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They may not be overtly trying to keep blacks down, but I have noticed they it is important in this company to keep whites at the top of the ladder.

For example, my manager, a Caucasian, has been with this company for 20 years, he earns a salary in six figures and has no college experience. It shows. In fact under his supervision our department is collapsing. There is a supervisor who is African-American who tries hard to cover up for his boss's errors of judgment and wrongheaded decisions. He should be the one running our department, but he hasn't been promoted or compensated -- or even given credit for the yeoman's work that...


The black supervisor has been with the company as long as the white manager, and the black supervisor has two master's degrees, but he can't catch a break in the company pecking order. The company simply refuses to promote him notwithstanding the fact that he is talented and worthy. They are bringing in another manager who knows little or nothing about out company, and he is in a position to take over when the white manager retires. The black supervisor was told he is "over qualified" but I know and others in our group know that is ridiculous. We're experiencing racism that is indirect, but it certainly can be called institutional…

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