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Narrative Ethnography the Readings on

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They may not be overtly trying to keep blacks down, but I have noticed they it is important in this company to keep whites at the top of the ladder.

For example, my manager, a Caucasian, has been with this company for 20 years, he earns a salary in six figures and has no college experience. It shows. In fact under his supervision our department is collapsing. There is a supervisor who is African-American who tries hard to cover up for his boss's errors of judgment and wrongheaded decisions. He should be the one running our department, but he hasn't been promoted or compensated -- or even given credit for the yeoman's work that he does. The black supervisor has been with the company as long as the white manager, and the black supervisor has two master's degrees, but he can't catch a break in the company pecking order. The company simply refuses to promote him notwithstanding the fact that he is talented and worthy. They are bringing in another manager who knows little or nothing about out company, and he is in a position to take over when the white manager retires. The black supervisor was told he is…… [Read More]

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Personal Matter by Kenzaburo Oe

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Personal Matter" by Kenzaburo Oe

Fatalism and Destiny in "A Personal Matter" by Kenzaburo Oe

Differences in culture have persistently influenced the works of literature among writers across the globe. African-American writers write about the racial prejudice and injustice of discrimination in a predominantly white American society. American writers, meanwhile, center on the issue of individualism and the society's role in reinforcing or discouraging this ideology. Notably, these writers talk about their experiences reflective of the Western cultural experience, and an analysis of the works of writers from the Eastern societies and cultures reflect an altogether different sentiment about life and living.

Take as an example the work of Kenzaburo Oe entitled, "A Personal Matter." Published in 1968, Oe's novel is a personal narrative of the travails that he and his family went through during post-World War II Japan, a period wherein the country's citizens are experiencing suffering as a result of their nation's defeat in the war. Oe's narrative adopts new characters that are reflective of his family; however, the novel mainly discusses the emotional struggle and philosophical journey that Oe went through as he faces the reality that he has a mentally-handicapped son for a child. "A Personal…… [Read More]

Work cited

Oe, K. (1968). A Personal Matter. Tokyo: Charles E. Tuttle Company.
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Narrative of Frederick Douglass

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Narrative of Frederick Douglass

Slavery is perhaps one of the most common forms of human justice in the history of the world. Although the phenomenon has existed for centuries, across many cultures, a particularly brutal form of the phenomenon was perpetrated in the United States before its abolition. It is, however, a testament to the human spirit that some, like Frederick Douglass, had the inner will and drive to escape overwhelming odds that would keep him a slave for life. In his book The Narrative of Frederick Douglass, the former slave recounts not only the ways in which he worked to escape the slavery into which he was born, but also the brutal and literally bloody conditions often suffered by slaves. It is little wonder that Douglass did not only want to escape these inhuman conditions, but also that he recognized the dehumanizing effect of slavery on both slaves and their masters. To be free meant not only to be physically free, but also to be intellectually free to grow, evolve, and create a better life for oneself and one's family.

For Douglass, slavery had an ultimately dehumanizing effect on both slaves and their masters. The dehumanizing effects on slaves…… [Read More]

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Narrative Inquiry Functions as a

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Qualitative data using individual stories are very important because they give insight into the challenges faced by certain groups such as pregnant teenage mothers. A more comprehensive approach to reducing adolescent pregnancy is needed. Many risk factors including a mother's own history, the absentee father, and misuse of birth control contribute to teenage pregnancies. These can override the benefits of school activity participation and performance in preventing teenage pregnancy. Therefore, programs designed to prevent pregnancy need to address many factors.… [Read More]


Allen E, Bonell C, Strange V, Copas, a, Stephenson, J., Johnson, a.M. & Oakley, a. (2007, January). Does the UK government's teenage pregnancy strategy deal with the correct risk factors? Findings from a secondary analysis of data from a randomised trial of sex education and their implications for policy. Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health, 61 (1): 20 -- 7.

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Chase, S. (2005). Narrative inquiry: Multiple, lenses, approaches, voices. In Codjoe, H. (2007). The importance of home environment and parental encouragement in the academic achievement of African Canadian youth. Canadian Journal of Education, 30(1): 137-156.

Creswell, J. (2003). Research design. London: Sage Publications, Inc.
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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass an American Slave

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Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave

In his autobiography, The Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave, Frederick Douglass presents a poignant and evocative view of life as a slave in antebellum America. Among the points made by Douglass was that education would set him free and that the "peculiar institution" was detrimental to whites and blacks. This paper provides a review of Douglass's autobiography to examine these issues more thoroughly, followed by a summary of the research in the conclusion.

In Chapter II, Douglass expresses his belief that education will set him free. By what does he mean by this? Is this essentially an optimistic view? If he could visit us today, do you think he would still hold this view?

Being illiterate in a land of the literate must have been a daunting experience for an individual of Douglass's intellect, and the inability to read and write affected him profoundly. It was only by chance and subterfuge that Douglass was able to learn to read and write and he equates the experience to being shut "within the circle," cut off from learning everything that was important to him and other slaves.…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Douglass, Frederick. A Narrative on the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave.

American Literature. [online] available:


Toldson, Ivory and Morton, Janks. 2011, Winter. "A Million Reasons There're More Black Men
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Personal Travel Narrative 'I Can't

Words: 915 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 97338769

Having plenty of time left until we were to meet back with the group and driver, my friend exclaimed, "Oh let's ride a camel!"

She pointed to an area where local men offered tourists rides on the classic desert creature. Her mother took the lead and asked one of the men how much the rides cost.

'Free to go, madam. Special for you."

"How much does it cost?" she reiterated, suspiciously aware that nothing in life is ever free.

"Free, free, you get on!" The man almost shouted at her but smiled gently at the same time.

She shrugged her shoulders, watching a couple of other tourists looking giddily happy on board their beasts of burden. Everyone seemed happy. Maybe this was just one of those nice gestures governments do to promote tourism, lik 'Alright," she said, for all three of us. She gestured to me and my friend.

"Yes, yes, come along."

The man hoisted us, one at a time, on our very own camels. Two of his friends rushed over to help. The dromedaries were huge, much larger than they seemed in the photographs I had seen, just as the pyramids surpassed my expectations. Their hides were rough…… [Read More]

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Personal Model of Helping Therapists Do Whatever

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Personal Model of Helping

Therapists do whatever they can to help their clients overcome a wide range of problems ranging fromdeath of a pet to major life changing crisis, such as sudden loss of vision. However genuine a therapists' desire to help is, they will be limited by the tools he or she uses. It makes sense, then, as a therapist to design and integrate webs of models that have shown to yield efficacy. This new, personally designed model should work to assist and meet the requirement of every client. To embark upon this task of designing a personal model of helping, it is important to be aware of existing theories and models.

The first is the humanistic approach based on Abraham Maslow's hierarchy of needs. Maslow's triangle consists of basics needs at the base followed by needs of safety, love and belonging, achievements and lastly self-actualization at the top. Second, is the cognitive theory, which attempts to change the underlying thought disturbance to correct or reduce cognitive dissonance? Thirdly, the behavioural therapy, which positively reinforces desired behaviours, while, negativelyreinforcing the undesired. The Adlerian theory focuses on overcoming feelings of inferiority, providing the client with a sense of belonging. The…… [Read More]


Brew. (2007, Nov 27). Models of Helping. Retrieved April 3, 2011, from

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Brian Sheldon, Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy: Research, Practice, and Philosophy (London: Routledge, 1995) iii, Questia, Web, 3 Apr. 2011.
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Narrative Will Never Forget the

Words: 1000 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 14295212

Damn fool," my father popped off.

Political topics were not something my father and I discussed. I don't know why; we just never got around to it. I always thought my dad didn't care much about politics. However, in the truck, driving to the store, he was livid.

What's he talking about?" I asked, almost fearfully.

Who the hell cares? What does it matter? He don't know nothing," my dad spit out at me.

Okay, let's just turned it off," I said, reaching for the radio.

You like that guy? You think he's so smart?' he snapped.

Uh, no, dad. But we don't have to listen to it if it's going to get you upset," I told him.

You gonna listen to that guy and suddenly get smart and decide you know more than anybody else?" he looked at me. His face was red and his eyes were big and almost frightening.

No, dad. Let's just not listen if you don't' like him."

So you like him? You think he knows everything?" Again, my dad was raising his voice. His eyes were looking ahead while he was driving. His hands gripped the old steering wheel and his posture was perfect…… [Read More]

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Personal Thought and Authenticity There Is a

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Personal Thought and Authenticity

There is a question I always want to ask: Where should we start learning something? For some people, it is not easy to decide where something starts. It is like questioning, "Egg or chicken, which one comes first?"

It is believed that exploring the original meaning from a subject may take years for people to understand. It is a hard learning process that one should take where one wants to bring oneself to the higher level of knowledge exploration. One may start from any point, but it is the process and acknowledgement to the original material that will let one know how well he or she has learnt it.

Sometimes, the problem starts just when someone wants to know that the point he or she knows is where he or she should begin the process and starts exploring. I once thought that "the beginning" might already be there, lies within the soul. The beginning could be a fundamental thought one ever had after another learning process. Another practice that he or she wants to start now is developed after squeezing for more fluids of thoughts.

However we don't live alone. Other people's thoughts were already there,…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement Why the Candidate

Words: 539 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 3592485

==> With over ten years of administrative, managerial, retail and title work experience and degrees in accounting and public administration, I hope to share with my colleagues what I have learned and experienced in teamwork, communication, leadership, business ethics and human resource strategies. I believe that my positive outlook and enthusiasm will encourage my peers to explore their full potential and to use their education to find a personal sense of purpose and vision.

Real-world business challenges that the candidate currently faces that might be explored using the knowledge that the candidate will attain through his or her participation in the MBA program.==>

I am under considerable economy-related challenges in my retail and government jobs. It is definitely a challenge maintaining a viable retail store during these difficult economic times and profitability has definitely suffered. Far too often, I struggle to keep up with the prices of competitors and understand that I can't always keep up with larger operations that benefit from economies of scale. Therefore, I would like to learn how to operation more efficiently and to more effectively differentiate my business through innovations in customer service and customer value. Too often, people think of work in the government…… [Read More]

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Personal Memoir When We Were Small My

Words: 1117 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 36029150

Personal Memoir

When we were small, my brother and I were sick all the time. Fortunately, it was nothing so serious that we were hospitalized, nor did our family have to significantly alter its lifestyle. Still, it seemed that we were constantly congested, with wheezy coughing fits and runny noses.

Our mother was not a person who panicked. She did not rush us to the doctor, even if one or both of us had such severe nasal congestion that we complained "I can't eben breathe outta by dose." We had elaborate bedtime rituals of Vick's vapor rub being massaged into our chests. Our mother boiled pots of water and we took turns breathing the steam, tented under big bath towels.

Our mother believed that diet played a crucial role in good health. My brother, two years younger than me, wasn't in school when I was in first grade and had to take a lunch box every day. If he had been in school with me, at least I would not have been the only one in the cafeteria with an alfalfa sprout sandwich on nine-grain bread. I watched with envy while other kids unwrapped Twinkies and Little Debbies and all…… [Read More]

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Personal Statement L Jones if You Laid

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Personal Statement

L. Jones

If you laid all of the lawyers in the world, end to end, on the equator - It would be a good idea to just leave them there. -Unknown

Ah yes, the lawyer -- the bane of civilized society as we know it -- the definition of self serving duplicity, concerned with the almighty dollar far more than facilitating the wheels of justice in their ever-toiling task. Indeed, the lawyer has come to represent all that is wrong in American society, from dishonesty to abject greed.

Even for my mother, kind hearted and trusting as she is, a visit to an attorney, or worse, a visit from an attorney, was cause for significant distress, distrust, and outright fear -- after all, she hardly had good experiences with the her attorney.

Again and again, as parents will often do, my mother would tell my sister and I the story how her lawyer had "taken her money" without helping her -- how he had not prepared for the case in which she requested more child support from my well-to-do father. She would also tell me how he had instructed her to "look professional" for the judge, so that…… [Read More]

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Narrative Inquiry the Work of

Words: 2804 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42920938

Keeping the continuous, cycle and rhythmic sense of time before us is another task we have come to associate with the study of narrative." (2000, p. 8)

V. Reflection and Deliberation

Clandinin and Connelly state that 'reflection and deliberation' are both terms which "refer to the methods of practical inquiry and are springboards for thinking of narrative and story as method." (2000, p. 8) Reflection is stated to have a sense of "looking back' or a "casting back, whereas deliberation has a forward sense, a sense of preparation for the future." (Clandinin and Connelly, 2000, p. 8)

Both reflection and deliberation are stated to be terms that "refer to practical reasoning and yield uncertain results." (Clandinin and Connelly, 2000, p.9) A narrative is sated to be "always tentative to a degree" and that the narrative 'produces likelihood, not certainty." (Clandinin and Connelly, 2000, p.10) A narrative is stated to be "inescapably practical and theoretical." (Clandinin and Connelly, 2000, p.10) A narrative construction is held by Clandinin and Connelly to be practical since it is "concerned with a person's experience in time and it is uncertain because the stories are told and retold could be otherwise as indeed can the narrative…… [Read More]


Riley, T. And Hawe, P. (2005) Researching Practice: The Methodological Case for Narrative Inquiry. Health Education Research Vol. 20 no.2 Oxford University Press.

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Clandinin, D.J., & Connelly, F.M. (2000). Narrative inquiry: Experience and story in qualitative research. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.
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Narrative Frame Narrative Framing One-Thousand

Words: 638 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 24916468

As the story progresses, the donkey develops methods to trick the ox again to send him back to work, but this portion of the story seems to be of lessened importance to the story to the father, who initially stops his tale at the point where the donkey becomes obsessed with ensuring that the ox gets back to work. Scheherazade's father is trying to impress upon her the dangers of letting the mind become obsessed with an idea, and though this is not the ultimate lesson of the story it is the part of the story that is important in context, and thus affects the telling of the story. No story exists simply on its own; each creation and retelling of the story has its own purpose, motives, and interpretations based on the personal experiences and beliefs of the teller and each of the people hearing the tale. There are many different lessons that could be learned form "The Tale of the Ox and the Donkey;" the dangers of laziness, the pitfalls of underestimating rivals and trying to use clever tricks to avoid responsibility, the corruptive nature of certain friendships -- the list goes on and on. For the father…… [Read More]

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Narrative From the Life of an International

Words: 1176 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 11229903

Narrative From the Life of an International Student

If my life were a fairy tale, it would not begin with the words "once upon a time, in a land far, far away." To many Americans, Lebanon seems like a land very far away from what they know. Most Americans have heard of Lebanon in terms of its existence as a war-torn nation. They read about it in the newspapers in phrases, along the lines of "because of Israeli-Palestinian conflicts, the nation of Lebanon became drawn into the contentious issues at stake between these two warring peoples." Or, they hear about Lebanon in terms of phrases, such as "in the war-torn nation of Lebanon, the inhabitants were horrified by the destruction that the civil war caused, in political and societal terms."

To me, Lebanon is not a land far, far away, and the civil war is a part of my history, not the only aspect of my history. Lebanon to me is also the land of my family, my faith, and my parents. It is part of my cultural tradition. In my eyes, Lebanon is not a sky streaked with the fire of bombs. In my eyes, Lebanon is a land…… [Read More]

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Personal Leadership Development Plan During

Words: 2000 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 16710312

Particular institutions that I will target include: Peachford Hospital, the Atlanta Recovery Center, Mountainside Addiction Treatment Center, and St. Jude's Recovery Center. I expect to do at least three longer phone interviews and one face-to-face interview or shadowing day with a professional in my area. This process will unfold over the next three to six months. I have recently renewed my membership with the American College of Healthcare Executives in order to facilitate networking with other healthcare administrators who have followed a similar path.

The last and longest component of my leadership development plan is to pursue a Doctorate in Healthcare Administration. This process will take three years including the dissertation work.

Projected Outcomes

After completing all the steps listed above, I expect to be a consummate healthcare leader, and fully capable of developing a business plan that will launch my dream career. I will be prepared for the challenges of leadership in my field, and I will know how to ameliorate my weaknesses as a leader and draw on my strengths. I will have focused expertise and broadly-applicable skills in critical thinking, team development, and fostering innovation. I will have confidence in myself as a leader who can successfully…… [Read More]


Avolio, B.J. & Yammarino, F.J. (2002) Transformational and Charismatic Leadership: The Road Ahead. San Diego: Emerald.

Riska, E., & Wegar, K. (1993). Gender, Work, and Medicine: Women and the Medical Division of Labour. Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage.

Somech, a. (2006). The Effects of Leadership Style and Team Process on Performance and Innovation in Functionally Heterogeneous Teams. Journal of Management, 32(1): 132-157.

Bono, J.E. & Judge, T.A. (2003). Self-Concordance at Work: Towards Understanding the Motivational Effects of Transformational Leaders. Academy of Management Journal, 46(5): 554-571.
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Narrative My Personal Relationship With

Words: 1376 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 32834262

After reading this, I rabidly went through pretty much everything Steinbeck wrote, starting with his shorter novels (the Pearl, of Mice and Men) and moving into his collections of short stories (Tortilla Flats) and his novels about the Monterey Bay (Cannery Row, Sweet Thursday). A year later, I branched out drastically into the world of science fiction, reading Asimov and Phillip K. Dick as though they had the secrets of the universe woven in between their lines of prose, and if I could only red enough of them then all would be made clear. I guess I still think this is true to some degree; every story has elements that every human being can relate to, and each time I begin a new story I am hoping to pick out those elements and add them to the mosaic of my own understanding of human beings and the way(s) we are.

Something happened, though, when I got to college. Not only did reading take a back seat to many of the other elements of college life, but I found that it was simply impossible to actually keep up with the amount of reading expected in each of my classes. I could…… [Read More]

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Narrative Large-Scale Corporate Scandals Like

Words: 374 Length: 1 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 69552149

How can I establish business credit before I start a business? The paradox seems to elude American politicians and policy makers.

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because we who are socially disadvantaged are denied access to the upper echelons of the capitalist system. We are told that unless we have some money to begin with, we can't hope to make more money in the future. Forget about the rages-to-riches stories; they are cliches too. What banks earn from my small personal savings serve only to bolster the pockets of the corporate financiers, who turn around and deny people like me loans in the amount that they spend on one shopping spree.

Ultimately Dun and Bradstreet helped me set up a business credit file, which will slowly help me build my business credibility. In due time, I will be able to obtain a business credit account with Wells Fargo too. Both endeavors are funded out of my pocket. The American finance system serves the needs of those who least need it, while the individuals who need it most get left out in…… [Read More]

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Narrative My Relationship With Reading

Words: 1326 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 15858757

I made standard cooing and crying noises as the situation warranted, but I never even appeared to be trying to sound out words even under encouragement (again, I have to take the word of my parents and siblings on this, as I was far too young to remember any of it). Urgings of "Say Mommy!" were rewarded, I am told, with smiles and coos, but no apparent understanding of what was being asked of me or any indication that I knew how to consciously produce sounds vocally that had any meaning to anyone else.

Then, pretty much overnight (as my mother tells it), I began speaking in complete sentences. I went from appearing developmentally challenged to speaking as well as or better than an average toddler without really going through any of the preliminary steps. One day, I couldn't be pressed into saying "mama," and the next I was lucidly and coherently asking her for a bottle when I was hungry, and for a changing when I was...well, you know. She thought the whole things was a little disconcerting, but kind of funny: here she had been, worrying that I would have some real developmental problems that might follow me…… [Read More]

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Narratives of the Life of

Words: 577 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 80757007


What was surprising or affected you in the book?

The most surprising aspect of the book is that it highlights the challenges that are impacting everyone. This is accomplished through showing the brutality and the sense of unconcern about what is happening. For example, in one section Douglass illustrates how female slaves are often victimized by their slave masters or relatives. This is taking place through showing how many are often brutally raped and forced to deal with these abuses continuously. These areas are shocking, as it is showing why slavery must be destroyed at all costs. This is surprising as Douglass will talk about these issues in great detail. (Gates)

Comment about the incidents related to slavery in that book.

The incidents related to slavery are illustrating how the slave master and society have a sense of indifference. This is because they do not care about what happens to slaves and will let various abuses occur. Moreover, they feel that these individuals are nothing more than their own personal property. (Gates)

As such, slave masters have the right to do what they please. This is despite the fact that they are supposed to be Christians who care about…… [Read More]


Gates, Henry. Classic Slave Narratives. New York: Penguin, 1987. Print.
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Narrative of Customer Service Experience

Words: 3251 Length: 12 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 51206672

This is one company that encourages the customer service representatives to develop relationships with the customers so that they can ask for individuals when and if they need to call back. I enjoyed this aspect of the job because everywhere I had worked before, we had a contact with the customers and the chances were extremely slim that we would ever hear from or speak to that customer again. There were many customers I enjoyed talking to and wished I could handle their future needs.

A learned through my experience that customer service can make or break a company. Several of the things my experience has taught me include:

set yourself above your existing competition (Customer, 1992).

A make it difficult for new competition to get a foothold in your market (Customer, 1992)."

Observations and Reflections

When I first began my career in customer service I believed it was a means to an end. I wanted to have a job that would pay my bills and work with the public without having to have face-to-face contact with the customers. I found that in customer service positions in the field of telecommunications.

A began as a young green employee with little…… [Read More]


Customer service: back to basics is better.

Public Management; 12/1/2004; Clark, Doug

How to win through great customer service.

Canadian Manager; 3/22/1992
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Personal Theory as a Therapist

Words: 2660 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 18302286

From the basis of psychoanalysis and existential therapy, I will then listen for any problems relating to attitudes that can be driven by repressed emotions. I will use dialogue in order to gain an understanding of how the clients see their problems, and what they think is needed to help.

In the dialogue session, I will provide the client with my own insight on how I believe the best progress will be made in future therapy, and also on how long I estimate such therapy to take. I will however emphasize that I will not terminate therapy if the clients feel in any way that they will not benefit from such termination. Dialogue and collaboration means that I should be able to modify my approach according to input from my clients. If a client for example disagrees with an approach I am using, we will discuss various options of changing this and come to an agreement on a new approach to use. Such an approach will then form the focus of future therapy sessions.

In order to maintain focus on the problems at hand and therapeutic techniques to handle these, it is important to continuously monitor the client's view of…… [Read More]


Encyclopedia of Mental Disorders. Person-centered Therapy.

Hoffman, Louis. 2004. Existential Psychotherapy.

Psychological Schools of Thought. Psychoanalytical Psychology.

Yontef, Gary. Gestalt Therapy: An Introduction.
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Personal Perspectives Create Distinctive Views Challenges Life

Words: 977 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 20733263

personal perspectives create distinctive views challenges life" Wilfred Owen subject studied, His poems "Mental Cases" "Dulce Decorum est" assigned poems essay written. A speech 5 minutes duration.

Speech: The poetry of Wilfred Owen

Wilfred Owen is considered one of the greatest of the British 'war poets,' a group of writers who became esteemed for their often cynical views of World War I. Owen's life history as a writer is particularly extraordinary given that he wrote almost all of his poems in "slightly over a year, from August 1917 to September 1918. In November 1918 he was killed in action at the age of twenty-five, one week before the Armistice" (Wilfred Owen, 2013).

Perhaps Owen's most famous poem "Dulce et Decorum est" was directly inspired by an event he witnessed as a soldier. The cool, matter-of-fact poem describes Owen helplessly watching the death of a fellow soldier choking on poison gas. The Latin title, which is explained fully at the end of the poem, references the classical education so many of the young men who fought in the war had obtained before actually participating in combat. Unlike the sanitized and beautiful vision of Roman combat portrayed in antique literature, the reality…… [Read More]


Owen, Wilson. Dulce et Decorum est. War Poetry. Available:  [13 Nov 2013]

Owen, Wilson. Mental Cases. Oxford. Available: [13 Nov 2013]
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Narrative Argument

Words: 2155 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 98217307

validity, and for school administrators Goldstein's points should be discussed and debated. Goldstein suggests that without violating students' privacy rights, instructors / teachers nationwide need to be far more alert to weirdness, aggressiveness, "creepiness," Nazi-related hatefulness, "Fierce racism" and homophobia.

Students that have obsessive video game habits -- with a daily dose of violent games like "Grand Theft Auto" -- are potentially antisocial individuals that need to be watched (Whiteman, 2013). There is ample evidence in the literature that impressionable young men and boys that play the most violent video games are living in a violent world of their own (Jaslow, 2013). Those working towards the prevention of homicidal violence in Germany's schools have employed anti-bullying programs and the "Leaking Project," which mirrors what Goldstein proposals; this should be studied by American school leaders (Leuschner, 2011). Also, those troubled students, known to be suffering from depression -- such as the shooter at Virginia Tech -- should be identified and helped whenever possible (Harwood, 2011).

Moreover, a strategy that has potential to reduce school massacres is to pass legislation that makes it more difficult for boys and young men to obtain weapons. No alert person would suggest that by making assault…… [Read More]

Works Cited

Harwood, V. (2011). Connecting the Dots: Threat Assessment, Depression and the Troubled

Student. Curriculum Inquiry, 41(5), 586-593.

Klebold, S. (2009). "I Will Never Know Why." The Oprah Magazine. Retrieved January

24, 2014, from
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Narrative Story

Words: 2043 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 6803351

Psychology Narrative

It is the intention of this paper to explore the methods utilized which resulted in the transformation of not only the behavior of a teenage boy but also in the transformation of his very life. Many methods have been utilized in attempting to modify behavioral-patterns in problem children and teens.

This paper will look at the changes in a young man whose name is Reuben, the elements that contributed to those changes and the viewpoint of Reuben as he tells us the story of his new outlook and life view.

This is a story told by Ruben about his life. It is a candid look at the manifestations of anger, frustration, rebellion against authority, and it is a story that gives voice to the possibilities of transformation or change within an individual. Further Ruben will reveals the conditions, or change of conditions in the environment that is conducive to the culmination or the birth of the thought that change is possible.

Ruben will further reveal the very elemental yet obtuse thoughts that may take root in the mind of a young individual in modern society and all that is entailed within that society. Finally, Ruben will reveal the…… [Read More]

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Personal Recovery Journey Recovery for

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But getting back to my supporter, because there is no chance that we will ever become close friends (she lives quite a distance from me), I feel I can open up to her and never fear her being critical of me. She recommends that I read the first-person stories from others who are recovering from various emotional and mental health problems. So, I have followed her suggestion.

An article in the Psychiatric Rehabilitation Journal tells the story of Yin Fan, who fell into a "deep depression" and "did not understand what was happening to me" (Fan, 2007). She eventually found out she had a bipolar condition, but meantime she gave thoughts to suicide. She thought about "…jumping of tall buildings or walking out into the ocean and letting the water carry me away" (Fan, 313). I have not had such thoughts but I do understand how a person suffering such extreme anxiety could get into that frame of mind. I love Fan's poetry, which she wrote while in recovery: "Why haven't I learned yet / to listen to the voice of my heart? / Why do I only hear the falling rain? / the rain tells me / to go…… [Read More]


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Narrative Structure Common to Short Stories of

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narrative structure common to short stories of the past cannot be found in modern examples of the literary form, and that in short "nothing happens" in modern short stories. When one examines the modern short story on its own terms, however, exploring the text for what it contains and extracting meaning and action from the words on the page (and the words not on the page), rather than trying to read modern short stories according to the frameworks and preconceptions of the past, it becomes clear that this stance simply doesn't hold water. While it might be true that a direct narrative structure is less present in modern short stories than in examples from the past, it is far from true that nothing happens in the modern short story. An examination of two canonized and gripping short stories, William Faulkner's "A Rose for Emily" and Andre Dubus' "Killings," reveal that though narrative structure might have faded in important, character, setting, and even narrative distance can create very compelling "happenings."

Plot in the Modern Short Story

The "happenings" of a short story can generally be equated with the story's plot, and while this plot consists of the narrative events in a…… [Read More]

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Narrative Which Describes Your Personal Understanding of

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narrative which describes your personal understanding of how race functions in contemporary society.

I understand that "race" is largely a human social construct that has little factual basis. With the benefit of the various modern DNA sciences, we know today that the external features that typically denote race are completely unreliable because they do not accurately correspond to our lineage. I would define "race" as a meaningless distinction that has evolved into one of the primary factors that many people use to distinguish groups of people they consider "different" from themselves.

Racism is evident to me on a daily basis in the sense that I continually observe social interactions dictated substantially by race-based associations and expectations instead of by objective elements of those interactions. To me, racism encompasses much more than negative conscious beliefs and attitudes about other people; it includes the so-called "positive" elements of racial heritage, such as cultural celebrations and social affiliations. In my opinion, it is nonsensical to simultaneously teach that (1) racism is wrong because race doesn't matter and (2) ones racial or cultural heritage is something to consciously identify with and embrace as an important part of our psychosocial identity. Racism is wrong because…… [Read More]

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Personal Insights Into What Extent

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"Our human bodies have evolved over hundreds of thousands of years through their relationships to the physical environment." (Wangyal-Rinpoche, 1980)

There is clear evidence that the basic principles of shamanism are pretty much universal phenomenon and studies of shamanic practices over many diverse and disparate cultures show that even with no interaction with one another, the methods and beliefs are the same. In other words, cultures throughout the world access the spirit world and with no physical way of communicating with one another, these indigenous cultures have some how cultivated the shamanistic journeys in surprisingly similar ways. These include:

soul retrieval power animal retrieval extraction spiritual healing psycopomp or the act of escorting dead spirits to other worlds

One would think that non-native cultures would never follow these beliefs. Ironically, many of the beliefs have all ready been incorporated into the modern world including technology, science and medicine. For example, shamanism discovered that the ability of a person who has suffered a state of amnesia or other 'soul splitting' event is the body's way of allowing time to heal from brain trauma induced by accidents or other physical abuses. "There is a doorway within our minds that usually remains hidden…… [Read More]

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Narrative of Life and Education

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Jerome Bruner makes in his book Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life. When I read this for the first time, it seemed a little strange to me. I am certainly not aware of almost constantly using stories as I go through my routine every day. But as the book went on, it became clear to me that this is true. Life itself is almost constructed as a story. From this understanding, it is possible to apply Bruner's ideas to education in order to make the process and meaningful and intriguing one for students.

One of the first points Bruner makes is that we seldom think critically about the way in which we make stories out of reality:

"In any case, whatever the source of our odd reticence, we rarely inquire as to the shape reality is give when we dress it up as a story. Common sense stoutly holds that the sotyr form is a transparent window on reality, not a cookie cutter imposing state on it." (Bruner, 2002, p. 6).

When thinking about education, this idea gives me a sense of how important narrative can be in the educational process. By dressing up the realities of subject matter as a…… [Read More]


Bruner, J. (2002). Making Stories: Law, Literature, Life. Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, LLC.
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Personal Vision of Leadership Could

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And finally, in the case of a general manager overseeing a team of technical workers or workers that have more knowledge of the project than him or herself, delegation might be best.

The different combinations of leadership strategies will depend on the type of the organization in question; the relationship of managers to employees; and the objectives of the leadership. In general, I would prefer to be part of a company that emphasized more participatory and delegative approaches. This no doubt comes from the values I was brought up with: I want to work hard and to do a good job, but I like to feel as if I have a hand in orchestrating the success of the enterprise of which I am a part. I believe I have something valuable to contribute to the organization and to me a job is never 'just a job.' Leadership is most effective when people love their work and feel genuinely motivated to complete it. However, I acknowledge that my preferred methods of leadership are not universally appropriate. Motivated workers that are unsure of how their tasks fit into the larger organization or who are unsure of their duties because organizational changes may…… [Read More]


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Narrative Statement Purpose

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individual's professional career path is unique and characteristic of that person's various experiences. I believe I've used my personal successes and occasional failures to reveal my own specific traits that can serve the common good while ultimately reaching my own individual potential. The purpose of this essay is to describe my experiences in order to express my sincere desire to be accepted to your graduate program as I strive to reach new levels of accomplishment and understanding.

Attaining a Master's of Science Degree in psychology from your institution is a key goal of my professional development. Professional therapy is a career field in which I believe I would excel. As a former medical sales representative for 10 successful and arduous years, I have learned what is needed in order to grow as a person. Maintaining discipline and adhering to demanding schedules while balancing delicate customer relationships within the serious and important medical field, as seen in my day-to-day experiences, have prepared me for a new and more academic orientated career. Having success in the professional world has provided me with some transferable skills that cannot be gained without hard work, determination and a vision to succeed.

Psychology and the therapeutic…… [Read More]

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Personal Teacher Classroom Management

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Classroom Management

My classroom management theory is based on a constructivist approach to learning, which implies that there is a mutual responsibility between the learner and the instructor to move forward with the learning experience. My current position is in the First Grade, which at times can make this somewhat challenging. In many ways, First Grade is a segue into a "real" school atmosphere: longer day, more academics, less play, stricter expectations, social growth, challenging social and academic environment and more. Often, the first few months of First Grade are transitions into expected behaviors and a more regimented school day, so classroom management can be challenging at times. Overall, I have been using placement of students (moving desks, etc.), challenging paced lessons and a reward system for good behavior, excellence in teamwork, assignments, etc. By in large, this has been quite effective for this level of student, most of whom respect adult authority and look to the teacher for leadership and modeling of behaviors.

Classroom Management Theory

Based on research, experience and conversations with colleagues, I believe that the most effective classroom is one in which there are a combination of activities and philosophical models. The classroom should enhance student…… [Read More]


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Personal Theory of Therapy

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personal theories about change and therapy as part of developing a personal therapeutic approach and process. The exploration begins with examining personal beliefs regarding health, normalcy, and change. The author also includes a discussion about the theoretical foundations influencing personal style of therapy. A description of a personal therapy process and culturally responsive therapy is also included in the article. The final section provides a theory of therapy diagram based on cognitive behavioral therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Michael White and David Epston have played a crucial part in explaining family therapy for nearly two decades through contributing to the emergence of numerous concepts in textbooks and handbooks of family therapy (Ramey et. al., 2009, p.262). One of the concepts in family therapy is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, which is used to treat people with several problems including mental health issues. The use of such theoretical approaches is based on the fact that people have several interacting narratives that contribute to the development of sense of self. As a result, the issues that people bring to therapy are not limited within the clients themselves but are affected and shaped by cultural discourses regarding identity and power (Madigan, 2011). This article explores personal…… [Read More]


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Frederick Douglass the Narrative of

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"To degrade and stamp out the liberties of a race" signified the "studied purpose" of linking social and civil equality. Douglass concluded that if the Civil Rights Law attempted to promote social equality, so did "the laws and customs of every civilized country in the world," including the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution, the Sermon on the Mount, the Golden Rule, and the Apostles' Creed. He warned his fellow Americans that if the vile spirit of caste as exemplified in the ignoble Supreme Court decision of 1883 persisted there would be a "black Ireland in America" (Gregory, 1971) .

Evidence of the Republican party's betrayal of blacks encompassed its failure to enforce the letter and spirit of the Thirteenth, Fourteenth, and Fifteenth Amendments. It likewise included its failure to pass: an Election Reform Bill (during President Hayes's administration) to eliminate election abuses in the South; the Lodge Force Bill (during President Benjamin Harrison's administration) to compel the president to send troops to the South if necessary to protect citizens' lives and rights; and the Blair Educational Bill (again during Harrison's administration) to subsidize a basic education for all American children. Due to these and like disappointments, Douglass became…… [Read More]

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Regional Narrative Ideas &Bull a

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After she got cleaned up and put down her bag, they went out to eat at a diner. Lexi wanted to order the beef that tasted of home, but Grandma and Pop-Pop said that would be too much for a little girl and ordered her chicken fingers instead. "Every kid likes chicken fingers," they said. Lexi hated chicken, and she also hated the Jell-O that came with her kid's meal. Her grandparents ordered from a menu called 'Early Bird Special.'

Lexi found riding around in the car after the long plane ride from Texas really boring, but she didn't say anything. That was Lexi's usual technique, to say nothing. Her dad called her the strong and silent type.

"What do you do all day in the middle of nowhere?" said her grandmother. Lexi imagined herself on a map labeled 'nowhere.' She knew what her grandmother meant, and kind of felt hurt. "It's not nowhere, it's where my mom and dad and horse is," she said.

Cowgirls don't sleep, they always keep one eye open, Lexi thought. She'd hardly spent but one or two days away from the ranch, but she would be brave, because she was a cowgirl, that's what…… [Read More]

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Visual Depiction of 5 Personal Impact Groups

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visual depiction of 5 personal impact groups to which you belong.

My five impact groups.


This has its own culture, history, language (e.g. AAVE) and way of looking at the world. It supports me in difficulties and provides with a social support group that is easily recognizable in any state and all over the world. Our color binds us together. It has impacted the way I grew up, and accordingly my experiences and therefore the way I perceive the world as well as what I like to read, watch, study, and think about. It has certainly too influenced the way that I feel on race and racism and also the way that I feel towards other minority groups and to people who are 'outsiders', scapegoats of society, or oppressed by so-called more powerful, influential others. It drives my desire for justice. This is important for a social worker, and therefore my background -- aqnd empathy for others -- is contributive to my career.

Volunteer with substance abuse

I have seen my people of my race in less privileged backgrounds than mine who are pressured into drugs and crime. Some have also become alcoholics due to the stress. Many of…… [Read More]

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Theoretical Orientation My Personal Orientation Lies in

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Theoretical Orientation

My personal orientation lies in Gestalt (Fritz Perls), Person Centered (Carl Rogers) and Reality Therapy (William Glasser) psychotherapy.

What do you see as the time frame of counseling? Are you more oriented to the past, present, or future?

I am oriented to present; however, I believe that many problems can come from the past. Therefore, the past must be discussed at some point.

To take this a step further, do you believe counseling is intended to work on current issues and feelings or to help people with issues and feelings from the past? Or, do you believe that people need to focus on their future feelings, thoughts and behaviors.

I believe people should focus on their current issues first. However, every individual are different. Therefore, therapy should be aim at individuals' need.


What is your view of people? Do you believe people are essentially good, bad, or neutral? I believe people can be essentially good

Do you believe clients are good people with issues to work out? Generally yes.

Conversely, are your clients bad people with an inherent defect that requires counseling? Are people somewhere in between, such as good people that do bad things?

Clients are…… [Read More]


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My Motivation Towards Becoming a PA Personal Statement

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Physician Assistant Program Narrative

Personal Statement: My Motivation towards Becoming a PA

We all have dreams and aspirations. As a young child, my dream was to become a chef. When asked why I wanted to become a chef, my answer was always consistent; "I wanted to delight people by preparing them delicious dishes." As I grew up, I became more informed and my view of the world became clearer -- and it was then that I realized that deep inside, I wanted to end up in a profession that impacted positively on the lives of others. A profession that brought delight to those I interacted with. Then, something happened that completely convinced me that I would most comfortably serve in any of the helping professions. A couple of months after my 10th birthday, my younger brother got bitten by a dog in his face -- right below his left eye. I vividly remember seeing a lot of blood oozing from his face. I also clearly remember, like it was just the other day, racing him to the ER (in the company of my parents) and watching as health professionals attended to him. To cut the long story short, I was…… [Read More]

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Family Narrative Every Family Has a Story

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Family Narrative

Every family has a story. Or rather every family has a number of different stories. This does not mean that there are not important overlaps and consistencies among the stories that different family members tell. Both what is the same (or nearly the same) from one family member to the next and what is different is important to attend to as one tries to make sense of the story of one's family. It is important to understand where the schisms are: Are there emotional and narrative fault-lines between generations? Between genders? Between matrilineal and patrilineal sectors? Between those that immigrated to the United States and those that were born here? And, just as important, where are the alliances? Between mothers and daughters? Between those who are the most or least educated? Between those who share a religion?

In this paper I create a family narrative for my own family, examining the stories that we tell about ourselves and what that over-arching story tells about who we are. In doing the research I discovered some facts that I did not know and many opinions that I did not know that different members of my family held. I also discovered…… [Read More]


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Tate, L. (2009). Power in the blood: A family narrative. Cleveland: Ohio University Press.
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Discovery Narrative

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Discovery Narrative

Analysis of William Bradford's and Samuel de Champlain's Narratives of the life of native American-Indians in the Americas in the 17th century

Early accounts of native life in North America were well-documented with through the experiences of navigators representing European countries, particularly Spain, England, and Portugal in the 17th century. This period was identified as the "Age of Discovery," for new civilizations were found, which provided opportunities for these voyagers to take advantage of a new-found territory to make use of its natural resources and expand its political territory and powers in the process.

Famous works of early narratives of discoveries of new land territories in the North American region were from William Bradford and Samuel de Champlain, voyagers who had been sent by England and France, respectively, to explore the prospects of a new politico-economic territory in the geographic area now known as North America. Narrated in the context of 17th century socio-political thought, Bradford and de Champlain provided insightful information about the nature of the native inhabitants of the region, not to mention the Europeans' perspective and interpretation of their experiences with the natives.

In this paper, focus is given on the narrative styles of both…… [Read More]

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Internship Narrative I Have Had the Pleasure

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Internship Narrative:

I have had the pleasure to work undergo a counseling internship at Catholic Charities, a mental health counseling agency. The internship has been quite helpful in my process to become a counselor through the educational, challenging, and rewarding practicum experience I obtained from the agency. During this period, I was assigned some tasks that were relatively new in my learning experience and provided significant challenges at first. However, the process ended up being one of the most beneficial learning experiences I have had because of its rewarding nature. As a result, the entire counseling internship at the mental health agency has been an avenue and opportunity for learning and growth in my journey to become a counselor.

Catholic Charities is one of the largest mental health agencies in the country with a long standing history. As a private organization, this agency works to support individuals, families, and communities with mental health problems in order to promote holistic growth and development. My selection for the internship was relatively a difficult process since I had to undergo two interviews within a week. This was followed by an orientation process where I attended a staff meeting for all counselors in the…… [Read More]

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Internship Narrative Review With the Supervisor the

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Internship Narrative

Review with the supervisor the required activities. My supervisor and I discussed how I completed all the relevant activities for the months of August and September and reviewed any issues.

Meet weekly with your supervisor for supervision. My supervisor and I set a weekly schedule for meetings with the understanding that if I need to, I can reach out and speak to her even outside of our appointment time, which I have done.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation: at this time, I currently completing this activity.

Supervisor orients student to the agency: I attended a staff meeting where all relevant introductions were made and all backgrounds of team members were explained, with everyone making me feel like an important and relevant part of the team.

Observe agency counselors to identify the characteristics of effective counselors and The characteristics of less effective counselors: I was able to engage in many anger management groups along with counseling sessions, which was completely enlightening through the counseling sessions, offering me a valuable learning experience.

6. Participate in staffing: I discussed all of these experiences with my supervisor while engaging in monthly staff meetings while 34 team members talk about immediate and long-term needs.…… [Read More]

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Timeline and Narrative of Gang Activity 1800

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Timeline and Narrative of Gang Activity: 1800 -- 2000

Throughout history, humans have banded together for mutual protection and to pursue their mutual interests in ways that would not be possible individually. The historical record has shown that humans that succeeded in achieving this level of mutual protection survived while their counterparts perished, and the same processes continue today. When these collaborative efforts are used for criminal enterprises, though, they become gangs. Indeed, Ali Baba and his Forty Thieves and Robin Hood of Loxley and His Merry Men were gangs by any definition, just as Jesse James and the Younger Brothers in the 19th century American West and the gangsters that emerged during Prohibition. To gain some new insights into how gangs evolved over time and what factors contributed to this process, this paper provides a timeline of gang activity from 1800 to the present day, followed by an analysis of these trends. A summary of the research and important findings concerning gang activity during this 200-year period is provided in the conclusion.

Review and Analysis

Part 1: Background and Overview

What is a "gang," anyway? The term "gang" is certainly not modern, but rather dates back to Chaucer's writings…… [Read More]


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Frederick Douglas Narrative of the Life of

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Frederick Douglas

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, An American Slave recounts the horrible conditions that led to Douglass's contempt for slavery. Douglass suffered poverty, brutality, separation from family, and civil injustice all for what he believed to be for the financial benefit of white slave owners. Fear and educational and religious controls were instruments used to keep slaves in their place. But, with his strength and determination, Douglas would rebel against and overcome these controls. And, in the end, Douglass would find the accumulation of material wealth used to justify the atrocities of slavery was an illusion.

As a child, Douglas was underfed and forced to eat cornmeal must from a trough as though he was a pig. The only clothing the slave children had were two linen shirts per year which hung to their knees. When these failed them, the children were forced to go naked. In winter, the children had to huddle in the kitchen to keep warm because they had no beds or blankets. Slave master Thomas Auld starved his slaves, and they had to steal food from neighboring farms to survive. In sharp contrast, slave owner Colonel Lloyd kept ten to fifteen house servants…… [Read More]

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Macpherson 2006 it Is Personal Attributes and

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MacPherson (2006), it is "personal attributes and qualities," rather than specific competencies and skills, "that separate top performers from the pack." Specifically, managers mention self-motivation, solid interpersonal skills, strategic thinking, innovativeness, and flexibility as the hallmarks of success in any given career (MacPherson, 2006). These are the very five competencies and skills that are necessary in accounting, my chosen profession. Of course, an aspiring accountant must acquire the specific competencies and skills that make it possible to do the daily work of number crunching. College education, degree, and certification are the preliminary groundwork for being an accountant, followed by as much hands-on experience as possible in accounting firms. After that, though, a professional must exhibit personal attributes and qualities that separate a successful from an unsuccessful accountant. The first of those qualities is self-motivation. The work of an accountant is largely independent work. Although we may need to work within a team, the bulk of our job requires a great degree of independence and self-motivation. This is especially true for accountants with their own private practice, who might need to market their services to clients. In addition to self-motivation, an accountant must communicate effectively. An accountant could never survive without…… [Read More]


Macpherson, R. (2006). The Top 5 Qualities you need to advance your career. Quill, 94(2), 26-27. Retrieved from EBSCOhost.