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A title for an opinion essay on New England colonies, middle colonies, and Southern colonies?


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While people often lump the American colonies together, there were significant differences between the New England colonies, Middle colonies, and Southern colonies. These differences were not only geographical, but also based in who had the grants for the colonies, their favor in the British government, and who eventually settled in the lands. These differences initially impacted how successful the American colonies were and how prosperous they would become. They eventually impacted industrialization and, in many ways, could be cited as one of the root causes of the eventual American Civil War and even some of the cultural differences that continue to exist in the modern United States.   The thirteen original colonies included: the New England colonies of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island; the Middle colonies of  New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware; and the Southern colonies of Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia. 

New England Colonies Essay Titles

  1. Freedom Non-Fighters: Why Pennsylvania was the Most Religiously Free Colony in the Americas
  2. Anti-Anti-Semitism: How Virginia’s Jewish Population Distinguished It From the Rest of the Colonies
  3. Smoke and Slavery: How the Southern Colonies’ Tobacco Prosperity Led to the Creation of the World’s Most Pervasive and Long-Standing System of Race-Based Slavery
  4. The Real Witch Hunts: Why the Salem Witch Trials Were Not a Deviation from Colonial Crime and Justice
  5. Misogyny and Magic: Understanding the Role of Misogyny in Early Colonial Religion
  6. Stocks and Shame: Crime and Punishment in the New England Colonies
  7. Death and Damnation: How the Catholic Friendly Colony of Maryland Ended up Enacting the Death Penalty for Jews and Atheists
  8. The Lost Roanoke Colony: From Aliens to Native American Attacks, Exploring What Really Happened
  9. The Plymouth Myth: Jamestown Was the First Colony, So Why Do the Plymouth Pilgrims Get the Credit?
  10. William Penn: The Man Cotton Mather Wanted People to Think He was

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