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New Jersey Essays (Examples)

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Jersey Shore Boardwalk E-Commerce Company Assessment for
Words: 1908 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: SWOT Paper #: 13762689
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Jersey Shore oardwalk e-Commerce Company

Assessment for a New Jersey Shore oardwalk Clothing Store Adopting e-Commerce

In assessing the potential of a Jersey Shore-based clothing store adopting e-commerce there are several considerations that need to be taken into account. First and most significant are the relative strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) of choosing to extend the business online. A SWOT analysis is provided as part of this analysis to help guide the business owners. Second, there is the issue of how the store will address the international commerce issues of trust, integrating and serving other cultures, language differences, government and infrastructure issues as well. Each of these factors are explored in this analysis. Addressing the challenges of how the Internet will automatically extend the company's operations well beyond its traditional boundaries is analyzed, in addition to how the company will manage the speed and efficiency differences across its many…


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New York Public Sector Vocational
Words: 4492 Length: 16 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 71100105
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CBVH then continues to work with VESID to assess performance on an ongoing basis, participate in on-site reviews, and provide technical assistance or recommend adjustments to contracts as needed.

In the near century that these agencies have been in place, they have worked together in their efforts to assist those with disabilities to find employment. The current supported employment delivery system has allowed all eligible individuals with the most significant disabilities who are interested in supported employment to obtain services. A joint policy statement between the CBVH, the State Education Department, and VESID was initiated in 1985. At this time, the two State agencies agreed that only by working together could they address the needs of individuals who are deaf and blind. Through the memorandum of the agreement in 1999, CBVH and VESID reaffirmed their commitment to joint efforts to better serve this unique group of individuals. While there are…


American Foundation for the Blind. "Statistics and Sources for Professionals."

Retrieved November 26, 2010.

Belote, L. Low Vision Education and Training: Defining the Boundaries of Low

Vision Patients. A Personal Guide to the VA Visual Impairment Services

NYC After WWII and California
Words: 1328 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11177934
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NYC and California post-WW2

Let us imagine what it would be like to immigrate to the United States in 1953. We are coming across the Atlantic from Europe, the ship would still be coming around the lower end of Long Island (better known as "Brooklyn") and Manhattan Island to arrive at Ellis Island. (Until 1954, Ellis Island was the standard arrival point for incoming immigrants.)

If we were extremely far-sighted we could see all the way up the East River, to the riboro Bridge, built by Robert Moses as part of his large-scale reshaping of New York City's roadways, intended to accommodate automobiles in the city. Since we're imagining this, let's also imagine we have x-ray vision, like Superman. If we could see below the water as we sailed up past Brooklyn, we would see underneath our ship the Brooklyn-Battery unnel, which had been completed in 1950. Again, this is…

The growth of Los Angeles is a 20th century phenomenon, according to U.S. Census data. In 1910 it is not even one of the top ten most populous cities in the U.S.A. In 1920, it is the tenth most populous city. In 1930, it has jumped to being the fifth largest city, and remains at fifth in 1940. In 1950 it is America's fourth largest city. In 1960, 1970 and 1980 it stands as the third largest city. Only in 1990 does it come in second place to NYC, where it has remained until the present day. It is no accident that these dates correspond with the rapid growth of Hollywood and the entertainment and mass communication industries in the 20th century. Los Angeles is a particularly good location for outdoor filming, though: it seldom rains (only a few days a year) and by and large the climate is warm, sunny, and pleasant (as Angelenos never stop reminding New Yorkers). It has the benefit of being essentially a desert climate, while still situated on the Pacific ocean which softens the harsher effects of a desert clime: this means that the air remains largely cloudless (although not smogless) while temperatures become chilly at night. Nonetheless, the susceptibility of Los Angeles to wildfires, mudslides and earthquakes indicates that there are some tradeoffs for having nice weather all the time.

But there is more to California than Hollywood: San Diego, the second most populous area in the state, has a large military and defense presence. San Jose and San Francisco are third and fourth in terms of size. San Francisco was a major shipping port throughout the 19th century, and the two cities remain the urban centers of the "Silicon Valley" high tech industries. The northern part of California is different in many ways from Los Angeles, however. The climate becomes more like the rainy misty Pacific northwest, and agriculture and timber become more important to the economy. Northern California is the world's largest producer of almonds; Southern California produces nuts of an altogether different sort.

Los Angeles and New York are similar in a way that is familiar to metropolitan areas that depended upon old methods of transportation: they are both situated on the coasts, and their locations afford natural harbors to some degree. NYC is better for shipping, due to the confluence of rivers flowing to the Atlantic, and the presence of large barrier islands protecting its harbors. But in both cases, urban expansion runs up against natural barriers: in the case of NYC, the city is built on islands, so expansion is limited by space. In California, expansion is limited by surrounding mountains, and also by the relative scarcity of water.

New Nurse Graduates Cultural Problem
Words: 2323 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 11601312
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This makes retention essential, as new nurses must stay with the hospital and become nurse specialists for CMC to continue to maintain its reputation. Nursing education is also essential.

Unfortunately, a stressed and pressured environment that is understaffed can create tension rather than foster cooperation between nurses, particularly old and young nurses. Older nurses may believe that their younger colleagues must 'pay their dues' before they are fully accepted as part of the staff. Younger nurses may find themselves given more onerous tasks and denied learning opportunities, as they assume the 'grunt work' of the nursing staff.


Sadly, no one benefits from such an adversarial culture. Younger nurses leave in greater numbers, out of frustration, further compounding the nursing shortage at CMC. Little hands-on instruction and education means that new graduates lack confidence and autonomy in their decision-making and are more prone to error and relying upon more skilled…


AACN Fact sheet. (2009, September). AACN website. Retrieved April 10, 2010 at 

Addressing the nursing shortage: Background brief. (2010). Kaiser Permanente. Retrieved April

10, 2010 at 

Buerhaus, Peter I. (2010). Trends in the experiences of hospital-employed registered nurses:

New Phase of My Life it Is
Words: 609 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 10321679
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new phase of my life, it is helpful to examine the reasons why I am so strongly drawn to the field of criminal justice. I have always been concerned with the efficiency and implications of the American legal system. Nothing irks me more than injustice, whether that injustice is deliberate or unintentionally. Since I was a child, I was fascinated by the entire process of criminal justice, from the initial stages of arraignment to the final stages of sentencing. Therefore, when it was time for me to choose a major during my undergraduate career, I immediately delved into Sociology and Political Science. The sociology of deviance as well as the public and judicial treatment of deviant individuals is a complex subject matter that cannot be adequately addressed by academia alone. After attaining my Bachelor's degree, I worked briefly with the State of New Jersey Division of Law and Public Safety.…

Rivalry Between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox
Words: 1743 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 18496580
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Ask any baseball fan about the greatest game or the greatest player ever and there is a chance they might give a wrong answer. But ask him about the greatest rivalry of all time, and there is absolutely no chance that he would fumble. The answer would most certainly be Red Sox vs. New York Yankees. This is not the case with just big fans of baseball; almost everyone who has ever lived in the United States knows there is stiff competition between the baseball teams from Boston and New York City. But it is unlikely that everyone would be aware of the root causes of this rivalry.

Though they know it has something to do with baseball's greatest player ever, Babe Ruth, but what exactly happened back in 1920 is something very few modern baseball-lovers have tried to discover. Boston residents would certainly…

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Healthcare Spending by the New York State
Words: 3674 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 191982
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Healthcare spending by the New York State persistently surpasses its earnings. That difference continues to be expanding and is also anticipated to broaden unless of course there happen to be severe, continuous modifications in spending budget actions. Lieutenant Governor ichard avitch, in "A 5-Year Strategy to Deal with the State of New York's Spending budget Deficit" released during March 2010, approximated this structural disproportion within the state's spending budget to become no less than $13 billion. The structural inequality isn't simply the consequence of the economic downturn that started during 2007, and a commonly strengthening economic climate is not going to get rid of it.

To help the State of New York in providing the solutions and dedication to quality that its residents rely on, structural modifications are needed. The aim of this paper is actually to summarize one particular realignment - solving an outright inequity involving the state as…


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Government Finance Officers Association, "Recommended Practices, Health Care Cost Containment 2004,"  .

Online News Editions on Printed
Words: 1582 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 87114328
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U.K. newspapers online, however, have likewise begun to offer web-only features like the New York Times hyperlinks to outside sites and columnist blogs, and perhaps most convincingly in support of the shift to an online format, increased web readership has lead to decreased print, paying readership and advertising in the U.K. As well as the United States.: "The hard figures show that ad expenditure is down from £2.25bn in 2000 to £1.93bn by the end of last year - a fall of 17%. Not quite up to U.S. standards of catastrophe, but a loss of ad share from 14.7% to 10.5%. The one big similarity between the Los Angeles Times and the British quality dailies is that both have millions of online readers but hardly any money earned as a result" (Snoddy 2008, p.18). The enhanced content and features found online and its greater affordability may mean that print newspapers…

Works Cited

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Community Assessment About Scarsdale NY
Words: 2001 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 49480751
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Neighborhood as Community: Scarsdale, New York

With a per capita income of $113,000, a median household income of $230,750, a median sales price of a single-family home of $1.34 million and one of the leading school districts in the state, the Village of Scarsdale is a relatively exclusive suburb of New York City that has a poverty level that even other affluent communities envy. Using an ecosystems perspective, this paper provides a review of the literature as well as online government resources to describe the demographics, available social networks, income and wealth distribution, an assessment of the educational resources, housing, health and welfare issues, as well as formal and informal control systems. An ecosystems perspective merges general systems theory and ecology to provide insights concerning the interactions between individuals and various aspects of their social environment (Tangenberg, 2009) to determine adaptations of the neighborhood over time, the interface of the…


Brenner, E. (2008, May 18). Houses even bigger, scores way above average. The New York

Times. Retrieved from ?


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Treaty I Am From New
Words: 1967 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 59269256
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Christie announced on 22 February 2011 an additional $250 million bill in funding for education programs. The announcement was part of Christie's budget rollout of the same day, when he detailed how the state's spending will be dolled out and taxes collected in 2012. As of February 2011, Christie also announced to also make a $500 million contribution to New Jersey's ailing pension system after skipping a $3 billion payment in 2010. A law the governor signed in 2010 calls for paying at least one-seventh what actuaries say is needed, which would be in the $500 million range. Christie has promised to revamp how New Jersey funds its public schools. In the past several years, the state has spent about $10 billion annually on education, though Christie cut funding to local districts in the current fiscal year after federal stimulus money expired. are pushing Christie to send more money to…

Works Cited List

New Jersey. Office of the Governor Chris Christie. Governor Christie Taking Action To Deliver Real Property Tax Reform To New Jersey Families. 13 October 2011. Accessed 17 October 2011.


Friedman, M. Gov. Christie will announce $250M for education programs in budget speech. 22 February 2011. 1-2. Accessed 17 October 2011.

New Jersey Politics > Budget>

Family Discrimination Laws States Like Connecticut New
Words: 702 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 49992341
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Family Discrimination Laws

States like Connecticut, New Jersey, and Alaska are taking the lead when it comes to passing laws protecting employees from discrimination based on family responsibility. These anti-family responsibilities discrimination (FD) laws are designed to protect workers, but whether they are a good idea is a matter of opinion. There are concerns that these laws may be abused, and that employers may end up bearing the brunt of missed days and dissatisfied customers because employees are missing too much work time to be with their families (Pynes, 2013). Personally, I do support the idea of anti-family responsibilities discrimination laws. I think that work is very important, but there should be a good work-life balance. Most people do not have that anymore, because they know they will likely risk being fired if they want or need to miss any work time to spend with their family. People should not…


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CEO of a New Company as CEO
Words: 1370 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 25743277
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CEO of a New Company

As CEO of a brand new company, and with unlimited resources, money, and authority, the potential is there to create something better than anything that is available today. By that, it is meant that there is an opportunity to take the best systems and cultures from companies that already exist and that are doing things right in at least one significant area of business, and combine those systems and cultures into a company that will do everything right - at least as much as is humanly possible. Three areas that would be addressed would be: IT and technology, international and cultural interaction and communication, and HR (including performance management, leadership, career anchors, and the Hierarchy of Needs). Those are the main areas around which companies are built, and around which they ultimately succeed or fail, so those areas are vital when building a company from…

App Fallacy a Columnist New York University's
Words: 1057 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 8769376
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App Fallacy," a columnist New York University's ashington Square News argues wisdom Common Application college application process. You read essay college newspaper; opportunity responds.

The fallacy of "The Common App Fallacy"

The Common Application is a standardized application that makes it very easy for college students to apply to a multitude of schools, all of which use its basic format. A student merely has to fill out the forms associated with the Common Application once and then can send the form electronically to a wide range of institutions spanning from Cornell University to the University of Miami to The College of New Jersey. According to NYU student Damon Beres, it has made it too easy to apply to college, particularly competitive colleges, with a touch of a 'send' button. Beres cites statistics which indicate only a very tiny minority of highly qualified students are able to get into the Harvards…

Work Cited

Beres, Damon. "The Common App Fallacy." Washington Square News, 22 Jan 2008:1-2.

Criminal Justice as it Relates to New
Words: 853 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 15985675
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criminal justice as it relates to New Jersey. Specifically, it will describe the information provided on four New Jersey Web Sites, and tell what I learned about each of these agencies by looking at their Web Sites.

New Jersey Web Sites

his is the Web Site for the Borough of Fair Haven Police Department. his first page gives a lot of helpful information; from how many officers work in Fair Haven, to where the Department is located, and how the Department tries to be "community" oriented, and listen to the community's concerns. One way they are addressing this is by employing more motorcycle and bicycle officers, who do not have the "barrier" of a vehicle between the officer and the public. he information here is scant, but what it does tell the visitor is that Fair Haven is concerned about how its' officers appear to the public, and they…

This Web Site is for the Monmouth Country Prosecutor, and it has a different, more professional feel than the Fair Haven site. Clearly, Fair Haven was trying to appeal to the community, while the Prosecutor wants people to see how professional their office is. This is a full-service site with numerous pages concentrating on all facets of criminal justice in the Prosecutor's office. The pages are easy to navigate, and all contain valuable information for anyone who might have to deal with the office, whether as a professional, victim, or accused. There are lists of all the police departments serviced by the office, information on keeping safe on the Internet, and even information on unsolved crimes. It is clear this is a Web Site designed to be used by many different people, and so it provides a lot of information, and in a very professional and easy to read manner. I learned a lot about the office, the man who runs it (from his bio), and what to look for on a professional Web Site from this site. This is an excellent Web Site for what it does, and what it is intended, and it could be used as a good example for many other Web Sites in the criminal justice area. /lps/dcj/home.htm' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

American Pastoral Webster's New American
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47233322
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As Nathan described Swede, "Of the fair complexioned Jewish students in our preponderantly Jewish public high school, none possessed anything remotely like the step-jawed insentient Viking mask of this blue-eyed blond born into our tribe as Seymour Irving Levov (p. 3).

According to Philip Roth, Swede is a tall, blond and blue eyes, and does not look Jewish, which is mostly dark and dark eyes, and not quite as tall. I have seen some blonde Jewish, but according to Philip Roth is was not that common at Nathan Zuckerman's (narrator) high school in Newark, New Jersey during World War II. Swede (he called this because he looks more Swedish than Jewish, but his real name Seymour Levov) is talented athlete, in sports like football, which is not typical Jewish, although Jewish still admire athletics and are very proud of Swede at their high school. But what Jewish admire more than…

Non-Denominational Religions the New Facility
Words: 2495 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 49473265
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" Therefore, the Second Coming and the Rapture are coincidental events, both of which have to do with Christ returning to Earth. The Rapture specifically refers to what happens to human beings. Once Christ returns, the "thousand-year reign" on Earth begins. According to the FFM website, "Jesus Christ will one day return to bring believers home to Heaven and will reign with them over the Earth for 1,000 years." The thousand-year reign has scriptural origin, and is also called the Millennial Reign of Jesus. A "new heaven and earth," ostensibly a holier and happier one, will result from the Second Coming.

Speaking in tongues is a phenomenon that occasionally accompanies the baptism rite. Many Protestant and evangelical groups encourage speaking in tongues as proof of one's salvation during baptism (Robinson 2005). More formally known as "glossolalia," speaking in tongues is considered to be a supernatural manifestation of the glory of…

Works Cited

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Interview material.

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Prioritizing it Projects in Business New Initiatives
Words: 1210 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96413515
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Prioritizing it Projects

In business, new initiatives allow organizations to continually improve their operations, their products, and the various methods by which they hope to achieve and maintain the most competitive possible market position. In general, all new proposed initiatives are subject to a prospective evaluation to determine whether they are capable of achieving their intended objectives and to quantify the return on investment (OI) that they represent (obbins & Judge, 2009). Today, information technology (IT) projects typically dominate many aspects of new project initiatives, simply because those technologies are currently in the evolutionary stage where new business applications emerge and become technically and economically feasible. As is the case with other (i.e. non-IT-related) initiatives, the prudent procedure involves a systematic process whereby projects are first proposed in principle, and then designed in accordance with the fundamental objectives sought by the organization and with full consideration of any potential limitations…


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New York: Hyperion.

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Vol. 43, No. 5 (20041).

John Shelby Spong New Christianity
Words: 3631 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 43418183
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As Spong has closed his career as a formal minister, retiring from the bishop position in 2000 have has become even more controversial than ever before:

Spong believes in a transcending reality at "the very heart of life" that presses toward life and wholeness. He describes God as the "Ground of Being" and "universal presence" that undergirds all life and is present in all that is. He regards heaven as a symbol standing for "the limitlessness of Being itself," describes Jesus as "a God presence" whose burning awareness of God made him a doorway to divine reality, and believes that the divine source of life calls human beings to live fully, love wastefully, and have the courage to be. Spong describes his project in classic liberal terms -- walking the "razor's edge between orthodox overbelief and losing the 'Christ experience'..."I do so not because I reject the church, but because…

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Human Capital Management the New
Words: 3142 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 93984177
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The second phase would include using these metrics in order to gather the appropriate results. Finally, the third phase implies interpreting those results and using them to gain a competitive strategic advantage on the market.

The phase dealing with the development of qualitative and quantitative metrics brings about some of the usual challenges in terms of measuring things: what metrics best reflect the performance of a certain activity? In the case of human capital, quantitative metrics can sometimes be a simple as sales growth per employee or changes in financial performance and productivity.

There are several problems, however, with this type of approach. The direct link between the changes in financial performance and human capital results is difficult to prove and, quite often, a negative change in financial performance is not necessarily caused by negative performances of human capital. For example, external factors, such as the current economic crisis, could…


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Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys
Words: 1104 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36818907
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Reebok NFL Replica Jerseys: A Case for Postponement

Reebok International Ltd. (Reebok) is an American sportswear and apparel company. With its headquarters in Canton, Massachusetts, the company designs, manufactures, and markets a broad range of sports apparel and footwear brands worldwide. Under the leadership of Paul Fireman, the company has grown over the years to become one of the largest players in the global sportswear and apparel industry. In 2000, Reebok entered into a 10-year agreement with the National Football League (NFL) to manufacture and market NFL licensed merchandise, including an NFL-branded apparel line, footwear, practice apparel, sideline apparel, and on-field uniforms. With 32 teams, NFL is the leading professional confederation for American football.

Licensed Apparel Business

Whereas the licensed apparel market is a lucrative market, retailers face a number of concerns since demand is influenced by factors beyond their control. Retailers rely on Reebok to deliver merchandise on time…

Potato Chip Industry Given That the New
Words: 1735 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80253666
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Potato Chip Industry

Given that the new company is now run as a monopoly, how will this benefit the stakeholders involved, such as the government, businesses, and consumers?

The conventional economic case in opposition to a monopoly is that, since the cost structure is the same, a monopolistic business will manufacture goods at a decreased output in order to charge higher prices. The opposite is true in the case of a competitive industry. In a monopolistic market, not only do consumers suffer but also governmental efficiency is questioned (as a result of lower spending and tax rates) (Krugman and Obstfeld, 2008).

Another view of Monopolistic markets is that, manufacturers mostly take advantage of the economies as they produce and supply products and services on large scales which results in the fall of average total cost of the production. However, this fall in average cost ultimately increases the monopoly profits. Consumers…


Basak, S., & Pavlova, A. (2004). Monopoly power and the firm's valuation: A dynamic analysis of short vs. long-term policies. Economic Theory.

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Hudson Yard's Rezoning Efforts
Words: 3840 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 8554301
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NYC Hudson Yards Rezoning Project

Introduction and Project Overview

The main reason that the NYC Hudson Yards Rezoning Project is taking place is that the location is a prime one for everything the planners want to do. The Hudson River makes up one of the boundaries of the area, with the other boundaries consisting of 8th Avenue, 43rd Street, and 30th Street.

Right now, there is restricted and antiquated zoning in that area, along with no access to mass transit. The streetscape is not a hospitable one, and there are no open spaces for the public. Basically, the entire area is not one that can be used easily, but yet it is in a great place for a number of multiuse buildings.

The amount of underdeveloped land in the area is plentiful, making it a prime location for further development that could have economic value to the city and the…

Works Cited

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Transportation History of the Railroad
Words: 2332 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46931726
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All of the streets in elmar begin at the Ocean and ends at Shark River. The open trolley cars in summer ran the streets with people hanging from the cars clustered like grapes.

VI. The Train Station in elmar

The train station in elmar was the hub of the entire world one believes after having fully researched the history of elmar's square mile and the surrounding area on the Jersey Coast. Although the railways of New Jersey may not have survived for long in the humanity packed area that comprises New Jersey and the adjacent New York area the "complex social foci" Roper (1978) contained in the element of the railway station is one worth giving consideration to. During the 1920's the average individuals abandoned use of the railway for intercity transportation and this was after dependency on the railways for service for more than 75 years. Pictured below is…


Roper, Grace Trott (1978) "Belmar in Retrospect" [Online} available at,html

Wall Township History [Online] available at

Project Diana Site 1946 - Marconi Road, Wall, New Jersey [Online] available at 

Monmouth County and 40 Towns Embark on Smart Growth Regional Planning: Commissioner Levin Announces Smart Future Initiative Support for the Monmouth County Shore Regional Strategic Plan [Online] available at /dca/news/2003/pr042503.shtml

School Budget Is Designed the
Words: 1488 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 23005154
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"Failure of any district to budget funds to meet statutory requirements is a very serious matter and will result in the executive county superintendent rejection of the budget. The district will be advised of any lack of budget approval with specific recommendations on necessary corrective revisions." (New Jersey Department of Education 2013, P 14).

3. Key Budget Terminology

There are numerous terminologies with regard to the school district budget. The most important budget terminologies are


The revenue is the money received by the school district within an accounting year. A fund is part of the revenue and there are four sources of revenue for the school district and this include:

Local source,

Intermediate source, state, and Federal sources.


Expenditures are the expenses that the school district must fulfill within an accounting year. Part of the school district expenditures are the payment of teachers' salary, and travel expenses for…


Ernest & Young (2012).U.S. GAAP vs. IFRS the basics. Ernst&Young LLP.

State of New Jersey (2008).The Uniform Minimum Chart of Accounts for New Jersey Public Schools. Department of Education, Division of Finance.

New Jersey Department of Education (2013).Budget Guidelines Fiscal Year 2013-2014.Office of School Finance.

Law in Schools
Words: 1269 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 569787
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Trenton School

The environment at School1, were I am employed revolves around the many different standards of behavior and conduct. While much of this conduct is derived by local customs and habits, the imposing of law and order also significantly contributes to what is and what is not allowed. The purpose of this essay is to explore the relationship with both state and federal laws and School 1. This essay will explore the law and its applications to my school by examining key points and relevant issues related to these interactions.

Background Of Trenton School District

It is important to understand the starting point of this discussion in order to see the bigger influences that state and local governments have on the school district. According to the districts website, the mission of this school district is " All students will graduate with a vision for their futures, motivated to learn…

Teacher Rights and Responsibilities in
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esponding to hate crimes

Finally, all employees of the Trenton Public School District who become aware in the course of their employment that a student or other staff person has committed a hate crime or is about to commit one are required to immediately inform the principal and chief school administrator. According to the District's Equal Educational Opportunity Policy (File Code 5145.4), "All incidents of hate/bias shall be reported whether they occur during school hours on school grounds, on the way to or from school or otherwise" (p. 2). Teachers can play an important role in mitigating hate crimes in the schools by addressing anti-Semitism and Islamophobia (Haynes, 2011).


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eference & User Services Quarterly, 49(1), 13-15.

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Black's law dictionary. (1990).…


Anderson, J.B. (2009, Fall). Academic freedom in post-September 11 America: A research guide.

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Remaking the World After the
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264) the result was chaos and no idea of how peace would realistically be achieved. Sharp writes that the statements of President Wilson in the 1918 speeches were the bases of the peace settlement, which was eventually made. (Sharp, 2006, paraphrased)

The primary decision making body of the gathering in Paris is reported by Sharp to have been the 'Council of Ten' which was comprised by the French, Italian and Great Britain prime ministers and the U.S. president including the respective ministers of foreign affairs and two delegates from Japan. Sharp reports that the 'Council of Four' including Lloyd George, Clemenceau, Wilson and Vittorio Orlando formed the critical decision making body. It is reported that it took the promises of Lloyd George and Wilson to assure the full support of the British and U.S. forces were Germany to attack France again to convince Clemenceau to demonstrate more flexibility. A decision…


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School Retention vs Social Promotion
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Experience with the two aspects that are being studied, school retention and social promotion, are important for this study. Therefore these strategies will help to recognize the extent to which their experience provides insights to the responses they provide Hodges, Kuper, & eeves, 2008()

These two methods are also in depth analytic processes and will help the researcher to detect the main themes in the responses and how they are influenced by their experience with the aspects being studied. Though both methods greatly rely on the speech of the respondents as the major source of data, there are reasons why the two methods are chosen. These are that they involve critical thinking since the researcher is required to understand how experience comes into play in the responses. Therefore it helps to make the resulting analysis to be as thorough as possible.

Validity and reliability of data collection and analysis



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Managing Risks Associated With Stress Describe How
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Managing Risks Associated With Stress

Describe how to maintain life balance and manage risks associated with stress

Maintaining life balance requires happiness. Even during stress, an individual should not allow all the stressors to take a toll on him/her. Avoiding stressors is the most appropriate way of managing stress. Developing new habits could help remove and distract an individual from stressful situations, pressures and stressors, which is essential in managing stress permanently. In this modern world, individuals must learn to change and minimize their exposure to stressful situations. While this technique does not change the situations causing stress, it enables an individual to change his/her relationship and reaction to the stressful situations hence maintaining a life balance.

Early Warning Systems are often used to identify officers at risks of family violence. Describe how to use an early warning system to identify officers at risk of using excessive force.

Officers with…

Mollie's Job
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Mollie's job moved from New Jersey to Mississippi and Arkansas and eventually to a Maquiladora in Matamoros, Mexico.

In 1955, Mollie James began her three-decade stint on the assembly line at Universal Manufacturing. The firm was founded in 1947 by Archie Sergy, an entrepreneur with a questionable past. The firm eventually opened another plant in Simpson County, Mississippi, in the early 1960s. Building on a longstanding commitment to increase industrialization, the state lured Universal by offering to transfer the cost of building a new plant to the taxpayer. The move south was a preview of what was to happen in the 1980s when a leveraged buyout put the firm in new, more cost-conscious, hands.

As locations were continuously competing to attract new firms, the Mexican government made plant relocation attractive by offering tax-free zones, cheap labor, and a willingness to clamp down on union organizers. Mexican manufacturing paid their workers…

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Human Resource Management Class Focus Area Here
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Human esource Management class focus area. Here questions: 1. Your company plans build a manufacturing plant undecided locate .

New manufacturing plant

The opening of a new manufacturing plant in a different location is pegged to a series of uncertainties and risks. In order to minimize these risks, it is necessary for the economic agent to consider a wide array of elements in making the final decision of the location. At this level, a notable role is played by the purpose of the new location. The two more common reasons for opening new manufacturing plants are either a desire to expand production, or a desire to cut costs and as such support profitability.

In the first scenario then, more emphasis in choosing the location would be placed on the identification of a new site that possesses some comparative advantage in the field of manufacturing. This advantage could refer to skilled…


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Workers Comp in NJ
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NJ Fails Injured Workers

What is your reaction to the fact that many WC cases are rescheduled twelve or more times before settling? What is the impact of those delays on the injured workers?

The Workers Compensation system in New Jersey is clearly not effectively dealing with workers cases in a timely manner. The stories cited are heartbreaking; like John DeJulio who had to wait three years before getting a needed knee replacement, Andrew Mathis who was forced to wait so long for any kind of relief that he lost his house and was forced to move in with his family, and Joseph DelDuca who actually became so frustrated with his long wait that he took it upon himself to drive his pickup truck through the glass doors of his local unemployment office (Martin, 2008). There are many more cases that are similar to these that do not get media…


Martin, J. (2008, June 12). How Jersey Fails Injured Workers. Retrieved from New Jersey:

Dwarfed in Terms of Physical
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According to Kelly and Ransom (2000), by state law, Trenton, like other cities in New Jersey, is not allowed to increase its annual budget by more than 3.5% per year absent a referendum that approves such larger increases. For the state capital, Kelly and Ransom note that, "Property taxes are not a viable source of revenue, as much of the city of Trenton is owned by the state of New Jersey and thereby tax exempt. User fees and other charges are not reasonable in a city with 20% poverty and 12% unemployment" (62). Privatization works well for the suburbs, but would limit access to essential services among the city's impoverished residents. State aid remains relatively constant, but the ever-widening gap between suburb and city means the aid accomplishes less and less (Kelly and Ransom 62). New Jersey is a home rule state; however, the position can be made that the…

Works Cited

Baldwin, Carly, (2009a, July 14). "Hoboken's property taxes to decrease five percent from last quarter." New Jersey Online LLC. [Online]. Available: /Hoboken


Baldwin, Carly. (2009b, April 8). "Hoboken tax hike not 47%, after all; final number is 23%."

New Jersey Online LLC. [Online]. Available:

Qualification and Selection in Every Case Both
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Qualification and Selection

In every case, both New Jersey's and exas' courts strive to achieve one thing: justice. o achieve justice, our courts must be independent, open and impartial. o selection and qualification process must therefore be very strenuous in order to elect the best candidates. Both New Jersey and exas are no exception to this occurrence. In many instances the qualification process and selection process are very similar. In other aspects however, they diverge greatly. his document is designed to provide a brief overview of both the New Jersey and exas qualification and selection processes.

Methods and Selection of New Jersey Judges

Supreme Court Justices, Superior Court Judges and ax Court Judges

he New Jersey Constitution determines how people become Supreme Court justices or Superior Court or ax Court judges. Under this process, the Governor nominates a person to be a justice or a judge. he Governor submits the…

There are two interesting features of judicial selection in New Jersey. The first is the practice of senatorial courtesy. Like U.S. senators, New Jersey's senators have veto-like powers over judicial appointees from their home districts. As a professional courtesy, other senators will not proceed with confirmation of a judicial candidate unless the senators from the home district have signed off. Texas does not have this senatorial courtesy. Instead, senators will often proceed with the confirmation with the blessing of the home district senator. Until 1994, senators had been able to hold up judicial reappointments as well, but a widely criticized incident led the senate to change the rules of reappointments so that they are now considered by the senate judiciary committee without receiving the approval of the home senator (Supreme Court of New Jersey, 2013).

New Jersey's courts also have a tradition of political balance. Governors, regardless of their party affiliation, have generally followed a policy of replacing outgoing judges with someone of the same party or philosophy. On the Supreme Court, the traditional balance is three Democrats and three Republicans, with the chief justice belonging to the party of the appointing governor. This balance provides a bipartisan approach to both legislation and though processes. This balance approach, limits the possibility of having large party initiatives pushed through the legislative process without first having adequate oversight. The balanced approached is primarily useful during periods of political turmoil or upheaval. During these instances, there is a tendency for both legislation and citizenry to disproportionally blame one party relative to the other. Therefore, elected officials during these periods reflect not the skill and ability to enact proper legislation, but instead the general distaste for the other party. As such, a balanced approached helps to mitigate many of the irrational emotions in the market. Judicial nominating commissions are not used to screen judicial candidates in New Jersey.

One of the stated goals of New Jersey's judicial performance program is to enhance the process for reappointing judges. Attorneys evaluate judges before whom they have participated in actual cases, and appellate judges evaluate trial court judges when their rulings are appealed. Results of the evaluation are shared with the evaluated judge, the assignment judge, the Supreme Court, the governor, the senate judiciary committee, and the judicial evaluation commission. This process allows judges to view their strengths and opportunities relative to other peer judges. It also provides a means in which judges can view, share, and discuss divergent beliefs and opinions to foster a better law system overall. The Supreme Court appoints the members of the judicial performance committee and designates the committee chair. At least six members must be superior court judges who represent each of the divisions of the court, at least three members must be attorneys, and at least two members must be representatives of the general public. Committee members serve three-year terms and may

Growth and or Decline of Gangs in Local Community
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Local Gangs

Part I Research Process

Using the Internet Explorer search engine, "ergen County Passaic County" was typed in. It returned no results for any gang issues. The search terms, "ergen county Passaic County gang issues in local community" was entered. It returned the results on an article, "State police survey shows gang activity in all N.J. counties" (Fabiano, 2011). The article named ergen County as one in nine counties with higher than average gang presence. The article also talked about law enforcement officials questioning the results of the survey based on the results not adding up to the number of arrests that were gang related. And, another problem of a significant population of illegal immigrants staying isolated from police and being a breeding ground for gangs.

The search terms, "New Jersey gang statistics" was entered. It returned the 2007 State police survey that compared data to the 2004 survey…


New Jersey Announces Gang Suppression Initiative Through Stepped Up Enforcement and Awareness Efforts. (2001, Nov 16). Retrieved from New Jersey's Online Gang Free Community: 

Gangs in New Jersey: Municipal Law Enforcement Response to 2007 NJSP Gang Survey. (2007). Retrieved from New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety: /njsp/info/pdf/njgangsurvey-2007.pdf' target='_blank' REL='NOFOLLOW'>

No Child Left Behind Memorandum
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However, despite clear benefits, this law is clearly not meant for assimilation into the educational environment of Jew Jersey. Many who would oppose entering into participation with the program focus on the idea that it gives up New Jersey's inherent autonomy as a state to create its own educational standards. Essentially, it allows the federal government more authority within local education. This would intrude on local legislature's ability to more appropriately decide what is right for their own communities.

Additionally, there are a number of major flaws within the structure of the legislation itself. Inept federal leadership has resulted in slow and inefficient implementation of the law's processes, making it a dangerous gamble for New Jersey to take part. National leaders have been slow to correlate how states can adhere to the national law with greater synergy and without conflict between local and federal legislative practices. Moreover, there is not…

Comparing 2 Legislators From 2 Different Parties
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Two New Jersey State Legislators -- Biographies and Legislative and Ideological Histories of Democrat John D. Adler and Republican Joseph Palaia

This paper is a biographical paper on two state legislators from two different political parties, illustrating how the two of them compare on issues pertaining to judicial ethics and the environment of the state. The member of the majority party, Democrat Senator John D. Adler of the New Jersey State Legislature currently represents Cherry Hill, New Jersey, one of the southernmost counties of the state. Adler studied government at Harvard University, earning his A.B. In the subject, and later going on to earn his law school degree from the same university in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Adler is particularly noteworthy for his work on the New Jersey Israel Commission from 1995 to the present. He thus takes a strong interest in international as well as national affairs, although part of…

Works Cited

Senator Joseph A. Palaia. (2004) New Jersey State Legislator Website. Retrieved on July 21, 2004. 

Senator John A. Adler. (2004) New Jersey State Legislator Website. Retrieved on July 21, 2004.

Olweus Bullying Prevention Program in
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" (Mattaini and McGuire, 2006)

Results reported on the Olweus program for Scandinavia are as follows:

(1) impressive: reductions of 50% or more in bullying problems, with reductions increasing over time -- at least for 2 years;

(2) reductions in other forms of antisocial behavior; and reported improvements in school climate. Several replications support the utility of the approach (U.S. Surgeon General, 2001 in: Mattaini and McGuire, 2006).

Summary and Conclusion

The Olweus program is cited in the literature as being the only bullying prevention and intervention program that has produced empirical results and that has been replicated in studies. Furthermore, the Olweus program is the only bullying prevention program that has received recognition as a national model and a lueprint Violence Prevention Program by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. The Olweus program follows federal requirements in its involvement of all actors…


Boyle, D.J. (2005) Youth Bullying: Incidence, Impact and Interventions. Journal of the New Jersey Psychological Association, 55(3), 22-24. Online available at:

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Criminal Justice Final Define the
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This was due to the fact that defense attorneys often attempted to prove consent by showing that a victim did not resist the assault or had a sexual history suggesting that she would have consented to the sexual contact. Now, N.J.S.2C:14-2 no longer contains a requirement that the perpetrator overcame a resisting victim. Instead, in cases of forcible rape, the Code simply requires that the defendant: committed the assault during the course of certain specified felonies (N.J.S.2C:14-2(a)(3); was armed or seemed to be armed (N.J.S.2C:14-2(a)(4); acted with another and used physical force or coercion N.J.S.2C:14-2(a)(5); used physical force or coercion N.J.S.2C:14-2(a)(5) and -(1); the victim is physically or mentally incapacitated N.J.S.2C:14-2(a)(7). Therefore, the Code names a variety of situations where sexual intercourse between a victim and a defendant is rape, without evidence of any type of coercion.

Maria, a single mother, goes on her third date with John. They return…

Demographics the Grace A Dunn Middle School
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The Grace A. Dunn Middle School (grades 6, 7, and 8) in Trenton, New Jersey, has a demographic that reflects the ethnic diversity of the community. The Dunn Middle School is composed of: 5% Asian; 28.88% African-American; 60.93% Hispanic / Latino; 3% Native American; and 5% Caucasian (

There are approximately 289 females at Dunn Middle School (48% of the student population) and 310 males (52%).

How do the school's demographics match up with Trenton's demographics in Dunn Middle School's 08610 Zip Code? The neighborhood is composed of: 10% African-American; 2% Asian or Pacific Islander; 2% "mixed races"; 3% "others"; and 83% Caucasian. In the 089610 Zip Code, 48% of the population is male and 52% is female, the reverse of the population at Dunn Middle School.

As to the comparison between the Dunn Middle School and the reported ethnicities in the neighborhood, nearly 29% of Dunn School is…

Works Cited

Grace A. Dunn Middle School. (2012). Movoto School Rank for Grace A. Dunn Middle School.

Retrieved October 23, 2013, from .

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Neighborhood Scout. (2012). Crime Rates for Trenton, NJ. Retrieved October 23, 2013, from .

School Situation
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Circles Model for an Inner City School

"I am shocked by the lack of urgency we are showing for the deplorable situation in our inner-city schools and their neighborhoods…students trapped, going to school in a community devoid of hope or opportunity, should challenge our moral sensibilities" (Brown, 2011, Jersey Journal).

Inner city schools (including those in Trenton, NJ) tend to be plagued by similar and familiar problems. According to a peer-reviewed article in the Journal of Urban Affairs (Glickman, et al., 2008), inner city communities continue to suffer from "disinvestment" (lack of funding sources), "outmigration" (whites moving to suburbs), and "abandoned property" and a sense of gloom that is reflected in schools. Also, the inner city is known for low income citizens, "predominantly minority," and their plight is often reflected in schools (Glickman, 557). And the poor conditions in inner cities -- including those neighborhoods in Trenton, New Jersey --…

Works Cited

Brown, N. (2011). Opinion: N.J. must improve cities to improve schools. Jersey Journal.

Retrieved August 20, 2013, from .

Glickman, N.J., and Scally, C.P. (2008). Can Community and Education Organizing Improve

Inner-City Schools? Journal of Urban Affairs, 30(5), 557-577.

Education Plan of Action Allegations
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However, it is now up to me to develop my own "reasonable cause" rather than relying solely on hearsay. An interview with Mr. Brown might help me to clarify the issues. I would request his assistance, by asking for the names of his daughter's friends. I would endeavor to meet privately and confidentially with those students, and with no pressure placed upon them.

Next, I would contact my superintendent. The policy of the Trenton School District is that the principal must notify the superintendent in any case involving suspected abuse. This way, law enforcement can take over the investigation if and when that is necessary. I would consult my superintendent about how to proceed while continuing to gather as much evidence as possible before launching a formal investigation. When sure about how to proceed, I would then consult with Tom Brown. Because Tom Brown is a friend of the alleged…


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Information Education
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Paterson Public Schools School 28 or Public School Twenty Eight was erected in 1962. The president is John J. Pasquale and the vice president is Leonard R. Jacoby. The general contractor for the school is Thomas Construction Company. PS28 is located in New Jersey. The school's address is 200 Presidential Blvd., Paterson, NJ 07522. The school's telephone number is [HIDDEN] . There are a total of 360 students in the school.

The school has several classrooms dedicated to specific areas such as pre-kindergarten, special education, and performing arts. The students range from pre-kindergarten all the way to grade 8. So the age range is around 4-13 years of age. Because New Jersey is located within the tri-state area, the population is diverse with black, Hispanic, Asian, and white students and faculty. The principal, Nancy Castro is Hispanic as well as the Assistant Principal, Victoria, Larosiliere. The majority of the students…

Politics and Government
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Government & Politics

The arguments contrast two observations. Which of them is the best and why? Give a detailed and substantial response.

Charles eard and John Roche had differing views regarding the American constitution as they hailed from different background. Due to their diverse backgrounds, they have their own views regarding American constitution. A deep study of both authors shows that, John Roche is an optimist and a reformer, while Charles eard attempts to expose the inner intentions of the founding fathers (Thesis Statement, 2014). oth authors give interesting insight into the minds of the founding fathers with rock solid evidence. eard (1913) proposes that founding fathers had huge properties to protect while Roche (1961) argues that constitution united the nation quite effectively.

eard's points

Those penning the constitution had sold commercial and financial interest of their own (p. 36)

The authors of the constitution were bent on penning a…


Berg, S. (2012). The Founding Fathers and the Constitutional Struggle over Centralized Power. Baltimore County: University of Maryland. Retrieved from: 

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