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Planned Parenthood Essays (Examples)

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Parenthood Styles in Parenthood The
Words: 549 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 26695352
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Neurotically concerned about his child's intellectual future, Nathan has their daughter in every activity from karate to early math and reading. His daughter and her accomplishments have become the center of his universe, to the detriment of his relationship with his wife. it's difficult to tell if Nathan sees his daughter as a person, or an object to be shown off and compared to others' children.

Gil's sister Helen is the single parent of a 16-year-old daughter and a 13-year-old son. Her husband has left her for another woman and she has her hands full as her daughter has eloped and her son never speaks. Helen goes on with the family acting as though nothing has happened, while her anger over her husband's departure is a wall that has gone up between her and her children - it is literally the elephant in the room.

Ultimately, all the stories in…

Marketing Plan for a Digital Books Publishing House
Words: 2708 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Marketing Plan Paper #: 74766570
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Digital Book Production

Practical advice on publishing eBooks.

Which digital formats and platforms to convert to... pdf, ePub, Kindle, etc..

Lipton (2014) in his study assessed the current norms of the digital printing industry with focus on publishing and copyrights in America and European Union. He reveals that popular eBook formats are few rounding up in single digit figures. In case of United States, the industry frontlines such as Amazon, Apple and Barnes & Noble are quite open to their users in order to pave way for easier reading. Due to this simplistic idea, the nuisance of multiple file formats to be used is cut down as most book readers don't like to shift from one file format to another. It's just too much nuisance and hassle for a reader.

In case of European Union, he adds that the digital eBook market is slowly growing as publishers are indulged in…


Electric Book Works. (2014). Backlist conversions vs. frontlist plans. Retrieved from: 

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Khaledi, H. And Reisi-Nafchi, M. (2013). Dynamic production planning model: a dynamic programming approach. Int J. Adv Manuf Technol, 67:1675 -- 1681

Battle for Abortion & Contraceptives
Words: 3207 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 78576573
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Planned Parenthood

The history of Planned Parenthood is voluminous and extensive. It has been filled with controversy, legal spats and struggles for acceptance and funding from the United States government. Even nowadays, the organization is threatened with budget changes or cuts from the federal government and many people have turned to violence against Planned Parenthood and similar groups over the years due to opposition to abortion or other birth control options that Planned Parenthood is known for providing or at least advocating for. What follows in this report is a history of Planned Parenthood as well as some of the pivotal events and outcomes that have occurred over the years. While Planned Parenthood is an organization with a lot of detractors, they also have a huge amount of support from some very loyal and entrenched groups around the country.


While the major decision that exists regarding abortion occurred with…

Marketing Plan for Service Providing
Words: 1004 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 73631066
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Peace of Mind Mobile Service: Marketing Plan / Marketing Plan for Service Providing Organization Name

Describe the target market.

Identify the size of your potential target market

4 Is of Marketing

The cellphone service, Peace of Mind Mobile, is specifically designed for children. It includes features such as Internet safety measures and tracking capabilities, for parents to be worry-free when their kids use mobile phones.

Describe the target market.

The key target market for this service is parents, because of current emphasis placed by advertisers and sellers on customer brand loyalty. The advertising strategy of 'Peace of Mind Mobile' service inculcates in parents a feeling of security, appropriately influencing the niche market of the firm. Competent personnel skills and technology utilized by the firm also form a great means for targeting parents (Article Institutes, 2015).

Identify the size of your potential target market

Peace of Mind Mobile service has an…


Article Institutes. (2015). The Parent Trap: Marketing To Parents. Retrieved from  on 4th November, 2015

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Compare and Contrast Rules of Law
Words: 1053 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28525985
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ules of Law

It was January 23, 1973 and before the world knew, oe v. Wade would change the laws surrounding the issue of abortion eternally. The decision and choice to terminate a pregnancy was illegal in Texas at the time, which was then challenged by the pregnant Jane oe. She wanted to end her gestation in a safe and licit manner, and coincidentally the Supreme Court agreed in her favor. The ruling was the first time the court recognized the right to privacy incorporated a female's right, should she choose, an option to end her pregnancy or not. This landmark case not only validated and legalized the right to an abortion, but it interdicted prior laws regarding the act. Previously, abortion was only permissible when a woman's life was in danger and was necessary to save her life. Furthermore, the act of termination was acceptable if the female was…


Planned Parenthood v. Casey . (n.d.). Wikipedia. Retrieved March 18, 2011, from  

Gray Area of Rape Used
Words: 2375 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16872159
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A third of those who responded said they believed she was to blame if she had been flirtatious. One fourth believed that wearing provocative clothing made women at least partially responsible if she was sexually assaulted. and, one fifth of respondents felt that having numerous sexual partners also led to the woman being partly to blame if she was raped. In all of these survey questions, men were more critical of women's behavior than women, except where alcohol was involved.

A rape case in Illinois demonstrates how so-called victims may not be just that. The girl in question was intoxicated, and the encounter, with multiple young men, was captured on video tape. However, jurors, having reviewed the evidence and watching the tape, said they saw hints that the girl may have been agreeing to sex (Yednak). It demonstrates that although when recovering from a drunken a person may regret their…


Do women sometimes rape men? 2007. Planned Parenthood. December 12, 2007 .

Knight, I. "Women who really do ask for it." Sunday Times. 19 Nov 2006: p. 15. ProQuest Newsstand. ProQuest. University of Phoenix, Phoenix, AZ. December 12, 2007 .

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Values for Your Work as Human Services
Words: 834 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 42998160
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Values for Your Work as Human ervices Professional

As human service professional, I interact in various ways. These include caregiver, case manager, teacher, counselor, behavior changer, consultant, mobilizer, advocate, community planner, community change organizer and implementer, administrator, and evaluator (*). In order to most effectively and successfully carry out these responsible and diverse roles, I am recommended to adhere to a set of values and ethics particularly prescribed for human service professionals.

The values not only make me do the work that I love in the most effective way but it also helps me better help people and avoid conflict. I may, for instance, have my own ideas about how to best help people and in my fervor and ardor commit indiscretions. The values advise me to respect confidentiality of client at all times. They also tell me to place client foremost and to treat him or her with respect…


Alder, Ken (2007). The Lie Detectors. New York: Free Press.

National Organization for Human Services. Ethical Standards for HS Professionals

Policy Analysis and Evaluation Report on Abortion
Words: 2322 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 41522916
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Over the years, given the awareness and exposure that came with the advent of media and the internet, human societies and cultural norms across the globe have evolved from being very conservative to moderate to liberal. With apparent increases in literacy rates, standards of living and awareness in general, people around the world have reconsidered many of their notions and have adopted more liberal approaches towards social norms and myths. That said, despite of moving towards liberal broad minded cultural notions, the practice of Abortion still attracts intensive debates in both developed and less developed societies. This paper particularly focuses on the degree to which poverty is related to the practice of Abortion and how this relationship does implicates on the lives of poor women. The paper also aims at proposing a policy that would help in tackling the said problem.


As medical sciences evolved and progressed for…


Bachiochi, E. (2011). Embodied Equality: Debunking Equal Protection Arguments for Abortion Rights. Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy, 34(3), 889+.

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Kumar, A. (2012, February 2). House votes to ban subsidies for poor women who abort fetuses with birth defects. The Washington Post. Retrieved from The Washington Post Database.

Abortion and the Right to Privacy it
Words: 2582 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 56380285
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Abortion and the Right to Privacy

It is a summary of the most important elements of your paper. All numbers in the abstract, except those beginning a sentence, should be typed as digits rather than words. To count the number of words in this paragraph, select the paragraph, and on the Tools menu click ord Count.

United States' law is descended from English common law. As it stands, the historical idea of a life beginning at "quickening" has been replaced by the idea of fetal "viability." Despite a brief historical hiatus, women maintain the right to an abortion, before life begins. Despite Georgia's best efforts, fetuses are not people, legally or otherwise. Naturally, states regulate abortions and even proscribe them, under specified circumstances. However, the historical right to privacy in the home includes the right to choose whether to procreate. The right to privacy is protected in the substantive due…

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Garrow, D. (1998). Liberty and Sexuality: The Right to Privacy and the Making of Roe v. Wade (2nd Edition ed.). Berkeley and Los Angeles, CA: University of California Press.

U S Government Interfere With Existing
Words: 1806 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 50483751
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In 1976, three years after Roe v. ade, the Court ruled that a married woman did not have to have her husband's permission to get an abortion, if she wanted one (Planned Parenthood of Central Missouri v. Danforth).

Do the policies of the executive branch of government - the hite House - go past just merely being "pro-life" - and into the realm of sexism? That is a good question because military women serving overseas, under the Bush administration, cannot receive safe hospital abortions, even if they pay with their own personal funds, according to NO. hy? To make the point that this administration opposes abortions, Bush restored a Reagan-era policy, and now military wives and women in the service must "travel long distances" to have abortions. They must also get the permission of their commanding officer, which is almost always a man.

orks Cited

Abortion Law Homepage. (2006). Overview.…

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Results; Washington Post Says Democratic-Controlled Congress Might Force Bush to Reconsider. (Nov. 14, 2006). Retrieved 20 Nov. 2008 at .

National Organization for Women. (2007). Reproductive Rights Historical Highlights. Retrieved 19 Feb. 2008 at .

Glenn Beck Glenn Beck Most
Words: 1241 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 52094421
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This is, to me, a more egregious crime than the act of aborting.

Therefore, you and Pat make many valid points in supporting the right for the advertisement to be run on television -- and in supporting the content of the ad as well. There is nothing inherently harmful in the Tim Tebow ad.

or is there? eighing both sides, I have evaluated the controversy of the advertisement and came up with several reasons why some Americans might find it to be offensive. I won't generalize and call the opposition "the left," because I believe political beliefs are far too complex to be categorized easily. There are several issues at stake with the ad, which make the ad controversial.

First, the advertisement's greatest strength is its greatest weakness. In being subtle about its true purpose, the advertisement is sneaky. Sure, the ad is not controversial on the surface. That's why…

Work Cited

"Glenn Beck: Most 'controversial' Super Bowl ad." Glenn Feb 8, 2010. Accessed Feb 8, 2010 from

Abortion Essay
Words: 4462 Length: 14 Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Potential Topics:
The Impact of the Pro-Life Movement on Abortion Rates

The Impact of the Pro-Choice Movement on Abortion Rates

The Future of Roe v. Wade

When Does Life Begin?
Titles: [1]
A Comparison of Abortion Practices in Different Countries and the United States

The Current Status of the Abortion Debate in the United States

How Will the Trump Administrations Stance on Planned Parenthood Affect Abortion Rates in the U.S.?

How the Pro-Life and Pro-Choice Movements have Affected Americans Public Opinion about Abortion [2]
I. Introduction

II. The Pro-Life Movement

III. The Pro-Choice Movement

IV. Conclusion
Despite becoming the law of the land in 1973 when the U.S. Supreme Courts decision made abortion legal, pro-life advocates continue to hammer away at the laws concerning the status of human embryos and fetuses in an effort to eventually reverse this landmark decision. In response to the growth of pro-life organizations,…

Ethical Issue on Abortion
Words: 3142 Length: 9 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 89322346
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Ethical Issues Surrounding Abortion

Notwithstanding the laws being passed in various states against a woman's right to chose to terminate her pregnancy, the position of this paper is that Roe v. ade is the law of the land and a woman has the ethical and moral right to decide to have an abortion. There are many positions for and against Roe v. ade, and there are many ethical issues that may be (and in many cases are) embraced on both sides of the issue. But the law of the land vis-a-vis a woman's right to the privacy -- regarding her own values -- when it comes to terminating a pregnancy has been determined by the High Court. As a nurse committed to fairness and ethics in healthcare issues, while I respect the rights of others to practice their own values in opposition to Roe v. ade, I am in support…

Works Cited

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Health Politics What Is the Role of
Words: 3149 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 37669681
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Health Politics

"What is the role of Congress in policy making process"?

Policy is a plan to identify goal or possible course of actions with administrative or management tools to accomplish these goals. n the other hand, policy is the authoritative decision made by the U.S. executive, legislative, judicial branch of government to influence the decision of others. Government is a key player in decision-making process and congress plays important roles in decision-making . In the United States, both House of Representatives and House of Senate fulfill the congressional policy responsibilities, and congress plays important role in health policy, which includes obesity prevention measures or health insurance program. Congress is an important arm of government that makes law. Important strategy that congress uses to make policy preference is by passing a bill into law. Typically, the congress could make a decision to pass or not to the policy of the…

Oregon Department of Human Services.(2008). The impact of federal policy on Oregon's health care reform efforts: Opportunities and barriers within Medicaid and the State Children's Health Insurance Program. Medical Assistance Programs.

Waller, M. (2005).Block Grants: Flexibility vs. Stability in Social Services. Brookings Institution Policy Brief.

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Emergency Contraception the Availability of
Words: 1709 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 28381416
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National Vital Statistics Reports 54(2). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. Hamilton, B.E., Martin, J.., Ventura, S.J., Sutton, P.D., and Menacker F. Births: Preliminary Data for 2004. National Vital Statistics Reports, 54(8). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics.

Ages 35-39

Ages 40 and older

SOURCES: ( ) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Center for Health Statistics, National Vital Statistics System. Ventura, S.J. And Bachrach, C.A. (2000). Nonmarital childbearing in the United States, 1940-99. National Vital Statistics Reports, 48(16). Martin, J.A., Hamilton, B.E., Ventura, S.J., Menacker, F., and Park, M.M. (2002). Births: Final data for 2000. National Vital Statistics Reports, 50(5). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. Martin, J.A., Hamilton, B.E., Ventura, S.J., Menaker, F., Park, M.M., and Sutton, P.D. (2002). Births: Final data for 2001. National Vital Statistics Reports, 51(2). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. Martin, J.A., Hamilton, B.E., Sutton, P.D., Ventura, S.J., Menacker, F., and Munson, M.L. (2003). Births: Final data for 2002. National Vital Statistics Reports, 52(10). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. Martin, J.A., Hamilton, B.E., Sutton, P.D., Ventura, S.J., Menacker, F., and Munson, M.L. (2005). Births: Final Data for 2003. National Vital Statistics Reports 54(2). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics. Hamilton, B.E., Martin, J.A., Ventura, S.J., Sutton, P.D., and Menacker F. Births: Preliminary Data for 2004. National Vital Statistics Reports, 54(8). Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics.

Margaret Sanger Founder of the American Birth
Words: 1113 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 61024438
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Margaret Sanger

Founder of the American birth control movement, Margaret Sanger is one of the most influential, and respected, women in American history. Her crusade for birth control and family planning, at a time when she faced strong social, political, and religious opposition, created change and controversy within American society. In addition to ensuring universal availability of birth control and family planning education, her projects and research have led to the creation of organizations such as the National Organization for Women (NOW) and Planned Parenthood.

orn Margaret Louise Higgins, on September 14, 1879 in Corning, New York, Margaret Sanger was the sixth of her parents' eleven children. Although her mother, Anne Purcell Higgins, died from tuberculosis at the age of fifty, Margaret's belief that the frequent pregnancies lay at the root of her premature death was to exert an enormous influence on her life and her work. Aided by her…


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Esther Katz, et. al., The Papers of Margaret Sanger, (1999). Available [Online]:[25 September 2002].

Teenage Sex
Words: 1591 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 59152120
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According to Fulbright (2010), parents are the people best qualified to teach their children about sex and intimate relationships. The theory behind Fulbright's (2010) proposition is that parents and their children gain a more honest and open relationship, which fosters healthier identity and sexual development than if parents shun their children's questions or avoid discussing sensitive matters like these. Moreover, children will receive incorrect, patchy, and conflicting information when they rely only on friends, rumors, and formal sex education in schools. Parents teach from their own experience, and can confer not only values but also valuable practical information. In many cases, the child's experiences in terms of biology and social interactions will parallel those of the parents, which allows for more intimate and meaningful discussions than what would take place in the more generalized setting of a school. While I still believe in the importance of formal sex education…


Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2013). Sexual health. Retrieved online: 

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Abortion in This Day and Age it
Words: 1091 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46560094
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In this day and age it is almost impossible to find a more highly charged issue than that of abortion. Every man and woman appears to have an opinion if not personal experience or knows a family member who has had to make the decision about an unplanned pregnancy. ut whether your feelings are based on religious beliefs or personal or family experience, there are some interesting statistics which may make one think twice before having an abortion rather than giving up a child for adoption.

From 1990 (the year in which the number of abortions was highest) to 1995, the annual number of legal induced abortions in the United States declined by 15%. From 1995 to 1996, the number increased slightly and then decreased again in 1997. This change in the number of abortions reported to the Centers for Disease Control may indicate that the number of legal…


Zabin, Laurie Schwab, et al. (1989). "When Urban Adolescents Chose Abortion: Effects on Education, Psychological Status, and Subsequent Pregnancy." Family Planning Perspectives, 21(6), 248-255.

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Rogers J. et al. Psychological impact of abortion: methodological and outcome summary of empirical research between 1966-1988. Health Care for Women International 1989; 10:347-376

U S Federal Policy on Abortion
Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 47096029
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While abortion is not banned, it is not encouraged either. Its lack of acknowledgment at the state and local policy level demonstrates the lack of priority or evasion of the government to acknowledge abortion as a healthcare service that must be stated specifically as a subsidized service by the federal government.

Interestingly, with the approval and passage of the Affordable Care Act (or "Obamacare"), federal policy on abortion remains vague if not directly banned or discouraged. While abortion is not explicitly stated as a health service that will be subsidized under this new healthcare law, it is contended that abortion services and its funding are "always included unless it's explicitly excluded" (O'Neil, 2012). Thus, women can avail of abortion services as a healthcare and preventive service subsidized by the federal government and covered in health insurance plans.

This new development in the federal policy on abortion is a step forward…


"Federal and state bans and restrictions on abortion." (2012). Planned Parenthood Action Center. Retrieved 28 July 2012. Available at: 

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Santelli, J., M. Ott, and M. Lyon. (2006). "Abstinence and abstinence-only education: a review of U.S. policies and programs." Journal of Adolescent Health, Vol. 38.

Healthcare Leadership & Prejudices Healthcare
Words: 1543 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Article Paper #: 3466094
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Prejudice and ethical/leadership issues with healthcare are nothing new but the fight to keep those standards and ethics on an even keel and prevent racism, bigotry and predudice of any sort including based on class, money, political ideology, nationalism, and so forth should be stomped out and eviscerated whenever it can be. People are people and should treated with dignity and respect regardless of their race, gender, beliefs and so forth. Even convicted murderers and rapists should not be treated disdain due to their actions because doing otherwise lowers the ethics and standards of the healthcare community that can and should still apply at all times.


Callahan, M. (2008). Healthcare providers constricted by financial, legislative, and regulatory issues. The Journal of Medical Practice Management: MPM, 24(3),


Cobaugh, D., Angner, E., Kiefe, C., ay, M., Lacivita, C., Weissman, N., & ... Allison, J.

(2008). Effect of racial differences…


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(2008). Effect of racial differences on ability to afford prescription medications.

Abortion Pros and Cons Essay
Words: 3208 Length: Pages Document Type: Paper #: Array
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Abortion refers to the termination of the pregnancy and most members of society tend to feel strongly and often myopically about their opinions of abortion. This paper will examine the complex and multi-faceted history that the United States has had with abortion as well as the pros and cons of this procedure. This essay will take a long look at the reasons that motivate those who support abortion and those who do not. It is hoped that this deep analysis will not only strengthen one’s ability to think critically, but allow compassion and common understanding to thrive in society.


Abortion Titles

Abortion: Nuances of the Issue
Abortion: Reasons for Support and Opposition
Abortion: Reasons for Approval and for Protest
Abortion: Exploring the Positive and Negative Complexities
Abortion in America: Examining both Sides of the Coin

Abortion Topics

Acceptable Circumstances: When is an abortion a non-controversial decision?
The impact…

Pulaski County Special School District
Words: 729 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 16589217
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Therefore, courts are placed in the position of determining whether or not speech falls into the category of a true threat. "A true threat is a statement that a reasonable recipient would have interpreted as a serious expression of an intent to harm or cause injury to another." Doe v. Pulaski County Special School District, 306 F.3d 616, 626 (8th Cir. 2002). Furthermore, to determine whether speech is a threat, it is not necessary that the speaker intend to carry out the threat or be able to carry out the threat, but the speaker has to intentionally convey the threat to someone. Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette, Inc. v. Am. Coalition of Life Activists, 290 F.3d 1058, 1075 (9th Cir. 2002).

Analysis: The case was not moot because the school district would be permitted to document the incident in its records if the Court reversed the trial court's decision.



Church of Scientology of Cal. V. United States, 506 U.S. 9 (1992).

Doe v. Pulaski County Special School District, 306 F.3d 616 (8th Cir. 2002).

Planned Parenthood of the Columbia/Willamette, Inc. v. Am. Coalition of Life Activists, 290

F.3d 1058, 1075 (9th Cir. 2002).

Teen Pregnancy it Is Now
Words: 1104 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 47733666
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Moreover, an 'abstinence-only' education program is sometimes perceived by teenagers as providing one-sided and medically inaccurate information. (Studies by Kirby, 1997 and Huberman, quoted in "educing Teenage Pregnancy" 2006) shift in attitudes towards teenage sexuality must occur in the U.S. To facilitate the development of appropriate policies and programs to reduce teenage pregnancy. Presently, sexual activity, rather than the pregnancies that can result from it, is seen as the problem requiring intervention. Teaching young people that premarital sex is a moral failure does not prevent pregnancy -- studies show that those with fearful and negative attitudes about sexuality are less likely to use contraception when they have sex than those who believe they have a right to decide to have sex (eiss, 1990).

It is, therefore, important to have a more comprehensive program of sexual education for teenagers that gives due recognition to the fact that sexual expression is a…


American Opinion on Teen Pregnancy and Related Issues 2003." (2004). Science Says: A Project of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Retrieved on May 18, 2007 at 

Kirby, D. (2001). "Emerging answers: research findings on programs to reduce unwanted teenage pregnancy." National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Retrieved on May 18, 2007 at 

Reducing Teenage Pregnancy." (2006). Planned Parenthood. Retrieved on May 18, 2007 at  

Sternberg v Carhart Stenberg v
Words: 1630 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78152325
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This absolute right effectively means that the Court has determined that the fetus is not a human being prior to viability. Therefore, the effects on a fetus cannot be considered when deciding whether or not an abortion procedure is legal. The fact is that, pre-viability, even if a doctor where to completely deliver an intact fetus, it would be unable to survive outside of the womb. Therefore, a doctor performing a partial-birth abortion is not committing infanticide, as suggested by the dissent, because Roe has established that non-viable fetuses are not yet human beings.

Furthermore, while Roe and Casey recognize that states have an interest and protecting potential human life, a statute limiting partial-birth abortion does not further a state's interest in protecting potential human life. The statute in question does not proscribe abortion, but merely limits the methods by which a woman may have an abortion. Therefore, Nebraska cannot…

Stenberg v. Carhart, 530 U.S. 914 (2000), dissent, Kennedy.

Stenberg v. Carhart, 530 U.S. 914 (2000), dissent, Scalia.

Stenberg v. Carhart, 530 U.S. 914 (2000), dissent, Scalia; dissent, Thomas.

Social Black Experience
Words: 3284 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 58353729
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" (Adams et al.)

hat the report went on to show was how a decades long deception was practiced on a race that was viewed primarily as a guinea pig for medical science.

The Tuskegee Institute had been established by Booker T. ashington. Claude McKay had passed through there in 1912 to study agriculture (under the patronage of alter Jekyll, a man who provided the basis for Robert Louis Stevenson's classic horror tale character). Around the same time that Eleanor Dwight Jones was striving to preserve the white race, the United States Public Health Service began the Tuskegee Syphilis Study. hat took place was a forty year analysis of the life of syphilis. The two hundred black men who had syphilis were "deliberately denied treatment" (Adams et al.) in what was just one more step in oppression and callous social engineering.

And at the same time the Tuskegee experiment was…

Works Cited

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1996. Web. 8 June 2011.

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Headlines in Recent Years the Greatest Failures
Words: 902 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88011655
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In recent years, the greatest failures of government have been in the economy and foreign policy, and public opinion polls demonstrate overwhelming distrust of both Republicans and Democrats on these issues. According to recent headlines on the Daily Beast Cheat Sheet, almost all stories about the local, state and federal governments as well as politicians and the political process as a whole, reflect a mostly negative, cynical and distrustful public mood. Every since the days of Vietnam and atergate, such lack of confidence in government has been commonplace and shows up in poll after poll, decade after decade. In general, ordinary Americans regard government as corrupt, unconcerned with their problems and ineffective at dealing with them. In the last two days, for instance, headlines like "Obama, GOP Clash over Debt Limit" and "Stocks Plunge on Economic News" reflect this widespread loss of trust and confidence, especially given the fact…


The Daily Beast Cheat Sheet,

Stroke Advocacy for Women Strokes
Words: 675 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Research Paper Paper #: 16328999
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The general exception to that rule is that women are likely to see gynecologists/obstetricians. The fact that certain strains of HPV may be linked to stroke makes this connection an even more critical one, since ob/gyns are the doctors most likely to provide HPV screening and treatment. Moreover, women are likely to visit pediatricians for child healthcare. Therefore, the health initiative that should be instituted is that ob/gyns should be involved in stroke symptom screening and education with every patient at every visit. Furthermore, pediatricians should engage in screening and education for parents, because maternal health is a critical component of child health.

The desired sponsor for this advocacy program would be the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Offices on Women's Health. It could partner with national organizations such as the National Stroke Association, the American Heart Association, the Women's Heart Association, and even Planned Parenthood, since Planned…


National Stroke Association. (2012). Women and stroke. Retrieved from: 

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office on Women's Health. (2009, January 28).

Stroke fact sheet. Retrieved January 30, 2012 from Women's Health website:

Mythical Norm When One Examines
Words: 661 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 78310917
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What is interesting though is that by adding in another subordinate class- homosexuals- the impact changes once more, as lesbian women have less need to access contraceptives than straight women.

I have to admit that I find it difficult to relate to subordinate categories. I am male, white, and, while not wealthy, I am also not poor. I also happen to Christian and straight, though neither of those characteristics is necessarily visible by bystanders who happen to observe me. I have heard about white privilege, but I cannot say that I have ever personally known that I was experiencing preferential treatment of any type because I am white or male. However, I think that is the dangerous part of being a member of the dominant group, particularly when one is a member of multiple dominant groups- the danger that one thinks that one's personal experiences are universal experiences because those…

Standard Joke About America in the 1960s
Words: 3939 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 52676921
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standard joke about America in the 1960s claims that, if you can remember the decade, you did not live through it. Although perhaps intended as a joke about drug usage, the joke also points in a serious way to social change in the decade, which was so rapid and far-reaching that it did seem like the world changed almost daily. This is the paradox of Todd Gitlin's "years of hope" and "days of rage" -- that with so much social and cultural upheaval, the overall mood at any given moment in the 1960s must surely have seemed contradictory. How then can we assess the three most important themes in this broad social change? I would like to make the case that the three longest-lasting social changes came with America's forced adjustment to new realities on the international scene, with Vietnam; on the domestic scene, with the Civil ights movement; and…


Bloom, Alexander and Breines, Wini, (Editors). "Takin' It to the Streets "u: A Sixties ?Reader. Third edition. New York and London: Oxford University Press, 2010. Print.

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New York and Oxford: Blackwell, 1999. Print.

Chafe, William H. The Unfinished Journey: America Since World War II. Sixth edition. New York and London: Oxford University Press, 2010. Print.

Ecological Reconnaissance Project An Inquiry-Based Project Youth
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Ecological Reconnaissance Project: An Inquiry-Based Project Youth & Sex Northwest (King & Snohomish County, ashington State) Organizational Analysis: hat organizations exist region support adolescent sexual health? -Identify organizations address topic.


The Snohomish County Children's Commission is a ashington state institution meant to deal with promoting the rights of children and on providing them with assistance they need in order to effectively integrate the social order. The organization has twenty-five members and two of them are adolescents, as this makes it possible for them to reach out to young persons more effectively. The institute reaches out to children with the purpose of making them better prepared to deal with sexuality in general. It provides sexual education by teaching children concerning the attitudes they need to employ with regard to this topic in order to be able to avoid coming across significant problems.

The group provides advice meant to assist children…

Works cited:

Hefley, Diana, "Federal grant helps Snohomish County target child-sex trade," Retrieved February 2, 2014, from 

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"The Snohomish County Children's Commission," Retrieved January 26, 2014, from "Three-Person Leadership Teams in Group Therapy for Sexual Recovery," Retrieved January 26, 2014, from

Changes in Supreme Court Philosophies
Words: 2132 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 46065403
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Supreme Court Chief Justices Warren and ehnquist

Compare and contrast approaches to criminal procedures by U.S. Supreme Courts:

The Warren vs. The ehnquist Court

A common philosophical debate within the legal community is when the approach advocated by so-called 'conservative' justices (often called strict constructionism) is pitted against more 'liberal' and freer interpretations of constitutional words and history. Throughout much of the 20th century, it was often said that the more liberal interpreters of the Constitution were 'winning the war' in regards to this issue, thanks to the presiding intelligence of Chief Justice Earl Warren. "Following his appointment in 1953 Chief Justice Earl Warren led the Court into a series of decisions that drastically affected sexual freedom, the rights of criminals, the practice of religion, civil rights, and the structure of political representation. The decisions of the Warren Court reflected its deep concern for the individual, no matter how lowly"…


Byellin, J. (2013). John G. Roberts: Conservative yet apolitical consensus building chief justice.

Legal Solutions. Retrieved from: 

Liptak, A. (2012). Supreme Court upholds healthcare law 5-4, in a victory for Obama.

Church and State Weigh in
Words: 1546 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 97512695
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Wade, Planned Parenthood of Southeastern Pa v. Casey; Stenberg v. Carhart, where the courts, with public concurrence, have debated the question of whether or not a partially birth child is indeed a person whose right to live should be challenged.

The separation of powers should have prevented the courts from taking on the moral question of abortion. The elected representatives should have been responsible for legislating laws that would govern the protection of human life. That the courts and the public has arrived at this point in time where the Supreme Court must decide the issue of whether or not it is acceptable to terminate a partially birthed life is unthinkable. Abortion is not a matter of Constitutionality, but a moral one, and one that does not belong before the Supreme Court.


Fields, Suzanne. "Barbie Gets Busted." The Washington Times 2 Dec. 1996: 17. Questia. 22 May 2007…

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Randolph, a. Raymond. "Before Roe V. Wade: Judge Friendly's Draft Abortion Opinion." Harvard Journal of Law & Public Policy 29.3 (2006): 1035+. Questia. 22 May 2007 .

Health Handout Physical Needs the Physical Needs
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Health Handout

Physical Needs

The physical needs of the adolescent mother-to-be are not dissimilar to the physical needs of a pregnant woman at any other age. However, there are specific physical and biological issues that must be taken into consideration. In fact, "adolescent pregnancies are higher risk than the pregnancies of healthy adult women," (StorkNet, 2012). Teenage mothers are more likely to deliver babies prematurely, or babies with low birth weights (StorkNet, 2012). Moreover, "complications of pregnancy such as anemia, hypertensive disorders of pregnancy, and preeclampsia are also more likely to develop" in teenage mothers (StorkNet, 2012). Teenagers usually have higher nutritional needs than their adult counterparts, enhancing their prenatal nutritional needs. The reproductive organs of some teenagers have not yet been fully developed -- even at age fifteen. This would place a considerable amount of strain on a fifteen-year-old pregnant female (StorkNet, 2012).

Psychological Needs

The teenager who finds…


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Should Abortion Be Legal
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The question of whether or not abortion should be legal depends entirely on who is asked, and what type of moral reasoning is being used. Likewise, the question of whether abortion should be legal or not depends on the definition of abortion -- which stage the abortion can or should take place. Perhaps more importantly, the answer to the abortion question relates to one's definition of a fetus. The answer to the question also depends whether abortion legality is maintained at the state as well as the federal level. These are some of the many factors influencing the abortion debate in the United States. Abortion has become a central political topic, not just in the United States, but in other countries as well. In the United States is the added dimension of states' rights, and whether states should be allowed to determine their own abortion policies. The arguments presented…


British Pregnancy Advisory Service (2013). What is an abortion? Retrieved online: 

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Discrimination Against Women in California
Words: 2552 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Thesis Paper #: 10108592
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Indeed, the most serious health issue related to domestic violence of course is mortality, and the California omen's Law Center (CLC) conducted a survey of 100 murders of women by their male intimate partners. The results are very germane for those interested in health-related gender fairness through the law in California.

CLC found that in 59% of the surveyed cases of women homicide victims the murder was not the first abusive episode; and a "history of threats to the victims' life" by the killer was available in 47% of the cases. Because seeking a "restraining order" and/or domestic violence services increases a victim's safety in many cases, 68% of abused murder victims "...never obtained, or attempted to obtain, a protective order against their abusive partner" (CLC, 2003). Just 20% of those women killed by intimate partners had an active restraining order against their abuser at the time they were murdered.…

Works Cited

Austin, Emily. "Teen Dating Violence and School Response." California Commission on the Status of Women. Retrieved 10 Dec. 2008 at .

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Buckland, Katie. "Lawsuit Charges Hormone Cream Manufacturers with Deceptive Marketing." California Women's Law Center. Retrieved 10 Dec. 2008 at

Hugo Black When One Considers
Words: 3200 Length: 10 Pages Document Type: Research Proposal Paper #: 24189530
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On July 3, 1969, the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals entered an order requiring the submission of new plans to be put into effect this fall to accelerate desegregation in 33 Mississippi school districts. On August 28, upon the motion of the Department of Justice and the recommendation of the Secretary of Health, Education & elfare, the Court of Appeals suspended the July 3 order and postponed the date for submission of the new plans until December 1, 1969. I have been asked by Negro plaintiffs in 14 of these school districts to vacate the suspension of the July 3 order. Largely for the reasons set forth below, I feel constrained to deny that relief. (396 U.S. 1218, 1218-1219).

Black pointed out that the Brown decision came 15 years before the Alexander case, but that Mississippi and other states had failed to desegregate. He blamed this on the fact that:…

Works Cited

Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education, 396 U.S. 1218 (1969).

Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, 347 U.S. 483 (1954).

Griswold v. Connecticut, 381 U.S. 479 (1965).

Novel Guide. "Black, Hugo 1886-1971." 1995. 28 Apr.

Drug Education
Words: 3833 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 1213854
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Drug Education

he DARE program, whose short form is derived from "Drug Abuse Resistance Education," has developed so quickly, from the time since its commencement 18 years ago, that it is at the present being educated in 75% of school districts all over the country, as well as in 54 other countries. Particularly, in the lives of elementary school students, skilled and qualified police officers who educate and lecture the program have turned out to be vital figures; in addition to that, in thousands of communities, the program's red symbol has taken on symbolic status on -shirts and bumper stickers (1).

Is D.A.R.E. Effective?

If the evaluation and measurement for the accomplishment of D.A.R.E. is fame and recognition amongst the masses, then yes: D.A.R.E. has been extremely successful in magnetizing extensive admiration, as well as monetary support. Furthermore, D.A.R.E. has accomplished a point of observation unmatched and unequalled by any…

The writer highlights that in spite of vast promises, in the past two decades statistics have pointed to a sharp augment in the use of drugs in the United States.

5). Stewart I. Donaldson. 1996. Drug Abuse Prevention Programming, Do we know what content works? Journal of American Behavioral Scientist. (June). Vol 39, no. 7. Pgs. 245-261.

The highlights that if $700 million a year and twenty thousand specifically trained police officers do not effect in the lessening of drug used amid minors, besides giving police something to do, what does it accomplish?

Teenage Abortion Lindsey A Story
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Skylar, unfortunately, was a handful, and Gladys was already well into middle age. Gladys assumed that since Danielle had abdicated parental responsibility that Lindsey would do the same. She did not feel that she would be able to care for a second baby.

The abortion went through as scheduled, and Lindsey returned to school soon afterwards. For Lindsey, though, things didn't return to normal. The girls at school called her a baby-killer and started making threats against her. She sank into a deep depression. She had deeply wanted the baby and she thought she would have made a good mother. Lindsey was always a quiet person and not one to share her innermost thoughts, so it was a surprise and a blow to everyone when Gladys came home from work early to find Lindsey unconscious in her bedroom, with a suicide note on the dresser and an empty bottle of…

Abortion a Landmark U S Supreme
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Origin of the Topic

The most common origin of virginity is derived from Christianity. Christianity teaches that sex before marriage is wrong. Sex should only occur between a man and a woman who are married. Sex outside of marriage is considered an abomination to God. The Bible states that when a man leaves home, he should cleave unto his wife and they shall become one flesh.

Impact on Male and Female Sexuality

Phone sex, masturbation, and sensual massages are just a few activities in which couples can participate together without risking the loss of virginity. Sensual massages release endorphins that enhance moods so that the receiving individual is left satisfied with just being touched. Many people might find these activities embarrassing or unusual, but if you cannot engage in such activities with your partner, why would you commit to having a sexual relationship or marriage? It would take a…

Works Cited

Lewis, Jone Johnson. (1999). Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Decision. Retrieved April 22, 2013, from

Springhouse Corporation. (1989). Abortion. Professional Guide to Diseases 3rd Edition,


U S Has Not Signed the U N Convention
Words: 4141 Length: 15 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 5125089
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U.S. has not Signed the U.N. Convention Treaty on the ights of Children

This paper presents a detailed examination of the Treaty on the United Nations Convention on the ights of Children. The writer explores the treaty and the nations that have signed it. The writer than delves into some of the reasons the United States has not signed it. This paper is written from a legal standpoint therefore there are discussions about jurisdictional issues as well as other legal points of interest. There were five sources used to complete this paper.

Why the U.S. hasn't signed the U.N. Convention treaty on the ights of the Child

Worldwide globalization efforts are moving forward in almost all aspects of society. There are better communications abilities; more integrated business dealings and nations are beginning to embrace the traditions and cultures of those across the ocean. As the walls of difference come down…

Robert Dennis, U.S. should ratify children's treaty., The Dallas Morning News, 12-29-1997, pp 13A.

NICOLE WINFIELD, Associated Press Writer, UN Debates Childrens' Plight in War., AP Online, 08-25-1999.

Author not available, The world's children / / Why won't the U.S. sign their treaty?., Minneapolis Star Tribune, 11-20-1999, pp 26A.

Griswold v Connecticut
Words: 1042 Length: 3 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 13146527
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features and facts of a lawsuit, which establishes the right to privacy as declared in the American constitution. It highlights a conflict between a statute of the State of Connecticut and various Amendments in the American constitution.

Facts of the case

Griswold, executive Director of the Planned Parenthood League of Connecticut and Buxton, a licensed physician and a professor at the Yale Medical School, advised couples on the use of contraceptives for voluntary birth control. Ways and means to prevent birth control by the wife were prescribed. Fees were charged and sometimes the service was rendered for free.

Griswold and Buxton were arrested and found guilty for violating a Connecticut decree which was as follows: [1]

Any person who uses any drug, medicinal article or instrument for the purpose of preventing conception shall be fined not less than fifty dollars or imprisoned not less than sixty days nor more than…


1] - Accessed at On October 3, 2003

2] - The Reader's companion of American History. Accessed at On October 5, 2003

3] - Accessed at  October 5, 2003.

4] - Accessed from the World Wide Web at . On October 5, 2003

Warren Buffet Reason and God
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As Cline points out, Buffet resembles Bill Gates who when asked about Christianity said that he is not a believer and does not attend church regularly, but finds the moral teachers of Christianity useful and inspiring (Cline 2006). Is this so bad? Both of them can teach most people about the need to work, save money and then give back to the society that nurtured them.

This seeming dispute between faith and reason is hardly new and is an illusion that is easily dispelled. After all, Christianity did not come out of a box with Luther's theses in 1517. The seeds had already been planted in the High Middle Ages/Early Renaissance as learning revived in the wake of the Crusades. This cultural awakening of the High Middle Ages raised issues that scholars such as the great Thomas Aquinas wrestled with in his classical Summa Contra Gentiles and Summa Theologica. He…

Women First Wave Susan B
Words: 1812 Length: 6 Pages Document Type: Reaction Paper Paper #: 15247087
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She is the daughter of Alice Walker, who wrote the Color Purple. She took her mother's maiden name at the age of 18. Rebecca graduated cum laude from Yale University in 1993, and moved on to co-found the Third Wave Foundation. She is considered to be one of the founding leaders of third-wave feminism. In addition to her contributing editorship for Ms. Magazine, Walker's work has also been published by Harper's, Essence, Glamour, Interview, Buddhadharma, Vibe, Child, and Mademoiselle magazines. Her relationship with her mother has been strained because of various public indictments the younger Walker made against her. Nevertheless, some believe that Rebecca might not have been as famous or powerful today without her ties to the illustrious Alice Walker.

Jennifer Baumgardner is a prominent voice for women and girls. She works as a writer, speaker and activist. During 1993-1997, she worked as the youngest editor at Ms. Magazine,…

1930s Hollywood Movies Depiction of
Words: 2153 Length: 7 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 16403772
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Davis who was not especially beautiful in the classical sense of beauty ruled Hollywood in the 1930s and 1940s, playing tough women who chose their careers and their own desires over sacrificing for men or children or the social and economic benefits of a well protected family home. Davis who was very popular with the mostly female audience "never pretended to be dumb, or a little girl."

In the 1930s cinema tough and independent women were often nasty leading to the effect that they could rightfully be punished. Bette Davis was "the prototype of the "Hollywood Bitch."

Her characters wanted more often victimizing a weak man with her behavior finally backfiring on her. In particular, her role as Julie Marsden in the 1938 movie "Jezebel" is the quintessential Bette Davis character. A calculating tough, aggressive and complex character who decides to break the social roles of the South in the…


Barsanti, C. (6 September 1999). The Women. (pp. 1 -- 4).

Derived 17 August 2011 from

Collins, L. Katherine Hepburn. (pp. 1 -- 12).

Derived 17 August 2011 from > File Cabinet > Student Submissions.

Health Politics and Policy Matt
Words: 701 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 75272452
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The Obama administrate had just announced that they would be revoking federal funding for the Medicaid Women's Health Program amid a fight over several clinics that were affiliated to providers of abortion amshaw & Belluck, 2012()

Gov. Perry issues a letter to Thomas Suehs who is the head of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission directing him to work with the legislative leaders to identify potential sources of funds to keep the program afloat amshaw & Belluck, 2012()

The program itself costs around $40 million which is 90% covered by the federal government. Therefore this cut in budget would mean that the Texas state would need to find about $36 million to fund the program amshaw & Belluck, 2012()

Since the program provides care to about 130,000 low-income women all over the state, Gov. Perry felt that the program was extremely beneficial to the state and that is why…

References, J. (2012). Mead: State must keep trying health care reform projects Retrieved March 10th, 2012, from Ramshaw, E., & Belluck, P. (2012). Perry Pledges to Finance Texas Women's Health Program Retrieved March 10th, 2012, from

Program Planning for Target Population
Words: 1362 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 72044731
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health issues facing the differed populations of the United States today, and these health concerns differ between males and females, income levels, and races. As such, it is important, prior to discussing any particular health concern, to first establish the target age cohort for which information is to be presented. Once this cohort is established, creating programs targeted to a specific population becomes a much simpler task.

This paper discusses the top five leading causes of death for African-American women age 25 to 44 in the United States in the year 2001. Additionally, this paper will focus on one particular cause of death for this population, and will outline an existing prevention program, aimed at this target age cohort. Finally, this paper will present data from studies on this prevention effort, to determine if the effort is succeeding.

As stated, the age cohort to be analyzed in this paper is…


Center for Disease Control (CDC). (2004). LCWK3: Percent of total deaths; and death rates for the 15 leading causes of death in selected age groups, by race and sex; United States, 2001. Hyattsville, MD: National Center for Health Statistics.

Lauby, J, Smith, P, and Stark, M. (2000, Feb,). A community level HIV prevention intervention for inner city women: results of the Women and Infants Demonstration Project. American Journal of Public Health, 90(2): 216-220.

Liebman, T, Bond, P, Smith, D, and Tunstall, C. (1999, April). The Women and Infants Demonstration Project: an integrated approach to AIDS prevention and research. AIDS Education and Prevention, 2(107): 107-121.

O'Leary, A. (2005). HIV-risk reduction interventions for women: how far have we come? New York, NY: American Foundation for AIDS Research.

Human Service Agency and Report
Words: 1350 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 81559646
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As noted, the agency provides a wide variety of services and programs. They service women and young children in the greater Henry County, GA area. The agency provides counseling for pregnant women, but it also provides support to those mothers who choose to keep and raise their children. They provide everything from baby formula and diapers to maternity clothing, baby clothing, car seats, and cribs to needy families and mothers. It is a full-service organization in that caseworkers are assigned to clients and can advise them throughout the pregnancy and beyond. PC also has counseling available for young mothers who choose to give their babies up for adoption. They also provide links to further educational information, and will counsel young women if they choose to have an abortion, too. They will not perform the abortion, however. They also provide ultrasounds for patients.

Funding is always a challenge in any community…


Author not Available. (2005). Pregnancy resource center of Henry County (PRC). Retrieved from the PRC Web site: Sept. 2005.

Editors. (2005). Choosing abortion. Retrieved from the Planned Parenthood Web site: /pp2/portal/files/portal/medicalinfo/abortion/pub-abortion-q-and-a.xml#1096485730778::113741405219455006714 Sept. 2005.

Chet Edwards Biographical Information Congressman
Words: 1143 Length: 4 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 3068515
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According to, the bulk of Edwards' campaign contributions is donated by business labor organizations: 38.7% from business and 31.7% from labor. Total donations from labor sectors in 2004 amount to $354,006. Business sector donations can be broken down as follows: $57,700 from agribusiness, $159,737 from miscellaneous business, $63,875 from communications and electronics, $71,300 from construction, $289,346 from finance, insurance, and real estate, and $89,400 from transportation. Edwards also receives sizeable donations from other interest groups: $272,450 from lawyers and other lobbyists, and $134,500 from leadership political action committees. $11,500 was donated by oil and gas corporations.


There are definite connections between Chet Edward's voting record and the contributions he has received from campaign donors. First, Edwards has voted against the interest of prominent environmental lobbying groups such as the League of Conservation Voters throughout the past several years of his voting history. Concurrently, Edwards has received hefty donations…

Works Cited

The 17th Congressional District of Texas." Chet Edwards for Congress 2005. Retrieved 6 Nov 2005 at

McLennan County Almanac Information." McLennan County. Retrieved 6 Nov 2005 at

Representative Thomas 'Chet' Edwards (TX)" Project Vote Smart. Retrieved 6 Nov 2005 at 

Texas." U.S. Census Bureau. Retrieved Nov 6, 2005 at

Opening Argument in Court
Words: 2320 Length: 8 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 88685138
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Court Opening Argument

It is humbly submitted to the Hon'ble Court that this respondent as per the issues and syllabus cited submit that the issues of the litigation pertain -- not only to the law of marriage, but also to the recognition if it must be accorded to same sex marriages and unions, and whether no recognizing this social development amounts to denial of the constitutional rights of a group of citizens. It is also pertinent to question if the states in allowing adoption to opposite sex couples and denying the same to same sex couples. The question then becomes still deeper with the challenge of the validity of same sex marriages.

It is still with various states to give effect to the Defence of Marriage Act -- DOMA and the definition of marriage as per section 3 of the act makes marriage between a man and a woman alone…

Conflict Negotiation
Words: 626 Length: 2 Pages Document Type: Essay Paper #: 61362597
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Conflict Neg

While it is impossible to know exactly what went on behind the closed doors of the Oval Office and other meeting points during the near-lockdown in D.C., one thing is clear: the government of the United States was engaged in dysfunctional conflict. Dysfunctional conflict "hinders group performance" because no dialogue or effective communication occurs (text p. 455). There was an insufficient amount of collaboration among the parties involved. There was also task conflict, such as disagreement over the content and the goals of the project. The one point of agreement was that neither party wanted Washington to shut down; it would have been a poor public relations move. Therefore, both parties hurried to a solution that was based much more on compromise than on collaboration. Collaboration would have first clarified what each party needed -- and what their differences were, in order to reach a win-win solution. Instead,…


Kane, P. (2011). Budget battle came down to 3 men and their weaknesses. Washington Post. Retrieved online:

Ideal Family
Words: 1572 Length: 5 Pages Document Type: Term Paper Paper #: 34764993
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establishment of the People's Democratic Republic in China in the late 1940's, the Chinese Communist Party actively re-engineered society to curb birthrates and bring the country's population down to manageable levels. Part of this idea was a process that would re-imagine the family, a concept first found in the work of Plato. However, this invention of an 'ideal family' as being a paradigmatic national goal of social reformers that has its origins in British Malthusianism and gave birth to the practice of eugenics in the United States. It complemented a long tradition of periodic moral reforms and religious revivals that have existed in the United States since the Great Awakening.

The modern American concept of 'family values' owes its existence to the progressives of the late 19th century, whose principal manifestation was in organizations such as the Women's Christian Temperance Union and the Society for the Prevention of Vice. The…

Labin, Suzanne. The Anthill The Human Condition in Communist China. Praeger, 1960

Robb, George. The Way of All Flesh: Degeneration, Eugenics, and the Gospel of Free Love. University of Texas Press, 1996.

Smith, Christopher J. China: People and Places in the Land of One Billion. Westview Press, 1991

Law and Society
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Law and Society

Bowers v. Hardwick (1986) is a significant and highly controversial legal decision regarding Sodomy laws in which the U.S. Supreme Court by a 5-4 majority decision held that nothing in the Constitution "would extend a fundamental right to homosexuals to engage in acts of consensual sodomy." The decision meant that engaging in homosexual acts between consenting adults, even in the privacy of their homes, could be considered a criminal offence and the exercise of such law by certain states did not constitute a violation of one's fundamental rights or liberty under the Due Process Clause. The decision was incongruent with a number of court decisions on related matters and was widely considered to be a "mistake" by a number of jurists until it was finally struck down by the Supreme Court, 16 years later in Lawrence v Texas (2003). In this paper I shall discuss in the…

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The right to be left alone

Unborn Victims of Violence Act
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Unborn Victims of Violence Act

When reading the current news, a law like The Unborn Victims of Violence Act at first makes sense to many people. The whole country watched as a beautiful expectant mother, Laci Peterson, disappeared. The media marked the day her son, who was to be named Conor, would have been born. People were outraged when their bodies were found washed up from San Francisco ay, and when the husband and expectant father was charged with the murder. Since Conor was so close to being born, and since he likely would have survived if he had been born on December 24 instead of disappearing with his mother, many believe that Scott Peterson should be charged with two murders. However, currently the law takes the view that unborn children have no legal standing until they are born.

The issue of when life begins has affected multiple issues, including…


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Culture Are All Around Us -- Defining
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culture are all around us -- defining and influencing our lives. Understanding culture allows individuals to understand more about their own behaviors.

Find and present two definitions of culture from two different sources. Which elements are similar? Which elements differ?

When you think about your own culture, what are the elements that you feel most connected to (e.g., language, values, food, arts, and religion)? Explain why.

What elements of a culture may be difficult to embrace and accept? Explain why.

Culture is indeed all around us and has an indelible impact on the way that we communicate, along with the way that we view ourselves and our world. One definition of culture that was discovered was that, "Culture refers to the cumulative deposit of knowledge, experience, beliefs, values, attitudes, meanings, hierarchies, religion, notions of time, roles, spatial relations, concepts of the universe, and material objects and possessions acquired by a…

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Meaning of Death From Counseling Perspective
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friend of mine overcome the desire to kill himself. He was suicidal and made several attempts on his life. Gradually he found the help he needed and today is still alive and healthy and no long suicidal.

I think my culture would find this story inspiring because today despair is everywhere and we see people succumb to it all to often, so when someone overcomes despair, which can be life threatening, is a great blessing to see. I think this would be true for every culture because despair is a universal phenomenon.

Freud felt that there was a death instinct and a life instinct, with the sex drive characterizing the life instinct and self-destructive behavior characterizing the death instinct (Life and Death Instincts, 2016). Thus Thanatos can be defined as the unconscious desire to die -- death being the end goal of life, according to Freud. He felt that this…


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Ethics of Allowing Anyone to Have Kids
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Biomedical Ethics

The author of this report was given the choice of one of two assignments when it comes to the Johnna Fisher textbook offering on medical ethics. The author of this report has decided to seize upon one of the articles littered throughout the book and make a thesis argument and report about the same. The Fisher text is full of articles and ethical quandaries that are ripe for the picking. However, the author of this report has chosen to focus on the idea of sterilizing the "feeble-minded" as explained and argued by Grekul, Krahn and Odynak. The question of whether people could or should have full rights to procreate despite the social problems it can create or aggravate is a burning question for many people. hile choosing who can procreate and who should not are very Nazi-esque to some, the idea of controlling who can have kids and…

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