macmillan, 1947.

Manipulating Behavior
Words: 697 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 55390818
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Manipulation in Never Let Me Go

Manipulation is a relatively dark part of interpersonal relationships that occurs when the manipulator has certain motivations or inner uncertainties. It generally stems from a feeling of insecurity or other forms of unhappiness. The manipulation process is then used to overcome or overshadow these feelings. According to Handelamn (2009, p. 45), "manipulation is not exactly coercion or persuasion or deception." Instead, according to the author, it lies somewhere inbetween the three mentioned actions. This is why manipulation can occur in so many different forms and manifestations. uth's actions in Never Let me Go, for example, take a particularly aggressive aspect when she constantly bullies Kathy and Tommy to do what she wants. By the end of the novel, however, her actions clearly stem from a deep sense of uncertainty based upon the fact that she is a clone rather than a person in her…


Austin, E.J., Farrelly, D., Black, C, and Moore, H. (2007, Jan 26). Emotional Intelligence, Machiavellianism and emotional manipulation: Does EI have a dark side? Personality and Individual Differences. 43. Retrieved from:

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Handelman, S. (2009). Thought Manipulation: The Use and Abuse of Psychological Trickery. Santa Barbara, CA: Library of Congress.

Angelou's Book I Know Why the Caged
Words: 2217 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 82098858
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Angelou's book "I Know why the Caged Bird Sings' was written, according to its author, to serve as a certain purpose and this purpose can be glimpsed in its language. As the poet and critic Opla Moore (1999) remarked, the Caged Bird was intended to demonstrate, at a time, when these issues were just beginning to come into that open and when Blacks were still struggling for recognition, that rape and racism does exist in America and that out-of-wedlock teen pregnancy not only exists but must be recognized as not always the fault of the teenager and often due to other reasons that may be reducible to the state and church itself. Angelou uses poetic and vivid language to shake the very foundations of the reader's stereotypes and narrative way of construing his or her world by shaking conventional platitudes with the discomfiting reality of disruptive factors and introducing these…

Gilbert, S. (1999). Paths to escape in Maya Angelou's I know why the caged bird sings: A casebook Oxford Univ. Press: UK

Moore, O. (1999) Learning to live in Maya Angelou's I know why the caged bird sings: A casebook Oxford Univ. Press: UK

Braxton, JM Maya Angelou's I know why the caged bird sings: A casebook

Moral Lesson When I Was Just Getting
Words: 803 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 22238130
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Moral Lesson

When I was just getting into my teenage years -- I was 13 going on 14 -- I was getting to the point where I had a lot of opinions about my parents, and some of them were not very kind. But I believed I had justification for the opinions I held about them and their response to me. To explain further, my mom and dad made me go to church, they made me go to boring church youth group meetings, they made me go to this strict fundamentalist church camp every summer, and wouldn't let me hang out with some of my best friends.

Every new friend I brought home from school to play ball in my back yard, or listen to music up in my room (which I shared with a sibling) they wanted to meet, and I had no problem with that. But after the…

Email Me Any Questions Comments
Words: 3775 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21055301
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Plato: Ok then maybe it does not matter if people are inherently good or
bad, but how does all this matter into the things in life that matter?
Confucius: But this does matter because the way people act towards each
other- the way people govern or treat others with selfishness is what
matters in this world.
Plato: But how can virtue then be taught if people are selfish, or
dictatorial leaders.
Confucius: hat do you mean? I thought we agreed that people can become
virtuous and that people can be in touch with heaven.
Plato: So are you saying people are good?
Confucius: No, I did not say that. hat are you saying?
Plato: That virtue is not something we can find, and it is not something
that is innate. It is something that is given (Cahn 19).
Confucius: Given by who?
Plato: Given by what you call the heavens,…

Works Cited
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5 May 2007 .

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ed. New York: Oxford UP, 2004.

Old I Studied Chinese Kung Fu I
Words: 745 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Application Essay Paper #: 6899521
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old, I studied Chinese Kung Fu. I went to class every day, practicing the different things that my coach wanted us to learn. One of the skills that we learned was how to do a handspring. After about a year of study, the coach told us to practice the handspring without using our hands. At first, I was too afraid to try the handspring without using my hands. I was so scared that I would fall and hurt myself that my body just would not cooperate with my efforts to try. Instead, I would find myself using a hand to brace myself. It was then that my coach gave me the most memorable advice that I have ever received. He told me, "Try to do it, just one time. You need to work through your fear and believe in yourself. If you don't face the challenge, you will never succeed."…

Room I Came Up With
Words: 4449 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93314121
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In conjunction with these car ads, car insurance companies took advantage of this by advertising their services as well. Car insurance companies that I noticed advertising through billboards were Safeco, Progressive, and All State. Progressive provided a catchy and positive note to its ad by having the slogan, "Happy drivers make good drivers." From what I can recall in the All State ad, it mentioned something about safe driving, again with a catchy phrase: "Safe driving bonus for not driving like a paparazzi." These car insurance ads, particularly for Progressive and All State, tackle issues relevant to motorists, their target market: both chose to discuss driving behavior, using different ad 'treatments.' Progressive addressed reckless/irresponsible driving by focusing on the ideal driving behavior and its positive outcome, that is, drivers must have a happy temperament in order to be a good driver. All State, meanwhile, chose to go the opposite route…

Grandmother Grabbed Me by the
Words: 631 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47858179
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Go ahead," said the woman behind the counter.

A held out the plastic radio.

A stole this," I said carefully and sheepishly, barely able to get the words out audibly. My grandmother urged me on with a nod of her head. "I'm sorry."

The woman took the toy and simply said, "Thank you young man!"

My grandmother and she both smiled. This was by far the most poignant moral lesson I had learned that far in my childhood and still stands out as the most vivid memory of childhood moral learning. I believe that many young children do not know what stealing or lying mean until they suffer the repercussions or until an adult that they respect points out that their actions are harmful. The incident with the radio taught me that stealing was morally wrong because I trusted my grandmother's judgment. Without her guidance I might not have realized…

Cultures as a Chinese Farmer Today I
Words: 1953 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89404705
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As a Chinese farmer today, I live a life quite similar to what one might have read about in a Pearl S. Buck novel. I live in the same village in which I was born, in the small house in which I was raised, on a small property adjacent to that of my uncle. I work this land as they do, and as my grandparents did, and their grandparents before me. This is not to say that the life I live is entirely identical to that of my ancestors. My parents now have a television and I own a motorcycle to go into the nearest town.

Life here is hard. I am an only son, and in this village there are very few girls my age, so I am lonely (Duflo, 2008). There are no opportunities for people like me. Some of my friends have moved south to Guangzhou.…


BBC. (2012). Retired Chinese farmer faces challenges of age. British Broadcasting Corporation. Retrieved November 14, 2012 from 

Duflo, E. (2008). Too many boys. VoxEU Retrieved November 14, 2012 from 

Roberts, D. (2011). China's growing income gap. Business Week. Retrieved November 14, 2012 from 

Tobin, D. (2011). Inequality in China: Rural poverty persists as urban wealth balloons. BBC. Retrieved November 14, 2012 from

Film I Recently Saw One
Words: 758 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 86792828
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They become part of our personality and the way in which interact with others and feel about ourselves. When one of these connections is lost by means of death, it is painful, because the connections are important to us. Like the connections we form in life, the loss of these connections also shape us in an important way. The way and the time of death, as well as the specific person who dies, becomes as much part of us and our personality as the living connections we make. This means that we never really "let go." Instead, we integrate what the death means to us as part of the events in life that shape our personality. It is therefore important to hold on, in a sense, to what the person meant to us, and how the death affected us. This is an improtant part of life; being aware of how…

Life-Changing the Event I Will Write About
Words: 1248 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 68506138
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The event I will write about took place at a lake near our house. It was summer and I had finished middle school and was heading into high school in the fall. Before describing the incident at the lake, I should explain something about my middle school experiences, because they relate to the incident at the lake.

During middle school I had been shoved on occasion and verbally taunted by a couple bullies in the schoolyard a few times a week. In my 7th grade experience and in my 8th grade experience I had been part of a little group of friends that was the target of these bullies. We were physically threatened and verbally harassed once or twice a week. The students I was in a group with were creative kids, taking part in plays, writing and reciting poetry, and two of my friends were strong Christians and…

Loner in Me I Have Always Been
Words: 790 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10539099
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Loner in Me

I have always been a loner, it seems. I am an only child, and I never minded, really. Sometimes I wish I had a brother or sister, but more often, when I see the many problems some siblings suffer, I'm grateful I'm the only one, but it wasn't always so.

When I was younger, I would beg my mother for a little brother or sister, never knowing she couldn't have any more children. How could I know? She'd just smile, and send me out to play, or to read a book, one of my favorite occupations when I was young, but I'm sure it hurt her, yet she never let on.

I used to go to bed and dream of having a baby brother or sister to love and care for. I was jealous when I saw other families who had lots of children, and wondered why…

Achilles Tendon Broken Wrist I Have
Words: 2312 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 70375429
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When I went home, I made a sandwich for dinner and ate it with an apple and some chips. I did not feel that I even wanted to try to cook anything or do dishes afterward.

Taking a shower that night was challenging. I thought I would just stand in the shower with my left leg resting on the floor outside the tub, but then I realized I had a "cast" on my right arm that I could not get wet. I ended up wrapping both simulated casts with plastic trash bags so I wouldn't get them wet. I still ended up getting a considerable amount of water on the bathroom floor. Just before going to bed, I removed the elastic bandages. Being disabled for one day was enough.

What surprised me most about the experience was the difficulty of even the simplest tasks. I had not realized how often…

Belly Was Full Of Well Cop I
Words: 834 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 44305390
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belly was full of, well, cop "i" and ayran, because those are the only two things on the menu at roadside restaurants in Turkey. We call the former shish kebob, and ayran is this funny fermented yoghurt drink. It's an acquired taste. One that I tried, without success, to acquire. What I thought would be a bus station was in fact a bus depot. That means no building, just a couple of stops in the open air. The 100 degree, blasting noon heat sort of open air you never really get used to. I was sweaty. I was dirty. Ok, filthy. Who I am kidding? I was wandering, blowing with the wind, and things like showers were starting to seem irrelevant to me, like something you might remember from back home but now were an afterthought to the great adventure. Or something like that. I was a gross mess, sweaty,…

Sometimes, opportunity knocks, but it doesn't knock very loud. It knocks real quiet. Aleppo of course was a famously beautiful ancient city, the sort of enchanting ancient city with parts that haven't changed in millennia, the essence of travel's romance and it was at my fingertips. Suffice to say, this incident took place before 2011. Before the Syrian Civil War destroyed Aleppo. It was as easy as handing over a few Turkish lira to the driver, and buying a visa at the border. There aren't too many things I can rightly say that I once had the chance to do, and now never will. A city that didn't change for thousands of years changed in the blink of an eye. I missed it.

I asked why, once or twice, why I would have stuck with my boring plan instead of just seizing the opportunity that had so obviously presented itself to me. It's not that there aren't other nice places to visit or anything; I have asked this of myself in order to not make that mistake again. My grandmother passed away last year. But I never passed up an opportunity to visit her. There were even times when it cost me more, or took me well out of my way. But there's just so many times in life when you have the chance to do something, and that chance might never come your way again. You have to take the opportunities that life gives you, because you might never get those opportunities again.

But you know, I'm human, and I still let opportunities pass me by sometimes. I do sometimes think about something that happened, especially if I realize that I missed an opportunity. Was it a good decision? Should I take every opportunity, or not? Is my gut always right? To this day, I still do not know everything there is to know about making the right decisions, but that day under the blasting sun something changed in the way I wanted to approach life, because sometimes there really is no tomorrow, so don't keep waiting for it.

Monsoon Wedding Here I Am
Words: 749 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56020789
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Maybe that is the way it is supposed to be. They find true love, and I'm still looking! There's something about him, with his cell phone and his constant meddling, that bothers me. I know, he's a new breed of professional here in India, but he annoys me somehow, and I can't quite say why. I hope he and Alice are happy, anyway.

I feel like I'm caught between two worlds here. I am agreeing to an arranged marriage, but I'm a modern Indian woman, with a career, a life, friends, a lover, and a family that doesn't seem to understand me at all. I'm not at all sure I understand myself. Why does all of this turmoil have to come now, at this time? It is making me feel as if this whole wedding is a mistake, a farce of old traditions that is no longer valid in my…

Hell Is for Other People Me Boy
Words: 1386 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22508954
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Hell Is for Other People

Me: Boy, you're here a lot earlier than usual.

Stranger: Yeah, I have a hot date tonight: hopefully, tonight's the night, if you know what I mean (Winks).

Me: You're sexually active?

Stranger: What do you mean by that? Of course I'm sexually active, why do you ask.

Me: Oh. Well, because the other day you mentioned going to church ... you said you were Catholic, right?

Stranger: (Laughs) Yes, I am...but that doesn't mean I can't have a little fun, you know? (Winks again).

Me: Aren't all unmarried Christians supposed to be celibate though? I thought premarital sex was a mortal sin ... "fornication," right?

Stranger: Yes, it is, but we all sin because human beings weren't created perfectly; only God is perfect.

Me: I'm sorry, but I don't really a Christian, aren't you supposed to refrain from all sexual activity except in…

Communications Several Years Ago I
Words: 2689 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 93982921
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But to me, a young woman standing alone on a busy street in a still strange country, the word gaijin changed the tone of this encounter. For the group of teenagers waving and shouting at me, the word gaijin was merely a way of identifying their rare and exciting discovery. For me, a citizen of a country whose history has its share of prejudice and violence, the impersonal identification of me, based solely on my appearance, sounded like the racial and ethnic epithets hurled at Italian immigrants, African-Americans, Asians, Native Americans, Irish immigrants, Jews and millions of other people in the United States.

The word gaijin simply means "foreigner." It is not a derogatory term. But in Italy and the United States, two countries rich with immigrants from all over the world, the act of impersonally identifying a person's racial or ethnic background based solely on the person's appearance, is…

Oral Presentation I Come From
Words: 750 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Seminar Paper Paper #: 89220264
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I believe this is one of the smartest moves I have ever made. I learn so much in the first class I took and one of the first things I learned was that my professor would not tolerate me interrupting people while they had the floor. After about two warnings, she told me she would have me removed from the class and I knew she meant business. She did me a favor by shutting me up because it taught me how to listen. At first, I couldn't listed to whomever was speaking because I was too busy concentrating on what I would say. but, a funny thing happened. I learned that when I listened to other's opinions, even if they were different from mine that it opened my mind to new ways of thinking and seeing things.

Throughout my college years, I learned how to be an effective communicator. However,…


Shaw, B., Sheufele, D.A., and Catalano, S. (2007). The role of presence awareness in organizational communication: An exploratory field experiment. Behavior and Information Technology. 26(5), 377-384.

Illuminative and Educational I Learned
Words: 580 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Critique Paper #: 92250994
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would use search key for "is," "are," and then "it" and "they" and revise where potentially confusing.

THANK YOU for an educational order!!! tried to avoid trivial issues of word choice or personal taste, and only comment where mechanics or rules seemed threatened-

Ps. You will have to delete these first two pages for the pagination to autocorrect back, apologize for the inconvenience but must attach the disclaimer as per company policy-


Security has long been considered a public good whereby the government bears responsibility for its provision. Over the last few decades, the concept of security has become hazy as it has broadened to include non-state actors and characteristics of private, club and common goods.

n response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to ntercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA Patriot Act) of 2001 was signed and…

In response to the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, the Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act (USA Patriot Act) of 2001 was signed and was intended to increase information sharing for critical infrastructure protection. Although this infrastructure was deemed critical by the federal government, private industry -- owners of most critical infrastructure -- retained responsibility for its security. Through a case study with purposeful sampling of the major satellite communication companies, the concept of security was examined. Security is no longer considered merely a public good with government responsibility; security can also be conceived of as a common, private or club good in which industry or others become partners with the government. Understanding the concept of security has implications for both theory and practice


Security had often been defined as "the absence of threats or risks" (Engerer, 2011). Over the past few decades,

Never Event
Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: A2 Coursework Paper #: 95551181
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role of an employee of a medical organization who is attending a general meeting with its management to discuss some changes regarding the Quality Assurance program due to the occurrence of a "never event." Here we will address the questions which will be put forward by the nursing staff and try to find a proper solution which is acceptable by all of the parties involved in the organization. Let's look at this in detail.

Term definition

The term "never event" is given to any sorts of critical medical errors which are supposed to be avoided at all cost. Some of the events which can be classified under this category include wrong-site surgery, delay in treatment of the patient, patient fall, patient suicide, operation or post-operation complications, medical errors and so on. Although the reduction of the Never Event is one of the top most priority of medical institutions, it is…


Brown, R. (1992). Quality Assurance in Higher Education. London: Routledge.

Kleiner, M. (2006). Licensing Occupations. Kalamazoo: W.E. Upjohn Institute.

Byrnes, J. & Fifer, J. (2010). Moving quality and cost to the top of the hospital agenda. Healthcare Financial Management, 64(8), 64-71.

Hall, A. (2007). Beyond the Joint Commission: An Overview of Other Inspection Systems. Biomedical Instrumentation & Technology, 41 (2), 151.

Guinevere Depictions of Guinevere in
Words: 4674 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 24662124
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The French tradition of the Arthurian legends, however, are far less overtly political in their approach to the tales and to Guinevere in particular, and though politics and loyalties are still important elements of these stories the aspects of romance, love, and sexuality are far more prominent. Beginning with the poet Chretien de Troyes, Guinevere began to take on a more active role that at once justifies the feminine and begins to suggest the degradation and un-holiness of the female body and intent. Though Man might still be the more active and potent partner, Woman can corrupt and influence Man, these tales suggest, and the character of Guinevere seems a brand new creation given her immensely increased prominence when compared to all known earlier forms of the legends (Fulton, 3).

Erec and Enide is the tale of one of Arthur's knights and the peasant maid he loves and marries, but…


Bruce, J. Douglas. The Development of Arthurian Romance in Medieval France. The Sewanee Review 13(3)(1905): 319-35.

Chretien de Troyes. Erec and Enide. Accessed 5 June 2012. 

Chretien de Troyes. Lancelot or, the Knight of the Cart. Accessed 5 Juen 2012. 

Fulton, Helen. A Woman's Place. Quondam et Futurus 3(2)(1993): 1-25.

Relationship of Love
Words: 1302 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 22499764
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Relationship of Love in Shakespeare

Within the writings of Shakespeare there are many great loves. Some of the greatest are also the greatest examples as love for purpose. The love between a man and a women are often the avenue by which intrigue transpires into change. Within this work three great loves will be examined and compared, the first The love between Ferdinand and Miranda in Tempest will act as the starting point from which the other two are compared. The second couple is Queen Margaret and the Duke of Suffolk in Henry VI and the third Desdemona and Othello in Othello. It is through these three couples and the works they are the centers of that the demonstration of love as a tool for plot development and intrigue by Shakespeare will be proven.

The love between Ferdinand and Miranda is the pinnacle of the example of love as a…

And makes it fearful and degenerate; / Think therefore on revenge and cease to weep. / But who can cease to weep and look on this? / Here may his head lie on my throbbing breast: / But where's the body that I should embrace?

She is even so brazen as to express her love and loss to her husband King Henry VI. KING HENRY VI Come, Margaret; God, our hope, will succor us. QUEEN MARGARET My hope is gone, now Suffolk is deceased.

All quotes taken from the MIT searchable Complete Works of Shakespeare at

Paintings Colors and Self-Portrait Introduction
Words: 14235 Length: 50 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 62048188
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Pissarro took a special interest in his attempts at painting, emphasizing that he should 'look for the nature that suits your temperament', and in 1876 Gauguin had a landscape in the style of Pissarro accepted at the Salon. In the meantime Pissarro had introduced him to Cezanne, for whose works he conceived a great respect-so much so that the older man began to fear that he would steal his 'sensations'. All three worked together for some time at Pontoise, where Pissarro and Gauguin drew pencil sketches of each other (Cabinet des Dessins, Louvre).

Gauguin settled for a while in ouen, painting every day after the bank he worked at closed.

Ultimately, he returned to Paris, painting in Pont-Aven, a well-known resort for artists.

X...for pic

Le Christ Jaune (the Yellow Christ) (Pioch, 2002) Still Life with Three Puppies 1888 (Pioch, 2002)

In "Sunny side down; Van Gogh and Gauguin," Martin…


Bailey, Martin. (2008). Dating the raindrops: Martin Bailey reviews the final volumes in the catalogues of the two most important collections of Van Gogh's drawings. Apollo Magazine Ltd. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research: 

Martin. (2005) "Van Gogh the fakes debate. Apollo Magazine Ltd. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research: . Bell, Judith. (1998). Vincent treasure trove; the van Gogh Museum's van Goghs. Vincent van Gogh's works from the original collection of his brother Theo. World and I. News World Communications, Inc. Retrieved February 26, 2009 from HighBeam Research:

Creative Story in the Year
Words: 11101 Length: 40 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 21198455
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The men of Mortheal started to march down the battlefield. The Territorial Army of King Oreck followed with stable weapons. The army's march soon turned into a slow jog, and then to a run. The spear-bearers led the way with spears held lightly in their hands as they prepared to hurl them into the approaching horde.

The armies were not far from each other now. Orcen armies had been attacking in groups for the last two fortnights, and had suffered many casualties but that did not seem to lessen their numbers any as they streamed forth across the field with no end in sight. Mortheal's army was now running forward as fast as possible while still maintaining their balance. The spear-bearers launched their weapons, desiccating the Orcen front line.

Mortheal himself was one of the first to enter the fray after the spear-bearers had accomplished their task. An axe came…

Strengths What Are My Personal
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(This one wasn't a surprise either, considering no one can get a word in edgewise with me)

Maximizer, Here I go again, wanting to go one step better than before (and I wanted to know if I am an over achiever?)

Activator, I'm anxious for results? Well, of course, look at everything I have to achieve, communicate, maximize.

Futurist. I keep pulling into the future. Well, this one is not as strong. I get bogged down in the competition.

Now, what can I, my friends, family and boss do to use these to the best advantage?

Achiever: Ask me about goals, give me more expectations, and get me going as a writer or other form of communicator. but, so I don't drive everybody crazy, you better reign me in somewhat by someone strong on focus or discipline.

Communication -- Let me talk at the meeting, do the presentation, keep notes…

Sunlight but Then Again it
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Now a man and woman have joined the group. They are a bit younger looking than my parents are. They look distressed. They both look sad. But it's more than sadness.

My arm is aching again. I wish the bunny with the giant eye dropper would come back. Whatever it was that he sprayed on me, was so cool and refreshing, and most importantly it made the pain stop. It made me not care if there was a storm outside or not. Actually, it made me forget about the storm. The storm. I'd almost forgotten. Is that how this whole thing started? The storm, and the trees thrashing, and the lights. Oh yeah! I had forgotten about the lights. Not the lightning. Some other kind of lights.

Blinding lights. Like the snow blizzard.

Why won't someone come in here and help me. I don't understand. I can see them outside…

Irresistible Impulses Robert Traver's Anatomy
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Manion himself finds it ironic that if he had caught Quill in the act and killed the rapist, he would have been exculpated from any guilt. The time lag between finding out about the crime and killing Quill seems like a mere technicality to the Lieutenant and morally justifies Manion's actions in his mind, even though he knows he murdered Quill according to the law.

According to the events presented as by Biegler, despite the fact that the Lieutenant was able to search for and find Quill, have enough presence of mind to arm himself, and then turn himself over to the authorities, he had obviously 'blacked out' during the commission of the crime, and had no recollection of the action. Biegler states to the jury that the Lieutenant "while he felt considerable loathing and contempt for the proprietor he had at no point has any intention of killing or…

Works Cited

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Madness in Two Works The Yellow Wall-Paper
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madness in two works, "The Yellow Wall-Paper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, and "A Wilderness Station" by Alice Munro. Specifically, it will discuss how the central characters exhibit some form of madness or refusal to live in reality. It will explore the madness, and look at what role it plays in each story. Madness is at the heart of both these compelling short stories, and why the characters go mad is quite important to the ultimate understanding of both of them. They react to their situations by retreating into madness, which seems to be the only avenue open to their survival.

Both of these women use madness as a vehicle of escape from their real lives, and both of these characters suffer at the hands of others, which helps contribute to their madness. In "The Yellow Wall-Paper," the narrator's husband does not understand her or her illness at all, and he…


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Patrick Mccabe
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Butcher Boy by Patrick McCabe [...] descent into madness of the main character, Francie; including the potential reasons (i.e., his family background, his relation with Mrs. Nugent, his friend, and any other relevant reasons). Francie Brady lives a difficult life, and it is not surprising that he would descend into madness. His family is more than dysfunctional; it is hostile and anything but nurturing. Francie learns not by bettering himself, but by lashing out at others, and he has no ability to learn or grow from his mistakes. His inner anger and his growing paranoia turn him from a young boy into a fearful monster, and his life is a wreck because his parents' lives were wrecks, too.

Francie is a compelling young boy from a broken and difficult home who cannot cope with the real world of duplicity, hatred, and growth. As his dysfunctional family descends further and further…


McCabe, Patrick. The Butcher Boy. New York: Fromm International, 1993.

One Is Made a Slave Not Born a Slave
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Slave, Not Born a Slave

The Making of Slavery

The sense of proprietorship of slave traders, owners, and other propagators of chattel slavery that was prevalent in the United States until the middle of the 19th century would be absurdly laughable -- were it not steeped in a legacy of perversion, of anguish, of tragedy and of perniciousness. The notion that one had the right to actually own another, the latter of whose sole existence would be to serve the former in any way, shape or method which the "owner" deemed appropriate, has been disproved as largely imaginary, and not something based on any sense of right or morality (no matter how such a historically ambiguous term was defined) numerous times, both during the tenure of slavery in the United States and well afterwards. A casual examination of the wording of the Declaration of Independence confirms this fact (McAulifee, 2010,…


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In the Belly of the Beast by Kesey
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Jack Henry Abbott

Jack Henry Abbot's In the Belly of the Beast is an unusual literary document. The book is comprised of letters sent originally to the novelist and chauvinist Norman Mailer, in an effort to give Mailer some corroborative detail for his non-fiction book about death-row inmate Gary Gilmore; Mailer, who described Abbott as a "phenomenon" for his articulate prose, then led a push to have Abbott paroled from prison. It is clear that Mailer hoped to do what Jean-Paul Sartre had done in France some four decades before, on behalf of the writer and convicted criminal Jean Genet: yet Mailer's attempt at a public role would backfire badly, when Abbott killed a restaurant worker in lower Manhattan on the day before the New York Times published its favorable review of In the Belly of the Beast. I would like to examine Abbott's work, and Mailer's advocacy of Abbott,…

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Trace How the World Changes
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In conclusion, these works all illustrate the changing role of women in 19th century society. At the beginning of the century, women's work was inside the home and raising a family. By the end of the century, Victorian women were attempting to add meaning and fulfillment to their lives. Women in this country were attempting to gain the right to vote, they were forming women's groups and societies, and women like Gilman, Chopin, Wollstonecraft Shelley, and others, were attempting to create their own writing careers, allowing them to be at least partially autonomous and independent. They write of women's struggles for equality and understanding with great knowledge, skill, and perception. They also write of the realities of being a woman in the 19th century. For the most part, women's lives were unfulfilled and controlled by the men around them.


Chopin, Kate. The Awakening, and Other Stories. Ed. Knights, Pamela.…


Chopin, Kate. The Awakening, and Other Stories. Ed. Knights, Pamela. Oxford: Oxford University, 2000.

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Shelley, Mary Wollstonecraft. Frankenstein or, the Modern Prometheus. New York: Collier Books, 1961.

War Is Permanent Nothing Nothing Will Ever
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ar Is Permanent

"Nothing, nothing will ever be the same" is the last line in Peg Lauber's poem "Six National Guardsmen Blown Up Together." And it's true; nothing is the same after war. The ravages of war and conflict are permanent, indelible. This is a theme that is explored in the aforementioned Peg Lauber poem as well as in the poem "Facing It" by Yusef Komunyakaa. It is the purpose of this paper to explore the meaning of, and thematic import of, permanence in these two plangent war poems.

"Facing It" is a poem about Vietnam. The speaker of the poem is at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in ashington, D.C. He is looking into its black reflective gabbro walls, "My black face fades, / hiding inside the black granite" (Komunyakaa). He is confronting (facing) the unbearable cost of war. And he realizes that he is at once both a part…

Works Cited

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Wisconsin: Marsh River Editions, n.d. Web.

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Connecticut: Wesleyan University Press, 2001. Print.

Geneaology Having Never Asked My
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I see the effects of the past on the present in both my personal life and in the life of my community. For example, the discovery of oil in my country has completely changed the demographics and lifestyle. Those who were lucky enough to reap rewards from the lucrative industry can live lavish lifestyles, travel abroad, and even move, live, and work in estern countries while maintaining a home in Kuwait. The most significant thing I have learned is that while we are masters of our destiny, the past still molds and shapes who we are. The American Dream tells us that we can become whatever we want, as long as we are willing to work for it. However, I do not believe that. e can come whatever we want to a certain extent. The past shapes our beliefs, values, goals, and ideals.

hen I asked my parents about their…

Work Cited

Platt, Lyman D. "The Importance of Oral Histories." Retrieved online:

Tomas Alfredson's 2008 Film Let
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Recognizing that the film's title functions on both of these levels is important because it reveals how Alfredson deploys common vampire tropes in novel ways which serve to elevate the emotional content of the film, so that the "rules" surrounding vampires become metaphors for the emotional development both characters undergo. Thus, following Hakan's death, Eli goes to Oscar and he invites her into his room at the same moment that she implicitly invites him into her life, revealing to him the first explicit hints that she is something other than a twelve-year-old girl. From this point on, the two work to protect and comfort each other while providing each other with the confidence and companionship they need in order to be happy. Oscar confronts his bullies, and after a period of initial unhappiness, Eli gains a friend who accepts her as a vampire.

Though Eli initially has far more agency…

Works Cited

Anderson, John. "A Boy and His Ghoulfriend: Beyond the Genre." Washington Post 07 Nov

2008, n. pag. Print. .

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Hume's No Matter How Loud I Shout a Year in the Life of Juvenile Court
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Loud I Shout

Edward Humes' book follows the cases of seven teenage boys as they work their way through the juvenile justice system. It is clear from the title of Humes' book that something was amiss, something was terribly wrong, in the juvenile justice system in Los Angeles, California, in 1994. Readers don't know what reforms have been instituted subsequent to 1994, but that is not as priority in this assignment. hat is being conveyed and critiqued in this paper is what Humes reports from that era, and it opens up numerous issues and questions for an alert reader to contemplate.

The question that will be addressed in this paper is (1): hen you look at kids who land in adult court, you often find that they've been bouncing through the system for years, basically getting a free pass for lesser crimes until they commit a horrific act. Discuss how…

Works Cited

Humes, E. (1996). No Matter How Loud I Shout: A Year in the Life of the Juvenile Court.

New York: Simon & Schuster.

Cinema Paradiso When I Was
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The thread's broken. What you came to find isn't there. What was yours is gone. You have to go away for a long time... many years... before you can come back and find your people. The land where you were born. But now, no. It's not possible. Right now you're blinder than I am Life isn't like it is in the movies. Life is much harder." Then he commands Salvatore: "Get out of here. Go back to Rome. You're young. The world is yours. And I'm old. I don't want to hear you talk anymore. I want to hear others talk about you."

This dialogue couples with a shot of Salvatore actually going on his way. Here, the camera captures several images of Salvatore's hands embracing his mother and his sister. He then leans over and says "goodbye" to Alfred, who grabs him and whispers: "Don't come back. Don't think…

Hook or Me This Time Ideological Changes
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Hook or Me This Time

Ideological changes of a Pirate and a former Lost Boy in two narrative essays)

Life is defined by the changes that take place during it. Our bodies change and we grow larger; time passes and we grow older; our philosophy and ideals change and we grow up. These metamorphoses compromise any coming of age story, whether the story be one of a small juvenile accomplishment or one of a complete maturation of character. Both "Labyrinthine" and "Happiness" are essays which tell coming of age stories. Both narrators recall past childhood events and recount them like scenes from a play where we have a behind-the-schenes, first-person perspective on the action. There are many similarities between the two stories told. Both essays feature adults whose childhood years are long ago and far away. Both narrators remember feeling isolated and removed from other characters around them. Both narrators…

Person Whom I Spoke to
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It was expected, for instance, that as soon as students marry, husbands and housework dominate schoolwork and college attendance may, and should even, be reduced. It was also expected that domestic infidelity at the hands of the husband and domestic abuse should be overlooked and forgiven by the wife. The rich girl who was physically abused by her husband and discovered his infidelity fled to her parents who promptly returned her to her husband reminding her of her marriage vows. The fact that she later left to live n the Bohemian quarters of new York with a Jewish family was seen as more sacrilegious in their eyes than the fact that she had fled an unfaithful and oppressive marriage. Divorce was scandalous. Living as a single woman and as a career woman was equally so.

This all came out in Barbara's story.

Barbara's reminisces also reminded me of the teacher's…


Cherlin, AJ (2009) the marriage-go-round: the state of marriage and the family in America today New York: Alfred a. Knopf

Lauer, RH & Lauer, JC (1998) Sociology: contours of society Los Angeles, Calif.: Roxbury Publishing

Roberts, S. (2007). 51% of Women Are Now Living Without Spouse. The New York Times

Popular American Culture I Encounter
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merican popular culture has also infected our dietary choices although in my case, it has encouraged me to think much more critically about what I put into my body. Ironically, the poor suffer the worst in that regard because fast food restaurants are concentrated in their neighborhoods (

Kasser, 2003). Meanwhile, fast food is much more expensive than quality food and it only perpetuates obesity and diabetes. I have sworn off all merican fast food, largely because of my continual exposure to its effects on those who eat it regularly. I cringe to think that people still eat McDonald's, especially knowing how much fat, sodium, and artificial flavorings are in their imitation of real food. The mass consumption of meat is also destroying the environment. Knowing what I do about fast food has turned me off to it completely and the fact that merican popular culture pushes it so hard…

American popular culture has also infected our dietary choices although in my case, it has encouraged me to think much more critically about what I put into my body. Ironically, the poor suffer the worst in that regard because fast food restaurants are concentrated in their neighborhoods (

Kasser, 2003). Meanwhile, fast food is much more expensive than quality food and it only perpetuates obesity and diabetes. I have sworn off all American fast food, largely because of my continual exposure to its effects on those who eat it regularly. I cringe to think that people still eat McDonald's, especially knowing how much fat, sodium, and artificial flavorings are in their imitation of real food. The mass consumption of meat is also destroying the environment. Knowing what I do about fast food has turned me off to it completely and the fact that American popular culture pushes it so hard has influenced that decision on my part. It is the exact opposite of the way that corporate marketing departments want me to react. Rather than sell me on the latest bun-free chicken burger that uses slabs of pre-fabricated and reconstituted chicken, KFC has only ensured that I will never patronize any of their "restaurants" ever again. American popular dietary culture has actually driven me to make healthy dietary choices. I now make sure to cook my own food and take it with me so that I am never so hungry that I am tempted to set foot into a McDonald's or KFC for any reason.

American retail culture has also turned me off to shopping entirely in much the same way that American fast food culture has influenced my decision-making

Admit Me to the Master
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I now wish to move into film and express my abilities through the camera even further. I am trilingual, thus can offer not only my visual expertise but also lend my lingual skills where needed connecting my eyes and thoughts with the world I experience in the future. Now at American Inter-Continental University, I am nearing completion of the requirements for my BFA in Visual Communications, after which I intend to seek a strong, vocational training in the art that has characterized my life.

Rockport does not have to motivate me. As you can see I bring to Rockport an enduring level of commitment and passion carried on in my photographs, through my life and though the very lens through which I explore the world around me.

My determinations to realize my potential is unending. With your assistance I have every confidence I can see them through. I have learned…

Tu Poi Insegnare Me Inglese How Could
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Tu poi insegnare me inglese? How could this utterly simple sentence from an innocent 8-year-old become for me an affirmation of life's avocation? I often ask myself. "Can you teach me English?" my little cousin asked me on a recent trip in Italy. To this point in my life, I had been seeking direction and focus. I realized now that I really loved children and always have wanted to teach. My cousin's question put my whole life in perspective. Out of the mouths of babes. Indeed!

This essay, as part my college admission application, will, I hope, convince you that I am ready to undertake the rigors of academia to achieve my life's goal -- to obtain a degree and become a teacher. I bring to the "table," life's experiences -- strength during the loss of loved ones, persistence despite academic ups and downs, and overcoming the lack of motivation.…

Critical Thinking Case Study Let
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(Donoghue, 1990)

The other problem is regarding third party reimbursements and state regulators which have had a significant effect on hospitals during the last ten years. Another factor that is brought out by the study is that during both 1983 and 1986 there were important variations in the inpatient reimbursement system that helped in improving the operating and final margins of hospitals. At the same time there are the health insurance companies who provide a large portion of the funds to hospitals are continually on the look out for reducing payment amounts. There are methods through which this is done and one of that is changing from inpatient settings to ambulatory surgery. Another set of problems come from settlements with labor unions. As an example a major portion of the health care providers were affected due to the settlement with Local 1199. This settlement also created similar effects in other…


Brennan, Phil. (April 12, 2002) "Church Crises Threaten Charities, Schools, Hospitals"

Retrieved from  Accessed on 27 June, 2005

"Challenge of being chief of the hospitals" Retrieved from  Accessed on 27 June, 2005

Donoghue, Richard J. (December, 1990) "Evaluation of hospitals as entities able to continue as going concerns" The CPA Journal. Retrieved from  Accessed on 27 June, 2005

Editing Work I Chose to Base My
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Editing Work

chose to base my studies on J. because we shared a lot in common; we are both Christians living in a predominantly Muslim country. He is eleven years old. His parents are Jordan nationals who have lived in Bahrain for at least two years. J goes to school at Naseem nternational School where work. The school offers PYP programs. Lessons are conducted in English; however, Arabic lessons are also offered per week. Majority of kids in this school are Muslims most of whom are Bahrainis. Other nationalities making the student population are Saudis, Lebanese, Jordanians, few South Africans, and other Arabian Gulf countries. Teachers are a mixture of nationalities. Some of them are Arabs, others South Africans, while some are Europeans.

Different research methodologies were used to collect information on J's school progress and behavior. Some of the methodologies used were, to mention but a few, unstructured interviews,…

In an unstructured interview with his IT teacher on 16th November, 2012, that lasted 30 minutes, the teacher reiterated that J. had social problems that apparently made him unpopular with other students especially student S. The student created a lot of problems for J. during IT lessons. S repeated virtually everything that J. said in an insulting manner. He only has one physically small boy as a friend in the entire I.T class. The teacher had no problems with his behavior or performance in his lesson.

In an unstructured interview with Ms. Y, the school counselor, in her office on 18th November that lasted for 30 minutes, she pointed out that J. was a sensitive well mannered child who stuck to agreements he made. She maintained that J. was always on the receiving end because his classmates, who are predominantly Bahrainis, are naturally provocative while J. was not aggressive. She made such observation based on an incident when during break time play student S. violently pushed a necklace out of J's hand. This provoked J. into pushing student S. away. When the two of them were called into the counselor's office, student S. brought a fake witness to support his case. The witness claimed that J. provoked S. into a fight. Student S. claimed that he just tripped by mistake and this made the necklace to drop. The fake witness made it difficult for Ms. Y to defend J. despite the fact that she knew that it was not J's fault. She observed that J. is very clever and quiet and that's why he was provoked quite often. She affirmative that J. situation was aggravated by the fact that he was a Christian learning in a Muslim school, sentiments that J's father also believed in. She also pointed out that J. was provoked by his fellow students because he was not a Bahraini.

In another interview with Ms. Y on 2nd December, 2012, she opined that M, B,

Interview I Conducted With My Grandfather My
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interview I conducted with my grandfather.

My Grandfather

The person I admire the most in life has to be my grandfather. He is an extraordinary man, one of those rare breeds that only come along every generation or so. He's an educated man and by that I do not mean he has a string of degrees after his name, but a very well-read person with common sense and a respect for the good in life. He is eighty-two years old this year. This interview was held in his den, surrounded by his books and favorite things.

Granddad, what is you fondest memory?

My fondest memory? Well, that would have to be your grandmother's face smiling through the tears at me when I came home from the war. Wars now aren't like they were back then. Hell, you can't even call them wars now, not really. I was gone over four…

Promise to My Partner That I Would
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promise to my partner that I would complete my education, get my bachelors degree and that I would go forth, and rise through the ranks, with him to become at least a Lieutenant in the detective bureau.

My reasons for attending AMU.

Promotional opportunities

Squad leader

Still receive overtime pay

Career Interview

Introduce commanding officer

Awards and recognition

Suitability for Lieutenant

Benefits of position


The purpose of this paper is to introduce and discuss the career I am hoping to work in. Since I already work in my chosen field, I will cover some of my accomplishments so far, and what I hope to accomplish with my promotion to Lieutenant. On September 11, 2001, I was on the initial response team to the World Trade Center. My partner Detective Joe Vigiano was killed as well as three members of my unit. On the same morning at about 0600,…


Allee, William. Personal Interview. 25 Nov. 2002.

Benefits." Patrolmen's Benevolent Association. 8 Nov. 2002. 26 Nov. 2002.

Careers." 2002. 26 Nov. 2002.

Chambers, Harry E. Getting Promoted: Real Strategies for Advancing Your Career. Reading, MA: Perseus Publishing, 1999.

Thomas Gainsborough 1727-1788 I Am
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Reynolds and I have been described as exact opposites. I seek to learn my trade by my own hand not at some pretense to any system that is better than nature herself. Reynolds on the other hand seeks to understand art by some compass that is supposed to refine his hand and eye. He is also much keener on watching and learning from other men of letters and this is not my desire or my goal. I care only about the nature of my art, does it build on or represent the value in the object?

aterhouse 11) Reynolds, has also been described as my chief nemesis, even though our work has hung opposite one another in many shows. e are contemporaries with different styles, nothing more. I harbor no animosity toward him, nor do I wish to be continually compared to him as if we were separated twins seeking…

Works Cited

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9th Grade I Asked the Class to
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9th Grade

I asked the class to find biographies and research on the life of Edgar Allan Poe over the weekend. oday, I want four groups of 5 students each to take 5 minutes in groups and list problems that Poe may have had in his life. One student from each group will respond to my excerpts from reading of "he Raven"; look for words that might explain Poe's life and mental condition in 1845, and anything pertaining to America in 1845 that offers clues to his writing.

eacher reading: "Once upon a midnight dreary, while I pondered weak and weary…"

Group 1: Poe was an orphan after his father ran away and his mother died of B. He may have been affected his whole life by the sadness

eacher reading: "Ah distinctly I remember it was in the bleak December, and each separate dying ember wrought its ghost upon…

The critical thinking skills we worked on together involved being able first to fully grasp the problem or the issue to be worked on. From the perspective of "The Raven" we will use the analysis and problem-solving opportunities within the poem itself as the artifact. Instead of just reading the poem and providing student input in the form of 9th grade analysis, we go deeper into the era when it was written, the personal problems the poet went through in his life, the amazing skills juxtaposed with the depression and alcoholism. The teacher will play on the classroom TV screen slow-motion videos of ravens flying, tearing into the flesh of a dead mouse, attacking other birds that are in its way as it forages.

Incorporating history is a tool a teacher can use which makes a poem or a poet come to life in the context of the times. Why, for example, does almost every line in The Raven offer a clue as to why Poe wrote it, or what Poe's mentality was during that era? And what was going on in American when he wrote it?

The class can learn juxtaposition and irony in this lesson; a raven is a scavenger, and when Poe was down and out he scavenged to survive. In 1845 in America darkness was a constant theme because there was slavery, especially in the south, but there were people like Frederick Douglass who were leading the movement to free the slaves. There was hope but juxtaposed was anger and threats, and slaves in many cases were beaten by their masters, which got into the newspapers in New England. Alcohol was widely used and many believed that alcohol could actually cure the sick and make the elderly lively. In 1845 tuberculosis was very common and there were no medical remedies for TB. Critics and scholars know a lot about the artifact in this instance but students will use critical thinking, problem solving and they will put their performance skills to good use in their groups to complete the project.

Sean Hannity's Let Freedom Ring
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So, the rightness of the claim that the CIA needed more money cannot be supported by the fruition of terrorist attacks.

Hannity moves on into a discussion regarding immigration and the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service -- or INS. Essentially, Hannity feels that the Immigration Act of 1965 makes it entirely too easy for illegal immigrants to exploit loopholes in the present legislation. In particular, he mentions how illegal immigrants are able to overstay their visits here in the United States and to obtain legal certifications like drivers' licenses in the process. Hannity believes that the INS is altogether too soft on illegal immigration and that this softness, created by the Clinton administration, has resulted in numerous social problems and contributed to the terrorist threat. He states:

This system that absolutely must be fixed before terrorists use such loopholes to strike us again. Illegal aliens must be incarcerated, not allowed…


Hannity, Sean. Let Freedom Ring. New York: HarperCollins Publishers, 2002.

Saw From Where I Stood by Marisa
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Saw From Where I Stood by Marisa Silver offers a lot to women's literature. Firstly, it is an effectively told story, with the literary techniques of the story making it an important piece of literature, regardless of its themes. Secondly, the themes are important to women. Thirdly, it offers a new perspective as it is told from a man's point-of-view. Finally, we can compare it to another important story, A Sorrowful Woman by Gail Godwin. By comparing the two stories we can see both the similarities between the two stories and also the unique features of What I Saw From Where I Stood.

Firstly, we can look at the story as an example of an excellent short story regardless of its place in women's literature. The literary techniques throughout the story are both effective and powerful. The first noticeable thing is that the real subject of the story is told…

Sociology I Am a Nurse
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I knew she was researching subjects on her own, so I tried not to talk down to her, but explain things in terms she would understand. I think talking down to patients and family does them a great disservice, and makes you appear untrustworthy in their eyes, so I always try to speak to them like I would speak to a colleague, but without the jargon and medical detail.

I've worked in NICUs a long time and in other areas of the hospital as well, and I know that families can be extremely stressed and frightened when their loved ones are hospitalized. I don't blame them, and I try hard to empathize with them, because they need reassurance and knowledge to feel better and understand all the things that are occurring around them. I became a nurse because I am a compassionate person, and I like to think that the…


From Silence to Voice," by Bernice Buresh and Suzanne Gordon.

Nathan I Cannot Tell You How Much
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I cannot tell you how much my heart is a-yearning for yours and how regularly I fret for your safe passage. I have been praying that you and your men will be guaranteed protection and I have asked God to grant you a certain amount of guardianship and shielding.

I have been worried into a near feverish state and have been bereft with anxiety and panic. With the new year a-coming I have gotten word of late about the approach of General Sherman's northern army and I am dreadfully afraid of their approach, as they have been known to pillage and burn everything they encounter in their path. Miss Mollie told me frightful stories of local raiders who posed as U.S. soldiers in order to gain the confidence of the townspeople that they encounter, only to damn them later. I have spent many a sleepless night watching the fires…

Transfer to 'Dhobiwalla What's That I Asked
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transfer to 'Dhobiwalla? What's that?" I asked.

"Oh!" he said, laughing heartily as he leaned back comfortably in his seat, scotch in hand. "They're the laundry service in India!"

Mr. Patel was one of the many corporate clients with whom I worked on several occasions, spending hours at a time confined to the flight cabin while crossing trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic paths. The conversations that come up while we are miles in the air range from what our favorite fruits are to movies, to -- as I learned that day -- how we best like to do our laundry. Mr. Patel also told me the names of fruits and vegetables that I could barely pronounce at first but once I tried them in Bombay I have never been able to stop my cravings.

One of the most enriching aspects of my career as a flight attendant has been my encounters and…

Ibsen in Act I Of Henrik's a
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In Act I of Henrik's A Doll's House, the widow Mrs. Linde comes to see Nora and during their conversations patronizes and belittles her just as Torvald does. Mrs. Linde states, obnoxiously, "you know so little of the burdens and troubles of life," because all Nora knows is "small household cares and that sort of thing!" Mrs. Linde follows her claim with the brutal statement, "You are a child, Nora," (Act I). Nora stands her ground, one point of proof that she is most certainly not a child -- if "child" is to be defined as an immature person. To analyze whether Nora is a child or not depends on one's definition of "child." Possessing emotional intelligence is a sign of maturity that many children possess in far greater proportion than their adult counterparts. However, when Nora is called a "child" the word is used in its most derogatory…

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Criminal Smehra Black Tar Heroin Dealer I
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Criminal Smehra

lack Tar Heroin Dealer

I am sitting in my ex-roommate's living room. The television casts the only light in the room. It dances on the coffee table and upon our faces; a dull placid light from some meaningless rerun on Nick at Nite. Sharon gets up from the sofa, murmuring something about popcorn and her 'stupid' boyfriend, Tony. They've been together for 4 weeks now, that's why she's my ex-roommate, and in a nutshell: I don't like him. Not because he took my roommate away -she still pays for her room there- and not because he greases back his hair with half a jar of rylcreem everyday I don't like Tony because he's scum. He's the kind of scum you tend to pull up your coat to avoid their stares penetrating the back of your neck as you walk past them on the street. The kind of scum…


Cooper, M.H. "Competition in the Heroin Industry"

The Business of Drugs

Washington DC Congressional Quarterly, 1990

Black Tar Heroin