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Intervention to Help Kids Fight Obesity
Words: 309 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 29592923
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As Karnik and Kanekar (2012) show, there are many interventions available to health care providers for childhood obesity, which has fast become a "global public health crisis" in the world (p. 1). These interventions include the promotion of family bonding, education, and pharmacology.

The specific aim of this project is to improve outcomes with regard to children's health. By measuring the impact of one intervention against another, primary care providers can better understand which intervention may be more effective in helping to reduce the rate of childhood obesity for their patients.

This study will measure the weight, dietary and physical exercise habits of children and adolescent patients at a primary care facility over the duration of 6 months time. During that time, the patients will be exposed to two separate interventions -- a pharmacological intervention and a health literacy intervention.

The PICOT is as follows:…


Karnik, S., Kanekar, A. (2012). Childhood obesity: A global public health crisis.

International Journal of Preventive Medicine, 3(1): 1-7.

Design for Change Proposal
Words: 870 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 39438240
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PICOT & Literature Review Worksheet

NEC remains a challenge in the nursing world despite the major medical progress made in the medical sector. Given the varying clinical presentation of NEC among infants, clinicians have a challenge in diagnosing the disease at both the earliest and least severe stage of pathogenesis (Mulhall, 1998). To curb this problem, assigning disease severity based on staging criteria for NEC is vital for both the diagnosis and treatment. Therefore, properly educating nurses on Bell Staging; the standard in assigning severity of disease to NEC cases is likely to result in accurate and effective diagnosis.

Educating NICU Nurses

Nurses working in the nation's NICUs lack the basic knowledge in handling infants showing possible signs of NEC infection. Thus, to ensure efficient diagnosis and treatment of NEC, proper education of nurses on the diagnosis methods is necessary (Barnsteiner, 1996). The nurses are educated on Bell's three stages…

The History of East Asia
Words: 793 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 92798895
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Sykes -- Picot Agreement

As Iraq lurches deeper into turmoil, Kurdish leaders threaten to break away and declare outright independence, and the militants of the self-styled Islamic State (IS) are reshaping the border between Iraq and Syria, one must look to the history of the region to be able to put these conflicts in full perspective (Muir, 2016). The Sykes -- Picot Agreement was officially signed on May 16, 1916, however the agreement was in the workings for quite some time before it was officially signed. The deal was also known as the Asia Minor Agreement because of the geography that the agreement sought to affect. The Middle East has been a major strategic goal for policy planners and strategist for centuries. An author who published in the Smithsonian summarized the agreement as:

"Even before the final outcome of the Great ar has been determined, Great Britain, France, and Russia…

Works Cited

AFP. (2016, May 14). 100 years since Sykes-Picot: The deal that changed the Mideast forever. Retrieved from The Times of Israel: 

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Muir, J. (2016, May 16). Sykes-Picot: The map that spawned a century of resentment. Retrieved from BBC News:

suicide among psychiatric patients
Words: 880 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 35676335
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Suicide rates are remarkably high worldwide and nationally, making suicide one of the leading causes of death (Schwartz-Lifshitz, Zalsman, Giner et al, 2012; Tillman, 2014). Although most suicides do not occur in the hospital setting, psychiatric disorders—especially mood disorders and psychotic disorders—are risk factors that increase the likelihood of a suicidal event (Appleby, 1992; Sarzetto, Delmonte, Seghi, et al, 2017). Suicide not only affects the patient, but reverberates throughout the patient’s family and social circle, also causing distress and potential performance issues among clinical staff (Tillman, 2014).

Therefore, it is important that psychiatric nurses understand how to recognize risk factors, and establish a clinical practice environment that prevents suicide. Minimizing suicidal tendencies requires different types of treatment interventions individually tailored for at-risk patients, as well as implementing best practices for creating a clinical environment that reduces risk. Best practices may also include preparing, teaching, and training nursing staff, especially when…

Using Systematic Search Strategies
Words: 1698 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 84370935
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Weightloss Counseling and Physical Exercise

PHASE II Search Paper

Scholarly Project

Dana Delatush RN BSN ONC

"I pledge my honor that I have neither given nor received inappropriate aid on this assignment."

Abstract Comment by Patricia: Place the abstract on a separate page for your final search paper

This paper is focused on the literature search related to the PICOT question: Does weight loss counseling and physical exercise improve pain and mobility in obese patients with a BMI >25 suffering from osteoarthritis? To answer this clinical question, six databases were searched including the Cumulative Index of Nursing and Allied health Literature (CINAHL), The Cochrane Library, PubMed/Medline, Google Scholar, PsycInfo®, and ProQuest Nursing and Allied Health Source™. The paper describes the search methodology. Keywords: osteoarthritis, obesity, weight loss counseling, pain, mobility

Introduction to Search Strategy

I will be creating a search strategy to help me clarify what information I need, and…

Communication Technologies Rapid Advancements in
Words: 2449 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 56172188
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News Reporting on Crimes, Corruption, and worsening Economic Conditions:

News channels also telecast detailed reports on crimes, corruption, political instability, and worsening conditions of economies. General public, which is already in a miserable condition due to a stressful life further gets into tensions and worries due to such type of information. These reports present a very weird picture of what is happening around the world. All this creates an atmosphere of restlessness, anxiety, and depression among the general public (Kraut & Attewell).

Impacts of Information overload on Investors:

Investing in a particular asset, organization, or industry is such a decision which requires a comprehensive and careful analysis of the relevant facts and figures. Generally, investors look at the industry trends over the last few years in a view to anticipate the attractiveness and potential of their investment. Now-a-days, there are various sources through which they can obtain this information. But…

Works Cited

Bondarouk, Tanya. Handbook of research on e-transformation and human resources management technologies: organizational outcomes and challenges. Hershey: Information Science Reference, 2009. Print. (412)

Costigan, Sean & Perry, Jake. Cyberspaces and global affairs. Burlington: Ashgate Publishers, 2012. Print. (p. 319)

Eppler, Martin. Managing information quality: increasing the value of information in knowledge-intensive products and processes. New York: Springer, 2006. (p. 2)

Kraut, Robert & Attewell, Paul. Media Use in a Global Corporation: Electronic Mail and Organizational Knowledge. 6 July 1996. Web. 16 March 2012.

Nursing Mindfulness and its impact
Words: 1585 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52739138
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PICOT Question and its Significance

The PICOT question is: Does mindfulness meditation (I) reduce long-term risk factors and suicidal behaviors (O) among psychiatric patients (P) versus those who do not participate in the meditation programs (C)? This is of great significance to the nursing practice because psychiatric disorders are risk factors that cause an increase in the probability of a suicidal occurrence. As a result, it is imperative for psychiatric nurses to comprehend how to pinpoint such risk factors and institute a clinical practice setting that dissuades suicide. More importantly, nursing practice encompasses the execution of best practices for generating a clinical setting that diminishes risk such as mindfulness meditation.

Summary of Literature Review

The mindfulness meditation theory is deemed to the most prospective one in treating addictive disorder patients. The safety of these models is guaranteed if carried out in the framework of clinical studies. In recent periods, associated…

Traditional Forms of Learning Do
Words: 1543 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 35922237
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It does not happen overnight; 3) eflective practice occurs best when learners work with role models; 4) as noted by Fink, instruction needs to be learner-centered, of interest to the learners and long-lasting; 5) the institution in which the nurses learn must be supportive of reflective learning.

The PICOT is a useful format for developing a clinical research question. It helps to answer questions and decrease uncertainty and determine the appropriate choice of action. In this case, the PICOT is the following:

Nursing student population

Provide long-term knowledge to make reflective decisions

Traditional learning situations

eflective practice offers several benefits over traditional learning

Time frame (optional)

eferences cited:

Fink, L.D. (2003). Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Loughran, J. John (2002) "Effective reflective practice: in search of meaning in learning about teaching." Journal of Teacher Education 53(1): 33+.

Osterman, K. (1998) Using…

References cited:

Fink, L.D. (2003). Creating significant learning experiences: An integrated approach to designing college courses. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass

Loughran, J. John (2002) "Effective reflective practice: in search of meaning in learning about teaching." Journal of Teacher Education 53(1): 33+.

Osterman, K. (1998) Using Constructivism and Reflective Practice to Bridge the Theory/Practice Gap. Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Educational Research Association (San Diego, CA, April 13-17, 1998) ED425518 ERIC

Peters, M. (2000). Does constructivist epistemology have a place in nurse education? Journal of Nursing Education, 39, 166-172

Review of before and after
Words: 636 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 81107689
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pursuit of preparing the data analysis for the prior PICOT question that has been detailed in numerous ways, it shall now be described how the data will be analyzed. The analysis that shall be completed has three aspects that will be described in this brief section. They include a detailed description of the intervention that will be tested, a detailed description of the data collection process and the analysis that will be completed for the collected data. While the PICOT question and structure as well as the associated analysis is not terribly complicated, it must be completed in a thorough, diligent and proper way.


Intervention Details

First off is the intervention that shall be employed in the experimental group. Of course, there will also be a control group that is not subject to the intervention described below. With that established, the intervention group will be exposed to the following…


Hanley, J. A. (2017). Correction of Selection Bias in Survey Data: Is the Statistical Cure Worse

Than the Bias?. American Journal of Public Health, 107(4), 503-505.


Lund, T. (2012). Combining Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches: Some Arguments for Mixed Methods Research. Scandinavian Journal Of Educational Research, 56(2), 155-

Cultural Competency in Nursing
Words: 1874 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 29513439
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Cultural Competency in Nursing

The basic knowledge in nursing or medical studies needs substantial facilitation in order to be effective and appropriate towards addressing the needs and preferences of the patients. Watson notes the need to integrate humanistic aspect into the career or nursing profession. He also believes on the need for the establishment of the caring relationship between the patients and nurses thus demonstration of unconditional acceptance of the patients in any condition. Nurses should integrate holistic and positive treatment with the aim of promoting health through knowledge and interventions thus elimination of interruptions during treatments or 'caring moments'. Modern patients have diverse problems and issues because of the cultural differences, races, and ethnicity thus the need to enhance the operations of the nurses. There is need to ensure that the nurses obtain cultural competencies with the aim of enhancing their ability to address diverse issues and problems faced…


Anderson, N.L.R., Calvillo, E.R., & Fongwa, M.N. (2007). Community-based approaches to strengthen cultural competency in nursing education and practice. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 18(1), 49S-59S.

Beach, M.C. (2005). Cultural competency: A systematic review of health care provider educational interventions. Cultural Competency, 43(4), 356-373.

Campinha-Bacote, J. (2002). The process of cultural competence in the delivery of healthcare services: A model of care. The Journal of Transcultural Nursing, 13(3), 181-185.

Rosswurm and Larrabee, (1999). A Model for Change to Evidence-Based

Health and Nursing Reduction of Bedsores Through
Words: 1591 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 8156838
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Health and Nursing

eduction of bedsores through implementation of Hospital wide turntable

Does the implementation of a hospital-wide turntable team have a positive impact on the reduction of bedsores?

eduction of Bedsores

A pressure ulcer (PU) or bedsore can be defined as an injury to underlying tissue of the skin that occurs due to pressure or friction. In most cases, the injured tissue sores due to the pressure exerted over a prominent bone. PU has also been defined as areas of necrosis due to tissue compression amid the bony prominence and the extracorporeal surface for a prolonged time period (Gray & Krapfl, 2008). It is therefore apparent from these definitions that exposure to pressure for a lengthy time is the primary cause of bedsores.

To prevent or minimize bedsores therefore, it is imperative upon medical practitioners to put intervention measures in place that will reduce exposure to pressure. The human…


Gorecki, C., Brown, J.M. & Andrea, N.E. (2009) Impact of Pressure Ulcers on Quality of Life in Older Patients: A Systematic Review. Journal of American Geriatrics Society. DOI: 10.1111/j, 1532-5415.

Gray, M & Krapfl, L.A. (2005) Does regular repositioning prevent pressure ulcers? Journal of Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nursing. Vol.35, No.6, 571-577.

Ikechokwu, E.C., Idowu, O.A. & Anekwe, D.E. (2012) Prevalence and Factors Associated With Healing Outcomes of Hospitals-acquired Pressure Ulcers among Patients With Spinal Cord Injury. Journal of Public Health and Epidemiology.Vol. 4(2), p. 44-47.

Kaitani, T., Tokunaga, K., Matsui, N., Sananda, H. (2010) Risk factors related to the development of pressure ulcers in the critical care setting. Journal of Clinical Nursing. Vol.19, 414-421.

Labor and Union Studies Canadian
Words: 1618 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 19195473
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In 2007, it established that about two thirds of Canadians concur that immigration has a very affirmative or rather affirmative influence on Canada. Immigrants' view their choice to come to Canada as affirmative as well. While those coming into the country in 2000 were not pleased about their financial outcomes, the majority of the two thirds who stayed had a fairly affirmative feeling about their choice to come to Canada and to have stayed there (Picot, 2008).

On the whole, immigration for the country of Canada is a good thing. It helps to aid the economy in a very positive way. This can be seen in Canada's decision to increase their immigration efforts during the current recession as opposed to what a lot of other countries have done, which has been to decrease the effort. It has been shown that even those immigrants are often faced with adverse financial circumstances…


Canada welcomes largest number of immigrants in 50 years. (2008). Retrieved February 23,

2011, from Web site: 

From Generation to Generation: Utilizing the Human Capital of Newcomer Parents to Benefit

Families. (n.d.). Retrieved February 23, 2011, from Web site:

Rounding by Nurses in the progressive care unit
Words: 3219 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 18912927
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The progressive care unit (PCU) is a practice setting in which the researcher’s health care team is often failing to meet quality care objectives according to patient reporting on the hospital consumer assessment of healthcare providers and systems (HCAHPS). Opportunities for growth in quality care based on the HCAHPS of the PCU include topic areas related to patient inclusion as well as communication skills of the members of the healthcare team. Patient perception of quality is that the healthcare team in the PCU is unable to explain the care process in a way that the patient and family members feel comfortable with or that allows them to understand the care that is being provided to them. The researcher has first-hand experience with this challenge in the PCU and has heard first-hand from patients there that the care seems disjointed, that continuity is lacking, and how problematic it is for…

Coleman's Model of Transition Management
Words: 1662 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Chapter Paper #: 12801049
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EBP is to facilitate strategy to eradicate short cycle return to second readmission of psychiatric patients on hospital beds. Doing so will assist health care providers in addressing the issue of bed shortage. eduction of readmission rates allows more space to be available for other patients and helps to cut costs as well as bring about better conformity with governmental regulations.

Search Process

The search process used in this literature review began with searching key words in online databases such as Cochran eview, CINAHL, and other nursing research journal databases. Google Scholar was used as the primary search engine, with filters set to permit results from these particular databases. Key words used included "reducing readmission rates," "readmission psych," "causes of readmission psych hospital," "psych hospital readmission," "reduction of psych readmission," and other combinations of key words identified by relevant articles found after conducting these searches. More than a thousand articles…


Burns, T., Rugkasa, J., Molodynski, A. et al. (2013). Community treatment orders for patients with psychosis (OCTET): A randomized controlled trial. The Lancet, 381(9878): 1627-1633. DOI: (13)60107-5.

Kalseth, J., Lassemo, E., Wahlbeck, K., Haaramo, P., Magnussen, J. (2016). Psychiatric

readmissions and their association with environmental and health system characteristics: a systematic review of the literature. BMC Psychiatry, 16: 376. DOI: 10.1186/s12888-016-1099-8.

Kripalani, S., Theobald, C., Anctil, B., Vasilevskis, E. (2013). Reducing hospital readmission: Current strategies and future directions. Annual Review of Medicine, 65: 471-485. DOI: 10.1146/annurev-med-022613-090415

US Government Should Limit the Level of Immigration
Words: 1424 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 50031092
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Immigration to America

An Introduction and Claim

Over the years, the issue of immigration in America United States has raised complex demographic issues. Elements of population increase and cultural change on the native societies in the United States are evident characteristics of immigration. The social, political, and economic components of immigration cause controversies on issues of employment, settlement patterns, ethnicity, and economic benefits for non-immigrants. The government works on developing social mobility, reducing crime, and controlling voting behavior. This paper intends to outline the negative issues surrounding immigration in the U.S. The United States has fewer immigrants on per capita consideration comparable to half the OECD countries. Policies had developed before 1965 focused on establishing a working formula for limiting naturalization and immigration opportunities for persons without native claim.


The exceptional economic status of America makes it a haven for immigrants (David & Okazaki 887). However, globalization is fast…

Works Cited

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Stickels, Jackie. The Victim Satisfaction Model of the Criminal Justice System, Criminology and Criminal Justice Research and Education, 2.1 (2008), 1-19. Print

Analyzing Evidenced Based Practice
Words: 955 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 96106575
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Evidenced-Based Practice

According to research, evidence-based practice (EBP) results to greater quality care, enhanced patient outcomes, minimized costs, and more nurse satisfaction when compared to conventional approaches to care. Evidence-based practice is simply a problem-solving approach to healthcare delivery, which incorporates the best evidence from research and patient care records with clinician skill and patient values and likings. The greatest quality of care and best patient outcomes could be gotten when provided in a caring situation and in a supportive educational culture. The aim of this paper is to evaluate a published work founded on evidence-based practice. The other part of the paper contains a summary of the important points in the article, steps in the development and execution of evidence-based practice, and the manner through which this new information could be implemented.


Capnography is still an essential tool in the measurement of invalidated "carbon-dioxide" (CO2). Latest "Advanced-Cardiac-Life-Support" or…


Kodali, B., & Urman, R. (2014). Capnography during cardiopulmonary resuscitation: Current evidence and future directions. J Emerg Trauma Shock, 7(4), 332-40.

Melnyk, B. M., Fineout-Overholt, E., Stillwell, S. B., & Williamson, K. M. (2010). The Seven Steps of Evidence-Based Practice. AJN, 110(1), 51-53.

Health care and care techniques
Words: 2211 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 72347786
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Benchmark-esearch Critique and PICOT statement

This article is a research critique on the paper titled 'Home Telehealth for Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): An Evidence-Based Analysis' by J. Franek. The research paper under review was published by the Ontario Health Technology Assessment Series.

Although there isn't a direct statement that refers to Problem statement, there is a title that highlights the "Objective of the Analysis." There is an excerpt of the objectives below. The discussion in the objective statement is only centred on the evaluation steps. There is evidence in the literature that the effects of COPD were openly revealed as being core elements of the problem statement in the first place.

"For patients experiencing multiple comorbidities, it is essential to observe routine self-management support. Such support consists of the necessary education to enlighten parents to pick out the symptoms in good time. They will consequently manage their…


Bernocchi, P., Scalveni, S., Galli, T., Volterani, M., & Vitacca, M. (2016). A multidisciplinary telehealth program in patients with combined chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and chronic heart failure: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial. Trials.

Brown, J. (2014). Improving care for COPD. North East Quality Observatory System.

Irzarry, R., Peng, R., & Leek, J. (2013, August 28). Evidence-based Data Analysis: Treading a New Path for Reproducible Research. Retrieved from Simply Statistics: 

Riva, J., Malik, K., Burnie, S., Endicott, A., & Busse, J. (2012). What is your research question? An introduction to the PICOT format for clinicians. Journal of the Canadian Chiropractic Association, 167-171.

Integrative Review
Words: 4425 Length: 13 Pages Document Type: Paper #: 92322236
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Patients in hospitals often complain of pain regardless of the diagnosis. Several activities in a patient's life contribute to pain. Some of the activities include amount of sleep, daily chores and quality of life (Alaloul, Williams, Myers, Jones, & Logdson, 2015). While health care expenses have increased significantly over the years, there have been great improvements in increasing both family and patient involvement in medical care. Hourly care is one of the strategies that have worked well in various healthcare settings. Hourly care has been a success in various areas but using it in urgent pediatric settings hasn't been well documented (Emerson, Chumra, & Walker, 2013). Opportunities still exist to look into pediatric family preferences and perspectives as pertains to the use of whiteboards (Cholli, et al., 2016). Several studies have been done in different setups and this paper references many of them. The research projects include in-patient surveys, quasi-experimental…


Alaloul, F., Williams, K., Myers, J., Jones, K. D., & Logdson, C. (2015). Impact of a Script-based Communication Intervention on Patient Satisfaction with Pain Management. Pain Management Nursing, 321 - 327.

Brosey, L., & March, K. (2015). Effectiveness of structured hourly nurse rounding on patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Journal of Nursing Care Quality, 153.

Cholli, P., Meyer, E., David, M., Moonam, M., Mahoney, J., Hession-Laband, E., . . . Bell, S. (2016). Family Perspectives on Whiteboard Use and Recommendations for Improved Practices. Hospital Pediatrics, 426 - 430.

Emerson, B., Chumra, K., & Walker, D. (2013). Hourly rounding in the pediatric emergency department: patient and family safety and satisfaction rounds. J Emerg Med, 99 - 104.

Management of ICU Delirium
Words: 1029 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 21898324
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ICU Delirium

Search of Literature for Evidence

One of the most crucial elements towards conducting a high-quality research is conducting an effective and valid search of literature for evidence. The search of literature for evidence is defined as an organized comprehensive search of existing literature published regarding the research issue. A well-organized search of literature is important when conducting a study since it's the most efficient and effective means for locating sound evidence on the research topic. For this study on intensive care delirium, a literature search is crucial towards identifying existing evidence on the topic and identifying gaps in knowledge. The information or insights obtained from the literature search is used to provide guidelines on the research process and how to fill the gaps in knowledge.

In this regard, the researcher conducted a search on electronic databases in order to identify credible sources of data. The researcher conducted the…


Ista et al. (2014, October 2). Improvement of Care for ICU Patients with Delirium by Early Screening and Treatment: Study Protocol of iDECePTIvE Study. Implementation Science, 9(143), 1-10.

Luetz et al. (2014, November). Delirium, Sedation and Analgesia in the Intensive Care Unit: A Multinational, Two-Part Survey among Intensivists. PLOS One, 9(11), 1-6.

Improving Medication Regimen Adherence among STD Patients
Words: 6195 Length: 25 Pages Document Type: Capstone Project Paper #: 36554386
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Evidence-Based Project Proposal

Graduate Project in Nursing

The incidence of sexually transmitted diseases has been increasing among adolescents in countries around the world, but there remains a dearth of timely and relevant studies concerning salient differences in knowledge level and attitudes between different cultures and ethnic populations. One common factor that has been consistently demonstrated in improving the effectiveness of treatments for sexually transmitted diseases is promoting adherence to treatment regimens, most especially for medications since these are used in all treatments for sexually transmitted diseases. While there have been some studies concerning various strategies for promoting adherence levels to treatment regimens, there remains a lack of studies concerning evidence-based practices that incorporate technological solutions. To this end, the proposed study intends to conduct an experiment using innovative face recognition and motion detection smartphone app to evaluate its effectiveness in promoting adherence to medication regimens among a population of adolescents…

Draft Prospectus
Words: 2023 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 59196407
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Mentorship in Nursing Leadership and the Effects of Evidence-Based Practice: An Integrated Literature eview

Nursing leadership has been identified as a major contributor to the outcomes of the organization, the nurses, and the patients. Mentoring in nursing leadership has been shown to be critical in the development and sustenance of nursing leadership (Wallen et al., 2010; Stetler et al., 2014). In addition, mentoring in nursing leadership and evidence-based practice (EBP) is an explicit method that is conscientious in the delivery of healthcare services as it incorporates the best evidence from research studies. However, research on the effectiveness of EBP regarding leadership in nursing is limited, as most of the focus has been on institutionalized EBP. This research therefore is an integrated literature review with the aim of establishing and identifying the status and the effects of EBP in nursing leadership.

Background of the Problem

Various studies have reported on the…


Berland, A., Gundersen, D., & Bentsen, S. B. (2012). Evidence-based practice in primary care -- An explorative study of nurse practitioners in Norway. Nurse education in practice, 12(6), 361-365.

Lunden, A., Teras, M., Kvist, T., & Haggman-Laitila, A. (2017). A systematic review of factors influencing knowledge management and the nurse leaders' role. Journal of Nursing Management. DOI: 10.1111/jonm.12478

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Stetler, C. B., Ritchie, J. A., Rycroft-Malone, J., & Charns, M. P. (2014). Leadership for Evidence-Based Practice: Strategic and Functional Behaviors for Institutionalizing EBP. Worldviews on Evidence-Based Nursing, 11(4), 219 -- 226. doi.10.1111/wvn.12044

Using Evidence Based Practice to Resolve a Nursing Issue
Words: 2340 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 29219881
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Refinement of a Nursing Concern into an Evidence-based Practice Proposal Using the Research Process


Research is mainly used to generate new knowledge or for the validation of existing knowledge based on a theory. Evidenced-based practice (EBP) is the translation of evidence and applying the evidence to clinical decision-making. Most of the evidence used in EBP stems from research. However, EBP will go beyond the use of research and it will include clinical expertise together with patient preference and values. EBP will make use of the evidence developed or knowledge discovered using research to determine the best evidence that can be used or implemented in clinical practice. Research and EBP go hand in hand in that while one will generate new knowledge, the other will make practical use of the knowledge and make use of the knowledge by implementing it into clinical practice. EBP is supported by research since any…

How Vietnamese Business Owners View the Future
Words: 4350 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 48526859
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Vietnamese Entrepreneurship (1975-013)

Microbusinesses form a large share of the economy of Vietnam. Owned by self-employed entrepreneurs, they create employment and provide income for millions. Although the density of vendors, boutiques, and other small shops in any Vietnamese city or town is impressive, such activities were banned by authorities until the end of the 1980s.

Communist rulers have long believed that private businesses had no place in the socialist economy. This policy had been implemented in North Vietnam after French colonialism came to an end in 1954. Following the fall of South Vietnam and the reunification of the country in 1975 and 1976, it was also applied to the South. It proved to be a significant failure. In 1979, the government began to realize that its policies were leading the nation toward complete collapse. (Freeman, 1996) A short war with China, ignited by Vietnam's liberation of Cambodia, resulted in economic…

2.2 Entrepreneurship in developing countries

2.2.1 Entrepreneurial challenges in developing countries

"Entrepreneurship in emerging markets is distinctive from that practiced in more developed countries." (Lingelbach, Vina, and Asel, 2005) These scholars found that the opportunities in emerging markets are often outweighed by the "economic, political [,] and regulatory uncertainty." Managing that uncertainty requires a different entrepreneurial and managerial attitude. Dealing with such concerns forces entrepreneurs in developing countries to spend time

Call Lights and Nursing Rounds in Hospitals
Words: 2892 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73792483
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Nursing Proposal -- Evidence-Based

The utilization of call lights particularly in hospital settings has recently been put under study as a function of various aspects of nursing including shortages, rounds and analyses of patient outcomes. The proper scheduling of nursing rounds may be essential to enhance the capability of nurses to tackle common or ordinary patient issues relative to more dire needs that have to be regarded as the primary/main target for the use of call lights by patients. Besides patients' general well-being and safety while hospitalized, nursing employees are also concerned with how satisfied the patients are. On a rather fundamental level, hospital settings that enable patients to experience peace of mind allow them to heal quicker than those that do not; these patients are highly likely to relay less stressful communications to those around them, and have a higher possibility of clearer perspectives that allow them to distinguish…


American Nurses Association (ANA). (2006). Assuring patient safety: The employer's role in promoting healthy nursing work hours for registered nurses in all roles and settings. Retrieved from 

(AACN). The American Association of Critical-Care Nurses (2001, March 3). Mandatory Overtime. Retrieved from 

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The Long Term Effects of Managing Diabetes
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Diabetes Management

Describe the background of the problem

Diabetes is considered to be one of most manageable and frequent problems impacting a large number of Americans. As someone becomes older, they are more likely to develop the condition from poor lifestyle choices, diet, the lack of exercise and genetics. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), there are a total of 29 million Americans who are impacted every single year. Out of this, number 17.7 million are between the ages of 40 to 60 years old. In many cases, learning to manage their diabetes and making healthy choices are critical for avoiding other complications. The most notable include: heart disease, stroke, blindness and the loss of limbs. This issue deserves attention as the inability to live with and manage the condition will result in premature death and the inability to function normally on a daily basis. ("National Diabetes Statistics…


National Diabetes Statistics Report. (2014). CDC. Retrieved from: 

Campbell, J. (2012). Diabetes Empowerment. Diabetes Technology and Therapeutics, 14 (7), 630-634.

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Saydah, S. (2013). Socio Economic Status and Mortality. Diabetes Care 36 (1), 49-55.

Application of an Evidence Into Practice
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Translating an Evidence Into Practice

Among the older adults aged 60 years and above, falls have been identified as a leading cause of fatal injuries and non-fatal injuries. In the United States, nearly 50% of hospitalized adult patients face the risks of falls and nearly 80% of the patients who fall suffer from fatal or non-fatal injuries. (CDC, 2010). When patients fall, the issue can lead to negative health effects that include longer hospital stays, elevated patient's costs, and longer recovery times. An average hospital stay can increase by more than 12.3 days, and consequently increase the cost of hospitalization by 61%. In essence, elder population face the risks of severe head or leg injuries after a fall, and the issue can ultimately increase the risk of head trauma and hip fractures. (CDC, 2010).

Numerous organizations have employed different strategies to prevent falls. Current practice includes bed alarms, adequate light,…


CDC (2010). Falls among Older Adults: An Overview. Center for Disease Control and Prevention. USA.

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Keough, V. A., & Tanabe, P. (2011). Survey research: An effective design for conducting nursing research. Journal of Nursing Regulation, 1(4), 37-44.

Ottoman Decline European Great Powers
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But it was the British who would have the greatest impact on the decline of the Ottoman Turkish Empire. Gaining control of Egypt during the Napoleonic Wars, Britain administered Egypt as an independent province of the Ottoman Empire. However, it was World War One that gave Great Britain the opportunity to directly expand into the Ottoman Empire. The Ottomans allied themselves with the Central Powers, enemies of France, ussia, and, most importantly, Great Britain. By first fomenting a revolution among the Arabs, the British were able to destabilize the Turks in the Middle East, which then led to the conquest of Palestine and Syria. While the British had promised their Arab Allies independence, the Sykes-Picot agreement actually split the Middle East into four "mandates," and "recognized long-standing French claims to Syria." (Cleveland, 2009, p 164) Three of the four "mandates" were controlled by the British, one by the French,…


Cleveland, William, and Martin Bunton. (2009). A History of the Modern Middle East.

Westview Press, Harper Collins. Print.

Goldschmidt, Arthur. (2006). A Concise History of the Middle East. Colorado: Westview

Press, Harper Collins. Print.

Arabs Certain Words Must Be
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S.-supported dictators.

Thus, while the term "Arab" is useful for describing a particular group of people with a shared language, culture, and history, one cannot readily assume that all Arabs subscribe to a pan-Arabist ideology, especially in light of the often overlapping "Muslim world," which many Arabs would identify themselves a part of (above and beyond any shared connection due to their Arab heritage). In reality, a shared linguistic and cultural background is really the only thing that unites Arabs, but because the world's largely white, Christian reigning powers have for so long actively disenfranchised and brutalized the Arab world, either through direct action or proxies, this shared linguistic and cultural background has been the only unifying feature which allows for any resistance. In many ways, one may see the emerging democratic movements of the Arab Spring as the successful replacement of both pan-Arabism and pan-Islamism, because the desire for…


Goldschmidt, A., & Davidson, L. (2006). A concise history of the middle east. Boulder:

Westview Press.

Kinninmont, J. (2008). The politics of chaos in the middle east. Middle East Policy, 15(4), 161-

World War I And Its Effect on
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World War I and its Effect on the Middle East

The Europeans who had already colonized much of the area with post-World War I now spread further into the Middle East claiming further portions such as Arabia, Iraq, yria, Libya, and Palestine. The Constantinople Agreement followed by many more including the ykes Picot agreement over and again implemented covert agreements regarding lands that would go to each of the Allies. After the war, France received Lebanon and yria (

) even though yria herself preferred an American mandate (2), and Britain received land that included Palestine, Israel, Transjordan, and Iraq (3). The indigenous people themselves were never consulted regarding whom they wished to control them, and colonization, consequently, prompted Arabic nationalism.

Nationalism was, furthermore, created by the fact that the peace settlements imposed by the Allies after World War I broke up nation states and created others, confusing many who,…

Sources "U.S., U.K. Waged War on Iraq Because of Oil, Blair Adviser Says", May 1, 2003 "Poll: Talk First, Fight Later.", Jan. 24, 2003. Retrieved 1/17/2011.

DeNovo, J. American Interests and Policies in the Middle East (University of Minnesota Press, 1963)

Gelvin, J. History of the Modern Middle East (Oxford University Press, 2005)

Modern Middle East
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Middle East/Gulf region has a complex history and has experienced a series of important events both during and in the years following Muhammad's influence in the territory. hile Muhammad's ruling played an important role in shaping thinking in the region, his legacy was actually more important, taking into account that it practically influenced people in taking on certain attitudes and in expressing great interest in wanting to promote Islamic thought.

The Arab Caliphate greatly expanded the Islamic Empire and turned it into one of the greatest in all of history. It lasted from 632 until 1513 and it involved a series of leaderships: the Rashidun period, the Umayyad period, and the Abbassid period. These three dynasties kept Arabs together and provided them with a sense of unity and cultural identity. Introducing Arab as an official language further contributed to making individuals in the Middle East feel as if they were…

Works cited:

Barakat, Halim, "The Arab World," (UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA PRESS, 1993).

Hourani, Albert Habib, "A History of the Arab Peoples," (Harvard University Press, 2002)

Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing and Health Care
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Methicillin-esistant Staphylococci (MSA), most common Healthcare Associated Infections

The PICOT question to be discussed is: For adult patients using catheters, does the use of sterilization practices reduce the future risk of health associated infections like MSA compared with standard procedure in one week?

The answer is yes.

The support given to answer the question will be based on peer-reviewed journals and scientific literature. A summary of the evidence will be availed in a chart plus a conclusion that summarizes evidence used will also be given.

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MSA) bacteria is resistant to several antibiotics. A significant proportion of MSA infections in the community are on the skin. It results in alarming infections of the bloodstream, surgical site infections and pneumonia in health facilities. Studies have revealed that one person in every three individuals have staph in the nose - most of the time they don't show any illnesses (General…



General Information About MRSA in the Community. (n.d.). Retrieved February 21, 2015, from 


Sydnor, E., & Perl, T. (2011). Hospital Epidemiology and Infection Control in Acute-Care Settings. Clinical Microbiology Reviews,24(1), 141-173. Retrieved February 21, 2015, from

Benefits of Establishing a Nursing Rounds System
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vidence-Based Quality Nursing Practice

As a result of a variety of conditions, hospitalized patients may experience extended times in their hospital bed, unable to ambulate, and forced to rely on call buttons to communicate their needs or anxieties to nurses on duty. Not infrequently, patients who attempt to get out of bed may fall. And patients who cannot get out of bed, or adequately shift their positions in bed, may experience pressure sores as a result of their immobility.

Patients experience a number of emotions in response to these types of situations, any one of which can compel them to use their call button to summon help, or even express their frustration at their helplessness, discomfort, or heightened sense of vulnerability. The use of call bells by patients may occur more frequently than nursing staff consider appropriate, consequently, the probability that responsiveness to nurse call bells will diminish over time…

Evidence-Based Quality Nursing Practice

Dyck, D., Thiele, T., Kebicz, R., Klassen, M., & Erenberg, C. (2013). Hourly Rounding for Falls Prevention: A Change Initiative. Creative Nursing,

When it comes to fall prevention there is particular concern for the elderly population. This particular study looked at how hourly rounding is supported by literature but when not adopted initially, so in turn was examined and a plan developed that would ensure change with the help of nurses and allied health members. The summary lists key factors in developing a sustainable program.

Intervention of Diabetes and Hypoglycemic Control
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Intervention for the Improvement of Hypoglycemic Control

Diabetes complication is one of the top health problems in the United States, and the ADA (American Diabetes Association) recommends that people suffering from diabetes should control their hypoglycemic and maintain A1C to < 7% to avoid diabetes complications. To achieve this objective, the "diabetes self-management education (DSME)"(Ni coll, aiser, Campbell, ET AL. 2014 p 207) is an effective tool to enhance hypoglycemic control and improve patients' outcomes. The DSME is an on-going educational process to facilitate the skill, knowledge, and ability of patients to carry out a diabetes self-care. I am a diabetic educator working in the diabetic outpatient clinical setting. My experience has made to understand that patients struggle to manage and control their diabetes after being educated because patients are not allowed to set their goals in order to manage their diabetes. (American Diabetes Association; 2013).

Objective of this paper…


American Diabetes Association (2013). Standards of medical care in diabetes -- 2013. Diabetes Care 36 (Suppl. 1):S11 -- S66, .

Funnell, M.M. Brown, T.L. Childs B.P. Et al. (2010). National Standards for Diabetes Self-Management Education. Diabetes Care. 33: 589-596.

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Norris, S.L., Lau, J., Smith, J.,et al. ( 2002). Susan Sundae, N.L Norris elf-Management Education for Adults with Type 2 Diabetes meta-analysis of the effect on hypoglycemic control.

Slides and Speaker Notes
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Evidence-Based Practice, or EVB, is a strategy that uses research, quality control measures, and other forms of evaluation data in order to improve practice methods within the healthcare setting.

EVB utilizes innovative clinical research study findings, survey results from both patients and healthcare providers, expert opinions, and quality improvement data to demonstrate a need for change and generate the most potentially successful strategy to improve the quality of care.

The procedures used within any application of EVB practices are guided by a clear mission and vision statement that directly reflect a need for improvement or other problem area.

Teams within the healthcare setting must be willing to search for and use evidence to help facilitate change.


Today, there are more Americans living with and at risk for diabetes than ever before in this nation's history.

Over 29 million Americans deal with diabetes on a daily basis. Many might think…

Imperialism in Iraq and Iran
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Iran and Iraq

Analysis of the Impact of Imperialism on Iran and Iraq

The modern nation of Iraq was formed in 1932 when the Kingdom of Iraq gained independence from the United Kingdom. It had been placed under the authority of Great Britain as the British Mandate of Mesopotamia by the League of Nations in 1920. Prior to that, it was part of the Ottoman Empire. This delineates the history of imperialism in Iraq as beginning with the arrival of the Ottomans the 15th century, through independence from the Great Britain. These two stage of imperial rule had several different impacts on modern-day Iraq.

The first is the borders of the current state of Iraq were the direct result of British rule. The Ottomans had administered Iraq differently, with three main provinces. Under Ottoman rule, Baghdad, Mosul and Basra were all provinces within the Ottoman Empire. Iraq was not Iraq…


Butch, T. (2015). Why China will intervene in Iraq. Asia Times. Retrieved May11, 2016 from

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Dehghan, S. & Taylor, R. (2013). CIA admits role in 1953 Iranian coup. The Guardian. Retrieved May 11, 2016 from

Effect of Hourly Rounding Among Hurses
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Hourly Nursing ounding

Nursing rounding is the schedule or process that ensures a member of staff, either the nurse or the nursing assistant visits the patient's room to offer the needed service to the patient. It is common that during the day, each hour this exercise is repeated and during the night, then after every two hours the patients are visited. Studies have shown that hourly rounding significantly decreases call light use and reduces unit noise levels. The practice also increases the satisfaction levels of both the patients and the staff members. The hourly rounding is also seen to increase staff productivity as they feel that they have control over the patient care. The hourly visits are also seen to significantly reduce the pressure sores that patients who are not able to turn on their own would suffer and also decreases falls that would otherwise be rampant if the rounds…


The report highlights the essentials that were observed during the training of nursing staff on a monthly basis. It also highlights the perspective of patients on the issue of hourly visit and how that is important to them. It also records the view that the nurses have about the proactive patient rounding and how that positively influences their work within the nursing facility.

Ineffective Communication in Acute Care Settings
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Ineffective Communication Between Shifts in Acute Care Settings


A recent statistics of the adverse effects arisen from ineffective communication between shifts in acute care setting range from 2.6% to 7.6%, however, Okoniewska, et al. (2015) believes that the adverse effects on in-patients can be between 19% and 23%. (Classen, esar, Griffin. et al. 2011).

The Study aims to discuss the adverse effective arisen from ineffective communication between shifts within acute care settings.

Consequences of not solving the problem

Without implementing the strategies that can enhance effective communication between shifts in an acute healthcare setting, the issue can lead to mortality, readmission, and post-hospital adverse effects. Moreover, poor communication between shifts can lead to medication problems resulting to therapeutic errors. (Okoniewska, et al. 2015). Moreover, lack of intervention to address the problem can lead to medical errors, which can lead to patients' harms. Communication failure has also been identified as…


Aebersold, M., Averhart, V., Keenan, G., Kocan, M. J., Lundy, F., Tschannen, D. (2011). Implications of Nurse-Physician Relations: Report of a Successful Intervention. Nursing Economics. 29 (3):127-135.

Almost, J., Wolff, A., Mildon, B., Price, S., Godfrey, C., Robinson, S., . . . Mercado-Mallari, S. (2015). Positive and negative behaviors in workplace relationships: a scoping review protocol. BMJ Open, 5(2). doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2015-007685

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Reducing Rate of Psychiatric Readmission
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Evidence-Based Practice Project: educing ate of Psychiatric eadmission

The purpose of the evidence-based practice project is to examine ways to eliminate psychiatric readmissions. More specifically, literature is reviewed to examine evidence supporting the effectiveness of care transition interventions in preventing re-hospitalization amongst adult patients with severe mental illness. In this chapter, the search process is first described. Next, the identified literature is summarized and synthesized, clearly evaluating the relevance of the literature to the specified PICOT question.

Search Process

Literature for the review was searched in CINAHL, PubMed, EBSCO, ProQuest, and Google Scholar databases using the following phrases: psychiatric readmission, re-hospitalization, care transition interventions, transitional care interventions, and reducing readmission in adults with mental illness. Focus was particularly on literature published in English. From the first round of search, it was quite evident that not much scholarly attention has been given to the topic as the search returned less than…


Allen, J., Hutchinson, A., Brown, R., & Livingston, P. (2014). Quality care outcomes following transitional care interventions for older people from hospital to home: a systematic review. BMC Health Services, 14: 346.

Gaynes, B., Brown, C., Lux, L., et al. (2015). Management strategies to reduce psychiatric readmissions. Technical Brief No. 21. Rockville, Maryland: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Kalseth, J., Lassemo, E., Wahlbeck, K., Haaramo, P., & Magnussen, J. (2016). Psychiatric readmissions and their association with environmental and health system characteristics. BMC Psychiatry, 16: 376.

Pincus, H. (2015). Care transition interventions to reduce psychiatric re-hospitalizations. Technical Brief. Alexandria, Virginia: National Association of State Mental Health Program Directors (NASMHPD).

ICU Delirium Assessment Instrument
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ICU Delirium

Clinical Question

The PICOT question that will be evaluated in this study is, "Does the use of a validated delirium assessment instrument (intervention) improve delirium detection (outcome) among adults in the ICU (population) as compared multicomponent interventions (comparison) within a 6-month period (timeline)?"

Intervention to be Implemented

The intervention that will be implemented in this study is Confusion Assessment Method, which is a validated delirium screening instrument. The intervention will be utilized to examine how it improves the detection of ICU delirium among adults in intensive care units as compared to multicomponent interventions.

Outcomes to be Analyzed

The outcomes that will be analyzed during this study is whether a validated delirium screening instrument enhances the detection of this condition among adults in intensive care units as compared to other methods. As previously indicated, the validated delirium screening instrument that will be implemented is Confusion Assessment Method while the…


Ista et al. (2014, October 2). Improvement of Care for ICU Patients With Delirium by Early Screening and Treatment: Study Protocol of iDECePTIvE Study. Implementation Science, 9, 143. Retrieved from 

Research Connections. (2016). Experiments and Quasi-Experiments. Retrieved May 19, 2017, from

ICU Delirium Detection Experimental Research
Words: 542 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 43389687
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ICU Delirium -- Type Of Study

Clinical Question

The PICOT question that will be evaluated in this study is, "Does the use of a validated delirium assessment instrument (intervention) improve delirium detection (outcome) among adults in the ICU (population) as compared multicomponent interventions (comparison) within a 6-month period (timeline)?"

The clinical question demonstrates that the study will involve conducting a comparison of the impact of a validated delirium assessment instrument vis-a-vis multicomponent interventions with regards to delirium detection among adults in intensive care units. Therefore, the most suitable way for conducting the comparison is through an experiment. In this regard, this research will be an experimental study in which study participants will be randomly assigned to different intervention groups i.e. the experimental and control groups (esearch Connections, 2016). The research will then observe the participants' response to the interventions to determine the impact of the interventions in enhancing delirium detection…


Filinson et al. (2016). Adoption of Delirium Assessment in the Acute Care Setting: A Tale of Two Hospitals. Best Practices in Mental Health, 12(2), 81-95.

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Research Connections. (2016). Experiments and Quasi-Experiments. Retrieved May 19, 2017, from

Approach to Synthesis of Evidence
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Evidence Synthesis

Diabetes is regarded as one of the most problematic and major health concerns that has become prevalent across the globe. According to Kam et al. (2016), in 2012, diabetes resulted in the deaths of 1.5 million people throughout the world. Given its prevalence and devastating impacts, effective prevention and management of diabetes has become a major issue, especially among high-risk individuals/populations. Based on existing findings in the public health sector, dietary and lifestyle changes have been identified as the most suitable prevention and management techniques of diabetes. This study focuses on examining whether an intervention consisting of a traditional, organic, and all-natural diet of locally grown/produced foods plus exercise is more effective in addressing the body's issues in creating or absorbing insulin than insulin injections. In this regard, the researcher has identified relevant studies that will be synthesized based on their relevance, rigor, and level of evidence in…


Aguiar et al. (2014, January 15). Efficacy of Interventions that include Diet, Aerobic and Resistance Training Components for Type 2 Diabetes Prevention: A Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis. International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity, 11(2), 1-10.

Ajala O., English, P., & Pinkney, J. (2013). Systemic Review and Meta-analysis of Different Dietary Approaches to the Management of Type 2 Diabetes. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 97(3), 505-516.

Cunningham-Myrie, C., Theall, K., Yonger, N., et al. (2015). Associations Between Neighborhood Effects and Physical Activity, Obesity, and Diabetes. The Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey, 2008. Journal of Clinical Epidemiology, 68(9), 970-978.

Kam et al. (2016, September 27). Dietary Interventions of Type 2 Diabetes: How Millet Comes to Help. Frontiers in Plant Science, 7(1454), 1-14.

indwelling urinary catheter care
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Research Proposal for Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections

Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infections (CAUTI) affects timely reimbursement and prolongs patient stays in the healthcare facility. Many hospitals strive for ways to reduce CAUTIs and take specific medical measures to aid patients in recovery from the same and avoid recurrence of the cases of CAUTIs. These deliberate measures ensure so they can have better patient outcomes and improve patient care. This also improves the reimbursement received from insurance providers.

Research question

The research seeks to investigate the effect of frequent CAUTI education, among the in-hospital patients with indwelling urinary catheter, conducted over six months.

Background and Significance of the Problem

It is common medical knowledge that urinary catheters have the potential to cause urinary tract infections, known as catheter-associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIs). Indwelling catheters are a part of many plans of care, specifically for emergent and critical care patients within…

Healthcare System and Practice Guideline
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Healthcare System Practice Guideline
Introduce an overview of one healthcare system practice guideline
There are numerous areas within health care that demand change in everyday healthcare practice. More often than not, irrespective of the healthcare setting, an inventive group is required to conduct research and facilitate change. There are numerous practices that require change or upgrading. This is facilitated through the establishment and advancement of clinical practice guidelines. The selected healthcare system practice guideline is Management of Diabetes Mellitus in Primary Care (2017). This particular guideline delineates the important decision points in the Management of Diabetes Mellitus (DM) and provides well-outlines and wide-ranging evidence based recommendations assimilating prevailing information and practices for practitioners throughout Department of Defense (DoD) and Veretan Affairs (VA) Health Care Systems. Diabetes mellitus is an illness that is caused either by an absolute or relative deficiency in insulin giving rise to hyperglycemia. Type 1 DM (T1DM)…

Civil'society in Middle East
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The map of the Middle East was completely redrawn as a result of WW1, reflected especially in the case of Turkey, Iraq and Palestine. The Ottoman Turks had ruled the realm prior to WW1 and had an alliance with Germany. The English, always wary of a strong state on the continent making inroads in the Middle East, sought to undermine both German and Ottoman power, and thus allied with the House of Saud, which it supported against the Ottoman Empire. When war broke out, the destruction of the Ottoman Empire was a main objective for England and it achieved that goal. At the same time, the English were indebted to the Zionist Jews who sought a restoration of Israel (Palestine) as a state of their own. Thus, the Balfour Declaration, issued during WW1, promised Israel to the Jews—and as the English now controlled the territory in the wake of the…

Anderson, L. (2018). The state and its competitors. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 50(2), 317-322.
Clark, J. (n.d.). Actors, public opinion, and participation.
Gaiser, A. R. (2017). A narrative identity approach to Islamic Sectarianism.
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Lust, E. (2018). Layered Authority and Social Institutions: Reconsidering State-Centric Theory and Development Policy. International Journal of Middle East Studies, 50(2), 333.

The Impact of Rounding and Whiteboard Usage in Postpartum Patients
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unninghead: UNNING AND WHITEBAOD USAGEOUNDING AND WHITEBOAD USAGEounding and Whiteboard Usage in Postpartum WomenFull Name and Credentials?Name of Degree: Doctorate of Nursing PracticeAcademic University?September 20172017Authors Full NameALL IGHTS ESEVEDAbstractThis paper explores the impact of hourly rounding and the implementation of a whiteboard in postpartum women in regards to the care received and outcomes achieved. Namely, this paper examines the question of whether hourly rounding and the use of a whiteboard in postpartum women increases patient satisfaction and pain management immediately after delivery to 72 hours of postpartum stay, particularly when compared to the absence of both rounding and a whiteboard.Keywords: postpartum, whiteboard, roundingTable of ContentsSection One: Introduction and Overview of the Problem....8Introduction to Problem?8Problem Statement?....8Current Practices?...8Purpose of the DNP Project?...8Project Objectives and Outcomes..9Background/Significance of Problem....9Clinical Question (PICOT)...9Conclusion...10Section Two: eview of Literature11eview of the Literature11Search Table?..12Appraisal of Evidence?12Table of Evidence (Appendix).12Limitations..13Conclusion..13Section Three: Conceptual Foundation.14Conceptual/Theoretical Model...14Constructs?..14Implications for Project?..15Concept Definition and Identification...15Evidence-Based Practice…

References.51Appendices....52Tables....53Figures...54IRB Approval55Permissions....56Letters of Reliance.57Measurement Instrument...58DNP Essentials..59

Psychosocial Smoking Cessation Interventions for Coronary Heart
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psychosocial smoking cessation interventions for coronary heart disease patients effective?

The association with smoking and coronary heart disease (CHD) has been well documented. To prevent further heart attacks, as well as to preserve their life, smokers have been consistently and strongly advised to quit smoking, and associations such as the American Heart Association and American College of Cardiology Task Force have drafted recommendations and reams of advice to assist patients in doing so. Nevertheless, many patients diagnosed with CHD continue to smoke despite the possibility of interventions and programs (many of them free) helping them to stop. Mortality can be reduced by as much as 36% if smokers with CHD determine to stop smoking 3-5 years after diagnosed (Critchley, 2003) aside from which dramatic reductions in cardiac attacks have been discovered when smokers have stopped smoking for as short a time as a year (Quist-Paulsen, & Gallefoss, 2003). The Coronary…


Barth, J., Critchley, J., & Benget, J. (2008). Psychosocial interventions for smoking cessations in patients with coronary heart disease, Cochrane Heart Review.

Critchley JA, Capewell S. Mortality risk reduction associated with smoking cessation in patients with coronary heart disease. J Am Med Ass;290:86 -- 97.

Frothingham, S. et al., (2006). How much does smoking cessation cut CHD risk? Clinical Inquiries, 57, 10, 675-679

Huey-Ling W., Harrell, J & Funk, S (2008). Factors Associated With Smoking Cessation

Impact of meditation on addiction therapy
Words: 1104 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 31783494
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A synthesis of what the studies reveal about the current state of knowledge on the question developed

The mindfulness meditation theory appears to have the potential to treat addictive disorder patients. Zgierska and coworkers (2009) state that such models seem to be safe if implemented within the context of clinical studies. One can find considerable methodological shortcomings in a majority of existing works on the subject. Further, which addiction-diagnosed individuals may derive maximum benefits out of mindfulness meditation isn’t clear. But, of late, related initiatives and practices in the role of complementary clinical aids for treating multiple physical and psychological ailments have grown in popularity. MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) and MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) as clinical initiatives have specifically been analyzed, with a sound evidential pool recording their efficacy. Integration of the latter initiative’s aspects and cognitive behavioral therapy and cognitive psychology strategies resulted in the former’s creation. At first,…

Osteoarthritic Remedies
Words: 2581 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Literature Review Chapter Paper #: 13425750
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experts would likely agree with the very general statement that individuals who exercise, or who implement an exercise regime, are much more likely to lose weight and alleviate pain experienced from a variety of diseases and maladies. It would seem that much of the current literature would provide evidence of this hypothesis. This specific study, however, seeks to do more than just ascertain the results from such a general question. This study seeks to determine whether initiating an exercise regime for patients experiencing osteoarthritis can lower the level of the pain they are feeling and increase their mobility through adherence to that regime.

This study will, in essence then, take a two-pronged approach. The first is to determine whether patients with suffering from osteoarthritis can lower the level and incidence of pain they suffer by implementing a basic exercise regime. If so, this study wishes to determine just how much…

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Robust and Effective Ways of
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This clearly shows that alcohol-based hand-washing, when used regularly and vigorously (e.g. prior to any healthcare procedure by any level of personnel), infection will be reduced.

The Saudi study was a bit more detailed, with protocols varying depending on severity of procedure (surgery, etc.) and the administering of prophylactic antibiotics as part of the regular treatment procedure. Statistical analysis of the samples showed no significant differences between the Betadine Group and the Alcohol-Based Gel Group. However, the total number of infections within both groups were quite small, 20 out of 600 subjects in the trial. This suggests that the conditions at the Saudi hospital were already more sterile, with less than 5% (3.33%) even developing infections; compared to 13.1% in Vietnam. In both cases, demographic differences between patients were not statistically significant in the protocol.

Combining the data from the two studies, however, results in two conclusions: 1) There is…


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Type II Diabetes Prevention While
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Medical Conditions -- There are a number of factors that can increase the likelyhood of type-2 diabetes: hypertension, eleveted cholesterol, and a condition called Symdrome X, or metabolic syndrome (combination of obesity, high cholesterol, sedentary lifestyle, stress, and poor diet). Cushing's syndrome, cortisol excess and testosterone deficiency are also associated with the disease. Often, it is a number of co-dependent conditions that seem to give rise to diabetes (Jack & Boseman, 2004).

Genetics -- There is ample evidence that there is a strong inheritable genetic condition in type-2 diabetes. In addition, there is a genetic mutation to the Islet Amyloid Polypeptide gene that results in early onset diabetes (Lee & Hasim, 2001). There is a stronger inheritance pattern for type-2 diabetes with a significant association between family members. Typically, this is excacerbated by cultural and lifestyle factors that, while not inherited, are culturally shared. Gene expression promoted by a diet…

Hypertension in Males over 30 Methodology
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¶ … blended study, both qualitative and quantitative in nature. The blend between numbers-based data and analysis and more abstract and conceptual work is necessary because of the totality of what is being looked at and how the research will be done (Lund, 2012).

Rationale for Study Type Selection

While the before and after results of hypertension of patients in this case will be strictly numerical and statistical in scope, the formulation and tracking of the interventions, education and so forth that will form the control for the experiment will certainly be based more on concepts, evidence-based practice and the ostensibly proper ways to enforce and impose interventions on patients (McDonald & Blackwell, 2006). After all, the behaviors and changes under way are not something more detached and simple like whether a medication is take or not or whether a therapy is administered. The people involved will be instructed on…