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==> With over ten years of administrative, managerial, retail and title work experience and degrees in accounting and public administration, I hope to share with my colleagues what I have learned and experienced in teamwork, communication, leadership, business ethics and human resource strategies. I believe that my positive outlook and enthusiasm will encourage my peers to explore their full potential and to use their education to find a personal sense of purpose and vision.

Real-world business challenges that the candidate currently faces that might be explored using the knowledge that the candidate will attain through his or her participation in the MBA program.==>

I am under considerable economy-related challenges in my retail and target='_blank' href='' rel="follow">government jobs. It is definitely a challenge maintaining a viable retail store during these difficult economic times and profitability has definitely suffered. Far too often, I struggle to keep up with the prices of competitors and understand that I can't always keep up with larger operations that benefit from economies of scale. Therefore, I would like to learn how to operation more efficiently and to more effectively differentiate my business through innovations in customer service and customer value. Too often, people think of work in the government as offering job security, but even government jobs are now in danger due to budget shortfalls. Therefore, I want to obtain a higher degree so that I can offer more value to my employer to secure my present situation and so that I can advance to a higher position when the…

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