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Peer Reviewed Essays (Examples)

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Peer Reviews of an SRS
Words: 389 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 35857057
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SRS and code systems

Criticisms from one's respected peers can often hurt more than criticisms from laypeople or new users of a software system. One assumes that one's fellow professionals can make a more reasoned, if not necessarily more objective critique. However, personal differences can enter the fray of even the most objective peer review and thus affect the constructive nature of the criticism.

To ensure objectivity, it is important that individuals address their differences with particular elements in relation to the system being reviewed, not to the person. For instance, don't say, 'you didn't do a good job on this,' speak about the system or code under critique. Specifics are key, rather than saying, 'I don't think that works,' say what the potential problems arise when the system is used and try to give a constructive, concrete solution how one could possibly reform it and make it better. "However…

Works Cited

Wiegers, Karl. (July 1994) "Creating a Software Engineering Culture." Originally Published in Software Development magazine. Process Impact Website. Retrieved 15 Feb 2005 at

Hitchcook Peer Review Proposition The
Words: 867 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 99152066
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The pesonal impact of violent scenes is impotant and is one of the main easons fo which films ae made, to ceate an impession and an impact on the human mind. So, the agument is athe well placed. At the same time though, I think it would have been even moe compelling if thee would have been some efeences made to studies conducted in this aea such as psychological analysis o opinions fom expets in the field of human intepetation of stimuli.

P2: this paagaph is also a good contibution to the pape. It is a standad element in agumentation, that of showing counte aguments to the thesis. I think it is ok; my only suggestion would be to efeence some souces fo suppoting the agument that that the assumption povided is based on speculation. Othewise, the dismissal of the counte agument can as well be seen as speculation.


references made to these films really support your argumentation. However, there are no clear examples of certified opinions that agree or support the idea that the contribution the film had for the cinema was that important. I would consider referencing film critics or reviews in order to increase the credibility of your arguments. Also, the length of the paragraph makes it a bit difficult to follow the line of the argumentation or the examples provided. Therefore, I would make this paragraph somewhat shorter and allow room for a concluding paragraph.


P2S2: I would rephrase it to have more emphasis on the subject rather than the targeted audience. The sentence appears a bit twisted in structure.

P3S4: The names of the films "300" and "Django Unchained" I would put in inverted commas. There are other examples of films whose names should be put in inverted commas.

P3S7: comma instead of;

The Peer Review Process in Home Health
Words: 1551 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 42205628
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quality of care and ensuring patient safety. In the home health care organization, peer review also measures staff competence and provides valuable feedback for performance reviews and making necessary changes to improve quality of service or efficiency of operations. One of the cornerstones of an effective peer review process is its ability to enhance accountability by promoting "self-regulation," (Kent, 2014, p. 1). Another important emblem of an effective peer review process in the home health care venue specifically is shared governance, a model of peer review that has been shown to be particularly easy to implement and also maintain (Furrer, 1996). In the home health care organization that I belong to, a formal peer review process does exist and it also reflects the core missions and values of the organization.

Moreover, the formal peer review process that exists in my home health organization is modeled after those espoused by both…


ANCC (2015). Retrieved online:

Furrer, R.A. (1996). Implementing peer review in home health care. Home Health Care Management 8(3): 53-59.

Haag-Heitman, B. & George, V. (2011). Nursing peer review. American Nurse Today 6(9).

Kent, K. (2014). Designing a peer review process. Advance Healthcare Network for Nurses. Retrieved online:

Benefits of Peer Review
Words: 695 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 96732531
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There are several benefits to participating in a peer review. When you participate in a peer review, you are putting yourself in a position to both learn and teach. There's an adage that says you're never too old to learn and never too young to teach, and I find that to be quite apt when thinking about the benefits of a peer review. The end result is that your essay skills improve, as do those of your classmates.
Your skills improve with the insight you get from your classmates. A peer review might typically have 3-4 peers reviewing your work, and maybe not all of them will have useful insight, but someone will. So you learn how to receive criticism in the sense that you learn how to filter it for the valuable insight and actionable tips. Learning how to filter criticism is a powerful thing in life.
Furthermore, when…

Peer Coaching Lead to Professional
Words: 5012 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 21430934
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Each level influences and is influenced by those around it." (Costa, Kahaneo, Lipton, et al., 2001, p. 2).

Once the teacher understands how their performance and their teaching ability relate to the outcomes of the school as a whole, they will be able to understand the need for peer observation and coaching. They desire better outcomes for the school, but they are not accustomed to the openness of the peer coaching model, as we will see.

Barriers to Success

Through the course of this literature review, several key barriers to the success of peer coaching programs were discovered, Many of the problems related to logistical problems that could be easily solved through time management or creative scheduling. However, some of barriers to success related to the attitudes of the teachers themselves. This barriers will prove much more difficult to resolve.

One of the key barriers to professional development programs is…


Bird, T. & Little, J. (1983). An Interim Report of the Application of Research on Faculty Relations to the Implementation of Two School Improvement Experiments. Center for Action Research. ERIC ID 238141: 2-25.

Browne, L. (2006). Proposing a proximal principle between peer coaching and staff development as a driver for transformation. International Journal of Evidence-Based Coaching and Mentoring. 4 (1): 31-44.

Bruce, C. & Ross, J. (2008). A Model for Increasing Reform Implementation and Teacher Efficacy: Teacher Peer Coaching in Grades 3 and 6 Mathematics. Canadian Journal of Education. 31 (2): 346-370.

Costa, a., Kalaneo, D, Lipton, H., Lipton, L., & Yorktown, D. (2001). Holonomy: Paradox and Promise. Cognitive Coaching. Retrieved July 31, 2008 at

review of an article on positive psychology
Words: 597 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 75812450
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Canadian Psychology entitled "Expanding Opportunities for Diversity in Positive Psychology" presents the results of a systematic review of literature. The review of literature covers the years between 1998 and 2014, spanning the bulk of the duration of the field of positive psychology. The purpose of the systematic review was to examine how issues related to race, class, and gender were addressed in literature on positive psychology because of what the authors claim to be a widespread perception of the field ignoring these relevant issues. Findings of the systematic review of literature were varied, and included an underrepresentation of female authors of peer-reviewed articles in the field of positive psychology in spite of an over-representation of female participants in empirical research. Additionally, ao & Donaldson (2015) found that discussions about gender, race, or ethnicity issues are nearly absent from positive psychology literature altogether. The bulk of research in positive psychology is…


Rao, M.A. & Donaldson, S.I. (2015). Expanding opportunities for diversity in positive psychology. Canadian Psychology 56(3): 271-282. Retrieved on EBSCO.

Review of Neuro Linguistic
Words: 1204 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 53477210
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Synthetic event-Related potentials: A computational bridge between neurolinguistics models and experiments

An article was chosen from a peer-reviewed journal known as Neural Networks on the basis that it not only has various implications for the future of neurolinguistics research, but I also found it interesting and related to my intended future career profession. There have been different methods of mapping actual brain activity that occur in normal human cognition and such efforts have also led to various models of cognition and schema networks that continually become more refined as the scientific research progresses. This research began a few generations ago, and at the time the technology was fairly primitive, at least by comparison to the tools and technics that are available to today's researchers. Today, researchers are able to construct 3D representations of the brains activity that show the activity in real-time. This allows for possibilities that were never before…

Works Cited

Barres, V., Simons, A., & Arbib, M. (2013). Synthetic event-related potentials: A computational bridge between neurolinguistic models and experiments. Neural Networks, 66-92.

Review and Critique of a Magazine Article
Words: 505 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 77823352
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Offshoring IT: Beyond the usual suspects" y Karl Flinders (January 19, 2016), Computer

This paper provides a summary of the title article together with a detailed conclusion concerning the contriution the article makes to the topic of offshoring information technology (IT) services. In addition, an evaluation concerning the authoritativeness of the article including the qualifications of the author, the scholarly nature of the pulication, the use of citations and reference sources within the article, the intended audience of the article, and the overall format and style of writing of the article. Finally, the paper concludes with an assessment concerning whether this article should or should not e considered to e authoritative according to formal academic considerations.

In this article, Flinders draws on authoritative sources to make the point that growing numer of usinesses of all types and sizes are electing to outsource their IT needs, with India, China and Malaysia,…

bibliography and he is the author of one of the references he cites ("Just Eat builds in-house IT workforce in Ukraine"). In addition, Computer Weekly is a magazine rather than a peer-reviewed journal, and there is no indication that this information was evaluated by expert third-parties to ensure accuracy. Taken together, this article was written by an industry expert and supported by primary sources; however, the fact that it was published in a non-juried periodical limits its authoritativeness according to formal academic standards.

Review of Schizophrenia on Ehow com Website
Words: 816 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18207715
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Schizophrenia Website


This is an article about schizophrenia.

This is an article about Schizophrenia posted on the Canadian Psychiatric Association's (CPA) website.


The information presented on the CPA's website is very accurate. The website is edited by psychologists and professionals in the field and the information is vetted by the CPA, which is a leading authority in Canada and internationally psychological issues and illnesses. The information presented on this site is a brochure on schizophrenia that was funded by a public health education grant.

The information on the website is provided by freelance writers who work for Demand Studios. Demand studios provides freelance writers with topic titles to write about and then the writers follow pre-formatted templates to create articles about the provided topics. Freelance writers then submit their writing to a copy-editor who is supposed to fact check the information and sources provided…


Canadian Psychiatric Association: Schizophrenia, The Great Puzzle -- About Schizophrenia

Reviewing China S Pollution and Health Care Issues
Words: 1344 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72798214
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China's Health Indicators

China has gone through impressive economic development over the past few years, and has experienced a big reduction in poverty along with other positive achievements. Due to improvement in living conditions, nutrition, and healthcare, there have been " ... declines in infant mortality and deaths from infectious diseases," according to The New England Journal of Medicine (He, 2005). But there have also been negatives associated with urbanization and industrialization -- in particular China's stubborn air pollution and its negative impacts on health -- that have increased the risk of " ... chronic disease, including vascular disease and cancer" (He, 1125). This paper reviews the health indicators for China along with other pertinent data and information relating to the well-being of the Chinese people.

China's Demographics and Data on Health Issues

The population of China (based on 2013 data from the orld Health Organization -- HO) is approximately…

Works Cited

He, J, Gu, D., Wu, X, Reynolds, K., Duan, X., Yao, C., Wang, J., Chen, C-S, Chen, J.,

Wildman, R.P., Klag, M.J., and Whelton, P.K. (2005). Major Causes of Death among

Men and Women in China. The New England Journal of Medicine, 353(11), 1124-34.

Ooi, E. W-L. (2005). The World Bank's Assistance to China's Health Sector. The World

Peer Evaluation Writing Poetry May Often Prove
Words: 552 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 86859995
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Peer Evaluation

Writing poetry may often prove to be a difficult task and it is appears as though the writer of this paper struggled in finding her voice and successfully expressing herself. I was initially drawn to this paper/poem because I was interested to see how Lucy Clifton, Emily Dickinson, and Walt Whitman influenced the writer. I found this combination particularly interesting because of the different perspectives of the writers. As I began to read the poem and explanation, I was left wanting to know more about how and why the writer was influenced.

While I was interested to see how these three poets influenced the writer, I found that I lacked a lot of information regarding the connection between poet and writer. One of the things that left me confused was that the writer did not cite specific poems in the explanation, except for Clifton's "The Lost Baby." While…

Peer Evaluation to Me This
Words: 972 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 83969010
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However, the lack of depth and the lack of new thought reduce the significance level of this posting substantially. As a reader, I gain nothing from this post -- no insight and no sense of having learned something new. Ultimately, significance derives from the creation of something that is not only temporally relevant but is lasting in its profundity, and I do not see that here.

Precision reflects the degree to which the author clearly elucidates his or her views. In this case, those views are relatively precise, if threadbare. The author is clear enough at times -- "I truly agree with Howard Gardner…" -- and explains his/her point about dividing into different parts the materials by explaining those different parts in sequences. In this respect, despite the overall poor quality of the message, the message is relatively precise.

Breadth is an issue with this posting. The shotgun approach has…

Peer Mark Review Discuss the Introduction Is
Words: 671 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Book Report Paper #: 64117055
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Peer Mark Review

Discuss the introduction. Is the work being evaluated clearly presented in the thesis statement? Is the length of the intro too long or too short? Give suggestions for improving the introduction paragraph.

The writer begins with a general statement and gradually leads the reader to the more specific discussion about Kubrick's Full Metal Jacket. Although the thesis is not highly specific, it does establish the author's main point. That point is that Full Metal Jacket is "one of the best representations of the Vietnam era United States Marine Corps," (1). The introduction is brief and to the point, but not too short. I would not change too much about the introduction, because it is a short paper that does not warrant a more specific paragraph.

At which point did you feel most interested by this piece? When least? Explain

I felt interested by the essay right away,…

Peer Tutoring for Children With
Words: 2572 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1490932
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A to increase academic engagement and achievement in math, reading, and spelling for general education and at-risk students;

to increase spelling achievement for general education elementary students and for students with mild disabilities in self-contained classrooms;

to increase social studies comprehension for junior high students with mild disabilities in a resource room setting;

and to increase reading achievement for high-functioning students with autism and their typical peers in an inclusive, general education classroom

Advantages and Disadvantages of Peer Tutoring

ased from the effects of peer tutoring that have been mentioned in the previous section, and from the number of studies conducted on peer tutoring, it is apparent that this teaching method for students with disabilities and special needs are beneficial and can support the improvement of their learning process and acquisition of knowledge and skills. Following is a summary of the advantages from peer tutoring.

Allows the student to participate.…


Ryan, J. et. al, (2004). Peer-mediated intervention studies on academic achievement for students with EBD: a review. (Emotional and Behavior Disorders)

Remedial and Special Education, Vol. 25, Issue 6, pp 330-341.

Hunt, P., et. al. (2004). Collaborative teaming to support preschoolers with severe disabilities who are placed in general education early childhood programs.

A ics in Early Childhood Special Education, Vol. 24, Issue 3, pp 123-142.

Peer Group Work Working With
Words: 351 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 2346645
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I am concerned about clarity and making myself understood. I am also worried that the essay was not persuasive enough so I hope my peers will offer advice on how to improve the overall style and approach of the paper.

I would also hope that my peers can be completely unafraid of insulting me. It is hard to give advice to others, and I can imagine that they might not tell me how they felt for fear they would hurt my feelings. But the only way to improve my writing is to listen to what others have to say and changing my approach based on their ideas. I will definitely do the same for them. I think the best way to review the work of our peers is to pretend we are the professor. Putting ourselves in the professor's shoes helps us become extra critical and able to give advice…

Peer Review Business
Words: 679 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88289459
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feature photography as a core element of their businesses. This includes many forms of social media. The author outlines how major social media companies like Facebook have bought app companies that focus on images and photography specifically because of the value those companies offer. The author also discusses some of the start-ups that exist in this sphere.

The work was published in Fast Company, which is not a journal, but a publication that started life as a print magazine. The audience for Fast Company consists of people who are interested in business stories -- so investors, business people and business students. The audience for Fast Company would be interested in the article, because it provide insight into a common trait that some big success stories have, and then notes a number of smaller companies that bear this common feature as well.

The readers are the same as the audience. As…


Kessler, S. (2014). The photo economy. Fast Company. Issue 190, pp. 54-60.

Peer Review of Studies
Words: 789 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 67152388
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Post #1 Critique

In looking at the first post, there are a few concerns and things that perhaps were not fully addressed. First up is whether the variables were identified. Of course, the main variable under consideration is the alarms and the scheduling/setting thereof. There are mentions of the alarms and how they figure into the research but there is not really any explicit mention of the type of variable in question when speaking of the alarms. The closest that the response comes is the response to part 2. As for whether the tool itself was covered, that was actually done quite well. This was greatly covered in the first answer and it is the first thing mentioned within the same. When it comes to whether the way the tools were described were good, that was done fairly well. There is the expected and proper talk of reliability and validity.…


Cucolo, D. F., & Perroca, M. G. (2017). Assessment of the nursing care product (APROCENF):

a reliability and construct validity study. Revista Latino-Americana De

Enfermagem, 25e2860. doi:10.1590/1518-8345.1495.2860

Stevanin, S., Bressan, V., Vehvilainen-Julkunen, K., Pagani, L., Poletti, P., & Kvist, T. (2017).

Inclusion Effect of Positive Peer
Words: 1448 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Paper #: 93103712
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e. part-time or full time special classes or alternative day schools. (Crowell, et al., 2005)

VII. Various Strategies Required in Meeting Needs of All Students

The work of Parker (2009) entitled "Inclusion Strategies in the Visual Arts Classroom" states that all educators "…need to be aware of different strategies that can be used to meet the needs of all students. Depending on the disability, teachers can apply these strategies in their classrooms and instruction, no matter the subject area."

Parker goes on to state that educators must be aware of the following facts concerning the various types of disorders of special needs students: (1) auditory processing disorders; (2) visual processing disorders; (3) Organizational skills; and (4) social and behavioral skills. (Parker, 2009)

The work of Juncaj, Knapp, and Smith (2009) entitled "Inclusion of Special Education Students in the General Education Setting" states that those who support the inclusion movement suggest…


Crowell, Amanda, et al. (2005) Special Education: Inclusion vs. Exclusion. Scott County High School. Online available at:

Dennis, Sharman Word (2010) Inclusion and Mainstreaming -- They Should Work, but Do They? Internet Special Education Resources. Online available at: 

Juncaj, Blair, Knapp, Allison, and Smith, Kristen (2009) Inclusion of Special Education Students in the General Education Setting. 9 Apr 2009. Online available at:

Katz, Jennifer and Mirenda, Pat (2002) Including Students with Developmental Disabilities in General Education Classrooms: Educational Benefits. International Journal of Special Education. Vol. 17, No. 2. 2002.

Clinical Supervision and Peer Coaching
Words: 1337 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 9359107
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Clinical Supervision and its Strengths and eaknesses

Annie Pettifer and colleague Lynn Clouder explain in the peer-reviewed journal Learning in Health and Social Care that clinical supervision is commonly used in professional contexts as a way to "guide reflection with the purpose of advancing practice" (Pettifer, 2008, 169). Clinical supervision "…enables critical practice and development of personal knowledge, professional expertise and competence" (Pettifer, 169).

Pettifer mentions that there is no hard and fast rule as to how the clinical supervision model should be presented. There are many interpretations, the author explains, and there is "conceptual ambiguity" as well; but the ambiguity can be explained because there can be no single model that meets all the professional needs of principals. But that said, there is a basic definition of clinical supervision that is presented by the authors:

"…[clinical supervision] is a formal process of support and learning which enables individual practitioners…

Works Cited

Gibble, J.L., and Lawrence, J.D. (1987). Peer Coaching for Principals. Educational Leadership.

Huston, T., and Weaver, C.L. (2008). Peer Coaching: Professional Development for Experienced Faculty. Innovations in Higher Education, Vol. 33, 5-20.

Pettifer, A., and Clouder, L. (2008). Clinical supervision: a means of promoting reciprocity between practitioners and academics. Learning in Health and Social Care, 7(3), 168-177.

Pfeifer, D. (2011). Transforming Staff through Clinical Supervision. Reclaiming Journal,

IRB an Institutional Review Board IRB Can
Words: 571 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 56740977
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An Institutional Review Board (IRB) can assist a graduate student in ensuring that his or her project is one that is viable and reasonable. The IRB is used in a variety of situations but overwhelmingly it is used to confirm, justify and provide support to those students seeking a higher degree than what can normally be considered the already fantastic achievement of graduating from college. Throughout the student's university career, a number of classroom projects will be completed in order for the student to graduate with a Bachelor's degree. However, if the student aspires to an even higher standard, then that student must continue on the educational pathway, and the student will generally be called upon to create and complete a number of studies, papers and research. In order for the student to complete these assignments, oftentimes the student will be called upon to carryout extensive research.

The IRB…

Works Cited

Thomson, J.J.: Elgin, C.; Hyman, D.A.; Schrag, Z.; Knight, J.; Kreiser, B.R.; (2013) Regulation of research on human subjects: Academic freedom and the institutional review board, Academe, Vol. 99, Issue 4, pp. 101 -- 117

The invisible gorilla book review and analysis
Words: 1584 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 89372377
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Blending pop psychology with cognitive science, Christopher Chabris and Daniel Simons write about perceptual biases and inattentional blindness in The Invisible Gorilla. Sparked by a now-famous experiment the authors performed, The Invisible Gorilla: How Our Intuitions Deceive Us is not as much about intuition as the subtitle of the book suggests. Rather, the book describes six ways our brains are fooled by illusions. Recognizing and understanding the illusions can prevent people from making critical mistakes in judgment. Those mistakes can sometimes be egregious, as when cops presume a black man is a criminal or when drivers overestimate their ability to multitask on the road. Salesmen and stage magicians count on the brain’s susceptibility to illusion to be successful. Memories of past events are reconstructions, rather than accurate recordings of the facts. Therefore, the main reason why Chabris and Simons translated their research findings into a popular book written for a…

Technology in Paralympic Games Article Review
Words: 1265 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 13350238
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The Critique: Begin with a Brief Summary

In this article, Burkett (2010) tries to identify the role that technology can help Paralympic athletes to compete in different sporting activities. The study focuses more on how technology can be made relevant to individual needs of Paralympic athletes. Moreover, it highlights the weaknesses and strengths in technologies used in the summer Paralympic games held in Athens and Beijing.  The objective of the study was to ensure that relevant technology could be provided the 2012 London Games. The study is important and necessary because different technologies have been used before to help Paralympic athletes compete in different games, but some of them have failed the athletes. Moreover, Burkett (2010) seeks to provide solutions to an existing problem and make Paralympic athletes able to compete well during the Paralympic games. The researcher does an in-depth analysis of the peer-reviewed literature on technologies available for…

Feeding intolerance Integrative Review Paper
Words: 2577 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 78824345
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Despite major medical advancements over several decades, nearly 10 percent of births in the US continue to occur prematurely each year (Martin, Hamilton, Osterman, Driscoll, & Matthews, 2017). Creating a significant socioeconomic burden, preterm birth is one of the leading causes of infant morbidity and mortality in the United States resulting in approximately $16.9 billion in medical care costs annually (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2007). After days, weeks, or even months of intensive care, weight gain becomes a major criterion for hospital discharge. Feeding intolerance (FI) is a common complication among these preterm infants, which disrupts enteral feeding, resulting in feeding advancement delays, prolonging adequate weight gain and growth, and increasing hospital stays (Carter, 2012). Additionally, FI is associated with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC), a gastrointestinal emergency and a leading cause of morbidity and mortality in this group of patients (Moore & Wilson, 2011). The underlying cause for these problems…

Human Resources Literature Review in an Article
Words: 826 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 29889688
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Human esources Literature eview

In an article titled "Management Derailment: Personality Assessment and Mitigation," which was published in the American Psychological Association Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology in 2010, the research team of Joyce Hogan, obert Hogan and obert B. Kaiser conduct a thorough literature review on the subject of management derailment. By examining over 100 scholarly articles and case studies, the reviewers sought to determine why a curious phenomenon within the study of human resource practices has consistently emerged. As the authors of the literature review observe in their Introduction, although "the economic literature clearly shows that good management enhances organizational performance and that some managers are better than others & #8230; there is little consensus in the psychological literature regarding the characteristics of good managers & #8230; (while) the research on bad managers converges rather well" (Hogan, Hogan & Kaiser, 2010). The thrust of the authors' research…


Hogan, J., Hogan, R., & Kaiser, R.B. (2010). Management derailment: Personality assessment and mitigation. American Psychological Association Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology, 3, 555-575.

HR Function Review
Words: 2227 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 66095209
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HR Function Review

History of the Organization -- General Practice Alliance South Gippsland (GPASG) is a division of General Practice Alliance Australia. It is one of 110 divisions that are tasked to help support identified health needs and services in a given area. GPASG has a division office in Inverloch, and serves of 5,000 people in a 41,000 square kilometer area. Essentially, the organization proves service and information to health care professionals, accreditation support, immunization support, professional development, peer support, advocacy and information (GPASG, 2011).

Mission, Vision -- SPASG's vision is to be a catalyst for the people of the South Gippsland area and to look towards 2015 to achieve the best health outcomes possible. Their mission is to lead the development of innovations in primary care solutions that specifically maintain and improve community-based health care by: 1) building and supporting more general practices; 2) integrating health care services across…

Works Cited

Bannerman, E 2002, 'Antropometric Indicies Predict Physical Function and Mobility in Older Australians', Public Health Nutrition, vol 5, no. 1, pp. 655-62.

Cress, CJ 2007, Handbook of Geriatric Care Management, Jones and Bartlett, New York.

Deans, D 2005, Senior Lobby Affects Budgets and Elections, viewed December 2011, .

'Draft Transition Actions for Gippsland Medicare Local' 2009, Human Resources/Administration, GSA.

Participative Management Analysis and Literature Review of
Words: 1273 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 65425922
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Participative Management: analysis and literature review of a 1930's theory -- Does it still have relevance 21st century management

What are the strengths and weaknesses of this theory?

One of the strengths of the theory of participative management is that it enables organizations to eliminate unneccaary and costly layers of managerial bureaucracy. Through deploying the concept of team leadership and work teams, it can empower employees to make immediate, practical decisions rather than relying upon management. Thus, it creates a leaner managerial structure and a greater sense of loyalty to the organization when employees can be responsible for everything from hiring, firing, corrective action, budgeting, education and performance appraisals. Work teams are encouraged, with participative management, to "set goals that are congruent with those of the organization and develop goal implementation strategies." (Warner, 1998)

ut particpatory management is not beloved by all management theorists. "The author of a book published…


Lear, Robert. (Sept 1992) "Dead Horses on the Company Lawn: fast decision making by avoiding a tendency to overrely on a participative or self-empowered approach to management - Speaking Out." The Chief Executive. Retrieved at Find Articles on 16 Aug 2005 

A critical look at participatory management in action, particularly in recent years, as it has become influenced by Japanese corporate management philosophy, and, in the author's view, created a sense of stagnancy and a lack of firmness in organizational decision making.

Mittler, James E. (Fall 2002) "It's not the management quality -- it's action." Journal for Quality and Participation. Retrieved at Find Articles on 16 Aug 2005

Qualitative and Quantitative Research Nursing Article Review
Words: 511 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Article Review Paper #: 34956581
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Sand-Jecklin, K., & Herman, J. (2014). A Quantitative Assessment of Patient and Nurse Outcomes of Bedside Nursing eport Implementation. Journal of Clinical Nursing, 23(19-20), 2854-2863.

This particular research piece is quantitative in nature. The basic analysis element in a study of this kind as Keele (2011) points out is statistical analyses and numbers. This is more so the case given that it generates data that could be transmuted into operational statistics, as it seeks to quantify the problem i.e. "quantify quantitative outcomes of a practice change to a blended form of bedside nursing report." It is clear that the authors in this case seek to quantify behaviors and opinions in an attempt to come up with results from a sample population that is significant. I selected this topic due to its relevance to clinical practice. This is particularly the case given that there are very few published studies that have…


Elsevier (2017). Guide for Authors: Author Information Pack. Retrieved from 

Keele, R. (2011). Nursing Research and Evidence-Based Practice. Sudbury, MA: John & Bartlett Learning

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Shamoo, A.E. & Resnic, D.B. (2009). Responsible Conduct of Research (2nd ed.). New York, NY: Oxford University Press.

Staff Performance Development Reviews
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Staff Performance Development Reviews

Performance reviews became necessary as soon as the first worker was employed. For good or bad, performance reviews are an absolutely essential part of the workplace; properly administered, such reviews have been shown time and again to be enormously positive and motivating forces in employees' lives by helping them identify their strengths and weaknesses and by encouraging them to achieve even greater successes -- and avoid comparable failures -- in the future. Improperly administered though, performance reviews can be the source of an enormous amount of controversy and friction within an organization; improperly administered performance review programs can also result in legal action against the employer. Taken together, it quickly becomes clear that providing workers with timely and accurate feedback concerning their performance is a vitally important function within almost any organization, but many managers are either unable or unwilling to provide such reviews for a…


Bommer, William H., Jonathan L. Johnson, Scott B. Mackenzie, Philip M. Podsakoff and Gregory A. Rich. 1995. "On the Interchangeability of Objective and Subjective

Measures of Employee Performance: A Meta-Analysis." Personnel Psychology, 48(3),

Denton, D. Keith. 1992. Recruitment, Retention, and Employee Relations: Field-Tested

Strategies for the '90s. Westport, CT: Quorum Books.

Institutional Review Board Proposal Form
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The most obvious benefit is that participants will approach the use of technology more thoughtfully in their practice -- and potentially change some of their technology-dependent behaviors and resistance to technology.

b. Describe what new information may be learned from this research

The study is designed to explore the barriers and incentives related to the use of technology in the social work practice.

c. Describe incentives to encourage individuals to participate in this research (including monetary or other compensation, thank you gifts, course or other academic credit, lotteries, etc.)

Participants will be sent a thank you gift in the form of a Starbucks gift card.

d. Describe costs (time, monetary or other) for participants in this research

The only expenditure of resources for participants is time.

e. Describe potential harms or discomforts (physical, psychological, social) for participants in this research

o potential harms have been identified for participants in this…

Regulatory Review After the Credit
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The Depression of 1893

Following hard on the heels of the depression that had taken place just two decades previously, the precise causes for this economic downturn remain unclear. In this regard, Steeples and Whitten (1998) advise, "There is no adequate account of the causes of the depression of 1893 -- 1897 or, by implication, of the crisis itself" (p. 6). These authors, though, cite fundamental shifts in demographics in the U.S., as well as innovations in technology and manufacturing that caused a reevaluation of traditional institutions and the role that the U.S. was going to play in the economic affairs of the world in the 20th century as contributing to this depression (Steeples & Whitten, 1998).

The "Great Depression" of 1929-1939

The stock market crash in 1929 is frequently cited as the precipitating factor for the Great Depression, but othermund (1996) emphasizes that there were other economic forces…


Black's law dictionary. (1991). St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co.

Connolly, B. (2008, Winter). Defining the financial safety net: Two dozen experts weigh in. the

International Economy, 22(1), 24-25.

Dattel, E. (2008, Winter). Defining the financial safety net: Two dozen experts weigh in. the

Tall Buddies Peer-Assisted Learning Initiative
Words: 6521 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34945821
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Methods for evaluating and monitoring the effectiveness of peer-assisted learning programs are discussed as well, followed by a summary of the literature review.

Background and Overview.

The growing body of scholarly evidence concerning peer tutoring has been consistent in emphasizing the powerful effects that children can exert on the academic and interpersonal development of their classmates and/or other students (Ehly & Topping, 1998). For example, Bloom (1984) reported early on that one-on-one tutoring by a fully skilled peer was more effective than both conventional (i.e., teachers' lecturing) and mastery learning (i.e., student- regulated) methods of teaching. Across several replications of academic content and student age levels, Bloom (1984) reported that peer tutoring programs produced effect sizes on the order of 2 standard deviations above the mean of the control group (i.e., students receiving conventional lecture-based instruction), compared with 1.3 standard deviations for mastery learning (effect sizes larger than.25 of 1…


Adelgais, a., King, a., & Staffieri, a. (1998). Mutual peer tutoring: Effects of structuring tutorial interaction to scaffold peer learning. Journal of Educational Psychology, 90(1), 134.

Afflerbach, P., Baumann, J.F., Duffy-Hester, a.M., Hoffman, J.V., McCarthey, S.J. & Ro, J.M. (2000). Balancing principles for teaching elementary reading. Mahwah, NJ: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates.

Arreaga-Mayer, C., Gavin, K.M., Greenwood, C.R., Terry, B.T., & Utley, C.A. (2001). Classwide peer tutoring learning management system. Remedial and Special Education, 22(1), 34.

Bloom, B.S. (1984). The 2 sigma problem: The search for methods of group instruction as effective as one-to-one tutoring. Educational Researcher, 13, 4-16.

Berridge E 2009 Peer Interaction
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Can the outcome(s) be generalized or transferred to groups outside of this study?

There is only one case. Therefore, generalizations cannot be drawn.

Implications for Practice:

Discuss ways in which you can incorporate findings from this study into your own professional practice.

I can develop a cooperative learning environment is in order to support thoughtful engagement in teaching. Using writing as an educational tool will help me complement content, interaction, cooperation and understanding. I can use good writing as good practice. I need to remember that snap decisions based on personalities lack analysis and evaluation and should not be made. In order to be a good educator I must teach the ability to teach someone that decisions should not be made without analysis and evaluation and continuing engagement of students is necessary for success.

Research Analysis -- Part 2

I. Behind the Scenes

Grade Level/Subject - 7th grade/Language Arts


ADR -- Facilitating Conflict Between Children Peer
Words: 1591 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13885835
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ADR -- Facilitating Conflict Between Children: Peer (School) mediation programs

Perspective of Media Source: CNN

Before the shootings at Columbine High School, many parents simply thought of childhood and adolescent bullying as simply a rite of passage, a natural part of growing up, rather than something to be alarmed at. However, according to the popular online media source,, an informational news website, President Clinton echoed teachers and therapists that although "we don't know all the facts about what happened in Littleton, but one of the things that have come out of this that's really made an impression on me is that the young men who were involved in this horrible act apparently felt that they were subject to ridicule and ostracism and they were kind of social outcasts at the school. But their reaction to it was to find someone else to look down on." (, 1999)

The media…

Works Cited (April 22, 1999) "Clinton addressses school shooting." Retrived on October 2, 2004 at 

'Evaluation of the first 3 years of the fast track prevention trial with children at high risk for adolescent conduct problems." Journal of Abnormal Child Psychology, Feb, 2002. Retrived on October 2, 2004 at

Systematic Literature Review Addresses the Topic of
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systematic literature review addresses the topic of what parents need to know and can do to enhance the developmental outcomes of their very low birth weight babies, following discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. This topic is significant as very low birth weight babies, as a group, have special needs. And, by addressing these items, parents can enhance their child's development.

Systematic Literature eview: What Parents Need to Know and Can do to Enhance the Developmental Outcomes of Their Very Low Birth Weight Babies

This systematic literature review addresses the topic of what parents need to know and can do to enhance the developmental outcomes of their very low birth weight babies, following discharge from the neonatal intensive care unit. This topic is significant as very low birth weight babies, as a group, have special needs. And, by addressing these items, parents can enhance their child's development.

This paper…


Cusson, R.M. (2003). Factors influencing language development in preterm infants. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, and Neonatal Nursing, 32(3). Pp. 402-409.

Feldman, R., Eidelman, A., Sirota, L., & Weller, A., (2002). Comparison of skin-to-skin (Kangaroo) and traditional care: Parenting outcomes and preterm infant development. Pediatrics, 110(1). Pp. 16-26

May, K., & Hu, J. (2000). Caregiving and help seeking by mothers of low birthweight infants and mothers of normal birthweight infants. Public Health Nursing, 27(4). Pp. 273-279.

Ment, L.R., Vohr, B., Allan, W., Katz, K.H., Schneider, K.C., & Westerveld, M. et al. (2003). Change in cognitive function over time in very low-birth-weight infants. JAMA, 289(6). Pp. 705-711.

The Impact of Stress Literature Review
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Stress affects children in many ways. From lacking confidence to developing eating disorders, to becoming antisocial, stress can take a toll on a child. Developing within an environment of stress and upheaval generates a sense of instability within children. When they are older, they may seek that stability or sense of stability in harmful activities or people. A good example of this is a child experiencing abuse at an early age and then marrying someone that abuses him or her.

The impact of stress on children can be great and often generates long-term side effects. Depression, personality disorders, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorders, psychiatrists find these kinds of mental health problems frequently in children experiencing chronic stress. Some may not even appear from abuse, but rather from trying to please their parents and the people around them. Over achieving children may feel chronic stress because people expect him or her to…


Evans, G., & Kim, P. (2012). Childhood Poverty, Chronic Stress, Self-Regulation, and Coping. Child Dev Perspect, 7(1), 43-48. 

Koenig, J., Walker, C., Romeo, R., & Lupien, S. (2011). Effects of stress across the lifespan. Stress, 14(5), 475-480. 

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Pechtel, P., & Pizzagalli, D. (2011). Effects of early life stress on cognitive and affective function: an integrated review of human literature.Psychopharmacology, 214(1), 55-70.

Resource Review Kan F And
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Source #3

The United States Constitution. Accessed online 11 June 2012, from:

1. Primary Source -- National Constitution

2. The national constitution of the United States of America. National Constitution of the U.S. organized into seven separate articles outlining the founding principles, government structure, and the rights of the individual in the U.S.

3. Key Constitutional Purposes:

Establish the formal basis of a national charter based on specific ideals

Outline the fundamental structure and obligations of government bodies

Promote the explicit definition of fundamental rights of the People

4. This source will be useful because it provides the original formal basis of the fundamental principle and values embodied by the United States as a new nation and of the respective rights of citizens, states, and the federal government.

5. Limitations: The major limitation of this source is that it does not include the subsequent amendments, especially the first…

Quantitative Study Review Learning Styles of Graduate Level Nursing Students
Words: 981 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 23218618
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Quantitative Study Review
This paper provides a review of a quantitative study and determines the purpose, sample, method, findings and credibility of the study. It also examines the interventions and whether there was any clinical significance to the findings. By examining the significance and credibility of the study it shows its value in nursing research.
The purpose of the study by Gonzales et al. (2017) was to describe graduate entry nursing students' learning styles. The research question was: “What are the predominant learning styles of graduate entry nursing students?” (Gonzales et al., 2017, p. 56). The study did not make any hypothesis prior to conducting the Index of Learning Styles (ILS) survey.
The sample for the study was obtained by recruiting 202 graduate entry nursing student volunteers at a southwestern university. This was essentially a convenience sample. No inclusion or exclusion criteria were discussed in the study, but in…

AbuAssi, N. E., & Alkorashy, H. A. E. (2016). Relationship between learning style and readiness for self-directed learning among nursing students at king Saud university, Saudi Arabia. International journal of advanced nursing studies, 5(2), 109-116.
Brannan, J. D., White, A., & Long, J. (2016). Learning styles: Impact on knowledge and confidence in nursing students in simulation and classroom. International journal of nursing education scholarship, 13(1), 63-73.
Gonzales, L. K., Glaser, D., Howland, L., Clark, M. J., Hutchins, S., Macauley, K., ... & Ward, J. (2017). Assessing learning styles of graduate entry nursing students as a classroom research activity: a quantitative research study. Nurse education today, 48, 55-61.
McKenna, L., Copnell, B., Butler, A. E., & Lau, R. (2018). Learning style preferences of Australian accelerated postgraduate pre-registration nursing students: A cross-sectional survey. Nurse education in practice, 28, 280-284.
Vizeshfar, F., & Torabizadeh, C. (2018). The effect of teaching based on dominant learning style on nursing students' academic achievement. Nurse education in practice, 28, 103-108.

Validity & Reliability Review
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Validity & eliability eview

The author of this report has been asked to find and select an article with a specific purpose in mind. Namely, the author of the report is supposed to review the article for implications regarding validity and reliability. To be more precise, if there are gaps in either, the author of this report is to identify them and then identify what could be done to avoid such issues in future or different studies. A recent study about feedback interactions revealed some gaps that could be threats to reliability or validity.

To begin to evaluate the validity and reliability of the selected peer-reviewed journal, the author of this report shall first zone in on the sampling. As noted in the applicable section, the authors note "our overriding sampling logic was to find contexts that had shown a history of successfully using feedback in creative work, enabling us…


Harrison, S.H. & Rouse E.D. (2015). An inductive study of feedback interactions over the course of creative projects. Academy of Management Journal, 58(2),

375-404. doi:10.5465/amj.2012.0737

Peer-Counseling as an Intervention for College Freshman Substance Abuse
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educing Substance Abuse Among College Freshman


Motivational Interviewing as an Intervention for Substance Abuse Problems among College Freshman

Motivational Interviewing as an Intervention for Substance Abuse Problems among College Freshman

Kazemi and colleagues (2013) were interested in understanding whether a behavioral intervention would reduce the prevalence of substance abuse among college freshman in the United States. The independent variable was motivational peer-counseling sessions (motivational interviews) about the risks of alcohol abuse and illicit drug use. The dependent variables were scores obtained on two questionnaires. These scores were then used to determine if there was a statistically significant association between blackout frequency, illicit drug use, and alcohol consumption. Demographic information (attribute variables) was also collected and the attributes of primary interest were ethnicity and gender. The hypothesis tested by the researchers is whether the intervention could reduce the prevalence of self-reported high risk behaviors among college freshman at a representative…


Barnett, E., Sussman, S., Smith, C., Rohrbach, L.A., & Pruijt-Metz, D. (2012). Motivational interviewing for adolescent substance use: A review of the literature. Addictive Behaviors, 37(12), 1325-34.

DiClemente, C.C. & Prochaska, J.O. (1982). Self-change and therapy change of smoking behavior: A comparison of processes of change in cessation and maintenance. Addictive Behaviors, 7(2), 133-42.

Dimitrov, D.M. & Rumrill, P.D. Jr. (2003). Pretest-posttest designs and measurement of change. Work, 20(2), 159-65.

Grucza, R.A., Norberg, K.E., & Bierut, L.J. (2009). Binge drinking among youths and young adults in the United States: 1979-2006. Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 48(7), 692-702.

Peer influence on gender identity development in adolescence
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Article Critique
Kornienko, O., Santos, C. E., Martin, C. L., & Granger, K. L. (2016). Peer influence on gender identity development in adolescence. Developmental psychology, 52(10), 1578.
I. Statement of the Problem
a. Research Topic
The topic of the research is the impact of peer influence on the development of gender identity amongst adolescents
b. Research Question and Hypothesis
The article investigates peer influence on gender identity through the use of panel data on gender identity and friendship networks gathered from students in the 7th and 8th grade from an ethnically diverse public middle school. The main hypothesis of the study is that adolescents would alter their gender identity self-concepts to become akin to their friends and that such effects would take place even when network selection impacts were controlled. The second hypothesis of the study is that stronger peer influence effects on between-gender dimensions of gender identity than within-gender dimensions of…

When Kids Get Life Reaction and Peer Review
Words: 673 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Peer Reviewed Journal Paper #: 37739429
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beyond just the presentation of facts in the When Kids Get Life video, and asked the deeper questions, "Why do they do it? Why do teens commit heinous crimes?" Until we understand these deeper issues, it will be impossible to truly or meaningfully address the issue of how to punish or treat these adolescents.

I also appreciate your willingness to share your thought processes. For example, you said that your views changed from what you learned in the course and through encountering materials like When Kids Get Life. Like you, I have also learned a lot and have changed my views. There are no easy answers. As you mention, protecting society is a primary concern and cannot be ignored. Incarceration does protect society theoretically, but as you noted, rates of juvenile offending are actually increasing. The public is not necessarily better off with the current programs. Incarceration alone is not…


Bikel, O. (Director). (2007). When kids get life [Documentary]. United States: WGBH Educational Foundation: FRONTLINE.

Montes, E. (2015). When kids get life: Essay.

an analysis and peer review of paper
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poweful abstact, endeed ceatively by being witten in the second peson. Using second peson engages the eade and encouages the eade to conside the deepe issues that ae about to be addessed in the eseach. The autho succinctly captues the issues elated to eintegating sex offendes into communities in safe and humane way, focusing on the case study in Miami-Dade County. Theefoe, the abstact is ideal and goes beyond the typical abstact that dyly summaizes key findings and methodologies. As with the est of the pape, the opening sections ae well witten and thee ae no gammatical o stylistic poblems.

The intoduction of the pape is bief and to the point, citing statistics that gound the agument in factual evidence. Fo example, the autho mentions the numbe of egisteed sex offendes living in the United States and uses statistics fom a cedible oganization. The autho also shows how the law…

references to psychological literature that detailed the brains of sex offenders or some evidence-based information on whether or not sex offenders can be rehabilitated and if so, how that is possible. Another thing that would improve this paper would be for the author to make suggestions for changes to the public policy and how to shift the approach in dealing with sex offenders. However, as the descriptive visual analysis of what is going on in Miami-Dade County, this is an excellent paper that has broader applications to the rest of the country.

Business Management -- Review of
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" Journal of Management Development, Vol. 25, No. 8 (2006):


The purpose of this study was twofold: first, to determine whether or not there are specific factors of individual personality that correspond to transformational leadership; and second, to determine whether or not transformational leaders and their followers characterized the personalities of transformational leaders similarly. The study relates directly to the understanding of organizational management in that transformational leadership is one leadership style that is common in many types of business and other professional organizations. The implications of the study apply to the appropriate selection of managers and leaders in specific organizations as well as to management training programs.

The study appears to have been sound methodologically. It relied on the quantitative analysis of interviews and self-ratings of 439 leaders and of interviews of 380 subordinates on the topic of transformational leader ratings and issues of personality in leaders. The…


Boerner, S., Eisenbeiss, S.A., and Griesser, D. "Follower Behavior and Organizational

Performance: The Impact of Transformational Leaders." Journal of Leadership & Organizational Studies, Vol. 13, No. 3 (2007): 15 -- 26.

Cattani, K.D., Dahan, E., and Schmidt, G.M. "Lowest Cost May Not Lower Total Cost:

Using "Spackling" to Smooth Mass-Customized Production." Production and Operations Management, (Sep/Oct 2010).

Positive Influence of Peer and
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The studies have also enlightened the fact that when the adolescence is securely attached to their parents, they develop increased social cognitive skills, which results in secure attachments with their relationships in the late adulthood, as they have been monitored to foster those relationships as well. In fact, the adolescence has also been observed to exhibit strong peer relationships that are based on trust (Greenberg, Siegel & Leitch, 1983).

The analysis of the empirical study have also demonstrated the fact when the relationship and attachment of peers is concerned during the adolescence period of life, two aspects played significant role in the development of social cognitive skills. The quality of their attachments on emotional basis and the degree with which they utilized that relationship were the prime contributing source that helped in the social cognitive development of the adolescence (Greenberg, Siegel & Leitch, 1983).

Section 6: Conclusion

To conclude the…


Bradley, R.H., Corwyn, R.F., Burchinal, M., McAdoo, H.P. And Coll, G.C. (2001). 'The Home Environments of Children in the United States Part II: Relations with Behavioral Development through Age Thirteen.' Child Development, Volume 72, Issue 6: p. 1868 -- 1886. DOI: 10.1111/1467-8624.t01-1-00383

Galotti, K.M. (2010). Cognitive Development: Infancy Through Adolescence. 2nd Edition. USA: SAGE Publications.

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Ma, C.Q. & Huebner, E.S. (2008). "ATTACHMENT RELATIONSHIPS and ADOLESCENTS' LIFE SATISFACTION: SOME RELATIONSHIPS MATTER MORE to GIRLS THAN BOYS." Psychology in the Schools, Vol. 45(2). Retrieved from:

Parent and Child Communication Article Review
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Keijsers, L., & Poulin, F. (2013, March 11). Developmental changes in parent -- child communication throughout adolescence. Developmental Psychology, 49(12), 2301-2308. doi:10.1037/a0032217

The science of Developmental Psychology purposes and endeavors to elucidate the change that comes about in both children and adults in the course of time. I have decided to focus and lay emphasis on this topic as the most change takes place in the course of a person's lifespan during this particular period (Mcleod, 2012). Further, the topic "Developmental changes in parent-child communication throughout adolescence," lays emphasis on the individual changes and variations in the patterns of change between the association that exists between the child and the parent in the course of adolescence. Particularly important is the fact that any individual during its infancy is largely attached to the parent and therefore communicates a lot. However, according to this topic, it is delineated that the attachment and…

Therapeutic Hypothermia Review
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Therapeutic Hypothermia Review

Annotated Bibliography

Lucero, Catherine (2010) Therapeutic Hypothermia. Clinical Correlations. Retrieved from:

Lucero (2010) writes of therapeutic hypothermia "resumption of spontaneous circulation after prolonged ischemia due to cardiac arrest carries significant morbidity and mortality and much effort has been directed toward reducing the debilitating consequences." Lucero reviews the studies that demonstrate an association between therapeutic hypothermia in post-cardiac arrest patients and improved neurological outcomes.

Tran, Bau P., et al. (2010) Use of Mild Therapeutic Hypothermia to Treat Cardiac Arrest. Journal of the American Academy of Physician Assistants. 1 Mar 2010. Retrieved from:

Tran, et al. (2010) reviews the key findings of research studies on the usefulness of therapeutic hypothermia following cardiac arrest.

3. Lutes, Michael and Larsen, Nathan (2007) Focus on: Therapeutic Hypothermia. Clinical Practice and Management March 2007. Retrieved from:

Lutes and Larsen (2007) reviews recent studies that examine the use of therapeutic hypothermia,…

Change Review in the Business
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There is no acknowledgement that leaders may indeed be flexible according to the situation and followers that they are dealing with. Even though women, for example, may favor a more laissez-faire type of leadership style than men (Eagly, Johannesen-chmidt & Van Engen), this does not mean that they will do so in all circumstances, or indeed that all female leaders will have this tendency.

The Path-Goal Theory

The path-goal theory is one of the most flexible and popular models used in the changing business world today. It allows for an integration of various styles, personalities and situations. The components inherent in this theory is the particular path that employees are expected to follow in order to reach a certain desired goal. The position of the leader in this model is to provide followers with desirability in terms of goals and the removal of obstacles along the way towards obtaining the…


Eagly, A.H., Johannesen-Schmidt, M.C., & van Engen, M.L. (2003, July). Transformational, transactional, and laissez-faire leadership styles: A meta-analysis comparing women and men. Psychological Bulletin, 129(4), 569-591.

Hughes, Richard L., Ginnett, Robert C. & Curphy, Gordon J. (2002). Leadership: Enhancing the lessons of experience (4th ed). New York: McGraw Hill.

Kuriger, Craig C. (2006, July/August) Workplace change and worker fears: when new technology enters the workplace. Army Logistician

Parker, Dennis R. (2002, January/February). Create opportunities, not fear, through change. Leadership.

San Diego Police Departments Literature Review
Words: 909 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11569252
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Annotated Literature Review
Carlitz, R. (2013). Improving transparency and accountability in the budget process: An assessment of recent initiatives. Development Policy Review, 31(1), S49-S67.

The author of this article is a political science professor at the University of California, an exemplification of his mastery and knowledge of the subject. The article emphasizes the importance of transparency and accountability in the budget process. With reference to empirical literature, the author points out that though there is no universally accepted methodology for ensuring transparency and accountability in public budget management, there are four important ingredients of success: the production of valid information, alliances between stakeholders, legal empowerment, and international support. Enhancing transparency and accountability in the budget process is vital for ensuring efficiency in the allocation of public finances, promoting fiscal discipline, minimizing corruption and embezzlement of public funds, and most importantly, increasing public confidence in public institutions. The element of stakeholder…

Media Review the Black Swan
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Her day's routine and life merely revolved around these characters that cause her to think or act differently. All of these characters have quite an influential pressure on her that the Nina eventually becomes an amalgamation of thoughts. Pretty soon she gives into the evil desires that she cannot distinguish reality from illusions.

Stone and Church (1989) have called adolescence a very vulnerable period. According to them, adolescence is full of continuous feeling of emotional volatility, rebelliousness and intense idealism. It is seen that adolescence needs to develop a tough inside full of security and confidence. Only if they are sure about themselves and their abilities, these adolescents will go on to take the different problems in life. ebellion and intense idealism is quite prominent during this stage. The adolescent wants to do things and hopes to aspire activities that will make him or her better than everybody else. If…


Black Swan (2010). [DVD] Darren Aronofsky.

Hall, G. (1904). Adolescence. Englewood Cliffs, N.J: Prentice Hall..

Stangor, C. (2011). Introduction to psychology. Flat World Knowledge.

Stone, L., and Church, J. (1989). Childhood and Adolescence. McGraw-Hill.

Patient Perceptions the Literature Review
Words: 1775 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 94483043
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Most of the literature deals with healthcare issues experienced in the United States or Europe. hat small amount of literature there is available on healthcare in Malaysia seldom has anything to do with the clinic(s) in specific. This study could help, in some small measure, to alleviate that problem.

orks Cited

Chowdhury, N., (1999) the Power of Towers, Fortune, Vol. 139, No. 7, pp. 110-112

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Shameen, a., (2004) Malaysia: Coining it in Kuala Lumpure - Start-up ECM Libra has capitalized on strong markets, hard…

Works Cited

Chowdhury, N., (1999) the Power of Towers, Fortune, Vol. 139, No. 7, pp. 110-112

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IR Review Fox J 2001
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The weakness here is that, given the specificity of the situation analyzed in the article, the conclusions are not nearly as broadly applicable as the author seems to imply. Doubtless the conclusions can be related to other events to some degree, but the author himself acknowledges that a lack of experts on Somalia was instrumental in the ultimate failure of the intervention, and other countries would require other experts and different proposed solutions. Still, the author is quite successful in developing his theory through direct analysis of what key players and documents actually said regarding the issue, basing his theory firmly in facts and drawing conclusions based on effects rather than on theoretical principles.

Along the same line, the research methods that the author employs and his evidence collection are directly related to the research questions that he developed. His citing of Oakley, the U.S. Ambassador in Nairobi, as well…

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Sage, who has seen how costly application customization can be, has created a series of template-based charts of accounts, with the last count indicating they had over 70 of Charts of Accounts that could be quickly used by customers to customize for their business. Sage has also seen that inordinate customization of software can lead to a lack of adoption; hence their motivation for creating a library that can easily be used by customers. As Peachtree suffered from an exceptionally bad reputation for usability in its first several product generations on the Microsoft Windows platform (Collins, 2006), Sage is attempting to overcome these limitations through intensive investment in ergonomics and usability. Adding to these efforts include the development of an Online Knowledgebase and Help Center, in addition to the development of AJAX-based microsites that interlink content together. All of these sources of data are in turn integrated via XML to…


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